Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 11, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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jGr Home Dressmakers
VL Bound buttonholes seem a tit easier p mate
",."iW"iiiin.r"in'') 1 !i!TT
No. 1. Mark the line whir ynu Inland to out th buttonhole, ttltcn bias
l rip of th material alone either (Id of It, than cut tlio buttonhole.
No. 3. Fold over all the outer edge of th atrip, ureas them flat, then puaa
. thoni throush th liola to tha wrung aid.
No. I. Fold tha atrip flatly ovar Mich adaa. Pall It down neatly on tha wrong
. alda and trtlhon tha and) with liny Invlalbla itltchea.
BH'NI) buttonhole are very
atnart fur loitcoata of henry ma
, ; ' tnrlal, and thny art alao used
on ault riiata, ou blouse and on
rcasc. ' Tbey are geueratly lilted
Biuat of all for large buttuna. Tbey
are am h a abort rut Beglnnera espe
elslly, who votiut every ; slltcb tbey
work smund n buttonhole, will be de
llljlilwl with (be shuplli-lty of these
and the quIrkticM with wlikb they are
done. '
,. Tha llltiatratluna and uWrtptlon
above make the method, sbsolutely
clear, A different method of duUhliig
ou the wrong aide la often used when
there la lluluir or uuderfarlug, aa In
Cost, fur luslanre. The llnlnic la not
stitched In with tha blaa atrlji. , It la
left fraa. to that when tbe blaa atrip
Portland, April 11. Today's mar
ket quotation were:
WheatClub, 180; blueateni, 1X3.
Onta No. I white feed, 43.25.
Barloy Feed, 44.60.
Hoga Beat live, 14.66.
Prime steers, S.75 iff 10,00; fancy
cowa, 8..'i0; best' calves, 10.00.
Spring lamia, 13. SO.
Butter City creamery, 44; coun
try, 15.
Butterfst Unchanged.
Eggs Selected local extra, SI.
Hena, 12; broilers, 35 (ft B0;
geeae, IS j 13.
Copper, 30.
Job printing of every description at
tha Courier office.
7 2 . x
No man would expect to hire clerk' for day, then lay hiss ef
month and hire him agnln for a dny. 1 ,' '
Still, thnt'e the way many mcncliants hire Advcrtiftements,
They expect their advertinlng to work one or two or tare dags e
month ano sctl'more gooda than all of the people In tbe store mV
together. . , : v: , ; ; ',;" .tu.v
There n're aome who keep their Advertising -wotliiag week la ' and
week ont--cslllng at thonuuxfe of homea often enowgk to get aa. '
qnalnted with people, and to knlld a reputation for lite store.' - '
By keeiilng everlastingly at. It n very UlUe Adveiilaemeat will
eventually do more work than the Big Ad that wrk a day and lays
off a month. ,,f '' ' . ; ? .,,.,
Little Ad ami Big Ad working together make a team that's hsri t
beat for selling goods, " ' ! '. ,
la pushed through tba bola It may be
spread flat lietween tbe material and
tha lining. Then tba bola la rut in tba
lining, and Ita edgea are turned In and
felled down neatly around tba button
hole. Moat often tha Uuttoohole la bound
with Hit an mi' material aa tba coat or
dress or blouse. Sometimes aatln it
uked, sometimes corded silk.,.,. .
Tbera la yet another abort cat In
waking buttonholes You can una loop
of cord Instead of buttonbolea. Tbla
la done on costs chiefly and omdoa
ally ou blouses. I'm a good quality
Ilk cord, for It tnuit aland conitant
wear. 8ew It Ormly with sewing allk
along the edges of tbe coat, leaving It
free where it la to play tba part of
A Perfect Llkanaaa.
Mm. H. t li. tvliut it liesutlful race!
Who la 111 Painter-That, madnm, la
your lintirhicr Mrn. H.-V,'hat a per
fect llkcncKM! I think you most paint
A Household Jewel.
"la your new inn lit intupetentr
"Very HIm cnii even fool agentaand
i peddler Into U-Hcvlng that ahe'a mis
tress of the house
A claialfled ad will give remit.
