Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, May 07, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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daily rogue BIB coaszs
jckciiiuiv i uiiuiug ii
Li i'
Nitutaess I the Imsls of profit.
bl work wild poultry.
There Id hii excuse fur dust In
;ho bonncry. (till uot for cob-
A turkey beu seldom broods
Ixt poults on (Ii ssnie spot
more ttim otio or two iittfhti.
Don't I'M too uisny cltluks with
one lien or In on luissler Just
liccsuss It Is warm weather, Tin
result ntn.r 1 UUuMirom,
I'or ccuerul farm puroee
Hmt la, tt mid poultry com-
blucd-tho American class of
fowl offer the grestiwt opKir-
, eultry Ralttr found It Valuabl In
Preventing iowtl Trouble.
Altoiil two year " I rend a reconi.
meiHlnlloii for using sour milk aa a
fund for young clink. We have ex
perimented along that Una and . can
truthfully auy that tut results bare
hern highly Satisfactory. ' IMt Instead
of fewdtug tilt raw clabbtr wt scald It
and ninkt It Into cheese, write a cor
respondent of Uta Farm and Fireside,
lu till form It t more convenient to
feed, and the chick like It better. The
beneficial effect aeem to bt equal to
tint claimed for It In clabber form. .
In 1813 wt fed all our young cbk'kt
the clabbtr cbeeat a a regular part of
tttelr ration uutll they were about
three week old, theu gradually tubstl
tutod wliole wheat, but continued toe
clabber cheese until tbt chicks were of
good slot broiler age. After that wt
continued an orcalonal feed of toe
cbiblier cheeae wbeneTer the milk tun
ply allowed. Not for ycara wa our
um-M a good In raiding chick. Wt
lout not mort than one or two from
bowel trouble.
With our 1010 poultry operation wt
. were alao successful, but our lotae
from bowel trouble among tht chick
"wss tomtwhat greater than In 1015. 1
belief tbt reaaon wa owing to a leant
tupply of milk and the unusually rainy
It la a relief to havt hit on tbt right
Idea for preventing tht aerloua lot
from bowel trouble among chick, and
wt cannot apeak tod highly In prat
of It
All poultryinen agret that tbt feu
oral purpose breed, such sa tbt Plj
mouth Rocks, Wyandotte and Rhode
Island Red, mskt tbt best sitters. Tbt
lighter breeds, such as tbt Leghorns,
Oamplaes and Hamburg, which art in
reality known and classified aa non
sitting varieties, art too nervous and
flighty for hatching purposes and art
seldom used ou that accouut
Furthermore, they art to small and
ao closet feathered aa compared to a
Plymouth Kock, Orpington or Brahms.
Uthat they art Incapabta of covering a
largt Sitting of eggs or to brood a large
flock of chicks.
It la economy to ttt largt bens, be-
cauat tuey can cover wort egg tain a
mall out, but this point must not bt
carried to tbt extreme of using clumy
beu. Clumsy fowla art apt to trample
and kill tbt chicks before tbt llttlt fel
low art atrong enough to get out of
tht way, or tbt heavy footed hena art
likely to smash tht egg wbtla moving
bout on tbt neat Tht ben that Is oh-
Tbs breeds of fowls most popular
(or general purpose or for meat ars
sny ot th American or English
breeds, ss tht Plymouth Rocks,
Rhode Island Reds or Orpingtons.
The most popular breads are ths
Rtnal Comb Rhods Island Red,
Barred, Whits and Buff Plymouth
nook, Buff and Whits Orpingtons,
Ths bird shown Is a Barred Plym
outh Roek soon,
served to leavt and return to her uest
with tht greatest cart and precision
and to stop lightly Is tht bird to select
for slttlug.
