Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, May 06, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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HINDU'. VAY t, ItlT.
Red Cedar Green
Not Kiln Dried.
Cat from large live timber. Without doubt the best
shingles ever offered for sale in Grants Pass
Will cost you no more than the kiln dried grade
Made in Oregon
Sold and guaranteed by
Grants Pass Lumber Go.
V East a Street, South of Southern Pacific Tracks
Buy Hardware Here
It Is Dependable
It Is Reascsable
Now Just few wonts We have
anything yoa want in hardware We
have It right bet in stock... We are
XOT shoring up our prim to un
reasonable heights. But we ARE
keeping then down where yon
ran afford to ibujr anything yon need.
We repeat, our hardware is IK
ABLE. We never do lees, and no
house can do more.
Jewell Hdw. Co.
Star Mar Part CompUmentarjr to
mH nonnin
Wednesday evening the Eastern
Star, Josephine Chapter No. 26, en
tertained in honor of the past worthy
matrons and patrons. Following the
adjournment of a short business
meeting the honored guests were In
vited to take charge, putting on the
initiation of new members; Mrs.
Jennie Judson, worthy matron in
1813, and Dr. W. H. Flanagan,
worthy patron at that time presiding
over the lodge. As the honored ones
took their places each was presented
with ft beautiful bouquet of pink and
artiltA a mj ant nooi anH thu urnrrhv
matron, Mrs. George E. Lundfburg, In
a few well chosen words, made them
welcome, and voiced expressions of
love and appreciation In behalf of the
Star members. Under the good of
the order, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Cass,
gave a song, the words of which were
composed toy 'Mrs. Lundburg. The
song -was a series of humorous com
pliments to the past worthies, clever
ly rendered and receiving. enthusias
tic applause. In response to the en
core the witty four surprised Mr.
Lundburg with a verse of their own
composing congratulatory to her. The
entire company was then asked to
join with the quartette In singing
"Should Auld Acquaintance Be For
got?" All were then Invited to the ban
quet room, the grand march being
led by the past worthies. As the
doors were thrown open the banquet
hall appeared a veritable bower of
pink and white blossoms, gorgeous
in the artistic arrangement of the
delicate blooms. A large table with
covers laid for 28 found place in the
center of the hall at which the past
worthies and several charter mem
bers were seated. White candles with
pink shades cast a bewitching glow
over the delicate china, cut-Rlass and
shining silver. The color scheme
was pink and white throughout. A
white May Pole twined with smilax
graced the center of the table with
pink streamers to the place cards.
Pink and white apple blossoms and
tiny stfirhonnet babies dressed In pink
were favors with four page folders
containing a list of the worthies
from 1893 to 1917 and a list of the
charter members, for souvenirs. Nu
merous other tables accomodated the
other Star members. The lunch con
sisted of chicken salad with wafers,
pink and white ambrosia dresBed In
whipped cream, pink and white cakes
and coffee.
At the conclusion of this dainty re
past H. C. Bobzlen proposed a toast
to the worthy matron,' Mrs. Lund
burg. and alt responded, rising In
her honor and drinking to her health
and happiness. At the close of the
evening all were delightfully sur
prised In a mtrth-provoklng way as
old-time pictures of the honored
guests were shown on a screen In the
chapter room. Those receiving the
greatest surprise being the original
of those same pictures.
The honored guests were called
for In cars and taken to and from the
scene of this merry May party, the
memory ot which will remain a treas
ure in he hearts of those present
for many a day, and much honor and
credit Is most worthily lavished on
the matron and her faithful com
mittees. "
Foreign MUnkmary Roc My Meets
Mrs. M. C. H. Day entertained the
ladles of the Foreign Missionary so
ciety of the Newman M. E. church
at her home on East A street Thurs
day afternoon. Mrs. Melville T.
Wire had charge of an Interesting
program, Meedamea H. U Gllkey,. M.
C. Van Lenven and C. C. Presley tak
ing part. Ferns and potted plants
brightened the rooms. Dainty re
freshments were served by the host
ess to about 30 guests,
v Jolly Picnicker
Mlsses Ivan Day, Vivian Isham,
Esther Gllkey, Helen Ftfteld. Ella
Anderson, Lorene Courtney and Edna
Houck, Mrs. A. Brunken and Messrs.
Henry Shook and Walla.ce Nlles went
In cars to Louse creek Wednesday
afternoon. Lamb tongues and ferns
were gathered and packed with moss
to send to an Indian mission at
Klamath Falls. At the completion
of this task the young people par
took of an excellent picnic lunch, re
turning to town in the late twilight.
