Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 17, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    TIV.KMY, AJMIH. IT, 1017
PAGM T"" '-A
I H,r r -if ,1
I For early (lowers aad ts
I till. Swfft PfW, Puum.
ad thr Grand Prut
BWts, Psss. Jf iassk, TuraiM.
Don't uV lKt n "mit m
psd," CrtMafst's.
If yv iUr mc- Miry Mw
liseV. mmtS sWtt U fi .
VtmmimwM k vckfitjr niiiliJ to.
San Francisco
' Atlanta
Tha mid Anaulaa la In disrepute be.
(bum of tba Uar of that nam man
tjoned to tba fifth chspter of Uia Acta
of tba Apostles, Two otbera of tba
nama am mentioned In tbe Script urea.
One of tbcaa wee a high pricat In A, D.
48 who waa afterward assassinated;
tba other waa a Jewish disciple at
Damascus. Tradition makes bin to
bava leu bishop of Damascus u4 to
hava died by martyrdom
0 . Marriago la Argentina.
In tba Argentine republic If a
engaged to marry bueitates Iwyond a
reasonable tluir- In leading tila nance
to tba altar b la brnt-lly flnrd. and If
a resident of tba republic abitild fH to
marry lia la taxed until be res. bee tie
age of eighty,
.. Tha (Hreffe1 Neck.
"Why does the giraffe tiara auck a
long iiniT' aske ilia teai-bcr.
"Hecauae Ita head bt ho far away
froto ua body," htrully iwvffi tba
boy. '
Maiden Whae'a Hut "trough of the
aea" wt read about Corney Oh. that
la what Hip ikvuii grt-ylimindu drlnu
out of, ('Basel!' Juiirnnl
Might Hava Been Worse.
"Did the play bava a happy eliding?"
"It niltiht have Uwu wyntc. My wife
only forgot her handkerchief and otia
Wlnii yon liovp ail vlephnnt on band
and lip wmit to nm away, better lot
III in run.-Lincoln
A classified ad will give results.
II"lHi.i'ii ihimiii 1 i V"i,' iiriiii.nii ii
f t it II : Mi,' I i1 . iilsJ' i ,
T:-i Ii ii i B
ii ii
nm mum
n, ri
il I
"A i i! Hii
III1! If
ii nil I lliil!
A I i :
i!i!;fe lili'ikLiliililfe
i liJ ! 1
illi ! i ' i luis 'lii'il.'Hi
III: 1,1 ,
Population ol the' World, 1,691,751,000. Belligerents, 1,144,400,000
Entente Allies (after the
. Belgium (with Kongo) . 22,000,000
British eihpire . . . . i . .443,000,000
France ... 87,300.000
Italy . ... .'. . . . . .". .,. . . 37,000,000
Japan 74,000,000
Montenegro 000,000
China, with its 400,000,000 people, has also broken off relations with Germany, Muohjnore than two
thirds of the land area of the1 world is involved in the great war, Of Europe, Spain, 8candinevia, Holland,
Switaerland, Greeoe are not involved; in Africt only Morocco-, Abyssinia and Liberia'; in North Amerioa
only Mexioo (whioh is far from being at peaoe) and the Central American republics. Of South Amerioa only
British and French Guiana are involved. ' Persia, Afghanistan and, 81am are the white spots on the Asiatic
map.. Australia, of courier is wholly In the war. The tgurei given in tho above tables, of oourse, include
eoloniaL-Bossessiouf..,.,. ,:-. ..,.... ', l':"f... 1,... .:'.. !" ,.VVf ;'). ., t s';'
"JHIA ta tha first et a sans of
rtle'oi an sosus and Low la
car far thsm, Tha artlofsa hava
trn prepared by tha United
Stales Cepsrtmsnt el agriculture. '
ond othtrs will (allow. t
Multitude of Varietfca. ; '
I'miWMKl hy ( . M iltuiiiiiiinr
Tilt: UK If u ritKc fur wcry .
