Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 17, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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toaftt Mxfri arm coram
' Saturday U Chaplin day. tf
Kugerm 8iU left this morning tor
; OIHe Ataaworth, of Murphy, spent
Hooday at Medford.
T. J. and A. T. Moyer left last
alght on a trip to Spokane.
v C H. Thompson left last night for
Great Falls, Mont., for an extended
, Archie Hanseth went to Leland
iaat Big ht, where he will work on a
timber contract
Mrs. H. Levter left this morning
for Keswick to loin her husband, who
left some weeks ago. ,
H. A. Patrick, holler maker tor the
Southern Pacific, and Mrs. Patrick
left last night for Portland ror a stay
of 10 days.
Miss Lola Fowler, professional
Bars, who has been on a case in
Grants Pass, returned to . Ashland
this morning. ....
J. a MaoMnrray went to Ashland
this morning, and will return to Med
tord In the afternoon to attend the
Damrosch concert tonight
. Mrs. C 8. Moore, who spent the
past six week -with her sister, Mrs.
W. C Hale, returned this morning
to her home at Klamath Falls.
Mrs. T. P. Cramet and Miss Jeaaette
Cramer returned this morning from
Corrallie where they spent a few days
with Ted Cramer at the O. A. C.
John MacVicar left last night for
his home at Vancouver, B. C. after
having spent the winter in the city
with his son,' J. D. MacVicar. and
Mrs. Wanda VanDuaen and two
ehildrea arrived this morning from
las Angeles to' spend a few weeks
with Mrs. VanDnsen's mother. M
C. A. Griffin.
' J. W. Clapp, of the Hamilton farm,
at Gladstone, N. J., one of the fore
most Berkshire breeders of the na
tion, is visiting at the Winona ranch
witt F. R. Steel.
: Miss Jessie Mastln, after spending
several months at Grenada, return
ee to Grants Pass Sunday and will
resume iier old . position as steno
grapher for Attorney Hough.
. Mrs. C. Annis, who with her hus
band has been spending the winter
with D. C. Annis, left this morning,
returning' to Grand Rapids, Mich.
Her husband will leave for Michi
gan later. '
Mr. and Mrs. M. W Myers, who
have spent the past five 'weeks with
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Myers, left this
. morning for Eugene and Seattle, and
. wHI return later to. their home at
Beaman, Iowa.
Geo. R. Riddle went to Riddle last
night for a few hours' stay with rela
tives, and today will go to Roseburg
to attend the meeting of the Southern
Oregon Presbytery, representing
Bethany Presbyterian church.
Bert Presley returned last night
to his studies at the O. A. C. Mr.
Presley Is also holding down an ex
- press messenger run Ibetween Philo
math and Albany, the run being at
night and not Interfering with his
college work.
. E. M. McKeany, of Medford, and
Mr. Pope, of the firm of Dennis, Kim
hall Jb Pope, of New York City, are
In the city today on business. The
Grants Pass Fruit association has
signed np with the above firm for the
handling of the Rogue' River valley
TtwJa Is Delayed
Monday night's south hound pas
senger train was delayed several
hours by the wreck of a box car con
taining automobiles attached to
through "freight No. IIS, which was
derailed ear Comstook.
Ship Itraftsmea Wanted
The I'nited States civil , service
commission is making an effort to
secure ship draftsmen for the navy
department at salaries ranging from
IJ.2S to 16 per day. About SO va
cancies exist at Bremerton. Don
Calvert, local dvH service secretary
at the post office will receive applications.
F. M. rwuvre In the nty
George Soranson returned . this
morning from a 10 days' business
stay at Salt Lake. He was accom
panied by F. M. Faurre, of Indiana
polis, who will spend a few days here
on business connected with the
Rogue River Public Service Corporation.
Attend So. Ore. Presbytery
Rev. L. Myron Booter, pastor of
Bethany Presbyterian church. Rev.
W. F. Gloeckner, Sunday school mis
sionary,' Mrs. Gloeckner, and Mrs.
Cora Coutant, left this morning for
Roseburg to attend the meeting of
the Southern Oregon Presbytery.
