Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, November 08, 1918, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    KItllt.tY. NOVKMUKIl H, 1018.
l II II ' IB I V .. "IP 1 A
lull - ... m.
fc -"ir' -
When the Engine Stalls oh
Dead Man's Curve!
THEY climb aboard their loaded
truck at sundown, fifteen mQes
behind the lines:' They rumble
through the winding streets, out on the
white road that leads to Germany I
The man at the wheel used to be a
broker fai Philadelphia. ; Beside him sits
an accountant from Chicago. A news
paper man from the Pacific Coast b
the third. Now they all wear the uni
form of one of these organizations.
The road sweeps round a village and
on a tree b nailed a sign: "Attention!
L'Ennemi Vous Volt! The Enemy
Sees You!"
They glance far up ahead and there,
suspended in the evening light, they see
a Hun balloon.
"Say, we can see him plain tonight!"
murmurs the accountant from Chicago.
"And don't forget," replies the Phila
delphia broker, "that he can see us Just
as plain."
The packing cases creak and groan,
the truck plods 00 straight toward that
hanging menace.
They reach another village where
heaps of stone stand under crumpled
walls. , ,
Then up they go, through the strange
silence broken only when a great pro
jectile inscribes its arc of sound far
overhead. .
- They reach a turn. Tney take it
They face a heavy, incline. For half
a mile it stretches and they know the
Germans have the range of every inch
of it The mountain over there is where
the big Bodies' guns are fired. This
incline is their target .
The three men on the truck bring up
their gas masks to the alert, settle their
steel helmets closer on their heads.
At first the, camion holds its speed.
Then it slackens off. The driver grabs
his gear-shift,' kicks out his clutch. The
engine heaves and heaves and stalls!
' "Quick! 1 Spin It!" calls' the driver.
The California journalist has jumped.
He tugs at the big crank. ' c
"Wh-r-w-r-r-r-room!" ...
The shell breaks fifty yards behind.
Another digs a hole beside the road
Just on ahead. . , ,. ,t , r,,
; And then the engine comes to life.
It crunches, groans and answers.
Slowly, with maddening lack of haste,
it rumbles on.
"Wh-r-r-oom!" That one was dose
behind. The fragments of the shell are
rattling on the truck.
Now shells are falling, further back
along the road. And the driver feels
the summit as his wheels begin to pick
up speed. v
Straight down a village street in
which the buildings are only skeletons
of buildings. He wheels into the court
yard of a great sheD-torn chateau.
"Well, you made it again I see!" says
a smiling face under a tin hat a face
that used to look out over a congrega
tion in Rochester.
"Yep!" says the driver glancing at
his watch. "And we .came, up Dead
Man's Curve in less than three minutes
including one stall! "
Later that night two American boys,
fresh from the trenches bordering that
shattered town, stumble up the stairs
of the chateau, into a sandbagged room
where the Rochester minister has his
"Get any supplies tonight?" they ask.
Youbetl didi" Istbeanswer, "What
will you have?"
"What's those? Canned peaches?
Gimme some. Package of American
cigarettes let's see an' a cake of
chocolate on' some of them cookies!''
"Goshl" says the other, youngster
when his wants are filled. "What would
we do without you?"
v.t. , , .
. You hear that up anddowri the front,
a dozen times a night "What would
we do without them?" ,
Men and women in these organiza
tions are risking their lives tonight to
caYry up supplies to the soldiers; Trucks
and camiorMttea are creeping up as close
as any transportation b permitted.
; From there these people are carrying
up to the gun-nests,- through woods,
across open fields, into the trenches.
The boys are being served wherever
they go. Things to eat, things to read,
things to smoke, are being carried up
everywhere along the line.
With inew troops pouring into France,
new supplies must be sent, more men
and women by the hundreds must be
enlisted They are ready to give every
thing. Will you give your dollars to
help them help our men?
t Mint Carlotts Wiseman, of Grants
Pui, ipent Sunday with Anna Nell
san. Little Glenn Potts has been fink
all this week with the scarlet rash,
but t better now.
J. H. Harris received a card Mon
day tutting of the safe arrival of bin
on, Robert, oversea!.
Mr. 0. A. Hamilton picked some
rlpo raspberries from her bushs
thla week.
, August Bauer baa returned from
Hood River and will spend the win
ter here. He aaya Mr. Carlson will
be down soon and Mr. Hanson Is
working In Portland and Mr. Heffley
Is still on the Columbia highway
Mra. Tlousman and two daughters,
of Wlldrrrllle, spent Sunday with
the 0. W. Potts family.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Jones enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. Nellson and
children at dinner Sunday.