pUriMWP, My IlllWi r XH! -lul
Ul uf I be I'll I Nil Kutcit ilri'irt
uirnt of mrlculiuip ; H.-listluii
mitl bropdtiuc buve lianu priirtlriiil
wllh iUi berrmvd uf nil Hurt -ura
for nucx aud bin'a ivhjiU'U
lu tba'davalopinoiit of a mufti
hide of roue vorletlua, eutuo of
. wblrb are adapted to oat under
linoat any conceivable condi
tion!. iy faiulllnrUln Umaelf
brfore tba plan ting aeaaona to
fall and eprlug wltb tba differ
ent VP of roeea and tba par
loaM for wbicb tbey are oena
daily Bulled too roae Kardener in
city or ceuutry may add greatly
to tba attractlrMa of bli borne.
fioaea for um on la win and
abwff bordera muat bavo be bit
of growth and foliage wblcb tt
tbem particularly for inase ef
facta, FoUago, in fact, la mora
to bo dealred under aui-b coudl
Uona tban Hue flowera. aluce K In
a feature during Hie wbole
growing aeaaeu. wblle tbo flow
ore OMy cover a period letm tban
a rortalu! In length. WIm-ii
auitable aorta are rboei, roprx
are julle u atpiiiiruile uud i-f-fet-iJvo
for une Im relief pluming
alxuit tbe ground Hue of build
big or In niaiweK Utou tbo Ihwm
or along border a olbcr unia
meutal ahrulw. For aw-b .
however, tbey niiw be haidy
aud moderalely five in gmwtb
and niant (toaxowi folutiiv .rcu
aonably dlwate reUtiiul and
tree from luaect attack.
Always t willing to exttnd ths
htlpmg hind. Civs ti.a young
and struggling a word el encour
agement han-you can. Utter
th kind word when you see-that
it is dsservcJ Ths thought that
"no one enros n:l no ens knows"
blijMj Many bud of promise
and often brtods discoursjsmsnt.
i'll' I . ! I'W "ii Willi: VS. , ii i';
I I 'l I II Hi, li, i 1 i In i l lllii ;i
entry of the United States)
Portugal , 15,000,000
Houmnnia ...... u" 7,600,000
Euiii ................ 175,000,000
Servia . i..,.,. . . .... 1,600,000
United State.. .; . . . ... .112,000,000
Total , ...........884,100,000
s ;i:t.ii : ; paw ' r :ii,.:rsrWJ
HI III in .."I ,t 1 ,.r M W (.I i'i : . j 1 . i ii I'lii
ii !,iii:;illli - y Tiii iiili liili! i ii if
; ill'HI. i: Ml! : Hlf !M CtJK ..r' ajF""T. lii 'i H l, ' ,
ummmm .... m m& m
1 1 1 nTl ' : Ii; ife
i nm m x.oicMr .,iii 'ii ii i",i?' i ' i ' I i i i i u rami'' " i ' , i isi:
! i If jiff Km i lliv i wllSPIl -i ff I pr iiiii ' illlfl
Waahlngton, April 17. America'!
part In the "big punh" which ia hurl
ing the German troops back from
their long-eatabllabed llnoa in
France, keeping Teutunlo eonimerce
off the aeaa, and arraying the re
puW Ira of the world agalnat " the
k Bluer, will be under dlacuaalon here
within the next 24 hour.
Food and fighting force are yet
really to be moblllied, but all effort!
are being directed toward a single
goal. -
Chicago packers bare offered to
turn their vast meat Industry over
to the government and permit the
fixing of prices. .
J. Ogden Armour today -suggested
one- mentions day a week as a means
of conserving Atnelrca'a food supply.
The arrival of the British and
French war commissions here Is an
ticipated today or tomorrow. Mean
tlml the senate la expected to pas
the war bond 'bill, making available
a gigantle loan to tba allies, aa well
as providing for America's financing
of the war against Germany. - .
: The high commissions of both Eng
land and France will be housed In
two mansions In the most select part
of Waahlngton. Special care .has
been taken to guard the commission
era. It waa auggeated In some quar
ters that placing them in private
housea waa due to a desire to shield
them from both the curious and from
poaatble cranks. Special police will
be assigned to aee that tbey are not
In congress sentiment on test votes
la the house military- committee
shows a majority favoring stronger
provision!) for volunteering than the
administration army bin already pro
vides. Opposition to tbe selective
draft idea, however, will be overcome,-
according to confident predic
tions of close congressional observ.
blissful Ignorance. .
