Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, April 06, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Published Dally Extent Saturday
A. B. VOORHIES. Pub. and Propr.
W1LFORD ALLEN, . . Editor
Satered at the Postofflce, Grants Pass,
Or., as second class mail matter.
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State Editorial Association,
i Oregon Dally Newspaper Pub. Assn
Audit Bureau ot Circulation.
War frith Germany was not ot
America's making. For two years
this nation has nought ways of peace
even when the German government
has applauded assaults upon Am
erican life and right and justice. But
, in the light of history these attacks
upon the United States by the
kaiser's government need not sur
prise. And the term, "kaiser's gov
ernment," is used advisedly. Am
erica has no dispute with the peo
ple of Germany. It Is only with the
militant aristocracy represented by
the kaiser and those who do his bid
ding.. The overthrow of the house
of Hohenxollern and the establish
ment of a more democratic rule will
bring peace to the earth. That is
why the United States has at last
been forced to protect itself against
the vicious attacks of an Imperialis
tic .power. It Is why this nation will
make war with all her forces and
all her resources, for the sooner the
rulers of Germany can be defeated,
the better It will be for all the world,
even for Germany herself. ' The
User has never been a friend of the
kaiser has never been a friend of the
war when this country was forced
to make war upon Spain. The inci
dent In Manila bajr Is yet fresh in
the minds of many, and was itself
an insult sufficient to have brought
war had the United SUtes been a
warlike nation. The kaiser has run
amuck, and for the good of posterity
kalserism must be annihilated.
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jected, and In what cases, and upon
what security their residence shall
be permitted and' to provide for the
removal of those who, not beln'g per
mitted to reside within the United
States refuse or neglect to depart
therefrom; and to establish any
other regulations which are found
necessary In the premises and for
the. public safety.
"Whereas, (by sections 4068, 4069
and 4070 of the revised statutes
further provision Is made relative
to alien residents:
"Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wil
son, president of the United States
of America, do hereby proclaim to
all whom It msy concern that a state
of war exists between the United
States and the Imperial German gov
ernment; and I do specifically direct
all officers, civil or military, of the
United States that they exerrlne vigi
lance and teal In the discharge of
the duties Incident to such a state
.of war; and I do, moreover, earnest
ly appeal to all American citizens
, that they, In loyal devotion to their
country, dedicated from Its found
ings to the principles of liberty and
Justice, uphold the lnws of the land
and give undivided und willing sup
port to those measure which may
be adopted by the constitutional au
thorities In prosecuting the war to a
successful issue and In obtaining a
secure and just peace."
"All alien enemies uro enjoined
to preserve the pence towards Hie
United States and to refrain from
crime .against the public safety, and
f from violating the laws of the United
States and of the states and terrl-
The Supply is Limited
But Saturday we will have-
torles thereof, and to refrain from
actual hostility or giving Informa
tion, aid or comfort to the enemies
of the United Statea and to comply
strictly with the regulations which
are hereby or which may be from
time to time promulgated by the
president; and so long as they shall
conduct themselves In accordance
with laws, they shall be undisturbed
in the peaceful pursuit of their lives
and occupations and be accorded the
consideration due all peaceful and
law-abiding persona, except so far as
restrictions may be necessary for
their own protection and for the
safety of the United Statea; and to
wards such alien enemies as conduct
themselves In accordance with laws,
an citlseus of the United States are
enjoined to preserve the peace and
to treat them with all such friend
liness as may be compatible with
loyalty and allegiance to the United
States. And all alien .enemies who
fall to conduct themselves as so en
joined, In addition to all other pen
alties prescribed by law, shall be li
able to restraint, or to give security,
or to remove and depart from the
United States In the manner pre
scribed by Section four thousand and
sixty-nine and four thousand and sev
enty of the revised statutes, and as
prescribed In the regulation duly pro
mulgated by the president; and pur
suant to the authority vested In me,
I hereby declare and establish the
following regulations, which I find
necessary In the premises and for
the purpose of safety:
(1) An alien enemy shall not
have In his possesstAn, at any time
or place, any firearm, weapon or Im
plement of war or component part
thereof, ammunition, Maxim or other
silencer, bomb or explosive or ma
terial nsed in the manufacture of
"(2) An alien enemy shall not
have In his possession at any time or
place or use or operate any aircraft
or wireless apparatus, or any form
of slgnallln gdevlce, or any form of
cipher code or any paper, document
or (book, written or printed in cipher
or in which there may be Invisible
"(3) All property found in the
possession of an alien in violation of
the foregoing regulations, shall be
subject to seizure by the United
"(4) An alien enemy shall not
approach or be found within one
half of a mile of any federal or state
fort, camp, arsenal, aircraft station,
government or naval vessel, navy
yard, factory or workshop for the
manufacture of munitions of war or
of any products for the use of the
army or navy;
"(5) An alien enemy shall not
write, print or publish any attacks
or threats against the government
or congress of the United States or
either branch thereof, or against the
measures or policy of the United
States, or against the person or pro
perty of any person In the military,
naval or civil service of the United
States, or of the states or the ter
ritory of the District of Columbia or
of the municipal governments there
"(6) An alien enemy shall not
commit or abet any hostile act
against the United States, or give In
formation, aid or comfort to Its ene
mies; "(7) An alien enemy shall not
reside In or continue to reside In,
to remain In, or enter, any locality
which the president may from time
to time designate by executive order,
as a prohibited area In which resi
dence by an alien enemy shall 'lie
found by him to constitute a danger
to the public, peace and safety of
the United States, except by permit
from the president, and except un
der such limitation or restriction ax
the presldent.ynay prescribe;
"(8) An alien enemy whom the
president shall have reasonable
cause to believe to he aiding or about
to aid the enemy, or to he at large
to the danger of the ptibllo peace
or safety of the United States, or to
have violated or to be about to vio
late any of these regulations, ahall
remove to any location designated by
the president by executive order and
shall not remove therefrom without
a permit, or shall depart from the
United States if so required by the
'() No alien enemy shall de
part from the United Btatea until he
shall have received such permit as
the president. shall prescribe, or ex
cept under order of a court, judge or
Justice under sections 4069 and 4070
ot tha revised statutes; '
"(10) No alien enemy shall land
in, or enter, the United States except
nnder such restrictions, and at such
places as ths president may pre
scribe; "(H) Jf necessary to prevent
violations of these regulations, all
alien enemies will be obliged to reg
ister; "(II) An alien enemy who thorn
may be reasonable cause to bel'w
Is aiding or about to aid the enemy,
or who may be at larye to the danger
ot the public peace or surety. or who
..i i .. .. ..i . , . . .
