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    A. A. 1 A. '. ...;: ' a - ...
!:' ',.,.; . DAILY EDITION ',-, : . ; " ' .V '
VOL. VIL, Wo. 100. '"'fiirj.y -1 ' 1 OBAJTTi PASS, . JOSCPHUB OOVVTT, OBBOOX, WED9TESDAY, Al'GlOT I, lMT i WHQUt HTOBEI, tilt.
" TO BRIDUB t.:'
tXinfrrrncwi at Portland Mid Sai
KriUM-lara Plan How to Meat r
low Sltoatlon In Weet
Butte, Mont., Asg. 1. Local I.
W. W. Isadora at noon today began
ending, telegrams to th several or-
g solutions of that order la the
treat, urging them to roth men to
Butte to avenge the death or frank
"W. little, the 1. W: W. leader, who
waa hanged thla momlai by a mob
of maaked men.
A mass meeting of U W. W. la
scheduled for thin afternoon ' ead
more trouble la forecasted.
Telegrama f proteet acalnt the
mob action have teen sent te Mon
tana coagreeemea.
. Little' seek waa -broken; and
(tinned to hie body aa It dangled
from a railroad trestle .was n note
reading, Xnemlee of .the govern
motet, Beware."
, Oovernmont agents are here In
vestigating Little's octlvltl. He
irould probably hav bee arrested
had he not been banged.
One of the things which Little la
known to hare dona la to urge
minora to make no ranch trouble
. .t .....
mat ins soiaiers oouia not id id;
rranoe. He also urged that farmers;
j ordered to let their crops rot In
the ground. m '.. '
Portland, Aug. I. City, county,
state and federal oflletels hejd a ooa
Terence with Mayor George U Baker
today and laid out a definite pro
gram for handling troubles from In
dustrial Wort era of the, World as
they arise.
It was decided te handle distur
bances with an "Iron hand" in all
parts of tho state. . .
The conference was called hy Vay-
or Baker, following the attempt of ,h, ;hort wt, ,T v
agitator to troolpUato a ttrlk. at offlert ,BUpt-t tn,
(Continued on Page 4 1 case, helped him enlist 1
: K8
The lino Up By ttetioM
Central Powers ' Allies: Ger-
many, Aaatro-Hungary, Turksy and
Bulgaria; four nations. - !i . j Craonpe, Borry-au-Bae, Caurcy, Cer
Rntente Ttowsrs and Their AlMos: 1 nay, north of Rhelrai, around Belne,
America, England, Franc. Bus- Nauroy, Moronrilllers, Aubsrlvo,
la, Italy, Belgium, BerMa, Monte-
negro, Japan, San Marino, Portugal,
Roumanln, Culba' and Panama! 14 alcourt, Ve cherauvllle, , ' Douamont
nations. (north of Verdun), Damloup, Vtaln,
. Hava Bovared Relations With ls Bpargan, tft, Mlhlel, Oontamous
Germany: China, Brasll, Bolivia,1 son, through the Voages to the Swiss
Guatemala, Liberia, Honduras, Nic
aragua, Ban Domingo, ' 81am; nlns
nations, , '
TCnuUnd Holfli the line from
'liomibnrtrldg 'to Dlxmude to Bix
snhoote, Zonnebeks, Kloln Zlltebeke,
Measlnes, Ploegateert (all 4n , Bel
glum) to Armsntlsres, ' Tromsllsa,
,Neuv Chappele, LaBaia, Uos,
Llevln, around ths outskirts of Lens,
Aohevllle, Oppy, Fampoux, Monohy,
Cherlsy, ' Bulleoourt, , Lagnlcourt,
Hermtss. Gouseacourt, VtlllsraGuls-
I portion, In Bslgium,, Is held y Brt-
- PtMeoProm mrwund Bt. t)ua
' " '.1, ...
Heavy lUla Stops Great Offensive of
(WMoed IVenoh-BrlUsh Troop.
