Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 08, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    Published Dally Except 8atnrday
A. B. VOORHIES, Pub. and Propr.
. Entered at the Poatoffioe, Grants Pnam,
Ora as second class mail matter.
Diaolar anaee. per lnh .. lc
Local orperaonalcoluma, per Una 10
Header, oer una. ..
By matt or earrler, per year.... 11.00
Br aaeil or carrier, per month..... .SO
By nail, per year $1.50
:j XEitBER
I SUte Editorial Association.
Oregon Dally Newspaper Pub. Aeen.
- Audit Bureau or circulation.
' ; '.
f Sunday shower, southerly
4 wind. 4
tlon by the council waa following
out the suggestion : made by the li
brary commission that la working
upon the consolidation plan.
The Lowly Naiarene died upon
the eroea that the way might be
pointed for the sal ration of human'
tty. Today the fulfilment of the
promise is celebrated in the service
of Easter Sunday, the promise of the
new life and the assurance that
death la not the end, rather the bo
finning. This Easter day, when the
Christian world should rejoice and
raise np its voice in praise, finds
all the great nations of the earth
plunged into warfare, such a satur-
Italia of death and destruction as has
never before marked history. But
out of it will come a day when the
atone of autocratic, self-seeking rule
will be rolled away, and a world cru
cified that a Hohenxollern might seek
glory nnto himself will be resurrect
ed for the elevation of marfklnd. To
' this end the war is a justified war,
a necessary war. Just aa the cruci-
' flxion was necessary In the scheme
of the Christian faith.
The Chamber of Commerce 1
receiving a great many inquiries
from people who wish information
concerning this country, many asking
about the opportunity in the grow
ing of sugar beets. One man who
addresses the Chamber from Twin
Fails, Idaho, where the sage brush
and the sand and the alkali water
tare no doubt bad an Influence upon
his disposition, writes: "I am a
farmer, hut I do like it a little hilly
and some timber and lots of fruit
and a nice spring of water."
Government officials hare asked
that newspapers give out the infor
mation as to the correct way in which
the American flag should be draped
or hung. The proper way to drape or
hang a flag from a window or en
trance or from any part of a building,
says an officer, is to have it so that
the starry field or union will he at
the left of a person facing It from
the street Should two flags be drap
ed In' parallel suspended the
two fields of stars should come to
gether. Ex.
Guard' banner state. Chapters
have been organised In moat Oregor
cities. Grants Pass I soon to have
A general public rally has been
called under the auspldes of , tha
Chamber of Commerce, at Its club
room, tor 7: SO Tuesday evenlnc,
April 10th. The meeting will be
public, but girls and young married
women are especially urged to be
present. Here is the opportunity for
the young women of Grants Pass to
show their colors. Miss Maude
Barnes, Mrs. Geo. So reason and Miss
Kathryn Ryan are particularly a
tive In initiating the movement. .
Get Away
Why Blotter Are Scare.
MO you fc -t t tint k;ih'Ii tif blotters
with the Kiln, on the hark I hit yenr?
Of -mi yon didn't It' the "liluli
cost if blotter" iwv. Owltiu to the
decreased pwditeflrn and l!i Increased
cost of (inner slock a Rrtvkv; paper
and !'. ttl r ninct-rii predicted t!m Wot
tern tit's yenr Wfp Iv? to iv mUiiii
a w-nr-e " n- I'.urle
The Courier, in common with the
other newspapers of the nation, has
been requested by the federal au
thorltlea not to make note of the
movement of the troops, or to pub
lish other news matter that might ' construction of the camp will proceed
Messrs. R. W. Rowley and C. H.
Holland were In the city Saturday
from Williams arranging with the
forestry department for the conces
sion granted Mr. Holland for the
conduct of a camp at the Josephine
caves during the coming tourist sea
son. The contract between Mr. Hol
land and the department was arrang
ed by Supervisor Macduff, and the
embarrass the department in main
taining the strictest secrecy In their
movements. For this reason, the
newspapers that are loyal are re
fraining from using news of the sort
mentioned. The federal officials
have taken this action-, the placing
words, two Issues, 25c; six Issues.
50c; one month, $1.50, when paid In
advance. When not paid In advance.
5c per line per issue.)
FOR RENT Nicely furnished house,
close In, 315 E street Inquire S.
