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Vol, Vii., No. i3i.
Aacricaa Citizens Between
to the Ccfers, 18,300 Rtfcj Wiitd far Nary, ad
4000 to Brfej Marcs Ccrps to Ccspksest
Washington, D. C
March M, IOI7.
Ilngue Hiver Courier:
(Jranta I'aas, Ore.
. The president laM night kJirnmi
m executive order directing thai the
auithurtard nUUtntcut of the navy be
taKTeaaed to S7.000, he m author,
lard by rongrmn. In raae of enter.
an7, to direct Midi Incveaae in en
lktnxtnt, New ships Mid ships In re
miirt being fully ronunlaaloned m
apldly m possible ml the need la
imperative fur a larger enlistment to
ansa them. There haa been a net In
crease of over 0,000 In enlistment
alnrs coegreae rerentljr authorised an
lnfrrne, out many more are needed,
and needed now.
Will yon not rtahale Uila need
by (Irlnx aperlnl promteene Most
day. on Um flrat pace of yonr paper,
to Dm praaldent order, 41 ad aho Jby
txuting edliorlal apiieal fur new re
cruit for the navy.
Ths navy offers exceptional advent,
atfre lo young men of stuff and ambi
tloa lo aerve In the flrat line for na
tional defense. In Ihls . emergency
you hare Iho opportunity and the
privilege of performing thla public
errkw, and I am confidently appeal.
Ing to you for your cordial and help
ful e4Heratlon.
Secretary of the Navy.
Men lo man the Dew warahlpe and
to plice In commission all the ehlpa
lht have been out of commlaalon.
are wanted by the United Btataa, and
President Wtleon haa called upon the
joung men of the nation to reipond
to the need of their country. Late
yesterday the president called for
18,500 men to bring the navy up to
Its full complement of 87,000, and
today by executive order he aska that
the marine corpa too Immediately In
retsd to 17,400. This will demand
the enlistment of 4,000 In the marine
In arousing the patriotic spirit or
the nation In Ha time of peril, an
appeal haa been made through the
Dress and to municipal and civic or
ranliatlons. Mayor Trust and the
Chamber of Commerce were each in
receipt of wires today from the of
ficers In charge of the recruiting sta
tions at Portland, and the Courier re
ceived the telegram published at the
seed of this column front Joaeptint
Daniels, secretary of the navy.
Washington, Mar. 86. President
"Wllion, In an executive order late to
d'y, authorised the immediate ln
sreass of the marine corps to 17,400
anen. v
Accompanying the authorisation,
fthe president Issued an appeal to the
gpreu of 'the country to awaken In
terest In 'recruiting and declared that
"over 4,000 more men are needed In
he marine corpa and needed now."
, The executive order reads 7 1
"By virtue of the authority vested
la thi president by the act or 'cbn
aareat approved August 88, lfl6, en
titled 'Ah Act Making Appropriation
for the Naval Service, and Tor Other
Purpose, It It hereby directed that
the authorised enlisted strength of
he marine corps bejnereased to 17,--8O0
mad.", ; '
The present strength of the marine
oorpi li 14, 91 men. and 890 officers.
We Secretary Daniel, tti' annbuitclnt
this new call for men the president
appeared unexpectedly at the door-
Xo Other Totytj, he World
' I'M -
- ) r I ! . " .1 -J T-
Ages cf 16 anil 30 Are Called
way of the room where Daniels was
giving the newspapermen the usual
afternoon audience. Seeing the
throng of reporters Inside, he hesitat
ed for a moment Smiling, he then
tiptoed In, sat down on a couch In
side, unnoticed.
Suddenly the attention of the news
paper men and Daniels waa attract
ed to the prealdent, who sat ending
some feet away watching bis secre
tary at work. ,
The conference ended abruptly and
tbe newspaper men filed out of the
room somewhat precipitately. ,
The prealdent went Into Imtnedl
ate conference with Daniels.