Older fowlt usually makt better Bit
ter than pullets for the tamt reason
thnt the heavier hrctd are more de
ptodublt than tbt Mediterranean vtrlt-
; 1
li I in- vititnitfr row in are iniiurnuy
a P lil'ili aiiiiiiu leiuiiersiiieiiliilly anil
illnfa- llliniiHli iifMl
home henx an tin let ami dis'iie mid
Inn in spilt of everything ,v do to
hem I In')' will ryiuutn mi the uetit wltb
I he tfrcistesl fortitude and detertnlna.
don. Other art wild and umoti anil
will tukc Might at (he approach of the
attendant These ratUt brained mi
art uot to bt IntruMed wltb eggs. They
will maks poor work of batcbliif. and
later tby will bt found lucotupeteut to
ana( a brood of cblcka
Profit In llg Breed.
Tbt beavy breeds of fowls art not to'
bt overlooked In making a cbotct of
stock, for moat profitable results bsre
been obtained from tbt Brahma, Co
chins and tht Lsngshans. When proti-
trly hsbdled these fowl art capable o?
producing excellent resulla for farm
poultry ralslug.
Pawls In the Orchard.
The fowls art helpful In keeping
down such Insect pesta that art Injuri
ous to tht treos, and when allowed tbt
freedom of tbt orchard they will gather
large lercentagt of tbtlr food. The
dropplngH of tbt fowlt art alto bene;
ficUl a fertiliser to the tree. ..
Ortateet Danger tht First Wttk I
Thst 4 Overfeeding.
Mort ihJik die from overfeed lug
than from underfeeding, probably bt
canst few of us havt any conception of
tbt bird capacity. It la surprising
bow far a quart of grain will go to tbt
matter of feeding a flock of cblcka
For the Brut few daya a chick' at
tention Is so occupied In learning bow
to walk, run. flap his wines, drink and
tat that bt seldom gorget himself, do
matter how much feed Is pieced before
blur, consequently tht uusutity may bt
said to he uiilniMirtniit a handful of
scratch grains to a hundred cblcka will
suffice. Once be acquires tht tustt for
food, bowever-tsy when be Is about a
week old-he seems to concentratt bis
entire attenllou oh It, and then tbt
feeding should bt (lone Judiciously.
Many people are In audi a hurry to
get tht cblcka growing thst they stsrt
to feed them ns soon aa they are re
moved from tbt Incubator. Tht chick'
system Is not ready for food at this
time, hence It results In bowel trouble
or uidlReMIun. Iiuf very often tho chick
dies. The laat development In Incuba
tlon prior to breaking the shell hi the
embryo chirk' nlorttlon of the yolk.
J, J
The picture of the hsn and chicks
hers shown waa taken at th as
perlmsnul farm conducted by the
buresu of animal Induatry, United
States department of sartoulturc.
at Beltsvllls, Md.
This highly uutrltlve material la calcu
laled to sustain lire for two or three
dsys. or uutll the chick It atrong
euough t walk about and foragt for
roNltlvvly there Is no need of otbtr
liniirlHliiiieiit at Ibis time, and to sup
i ptv nny will Invariably work more
bin in i linn good. The absorption of I be
yolk Is nutiiie's provision, with which
It In folly to Interfere, wster with the
chill t:il;cii ntr It limy lo Used freely as
soon ii (be cblcka me reuiovrd from
the Incubator, ' but enie should ' be
token thst tho llttlt fellows do uot
wallow lu It and get wet
Drinking water should bt accessible
at all times, preferably In shallow re-
ceptucles or lu fountains uimlt for the
purpose.' If tbt fountain are allowed
lo no dry and the cblcka become thirsty
the atteiolsiit la In for trouble. When
tho wster It glveu out agiiln the chick
will pllt up around tbt fountains In
their esgeruess to quench their thirst
and will trample ouch oilier and splash
In tho water. A lot of drenched chicks
will result, which It very apt to causa
chills and death. Then again, cases of
cramp art canted by letting tbt cblcka
becom thirsty and then fill P on
wattr, , . . , ; "
Healthy Chlsks Are Lively.
Both hover and 'run mutt bt kept
clean, and frequent disinfecting will
control disease. Short, dry Utter In I lie
hover for keeping tht chicks' feet dry
and warm and for absorbing excreta,
and In tbt ruu for scratching purposes,
should be supplied fresh every flay,
Tbt cblcki aa they grow older will
scrstcn tbt short Utter vigorously and
throw it in pile and In every direction,
but that Is a part of their bunlnc for
developing strong bodies for elnYleot
maturity. When chick art Inclined
not to run or fly or scratch (oiuetbliig
tht matter. Much activity a tlxu
of bealtby conditions.