; uaina iteiag uonaoiiaaiea
London, Aug. 1. A deluge of rain
haa turned the Plander battle field
Into sticky ooae hampering , the
morementa of the ' British-French
forces la their drive atarUd yster
M. . ' - .: '
Qeneral Hatg ra porta today that
all gains 'made yesterday have been
consolidated during the night and
that all attempt on the part of the
Germans to regal the conquered
terrain, have keen repulsed.
The only operations reported to
day are minor engagement south of
Vitres and along the Comlnes canal
where the British positions have
been Improved.'.' ':
' With such eatenalve gains made,
It requires utmost energy and some
time to consolidate the . territory
taken against Oermaa counter-at
teeks. Report of prisoners tsken
during the engagemente yesterday
amount te more than 1,000
A majority of the positions taken
by the allies had been In the posses
sion of the Germans since they in
vaded Belgium. The Wench attack.
which resalted In the capturt of
Steenstrsftte. vsa pnahnd on. beyond
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10 GET'' IIP m
Portland, Aug. 1. There s no
quesilonftig the patriotism of . Ray
NelaonV II. Older boys and men to-
day coaslder his ase. guaranteed to
- ' .
"V '
and than enlist
: Nelson granted to go to war. The
navy rejected mm Because or
alight physical . defect He then
went te tho federal authorities, gave
them a 'ficticious name, and said
that, although he was of draft age.
he had not registered.
Nelson waa put In the county Jail
Four days later his mother located
him and secured hla release.
The boy explained that he had
i thought' unregistered man of draft
age were put immediately Into tho
AhtMH mA hdh km! tAaitairm ImomI in Ink.
tin,' to St. Simon, to around LaFero,
Presnes,' Cohcy, Neuville, t(raux,
Jouy, along the Chemts-des-Demea to
Soualn, to the Argonne north of Bt
Msnehould, and .Varennes, to Mam-
border. "'
Macedonran Front-f Troops under
uencrai nerraii (France) ana in
eluding units '" from ' the British,
French, Italian, ' Russian, Bsrbtan
and Oreek armies hold a 'line ap
proximately went to east from Och
rlda td Gdbeoh to Xsrlls (north of
Monaabtr)to Tovlk, to Dotran and
Lake Dolran.', ' , . )
Italian FrontIn the Trenttno
the lines have undergone no pais
tloular change in more., than a year.
On the Isontd aad Carsq, General
yti th,u,7" h.
! m a I a B a M a m mm m u I .
w nam rnuDHoix
With Meassre Passed By
Mb'sa Sestaesl Is Strong, Dry Ifetica Will tee
Wlta 36 Stetei fotfj Asecdzest "
Washlngtoo), Aag- itthm
tete this aftotBoom, passed tho oonv
sUtntlonal aineadiacat providlac for
njatloawl probtMUow by vote of CS
to tt. : "' ' tfW .
An antesMlmeat of orod earlier ba
the afteraoosi providing for a
Mrala-ht bone-dry Jaw w defeat
ed by a vote of S3 lot UltiM
uawwdtneat offered by Benater Hard-
lag, pvovtdbsf that tho
Washington, Aug. l.Ths treas
ury department today offered (or
subscription II00,00,000 in trees-
... 1,7 . ." . . ' v
nry ceruncaies or inwieooea.,ow
scriptlons ,nr te eloeo Angnot 1
' Thla urn InJIcafaM hat-Im
end Installment of the Liberty loan necessity of pressing the eonstrne
wUl be offered In Beptember, and. ' tioti program ( with i aU possible
while, the treasury oBolals remata ' haste. ' W ar la a war o( far mora
alleat on tho subject, it Is believed J seriousness than most people rea-
tne oarer win no ror a total or
. . aawoFPfr . qokvktion
j r -
Spokane,' Aug. 1. The annual
convention of th Washington State
Sheriffs" association will not open
hot tomorrow, aa scheduled. Score-
tary D. B. Klcholaon. of tho nasoela-
tlon. has ent word.opt to all the.tloa nt down to ra day heban
sheriffs In th state that th convn-.
tton haa been otpoad Indefinitely.