I The California and Oregon
l Coast Railroad Company
1 Effective December 5, ISM
Tuesdajra. Thuradava. Saturriara '.
! Train 1 It. Orants Pa.. 10.00 a. m.
Train S Iv. Waters Creek 1.00 p. m.
All trains leave Orants Pas from
tha corner of O and Eighth atreeta,
oppodts the Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
freight and paaaanger service csll at
i tha office of tha company, Public Ser
vice building, or phone 131 for
Mtlins Maf Asslii Esvcrb
After Miny Cesturtcs. "
RULED FROM 1099 T0 1137
Kingdom Eetabllehed by Cruaadara Un
jif Qodfray da leulllon Endured far
71 Yeare fighting With. Neighbor.
Ing Heathen Tribaa Chrletlane Who
Lived and Died by Sword. '
England was aruuHtil to a blgb pitch
of authusisam over tlie iropect of cap
turing Joroaalcui, tbe ancient capital ot
Palestine and tbe city of tba Holy
Sopulcber, which was luut held by the
Etigllab in ihe tuna of Richard L '
Tba BrltUti force that awept tbe
Turk from tbe Klnnl penlimul were
reported at El Cbatil, the ancient
Uebron, about fifteen mllca from tba
venerable city of David.
In tba Holy Laud the IlrltUb, fol
lowing In a general way the route of
tba children of Israel. painted by
Mount Bin I and printed ufion J
rusalem. ' Along the Tlgrla they have
loft behind inn ruin of Mncvcli. flank
ed the dusty tumiinl,of Bnliylou ami
are almost before tbe gntea of Bagdad,
where Ilaroun-AI HnmlilU purmicj h!
nightly prowling In thechlldbooil of tbe
race. And the It'.nwlsiiit, surging down
from the Persian pluttnu. ure follow
ing tbe natb of Hit three nle men
toward Bethlehem.
Chrlatlan Ruled 100 Year Ago. -
With the falling of Jeruxalein Into
BrltUb banda the Holy City will be
ruled by Chrltiau for the Itrat time
since 1201.
It waa lu I0W0 that the cruaadcra.
after many bnrdihlp and bitterly
fought battle, entered Jerusalem and
went solemnly to service In the Church
of tbe Holy Bepulcbcr and pralaed God.
They made liodfrey of Bouillon king
of Jerusalem, and It la cbaracterlittc
of the poetry that waa In aome of these
ertmndera tlmt he refused to wear a
rrown. pl.eadlng It was unseemly thst
he n-enr n row n of gold In tbe city
here his Saviour had once worn n
rrown of thorns. Godfrey ruled one
vear. and It waa a turbulent one. A
large number of cnixatler atarjed
home ' when they had fulfilled their
vow In iitkltisi the holy city, and God
frey made a ruling that any Franklnh
nolile who took an cutate and held It
for a ttml a dny should acquire
title to It. Ilia kingdom, won by war
fare, aurvlved lu the sniue way. In
t'lirslons Into uel.chborltiK Saracen ter
rltory brought hnck plunder and mado
It potwlltle lo Miy aoldler,. ami In a
country wblcb waa rocky and arid a
living wus not to be won from tbe aoll.
Nor had tbe cruadira come to tba
Uoly Land to farm. Their prowess was
lbs prowess of the sword, and If they
were to endure In tbe midst of Moslem
neighbors It was essential that they
keep those Moslem neighbors fairly
well terrorised.
aldwin Made King.
Godfrey died at tbe end of a year
and waa succeeded by his brother, i
Baldwin. Baldwin, a large and hand
some man, who coold never be faithful
to one wife for long, bad no scruple
about wearing a gold crown. And as
soon as be wss crowned be set oft to
show the heathen and Ida enemies that
am chcno
v Chin Herb Htore :
Herb cure for etrKche, headache,
catarrh, diphtheria, sore throat,
lung trouble, kidney trouble, atom-
cn trouble, heart trouble, chill and
rever, cramp, cougns, poor circula
tion,, carbunclea, tumors, caked
breast, curea all kinds of goiters.
