Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, June 03, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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81NDAY, JIXR 8, 1017.
pAon uevn
Daddu's Bedtime
', WAI
th Bleed Horft.
lAdapitd from liana Chrlaiian Amlareaa.J
SAID daddy. "Hlmll I Uk you mi my lun mid lull W, ,MVf
Ami Jack ami Evelyn i-uiihh1
'The wind cIIihhI Uou mnw mi humid mid wutcucd mii.e
workmen build h kiviu Kiiiti fi,r Wulduuinr iuu toWl tu the km,'
'Hie clioppluil of ureal rnika Hint tin. aiiwlmt of Kiviit Iokm went on Hit I lie thin
decker waa liulaliiMl
Tin iunior btilUier wa umn of hum hit birth, tint noble loyally ureal
atreutitb lay in UN yc ami on hla t,r..,il forehead. Walifbmar Dim .ied 10
tome every tluy I., milch iho luiuirr ImiIUKt work ami llaten tn the tin.- He
tnicl . .
'Houiellinew with i,.r tlmlily niiii Unit. Ida. the fifteen yeiiroM ilinmiiioi.
wuu always eeemcl iik.. a r.w l.iuio Ida liked :3 lUti-n to t U minder
bit n rra tale, too, j, M ,.r ,,,,, ,,, A1, whl)(, )))(( mii((r
builder linllt a ship for lu-r .luil.l.v In. mIko hum H ci.tlo In ibv lf for llille U.i
ll Imllt If only uf ilrvmiiN. ttiutiuli. If li lm( uollf It of riimpniia of -mid
atone, with mom. Hiil w.hh! ami viirilcu. what good would li huve done Whit
Wbttl bnp.lwMi,.i a apiirrnw In arrow i.ii? Whew; Whow: 1-W .'iwiv;
Ami little Iln fared u way. loo, nntl foiK.4 thy manlcr Imll.ler'a lull.
"In Waldcumr'a stable firry black horae atood neighing. They wcie well
worth looking at. ami the wind wlilakvd nronml to ilia MttlrM lu tttke a lihiue,
Inaidv before it lore off across1 the lain ml
"Juet then camo una of tha king's admiral to look at Ilia new hip tvim n
Tlaw ID buying It. luaicad of praising Dig bin the admiral pruled Hid nurses
Tba wind whlake.1 through tbo door of Ilia atnble bfore tlio admiral ami blew
llttlt pieces of jrvllow atraw In front of lilw. Uke uolil blta,
"Waldriuar Ina. wanted sold badly, and tba admiral wiimed Hit blark
oraat. Ua pralaad tbam loudly, but Waldamar did not laka hl blnta, Ho ba
fallad to buy Waldomar i uw ablp. ,
"Tbart It alood on tba abort all covtrad up wnb boardi. It waa llkr a
Moab'a ark that navar toucbtd water. Wbawl Wbawl Oct along! Oat alon!
It waa a mlaarabla pna of bualoeaa about that groat ablp.
"la tba winter tba tfeldi wart all coTered op wltb aoow. and tba Oraat Bell
waa all Jammed full of lea Boca tbat taa wind drore agalnet tba eoaat ut
tfeera. And tba ravena and crowa, tba two blackaat kloda of oortb Mrda, came
and parcbad upon Waldemar Daa'a deaotata ablp by tba abort. It waa very
(arable Indeed to tea aueb floe ablp left oKleee."
Hew Hie Wife Htiat4.
Catttiulwt wi uinrrlvd lu H70 or
tbrreauouta tu a Mla ralvKtrello of
IJatxw, t fatlM bad Ulnllng nlahfd
blniaalf aa a narlkulur, A rt of bar
marriage dowar waa rrt i vlltctlon
of valnable rhartx. Junrnala and Impor.
tant uemurauda. 8ba poMraavd a Duo
ducatiou and wua widely knowu a a
brainy, brllUauf wutnnn. wbo waa ton.
atantly urging bar Uiml'iiinl on In tha
patb wbk-b fuully hrvugjl blui lo tint
wonderful goal wl(b wblcb wa are ai
Buy your Liberty bond! Wa ahall
know you.