Handling Chlsks at Night s
Chicks should bt allowed to Harden
for foriydtibt hour or a Mill longer
before being transferred from Incuba
tor lo brooder and should be trsn
ferred at nlifbt They will then noi
wander away from the beat ami be
como chilled, as they art Habit lo do In
daylight Hy morning they will have
btconit accustomed to tht location of
tbt aourct of best so that they- will re
turn to It Involuntarily when cold.
Cautss tf tht Dlfftrenee tf Ctltr In
Foliage and Flower.
It la suullgbt that chiefly causes tbt
difference In tbt color of tbt foliage
sud flowers of pis ill. The follsgo and
flowers of plants absorb sun rsys of
certain colors and tejwt others, sod
this It Is tbut mskes the flowers tsk
ou their proper colors.
Wt know that the character of the
soil and poMlhly'a difference hi cli
mate may cause flowers to chsnge
tbelr color. Home wild flowers of New
Jersey art of quite a different sbod
of color from the winie Cowers In Il
linois, the character of the soil rsus
lug the flowers to change their selec
tion of the sou's rays, and thus the
jolor of the flower la changed.
To prove thst the character of the
soli may chauge the color of-flowers
lake any of the pluh Cowcilug varie
ties of bortensis. repot the
plant, carefully wanliing away the old
Mil, and replnce In soil In which alum
haa been ncororated. The proper pro
portion la hslf a iMiimd of alum bro
ken Into piece the slxe of a hickory
nut to each buHbel of soli. In this soil
the planta, Instead of producing pink
Bowers, as formerly, will produce flow.
era of blue.
Nw shades of flowers are produced
by cromlng one color wltb anotber,
somewhst aa an artist mixes paints to
obtain desired "hades and colors, but
with fsr more trouble and far less ac
curacy. Sometimes ou the same stem
flowers of different colors are found,
due to hybridization or to a freak of
nature, the tendency to break away
from tbt eatuhllHbed tyiw. In nature
nothing ntnnds still. ' It l either pro
grew Ion or retrogrcKxIon.
The range of color for eoch nihtIcs
seems to lie confined mltliln certain
limit, though the hybridizer Is termin
ally extending thce limits. Yellow,
white ami purple are tho cu'.uiiioni'Kt
colors In wild howers In the order
named. Yrl.ow In the Nluiplet e:id
uiont piluiilivv imiIm,' mid blue the l iiv t
Slid Ijici-t highly evu.vcd. - Dxi lniie.
China Herb Store
Herb cure for earache, headache,
catarrh, diphtheria, sore throat,
lung trouble, kidney trouble, atom
ach trouble, heart 'trouble, chills and
fever, cramps, coughs, poor circula
tion, carbuncles, tumors, caked
breast, cure all klnda ot goiters.
Medford, Oregon, Jsn. 18; 1917
Tbls I to certify that I. tht un
dersigned, bad very severe stomach
trouble and had been bothered for
several years and last August was not
expected to live, and hearing ot Olm
Chung (whose Hero Store la at 341
South Front street In Medford) I de
cided to get herbs tor my stomach
trouble, and I started to feeling bet
ter as soon aa I used them, and today
am a well man and can heartily rec
ommend anyone afflicted as I waa to
see Olm Chung and try his Herbs.
. (Signed) W. R. JOHNSON.
M. A. Anderson, Medford.
S. B. Holmes. Eagle Point.
Frrnk Lewis, Eagle Point.
Wm Lewis, Eagle Point.
W. L. Chlldreth, Eagle Point. -C.
E. Moore, Eagle Point.
J. V. Mclntyre, Eagle Point'
Geo. B. Von de Hellen, Ravle
Thos. B. Nichols, Eagle Point.
