Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, May 03, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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MIL ML U. UnilllLJ
A mammoth Industry of arauee
meat la th Al. a. Bars clroua,
who ahow place covers the land,
fllla every ilty and every village.
Having moh aa extensive territory it
I not often tho Mm city haa tha
opportunity of aettng thla unuaually
amusing, tbrllllng, educational enter
prise mora than one in thraa yeera.
Mr. Barnes brings thla wild an
imal circus to Oranta Paaa today.
Al. O. Barns, aomatlmaa referred
to aa the wlaard of animal educa
tors, haa choaen as hla profession the
art of making people happy, lie has
assem'bled from every known coun
try animals of most every species
and haa educated them to do circus
performing. Surely a great endea
vor. That hla circus should be dif
ferent than all others, ha haa spec
ialised In educating animate thought
by all other animal students to be
nntoachablo to perform the same as
dogs or ponies whose abllttlea to en
tertain and amuse are well known.
As a result, groups of llamas, xebras
and camels are seen doing astounding
arts. The common donkey educated
to sing, elephants to play football,
kangaroos to box and run races, os-
Run-down ?
Every spring most peoplo led "nil
m:tr ill Boris" their vitality Is nt n
low bli. Through the winter months
tit nit. up a great. Ui'iil lo heated limine,
ollloo. or Inotory, wit Is lit : Is healthy
exercise In tliu Kiwi! ottMroin enliug
moi'o tlmii nt'CWMiuy tln lilcio.l be
comes snrcliitrgnd with pnkmil Tim
bent Spring iiu-iliolno and tonic h one
mndn of herbs and roots without iilcn
hoi Hint wns Hint dixeoveicd by Dr.
Plnri'u vnnrs into. Made of Jimlen
Heal root., hlnod root, with glycerine, it
Is culled lr. I'loree'a iloldeii Medloul
Dlaimvi.rv. Inurcdlcnt-s on wrapper.
H tdlmlnntcs from the blood disease
breeding poianns. It makes the blood
rich and pure, and fnrnislies n founda
tion for sound, physical honllh.
Sold by iiiedloino dealers, lit liquid
or tablet form, or send 10 rente to Dr.
l'lerce's Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
lor n large trial paokuge of tnblota.
Salem. Oregon.-" As a spring tonlo,
to bulla up a weakened, run-down
system, and to give one an appetite, I
found Doctor lleroe'a Golden Meflloal
Discovery good. A friend hnd rooom
mended It and I found it all that she
claimed for lt."-Mn, Jake Oindkr,
1600 8. Bellvlow Btreot.
Constipation causes and seriously
aggravates many diseases. It Is thor
oughly cured by Dr. Plena's Pleas
ant Pellets. One a lnxative two or
three a onthartio.
',! ,ti .-asSSL -
trlehos to danee, poaa and do mili
tary and tango steps nulla beyond
anything Been elsewhere. Mult that
buck In tlta moat delightful fashion,
nionkeya and dogs In aerial tropese
work, aeala and senllons In amusing
Juggling, riding and balancing feats.
While llona, numbering SO ara tauglit
to ride galloping horses and leap
through hoops of fire, Ona monater
Nubian lion la hoisted to tha top of
tha tent, aurroundad by apurtlng fire
works. Leopards, tlgera and Jaguars
are aeen In roles extraordinary.
Tho afternoon performance opened
with that wonderful spectacle, a con-.
quest or the N'yanse. , This $50,000
pageant la a new creation from Al.
0. Dames, master showman. Its
wonderful display of gold cloth
and glittering arrayment, while the
world'a famous prima dona, Miss
Vera Earle, aang from the back of
a large elephant the trfbal songs of
Nyansa. . Al 0. Barnes, considered
the world's greatest showman and
educator of wild animals, has given
to the circus loving publlo something
that haa never been attempted under
canvaa before. In the spectacle of the
conquest sof Nyansa It would take
columns to describe each of the 65
An Artltt Celled' It "the Chanoe te Rs
plore the Infinite."
