Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, May 27, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    BUN DAY, MAY 87, 1017
V. A. (MIDn Drive Dodge
U. A. Griffin Is the latest purchas
er of a Dude car through the C. h.
Ilobart agency. .
Maiwell at Wolf Creek
Mark C. Davis, of Wolf Creek, ti
one of the late purchasers ot a Max
wall automobile from BenJ. C. Col
li u.
"Little Girl Next Hmf
Htinlora on Pluilo
Members of the aeolor class en
joyed a picnic to Ashland canyon
Saturday afternoon. They left this
city In the morning and returned
In the evening, a delightful time la
Decoration Day
There 'b f?oixl misou for ordering new clothes t
wear upon this annual occasion.... There's also good
reason to cxjx'ft higher priced clothing next Kail,
when we stop to consider; it will take eighteen mil
lion pounds of wool to furnish two million of our sol
diers with Uniforms, Overcoats and Blankets.
Select your own fashion; light, medium or heavy
weight woolens and In- measured for an Ed. V. Price
& Co. tailored to order suit.
Ijcuve your ordcrjiow.
Geo. S. Calhoun
Exclusive local dealer for nearly fifteen years
Ib-ictnirtuliiti Hit t'otniiKMiccii
Alfred Paul Waor reglatered for
the reserve army census tbla after
noon at the local county clerk'a of
fice. He la from Oregon City and
la registering at a "prospective ab
sentee" from hla home precinct.
Waer I the seventh man to reglater
ao far at the local office. . ,
You are a girl; be careful about
making new acquaintances. Remem
ber: "The Mttlo Girl Next Door,"
Dljou tonight. (4
: PER52Nr1L ! LOCAL ;
Saturday la Cbaplln day. I94U
Mr. and Mr a. D. M. Wllken went
to Talent Saturday.
Folding camp tables at Helmrra.
' Mlaa Nellie Ulth went to iteubon
Saturday on a abort vlalt.
Auto flaga at the New Itacket. 04
l,awn aprlnklers at Cramer Broa.
I. U. Wllllama returned to Gold
Illll Saturday afternoon.
Folding ramp cbalra at Uelmera.
Geo. B. Lundburg went to Port
land Friday night on a abort bus
Ineaa trip.
Lawn mowera that cut clean at
Cramer Uroa.
Allen and Roy Lehman left Friday
night for Portland to apend the
luhnock'a talcum powder. Sabln
haa It.
Henry Oreake, of Frultdale, loavea
today for Jalem, and after a abort
auy will go to Portland for a rew
Hammocka of alt kinds at Hel
mera. '64
Grass Seyjltes at Cramer Uroa. 64
Mlaa Altchlaon, Mra. Dolly, Mra.
Helmer and Mra. Reynolda made a
trip to Medtord by automobile Sat
urday. .
Plauet Jr. cultlvatora at Cramer
Mra. N. M. Hanaon returned to
Weed Baturday, after spending a few
daya with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Whipple.
Norcross cultivators, a fine gar
deu tool, only 11.00 at Cramer Droa.
Mra. M. 0. Sturtevant and little
Plttonger loft Saturday daughter went to Weed Saturday for
-Angeles, where she visit, and will thea jo;n Mr.
Biunevani ai isurriB.
, Special sale la fancy Georgette
crepe collars. Mra. Rehkopf. tf
Jap-a-lac at Cramer Uros. 64
' Miss Essie Nipper left laat night
tor Mill City to vlalt relatlvea. She
will also vlalt at Portland.
Sulphur for 6c u lb. at Clamor
Uroa. . 64
Mra. George H. Parke- left Bat
urday morning for Klaunth Fa la to
visit her daughters She waa
panled by hor granddaughter, Esthor
Veatch, who Is returning borne aftor
attending school hore.
Poultry remedies nt Cramer llroH.
Mrs. J. A.
morning for
will spend the aummer.,
Trout flahlng tackle at Cramer
Broa. 64
P. J. McGoe roturnod Saturday af
ternoon from Glendale where be vla
Ited hla brother.
Salmon polos at Cramer Bros. 64
Mra. Charles Wilson Hnkor and
daughter, Mlaa Catherine, went to
Ro'sebtirg Saturday to vlalt friends.
