Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 12, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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THI'IUUMT, APnil. t ".
rant Nobt Grands Own
The Pact Noble Qrandi club will
meet t the horn of Mr. J. 0. Smith,
f OS L street, Friday afternoon t !
NoogUw Fairbanks
the sensation of the
This Gire&t Sale
Will Soon End
sapportcd iby Constance TalnMdge
and all-star Trlaautle ,
la "The MMi-inanUc,"
tonight and Friday,
Star theater.
CaaUta to lie bHtl
Ths choir of Newman M. R. church
will repeat the oantata given Baiter
td hi ( oa the coming Sunday evening.
Frank Thompson, of Merlin, spent
Wednesday attending to business In
the dry. ; 1
Jf. A. Pittenger left this morning
for Santa Barbara, where he will re
main Indefinitely.
Eugene WrlKht Is spending a few
dan visltiu with his son, Ray
Wright, at Rosebnrg.
B. P. Anthony was a local visitor
yesterday from Roeefcurg. returning
to his home last night.
I. A. Roble spent a short time vis
iting with friends In Medford. return
ing here this morning.
S. I. Renshaw left today for En
gene and will visit there with friends
for the next few weeks.
M. P. fnman, of the Greenback
mine, spent a few days in the city,
returning to the mine this morning.
W. J. MUler, who has been visit
ing for the past week with friends at
Williams, left last night for Salem
and Dallas.
Mrs. R. K. Hackett returned last
night from San Francisco, where she
has been visiting for the past few
Chicken pie supper at W. O. W.
hall Thursday. April IS. 33
Alex Nlbley left yesterday for In
dependence, where a large number of
acre of beets are being grown this
year for the local sugar factory.
Miss Emma Robinson, who has
mining interests at Galice, was In
the etty yesterday. Miss Robinson left
last night for Portland to spend a few
Elmer Costello and Seth 'Blake
pent Wednesday In the city visiting
with friends. They joined the car
load of boys bound for San Fran-
training station.
Saturday Is Chaplin flay. 99Uf
John Hampshire went to Portland
last night to spend a fer days.
C. H. Coombs, of Placer, Is stop
ping for a short time at the Omnia
Pass hotel.
R. B. Miller, of Portland, is spend
ing a few days1 visiting In the ctty.
He is stopping at the Josephine.
George Andrews, of Medford, spent
the day attending to business In the
city. He is here In connection with
the New York Symphony orchestra.
R. R. Bravlnder returned this
morning from Corvallls. where he
spent several weeks. Mr. Bravlnder
Is a member of the officers' reserve
corps and will leave rn a few days.
J. A. Churchill, state superinten
dent of public instruction, slopped
off in the city today on his way
south. He spent the morning vis
iting the different schools.
Mrs. T. P. Cramer left this morn
ing for Corvallls where she will spend
a few days with her son. Ted, who
has Joined the officer's reserve. Miss
Jeanette Cramer will leave for that
etty tonight
W. C. T. V. Meeting Friday
. There will be a regular meeting
of the W. C. T. I', at the home of
Mrs. Graham, on North Sixth street,
tomorrow afternoon at 1:30, All
members are requested to be present.
Car of .Maxwell Arrlv
A carload of Marwell automobile
was unloaded today by the local
agency. Six touring cars were In
cluded In the shipment.
Funeral Saturday Forenoon
The funeral of J. G. Cogeshall will
be held Saturday forenoon, at 10
o'clock, from the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. Alex Brown, 303 Hootli
street. Internment at Granite Hill
Coining to tirant
The Chamber of Commerce has re
ceived letters from three families
with which It has been In correspon
dence, stating that they will reach
this city during April or May to make
their future home. Much of the cor
respondence coming to the Chamber
Indicates that the exceptionally sev
ere winter Just experienced by the
mlddlo west and Atlantic roast
states, has turned the minds of many
to this section.
"Pauline" Last Night
A fair sized audience greeted the
30 or more who took part In the
comic operetta "Pauline," or "An
Eventful Day." at the opera house
last night There was no plot but
the title gave opportunity for the
appearance of groupes of local sing
ers, some of them appearing in cos
tume, and all giving a good account
of themselves. The show was given
under the direction of Mrs. Knapp
for the benefit of St. Luke's cnurcn
and the High School orchestra, the
orchestra furnishing music for the
occasion. Pauline will be repeated
Come From rvxvnt City
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Super arrived
In the city yesterday, driving a Chal
mers 30, the first car to make the
trip over the mountains from Cres
cent City. Mr. and Mrs. Super are
on their way to Portland from their
home at Los Angeles. They report
that the road on the California side
Is the worst traveling, the roads from
the summit to this city being In good
condition. The road from Selma to
this city is said to be In excellent
BIJOU Theatre
"v -111
;;.;; r
"-1 1 r - ff !
. I -i r I L
v TV' vZS
ma : 1 1
. -j
By the
Choir Girls
Henloriu Sanchea
Hpaiiisli-Eirypllim Dsmer
Dramatic Hpraiio
.;,'X t.
OtaMiKh Weather Station '
While In Medford yesterday. BenJ.
C. Sheldon, manager of the Chamber
of Commerce, arranged with the rep
resentatives of the United States
weather bureau for the erection of
two weather stations In the fruit
growing sections near this city. One
night's frost last spring coat this
section many carloads of fruit, and
orchardtots are proposing to make a
study of frost conditions with a view
of combatting this loss by up-to-date,
scientific means. Mr. Sheldon se
cured the co-operation of the weather
bureau In the frost survey work
which is being conducted In Jackson
county, now in Its fourth year.