John 8. Orth, Medford
Notice la hereby given that the
regular annual meeting ot tht stock
holders ot the Rogue River Fruit
A Produce Association for the elee
tlon of director and tbt transaction
of uoh othor business as may pro
perly corns before such a meeting,
will be held at the Public Library,
Main street, Medford, Oregon, on the
8th day of Way, 191T. at 10 o'clock
a. m.
v TION. ,
By R, C. Washburn, Pres.
A. C, Fiaro, Secretary
Dated Medford, Oregon, April f th,
itXV , --5t
It you did not vote t tht
mary or general election In 1(18, you
havt until 5 o'clock, p. m., Saturday,
May ,19, 191 T, In which to register
for the special election, Junt 1, 11 T.
57 County Clerk
Portland, May 7. Today's market
quotations were: -
Wheat Club, 272; blueatem, 276.
Oats No. 1 white feed, 62.25.
Barley Feed, 52.26.
HogsBest live, 15.60 Q 15.85.
Prime steers, 10.00 & 10.10;
fancy cows, 8.75 8.00; best elves
7.00 U 7.10.
Spring lambs, 10.00 10.10.
Butter City creamery, 30 & 37;
country, 28.
Eggs Selected local extras, 32
Hens, 18 & 19; broilers, 28;
geese, 12.
Hedges Veed Fnminf .
Prepared by ths V. B. department
of agriculture
EDGES need to be closely
pruned. Tbls Is probably
best dona twice a year In the
whiter or spring and again after
flowering time, pruning severely
for outline and compactness.
' Most so called rose hedges art
rows of cut flower rosea, usually
prcued for mass of bloom, with
little of tbt appearance of s
hedge except at tht beigbt of
bloem. .
Where only a few weeks' ap
pearance of barriers Is all that Is
needed hybrid perpetual and hy
brid tea rosea may bt used as
well ss other species for this
The hedge should be plsnted in
a trench three feet wide end two
feet deep, filled wltb soli prepar
ed aa for a bed of cut flower
The use of low growing or trail
ing rosea aa covers for certain
plots of ground about home or
Is parka often adds greatly to the
attractiveness of such places.
Rota lui-idn can be used to sd.
vantage for covering poor banks
with follsge to a depth of two to
three feet ffoaa nttlda may be
used In the same way for a low
er cover. Thin variety grows to
a height of only eighteen Inches.
The wlcburslnnti. ulreudy men
tioned as a cllmlilug rose, is a
trailing roue when given an o
portunity sud mukeM a beautiful
slinost evergreen ground cover
with small, glowty dark given
' It Is very useful for banks. .
tho sides of stew or for hanging
over rock cliffs or retaining
walla. When permitted to trail It
mats closely end roots at every
Joint. Some training, but little
pruning. Is needed when It Is nsed
In tbls wsy.
, A tree rose Is a hush rust graft
ed three or more feet sliove the
ground on a long, straight stalk
of a brier. ' rugow. or other
strong stemmed rose. These hush
es are not very satlxfnetory In
the United Stated, lieeauae the
stocks uow available do not seem
able to stand the hot sun and hot
drying winds of the climate ot
most of this country. In western
Oregon snd western Washington
tbey succeed. Tbelr appropriate
use Is only lu connection with
, s formal destgu, either In specie!
gardeus or near buildings.
His Strong Point,
'is your hushaud much of
s pro
vlder, Mallndyr
"He jee' ain't nothlu' else, uia'aui
He gwlue to git some new furniture
provldln ht gits de money; he gwlue
to git de money provldln' he go to
work; be go to work provldln de Job
suit blin. I never nee such a provldln
man In all msh dtys."-Kxcbuug
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
. Efftctlvt December 5, 1116
Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays
Train 1 W. Grants Pats.. 10.00 a. m.
Train 1 It. Watars Creek 1.00 p. to.
All trains leavt GranU Pass from
the corner of Q snd Eighth streets,
opposite tht Stathern Pactflo dtpot.
For all' Information rsgardlai
frtlght and passenger service call at
tht offlct of tht company, Publlo 8e
vice building, or phone 131 ttr
WANTED Contract to clear land.