' Mlxs Bonetta Long, of Grants Pass
spent Sunday with Clara Williams.
Mr. and Mrs. George a Hamilton
spent Sunday with Cash Falrchllds
and wife who are In town from Seat
tle visiting his mother. The two
famtlleg were friends In Grass Valley.
Miss Margaret Rathbone, Ernest
and Anna Nellson spent 'Hallowe'en
ere with the Hagen family, bnt the
spirit like demonstrations Glenn and
Robert Intended giving them had to
be given from the safe refuge of a
tree top with the dog keeping watch
A. 8. Farquaharson spent the week
end with his family, returning to his
work In Portland Monday morning,
' Mrs. Charlie- Peterson ' received
word this week of the death of her
sister, who lived In Oakland, Cat,
and two cousins with the influenza.
FEED and Livery Stable Hay and
grain for sale. Red Front Barn,
Peter Gravlin, Prop. 15
FOR SALE 40 tons first class al
falfa hay, baled, at the barn. C,
D. Woolverton, Rogue River, Ore
gon. 25
FOR SALE 5 head of milch cows.
also light team, wagon and har
ness. Will sell separate If wanted.
Address Bunch Bros. Transfer Co.
Phone 3 16-J. 10
FOR SALE 50 acres of red soil on
river chickens, cows or without.
Long terms, half mile from city,
$125 per acre.. Address No. 1880
care Courier. 14
GOOD -EAR CORN for sale at 2K
cents per pound. Latbrop Bros.
Phone 609-F-22. 14
"Uncle Sam, here's a hun
dred and seventy millions.
Keep' the boy on their
toes another year."
That's the message youll
be Bending to your Uncle
Sammy when you put the
United War Work Cam
paign over the top.
This Space Oontrilmted By
T. J. Everton, son, P. T. Everton
and grandson, Eldon, were out to
the Everton ranch Thursday.
Rola Stevenson was a visitor at
Grants Pass the last of the week.
Mrs. E. H. Wallace ud Mrs. H.
C. Thorson, of Portland, are visiting
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. H
Overton, also their sisters, Mrs. E. C
Neely and Mrs. D. G. Robertson, of
this vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hussey were In
Grants Pass Wednesday.
Mrs. Minnie HuBsey and Joe Ferg
uson were out from Grants Pass to
Mrs. "Hussey's ranch Saturday on
George Booth Is spending a few
days at his home In this vicinity
while high school is closed
Miss Maggie Everton, of Grants
Pass, was calling on Mrs. 'A. C. Ford
Thursday evening.
D. G. Robertson and wife were in
the city Monday on business. "' '
Slss Queen Every waa visiting
Mrs. George Jones Tuesday,
Several of onr locality have been
called to Grants Pass of late to fill
out tneir questionnaires. We are
hoping they will not need to be call
ed any farther.
Carol and Philip Huesey were de
livering peach pits Wednesday . to
the lied Cross chapter at Grants Pass
which the Red Cross school workers
h some , holp from three ot the
.es of the Grants Pass chapter
thered. ' As school was closed
me of the ladles of Pickett Creek,
,rs. A; (B. Allen, Mrs. A. I. Hussey
nd Mra. Lefeld, took charge of te
time and they succeeded in getting
eleven and one-half sacks.
The frienda of Grace Clarke, for
merly of this vicinity, have rslved
the announcement of her marriage
November iSrd to J. K. Whitney, of
Eugene, which Is her home, at the
present time; We wish them every
success on life's Journey.
' Letter heads that will alease yea.
at the Ceuriar.
OR SALE Maxwell truck in excel
lent condition, little used, exceed
ingly low price. See it at the
Grants Pass Hardware Co. 12
8 ALE One
5-10; one New "Way
Avery tractor,
tang plow,
12-Inch; one gang disc plow, In
terchangeable to single; one irri
gation outfit complete', ' 4-lnch
pump direct connection to 10 h. p.
motor, 8-inch and S-lnch pipe! Get
particulars from F. D. Eismann,
Rogue River. 14
FOR RENT A partly furnished 5
room house. '724 North Sixth St.,
key next door. 07tf
DR. R. J. BESTUL. Veterinarian
Office, residence. . Phone 305-h.
L. 0. CLEMENT, M. D.. Pracuo.
limited to diseases of the eye, ear.
nose and throat. Glasses fitted.
Office hour 9-12. 2-5, or on ap
pointment Office phone ti, resi
dence phone 25-J.
S. LOUGHKIDGE. U. D.. PnrsltJ-
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or alght. Resldeav
pbone Set; office pbone 182
Sixth and H, Tuffs Bldg.