Folding camp cots at Helmors. 64
Mr. and Mrsv Thos. Hanley and
two sons left Saturday afternoon for
Modford where thoy will reside.
New garden hone at Cramer Hros.
I W. Hartley arrived Suturduy
morning from Portland to spend a
few daya with his parents at Wll
llama. New Crope de chine waists at Mra.
Rehkopfa. "
Kin Itntirkali Uxlge Honored
The flebekah lodges Of southern
Oregon are distinctly honored by
having Mra. J. F. Burke, of the Etna
Rebekah lodge of this city, unanl
mously chosen for the high office of
vice-president of the state assembly
at the annual Rebekah assembly at
Eugene this week. This placea Mrs.
Burke In direct line for the presi
dent's chair next year. About 3,000
delegates were present at the Eu
gene meeting. Seaalde was chosen
as the place for next year'a assembly,
1 A
dik'ken Dinner ttAo
Grant Pass hotel, 5:30 p. in.
(range Me-tlng
A well attended meeting of the
Roguo River grange, aa host to the
Pomona grange, waa held Saturday
at grange hall, about a half mile
west of this city. After a sumptuous
luncheon served by the ladies, a gen
eral discussion of the ballot meas
ures to be voted upon June 4 waa
held, in which James Hair, E. E.
Blanchard, A. H. Eddy. Dr. C. T.
Sweeney and II. D. Mlhllls led with
papera on several of the Important
bills. '
Mary VoungMnnd Hmttiwrw
Mlaa 'Mary Youngblood entertained
a number of the members of the
senior class on Tuesday evening at
her home on East A street, the Even
ing being spent with music 'and
games. Refreshments of fruit salad
and cake were served. Those of the
party were Mable Hanseth, Avla
Knlps, Arle Gotcher, Eunice Blod
gett, Mary and Pearl Youngblood,
Messrs. Paul Day, Gerald Preaoott,
Earle Voorhles, Earl Plttlnger and
Paul Youngblood.
That every Father, Mother and Brother should see '
The Power of Truth Recommended By the Pulpit and Press as the Great Vice
Expose and Service to the Nation., Admission-25c
Ship Body to Chicago
The remains of Joseph R. Smith,
who waa, killed in the auto wreck
near Central Point Tuesday, were
shipped to his family at Chicago.
AmkIxUiik lted (
The Society of Arts and Crafts, at
a called meeting Saturday afternoon,
voted for the local chapter of the
Red Cross a cash donation of 15 and
12 per month for the remainder of
the year.
Asia and Craft Meet
The Arts and Crafta society held
a business meeting at the Chamber
of Commerce Saturday afternoon.
American Beauty
Electric Iron
tfiiinanlecil for it life Hi""'
liny I'.tritili' Howls ill the
Nlocti'le Hlnre
The Wardrobe Oletuiers
At 815 North Sixth street. Phone
147. Receiving office with Peerless
Clothing Co. Cleaning, pressing and
repairing. We call for and deliver, tf
A Wedding to lie
A miirrluge llccnne was Issued to
day 'to Gustav Hrlrkson and Jose
phine llollowoll.
Modal for lrnl Hank
The Josephine County hunk hits
received from the Panama-Pacific
International Exposition or Run
Francisco, a hunilsotiin silver Hindu J
and diploma of award on Its exhibit
of gold nuggets at tho lute fair. This
exhibit, picked up hurriedly without
attempting to solect the html obtain
able was one of tho striking exhibits
In the mining section. '
JOY Theatre
The Famous Players-Paramount
picture presents the
emotional art reus supreme
Maxwell Service Stations
BenJ. M. Collins, Maxwell repre
sentative, haa arranged for Maxwell
service stations at Wolf Creek, with
C. F. Cox; at Glendale with Lawr
ence R. Nuner, and at Kerby with
Frank Johnston, for the convenience
of Maxwell owners. .
Entertain Young Ladles
Mrs. U O. Clement entertained at
her home on Washington boulevard
Friday afternoon, a number of girl
friends In honor of Misses MafMe Han
seth and Irene Gerould, the yonng
ladtea spending the time In visiting.
Pineapple salad, veal loaf, rolls,
rocka and angle cake were served.