"0: j ca Crcr, C:o
Uj 0:raFc3 C.1I"
1 lBt t Orepi tf SkMtm ImI
Wtt all jrau have to do la to ate
your two flnatra and Hit the eora,
riaht eg. That'a the way Utalr
alwaya work. Too Juat put on
about t drop. Than fat corn not
only ahrlvtla, bat looetn from the
to, without alftotlng lha aurroaad
In Utah In the Itaal. Whv, H't aJ
aaoat a pltaaura to bav i-orna aa4
That Waa ft Onlrk Frl That
Cera Had Mtt Utta-ll'."
ate how data-It' aft a thm off In a
hurry anil without the lat naln. I
mq ww Uaht ahnaa, diuii- and walk
aa thooah I nrvr had conu."
"ilou-lt" niakoa tha una of tna
Irrltatlna aalvea, bundllni haniluaaa.
tnim, plaalrr and othrr IhliiK not
only foollah, but unneraaaary. t'aa
Ihla wonrit-rful dlarovary, illa-lt.H
for any aoft or hiirri com or ratio.
It la tha naw, alinnlt, auay. quick
way, and It navar fall. You'll nivar
hnvo lo rut corn amiln with knlva
or aclaaora, and run i huni'aa of blood
polaon. Try "Oata-lt" lonlitlil.
"dt-lt" la anlrt nTarywIiKm, mo
a bottla, or aunt on rmrlpt of print by
K. ltwranot Co., ('liliao, III.
Sold in Orant Paaa and recom
mended aa tha world's beat oorn rem
edy by Oeorga 0. Sabln and 0, H.
' Application for Mfnilnrlilp
I licivhy apply for incniliciKhlp In (lie cIiina rlieckiHl below and
nuree lo pny tin "inn of. DiiIImi'h, $
IMunan e.liotk cluaa dcMlred ami lie mi re tn write mime legibly
. ..AiiiiiihI nienilior $ I. . Mr, r
....Hiilmciihln tnember.. ii,
.,..('(inti'lliiitlnu niemlifr it.
.. .Hiltiiatnlnlng niemher.,., 10,
j.. . . ' Homo Adiltvia ....
....lilfe. incnibei' 211,
....I'lili'on nieinliei' Kill. City nnd Ntnte i.
lmpoltniil-inemhei'slilpa In rlnea atan-eil () nbove include
iiiiiiniil aiUmcrlptlon lo the Anierlcnn Iteil Crnaa Magarlnc, Immlaiime-
ly llluatratcd, publlalied montlily,
111 " . i
Mall HiplliiitloiiH fi llrnj. ('. Nlielilun, Hcci-elmy (iinntu Tasa
tlinplei' Amet lvan lied Coi, (iranta Pnaa, Orrn.
Th Admiral Wanted
Her Hleterla Trip Around Cap Mem
, aa gentlea Bay.
At tba mttbraak of tba war wltb
Spain tba battleablp Oregon waa order,
ad from San ;urlco to the Atlantic
coett, Bbt left San Francbvo on
Man li 10, !; arrlrrd at i'allao, Peru,
on April 18, where aha took on coal;
reaciMd Sandy Point on April 18 and
took on mora coal: rvarhed Hlo da
Janeiro on April 30; Halila. May 9:
Itarlwdora, May IS, and Jupiter Inlet
llodila, ou May 24. The entire dis
tance run waa H.700 knot at an ei
prndlture of 4.1.U tnua of oaL
While at Bio da Janeiro Captain
Clark, wbo waa In command of ,tbe
Oregon, received word tbat tba Span
lab torpedo boat Temerorlo bad tailed
from Montevideo w lib tba lutentton of
dratroyliig the Oregon, t'nptaln Clark
notified tbo llraallkin autliorltlea that
If tba Ppanlah Teaarl eulered tha har
bor aba would be attacked. The Temp
rarlo did not enter tbe harbor.
In the battle of Runtliigo Ray the
tperd of tba Oregon enabled bar to
Inke a front noaltlou In tba clia-e, lu
which aba forced tbe Crlatobal Colon
to mil aahore to avoid dcitmrtlon from
tbe Oi-egou'a tlilrtecu Inch guua. Tbe
Oregon aUo prevented the reenpe of
tba Vlacaya.
