Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, July 30, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY JULY, 80. 1817.
- ; , ',1. -. ' v , ' ' " ', ..
rnrs t tr'tr r-v T7
ii n i fcxi ii if m i
Opera House
Quisfer Show
Good Singing, Good Dancing,
Funny Comedians and Novelty Act
Admission for Tonight is
Children will not be admitted unlets parents
are with them
The Oldest Lady
v" and ' -' -
The Oldest Gentleman
the first
Neatly printed stationery at
Courier one.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective June 1, 1117.
Dally except Sunday.
Train 1 Iv. Grant Pass.. 1:00 p! ffl.
Train 1 It. Water Creek 1:00 p. m.
All train leave Oranta Paaa from
the corner of O and Eighth street,
.opposite the Southern Paclfle depot.
4i For all Information regarding (
irvigni nun pwwiw awrTiv- vii b
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or pbone Itl for
Let Electricity Save You
Labor and Money
a present
Notice la bereft? given that pursu
ant to an order of the United States
court for the district of Oregon, dat
ed June II,' ttlT. all claima against
the .Rogue River Putollo 8ervlce cor
poration and the Rogue River Land
t Investment company, duly veri
fied, should be presented to and fil
ed with the receiver of said cor
poration t their office In the Conk
lln building In the city of Grant
Pass, Oregon, on or before the Orel
day of October, 1917.
Dated at Grant Pass, Oregon,
June SO, 117.
. Receiver.
f Scientific Farmin?tl Classificd
Lb ('
Veung Quack Thrlv During Month
f July and August.
Lata chicken are usually stunted by
but weafbvr, But but a tba farm wo
men triad raining summer ducks;
Strange ai It Din; scera. duckling
tlirlva beat In bi weather, and It In
during Jul and August tlint 1 batched
my large flock of Huff duck, writ
an Oklultoiuu womatl In ibe Kanes
Fanner. , ,
.Ducklings are early and late forager.
It la do ulirommoii sight to see an o!.l
Biddy groping blindly around In tin-
; v, li',t , - -1
Mutrnvy ducks are In (treat favor
In Kurou and ara Inahly regarded
for lha labia. Thar ara the larseat
of all ducki the standard weight or
lha drak ntlng mi pound and of
In duck lghl pound The duck
pictured la a Muscovy. ,
dark and trying to follow ber busy
forager. When the ami sblnes but
and water la available llicy enjoy bct
of all M dlv into Ita cimi depth after
rrawdxb, frogs and water liiHccta.
Uouic people may wouder wber 1
get the egg to batch, Tbla Is very
simple, as t-raise tbe Ruff dnckr. wbicn
re all year layers, and I alwaya have
tb beat suweaa hatching tbe egn. I
have heard women cumplatn that tueli
duckling ate to ranch. Unun twins
queetloned tbey admit that they fed
tbem at least nair docen timet 0
day and the .ducklings just bin:?
around the house waltlug for more
feed. Buib management, Indeed, would
be profitless, but young ducks, like peo
ple, ran be trained to be lasy or Indus
trloua! Tbey are amart rrentures and
aoon learn when to eipect their meals
I always feed tbem early In tbe morn
ing and late at night when the chick
en are on tbe rousts.
During the day tbey are alway off
foraging among weed and grass or In
tbe water. Quite often tbey tlnd so
much tbat I feed them only enough to
let them know they have not been for
gotten. They certainly convert waste
Into meat I know of nothing that
grows to maturity more quickly than
duckltnga. I feed tbem all tbe tough
lettuce luavea from the gurden, as thta
I one thing tbat cannot be dried or can
ned, and young ducks like nothing bet
ter. In the fell I find that my ducklings
have grown to be ducks welshing from
elz to eight pounds each. It 1 needless
to tell of the good prices I get for tbem
on tbe market, of tbe feathers, fancy
stock and eggs I sell, of the neat sum
of money I have realised, which Is
nearly ll clear profit.
Value ef the Varleua Cereala aa Meat
and Egg Produoere, ,
There is more nutriment In whltu
outs or white middlings than there U
In the brown kinds. Damaged wheat
or screenings full of cocklifare danger
ous foods, says the Farm Journnl. Oat
meal If fed too freely will canse a loose
ness of the bowels. Mlllci seed con
tains considerable flesh Tormlng mate
rial. There Is more bone and muscle
food In barley thnn there la In wbent.
but the fowls seem to prefer the latter.