A new deltnltluu of death la that by
a French artist, rvhu has now tested
tbo truth of his own worda, "Death,"
said ho, "Is the chnnco to explore the
hi. i, Hi'." The dellnltlou Is In the same
'! iih Hint ut tho lulu Cbarlea Froh
i ii. i lie went down on tbo Lustta
,. It I a hit more tlctlulte, however,
ll.i.n Dcnili is life's most beautiful
illlvcnlnrc." It expresses tho liaturo
of the luhrntmc,
This French art Int. It seems, was on
ninori'd of the simco Ides. He wits
ever viewing tho world hs it vessel voy
aging. Ho endeavored with artist vi
sion to vInuiiIIkp the world us rushing
through Inlliillmle by other worlds or
lu a strewn of comets, planets, aster
lods, suns, And' bis drciitu was of
flight across the guirs to Mara, to
Venus, ouIhUUi the solnr system, to
Stilus and the greater amis, With
paint bo strove to render' what Goethe
expresses In the song of tbo archan
gels lu tbo oiKMiliig of "Faust"
.All tho kinds of us puss over, willing
ly, reluctantly, " We huve no choice
and there iini no exemptions. Proba
bly we have no choice concerning what
deal n la to be. Whether It means ex
tlnctlon or confera Immortality, wheth
er It Is a glorious adventure or usbors
us Into another sordid exlstenco bound'
ed by another dcatli, we have no poW'
er to determine. We await Ita coming
and Ita solution, both, We are Ita vic
tims or Ita beneficiaries, but we have
no iwwer to changjl Ita, destiny. The
tiold dreamer welcomes It as oppor-
tunlty. Tho tired spirit Is reconciled
to It as rest Perhaps It will bring to
every man bis different hope. Let. us
so tmst.-Mlnnenpolls Journal.
A dassllsd ad Vlll glre resulti.
dlaptay numbers that Al. 0. Barnaa
offera to tha publlo In hla wonderful
ahow. Louie Roth and hla 24 llona,
Mable Stark and tlgera, Samson, the
balloon Hon, Captain Stonewall and
hla educated aeala, .Martha Fiorina
and her I'eralan leopards, Stephen
Hatty and hla polar boara, Cleo
Weber, the girl wbo dances In the!
lion's don, Marguerite Rlcardo and
tha 'Al, 0. tJarnes famous riding
four, Clarence Crosby and the won
derful riding Hybrid (bait lion and
hair tiger.) Joe Miller and Al. 0.
'Darnea' $50,000 Arabian atalllons.
Without a doubt the greatest show
of Ha kind In the world.
Tbeae are only a few of tha fea
ture of tha 66 acta the big Barnea
program contains for there are a
score of the funniest clowns, whose
sole duty la to ahovel In aunshlne "by
the ton;- pretty girls putting fiercest
of jungle beasts through their ants;
handsome men In wrestling, boxing
and racing acta with bears and other
animals, and the finest thirty-piece
band, under the directing band of Ed
ward A. Woenecker, most accom
pllshed of band directors
The "ahow that's different," it la
often called, and one Can readily
appreciate the title. i,'
It la clean and moritl, free from
sinuL or suggestlveness and should
be visited by every circus lover In the
Performance tonight; doors open
at 7 and performance at 8 o'clock.
A Hemming Tip,
In sewing hems of towcla or sheets
or muslin, In starting them from the
end place a piece of uicr under the
needle and sew throncl) It for nlmut
two Inches, then on lo the hem. This
will prevent Ihe rlo;!Kin!i of the threntl
mi'l needle, Then after losirlirx n(T flic
pnr !ie thirnds Hie there tor tyln
the end
Vienna, via Tendon, May 3. "The
central powers are all united and
must continue to fight-'but they are
always ready for an honorable peace
which Is only possible through a con
ference." declared Talaat Pasha,
Turkish vltler, In an Interview print
ed today by tho Vienna Neue Frele
Washington, May 3, Declaring
nnvy enlistments are coming In ao
fnst that additional training quar
ters are Imperative, Secretary Dan-,
lels today personally asked an ad
ditional appropriation from congress
or $7,000,000 for naval training sta
tions to ha added to the new army
and navy bill. -
W-ev Til It DIAMONU n RAN Ik,
JjMimi ANjrrmr Mr mi
siBmirrv i
titKM, MNtlttl tlh Jll.rt RlMNXt. V
Jli'rt RlMnmi
h m ejllttr. ntiT ( faur vv .