Shorilt ar too busy to.attsad th
meeting, a onpiainon wvaj- ,
V.j. .vv1'' :';v:j'L Tx'-'- .
lie Hssse, Where W&
woodd betosns inoperative
ratified by ths leqnired
state withU ate yearn, wa adopted
by Vote Of Sd to' St. .. .v "I
The saeaonr stow goes to tho
hoase. It to beUeved it wiU rscstvw
as favorabte treattieait there as fat
the aeauoe; ba fact the honvja haa
been thooght to be the etroaghoU of
the) prohibitioa ' seatiaMSit It
for ptvhibithNi asnsndnassrt to
food te which the senate rejected.
Washington, Aug. 1. Both wood
on and steel ships most be built
u,t"' Aum" "J"-
! emergency fleet corporation told
iWBbuIldera bare today.1 "Matters
have recently .bum brought ta "m
mtUmHtn " whlrb Indicate tha' Vital
use, no sam.
PortlaaBd. AnT. 1. Tht WeiUri
X lliw 'anoWUagvUwja . PJu vistuvw
th Hoo-Rooa, and', organisation of
lumbermen, are meeting bar today.
The Hoo-Hoo convntlom originally
scheduled to be hsld in Bend, was
' brought to Portland and the oofcv'
of the condition ot th northwost
! lumber industry.' ' Hoadrods of Tnxe-
rara' ard attasidts't ttte tw ateat-
PorttesMl Peelers Announce Itfassr.
sry of .Trip to nosthcra Orngom
With Iiongest Stop Haro , , ,. '
The itinerary tor the southern
Oregon run by tho state motor ear
association has been announced.
Tho start will bo mad from Port
land at 8: SO a., m. Monday, August
tO." With short stop at Balem and
Albany, the first night win be spent
at Csrvallla.' The forenoon of the
next day -will be spent at Eugene
and tho night nt Boeeborg.
The party will leave Boseburg not
later that 10 a. m. Wodnosday, Au
gust it. and is due to arrive at
Grants Pass at t p. m. Wednasday
afternoon and evening and all day
Thursday wOl ft spant at Grant
Pass, the longest stop mad at any
one point em the trip. Thursday1 will
be spent te a side trip to the Marble
eaves. . iA combined business meet
ing, dinner, ptenie and program win
be hold in the city park on Wednes
day orsnlng. , ''.'""'"',"'.
The party leavea Priday morning
for Medford. planning to spend Fri
day and flaturday at Medford, Aah
lead and in a' run to Crater lake,
which mast be reached not " later
than ("day noon to entitle the ears
to tho count of "successful ran,
The ran will terminate at Crater
lake 8nnday . and members of tho
party win return, to Portland as each
load thoeeta.. ." ' V . "W
x,.th Honk-honit tuartet,r wftl' P
company the party and enliven their
various stops.'' -''
: If in state ,ia:
Salem. Aug. t. State antonwbile
license foe wr donfbled by th now
set of Oregon automobile laws which
want into affect Attgnst 1. - The ad
ditional income from th lloonsea is
Intended to -pay "for the M.o.0
bond lasu Smteg nsed to lay a sot ot
hhiawayt throaghout the ttete.