High School Literary Societies Have
A hearty good time was enjoyed
by the Phllollxlon, Alpha and Junto
Literary societies Wednesday after
school. The members of the societies
with Miss Parker as chaperon, went
on a hike to Jones creek. Some
time was spent In playing games, af
ter which a substantial supper was
partaken of. Those present were
Ruth Smith, Ruth Gorham, Carlotta
Wiseman, Vernetta and Lyn'etta Quin
tan. Marlon Sabln. Carmellta Pool,
Bonlta Long, Leoria Duncan, Bertha
Ketch nm, Alleen and Thelma Robin
son and Amanda Steele, 'Robert In-
galls, Robert Brorkley, Howard
Bailey, Phil Tobin. Eugene Halltday.
Carl Iscnberger, Herbert Schell, Wes
ley Robinson and Miss Parker, cha
peron. Every one reports of having a
good time and the members all agree
that It will be a great help to their
literary career.
Church Fellowship .Meeting '
A .church fellowship meeting was
held at the Newman M. E. church.
Tuesday afternoon and evening with
a 'basket supper at 6 o'clock. Dr.
E. H. Todd of the "College of Puget
Sound" Tacoma, Wash., and Dr.
Shaw of Iowa, district superinten
dent of the Des 'Moines conference,
spoke on ways and means of modern
church financing. Two very Inter
esting meetings were held, one In the
afternoon and one In the evening,
both being well attended and enthu
siastically received.
Picnic at liniifte Creek
A merry part of four drove to
Louse creek Friday evening and spent
the time In gathering the cream lamb
tongues that grow so plentifully on
the 'banks ot that creek. A lunch
was appreciated to Its fullest extent
and the part returned to civilization
in the early evening. They were
Misses Katherlne Bridges, Grace I' res
ley, Margaret Rathbone and Helen
llclhany Class Hikes to the White
Some time ago the Bethany S. 8.
class of the Christian Sunday school
chose up sides and entered Into a
contest. The gold side with Essie
Nipper as captain was defeated by
the purple aide with Arthur Williams
acting as leader, Aa the victor had
won an entertainment the gold aide
took them on a hike to the White'
rocks Wednesday afternoon. Upon
attaining their destination the party
spent the afternoon with games until
lunch time when welners and marsh-
mallows were roasted to eat with
buttered buns, pickles and cookie.
Thoaa present were Misses Essie
Nipper, 4glla Woolrldge, .leh Par
ker, It r Ire Kenyon, Mllllcent Klp
hart, Vera Brown, Irene Merrier, Jo
sephine ifioeach, and Messrs. Charlie
Hood, Don Lucas, Don Oftlus, Ray
mond Lathrop, Willi Reynold and
Garland Dlmmlck, and Mr. Thrash
er, teacher of the class. .
Junior Kritertaln Menhir
The cla of while and green
the Junior entertained the class ot
red and white the enlor Friday
evening. The guests were Invited to
come to the high school ut 7 o'clock
and from there they were taken In
cars to the Joy theatre, which was
decorated with streamers of the class
color and "both class pennant. Fol
lowing the show the entire crowd
was taken to the city park, where
gay Japanese lantern aided the full
moon In lighting the acene of the
merrymaking. A huge bonfire was
built and welners and marshmallows
roasted to eat with pickle, sand
wiches and cookie. Numerous game
were played until a late hour when
the party broke up and the morning
hours were welcomed by Joy riders.
The guests and chape rone were
Misses Parker, Turner, Crellln and
Brldgea and Mr. and Mrs. Archbold.
The class of '17 declared the Junior
"not o itow as they might he."
Friendly Foreigner. Meet
Mrs. Guy Knapp entertained the
Friendly Foreigner' club at her home
on Second itreet Tuesday afternoon.
Bowl of wild flower brightened the
room and visiting and fancy work
passed the time pleasantly. A short
business session convened and the
club was organised for the year with
Mr. Knapp a president. Sandwiches
salad, cake and coffee was served to
the following: Mesdames Stott. Fer
rln, Britten Mlssall. Nator, Wltham.
Wllklns. Deal, Hansen and Knapp.
N. (I. (). Cluh Kntertalmil
Mrs. J. A. Plttlnxer entertained
the N. G. O. club at her home Friday,
fancy work ocit:ylng the afternoon
the hostess serving dainty refresh'
ments. Those present were Mesdames
Youngblond. Myers. Shepherd. Ellis.
Anderson, Martetlettl, Fitzgerald.
Meyers, and the hostess.
Itogue Itlver (rnnire Fnterlain'i
The Rogue River grange enter
tained Friday evening with an Invi
tation dance. In their beautifully
decorated hall, afbout 20 couples be
ing present, a three-piece orchestra
supplying the music. Ice cream and
cake were served by the hostesses,
Mesdames Upson and Mihllls.
Bridge I 'arty
Mrs. Geo. P. Jester and Mrs.
Catherine Gray on Friday afternoon
pleasantly entertained a company of
friends at bridge at the Jester home
onC street'. Those present aside
from the hostesses were: Mesdames
Mashhurn, Sampson, Allyn. Wolke.