VHtl trrtivwft ft lie . llhM. A)w
it a
How to Combat Insect Enemies.
Prtpanul by Die I,'. 8, department
of urtcullur
N the pit Hi to easy success
X with rimes lie numerous lo
am xnt which, tmlesa pre
vented, will devour leaven or'
suck Juices, thus seriously Im
pairing the vitality of the plants.
The only way iu which the rose
unrdeuer may prevent tbese at
tacks I by cnrefui and iunlstent
spraying whh liiMiHdes
Tbese liimH t ixtits are of two
general tyiien tbtwe which eat
tho foliage, as rose slugi and
the roue chuter. and those wli)cb
suck the sap. as aplildcs. scale
tiutects aiid thrlp. The presence
of leaf eating Insects Is usually
Unit , detected through the, dis
covery of partially eaten leares
or of skeletonized ieares-tbat
la, leaves from which a portion
of the lower , or upper surface
has been eaten, leaving the oth
er aurface as a transparent mem
braneor leave Ihe fleshy part
of which ban Ihvii eaten clear
through, oflen leaving merely
the midrib and reins. The dis
covery of the enemy frequently
followi. l'roleetlmi from this
sort of i.ttuek Is afforded by
liuud plckliiw r l verlnu
I wit ll mirdiM'H r Hie foliage
thoroughly with n-w ihiUoiihus
ttiilmtance. ss iirHenuie of lend
Wherever n piinlcuJionf In avail
able a strum; sireittit of water
directed nsniliiHl n hHikx on.
Mn4 foliate will kmr-k Uu'in.nlT
mid In many ens; x ve the lnuli
from furllier Injnr.v tv tliera.
The rose chafer l u 'rather dif
ficult lnxect lo control, and
arsenical poinoii Hpplled jit dou
ble the ustiiil Mtrength often fall
to kill them lief ore the damage
la done Frequent hand picking
of the licctles mid dropping
tbem Into a vessel containing
water covered with a dim of
'kerooene or wrecnlnv the plants
wltb mosquito netting, especial
ly the latter., often affords' the
only menus of preventing their
destructive work.
Portland. May 3. Today'a mar
ket quotations were:
Wheat Cluh, 269; bluestem, 275.
Barley Feed, 53.50.
HdVs Best live, 15.65 fj 15.75.
Prime steers, 11 T 11.25; fancy
cows, 9.00 if 9.25; best calves, 10
Spring lambs, 13.50.
Butter--Clty creamery, 36 37;
country, 27.
Eggs Selected local extras, 31
Hens.' 18 0 1: broilers, 20;
London, May 3. King George's
food proclamation urging hla people
to save, couched in almost the
same language as that of a similar
mantfesto 'by King George III, was
formally and ceremoniously read
from the steps of the royal exchange
today by ,a crier, A large crowd
gathered to cheer the appeal.
All Josephine county (Pink) road
warrants Issued prior tolSeptember
1st, 1916, and protested prior to that
date: are hereby called In, and are
payable at the county treasurer's of
fice on or after the 1st day of May.
1917: on which date Interest will
County Treasurer,
8t 60S O street
The California and , Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective December 6, 1916
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Train 1 It. Grants Pass.. 10.00 a. m
Train 2 It. Waters Creek 1.00 p. nt
All tftklni. leave Grants Pass tro-r
tha corner of O and Eighth street
opposite the Southern Pacific depot
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
the office of to company, Public Ser
vice , building, or phone 131 fer
Classified Advertising
rOst MALI-
ANOEL CAKES supplied in any
quantity on ahort notice, f0e each.