Bran la laxative and should he in the
dally hill of fare for both old and
There la not tbe fattening property
In white com that there la In yellow.
Whent Is the most complete grain, but
must never be fed alone. Oats are
muscle food, while whent makes featb.
era. Rye Is u poor poultry food and
not rullsheU by fowls. Dolled rye will
produce bowel disturbances. Broom
corn seed Is relished by fowls. The
composition of corn I largely starch.
Wheat, oats, bran and middling are
egg foods, Corn furnishes bent ' and
fat. It baa been computed that In a
hundred pounds of oats there ere flf-,
teen pounds of flesh forming mntorlnl,
six pounds of fat, forty-seven poumli
of starch, two pound of bono foi'mlng
food and twenty pound of husk or nbcr.
Barley la grain hard to digest and
bould lie fed only occuidouHlly, .....
Llmbrnok af Fowla.
" This disease Is Indicated by tartlnl
loss of control of the muscles of the )
peck, form nf pnrnlyls resulting
from Intestinal poisons, gvnorally duel
to eating putrid anlmnl mutter or
musty grain. A fowl cannot hold It
head upright, but twists It around from
Me to aide and staggers ivbeut drunk
"enlv. The d1etM te net rents""'' '
ttioncti very often It ( stnliliorii to
cure Determine cause of condition
and treat ccordlngly. Olve the Wrd
ptirgattra, rpom "n"" ""'ur ,
t: is a w 0 n m
. : . ;. " .. .. m
lvn't Mill all the strong, sturdy ft
hlrdx. The furmcr mu-t have
tlmt kind to pay him u guod profit. H
It we ivu lit clilckeiu with life Hf
enough to rhtise a grui'sliiicr
we mu uvo!d liiLmKl'iiii. Tt
The chicken xtuufcil in growth
never bcunun wlwf it might H
lure liren hud (lie development
lieeu contiimuus. . &
A too iM-uvy of grnln I apt H
to produce vertigo hi git-M. Sf
Turkeys arc cs;te;in;vc!;.- prowu t3
in Iowa. Illinois ami J!lMurL VI
V Tbe latter Mtnlc. It l v-iliimited. it
produce rlio crcalVt iimnlr.
w i a rj t a tj a a
Tsble 8arsps a Valuable Ration Fer
the Back Vard Flock,
Pliol by I'nlicd Etaies'miit of
. 1 asrJcuUure. t. .
Tin- Idea of feeding gurlmce to ;
(lor!: of chicken may Intrude on l'.n
MHt'.j'MV.v i t sor.iiv njM II, A. Etfi
vit.t l:i r!i"r.tVlp!ija U'dser. TU.
'd?a. however. Is more (.pparrnt l'a::i
real. We prefer to uc the term "tabli
r.:ps" uu) ho-.v since thcie la a dlacr.
nice between the two. Olery tops ami
the tops of bvcts and other vegetable
tbe outer leaves of lettuce, vegetable
pnrln?'. stale bread, enda of meat, left
overs of cereals, sour milk urn! inli'fl.
laaeous table si-raps are imne tbe lest
edible becauuc tlwy it) mch; tbey bavi-
wit nou or their value as food.
' f I'ropeily fi-J-niid by that we mean
A.l lu a sv.cct. win Ic-ciuo condition-
there Is 110 liciter fmnl lu the world
fcr r-oultry than tnble scraps. The fact
that they are a mixture of odd and
euda 'gives tbem their chif "virtue.
whl'.-h Is a balanced diet. Fowl fed
on table scraps luvariubly do better
than those given a xiiiKhi inntn diet.
ts3 the reason re perfectly tthtUK.
No oue article of food will maintain
health and vlgw. ' The fowl's system,
tike the human Mete, require variety.
Th llluatratlon shows a coed fat
tening chlckan and a cull. . To th
left, a good typ of chlcknn tor fat
tening for a broiler; to th right la
a poor typ.. , . .
tf there 1 uot variety the pietlte be
come jaded. Finally this uicun Im
paired health, a fulling off lu produc
tion and failure. "
If you would have proof that chick
en really relish table scrap offer tbem
plate of carefully asserted tidbits
from the kitchen along with the cus
tomary grain ration aud note which
they devour first If they do uot fight
aud scramble for the table scrap to
the exclusion of the grnlu It will be tbe
first esse of Its kind tbat has come to
the atteutlou of the writer.
