Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, June 10, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    DAILY BOOtA Eim ootjmkb
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"The National Question"
A cool Summer suit
for July Fourth!
See our superb collection, of tropicnl
wuight, hot-wenthcr fabrics and lx ineniuir
od now for u correctly-fitti'iitf, comfortable,
2-piece suit, made ex
pressly for you by
Ed. V.Price & Co.
Prices down to $15.
J Show your indepen
dence of the Weather
Um by being mens-
tired Toduv!
Kxclusive Ijoeal Dealer
liimff - i g win
Mm, Sam Naxor returned Friday
night from week's- visit with bar
mother and sister at Cottage Orove.
Dr. Carrie P. Anderson, of Deer
wood ranch, Belma, hat spent the past
week in the city, the guest of ber
brother, A. N. Parsons. She will vfs
It the W. H, Lindsay family, at Mar.
Iln, for a few daya before returning
Poultry remedies at Cramer Broa
Bruce Stephenson, of Roseburg,
and hi sister, Mri. 0. E. Oarrett, of
Seattle, arrived here Saturday morn
ing called on account of the andden
illness of their mother, Mre. Isabella
Stephenson. Mra. Oarrett and a lady
friend were making a bicycle trip
from Seattle to Oranta Paaa, but the
friend waa Injured by an automobile
at Salem and obliged to remain, Mra.
Oarrett making the last of the trip
Itabekati Meeting
The regular meeting of Etna Re
bekah lodge will be held Monday,
Jnu 11.
Mian Clemens at Medford
Mlaa Catherine Clemeni, of Oranta
Paaa, la the house guest of Mlaa
Jeanette Patterson. Medford Sun.
A Night In June
Murphy, Saturday, 1th. All night
dance; with a floor, lunch and mimic
Intended to please you. 75
A Daughter at KUIxm'
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mra. Ami Rlshon of this city on Sat
urday. Art and (Vafta
The Society of Arte and Craft
win hold their- regular monthly
meeting at the home of Mra. W. W.
Can ley, Tuesday, June 12 Thla Is
to 'b a- picnic day. The members
will take their tatkets and have
lunch with Mrs. Canley with the bus
iness meeting following
W, 8. Rodgera loft yesterday for
Ouaranteed garden hose at Cra
mer Broa. 75
Mra. Prank Sexton and son, or
Hugo, were In ttio city Saturday.
W. P. Oloeckner spent Saturday al
Siskiyou and near by points.
A new lot of wall paper at Clark
A Holman's. .75
Nlckalaus Herr, of Greeley. Coin..
arrived Saturday morning for a short
Garden fertiliser at Cramer Bros.
Recruiting Ofllcer Bauer and wife,
of Medford, are spending Sunday
with the latter'a parents.
"Blue Jay" corn plasters. Sabln
baa them. 75
Mlaa Ruth Hathaway relurnod Sat
urday morning from Reed college to
spend tba summer at home.
O "Cedar mope at Cramer Bros. 73
Liquid Veneer at Cromer Bros, 75
Mrs. A. C. Brown and son, Rod
ney, went to Bray, Cal., Saturday to
Join Mr. Brown, who went there some
weeks ago.
The best bed springs made are the
famous DeLuxe, sold by Clnrk A
Holman. 75
Mrs. Mamie Whipple, of Oranta
'Pass, is visiting during the week
with her son, Loyal Whipple of the
Optimo restaurant. Medford Sun.
Fishing tackle for large and small
flah at Cramor Bros. 75
New Crepe de chine waists at Mrs.
Rehkopfs. '
"The Little
Featuring llm beautiful little
TriHiiulo KeyMouo oWily
It' and Mr
John Prick arrived yesterday from I
Carson City. Nev., for an Indefinite!
stay, attracted here by the O. C.
land opening prospect. '
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L. Klrby and!
children, who have been at the A.
Morris home- for some weeks, left j
yesterday for their home In Eastern '
Oregon. j
You will be rested and vigorous
If you sleep on one of those fine j
mmirt'sses soia oy nam m noinian.
Mrs. C. C. Howard and children
came down front Ashland Saturday
morning and went out to Waters
Creek, where Mr. Howard Is Install
ing a lumber mill.