Josephine's New limner
Josephine county Is the recipient
of a beautiful silken banner which
Is now displayed In the circuit court
room whenever a new citizen of the
United States Is In the making. Tho
banner Is the gift of the Sons of the
American Revolution, and one Is
given to each county for use In Its
court room when foreign-born citi
zens are toeing naturalised. Formal
presentation of the flag will be made
at the time the new court house Is
dedicated late In the summer.
A classified sd will atve results.
A Big' Double Show
A 5-rvel Feature
"Arms and the Women"
With MA KV XAHH as Htar
Admission ic; Children life THH CALDWFMX
Special Performance Friday Afternoon at 4 p. m.
words, two issues, zrr; six Issues,
50c; one month. 31.50, when paid In
advance. When not paid in advance,
6c per line per Issue.)
FOR RENT 8-room house North
Tth street, electric lights and bath,
good barn, one acre land, good
garden land, berries, 312.50 per
month. Inquire at 832 North 7th,
or see S. J. T.ylor. 33
FOR BALK One mahogany bed
room suite, one oak sideboard, oak
hook case, two oak rockers, seed
potatoes. Mrs. P. C. Bosnia, Fruit
dale, phone 603-F-3. 31
PASTURAGE for all kinds of live
stock. For particulars phone
S01-R-1. 31
ROYAL Bronze turkey eggs for sale.
Inquire Mrs. A. H. Eddy, Rd. No,
2. 28
DRY -SLAB wood. Phone I37-R,
Williams Wood Yard. S6tf
and Repairs
Mclntyre's Garage
DM South Sixth Street
Come now and buy for less, while the opportunity is here.
Prices are advancing everywhere at mill and factory, but we
are going to keep prices down as long as we can, for we have
hundreds of dollars yet to raise for the Baron estate. We must
make quick sales and raise the money. Dpn't delay-come and
get your share of these wonderful bargains.
Every Article' Genuinely Reduced!
Any $20.00 Wonder Suit
v Styles for Men
and Young Men
Any $15.00 Wonder Suit
Styles for Men
and Young Men
To $25 Hart, Schaffner & Marx Suits, $10.80!
Every pair of Dress or Work Shoes Sacrificed!
Every piece of Men's Underwear is Reduced!
Every Dress or Work Shirt in Stock Reduced!
Every Fine Hat in the Store is Cut in Price!
A Festival of Rare Bargains! Deal Miss It!
Wonder 'Stores Co
Grants Pass, Oregon.
W. R. O. WUI Met
Oeneral Logan Woman's Relief
Corps will hold. their regular semi
monthly meeting Saturday afternoon
in the W. O. W. hall on South Sixth
street. After initiation and at the
close of tooth the O. A. R. and W. R.
C. a picnic lunch will be served by
the every-member ossket committee.
The president requests a targe mem
bership attendance. All Civil war
vetrans amd visiting members of both
organizations, who may be In the
city are cordially Invited to be present.
Verdict Kor Southern Pacific
The Jury In the case of Harrctt vs.
the Southern Pacific railroad com
pany returned a verdict In fnvor of
the defendant late Wednesday after
noon. The action was one for xr
sonal damages alleged resulting from
a collision between a freight train
upon the defendant's track and an
Lauto driven by Mr. Barrett, u year
ago, near Hugo. A like case, grow
ing out of the same accident, brought
by the estate of C. U Dlllen, who was
killed In the collision, resulted In s
verdict for the plaintiff, a judgment
for $7, GOO being awarded.
Dry 8lnb Wood
Williams Wood
. phone
The IIIJoNi Tonight
Artists In vaudeville. The "Choir
Olrls" who begin their engagements
tonight at the 11 Jou are a quartette
of real artists. Angela May It a
musical comedy contralto from
Broadway, N. Y. Adsh Howard Is a
soprano of comio opera and. both of
these singers are head-line perform
ers on the big circuits. Caruatlon Is a real Spanish sunorlts
front Madrid, Spain, and Is one of the
greatest of the youngest dance ar
tists now appearing In vaudeville.
The latest popular and novelty songs
and musical numbers will be heard In
thslr performances. The comedy
sketch, "What the Papers Bay," Is a
satire of the press and Is full of
"songs and ipatter." The manage!
ment offers thesis artists as an added
feature with the tisutl special photo
play and comedy pictures. 28
Garden Seeds
Akron, Ohio, April 12. Three men
ware Instantly killed and nine were
Injured at the Ooodyear Tire & (lub
ber company plant today when an
elevator foil throe stories. Twelve
men and a heavy hydraulic press
were on the elevator. A cable snap
ped. The dead: !.. K. llolllngshoud, W.
Kenney and one man, unidentified.
( 'nmmiinli ut Ion I h'lNyrd
The Courier bus received a cmn
iiiiinlcatlon from the county court
and commlHslouorN lu reply to slate
mcnls liuitlii by Dr. Keddy at the rc
cent Chamber of Commerce meet
ing. The communication wns crowd
ed out of today's Issue because of
lack of space, but will bn published
Thomas Towns, of (lallce, was a
local visitor yesterday.
and Friday
( lreMnt
A IMcture Version of a Iok pA of the Sierras
"Hie Girl of Lost Lake"
MYHTI.K (MN7,AIKZ, VAI, PAl'l HtKI (HVltCH ami a Select
Company of llluehtrd ITioto-risjetK.
IMnturlal llcautlea of the Mountains
Nature Bowies In Nature Settings
Hugged TyMW In Stirring- lumianee
Written and Produced by Lynn F. Ibtynolds, Author of "The Secret
of the ftwamp"
"HE ALMOST ELOPED," a Nestor! Comedy.