Two buntem fnuud tbemselvea some
distance fruin a towii wben darkness
set In and prevailed upon a louely
settler to put tbcui up for tbe ulgbt.
lie bad OuUbed bis supper, but there
was au ample supply or stew In a pot,
whk-b tbey fouud dolk-loua. V
Tbe uoit tuttruliig tbe bot said be
waa sorry that be bud nothing to olfer
tbeui for brpakfust but uiunkinL
"Muskrat!" o-hcd tbe hunters. "Wo
couldn't think of cuiiujf It. We'll go
without breiikfust."
"Weil, it's wuat ,vuu bad for supper."
returned tbe nvltlcr, "mid from tiie
dcut ,vuu put lu It you Bi-cuied to like
It pretty wcll."-C'hk-utfu Cost.
li" ' t : 1 : K I T ii ; yl, i
lll'l II
Central Empires.
Austria Hungary .,..., 60,000.000
Bulgaria 4.8Q0.00O
German empire 81,000,000
Turkey 84,800,000
Total ................160,300,000
To Build
After Grippe, Colds
Bad Blood
Take a blood cleanser and alterative
that suru tbe liver and stomach into
yigiirous action, called , Ir. Knee's
Golden Medical Discovery because of
one of iu principal ingredients the
Golden Seal plant. It assists the kodv
to manufacture ricu rea moou wmcu
feels tbe heart nerves brain and
orgHns of the body. Tne organs work
smoothly like machinery running in
oil. Yon feel clean, strong and strenu
ous Instead of tired, weak and faint
Start to take it to -day and before
another day has passed, tbe impurities
Of the Dlowl win oegin w leave your
body tbroush tbe ellmlnaUve organs,
and in a few days you will know
that tbe bod blood Is passing out, ana
new, rich, pure blood: ia filling your
veina and arteries.
, Get Dr. llerce'e Golden Medical Dis
covery to-day from anv medicine deal
er, in tablet or liquid form, or'send Dr.
Kerce, Invalids' liotel, Buffalo, N. Y.,
ten cenu for trial package of tablets.
What Our Neighbor Say.
Astoria, Oregon. "After having bad
inc grip coniu
not regain my
strength; my
blood wss poor, I
waa nervous and
also bad heu-
matism. I tried
everything bat
just could not get
any relief.
Finally I decided
to take Doctor
Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
and it cured" me.
ply great. I use the
' Pleasant Pellets for constipation.
Q. R. Snota, 373 Exchange St.
Portland, April 17. Today's mar
ket quotations were: '
Wheat Club,- 205; tlueetem, 208.
Oats No. 1 white feed, 48.25.
Barley Feed, 48.50.
Hogs-iBest live, 15.S5.
Prime steers, 10.25; fancy cows,
8.75; beet calves, 10.00.
' Spring lambs, 15.00.
Butter City creamery, 44; coun
try. 85.
Butterfat Unchanged.
Eggs Selected local extras, 38 Ci
Hens, 21; broilers, ,87 50; geese
lltt O It.
Copper, 80.' ' .
What Is Taking Place In the Great
Nebula In Andromeda.
We look today on tbe things of a
century, n millennium, ago. Light trav
eling at the rate of lMi-'tOO miles a sec
ond reiiulrps more than four yeirs to
conic fnmi the nenrmt stnr, perhaps
thou wi mil aud toiiM of thousands of
yearn from tbe furthest; hence In every
case tbey are uot what U. but what
waa. ' , ' . "
Thousands of nebulae have been dis
covered In the ben vena, Tbe spiral pat
tern of some few- nebulae has long
been conllrmntkm of the theory that
tbey are the real heRlnners of a oolar
system, rtut there bus recently come
In much evidence of the spiral charac
ter of other nebiilne that the conclu
sion seems forced upon us that practi
cally all are In a state of rotation and
are hence supplying . the centrifugal
force to throw off the rings which roll
themselves np luto plauets revolving
about central suns.
When opportunity is given to look di
rectly down upon a nebula there re
sults startling evidence of Ita being
In rotation. There is no other 'way of
explntulng Its remarkable details of
structure. Some look like the propeller
blades of a mot or boat; some are actu
ally caught In the Ret of throwing off
rlng which are seen condensing at
certain centers, rolling tbemselvea into
planets, henceforth to travel around
their suits. The great nebula in An
dromeda' giveH striking cf tdence that It
Is worklug out another and a greater
solar system tliuu our own.