Special sale In fancy Georgette
crepe collars. Mrs. Rehkopf. ' tf
Dr. and Mrs. Rert R. Elliott went
to Dallas last night to spend a few
daya with the doctor'a parents, and
will then go to Portland to attend a
meeting of the 8tnte Dental associa
tion. Whlto Mountain hardwood refrig
erator, white enamel Inside at a big
bargain at Cramer Bros. 75
Mra'. Lou Dixon and. Miss Ethel
Wilkeraon loft Saturday afternoon
tor Portland by automobile and will
take In the rose show. Mrs. Dixon i
will also attend the Eastern Star j
grand chapter.
Sewing machines repaired . and i
made like new at Clarke A Hoi-!
man's. 75 1
J. R, MoKnlght and wife, who
spent the winter In southern Cali
fornia, (topped off In Grants Pass to
spend 8unday with old friends. Mr.
McKnlght'was In the grocery bus
iness In the building now ocuplnd by
the Josephine Grocery Co., selling out
1.0 years ago and moving to Port
land. Perfection blue Jlame oil , stoves
at Cramer Bros. , , 75
R. M, Rosenthal and family and W.
S. Edwards, of McMlnnvllle, .spent
a part of Saturday In the city for an
tomohlle repairs, They are en route
td Stockton. "Mr. Rosenthal has been
Interested In the publication of the
News-Roporter at McMlnnvllle, re
cently deposing of his Interest In the
'business to his partner; s
Camp stoves at Crnmer Bros. ""
Mrs. George It. Riddle and George
Jr., returned home Saturday morn
Inn from Portland, where they spent
several days nnd attended the com
mencement week events at Reed col
lone. They were accompanied X "
Matthew Riddle, now a graduate of
Heed coIIcro, who will spend a week
at home. He will then go to Friday
Harbor, Wash., as an assistant In the
summer school,
Honor Guard Will Dance
The Girls' Honor Guard are to
give the second of their aerlea of
dances, for the purpose of raising
needed funds for tbelr work, at the
Waldorf next Thursday, June 14.
Those wko attended the first of the
aeries were unanimous In the verdict
that it waa one of the most enjoyable
and successful dancing parties ever
held In the city, and the girls are de
termined to repeat the success next
Thursday evening.
Iaml Grunt Pint it
Blue prints showing the O. A C.
landa In Josephine county, for sale
at the Courier office. Plata 25x27
Inches, $1.50. 80
Hie Jaeet Argue -
With Its Issue of last week the
Rogue River Argus, the wee'tlj
newspaper of Rogue River, suspend
ed publication. An editorial valedic
tory statement announces that "The
Argus may start up a little later un
der new management, but for the
present the high cost of paper and
other things entering Into the mak
ing of a weekly newspaper will not
permit the publishers to bear the ex
cesstve cost of the publication any
longer." Subscribers who have paid
In advance for the Argu will receive
the Gold Hill News until the explra
tlon of tha period for which they
have paid.
JOY Theatre
, and
In a humorous photoplay baxed
on the relcln-ated story
o ...
JT T a.
' Pah f 1
Li m m
a xilw it. ; ;
Are Wonderful Clothes
for Men
THERE'S a breezy coolness in
these fabrics that will appeal
to you; there's a blending of col
or that will rest the eyes.
Smartness and service in every
line of them and accuracy and
an ease in fit that takes away all
self -consciousness. J
Fabrics, too, that youll like,
because they're the mode of to
day -tweed, cheviot, cassimere,
and novelty weaves, tailored into
the most becoming models.
Wonder Clothes are ' good
clothes yet not so expensive as
some others of only mediocre
quality. . 1
Ileal Imported Booth American Pana.
maa in every style that win be worn
this Hammer, Alpine, Fedora, Tele
scope and Sailor shape. , .
Xot real Sooth American Panamaa,
of eonrae, bat hate that will look and
wear wonderfully weO. - All styles
any aaan would aak tat in these sat
isfactory hats at f&OO.
Clothes St Dre
Buy a Liberty Bond
Wrdtled Saturday
Fred B. Rrockley, of Murphy, and
Miss Mamie Leona Turner were mar
ried Saturday, Rev. Harmon officiating.
Memorial Service
All members of the Rebekah lodse
are aaked to be at the ball not later
than 10:16 thla morning to go In a
body to the Baptist church to attend
the annual memorial service.
Will Attend State Orange
A. J. Green and wife left last .even
ing for Astoria to attend the annual
convention of the state grange. ' They
will spend today in Portland.