Understand oheapest and most
practical method tor any kind of
clearing. Telephone 807 or ad-
drees Tom Bolton, No. 848, care
Courier. 48
Classified Advertising
ANOEL CAKES supplied In any
quantity on short notice, 60s each,
Phone HOJ. - Il2tf
FOR SALE hlrt stallions, cham
pion stock, bred right; none better
at sny price. Will consider trade.
Addrtat Morris Koon, Junction
City, Oregon. 58
SNAPS 10 seres, 4 mile down
river, good buildings worth mort
than-price of place, all level, fine
bottom land, 5 acres cultivated, 2
acres alfalfa. Price for few day,
81,100. One half cash. 25 seres
2 miles to Grants Psss, old build
ings, 10 seres black bottom, cul
tivated. Price, 81,600. One halt
cash. 80 scree, 4K miles out, old
buildings, orchard, 70 acres cul
tivated, 60 acres level, telance
gentle slope. Price, f 1,700. L. A.
Leaner, real estate. , .,, 48
FOR 8ALE-i8tock ranch, 4H miles
from Leland, ' 30 seres "clover,
grain, fruit and berries, water for
Irrigation, excellent outside range,
35 head cattle, male team, wagon.
harness snd other tools. ; Good
buildings, three-quarters mile to
good school.' Give terms. For par
ticulars write owner, G. E. Strong.
Leland, Oregon. v v 43
lished 1102. Can ship day old
cblcka to points reached in three
days. Five varieties. We chsl
lenge the hen. Free circular. L.
W. Clark, Petaluma, Calif. 47
NEW LOT of millinery goods just
arrived. Prices low as the lowest
snd quality compares with the
best Mrs. H. E. Burton, 407 North
Sixth street 7
FOR 8ALE Portable shingle mill.
8150; also twin cylinder Harley
Davidson motorcycle with side car,
3150; all In good condition.' Ad
dress C. A. Hoxie. Williams. 47
FOR SALE One team sound, fine
driver and workers, no better pul
ler for their aixe in Oregon. Ad'
dresa 611 South Eighth street. 48
FOR SALE Two motorcycles, one
Flying Merkle and one Excelsior,
each 335. Also pair Shetland
ponies, 8150. Apply M. C. Anient,
658 North Eighth street, phone
252-J. - , . 48
A BARGAIN 37 acres good deep
soil, partly cleared and fenced
four-room house, barn, etc., .11
mites from Grants Pass, 3560,
3225 down and balance easy terms.
W. B. Stennett, Grants Psss, Ore
gon, Routt No. 1. 48
FOR SALE Sorrel mare, weight
about 1.200; sound, gentle, fst
and one of the best field or road
workers, single or double. In coun
ty. Also 80 acres, well improved,
7 miles out, to exchange; team
and tools go with place. Partic
ulars at 735 South Seventh street,
city. . 45tf
r :
FOR SALE One two-stamp mill.
850 pound stamps. Complete to
run except plates, for 3150 cash.
M. 8. Johnson, Gold Hill, Ore. 60
TOR8ALENIceJersey cowTCheap".
Will bt fresh In two weeks. 731
South Eighth street. 47
Neatly printed stationery at the
Courier office. ,
T27 North 5th street, bath, sleep- kinds, of drsysgt sad traasfer
ins tent and chicken yard. Call work earetully sad promptly doae,
at corner of 5th and Evelyn Ave. Phoaa 181-J. Stand at frstgtst
ftr 4 depots. . A. Shsde. Prop. ., ,
FOR RENT 6-room modern bungs- p. a irhsm, rtr.-r.y. .mH into"
lbw. with sleeping porch, close In. 8tfet ptaao, w4 furniture moved.