In short, It seems that In Btudytng
the neliuliic we nre Ix-liiu admitted to
the very workshop of the uiilverac and
uro iieniiltted to wnteh the actual proc
eiw of turning out worlds. Nothing lu
the heavens la better lifted to till the
very soul with awe. As In the case of
tlio "llxetl Htavs," our lives are too
brief, too feeble our eyes, to detect tbo
actual motion, Frederick Campbell's
"Suns and Worlds In the Making."
areasa en Leather. '
Grease atalna on leatber may be re
moved by carefully applying benilna
or perfectly pure , turpentine. Wash
the spots over afterward with the well
beaten white of hii ecu or s itimnI
leu I her reviver. i. 'i
Job printing of every description al
the Courier office. , v ' ' '
Bicycles, Tires, Supplies
and Repairs
Mclntyre's Garage
I think it is rim
Red Clover, Tlmotbo. Scajrifled
Sweat Clover, Rya Graaa, etc.
Ralph Waldo Blden, Central Point,
Oregon. 47tf
FOR SALS 160 feet -lncb galraa
iced pipe, 40 feet a-laoh pipe
Inquire , fl. P. J eater, at Grants
Pans Banking Co. mtf
FOR SALE Baby chicks 10 cents
each; also eggs for batching,
brown and white log horn aad ban
ties. Mrs. F. O. Wilcox, 407
Rogue River avenue or telephone
SS3-R. -; . 18
ANOEL CAKES supplied In any
quantity on short notice, lOe each.
Phone JL$0-J. 2tf
FOR SAJE One ift Peter ShatUer
wagon, nearly new, with good
wagon bed for flOO.00; one 1-
horse wagon. In excellent condi
tion,' with heavy single harness
for 175.00 Grants Pass Hdw. Co.
FOR SALE Cheap, 950-lb. mare, 2
beated back and narness. tJ. U
TTpaon, Jr., phone S2S-I 12
FOR 8 ALB One , mahogany bed
room suite, one oak sideboard, oak
book ease, two oak rockers, seed
pota(oes. Mrs. P. C. Bosnia, Fnit-
dale. phono fOS-F-S. - SI
PAOTURAGB for all kinds of live
atock. For particulars phone
601-R-l. 31
VOK SALE Early Magoon and New
Oregon strawberry plants.- , Plants
are well rooted. Phone 60S-F-12.
FOR SALE: Sire stallions, champion
. stock, bred right; none better at
any price. Will consider trade.
Address Morris Koon, Junction
City. Oregon. 62
dividends on grain ' at " present
prices. Scrubs wont , Winona
Berkshlres will. Winona Ranch,
Rd. No. 1, Grant! Pass. Or. 24
116 ACRES of land, between 15 and
20 acres in cultivation, good old
and young orchard, at Wolf
Creek, to exchange for city pro
perty. Address Ed. Jordan, Wolf
Creek, Ore. ' 18tf
FOR RENT Five-room house . at
727 North 5th street, bath, sleep
ing tent and chicken yard. s Call
at corner of 5th and Evelyn Ave.
for key. 48
FOR RENT 8-room house North
7th street, electric lights and bath.
good barn, one acre land, good
garden land, berries, $12.50 per
month. Inquire at 832 North 7th,
or see S. J. T.Tlor. S3
FOR RENT 7-room house, water,
bath and electric' lights, cor. C
and 8th, $7.50 per month; 6-room
house and barn, West D street,
S5 per month; 5-roonr house and
barn, West G street, $4 per month;
4-rooiu bouse, cor. C and Third,
S3 per month; 3 -room house. West
- L street, $2 per month. Inquire
v Otto J. Knips, 616 South Fourth
street. ' ; 33
FOR RENT 5-room modern bunga
low, with Bleeping porch, close In,
811 D street. - (S3
wlNTED-r-500 pairs ot shoes to put
rubber soles on all in one , day.
Wm. Hayea, 111 South 6th street.