Bethany church will also be repre
sented by Geo. R. Riddle. Mr. Boozer
will give an address on "The Value
of Education Evangelism In Sunday
School Work." v '
Trade Acceptances
Books of trade acceptances will be
on sale at the Courier office the last
of the, week, at the Portland price,
$1 per book of 100 sheets. , SI
Dry Blab Wood
Williams Wood Tard, phone
137-R. 26tf
April 20, Friday. Mr. Sheldon will
address the Josephine County Leg
islative club on the subject, "How
a Law Is Made," at 4 o'clock, p.
April 26, Thursday Meeting ef
Bouthern Oregon Association of
Odd Fellow lodges at Grants Pass
and celebration of 98th anniver
sary of Oddfellowshlp.
May 10, 17 Trl- 8tate Good Roads
association convention at Medford.
May 31, June 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Annual
Chadtauqua, Grants Pass.
July 7-14. N. E. A. Convention,
Many Meetings Are Held .
If any citizen holds a doubt as
to the service the Chamber of Com
merce la rendering the city, he should
have been at the rooms last evening
when Tour meetings were being con
ducted, all for the good of the com
munity. The beet committee held a"n
Important meeting to discuss seeding
conditions; the organisation commit
tee of the Girls National Honor
Guard met and discussed plans for
the season's work; the reorganised
band held a good hard practice for
a couple of hours, and about forty
citizens met to effect a temporary or
ganization of a Red Cross Chapter.
Two meetings were scheduled for to
day, one at noon and one for the
evening; another for Wednesday
evening and two more later in the
Attend Son's Funeral
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Kerr returned
this morning from Portland, where
they were called to attend the fu
neral of their son, Elmer B. Kerr,
held there" yesterday. Elmer Kerr,
who was 36 years of age, was a evi
dently electrocuted on Thursday, of
last week, near Weiser, Idaho, by
coming In contact with a high power
electric line. A derrick came Into
contact with the power line, break
lag one of the wires. Thinking the
power had been turned off, Elmer
approached the wire when the cur
rent In the ground threw him upon
the wire, killing him instantly. The
(body was taken to Portland, where
the funeral services were conducted
under the auspicies of the Masonic
order from Flnley's parlors. The de
ceased leaves a widow and one child,
his father and mother, and a brother,
Robert, who enlisted in the army
from here a few days ago.
Will owUaat several casings
We prefer selling Diamond
tires becaime they are better
Grants Pass
At ytiur servics
tfettent Star Wednesday
The regular meeting of the Order
of the Eastern Star will be held at
Masonic hall, Wednesday evening.
IVclfthw Is Reverted
The case of W. A. Hluderllter vs.
W. L. McDonald, appealed to the su
preme court from this county by Mr.
McDonald, who lost In the circuit
court, has Ibeen reversed, according to
advices from Salem today.
legislative Hub Meeting
The regular meeting of the Jose
phine County Legislative Club tor
Women will be held at the court
house next Friday, April 20, at 4
o'clock, p. m. Ben Sheldon, man
ager of the Chamber of. Commerce
who was a member of the last leg
islature will give a talk on "How a
law Is Made." All interested are In
vited to be present.
Itrd Cross Organising 1
If an enthusiastic . start-off Is a
criterion of the future success of sn
organization, the Grants Pass Chap
ter of Red Cross will be a power for
good In this community. About forty
prominent citizens met last evening
at the Chamber of Commerce and ef
fected a temporary committee on or
ganization, complied with the pre
liminary requirements and Issued a
call for a mass meeting Thursday
evening to form a permanent organization.
The bluebirds are winging. The
flag from the tent poles are flapping.
Spring and the circus are here.
Today contracts wars let and all
arrangements mads tor the A), 0.
Barnes Immense animal circus to ex
hibit here Thursday. May S. Ad
vertising ears and tha big general ad
vance will soon arrive proclaiming
Grants Pasa In the jungles for a
(Jay. The usual epidemic of ted
wagon fever will make Its round and
prom the prosperity on every hand
and the wonders the contract agent,
It. Davis, saya tha Barnes show
presents this year, foretella a vast
number of our residents and those
In the surrounding towns will rail a
victim to Its wiles.
Ths Barnes circus, aa all know, is
a simmon pure animal circus, over
1,000 animals each and every one do
lnga circus trick. Year after year
we have laughed our eldes sore at
Snowball and his burking mules.
shivers have tingled our spine aa the
daring animal educators have put
ferocious lions, leopards and blood
sucking tigers through their intri
cate acts. We have held our moitths
wide In astonishment at the dainty
bit of a girl dancing In a den of
lions and have not minded In the
least our rear neighbor Jabbing ns In
the small of the back with their knee
aa they excitedly lean forward try
ing to understand how animals could
ever be educated to do such marve
lous performing.