Tha Traveler'e Teat
Tba eminent traveler Jamea Brora
wa highly touchy whenever bta ve
racity waa called Into quratlon, It hap
pened that when dining out una day at
friend' home one of the gucata on
aerved that It wa ImpoailbuHliat tha
natlvea of Abyaalnl could cat raw
meat. Without making any reply Brae
forthwith left tba Inlile and before long
rntumed from the kitchen with a piece
of raw liecfateak, cKr-d and tailed
In tlio Ah.v diilnu fimhliHi. l'lu lug tbl
In front of the uiichI, ttlio bud doubt
ed hi word, he anld, "Sir, ynu will
ent thin or HkIii nn!" The punt pre
furred llie former altcninllve. There
Umu llruce i-nlmly nl acrved, "Now,
air, you will never any aa'u that It Ih
Circutars Supplement News
paper Advertising. .
We Mnkn a Study of I ho Attention
Compelling Kind nnd Print Theiu
Tha production of wealth In tha
United Bute for tha paat two year
hai been at tha rata of mora than
140,000,000,000 per annum. Since
tha outbreak,- of tha war In Europe
two yam and 10 month ago ttu
denta of the altuatlon tell u that tbl
country haa created about $100,000,
000,000 of new wealth, and that tha
aurplua earning of the American
people, over and beyond their living
axpenaea, for thla period have ex-
. Much of thla accumulated wealth,
produced by over 40,000,000 Intel
ligent worker, haa been re-lnveted
la mllle and factorlaa, in tha enlarge
ment and expansion of bualnesa en
terprleee of all klnda, and In loana
to foreign countries, while oar de
poilta In bank bavt Increased bil
It la (believed that tha inveatilite
earning or profit of tha cltlxon of
the United Stataa art now lncreaalng
at tha rate of $1,000,000,000 every
three month, to that If ail onr peo
ple ahould Inreat In the Liberty
bonda their entire net Increment or
exrena Income over actual living ex-
pontoa for a three month' period
and avoid other tnveatmenta, thla
alone would practically abaOrb the
entire laaue of bonda now being of
M Net Kept Clean It la a Menaaa t
the Health ef tha family.
One of the inuat Inipurtaut artlelea of
honaebold equipment la tba antaaum
mg and, H la to lie feared, often neg
lected Icebox.
There la no greater uivnu-r tu tbe
health of the family loan a refrigera
tor wbk-li da n4 refrigerate or out
Which It la Imiiuaalble lu keep In a per
feet auultary ruudltlun.
Tbe leaat lnifMuiil ililuv aiwut a re
frigerator la Ita uutalde appearance.
While tbe exieiiairc imn-eltln and
enamel twea are ph-aMiut tu own. a
lea expelialve bartlwuotl uue wltb a
amooth. pliiln aiirfai-e la Jut at t la
factory and eaay lo ctrnn.
Coulnewt, t'h-Niillnewi and couvenlenca
art tbe three " 'a" tbm me absolutely
aaaentlul to Hie i-onxtrm lion of a re
frlurator. ,
- Alwaya waah the h-e before iwittlii
It Into Ita cotupartment. otln-rwlae th:'
atrawa and ili'tat may -luu up the drain
Tbe Hour ami ahelvea uf tbe refrig
erator ahould lie waalied every day
wltb 'a e'olutloii uf hIii, and at lenal
once a week (. n-frlteiuior alioiild tie
tbomughly cleaned.
Cap a aulutlou uf nude and water to
clean out the drain pipe ami pan. Then
ecald thvtu out thoroughly wltb boil
ing water. New York Telegram.
The Preature It Teak to Break a Beam
ef Oougltt Fir.
A piece of I lunula fir. 1U feet long
and IK hy H lut-hea lu croaa section,
stood a pretiture of 88,400 pounda be
fore breaking at the teat conducted lu
the engineering laboratory of the Uni
versity of Wtahlugtoii hy C. W. Zlm
nermann of tbe United States forest
' The exiwrlmeut waa a demonstration
of the standard used by the forest aerv
lce lu teHtlng bridge apaus. Tbe beam
wa held by a fifteen foot'aupnort, and
the load was concentrated at two
paluta live feet from each eud of the
henm. Aa preiwurn wa applied tbe
beum continued to bend until the point
of tuuxlinmu delliH'tlon wa reached.