Phone 10-J. - 2tf
FOR SALE Shire stallions, chain
, plon atock, bred right; none better
at any price. Will consider trade.
Address Morris Koon, Junction
City, Oregon. 6
FOR SALE At a bargain, taw
plecea of heavy canvaa, 22x43 and
12x22. Manuel & Heston, . J04
South 81xth street. Grants Paaa. 44
FQR SALE Five-year-old mare,
broke to aaddle, good driver, good
worker, weight from 900 to 1,000
pounds. W4I1 sell cheap. Inquire
H. K. MeClung, Wonder, Oregon.
WHITE CLEANER for cloth, nubock
and kid aboea; easily applied and
- satisfactory; 25 cleans for , 25
cents. W. M. Hayes, 111 South
8lxtb. 7tf
SNAPS 10 acrea, 4 miles down
river, good buildings worth more
than price of place, all , level, fine
bottom land, 5 acrea cultivated, 2
acrea alfalfa. Price for few .days,
f 1,100. One bait cash. 25 acres
2 miles to Grants Paaa, old build
ings, 10 acrea black 'bottom, cul
tivated. Price, 11,500. One half
cash. 80 acres, IV miles out, old
buildings, orchard, 70 acres cul
tivated, 50 acres level, talanee
gentle slope. Price, $1,700. L. A.
Launer, feat estate. 4
FOR SALE Stock ranch, 4Vi miles
from Leland, 20 acrea clover,
grain, fruit and berries, water for
irrigation, excellent outside range,
35 bead cattle, mule team, wagon,
. harness and other tools. Good
buildings, three-quarters mile to
good school. Gve terms. For par
ticular! write owner, G. E. Strong.
Leland, Oregon. 63
WE HAVE one registered Holsteln
heifer, milking 50 pounds of milk
per day, testing 5 per cent. Do
you want a bull calf from this
stock on time payments? Winona
Ranch, Route 1, Oranta Pass, Ore.
lished 1902. Can ahlp day old
chicka to points reached In three
daya. Five varieties. We chal
lenge the hen. Free circular. L.
W. Clark, Petaluma, Calif. 67
NEW LOT of millinery gooda just
arrived. Prices low aa the lowest
and quality compares with the
beet. Mrs. H. E. Burton. 407 North
Sixth street. 47
FOR SALE Portable ahingle mill,
$150; also twin cylinder Harley-
Davidson motorcycle with side car.
$160; all In good condition. Ad
dress C. A. Hoxie, Williams. 47
FOR SALE One team sound, fine
drivers and workers, no better pul
lers for their stxe in Oregon. Ad
dress 611 South Eighth street 48
FOR SALE Two motorcycles, one
Flying Merkle and one Excelsior,
each $35. Also pair Shetland
ponies, $150. Apply M. C. Ament,
658 North Eighth street, phone
252-J. 48
A BARGAIN 37 acrea good deep
soil, partly cleared and fenced,
four-room house, barn, etc., 11
miles from Grants Pass, $560.
$225 down and balance easy terms.
W. B. Stennett, Grants Pass, Ore
gon, Route No. 1. 4S
FOR RENT Five-room bouse at
727 North 5th street, bath, sleep
ing tent and chicken yard. Call
at corner of 6th and Evelyn Ave.
tor key. 43
FOR RENT 5-room modern bunga
low, with sleeping porch, close In,
811 D street. 83
FOR RENT 3-room house and fine
garden spot on river hank, ' 4
, blocks from Sixth street, at $4
per month. Inquire at Chas. Mor
rison's grocery, 603 South Sixth
street. " 31tf
FURNISHED five-room cottage for
' rent. Inquire G. P. Jester at
Grants Pass Banking company, tf
FOR RENT Nicely furnished hoime,
close In. Inquire at GrantB Pass
. hotel, or 655 Norths. Fifth street.