A big animal spectacular pageant.
In which all other achievements of
like nature, pale In comparison with
this radiant picture or a cast of 1.000
animals and 500 people, blinding In
its brilliancy, gay with Its music, rev-
erbant In motion, crowding event up
on event In dazzling succession. Is
ths big dew feature this year. SO
All Off With the Kslser
The kaiser might just ss . well
throw np the sponge. Claude Rarden
has today enlisted in Uncle Sam's
army, and if he proves as efficacious
In fishing out German submarines at
he has been taking the steelhead and
the salmon from the waters of the
Rogue, the diver menace will dlsap
par from the ocean. Claude, with
two compatriots, Edgar J. Schrlmpf
and Chas. H. Watts, will leave this
evening for the north. Harden nas
enlisted In the Infantry, while
Schrlmpf and Watts will do service
In the signal corps.
Washington, April 17. The Re
public of Cuba will send a commis
sion to Wsshlngton to confer with
English., French and Amerlcsn com
missioners here.
Merle Spalding Thutnpiton
Merle Elsie 8paldlng was- born
N'oveniter 10, 18S6. at Maiden Rock
Wis., where her girlhood days were
spent She came to Grants Pass,
September. 1, 19(15, and entered the
high schol, her parents coming the
following year. She waa received
into the Newman M. E. church in full
connection, September 9, 1906, and
became organist for the league and
Sunday school. She was married to
N. U Thompson, April 16, 1913, and
moved with him to Centralis, Wash.,
living there three years. .Ths re
mainder of the time until her death.
April 14, 1917, was spent with her
She was of a kind, quiet and trust
ing disposition, always thinking of
the happiness of others, striving to
please her family and friends. Under
affliction she was uncomplaining and
She leaves a daughter, nearly three
years odd, "besides her father; mother,
two brothers and many relatives and
a host of friends to mourn her loss.
The funeral service was conducted
from Newman Methodist Episcopal
church, Monday. April 16, 1917, by
Rev. Melville T. Wire. Interment In
Granite Hill cemetery.
words, two issues, 25c; six Issues,
50c; one month, 11.50, when paid In
advance. When not paid In advance,
5c per line per issue.)
DRY SLAB wood. Phone
Williams Wood Yard.
"A Man
and His Angel," with Jane
Grey snd all-star cant tonight.
STAR Theatre
WANTED Desirable furnished mod
ern cottage In good location, by
reliable parties. Phone 121, or
Oxford hotel. 35
FOR SALE Smith motor wheel,
good as new, for 330.00; good 22
rnch bicycle, $9.00; good 20-Inch
frame, $2.60, Address No. 737,
Courier. 30
FOR SALE Twenty head of ewes
! and lambs, for particulars, address
j Box 76, R. F. D. No. 2. 6t
FOR SALE Baby buggy, good as
new, will sell very reasonable price,
Phone 2 3 6-J. 35
FOR SALE Three young Uuroc Jer
sey sow pigs, farrowed February
1st, from registered stock; also
yonng boars; $10 per bead while
they last. "Brown Acres," Rd. I,
JOY Theatre
Tuesday and Wednesday
"Betjtina Loved
a Soldier"
Delightful Comedy-Drama
Rased on Ludlvoo Halevy's Flo
tion Classic, L'Abbe Constantin
Introducing Three Stars
And a select supporting com
pany An Engaging Love Story
Delightfully Illustrated.
The Soldier Bold Falls
Before Cupid's Darts.
The Rich American Girl
Scorns Titles to Marry
Her Heart's DthIiv.
The Vain nnd PopUh Noble
man lit "llolHt by His Own
L-Ko Comedy
' "IfrnaU's Icy Injury"
A Comedy of Thrills .and
7 Reel Show
Grafting a Rabbit's Spins.
Dr. A. Vy. Mayo-ltoblusoo reports to
the 'British ijedlcal Journal the suc
cessful use of a piece cut from a rab
bit's spinal cord as a graft between
the cat ends of tbs median nerve In a
man's arm. from which two and baif
Inches bad been removed. He also
graded s bit of the rabbit's sciatic
nerve to fill a gap In the ulnar nerve,
The paralysis, for which the operation
hml been performed, gradually disap
peared, and lu six years the muscles
of the lower unu and hand were per
forming their duties normally.