Mciitturcmcnt were then tnken, nnd It
wn fon,iul that thn henm bud lient -.S"
Inches under Hie prvsaui'e of M.tHMi
IHiuuda. Thla occurred two minute!)
after the tent alnrled.
KlKht mlmitca Inter, after IIM.ttm
lioiiiida uf nililltlonnl weight Inul Ih'cii
..I.I...I tl. I I.H..l'tt l),-ltl.. tlllu4
n-iii. M, ill. m-,iit, ..I..-. a in"'
time there tvna mi further (lellccllon of
the piece. Mr, .Imiuei'innnn expliilncd
that tlio won II lllieri of till wood wore
roulliiiiiill.v ulvluit wny under the prc
ture, nml nt the end uf rlijlit mlmitt-s
the lienni, aullli'leiitly wenkcucd, kuii
IrmI amldeiily.
The Way Not te Ktap Young.
Our CuiihIii Dun la only forty yours
old, but alio doesn't look lo lie a duy
under alxiy,'' Worry Iihh been I be
iiiiinc.' Mini bus wui'i led alnioHt ion
aliintl.,' for fi-iir alu would liak old
nml tiiiit licr liiisliiind V'oitldn't lIUu
bci'. t lu ban illcleil Iicihc,!!1 lu order In
n;.iul;i , mti'j:. Slio novei' cntu iih iii.i j
mi k!k wiiii, h oc llie Kind uf f cm, d Vile
II t m, lAw K'.Mfm to IlihiU tlmt inu
iFiiiiu: li;iv:1f In till mumier will keep
oil" old rue. And m!io nlccu w 'lli it view
uf temiiiiilii't .voiiuc siio li'M-a m bed
nt U n't liieU every ul'tcmoon, nml Hlie
I'eiiiiiliiM lu tuill T o'clock In llie
ua rhluu, Tlio I'l' imlulii eleven houia
t( llie l wen t, v -I'm -r alio Kpciida lu try
luir to lull .miu.'Ii nnd I'ciuiiy Into Iter
ciieekM.t'liiuiln I'nllnn lu l-'ni't WOi'lll
MHf-Teleni'i.ln. ,
Uny a l.lbnrty bond todny. Do not
put It off Until tomorrow.
WUl Pay Caah for Hrond-tuuHl
Sulfa, Coau, Hat and Shoea
Drop Me a card care tbe
Courier and I will call.
To whom It may concern: Notice
la hereby glrea, that the ortflaeaeea
of the city of Oranta Paat re)ulr
ownera or occupants of any lot, tract
or parcel of land within the city
II m Ita, to keep aucb lot, or parcel of
land, together with tbe etreet, aide-
walk and alley abutting thereon, free
from growing grata or vegetation
over three Incbee tall, except grata
or crop raited for agricultural pur-
poaea, and every auch owner or oc
cupant of auch premiaee la required
prior to June let, to eauae to be cot
and removed or destroyed aiy aueb
grata or vegetation.
It la further provided that la caae
of failure to comply aald graae or
vegetation ahall be cut and destroyed
by the city under the direction of
the etreet auperlntendent and the ex
pense thereof charged agalnet the
property, and made a lien against the
a,me, to be enforced by the tale of
the property.
Ton will avoid coat and penal-
tlea. by giving thla your prompt at
tention.,. C. E. McLAKE.
City Marahal
Duke ef the Annual Kapeeted
te Head One te Amerlea.
It a eiei.'ted tlmt the I Hike of the
.Vhriir.r.1, coiihIh .r King Victor Km
innnucl, will liciul mi liulliin nilaalun
to the t'lilted SliiteM. Tbo dukn la re
nienilienil In thla eouniry for liU ex
plurntloim, At one time It Whh iiUo
geiieriilly tinilerNliMMl tlmt he would
marry Kullierliie K IV In a. ibiiiKlner ul
tbe Into Senator Klklua of West Vlr
lilnla, now Mrs Illtt,
tadllrait Aaai jrie l'rtjit fo
f 'ttl.taM.1r MlminaTllrStl
-in ! Ht-a bhii wnitj nit la l Ik,
mini ah aiu SiMwa.