New rule of th road, aa provided
by" th new statute; provide that alow
moving vehicles must keep to the
right ol the roads and grr way to
faster xaovtng machrnos, '-. Omclals
aimed ' thla provision - at what- they
termed noed hog.- ; t,
S ' (t"
J'i !f.ri
-SUiXESSFUltf 'raw
(United Press Staff Correspondent) ,
London, Aug. l.-Britaln's part ,
In th past three year of war may
be told In three words:
" Procrastination; Preparation;
m tne nw year. pOlltldann. That 'waa or. -worn,
very, many things she should not M WM Utor ffwUveIy demonstrnt
have done, shs left undone most of , th6 WTi,UoB, of th, rjardo
the things she should have done. MlJe4 amio,, , . (
, It waa not unUl the second year Having proven the nnadaptablllty
was well under way that the people ftf tn, onptrty joTcrnment
of Er!tln wok up-. Having finally, tna th, ,1M)tny govrnment. ther
sensed that it was a menVsixed war. wt 0J,y 0M thBf ,eft tof Brul!l
they began to prepare almost too tQ trrthe 0B.m,n jovernment .
late, hut with a thoroughness that ftf t j,om.
went faflo overcome tha Streets t ,MT( of e0unie. Britain Is still gov
tholr former; dllatorlnesa. t '(rall (lT't' mlnlatry-ut .Uoyd-'
;Wlth ner industries, at last or- Qwr u May th 0 tt
ganlsed on, a 0rld-war basis, Brl-, pM,Ulnent BM owwin, da
tain started supplying her troops bltnf wMTt ot Wi mOTI.
with proper quantities of th right jmnbn,,,!, oharg. that la
sort of gni and shells. , tha lack of llmp,y parliament" ns a
which had already caused BeaMIs hole, as veil as th British people,
aster, on the western front It took hm ne, a'ttjoTd George's
her nearly two yars to learn t ,,bllty as general iwa enagTtor
im .iirj -j-""- the, mpire. . r i'r.
was a fallura and, then sh ndopted1 v ..jim,- , t,t A1, ontatsndtn
eoasoriptlonv .j i,. ' i . 1 ; - .d,ii,
" Mosof Brltala's sino of mWoi,v, (ConUsdanTh t-:rt
th voluntary sysiem oi(rBcruHins;
'- 4 ' - - i i t
of Old Grtov
Peswefai Kadtag mt IMapwto
Baa rraaclaeo, Aag. 1. Bpr
sontatlva of the four hrthgooa
of railway employee threaten to cal
a strlk at midnight next Satnrday
of iair member of their Orders ork
tag tor the Southern Paeiflc maJsns
th grievances now In proessS of a
goUatlon ai immediately aettlad;
It is estimated that tho strife or
der, If issued, r would affect , MM
. W. R. Scott, president of, tho
Southsra Paclfie said thla attsom
that be expected the nutter to ho
peacofnlly settted soon. - v
Ramora of a threatened striko
anjoug ember ; Pr""c trala
hate beea reaching her for
time.' They have' grow Str4r
day by day.f" wu sl'j et. ' :
W. V (McDonald, a local iratamaa
who la la 8an Francisco aa a repre
sentative of his brotherhood at th
conference that has boon In progres
in that city tor several months, la
understood to bar wired local mem
bers of the fonr brothrhod-affected
to be ready to go -out oa
strik at any time that word to that
effect ahould com. '
. Local trainmen are loath to talk
about the matter hat ' admit thoy
hav raeeivnd worri-Uat they might
be called oa strik oa short otto. .
Aa oa man- expressed It; WhB
know', nothing about the atatn of
th negotiation at 'Su PaBteoo,
w know that w may bareaiMd te
quit ta two hoars at any tUa. Tho
boys r getting tired of th dalay.f
, Th trouJhl arias out of th t
tlement of tha "so ' cJld ''Chicago
. (Continued on Png 4) '
- - . -
and commission In this war ar
traceable to the fact' that aha arst
tried to run it with the governmental
maehlaory of poac. Believing their
troubles lay ta th party-go verameat
system, they aext tried th coalition
scheme a heterogeneous calblnat of
IS members, also mostly1 ' lawyar-
4 t m y-M'i K1" '' -1wiv..'". Of-KvM
.. VMf, 0-sff -V n-W),,
. J dfi-v i
;(V ,fi) f') lp V?