Medford. Oregon. Jan. IS. It 17
Tbia Is to certify that I. the un
derlined, bad very aevere stomarti
trouble and had been bothered for
several yeara and last August wss not
expected to live, snd bearing of Gim
Chung (whose Hefb Store is at 241
South Front atreet In Medford) I de
cided to get herbs for my stomach
trouble, and I started to feeling bet
ter as soon ss I used them, and todsy
m a well man snd can heartily rec
ommend anyone afflicted as I wss to
see Gim Chung snd try his Herbs.
I Signed) W. R. JOHNSON.
Witnesses; '
X. A. Anderson, Medford.
S. B. Holmes, Eagle Point.
Frrnk Lewi, Eagle Point.
Wm Lewis, Eagle Point.
W. L. Childreth, Eagle Point.
C. E. Moore, Eagle Point.
J. V., Mclntyre, Eagle Point
Geo. B. Von de Hellen, Fnle I'nint
Thoa. E. Nlcbola, Eagle Point.
John S. Orth, Medford
be deserved the kingship. : He sdded
territory to his little kingdom, ne
ruled for eighteen years. And you get
a quaint gleam of tbe commerdalUm
tbnt was sometimes mixed ' op with
holy wsrs wbeu you read that be
made a treaty with a shipload of
Genoese pilgrims at Joppa that If tbey
would belp ului In ouu of bia cam-
pulgna tbey could bare a third of all
the loot.
A battle at a place called namla dur
ing Baldwin's reign Is Interesting not
only bccstise. when tbe fight seemed to
be going against blin Baldwin agreed
to patch up a quarrel be had with the
patriarch of Jerusalem and received
absolution on the field, but because of
tbe Incentive be gave his troops; before
hand. Lived and Died by Sword.
'Fellow aoldler of the cross,' be
cried, wsvlng bis lance and pennon.
"let ns fight for Christ's glory. If there
be cowsrds auimig us who fear yonder
vast herd of Moslem doga (they out
numbered him ufcout ten to onel let tnem
remember before tbey fly that Pales
tine bss no refuge for us If we are
conquered and that France Is 'very fsr
off." ...
Baldwin's last Ulnes enme uon him
while be was on, an exiieditlon into
Egypt, where be died.
Tbe story of the "Latlu kingdom of
Jerusalem" la one that repeats Itself
with slight variations. Alwaya with
an absurdly small force to bold the
country, re-enforced rlodlcslly when
a wave of enthusiasm swept over Eu
rope and sent out a ucw crusade, tbe
monarch of the Holy Kepulcher fought
Turks. Arabs, Greeks by turn sud found
time to make wsr on one another In
between. 'Allisucen between Christian
princes snd Moslem em Irs were not In
frequent when the first fierce seal of
tlie soldiers of the cross wore off, and
oriental luxury aud vices played their
part lu degrading some of tbe princes.
Miracles, butchery, courage snd devo
tion are all mixed up curiously In tbe
chronicles of the time, and these men
who lived .v the sword more' often
died by It than otherwise.
A S C of Safety First.
There la a tradition that the
who compiled tbe "Stop I Look! Lis
ten P admonition waa well paid for hie
philological efforts. .. A resident
of Georgetown calls attention to a aign
In a workshop In tbat section ot the
city bearing the letters "A.B.C" One
la placed over each machine. The pro
prietor explained tbat this stood for
"Alwsys Be. Careful." Perhaps the
psychology of tbe Initialed warning
Ilea In tbe fact that the curiosity Is
bestirred cuough to Inquire about It
a little trick that advertisers know
well.--Washington Times. , '
To keep coffee fresh on
its way from the roasting:
plant through the grocery
store to your kitchen was
'ong an unsolved problem.
The airtight tins in
which Schilling's Best is
packed have solved it ..
They keep all the flavor
in; and all the odor out
They make such fine cof
fee practicable and ec
onomical. ; s ; r ;
( It goes farttsst,
V:. Best
Classified Ariyeritsfog ;
' ntrweuirt' Tv,,T.'
