Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, July 05, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    r ACT TWO
daily aoooi utxb ooocaa
TUl'IWDAV, JULY 5, 101 T
,. PuMUhtd Daily Smut Saturday
A. C VOORHIE3, Pub. and Fropr.
Batered at th Postoffloe, Great Paaa,
Ore m second claaa mail matter.
Dtaplay apace, per tnch..............le
Local or personal column, par Una 10
Readers, par Una..... la
Br Hall or carrier, par
By mall or carrtar, par month. ... .60
By nail, par yaajr
' '. ; . MEMBER : . '
l 8tat Editorial Aasoctatto.
OracoB Daily Nwpaper Pa. Aon,
AadH Bureau of Olreiletloa.
. - ,
' Weather tomorrow: Fatr,
vara. ;''-..
The dapartmant of agriculture ta
laying special atrasa on th waning
of food product! aa a war measure
and ta baaing regularly. Information
oa boat canning in all Ha phase.
Tha dapartmant alao taauaa tha fol
lowing timaly advice: '
oat Judge Uta auccesa of ran
mine by yoar flrat effort with what
ever prodnct yoa happen to find la
market, whan yoa begin operaUoaa,"
aaya a atatamant Just "issued by tha
United States department of agrV
ealtire. "It la mora than likely that
If yon are a beginner at canning yoa
wilt start with strawberries, the
ftrat fruit available, tt yoa do yoa
beald real tie that strawberrtee are
one of tha moat difficult of all pro
dacta to can aatiafactorUy. It la next
to ImposeMa, In tact, to cm this
fruit, aa distinguished from preferr
ing It (la which caae a mnch larger
proportoa of aagar la need.) ao that
tta color. stse, aad .text are wai be
"It ti normal. It ordinary can
king practice are followed, to have
etrawberrtea ehrtak, tarn mora or
lee brown, aad float to tha tope of
tha Jar. Tha product la palatable,
bowvrwr, and will keep perfectly if
tha sterHtsattoa haa been dona pro
perty. Tal feel, therefore, that yoar
atrawwerry cawing la a tall are.
Above aft, doat become discouraged
and fear that all yoar oaaalng will:
be attaattafaetory. Pram rally every j
vegetable and fruit worth eeaalagj
Buy be canoed and leapt la a eondl-j
ttao fairly comparable In flavor and!
text are to tha freak prodnct j
"Canned food wlH be beaded next j
winter aa it haa never been seeded!
before. Let yoar elogaa be. there- j
fore: Tan all tha food yoa can; dry j
tha eocruleat fooda which caa not;
be kept well otherwise.' (
"la canning, aperialltc on natrt-!
tioaa foody aad concentrate to amaM ;
bulk by cooking dowa all vegetable
high ta water content."
Shanghai According to tha lat-j
est etatirtira compiled by tbe Shane-1
bat raeiom office, there were at
the begiaalng of the war 4.72 4 for-!
eign concern, aad IJX.tlJ fore' en
resident tn China. Tbay are claaat
Aed acentdlag to coaatriea as fol
io wi:
raited Stares. 1ST concern. S.
5R0 pereona: Aurtrla, 1? concerts.
14 peraon; Belgium. 17 com-erda.
1S periwB; Englaad, 444 conperna.
ceraa, S7, pereons; Holland, 2t ma
era. 277 perxonst France 1 1 roc
rem a, 2.174 persons: Germany, 21
eoatreraa, J,2 pernoas; Hunttrr.
t coaceraa, 24 persons; Italy. 44 con
verge, 4fi peraoaa; Japan. 1
"Somite CM'
ttTwta hay XfeTLEYTtA MM m
lot ai Summer BtviKAftt
concern. 104,275 persons; Norway.
T concerns. 22? paraona; Portugal.
4T concerns, 2.2IS paraona; Ruasla.
1.411 concern: 55,22s paraona;
Spain IS concerns. 2 paraona; Swe
den. 4 eoncarna. 42S person: tad
other. 8 concerns and 159 paraona.
"We aaw queer thlnga," aald a man
of tha Cheater regiment. "There
waa a little rough chalk at ream there,
not big enough to be a river, even
with all tha wet wa had had. The
Qeraana bad built an accommoda
tion, bridge acroea It at one point.
Jaat a rough bnelneee of piaata ana
rooea. Whan wa croaeed It they
hadnt bothered to destroy It. It was
aot bit enough to be worth while-
there waa oulte a float of dead Ger
mane la tha water, all bamping
agalnat the piles and some had gat
maaka on. How they came there or
what had killed them, I doat know.
Wa hadnt time to worry about It tor
there waa plenty doing, but men in
gaa maaka. drowned In about three
feet of water, waa a queer thing to
T0miBTlll US.
Washington, July 5. Ia 1214
there were 1.0(7.222 mora motor
cars registered ta tha Called State
thaa ia 1115. This waa aa Increase
of 42 per cent. The grosa total of
registered cars. Including commer
cial cars, was 1,51 2.24; tha Bom
ber of motor cyclea registered was
150.110. The several states collect
ed ia registration and license fees.