FOR RENT Two five-room modern
cottages on C St.. bath, gas and
eleotrlo lights, one nicely furnish
ed, the other unfurnished. Low
rent. N. E. Townsend, 621 A
street. 46
WANTED Contract to clear land.
Understand cheapest and most
. practical method for any kind of
. clearing. Telephone 307 or ad
dress Tom Bolton, No, 849, rare
Courier. s 48
L. O. CLEMENT. U. D. PracUee
limited to dlaenaea of the eye, ear,
nose and throat Glass sa ltted.
Office hoar 1-12, 2-t, or on ap
polctmeat. Office pboae, 11; rest'
, dence phone I5-J.
a LOUOHRIDGE, U. D, Pkratttat
and tnrgeon. City or country calls)
attended day or Bight Residence
phone . S6t; office phone 112,
Sixth and H. Tuts Building. '
J. P. TROAX, If. D.. PhraleUa and
sorgeen. Phonee: OOoe S2(; resi
dence 124. Calls answered at all
hoors. Country calls attended te.
Lundbttrr Bnlldlag.
DR. ED. BYWATER Spedallat on
, dlseasee of the eye,! ear, none an
throat; glasses fitted. Offlos hoara:
to 12 a. aa., 2 to 5 m. Fhoaen
Residence 224-J; office U1-1.
Schmidt Bldg, Oranta Pans, Ore.
A. A. WITHAJf , M. D.. Physician sn4
jurgeon. Office: Hall Bide, corner
Sl?tt and I streets. Phones: Oflen
116; residence 2 8 8-J. Boars: It.
m. to 4 p. m.
D. C. MACT, D. M. D. First-lass
dentistry. 10H SoaU Strtk
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON. . Attorney-ntrlaw
Practice In all Bute and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIG k WILLIAMS Attornors-at-Law
Grants Paaa Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. a VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
in &11 courts. First National Bank
at-Law. Office Masonic Temple
Grants Paaa, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: SchaUhom Bldg.
O. a BLANCHARD, Attoraey-t-Lsw
Grants Psas Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grants Pass. Ore.
V, A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice In state and federal
conrta. Rooms 2. and S. over
Golden Rule store.
torneys, Albert block, phone tit-t.
..Practice In all courts; land board
attorneys. ' . '
PAPERHANGING. graining, paint
ing. For the beat work nt lowest
prices, phone 295-J. C G. Plant.
Booth Park etreet. ' '
DR. R. J. BESTUL. Veterinarian.
Office In Wlnetrout Implenaatnt
Bldg. Phone 113-J ReaMe
. Phone 305-R.
We have buyers (or developed aa
partly developed mining proper
ties consisting of gold, silver, eop
per, ttmgaten, manganese, molyb
denum, lead, cinnlbar, sine. Iron
and coal mines. atnnaon-Laeh-apelle
Co., 301 Alaska Bldg.. Se
ttle, Wash. ,
kinds of drayage and tranafer
, work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 181-J. Stand at freight
depot. A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. 1SHAM, drayage and tranafer.
Safes, planoa and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
f : .rk ft Holman. No. 60. Real-
udzce phone 124-R.
wunch Broa.
MOVES; ao do we,
Transfer Co. Phone
J. 8. MACMURRAY, teacher of voice
culture and atngtng. Leasons given
at home ot pupil if requested. Ad-
drjts 716 Lee atreet 861tf
E. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemist,
metallurgist. Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building, Grants Psas.
HOW ABOUT that title? An abstract
from Grants Pass Abstract Co. will
answer the question. Better be
sure before investing. Offices Al
bert Bldg. Opposite Postoffice. 16
IS "SAFETY FIRST" when dealing
In land titles, your mottoT Pro
tect yourself with an abstract
made by the Josephine County Aa
street company. Get our prieea.
Masonic Temple. II