STRiCTLT FANCY SEEDS Alfalfa, , ' rt 'P,.U ' B -
Red Clover,- Tlmotho, Scarified U t2fif'
Sweet aover, Ry. Gr etc "f 'tt
Ralph Wrido Eldea, Central Point. .0cl, tto4-
Oregoa, ( ; S47tf b"r,rt"' I'- " "
polntment. Office phone, 12; resl
POR 8A1E ISO feet -lnch gslvsn- deace phone SSS-J
Infuira 'J, UOHHIDOB, M. 0., Pky.cU. .
FOR SALE Baby chicks 10 cenU pbone SSS; oSSea phone 111.
each; also u tor batching. Sixth and H. Tiffs Baildta.
brown and white leghorn and ban- ,
ties. Mr. P. O, Wilcox, 407 p TRGAX, U. D., Physidaa sad
Rogue River avenue or telephone surgeon. Phones: OSes SSI; rsss-
S23-R. . ; 38 " eca S24. CalU answered at ail
. Knv, T houn- Country calls attended to..
ANGEL, CAKES supplied in any Lnndborg BnUdlng.. ,
quantity on short notice, 60e each. . ,
Phone. 1S0-J. SS2tf DB ID' BTWATER SpedaUst as
rmSAdUon., Peter ShutUer T..
II'Z' ".Vnn I? 9 t0 " . 1DV Phot,
wagon bed for $100.00; on. 1- Re8Wenc, offlc w
tio"' 9Ta?JM gcaat Bldg. OnU Pa-. Or. .
tlon. with heavy single harness
for $75.00 Grants Pass Hdw. Co. WITHAM, M. D., Phitdsa aad
TniTMfYiiipinp -a . t. n, nrgeoa. Offlca: Ball Bldg.. eoraar
TO ENCOURAGE good stock we will SMb , '
tL Hn,r h n Tr residence SSS-JHours: a.
tered Hoist ein bull calf or yonng
bull entirely on time payments. F. " " " '" " ' :'' -
R. Steel. Winona Ranch, Grants - " DiarnBTs)
Pass, Ore. Route 1. 12tf B. C. MACY. O. M. D.-First-cUsa
BUGGY, saddle and harness for sale ' dentistry. 10SH Sontk ' SlzU.
cheap If taken at once. Anna street. Grants Psss, Oregon.
Relscbl, pbone S26-J. 2( a,uri;, v
, ; ' ATTORNEYS. . ;
FOR SALE Hay, twth grain and - 'pmM r --
clover. flS and 120 per ton. E. NORTOM, Attorneyt-Uw
H Richard. 27 MtJc Federal
Conrta. First National Bank Bldg. .
TEAM OF MULES for sale, and IS rr '
year. old. weight 2,800. price L WIUJAMS Attaraeya
$150. or will Uke cow as part pay- " T, Gr"" Pm B"U"f C'
ment R. TImmons, 1030 North Bldg. Grants Pass, Ore. . .
10th atreet ' 28 E. S. VAN DYKK. Attorney. Practice
A BARGAIN SALE 'Modern, sis- ln W onrta. First NaUonal Bank .
hoom house with two lots, fine lo- Building. r
s?; "a IT ,tr-, n,y EDWARD B. RICHARD. Attorney
S1.S00. See N. E. Towend. 21 , rt.Uw. 0fflce Mmob1c Xemp
A street. ; ,s ;, . . ,,,,, v: 28 ,, 0rMlU ru.Ort." ' -; v .v: 'f'"!
Envelope, at tbe Courier. W. T. MILLER. Attoraey-atrLa.
. .TO EXCHANGE ' County attorney for Josephine
... . . -7-z : : County. Office: Schallhora Bldg.
110 ACRES of land, between 15 and : 1
20 acres In cultivation, good old O. 8. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-Uw
and young orchard, at Wolf Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Creek, to exchange for city pro- Phone 70. OranU Pass, Ore.
perty. Address Ed. Jordan, Wolf V. A. CLEMENTS Attomey-at-Law
Creek. Ore. 18tf PracUee in sUU and federal .