The appeal Issued with the execu
tive order reads:
'The president hss signed an exe
cutive order directing that the au
thorised strength of the marine corps
toe Increased to 17,400 men. lie waa
authorized by-congress In' case "of
emergency to direct such Increases In
"The United Mates marine corps
jls the soldier branch of our 'first line
of defense.' Marines serve both
ashore and afloat and ere trained aa
Inrantry, heavy and light artillery
and machine gun companies. They
form the landing parties from ships
of the navy, are the first men detail
ed for expeditionary duty and defend
all naval bases. Bach capital ship
of the navy carrteavone company of
marine. There haa been a net in
crease of over 8,000 In the strength
of the corps slnee congress recently
authorised an increase, but over
4,000 more are needed and needed
"Will you please emphasise the
needs of this Important branch of this
Important service, by giving promin
ence In your papers to the president's
j "The marine corps offers excep
tional opportunities to young men of
grit and ambition to serve their coun
try In the Bret line of defense.
"In this emergency you have the
opportunity and privilege of per
forming this publlo service and I am
confidently appealing to you for your
cordial and helpful co-operation."
Roseburg. Mar.' 80. Robbers
broke Into the vault of the tax col
lecting department of the sheriff's of
fice and atole (100 In cash, It was
discovered early today. The vault
was opened by breaking off the com
bination dial on the outside of the
door, and Mien Waking the lock
through the hole. The vault of the
county treasurer waa lao entered,
but only a revolver taken, Prlsonors
in the county Jail In the courthouse
grounds heard sounds In the court
house. So far no clue has been
found at to the Identity of the yegg
men.' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ;
wttrrk slavers lour ,
Washington, Mar, 88. President
Wilson today denied clemency to
Maury I. Dlggs and K. Drew Cam
Inettl, convicted In California under
the Mattn Uft;M4v '
A pretentious plea for pardon was
made to the president tome days ego.
the Size of Grants' Pass Has
By-W. P. Slmms
With the British Armlea In Prance,
Mar. . We are at a little town In
the path of the Oerman retreat to
day. I gave a child a ham sandwich.
Without stopping to eat It and she
waa hungry, too ehe ran Into her
house, shouting out "here's meat"
A moment later a woman emerged,
carrying a elloe of the buttered bread
of the sandwich, her face lighted
"Look! Look!" she cried. "They've
tilt got butter In France."
Nothing was more poignantly a re
minder of the sufferings of tbe peo
ple left behind than this small In
cident today. But It waa only one
Incident of many.
That Germany Intends bleeding
northern France to complete rulna'
tloa cannot be doubted. Not only
waa every person, capable of work
lag, driven ack while the children,
the aged and the Infirm were left
behind to the allies' euccor, but pro
pertyeven of the pooreet civilians
was confiscated without promise
to pay.
One wrlpkled-faced, old woman
told me today ehe waa forced to'leave
her home with only the clothea ehe
was wearing. The Germans took all
her remaining garments especially
prising the woolens. Other peasants
said the same thing.
Aa tSe famlllee were driven from
the bomee those capable of working
were pushed in one direction into
Germany. The others, non-workers,
were thrust tack Into opposite di
rect! one, toward the allies.
It will be a miracle If these are
ever united again.
H la plain now that the old folks
and children were huddled In Nesle,
Noyon and elsewhere so the villages
could be thoroughly aacked. I vis
ited several auch towne today, all
systematically wiped out toy torch and
dynamite. Obviously a general order
waa Isaued by the German comman
ders not to spare fruit trees, for
throughout the whole tone those
which were not cut wholly down,
were to mutilated, the bark to cut,
that the treea must perish.
Agricultural Implements which
could not toe removed were broken
up with hammers, or burned. 8pokee
of cartwheels and other vehicles were
eawed oft.'
At the chateau of Goyencourt the
family chapel was violated by the
Germans. Metal was removed from
even coffins. One was open, exposing
the foot of a corpse.
Amsterdam, Mar. 88. The Chi
nese minister to Germany has form
ally requested bit peeeporU, accord
ing to dispatches from Berlin today.
He - was exjpicted ' to leave ahortly,
fulfilling the rupture tn .diplomatic
relations recently , decreed (by the
Peking government. .