E. Coffman, Grants Pass hotel,. or
L. B. Coffman, 655 North Fifth
street 27
FOR RENT Five-room modern bun
galow; has sleeping porch, it 11
East D street, or phone 384-J. 23
clover, 18 and
H. Richard.
both grain and
920 per ton. E.
vieve McCracken, In Beet-Fuller
Realty company office, 20S North
' Sixth street 22tf
ay From Washday Drudgery
You women who dread tho coming of wash
day who think of Monday as a day of nib, rub,
rub on that hideous wash board who feel that
you arc bound to your tubs here is news . to
make you joyful.
You can have your washing and all your
wringing done for you yon can have your
clothes made sweet and eleau without a single
rub to wear them or to tire your arms and back.
Have you heard of that wonderful
Electric Washing
Set in a comer of your kitchen or laundry aud forget the terrors of wash
day they will simply disappear.
Put the clothes aiid the suds in the machine, press a button and oft it goes,
silently sending the soap and water through every thread and fibre. In uu
hour or two the washing is done, the clothes are rinsed and you haven't given
a single rub. Great, isn't itt -
Come and aeen the Thor 41ie wuxhlng nuwlilne M il It the,
. , automatic safety wringer which won't pinch the finger
the machine with the Atalng the wonderful controlling de
vice which masea alteration nlmple even to a child. Prevent
overloading aafetrnards the median Urn, perfectly, lie iture
to are the Atalog.
A whole hour's expense for
current will be only about 2
cents. Only 2 cents to have all
that drudgery dono for you
to have nil thnt saving of wear
on the clothes and to avoid
ail that sloppy, steaming an
noyance the old tulb and wash
board way and all that tire
some hand wringing.
You ran buy a Thor on easy
payment a Utile at a time.
What yon save on wear and
tear of clot hen will really pay
for It in the end.
' Come In and seed It work. It
us show you how easily you can
get rid of waxh day trouble.
If you can't call phone for
further Information.
If your ltoui la not wired we ran furnish you with all the
material needed and you can do the work your aelf.
Rogue River Hardware
FOR SALE Baby buggy, cost $5,
sell reasonable price. Phone
235-J. 23
IX)ST On Friday, on I street, one
Aquapelle horse blanket. Finder
please notify H. A. Tate, 245 West
H street. 23
as soon as the snow is gone from
the summit of Grayback mountain.
The season at the raves will not open
till June 15th, however, unless ar
rangements are made earlier for a
guide, the government guide not go
ing on duty till that date. Mr.
Rowley, who is stationed at the eaves
of newspapers upon their own honor1' eat deal of snow In the higher
rather than under official censorship
In times of war the giving oj ad
rance Information is often responsible
for disaster, and disaster in wartime
usually means the los of life. The
soldier boys themselves are not per
mitted to tell of plans for movement,
and about all that will be known Is
that the khakl-clad lads are "some
where that duty calls."
mountains this spring, though the
warm rains are fast cutting it out.
There Is also some down timber on
the eaves trail, but this will he re-
! moved by the forestry department
before tourist travel sets In.
FOR SALE Maxwell car, cheap If
taken at once. .726 South Sixth
street. 22
FOR RENT Furnished seven-room
house, with sleeping porch, $20
per month. ' Inquire Mrs. M. T.
Utley. Phone 312-J before Thurs
day. 23
PLANER shavings free for a few
days. F. P. Doe Lumber Co. 23
As a necessary step In the form
ing of a Carnegie library for the
county of Josephine, the city coun
cil has adopted a resolution renounc
ing Its claim mon the Carnegie
foundation for funds for the build
ing of a city library. This will leave
the way clear for the combining of
the city and county forces for the
establishment of a Joint' library, to
be built npon the court house
grounds. Under the action of the
council, the city Teleases the Car
negie people only upon the condition
that the contract be made with the
county, and when that Is accom
plished the city further agrees to
transfer the present city library and
to levy an annual 1ax of 11.200 for
the maintenance of the Carnegie II-
1814 TWO SPEED twin Excelsior In
good condition, overhauled, all
worn parts replaced, for sale at a
burgain. II. D. Elsmann, phone
187-R. 22
J03.MOS3 '"AGENCY Fire """insur
ance, plate glass liability Insur
ance. 204 Sixth street. tf
Some of. our farmers are worry
ing about the lateness of the season.