J i urn r r r-.r
lrutUt.h (. K III ! Ill .1
rra nnM eiu. .. iwa
Vtm lrtWm4iMI(t4ui4.AI. ttabitit
Will bo In tiranta Paaa
June 6
I .
1 ,Sai,,:. ..?:'. 1
ffOtt BAJ
ANOELt CAKES tupplled In any
quantity on abort notice, lOe each,
Phone 110-J. 2U
dividend even on high priced
" feed. Scroft won't, F. R. Steel,
Winona Ranch, R. F. D. No. 1.
Oranta Paaa, Ore. It
FOR 8ALE Two ahetland poniea.
Am leaving town. Phone 262-J.
28 ACRES, all Irrigated, on creek,
new houae and barn, iS acres cnl-
. tivated, floeat of land, owe,
tool, etc. Price $2,000, one
third caah. L. A. Launer, real
eatate. 70
FOR SALE 150-feet of 4-Inch gal-
vanlted pipe, 40 feet 3-lncb iron
pipe, one transformer. Inquire O.
P. Jester. 73
POB RENT J-room houae and fine
garden spot on river bank, 4
block from Sixth etreet, at $4
per month. Inquire at Chat. Mor
rison' grocery, 603 Sooth Sixth
ttreet. 1 Iltf
OU) HAMLI.V RANQK for rent.
Near city. O. 8. Blancbard. 47tf
SMALL HOUSE close la, partly fur
nished, lor. rent, $8 per month;
4-room houae not famished, on
Sixth street, 17 per month. In
quire A. E. Voorhleev 6
FURNISHED 5-room eotUge for rent
after June 6th., dote in, gaa. Call
215 C ttreet, or phone 118-B, tf
FOR RENT Furnished houae. In
quire at 802 M street. Mrs. Peter
Oravlln. ,((
FOR RENT Modem Cottage, well
furnished, good location. Phone
117-J, or call 71 J street 6
LOST Knight Tempiar charm. Suit
able reward, when returned to H.
C. Bobtlen. 6)
MEN WANTED To work oa road.
Inquire J. T. Oil more, labor agent,
Grants Paaa. 72
WANTED Single boggy, top buggy
preferred. Also alngle harness
with collar. E. C. Waate, Hugo,
Ore. . . , 72
I WANT TO HEAR from everyone
who baa property for aale. We can
get you buyer and charge you
no commission. Geo. W. Harriott
General Delivery. City. . 78
LOST White aow weighing about
100 pounda. Will pig soon. Es
caped from pen May IS. Finder
pleaae notify A. Morris, Merlin
road, or Chaa.Morrla. phone 500-R-8.
LOST Large, white moonstone hat
.pin, mounted in gold. Finder please
phone 251-J, or leave at 721 South
Eighth street 67tt
LOST On North Third street Fri
day, child's bracelet. Finder
please return to No. 1036, Courier.
, phone Mocha restaurant, I U-R or
residence SO-J. Coin try trips a
specialty. 74
ESTRAY There estrayed from my
place three weeks ago, small black
mare, German coach type. 'M. M.
Atnsworth, . Murphy, Oregon.
Phone 601-F-22. 69tf
Thty Calmly Awtittd Dtath With 1
Song Upon Their tipt.
Tbe ItrltlNh . tfuuKirt Tyudni-eua
struck n inlne.ilT Kontberiimost Africa.
She Ih'kiiii to Keltic by tlio head. Im
mediately .'Hfn-nibly" wiia sounded the
wen put on tlielr lircbcIlM and stood at
attention till the roll waa called. Then
the order "Sliind easy" wiia given, and
they liegnu tu sine hm fervently as
though mui-chlng homeward on leave
through a lane uf France or Plunders.