The host way to feed table scrap Is
to run tbem through grinder. In this
way many articles are utilised which
would otberwlso be wasted.' For ex
ample, the tall end of a steak, which
consists largely of fat aud gristle, can
not be swallowed by the fowl at one
operation. If left to their own devices
the fowls will peck nt It for hours and
drag and fuss It around the bouse or
yard until It becomes filthily dirty,
which Is not exactly wholesome. If
this piece of steak Is run through the
grinder and reduced to edlblo lougths
It Is speedily eaten beforo' It has a
chance to become soiled or spoiled.
The same Idea bold true of many
Other articles. Bguvhclls may be fed
to fowls If they are reduced to a ground
condition, whereas It would be unwise
to feed tbem In tbe form of shells for
fear of starting the habit of egg eating
Safety Firat '
Vonrn, N. Y.. bus It fire apparatus
Insured against ttv and. tt patrol wag
en tnsHred agnlnst barghir.
. " "riv at Wsj A aV
a MdlllfciMinwiM'iw.ii WIIWll
O. ft C. ORiTTf LTKlS Blue print
plat showing land in Josephine
; county, I1.S0. Address A, E.
Voorhle,' Granu Paw . tf
FARM LANDS Tb government
', need farmer a wall a fighters.
. Two million three hundred thou
and acre of Oregon ft California
Railroad Co. 'grant land. T1U
revested la United Stat. To be
opened (or homesteads and al.
', Containing some of beat land left
In United Mates. Large eopy
: righted map, ahowrof land by aec
4 lions ud description or soil, cU
, mat, rainfall, elevation, tem-
peratur, ate, by counties. Post
paid on dollar. . Grant Land Lo
' eating Co., Box 110 Portland, Or
ion, . sttr
',one. good one. Each map covers
, more than two conatia. Price
$1.00 at Grant Pa Abstract Co.
ANGEL cakes 10c; ordor by phono,
- No. ltO-J. S7U
FOR 8ALE Motorcycle . , taadetn
and UgbU at a sacrifice Mcln
; tyre' garage, t0( Sontn Sixth tt
FOR SALE Jersey bull. 1$ month
old, dam averaged 52 pound milk
per day and I per cent butter
fat. Inquire Peter Olson, or
phone SOO-iR-2. ... IT
FOR SALE Overland touring car.
Leather upholstering, overhauled
' and painted, speedometer and
' clock. Biggest bargain of season.
Act quickly If Interested, none
more reliable. $225. P. B.
Gottacbaik garage. ' Phone 2t8.
FOR SALE 2 jennies, 1 colt, sad
dle, cinches and rope. , $45. . In
quire at Neely Livery tern, 800th
Sixth street L, K. Hlnknon. II
BICYCLE Columbia, good as new,
for sale at a sacrifice. ' Phone
10I-U ' II
FOR SALE One thoroughbred Jer-
ev cow,$60. One Simplex epw-
rator nsed On year. $50.' , W. C.
; Long, 1125 Kast A street , IT
FOR 8 ALE Four cylinder Maxwell
roadster at a bargain if sold by
August 1st G. O. Ohrm, Grants
P hoteL " - ' Ill
TO EXCHANGE 10 acre or good
Florida land, suitable for pecan
" orchard, for automobile. Must be
new or aa good as new. Write
In care of No. 1211. Courier. Ill
WANTED Old Iron, machinery, old
automobiles, aluminum,' copper,
brass, sine, lead, rags, sack, wool,
hides, pelts, old rope anything you
, have in junk, we pay the mgneat
price for everything. Gather up
your junk and phone us, we call
for yonr good In city or country.
Union Junk Co. Phone 21. . 101
' 8outh Sixth street ' 117
WANTED The Ewauna Box Com
pany, of Klamath Falls, Oregon,
offer employment for experienced
bqx men and :, inexperienced la-1
borers, , and at air time solicits
correspondence with . anyone ., in
terested. ' Good wages and oppor
tunity tor advancement is the rule
with thla company. .. Iltf
WANTED Two timJber fellers, two
buckers, $3.50 pet day; mill men
and Umber, $3 np; one night
watchman,' $70 per month. Ad
dress Moon-Williams Lumber Co.,
- Bray, CaJ. !'.' .;v'-; ;; ..V".--. II
WANTED Man to work on poultry
ranch. Call at Bridge street city
line, or phone S23-L. " " vJ tf
WANTED Cook at mining camp.
Small crew. Give particulars when
answering. Address P. O. Box 321,
Grant Pass..'-. -., 1 " .... ,.1
WANTED Ollfle, 25-35 preferably,
apply Sam -Stlnebaugh, Courier.