811 D ttreot 83 packed, shipped and stored. Phoaa
FOR RENT 3-room house and fin r'-t Holmaa, No. 60. Rtat-
garden spot on rlvtr bank, 4 "' c phone 114-R. .
block, from Sixth .trett. at 14 ' WURU) M0VB8. M
per month. Inqu re at Cb... Mor- jUnch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
rison't grocery, 503 South Sixth ,
street. ' 31tt "T'R-
rr--r- r musical instruction ,
FOR RENT Modern six-room house. , 1.
with sleeping porch, good location. J- 8. MACMURRAT; teachsr ot voles
good well and garden spot. See culture aad alsglng. Lsstobt glvea
Mr. J. A. Plttenger, 10th and at home of pupU If requests. Ad
Maple 8t or phone 211-L. , 47 drjas 716 Lee ttreet 861tC
FOR RENT A very neat bungalow, ASSATKRg , ,
5 room, corner Uwnrldge and S. r. OROUCH-Aaaayer. .chemist,
Evelyn Ave., big yard rent 11.50 n,. Rooms 301-103 Pad
per month. Phone 188-Y. or see dock BBUd,lg Qrsats Peas.
A. L. Edgerton. 47
- , - .'. ABSTRACTS - -
M181 HOW ABOUT that title f An sbttract
I.03T fwer et of false tteth. Fin- from Grants Pass Abstract Co. wilt
der please leave at Courier office, answer the question, Bttttr be
No. 866, 47 sure before Investing. Offices A
MISCKLLANKOU8 btrt Bldg. Opposite Pottbfflct. II
WHITE OIjEANER tor cloth, nubuok 'WW FIRST" hen dtallaf
and kid shoes; easily applied and 11 "d uu" T o Pr.
satisfactory; 26 clean, for 25 rselt lth sa aMrMt
cent.. W. M. H.yes, 111 South r ths Jctphln. CountyAa-
Sixth .treet. 63 'trrt
Isaseak Tempi. 41
f - ,
. O. CLEMENT, M. D. Preexist
limited to diseases of the eye, taw,
boss sad throat , OUsses fltted.
Offlcs bonis f-12, 2-1, or ot so
polntpeet Offles phost, 62; resi
dence phone llt-J. .
sad surgeon. City or eoantry ealhl
attended da or night Best a re
phone? 361; office- phone; 181.
Sixth sad H. , Toffs BsJIdlag.
P. TRUAX, af. D., Pcysleiaa sad
surgeon. Phones: Offles 121; resi
dence 324. Call answered at an
bodrs. ' Country can attended 4.
Lundburg Building. '
DR. ED. BTWATEB Bptflsllst OS
diseases of the tyt, ear, boss sat
throat; glasses fitted. Ofltoe ha
to 11 s. to., t to f p. am.
Resldtace r 234-4; , offles 86T-J.
Schmidt Bids, Grants Pass. Ore.
A, A. WITHAK, if. D., Physldaa sad
surgeoa. ' Otflot: Ball BMsi, cersar
Sixth and I streets. Phones: OflMS
118; rssMeaee 2 8 ft-J. Honrs: a.
m. to p. m. v ,v "'':''' :
M. Q. aUCT. D. Mj D. Flrst-dssS
dtntJstry. 103 touth
street. Grants Fata, Orotoa.
H. D. NORTON, 1 Attoray-oA-la
Practice fa all Stat sad Federal
Conrtt. First National Bank Bid
at-Law Grants Pass Basking Oa.
Bid-, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. 8. VAN DTKE, Attorney. PraetJos
lasllsenrts. First NaUoaal I
at-Lsw. Offlee Masonic Temple
Grants Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Bchallhora Bldg.
O. & BLANCHARD. Attoraey-at-LSW
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bids.
Phone 270. Qrsats Psss, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice la state sad federal
courts. Rooms 2, snd 1, over
Golden Rule store, ...
torneys, Albert block, phone 234-4.
Practice la all courts; land board
.attorneys.- . .
PAPERHANGINQ. graining, p slat
ing. For ths best work at lowest
prices, phone 295-J. C. G. Pleat.
South Park, street ..
DR. R. J. BS8TUL. Vetertaajrtaav
Offlee la Wlnetrout- Impltsasaat
Bldg. Phone 11S-J Resldeaos
Phone 306-R.
We have buyers for developed anal
partly developed mining
Uee consisting ot gold, silver, i
per, tungsten, manganese, tnolya
denum, lead, clnnibar, sine, treat
snd coal mines. Munton-Ltoa
apelle Co., 301 Alaska Bldg.,
attic. Wash. ,. , .,.',, 46