Hough, Dunn, MaeVlcar, Browne.
Clarke, Macduff, Bobzlen, Herman.
Baker, McKlnstry, Misses Tuffs and
Mastln. Dainty refreshments were
Pleasant Gathering
An Informal gathering was great
ly enjoyed by Miss Cella Doerner
and all those present at the Harris
home on East A street Friday after
noon, there being present the Harris
family, Mesdames Barnes, Baaler,
Cass, H. K. Clark, Lundburg, Ann
Taylor, Geo. Cramer and Miss Bene
dict. Music and visiting pleasantly
occupied the time. Ice cream and
cake were served the guests,
The last ship
ment of Jack
Tar Middies re
ceived thisweek
Every one who has worn these famous middies has
learned to appreciate their superiority over all other
Jack Tar middies are positively fast colors. All
seams in Jack Tar middies are double needle sewed
for strength. Jack Tar middies are made to fit
shrinkage calculated. Jack Tar middies are priced
the same this season as in previous years, there is no
advance. See window display.
& olden
No nHiiHf would oowllhout No. 4 riiMt JrW to wouM btrl tr Owtnaboro, Kr.
I w.mM Ml ttk t tint lit prka
r. !": .V"? . .1... ,k.. iMft aolr da Hod rh
rriaiKI ' r impi,m,w, ,n " -
but Dirt bi sliir'imt. rullr rutrimMiJ. . . ,
No, 4 PUnet Jr Combined Hill and Drill Seeder, Wheel-Hoe, Cuhl-
PLm I.. .L .I,L. ...IU ami tharaulhlr. Ittat II Nfl
iw 1 linalo HIMBi BOW I ail ron mmuw tin will or m
lurrovt and covtri itMin. hoM ami rallivtMS U lbrouh Utt Muoa,
ml UnlU m4 wbftl-fcon-vuliM prices,
f Ml4nlUM4wlwtl-aat-vuti
Planet Jr
Mor rr im.I. II hM ttrontr. DltT rmnxiK!. ii.a.p,.
f rrrul.tof ) kf trn 11 tl.l-rnitt. m
.bl. 10 Jmd or thillow MllWtlion tnii lo dilfmnl aidlb.
15 oilxr it) let el ont-burM tuluvalori-vtrtoin prices.
IU. n PUvot Jr HanaJlM as!
Cultivator 4a a trrairr varlaiv
of worn ana sura 11 w
oucal? Hits anf other euiu-
I Itt'lj-runnlM Adtpt
4'll.l.MF.It UIUM
I .vl . alata V
vsnsui W -
jar w-
t all an
ro Ihrm.
Letterheads that will please you, at
the Courier.
A classified ad brings results.
"t , L ' s Ji L,'. t
The fainon singing and dancing rlto run In the big fun sliow of tunes and iHiiKoeM, "Hepteoilier Morn," coining to the (Irnnts Pons Oprra
llonite, Hatunlay night, May I'Jth,
lndon, May S. "American bus
iness has nothing to fear from the
war. The profit in Kngland have
'leen above norniRl since the war be
gan." Lord Khondila. president of the
local government board and a mem
ber of Uoyd-fleorge's cabinet, In
inuklnn this statement today to the
United Press' declared the American
business man, from the small trades
hian up to the biggest capllallst
can look optimistically to the future.
Ixid Rhondda Is one of the world's
cuptalns of Industry, with Interests
In Kngland, France, Italy, Spain,
Russia, Drazll and Argentine. He
has made frequent visits to the
I' n I ted States his latest being one
undertaken at the request of Pre
mier Moyd-Qeorge lo arrange sup
plies for Kngland and lo obtain In
formation as to American hiiNlncs
"I feel free to assure American
huslness iiieu- iiiiiung who I have a
great number of friends -(hat pos
sible fears for business disaster
through the wnr aro likely lo prove
unfounded," sld lord Khondd.
"Certainly It has not been lhat case
in Kngland. The government realised
1700.01)0,(100 from It excess
profits tax last year. That mean
profits above the normal before the
the war profits. The profits lust
year were $1,160,000,001), since
1700,000.000 represents the sixty
per cent tax."
Doesn't He, Thought
Bach-Confess. now, Henry, you
don't pay mm li attention to your
wife a you illd before you were mar
ried? II. Peck-Lord, yes! I mind
twice is quick now.
Not Necessarily.
"The fm-e l the Index of (he mind.
It Is sulil "
"Oil. I iltm't know. Him aue a wom
an' fsie Is niNtlo up I no dgn that ber
mind I "
Carson-Fowler Lumber Co.
The New Firm
Has contracted for the ouppul of
Edgerton Mill
U'e will deliver lll-lnih lnb
wood at f l.flO Hr load, v
HKK Ollt U.)H