The Wardrobe Cleaners
At 315 North Sixth street. Phone
147. Receiving office with Peerless
Clothing Co. Cleaning, pressing and
repairing. We call for and deliver, tf
. UAC PiCnwO
lrolmod iby Kumotis Players
Film Co.
3c mid 19c
Funeral at Medford
The funeral of Mrs. N. B: Meade
waa held at Medford on Saturday,
Rev. Melville T. Wire and members
of the family accompanying the re
mains. There were many floral of
ferings sent by loving friends.
A mining deal, which means that
Josephine county's list of mineral
producers la to be Increased, was
made Saturday.
The Williams chrome property on
Sexton mountain, conslstlnf of 160
acres haa been leased to Geo. S. Bar
ton of this city. Barton haa already
arranged for a good sized, crew of
men beginning work at once, mining
and shipping ore.
The property haa been owned by
J. J. Williams of Pacific Grove. Cal
ifornia, who baa done but little in
the way of development There Is
over 250 tone of ore in eight. It will
be hauled to Three Pines for shipment.
FJder Green at Ashland
Mrs. H. U Green, S. B. Green,
Edgar J. L. Green and daughter,
Nellie, motored to Ashland Sunday
In the Green car, and Elder Green
preached at 3 'o'clock. He pecto
to hold aervlces In Ashland the flrttt
Sunday of each month.
I ur. J. f. -iruax, mayor or urania
! Pass today received a wire from the
'war department stating that an or
der bad been Issued assigning him
to active duty and directing him to
report to the general commanding
' the Western division at San Francis
!co, forthwith.
I The doctor wired asking: for a de
lay on account of the physical dis
ability resulting from recent auto
accident. '
The following, clipped from the
Oregonian, gives hope that the move
mentioned may he the fore-runner
of action which will put this import- -ant
irrigation and power enterprise
into handa that will complete the sys
tem and add materially to the Irri
gated area tributary to Grants Paaa.,
"Reorganisation and refinancing
of the Rogue River Public Service
corporation, of Oranta Pass. Ore., waa
forecast yesterday when, upon pe
tition of Frances M. Fauvre. vice-
president of the company Federal
Judge Wolverton appointed Dr. J. F.
Reddy and George M. Soranson. of
Grants Pass, as Joint receivers. The
company was represented by A. B. .
Clark, of Clark, 8knlason ft Clark, aa
"The Rogue River Public Servtc
corporation owns important water
power rights In southern Oregon on
the Rogne river. Including the huge
Atnent dam at Grants Paaa and a
completed wing dam power develop
ment project at Gold Hill."
Letterheads that Nrlll please you, at
the Courier.
The adjourned meeting of the La
dles Auxiliary was held Saturday af
ternoon at the Chamber of Commerce
rooms tor the purpose of receiving
reports of .committees and the elec
tion of officers, the following I'oelng
named as officers for the ensuing
year. President, Mrs. Mollle Beld
Ing; vice-president, Mrs, Hasel Co
hum; secretary, Mrs. Margaret Rid
dle; corresponding secretary, Mrs. C.
W. Counts; treasurer, Mrs. Fred
Smith. . Directors, Mrs. Elliubulh
Townsend, Mrs. Gen, Sabln, Mrs.
Anna Presley, Mrs. Viola Flanagan,
The meeting was adjourned to the
drat Satarday In September.
nepons irom mo oiaia nuiomu-1
bile Registration bureau at Salem,
Ore., show that the Chevrolet lead
i In the sale of electrically equipped
automobiles In the state of Oregon
for the month of May.nvlth the next
competitor ten cars behind. .
W. S. Maxwell Is the Grants Pass
agent for the Chevrolet. 75
A elasplfled ad brlmr i-m-Us.
June 14-18, Thursday, Friday, Sat
urday Klghth grade examinations
at Central school, Grants Pass.
June 18, Monday School election,'
June 27, Wednesday Commnnrty
picnic In city park.
June 27-30, Wednesday to Saturday
Teachers' examinations at Cen
tral school,, Grants Pass. . "
Bijou Theatre
.... : . . ;
and ( ,
Ufcsdiatc Lee"
An exciting drama of the Ari--.
sona wilds
Admission Be and 13c
, The GreatiCst of All Features,
"WAR BRIDES" here June 16'
and IT.