DR. J. O. NIBLEY. Phrslclan and
surgeoa. Lundbnrg Bldg. HealUk
officer. Office hours, to 18 a.
d. and 1 to 5 p. m. Phone J10-J.
. A. WITHAM. M. D. Internal
medicine and nervous diseases:
I0J Corbett Bldg., Portland, Ore.
Hours t a. m. to 1 j. .m. .
. BURS ELL M. D. D. C la block
north of ' postofflce, corner Slxtii
ad D etreets, surgical, electrical,
chlropratle and osteopathic treat
ments. Office phone 197-R; real
donee phone IS3-R.
H. D. NORTON. Attorney-aUaw.
PracUeee In all 8 lata and Federal
Cenrta. First Natleaal Bank Bldg.
OOLVIO A WILLIAMS, Attoraeya-at-taw,
GranU Pass Baaklag Co.
Bldg.. Grants Pass, Oregeq.
FOR RENT Cottage 321 Rogue
River Ave., three rooms and
sleeping porch, good well and one
half acre land, barn, $4.50 per
month. Key at .208 Foundry. 07tt
WANTED Farm help. Steady Jobs,
good pay. River 'Banks Farm, 'tf
WANTED An elderly lady or
couple to board and care for, In
modern home, quiet, pleasant sur
roundings. Inquire 725 South
Seventh street. 10
WANTED Ten or fifteen teams to
haul lumber from Swede Basin to
Waters Creek. A. I. Allen, 410
B streetl ' ' ' 14
B. 8. VAN DYKE. Attorney. Pre.
tlea la all court. First National
Beak Bldg. .
O. 8. BLANCHARD. ttornav at
Law. Golden ' Rule Building
Phone 170. GranU Pats. Oregon.
torneya. ' Albert Bldg. Paon.
Ut-J. Practice in aH eoarta; law
board attoraeys.
C. A. 8lDLER.;Attorney-atLaw. rW
eree tn bankruptcy. ' Ifaaonla
teapla, GranU Pass. Ore. .
OENT18T8 .
E. C MACT. D. M, D. Flrst-flaee
dentistry- - -WtH Soata. ' Slxtk
street," Grants Paas. Oregon.
STRAYED Bay mare, weight about
900 lbs., and bay colt nearly two
years old, both wearing bells,
strayed from my place on Evans
creek. Reward for Information
leading to recovery. Thos. Odea.
Rogue River, Ore. 11
E STRAYED There came to my
ranch about two weeks ago two
head ot cattle, as follows: 1 Hol
steln, three-year old, left ear under-cut,
branded Q; 1 blue roan
two-year old, branded F circle,
both ears undercut. Owner can
have same by proving property
and paying expenses. ' H. M.
Starr, phone 898-J. 10
JITNEY SERVICE) Any where, any
time. Phone Mocha Cafe 181-R
Otto J. Kelps, Residence 148-Y.
THE PICTURE MILL for fine photo
graphs. Open daily except Boa
day from 10 al m. te I p. nt. Sun
day sittings by appointment only
Phone Mill, 283-R, pr residence
140 J. J 57tf
The California and Oregon
. Coast Railroad Company
Dally except Sunday
Effective May 1, 1818
kinds ' of ' draya'ge and traasfeJ
werk earefally and promptly' aAae?
Phone 181-J. 1 Sund at frelghi
depot.. A, Shade. Prop.. .
THE WORLD MOVES; so oo'1 ei
Bnnck Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
0T-R. ti . 7
F. O. IS HAM. drayage and transfer?
Safes. (.ianos and furaltore
moved, packed, shipped and stor
ed. Phone Clark aV Holmaa. No.
50. Reatdeace phone 124-R. .
Batter WivuDere ertaied in
ply with the law at the Courie
Train 1 lv. Grants PaasL 1:60 p.
Train 2 lv. Waters Creek S: 00 p. m.
All trains leave Grants Paas from
the corner ot G and Eighth streets.
opposite the Southern Paclflo depot
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call al
the office ot the company, Lundburg
building, or phone Ml for same.
Create a Reserve- - VJ,, 1
AMioacA must rani V J
no.ooa ooo auks
i- vs r
Mazda Lamps
n '.!' .
Yr AVINQ too lltUe Ught
"'"puta a strain on chil
dren's Vision that they may
never nutgrowt . -Why not
have plenty ot light T Na
Uonal MAZDA lamps' give
three times the right et eld
. fashioned ' carbon' lam'pe
; without' kdding a penny to
your light bill. '
Pi8ftRiyer Hardwire
Oee. R. Riddle, Mgr.