Eugene, Mar. 88. Forty-two stu
dents of the University of Oregon are
forming a military drill company to
day to be prepared for whatever the
present crisis may bring forth. In
cluded In those 'who have teen ter-
vlce and are la the organisation Is
Rev: Chris Jenaen, who waa signal
aervloe chief under the late Admiral
("Fighting Bob") F.vans.
a Newspaper With Full Leased Wire Telegraph Service
mil hid irara
.Men Were la lied and Asleep When
Avalanche Caaae Dovra Mountaia ' ,'
' and Covered Them
The bodies of E. E. Lautaenhiser
and D. F. Stearns, the two miners
whose cabin waa swept away toy a
snowsllde In Canyon creek, . .were
found burled beneath about eight
feet of enow by the searching party
that went out from Kerby to hunt
for them.- From the condition of
the twdiea it was evident that the
j slide bad occurred at least three
weeks ago. (
Neighboring miners missing " the
two men had Instituted the search,
and when It was found that tlie cabin
had been wrecked by 'the snowsllde
It was believed that the men would
be found dead beneath the debris.
The top portlone of tbe cabin, were
carried away when the slide hit it.
and the enow waa banked deep over
the portion that waa left. When
the rescue party had dug away the
enow the bod lei of the two men were
found In bed, the slide having un
doubtedly occurred during the night
when they were asleep, packing the'
anow so closely about them that they
were smothered to death without be-,
ing able to make a struggle.
The bodies will be brought to Ker
by, a distance of about 14 miles, their
disposition awaiting word from rela
tives In the east.
Both Stearns and Bautsenhlser
had come to Josephine county dur
ing the past season,' coming here
from Oatman, Arlsona. Stearns had
previously been In the district. They
became Interested In placer and
quarts claims on the head or Canyon
creek where they had been working
during the winter. They were men
of about 88 or 40 years or ."age.
Stearns has a wife tn Arlsona. A card
round in his effects also indicates
membership in the Penaacola, Flori
da, Order of Eaglee. lautaenhiser
hat relatives In Akron, Ohio, letters
being round from hit mother and a
sister, Gertrude, from that address.
Washington; Mar. 86. The war
department announced this afternoon
that It has no plana now for molest
ing" enemy Miens' so long at they
comply with the lawt of the nation.
Secretary Baker authorised the
statement that foreign reservists,
temporary residents In this country,
art Included' In his statement The
statement was made 1n response to
persistent reports that the war de
partment liad been negotiating for
the acquisition of land tracts for use
aa alien Internment camps In the
event of war.
In disclaiming the plan, Baker
said: . . , :
"The situation In America Is such
that everybody taose ' conduct Is
obedient to our 'itwa It perfectly safe
from moleetiiion. The hospitality of
our country extends to all aliens who
Ml TT f?
Believe Withdrawal of von Hinden.
burg In M'tmt to Be Followed by
. Move on Petrograd
Petrograd, March 86. Russia waa
convinced today' thai von Hinden-
burg's' retirement on the western
front le the first move In a gigantic
drive on Petrograd. '' '
' Coincident with the retirement
came news of a great musing of
German troops and monition on the
northern boundary. All parties in
Russia were awake today to realiza
tion of the imminence of the new
peril to the nation and this served
to smooth out factional differences.
,; Government leaden are Impress
ing the Russian people with tbe be
lief that the kaiser hopea to restore
bureaucracy and the oar to power
again by taking Petrograd before the
new government can have completely
organised and1 strengthened ' the
army. , .t : . .. - (-
Bociallstic leaders are causing
meet concern to the new government.
They favor peace at once one so
cialist newspaper even making the
suggestion today that Russian sol
diers should walk out of their
trenches and fraternise with the Ger
mans'. from 'whom they would receive
fraternal treatment. 1
Thus War would end and Russia's
example of fraternallsation would
spread, bringing peace all over the
world. ,
The menace of the German thrust,
however, appeared likely to obliterate
these Internal dissensions. The du
ma leaders eoclal and conservative
democrats were working . with the
"reds," or membera of the working
men's party, with every prospect of
complete nnlon through compromise
aa to various aspects of administra
tion. In the meantime, order Is com
plete throughout Russia.