of whom there Is reitonni'o ground!
to believe that he is ho:ii to violate1
any regulation duly srmuiiatod by'
the president, or any criminal law of!
the United' 8tates or of the states or
territories thereof, will be subject to
summary arrest by the United States j
marshal, or his deputy or such other)
officer as tha president shall deslg-j
nate, and to confinement In such
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Mads by LEVI STRAUSS & CO., 'raacliea
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penitentiary, prison, jail, military
camp, or other place of detention as
may be directed by the prosldtmt.
'This proclamation and the regu
lations herein oontaluod shall extend
and apply to all litnd and water, con
tinental or Insular, In any water
within the jurisdiction of the United
Limejand Sulphur Spray
17 rent wr gallon In IwureU
$1.40 per ran
Rogue River Hdw.
"si-Slj Cn mmmmr:
35 Now -$665 May 1st
Maxwell Quality has been and will be
rigidly maintained in spite of the big and
constant increases in the cost of materials.
That's the Maxwell policy, fixed and immutable at the Rock
of Gibraltar.
For years the Maxwell Company has been proving it in the Max
well car, which has come to be .recognized as the "World's Greatest
Motor Car Value." ,
at the car of power--of eae of control of stability of en
duranceof economy.
200.000 satisfied Maxwell owner attest to the success of that
More than three thousand Maxwell dealers owe their business
stability to (he fulfillment of that policy.
No matter what other motor car manufacturers may do in the
face of the greatly increased cost of raw materials.
the Maxwell Company is going to maintain the high Maxwell
standard of quality and only make a slight increase in the cost of the
While we are sorry that there is any increase, it can't be helped
-because the first consideration is Maxwell quality,
the quality which has given the Maxwell the two world's non
stop records of 22,000 miles, the 1916 record, and 23,500 miles, the
1917 record, at amazingly high mileage per gallon of gasoline.
If the Maxwell Company didn't make the increase, slight as it
is, it would have to skimp here and there in materials, construction and
refinements. '
and that the Maxwell Company will never do.
No manufacturer can make a car today for the same cost as he
could a year ago.
The fact that the price of the Maxwell on May first will be
raised is your assurance that the Maxwell Company is still putting the
same quality into the car, ''
your guarantee of still getting the "World's Greatest Motor
Car Value."
As a matter of fact, the Maxwell is now an even belter "buy"
than ever.
Not because the model or design is chnncrd in whole or in part,
but because the Maxwell you buy today is the super-refinement
of the original highly successful model of four years ago.
the super-product which time and experience in manufacturing
this powerful car have demonstrated to be right.
the same proud Maxwell car which, in recent competitive tests
held by the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale and Prof. Gallup of
the Worcester Poley technic Institute,, proved itself the most economical
of all the automobiles tested
Maxwell economy of upkeep ha made it everyman's car.
Thousands upon thousands of Maxwell owner have told u that
their running costs are a little as six to eight dollar per month an
amount which the average man spends dn casual luxuries.
The Maxwell gives an amazing mileage per gallon of gasoline.
Instance, the world's non-stop record run of 22.000 miles, when a
Maxwell stock car averaged 22 miles per gallon of gasoline.
, There is no reason why you shouldn't. ,
It's first price is small far less, when you take into considera
tion its complete equipment and luxurious refinements, than any other
car made.
When its cost of upkeep is so little as to make the cost of a family's
ordinary luxuries extravagant by comparison.
With the power in its motor to make up hill and down dale like
a level road;
with the ease of control that makes driving sheer troublelest
and with the stability and endurance that makes the Maxwell,
not a one season, but a many-season car:
the Maxwell is beyond doubt the "World' Greatest Motor
Car Value" everyman's car.
Before selecting the route for your next trip East consider
these three important things: (
May 1st, the new price--$665--goes
into effe.t
But you do not have to pay the
increase in price if you buy your
Maxwell now.
701 G St.
Maxwell Distributor