The soils are thoroughly saturated
with moisture and no doubt there
will he plenty of water for Irriga
tion. Most of the farmers are aware
that with tho soil In good condition
and that with thorough surface work
ing of the soil, It will give good
crops. If the farmer will watch his
land carefully and get It worked
down to a good seed bed, making n
mulch on top, being careful not to
lose the moisture while working it
' and plant the seed not too deep Just
aa soon as the soil Is ready, and then
I properly cultivate and care for tho
crop, I have no doubt we will be
able to get just as good a yield as
when the spring Is earlier, for the
early spring Is often followed by
some cold weather. So I would
urge upon our growers the proper
preparation of the soil before plant
Field Superintendent.
t. .... -i i.i i .
1.u ..... ""r J niMiim wmi iir i in n-
brary. The adoption of the reanlii.1,. i. , . ...
i ujr arrive, ureKun IB one 01 lllfl
Tf there was any question In t h
minds of anyone as to the patriot
Ism of the people of Grants Pass, It
Is fast being dispelled. The move,
now well under war, to organize a
local chapter of the Red Cross Ik
Ibut awaiting a visit from the fleli
organizer with specific authorization
for our local , chapter. But the
younger women of the city have been
hearing of the new national move
ment which has spread like wlld-flre
since Its beginning about a year ago,
and have arranged for the organiza
tion of a local chapter of the Olrli'
Notional Honor Ouard.
This organization Is for girls and
young married women between the
ages of 14 and 20. It has two pur
posed the teaching and Instilling of
patriotism and the training of end,
of its members In some one thing
which will fit her to be of service to
Straw Hat Dye
The good kind. The kind we
have sold for years.
ComcN In
.let llliick
Dull Muck
( nrdliiHl Red
Navy llluo
llrown i
Mage Orwn .
and Natural Color, 25c bottle.
Sti-MW Hat ( leaner IO at
CLEMENS Sells Drugs
TJio fftxatjL Store
Chicago, April 7. The records of
the marriage license bureau here to
day told a significant story, Yester
day, the first day of war, 293 licenses
to wed were Issued. On April 6, a
year ago, there were 64 applications.
"Comment unnecessary," was the
llconne clerk's only comment.
Portland, April 7. Today's mar
ket quotations were:
Wheat Club, 181; Ibluestom, 1 8(1.
Oat No. 1 white feed, 45.25.
Barley Feed, 44.60.
Hogs Best live, 14.50.
Prime steers, 9.65; fancy cows,
8.00; best calves, 10.00.
Spring lambs, 13.50.
Ilultnr City creaimuy, 43; coun
try, 34.
Butterfat Unchanged.
Kggs Selected local extras,
Hens, 21; broilers, 35; geese, 12
d( 13.
Copper, 30.
29 (l
C. M. Allen, of the forester's of
fice at Portland, went to Medford
Friday afternoon after spending n
few days In tlje city.
rqldSrTvSt Coffee I
I fa yJoSt Right" I
April it, Monday Kunter luncheon
at the ladles' club at 615 North
Fourth street.
April II, 1 2 Wednesday ond Thurs
day, operetta 'Pauline" 1iy home
tnlcnt, at opera lioune.
April 26, Thursduy Meeting of
Southern Oregon AHsaclntlon of
Odd Fellow lodges at Grants I'asa
and celebration of 98th anniver
sary of OdilfolluwNhlp,
May 16. 17 Trl- 8tato Good Roada
association convention at Medford.
May 31, June 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, Annual
Chautauqua, Grants Pass,
July 7-14. N, E. A. Convention,
A First Conoidtrstlon,
A (en, her w-liu whu llrinly convinced
chut h knowlcilce or (lie piiliiilngM slid
sculpture of the world im iih ownlliil
us the "rule of three ' hud been explain,
lug tu her .voluiy wmtl hiiihu of the
lilmnry ciiiinected tv!h lioillu's fiiiiiim.i
f ill iie. "Tlie'Tliliilii'f." Him then link,
ud I hi children wlmt they tlinuchi he
wiin thinking uUml,
"Oil, I IdltiW." tco'leil nne llltl" frlrl.
"He's In it his rliilhi'H, iili'l lie's -wniuler
lint where Iicm p.lnK to get Nome
iui)ii',"-i;m'liLra .uiifcimlnii, .
UtivolopoM at tho Courier,
Including 100 Musicians
With WALTER DAMROSCH, Conductor,
and EFREM ZIMBALIST, one of the 1
world's greatest violin players ,
ivicuiuiu April
Cliwi't of Natatorlum and sewu foe mile, nt Homing'
Tuesday, f