Including those of chauffeurs and
operators, a total gross revenue of
$25.8(5.242.75. Of this amount 22
per cent, or I22.210.S11, wa ap
plied directly to construction, im
provement, or maintenance of the
public roads ia 42 state, according
to figure compiled by the office of
public roads of tha Cnlted State de
partment of agriculture. In Circular
71, "Automobile Registration. Li
censee and Revenues In the Tnlted
State. llt."
Tha figures for 114 correspond
very closely with tha annual percent
age iacraae of motor car registra-
ttoa of tha last three yeara. This;
yearly Increase has averaged 40 per'
cent ia the number of cars aad SO
per cent In revenue.
Whea viewed over a period of
year, the increase in motor car reg
istration aad groas revenues ha
been remarkable. In 104 the total
state registrations were approxi-j
stately 4M00 cars, on account of ;
VUt III, mMu. - imIIII t I
fee and Urease a total grosa reve-
m f umiI USA AAA Oiil,
part of this man applied to road
work. Ia 1 the 25.4S,24.i
collected formed nearly alae per cent
C L. Hobart Company
5. 4
H A Hi) 13 BJyFod,
Wk rajowB. wWaBWajajTaiaiaB. VMaaMfmal B
av tBAouta aeuaaaeva . ,
Pfcyuuwtt m.,ue laillnit(a
of the total rural road aad bridge
revenue of the stats. ,
Recent yeara have shown an in
creasing tendency to put the spend
ing of tha motor car revenue di
rectly la the hand of 'the state
highway department. Ojf Vhe total
amount applied to ro6 work ia
1214. 70 par cent, or tl4.4U.520.
waa expended mora or, lea directly
under the control or supervision of
state highway department. ' Only
It atataa did not axarcla any . direct
control over the lexpeadlag of the
set automobile revenue. ' r
Part. July 5. -A part of General
Perahlng "Samml,' .1 " they
have been nicknamed by the allied
troop, are off for final training be
fore going to the front. The mcc.
who are tn fine plrit. yesterdey en
joyed a typical Fourth of July cele
bratloB "somewhere In Franca.
Oae battailoa of Calted States
regulars left today for a permanent
camp, destination, for military rea
son not announced. General Per
ahlng Is extremely aaxlous to get his
men settled dowa Into permanent
campa, where, .regular Instruction
aad training la modern warfare may
be gained.
Tacoma. July S. Electricians and
telephone operators of the Pacific
Telephone A Telegraph company will
vote tonight oa whether they will
go oa strike, which would tie op;
telephone line from one and of the
coaat to the other. Th trouble
grew oat of th company's alleged
artloa ta abutting eat of the Aber
deen exchange gtrla who joined the
anion. Electrical workers have
been quietly organising for th last
two weeks.
Tngraved calling cards 100 cards
and plate, la script, tl.tO; If put
la furnished. ""100 cards for 1.
v u.v aroac
Tuwa tsc - Je see
Editor Rogue River Courier: .
Yoa may tuaka public tha follow
ing la tha columns of the Courier If
you wlah: t
I am with Ftrat Company B ata
Uoned at Fort Sara Houston. Com
pany B la com posed mostly of Oregon
boy and a good many from Grant
Paaa. Wa are all treated wall hare
and have all tha privilege on could '
expect while lu the army. W are In '
tenta at praeeat but expect to be '
more comfortably situated In bar-'
racks within, a abort lime. This la a:
new avlatloa camp and will be onej
of the largest In the world whan
built up," Everything la temporary
now but they are erecting permanent
buildings aa fast aa poaafble. There,
will be about (0.000 soldier hare
when thay can be . accommodated.'
My company haa tha honor of being
the beat drilled company here. Ifi
tha Germans could see Company Uj
la artKfn they would fade away.
There are about 100 . aeroplanes
here at present aad thla number will J
be increased aa fast aa thay have
room for them. The L. W F. ia the
type of plane that I .used. 8oma of
our company have made fllghta alnce
coming here and a tew have no de
sire to Uke the second flight after.
having looped tha loop three or four
time and doing tha death dive aad
other think It great sport. .
It haa been pretty hot here, the
hottest w have experienced being
HI In the shad. Thla beat ta felt
pretty severely by we boys from the
north, but ! guess we will becotn.
acclimated If wa are her longj
enough, although tha eight are ooolj
enough so one can sleep quit well, j
Tha country as fertile dowa berj
and most anything can oa grown
with Irrigation. .
Rattlesnake hunting is a favorite
pastime of soma of the boy.
W receive the Dally Courier quite
often her so r kept pretty well In- j
formed a to what ia going on tn
and near Grants Pas. W hare a'
large T. M. C. A. building here where ;
we receive free writing material and
reading matter. ';
June 22 waa pay day a day
braked forward to by the soldiers. 1 j
see by the war registration list In!
th Courier of June 17 that Alter are
a Tew of the boya aot bare. Come
on la boys. The waiar'a fine.
Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Juae 12. 117.
(Continued on Pag 4)
with pretty much the aama tinea of
neceaaiU. Th eompcUUoa between
tha two eatabliahment la th kea-
t of any kiad that exists at Noyoa '
avn keener thaa the proverbial,
competition between the military i
and tha civil authorlUe.
Tha American ladle have their
ow motor truck aad prraonall)
carry thlr supplies into th little
home to which they r destined, t
Baron d Rolhscblld doe not powew ;
a motor truck and his distribution
baa to be made by the military auto
mobiles. Jaat as Waahlagton took Noyon.
aad will undertake It reconstrartloa.
other towas aad village are having
th good luck to find godmother
aad godfathers.
Th town of Mancourt, near Ham.
which suffered to aa extreme degree
baa been adopted by Countess cc
Chabanne la Palllce. She baa erect-1
ed temporary barracks la which tbe
Inhabitants will live until their 1
home caa be rebuilt. The she will
refurnish th borne with all tha fur
niture and utensils tht th Germans
either carried away or destroyed.
.Just at present one of th most
Interesting question la "Who' go
ing to adopt Chaany?
Chasay, was aa aansually large
and prosperous city, the center of
the famous Saint Goblaa glass Indus
try. The degree of dstrnctivenes
Inflicted here by the Germans exceed
thst of ny cither town or city. In
fact It Is so great that American
cities lens thaa the sit of New Tork, i
Chicago, St. Loni or Cleveland, are
advird to keep off of It a a God
son. Any one of these cities how
ever conld find la the restoration of
Cbauny a task worthy of Itself.
Th End! Quaker. ho ever
alnce the first invasion of France,
have made a speciality of the reron
atroetloa of destroved bomea are also
now worklag oat of Noroa.
One of the Interesting problems In
volved ta tha reraltivatioa of tbe soil
Is thst of tbe anetploded rreasdr
Daniel Frith man IVeaeiits'LINH FllKIKIU(K .
. ' ta " ' 4 : "
"tlanette of the Wilds"
' i'-i ' ' f t ; .-.. - ; f
' "" By Wlllard Mack j - :'' , s :; x
Nanette of the Wild" t a tale of the Royal CXtlM Nortlme!
Mounted rtillce, which tell the lury of lit battle between one of
the fearlen aonl and (be eqanlly brave (Uugiiler of a Canadlaa
liquor muniW. ',-;),: :.- ' , ", ',; I
Comcdy-'The Sleep Walker"
be ".':; .,(:
and ahalla which now Ha every where
beneath tha surface, A slngl asnd
grenade atruck by a plow or harrow
la sufficient to kill the horse and
farmer aa well a to destroy tha ma
chinery. One which exploded recent
ly underneath a steam plow In the
vicinity of Noyon completely des
troyed the machine . . ,
Army officers who are studvins the
problem frankly confesa their hop
that American lovtntiv genius .will
find aohie mechanical way of discov
ering the unaxploded projectile in
th soil. Otherwise thousands and
thouaaad of acre of French soli
will not be cultivated.
Everyone should have envelopes
wttb return addreaa. Th Courier
print them.
Do Yon Appreciate Fresh Butter ?
li Creamery Butter
Im Fresh
k i -"I.;-.-. .v v
"And it's GOOD Butter
Made in
froa too llay, tbe deaoeat, most suitable bona coal oa the mar
ket today ran be bad for cash at
. 110.00 per 8,000 Urn.
for all ordinary dcllverle. HOST TAKK AXY IHANCK8 otake
are of getting yonr winter's fuel aow TIIKKK IS XO TIME TO
Pboa 1S7-R, WIIXIAMS WOOD nut ttAgrr.t foe OU
The Mme Agents, Kdlefaen Fuel Company, rrtUnd, Oretxw will
eaiat yonr dealer to aernr your feel supply.
Let Electricity Save You
Labor and Money
: J
Thursday and Friday
, is .,
lleiuno fmm your viNlniliry "ilun :,
like" or "enn't eat."r-r:iuHrl I'aaVite.f
A knot U ti'icd ui m-r like our mile
uti hint It Is U'mn f'Ht, A mil l
5.SHII feet.
' ' ' t
A tree thai Is ) feet Mill I uwh
s a wlri'lcHs utiitlnu mt In a t'enimi
Auicrli sn rliy
Many iiiuii ln to kft bis rltl
so ofti'ti lluil IiIm fmuMirs get Imgm.
t'hlisgu Xi'-. , 4
Wlsdiini u ilictiilit-d liy tbe few, an. '
hnit'd lj lite wnuv srni hired by the
powerful- Life.-
Tbs man with utie single Idea U t m V
bad If the Mrs is Mg euiHigb.-1'lills-drlls
What imiRtrih It a man If be loruer
all tbe (fold ui earth but l 111 hive
of his wn iinitlier
Grant Pass
!iiiiiii!iiiil!i:i,i!iJi!H!rj:iiaiy!mffl!a I