An Unselfish Csllsetsr,
Tbs will of Kdmund de Goncourt
says: "My wish Is that my drawings,
my prints, my curlimltleH, my Itooks
tii a word, these tilings of ait which
nave been tbt Joy of my life-shall not
be consigned tu the cold tomb of a mu
seum and subjected to the stupid
glsnce of tbs csreless pssNerby, but I
require tbst tbey slisll all be dispensed
under tbs hammer Of ths auctioneer so
that tbs pleasure w hirl) tbs acquiring
of each one of them has glvon uie
shall be given again lu escb, case to
soma Inheritor of my own tastes."
Gives s ptrmaniMt porce
Uln.libft whit ftniiih on
mil work, exterior or Inte
rior, on "-wood, metal nr
plerter, never tumi yellow
cracks nor clilpioff. You
. csn apply It don't show
Ihnifth marlrl. frv Inma An
.iL.T .U l in,( nr
... . - l5 . M. JUla-.U.
Rogue River Hdw.
nnnriEUlIDFORD Tuesday Q7
rlMoTSt APR. 6?
. w CO" COT or mt w-i'
fycJean Webster
Matt Order Mw-M sWiunlsy, April SI, 10 s. m.
Lnwer Floor Mm II IS! n,m,ja .no; four lUwa,
llalmny First tw llsll mt, t ,m; Xet Four Itown, 7.V luiliiniv
.Vic. .
(Continued (rout Pl" n
stands io nlvc tbtliiilm 1 1 1 ihnrminH
test while the aclml to'k M ri 0 iircr
paring for consrrlilliu which il -mlttedly
will tak Iwo osio or ihr
months Is being done
It was Indicated today fti at lxv
senate committee will t , wall for
the bouse ooiiiiiiltlrr'i iitU)BB(i:i(,n nn ik
bill much longer. The slttz'llstituatlon la
better In hand, from Ihr tlssliiaulmlnliurss-
tlon viewpoint, In ihMtri-m,fMl lha sn
In the house, and II mi)' lii Kt he that tla
upper branch will get r ll jump m
pass the whole bufUploltwII, thhoii.
Unless President WIIm t n n k--
retary of War Ilahir iMirrsnixeD mil ac
cept a trial of lh out-ind brmd-oivt rot-
nnteer system, It tirillMll mtly ihit
there will be coniMrriM il t debate on
the army hill and II iimtiasisdbalilr wnntt
become a law for som tlnimlinie.
A Hpiilar demMd that T it Thwidoi-
Roosevrit 1 permlM to les , ni , 4 .
vision abroad as soon as he ) nn nlis
It, has sprung npillomlh-ili ihmmtrsal
western part of the countJlauntry, If si
rush of lelegrsim mil Ittt llvttcri here
are to he accepted h ihtilssrlirwin whlr-wt
way f.ho wind blou
Opinion provMli girt Hut lunal the rera
tral and far west li not full)' alive
tu the rest war conditions faring
tills country and some kind of in
"kcmr" Is necnsimry. Koosevell,
muny In congress believe, could de
liver the punch to rouse the country,
lii'rliaps better than any other tuan.
It Is possible I hut should the ron
KTlpllon bill full or be modified
m now seems likely Kootevelt
would be Immediately givpn permlsv
Ion to go ahead with his division.
If cotuiTlptlnn passes, he will lose
hit clmnre. unless President Wilson
trsnts a pe.-lnl dispensation In. his
Just a Party,
"I was anli uic! of my tmlaiid ones
la l.ooiluu," said .Mi. John W. Gstes.
"Among our tourlKt stunts wm s visit
to Miue. Tussniul's wuhm.i-. Due u,'
our friends aidccd us how we liked It.
ml tuy hiisbiind replied, 'Well, It Un
pressed lue s very tnuch like euy other
English nsrty.' " Wiimau's llomef'oui
nilt Fords, fires and
Mclntyre's Garage
Keep your 1 1 money at home by buying
lL Cree3?amery Butter wj)
"And iHit's GOOD Butter"
And il m-tnmakes good bread better
yjmkGlfor Itself
C. L HH4obart Company
Gard Hen S eeds