They were perfectly sure that moat
of them would tlllll a ei-uvo hi llin uim
that engtllfed ua many uf their fellows.
iiiey had no hope of rescue. They
tiiHNi exactly na uie men or the Birk
enhead Mtotxl when they wvnt to their
diauu and their lniiei'iahnlte renovrn
off the aanie ooaat sixty-rive yeara be
fore. But the sequel hy a unxlern miracle
was liupplg' oiherwlae. Two steamers
sumuidued by wlivlem enme and towed
to iort the founilerlng vessel, wltb 11
display of acamnmdtip on the mit uf
the crewa of all three ahlm that hat
maintained the llrlilah navy's proud
The bravery of tlnwe who had al
ready given tip their Uvea aa lost waa
Jnt nMuhMme ua If that ultimate tor-
L, u. CLEMENT. M. D.-PracOee
limited to diaeaaet of the eye, ear,
aoae and throat Ohaaate Ittad.
- Offlce hour 1-12, 2-8, or oa a
poiBtmeat Omee pbone, 12; real'
denee phone 852-J. '
i. LOUOHRIDOE, M. D., Payakaaa
and torgeon. City or eonntry ealal
attended day or night Raetdaace
phone 211; offlee phone Iff,
Sixth and H. Toffe Building.
J. P. .TKDAX, M. D.,' PhyaleUa aa4
torgeen. Phoaea: OlBoe lit; reat
dence 124.. Call aaawered at til
bourn. Country oalla attended tax. '
Luadburg Building. ;
DR. ED. B T WATER 8pclallat oa
diseases of tbe eye, ear, aoae aaC
throat; glasses fitted. Offlee hours:
I to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m. Phoaea
Residence 240-L; office 218-J;
Schmidt Bldg, Oranta Pass, Or.
A. A. WITHAU, M. D., Paysldaa aa4
tnrgeoa. Offlee: Hall Bldg., oaraar
Sixth and I streets. Phones: OaW
116; residence 288-J. Hours: t a.
m. to 4 p. m.
B. C. MACT, D. M. D. Fliwt-eaass
deatiatry. 101 K S00U Stxtk
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
Praottee ta all State and Federal
Courts. Flrat Natloaal Beak Bad.
at-Law Grants Pass hukiag Co.
Bldg, O rants Pass, Ore.
E. 8. VAN DTKE, AttatMF.
taaUeoarts. First NaUoaal
DURHAM A RICHARD. Attoraeys-at-Lav.
Offlee Masonic Temgse
Grants Pass, Or. 4
W. T. MILLER, Attormy-aJ-Law.
Couaty attoney for Joeephias
Conaty. OSes: SchaUaora BkU-
O. 8. BLANCBARD. Attoraey-eLay
Oraata Pass Basking Co.
Phase 270. Gnats Pass. Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attoraey-at-Law
Praettoe ta state aad faaerat
courts. Rooms 2. aad I, . ever ,
Go Idea Rale store.
toraeya, Albert block, pboae 22M.
Practice la all conrta; laad boardi
attoraeya. '
DR. R. J. BBSTUL. Veterlaarlaa,
Offlee la Wlaetrout Iapltead y
mag. rnoae Ke
Phoae lOi-R.
klnda of drayage aad traasfer
work carefully and promptly
Phone 181-J. SUnd at
depot ' A Shade, Prop.
F. O. ISHAM. drayage aad transfer.
Safes, pianos aad furaltore moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phoae
C.jvrk A Bolmaa. No. 50. Rest--ie
pbone 1I4-R.
1 HI. WORLD MOVES; to do we.
2unch Bros. Tranafer Co. Phoae
J. S. MACMUBRAT. teacher of voice
culture and tinging. Lesions gjvea
at home of pupil it requested. Ad
drjas 711 Lee ttreet, 861U
1 E. R. CROUCH Assayer, cbemlat
I metallurgist. Rooms 201-202 Pad
dock Building, Oranta Pata. 1
The California and Oregon ,
Coast Railroad Company
Effective June 1, 1917.
Dally except Sunday .
Train 1 It. Oranta Pass.. 1:00 p. m.
Train 2 It. Waters Creek 8:00 p. m.
All train leave Oranta Past from
the corner of U and Eighth streets,
opposite 'the Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or phone 121 tor
tame. ''
felt had been required. Wherever the
deed la known It will stir th pulsea of
men, this story of herolaiu ipilte at ex
alted as any tlmt Homer ur Plutarch
Immortalised. Philadelphia loiter. '
Calling rard at l ho Courier.