FOR RENT l-room house and tine
garden spot on river ' bank, ' 4
blocks from Sixth street, at $4
per month. Inquire at Chas. Mor
rlson's grocery, 503 South Sixth
street. f . . - lltf
FOR RENT Sroom oottage and
sleeping porch, 321 Rogue River
Ave. Good well and one-halt acre
of land, $5 per month. Inquire
at house opposite. It
rent.' First and second floor. Al
so furnished rooms. Dean Spart-
ment house, Bl& North Sixth. Mrs.
' L. H. Dean. 1 10
FOR r RENT Fu rn Ished ,,- 5-room
house wtth bath, gas and garage.
158 North Fifth street. II
1 ;
L, o. C LI MINT, nt D. Praoux
limited to disease of tt eye, er,
. no and throat Qlawet ttt4.
One boor l-fl, 1-5, or on ap
pointment Office phone, II; real
deace pbone 251-,
S. LOUOHRIDG2. M. V.. PkrMolaa
and eargeoa. City or country ealla
attended day or night Held re
pbone Iff; office pbone 111.
Sixth and B. Tut Building.
DR. ED. BTWATER Specialist on
dlseaae of the eye, ear, no sal
throat; glss ttted. Office hour:
9 to II . m., I to S p. m. Pboiea
BesMenee II0-L; effiee KM;
Schmidt Bldg, Grant Pass, Or.
A. A. WITHAM, M. Physician and
surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg.. corner
Slxtn and I street. Phones: Office
111; mideaee IIS-JT. Bonn: I a.
m. to 4 p. m. -
Dju'iurn v
E. C. MACT, D, M. D. Flrat-claa
dsntlatry. Sontn - Slxtt
street, Grant Paaa. Oregon. -
ATTOnuanrs .
H, a NORTON. AttorMy-eA-fcsv
Practice in nil SUt and Federal
Court. First Natloaal Bank Bldg.
COLVIO ft WILUAMS Atttwneya.
at-Law Grant Pass' Banking Co.
Bldg, Grant Pka. Ore, '
E. S. VAN OTKE. Attorney. Pnotloe
In all eonrta. Flret NatlonnI Bank
Building. : N .. -f'
at-Law. , Office Masonic Tempi
Grants Paaa, pre. . V v1 r
W. ' T. MILLER. AUorsrArLn.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: BchaUhora Bldg.
O. & BLANCHABO. Attoraey-et-Law
Grant Paaa Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grant Pan. Ore,
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-t-Uw
Practlo ' In state; and federal
court. Boom I, and t, over
Golden Bale store.
torney. Albert block, phone 2!-J.
Practice In all courts; land board
attorneys. ,
Vk.Ts.UAKT (AhuoA
DR. R. J. BE3TUL, Veterinarian. ' .
Office in Winetront . Implement '
Bldg. Phone lll-J
'Phone- I0S-B. ' '
J kinds of drayage and transfer
; work carefully and promptly don.
' Pbone lll-J. Stand at tretght
depot A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. ISHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
. packed, shipped and stored. Phone ft Holman. No. SO. Resl-
nee phone llt-R.
itU. WORLD MOVES; so do we.
, Junch Bros. . Transfer Co. Phone
J. a MACMURRAT, teacher of vole
culture and singing. Lemon given
nt home of pupil If reinested. Ad
drjM T1S Lee street. Itltl
E. R. CROUCH -Assayer. chemist.
' metallurgist Boom 201-101 Pad
v' dock Building, Grants Pass.
GASQCET RESORT At th edge of
' th redwoods, aocommodation tor .
.1 tourists, hotel $1 per dty, electrl
l lighted camp grounds, garage and
accessories, groceries and sup- .
pile, fishing and hunting. B. R.
Price, Propr. 117tf
JU8T HAD TO do It Added another
car tor country runs; good service,
city or country. Jitney Luke.
1 Leave orders at the Spa. or nbon
:'32-R. . , IStf
"''V.'y the island ef Rhodes.
Rhodes was th center of the culture
and commerce of the Aegean In the
days when the Aegean meant the heart
of civilisation aud the island was the
battleground of mighty" srmada and
formidable legions from the days of
Alexander the Great to Mohammed.
The island Is the most easterly of the
Aegean group. It Is about forty-five
miles long by atiout twenty-two wide.
The Island has been famous for Its
beautiful climate from tbe earliest
Neatly printed stationery at the
Courier office. t" ' i