Those enjoying the hospitality of the
Clement home were Mrs. E. S. Van
Dyke, Misses 'Mable Hanseth. Irene
Gerould, Nora Anderson, Florence
Riddle, Helen Bobzlen, Ruth Geisler,
Dorothy Gilfillan, Florence and Mil
dred Dawklns. Mable Anderson, Ima
Anderson and Mary Youngblood.
Dr. Bywater Returns
Dr. Ed. Bywater returned Satur
day afternoon from Crescent City,,
where he spent a week in consulta
tion with Dr. Fine, performing a
number of operations. The doctor
will be In hla office Monday morning.
In n llii'illiiiK romance of the
SNinlnli Main .
4lThe Slave Market"
KiiHlcrlck Hold ns n
No in t itiiotlii'i' ovw of the
vice ti'iiNt JiiNt n rattling good
old 1'iifililiincil plriilo Hloiy, full
ol' tlii'llls ami roniMiice, In
which the celobi'iiteil Kiunona
I'liiyccx slur appears In the role
if n NiiiiiImIi ideality.
1'kxi llajr Folks (Vimlng
Learning that the Business Mens'
association of Coos Bay la planning
a special excursion Into southern
Oregon early in July, . the local
Chamber of Commerce has written
the mayors of Marshfleld and North
Bend and the Chambera of Commerce
of each city, an Invitation to stop
off and see this city and surround
ing country on their trip.
nam; i m m
District Game Warden Ed Walker
was In the city today In consulta
tion with County Attorney Miller
and Deputy Game Warden L. L. Je
well. Tbey have Issued a statement
calling attention to a breach of the
game laws as practiced by several
local fishermen, and ask that the
law be observed henceforth:
' The section of the law being vio
lated Is paragraph (a) or Section 94
of the Oregon Fish and Game laws,
191R-1916. which reads as follows:
Section 94 (a). It shall be un
lawful to take, catch or fish for, buy, i
can, sell, pack or otherwise deal la
ur naoaio any miuiuu iusu ur nur-
geon or other food or shell fish la
this state or in any waters of thin
state or in any waters over which
this state haa concurrent Jurisdic
tion, without first obtaining a license
herefor, as provided by law, mi
any person, upon conviction thereof,
for each and every offense, shall be
punished by a fine not exceeding
five hundred dollars, or by Impris
onment in the county Jail for not
more than six months, or by both,
such fine and imprisonment. .
The license. above referred to can
be procured from the state board
of fish and game commissioners at
Salem. It coets $5.
Engraved calling cards 100 cards
and plate. In script, $1.50; tf plate
Is furnished, 100 cards tor $1.
f.Iary Pickfcrd
haa a rival.
Enid Bennett tonight in
the Triangle drama,
"Princes of the Dark," and
you'll agree. ?
Also a keystone comedy,
"When Hearts CoUlde."
Star Theatre
Hoys' Gardens ProKiiytKliig
Practically all the 46 lota plowed
and rolled Into first class garden
plots for the boy scouts hare been
taken and planting is under way.
Some of the lots are fully planted.
The scout master has offered three
prises tor the best gardens raised,
results to count. ,
Inviting lUvkwIth
At the siiKKestlon of Wllford Al
len, president, of the local Chamber
of Commerce, Harvey Bockwlth, a
member of the State Industrial Ac
cident commission has been Invited
to be the speaker at one of the
forthcoming chamber luncheons,
prohatbly early in Juno. Mr. Beck
wlth la one of the beat known men
In the state, a prominent Mason anil
a splendid speaker.
Water Ciimcs Being Heard
State Water Superintendent J. T.
Clithock is holding several hearing
on water controversies In tills coun
ty. The case now before him is that
of Hartley vs. Sutton, a Williams
creek dispute. Yosterday a visit was
made to the Kerby Irrigation ditch
to Inspect on the ground" some of
tho points, Jnvolyod another case.
Coming-JOY THEATRE-May 30 ad 31
- "a: '
7i v.-,, .i
The most ncummi IoiiiiI pliolopliiy ever shown on the screen.
Present lug IKHtOTHY I'HII.Ml'S siipporteil by Urn (luincy.
, (ti'iiiliiK story of the Nnn Francisco eai-tluuiake.
Matinee at 2.:t0 on the :11st