EXCHANGE Two story brick house eonrts. Rooms J. and S, over
in Eacondldo, southern California, Golden Rnle store. ;
clear at $4,500. owner , wants BLANCHARD ft BLANCHARD, At
stock ranch or dairy farm and will torneys. Albert block, phone 28 W.
assume, coming tomorrow, A. Practice in all conrta; land board
Launer. real estate. 25 attorneys, y
rOR RENT Nicely furnished house, PAPERHANGINQ, graining, paint-
close in, SIS E street. Inquire S. ing. For tha best work at lowest
E. Coffman, Orants Pasa hotel, or prices, phone IS5-J. C G. Plant,
U B. Coffman, 655 North 5th St. South Park street
for rent. Phone 2S5-R tor par- ; '' ''"',
tlculars. - n MACMURRAT. teacher of vote
culture and singing. Lessons given,
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house. v t home of pupil it requested. A4-
' close in, S15 E atreet. Inquire S. dress 71S Lea street SSltt
E. Coffman, Grants Pass hotel, or n
L. B. Coffman. (55 North Fifth DRAYAQB AND TRANSFKB
FOR RENT Furnished seven-room ' E'nd of drayage s and " transfer
house, with sleeping porch. $20 work carefully and promptly dose,
per month. Inquire Mrs. M. T. ncM Stand at freight
UMey. Phona S12-J hefore Thnrs- Pot A Shade, Prop. , ...
'.-' ; '33 F. G.18HAM, drayage and transfer.
FOR RENT Five-room house at ' Safes, pianos and furniture moved,'
737 North 5th atreet, bath, sleep- Pcked, shipped and stored. Phona
Ing tent and chicken yard. Call Clark A Holman. No. 60. Rest
at comer 'of 6th and Evelyn Ave. denco phone 134-R.
toT s:ey.: '" ' ' 48 Tun; , world MOVES; so do wa.
FOR RBNT-5-room bungalow close f un Bk T rfw 9'
In, Inquire 706 D street . 34 .!.".
FOR RENT Five-room cottage at ABSTRACTS '
C and Second streets, Uth, gas, THE JOSEPHINE COUNTY AB
etc $10.80. Inquire N. E. Townt- STRACT company makes rellahla
end. 131 A street , v '18 .abstracts at reaaonabla rates. Is
'- ., ). . vestlgate our work and prices, H,
WAWTP may save you money. Twelve' yeara
WANTED 500 palra of ahoea to put in business. Masonic Building. 3f
rubber sole, on all In one day. HOW ABOUT that tiU.T An abatis
Wm. Hayes. Ill Bouth Oth street tfvm QranU PM,Aba(rll!t
TEAMS WANTED Want several answer the question. Better he
, men with good teams for orchard sure before Investing. Offices AV
cultivation. Write Rogue River Or- bert Bldg. . Opposite Postofflca. II
Chard Co., Merlin, Ore., or phone - ' :
600-F-2. m 17tf VgrSRINARY BUROieON ,
MRS. U E, LEHMAN ha. had ex- ''JI'iS
perlene. a. a nurse or will do S
houaawork. Address No. j PhoB. I0ML-
Courier. ; , .34 , " sva w. , , . .
WANTED Boiler and engine not ACCOf N1ANTH
lesa than. 15 h. p.. prefer larger. IVAN LIVINGSTON, Incorporated
have you either or both, price Aecmintant. Bookkeeping systems,
esch and state condition. Address ; accounting and auditing. Address
415 Evelyn Ave., Orants Pass, Ore- 115 A street.',, 'I. . V. 31
at SaaasaSaSsSJasSSSSSssassaaaa 1 1 i waassaaayaa-aa1asss-aaatss.
, on' ' : . 1 ' :- 86 ABSAYK1W r ,
.... CROUCH Assiyer, chemlsC
NOTICE Any party, who ha. loTt : Room. 301-303 Psd-
' about SO feet of cotton sash cord dock Building, OranU Pass..
, within the past month, will confer TAXI BKltVICR
a favor by addressing No. 686, TAXI SERVICE Phons the Mocha,
Oour1''' ''' , 181-R. for city and country tripa.
A slasslfled ad will sir results.
P. J. Houser,
J'i VHH H'ti1' "t1