TEAMS " WANTED Want several
men with good teams tor orchard
cultivation. Write Rogue River Or
chard Co., Merlin, Ore., or phone
600-F-2. 17tf
WANTED To lease a good hay
farm with option to buy,' Address
No. 719. care Courier. 33
DRESSMAKING Do you. want an
advanced style early spring suit,
afternoon and evening gowns and
waists for all occasions? Remodel
ing done. Reduced prices for 60
days. 215 North 6th street, cor
- ner D. Phone 1 20-R. S3
HOW ABOUT that title? An abstract
, from Grants Pass Abstract Co. will
answer the question. ' Better be
sure before Investing. Offices Al
bert Bldg. Opposite Postofflce. 11
DR. R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarian.
Office In Wlnetrout Implement
Hldg. Phone I IS-J Kesldence
Phone S05-R. -.
E. R. CROUCH Asuyer, chemist,
metallurgist Roomv 201-203 Pad
dock Bulldlng,k Grants Pas,"
L. O. CLEMENT, , IL D. PrscUos
limited to dlsaasei of tba aye, ear.
nosa and throat Glasses ItteJL
Office hours Ml, 2-f, or on ap
pointment Ofllce phone, 2; resi
dence phone H-i.
. LOUOHRIDOE, at. D., Physleiaa
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night Raatdeam
phone SCI; offlos phone IIS.
Sixth and H. Taffs Building. .
J. P. TRUAX, M . O., Phrakdaa aad
surgeon. Phones: Offlaa 221; resa
denee 224. Calls answered at all
boors. Country oaSa attended to.
Lundburg Building. -.
DR. ED. BTWATER SpeeiaUat on
diseases of tha eye, ear, now aaC
throat; glaasea fitted. Offleo boon:
I to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. ss. Phaaa
Reaideac 224-J; offlos 217-1.
Schmidt Bldg, OraaU Paaa, Ora.
A. A. WrTHAM, If. 0., Phycielai aa4
surgeon. Offlos: Ball Bldg., eormar
Sixth aad I treeis. Phones: OSes
111; residence 2 8 8-J. Honrs: f a.
m. to 4 p. m.
B. C. ILACT, D. H. D. Flrst-elaos
dentistry. 101 V4 SoaU SUk
streeti Grants Paaa, Oregoa.
H. V. NORTON. Attoraey-at-lav
Praetlco In all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
at-Law Grants Paaa Banking Co,
Bldg. Grants Paaa, Ore.
E. 8. VAN DTKE, Attorney. Practlca
In all courts. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attoraey-at-Law.
Ofllce Itaaonie' Temple
. Grants Paaa, Ore. ' ..
W. T. MILLER, AUorney-at-Uw.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Ofllce: Schallhorn Vldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-La
. Grants Paaa Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270, Grants Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorey-et-Law
Practice in state and federal
; courts. Rooms 2, : and S. " over
Golden Role store. ; "
torneys, Albert block, phone US-J.
Practice In all courts; land board
attorneys. i
PAPERHANGING. graining, paint
ing. For the best work at lowest
prices, phono 295-J. C. Q. Plant
Sooth Park street.
J. S. MACMURRAT, teacher of voloa
cultn and singing. Lessons giveai
at borne ot ?upll if requested. Ad
drjw 716. Lea street 861tt
kinds of drayage and transfer
work carefully and promptly dona.
Phone 18 W. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop. 1
F. G. ISHAM. dravaee and transfer.
. Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, ahlpped and stored. Phone
Clark ft JBolman. No. 60. Resi
dence phone 124-R. -
aSS WORLD MOVES: so do we.
Onnch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
37-R. ; -
IVAN UVINGSTON, Incorporated
Accountant. Bookkeeping systems,
accounting and auditing. Address
115 A street 81
. A 8ilent Hour. .
"Tba after lunch nap la my favorite
hour of tbe whole day."
"I thought you didn't sleep after
luncbr -
"I don't, but my wife doea."Lon
don Oplulon. 1 . '' i '
Calling cardsat Tbo Courier.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad company ;
"" Effective December S, 111 '
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.
Train 1 Iv. Grant Pass.. 10.00 a. as.
Train 2 Iv Waters Creek . . 1.00 p. ta.
All trains leave Grants Pass Iron,
the corner of G and Eighth' streets,
opposite tha Bouthern Pacific depot
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice bonding, or phone 121 for
aass , . ... i , h . -