Seattle, Mar. 26 Washington's
regiment of national guard infantry
was ecbeduled to be completely mo
bilised by noon today and ready for
orders. . ' - .- . ..
While the Seattle company, wnicn
Includes sanitary corps, signal corps
and the headquarters company, toe-'
elde the Inafntrymen, were being aa- Seattle, the outside com
panies of the regiment at Centralis,
Walla Walla, Aberdeen, Mount Ver
non, North Yakima and Spokane are
toeing mobilised at their home sta
tions. Major L. L. Bolles, in charge of
the mobilisation since orders were
received from, Governor Lister , at
11:80 o'clock last night, aald today:
"1 have no definite Idea where the
men will toe detailed." r.
Washington, Mar. 86'. Cutting
down delay toy days and hours, the
navy department today announced It
would endeavor to open blda for a
number ot new aubmarlne chasers
on Wednesday Inatead ot next Sat
urday. , ;, ,
Berlin, via Sayvltle, Mar. 86.
German tubmartnee have sunk during
the last tew days a total ot 85 steam
ships, 14 tailing ships and 87 traw
lers, in addition to losses .already
made publlo, an official statement declared.
1275 11 mo 3
Httiie Troops of the Northwest Will
Be Used in Gwarding Bridges
' 'and Railways 5 '
; Portland. Mar. 26. With 1.275
men under arms, the Third reglmeal
Oregon national guard, is completely
mobilized today aad la now awaiting .
further orders.
. The call was received bite . last
night. By midnight the mobilisation
was well under way aad guard of- ;
ftceris announced thla morning that
mobilisation was completed. :
; Officers of the guard, with the co
operation of citizens' committees aad
civic bodies, are now eadeavoriag to.
enlist the militia up to full stjeast.
Thit is"patrtotle wees." Jn Oregoa.
and the mobilization call finds the
state organised to take up the militia
recruiting campaign with vim. , . ,
Eight hundred coast artillerymen,
one troop of cavalry and one battery
of field arUllery; about 1,800 mei.
in ail have not been called out, hut
are awaiting orders.
San Francisco, Mar. 86. The mili
tia of the Pacific coast answered the .
call to the colors today. Under ord
ers received at ' midnight from the
war department, seven national guard
regiments, comprising the Infantry of .
the states of . California, Oregon.
Washington, Idaho and Montana took .
steps today preliminary to mobilized '
Hon. ' California ft marshalling three
regiments and the other states one r
each. r ,.,v.
Wtolle the specific purpose haa not ,
been designated for these troops, it
is understood that they will be used
in policing railways and other means
of communications, tn guarding ship
building plants, arsenals and Indus-
trial plants ot nse to the government
should war come. " ... .
The regiments will (be held In read
iness to await the order of Major
General J. Franklin Bell, command
ing the Western department' of the ,
army. - ' , '" ;
Wtolle the plans to mobilise theee
troops were anticipated several daye
ago tojr tbe adjutants general of the '
five' states, the actual orders to at- -
serable them ta their armories came ;
suddenly at midnight. v
From 8.000 to 4,000 will toe af
fected. "' '...'' '
Immediately on receipt of the or-
dera. Governor Stephens of California
Instructed Adjutant General J. J. Bo-:
ree to call the Second, Fifth and Sev-
enth California regiments In spite of
the fact that soma of the coir Dan las
have not recruited up to minimum
strength required tor federal service.
Officers hurried to the armories la
their various cities at daylight' and ,
oegau me wore; 01 amruiuuna ineir
men.. Actual mobilization will not
begin until General Bell deslgnntet
tkafc aWmaa ait vlarta .Ana SHaK aasaaiKI
Ing. .r :..'
1 - .1 r 1 l , 1
, Washington, Mar. 26. The United
States government granted sate con
duct for German officiate in China
to pane through the United States.'
They ,wlu probably land at San Fran.
Cisco. ,
on a