Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 19, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, MA lit II 10, lIT.
Who's Your Tailor?
For those Easter clothes? April
Sth Isn't fur away., See our new
stylea and woolens from Bd. V, Price
Co. Geo. S. Calhoun, 603 O street.
, Saturday Is Chaplin day. HUf
C. W. Courtney ta spending th day
, In Ashland on bualne.
Dan Green was local visitor the
Uat of the week from Galios.
, V. A. Nicholson waa a local "vts
Itor the first of the week from Mer
lin. J. Dadmond went to Med ford thta
morning to spend the day there on
H. Lehnher returned this morning
, to Roeeburg after visiting abort
time In the city.
liou Crocker returned to Roeeburv,
thta moraine after spending a few
day a in the city.
"Prophylactic" tooth brush. Sahin
has it. - 05
Mrs. Oeorice Lewis returned last
night from Ashland where she has
been visiting: for a short time.
I. B. Williams, of Central Point,
spent a short time in the city, re
turning home this afternoon.
R. P. Corham. of Three Pine.
spent a short time In the city. re
taming to his home this morning.
-Roy H. Clark, superintendent of
' the Queen of Bronx mine at Waldo,
returned to the mine this morning.
W. H. Pallln went to Myrtle Creek
today (or a visit there with his moth
er. Mr. Fall in will be gone about a
O. C. Lackous left this morning for
Grenada and Montague, Cal.. and will
spend a few days there looking over
the country.
Bert R. Dyer, of the Central Point
Herald, who has fceen In the city for
several days, left this morning for
Central Point.
. Extra values In ladies' union suits
n sale at 50c Mrs. Rehkopf. 970tf
P. Adams, of Medford. has been
spending a short time In the city on
business, returning this morning to
his home.
J. H. E. Cramer returned last night
to Merlin after visiting a short time
in the city with friends, he formerly
living here.
E. T. McKlnstry returned thTs
morning to his mine on Pickett creek
after spending a short time at his
home in the city.
McKinley Green, of Klamath Palls.
Is spending several weeks in the city
visiting with his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. H. L. Green.
L. D. Matthewson has been In the
city for several days attending to
business matters. He left last night
for Portland.
Mrs. M. A. Pretitt arrived this
morning from Reno. Nev., and will
make her home In the city with her
daughter, Mrs. A. Dawkins.
Sam Solomon, who has had charge
of the Wonder store for the past
year, will leave tonight for Portland,
the store having changed hands.
Bishops, deans, professors, lunatics,
Indians, Swedes, sweet girls a full
line at the Senior class play March
10 "and 31. 05
Miss Dora Smock, of Medford, has
been visiting for several days with
Mrs. Frank Metschan. Miss Smock
returned this morning to her home.
Carl D. Shoemaker, state game
warden, has been in the city several
days in company with Game Warden
Driscoll of Ashland. He left last night
for Portland.
The Rev. H. J. VanFosaen returned
(o Ashland this morning after spend
ing a few days in the city. Rev. Van
Fossen preached yesterday at the
Methodist church at Wlldervllle. '
Misses Margiirlte Willie and Ellene
Durtbar returned home Saturday
night from Willamette university and
will spend the spring vacation here.
They will return to college Sunday.
Ben Sheldon returned this morn
Ing from Medford where he spent thej
latter part of the week. He will now
enter Into active work as the man-
ager of the local Chamber of Com-!
J. H. Driscoll, deputy game war
den at Ashland. Is spending a few
days In the city. Mr. Driscoll came
here with State Game Warden Shoe
maker and arranged for the Instal
lation of fish screens In the Irriga
tion ditches.
The Gifted
actress, and beautiful and al
luring girl,
Ienore I'lrlch,
star of "The lilrd of Paradise,"
"Kllmrny" and "The Heart of
Paula," In another Paramount
"The Intrigue," tonight.
STAR Theatre
Aatotnohlle Collide
Saturday night two Ford automo
biles belonging to Iex Darnlelle and
Edgar Shrimp were somewhat bat
tered up, resulting from a head on
collision. Both cars were badly
damaged but the occupants of the
cars were uninjured. The accident
occurred about a mile from town on
the Murphy road. '
Thta Week-
Last call for Easter clothes, the
Ed. V. Price & Co. kind. Geo. 8.
Calhoun, (SOS G street. 05
Uml lnNUTMiM-e 1-Yrieracion
C. D. Babrock, secretary of the
state insurance federation of Ore
gon, left for the north Sunday after
having spent a few days in Grants
Pass. While here Mr. Babcork or
ganised a Josephine county branch of
the federation. The officers named
were J. E. Peterson, president; Isaac
Best, vice president, and Mrs. Jennie
Moss, secretary and treasurer.
Don't Ktwicet
The Senior class play will be given
March 30 and 31. ' 03
Woodmen Social Tonight
Woodmen of the World, Women of
Vwodcrart, their families and friends
are assured of a good time at the
social evening tonight at the Wood
man hall. An excellent program has
been arranged, and after a picnic
lunch the time will be spent with
cards, dancing, etc. The Carpenters,
of Fruitdale. will be there to furnish
Music (Tub Irish lrogrnm
The program for the Music club
recital to be given in the Chamber of
Commerce rooms tomorrow evening
at 8 o'clock is as follows: Piano
duet by Hortense Hough and Miss
Wolke. tenor solos by H. LStonaker,
T. M. Ferguson and C. P. Ferrln. so
prano solo by Miss Cox, contralto solo
by Mrs. A. N Parsons, and trios by
Joe Wharton, A. S. Barnes and Don
Barnes. The chorus will not prac
tice tonight as previously announced.
Change of Telephone Number
Dr. Ed Bywater, eye, ear, nose and
throat specialist. Residence 260-Lt
office 2 60-J. 06
Fishing Without License
Wm. Cayo, a recent arrival from
Portland, went fishing in the Rogue
for steelheads Sunday, but forgot to
provide himself with the necessary
license at the cost of $1. When State
Game Warden Shoemaker and Depu
ties Driscoll and Jewell visited the
river, Mr. Cayo was invited to show
his license, but failing to produce
the necessary document, entered a
plea of guilty to fishing without a
license, and waa fined $25 and costs
In Justice Holman's court this morn
ing. March :tO and :ll
Are the dates set aside for the Sen
ior class play. 05
Forest Kiixt Isors Meet
Supervisors of the national for
ests within the district comprising
the northwestern states and Alaska
are meeting this week in Portland
for a discussion relating to the for
ert work. Supervisor Macduff of the
local office left Saturday night for
the convention and today gave a talk
to the gathering, "Developing New
Men" being the theme of his ad
dress. The citizens of Portland are
co-operating with the foresters In the
meeting and Sunday will provide
automobllen'for a trip over the Col-
nmroa nignway.
Your Sult
Can be selected from more than
500 exclusive spring woolens and all
the correct fashions for men and
young men, from the old reliable
house of Ed. V. Price & Co. Geo. S.
Calhoun, 603 G street. 05
Mteelhenri Through Fish Ladder
State Game Warden Carl Shoema
ker, accompanied by Deputy Jas.
Driscoll of Ashland, visited in Grants
Pass over Sunday, and made an In
spection of the condition of the fish
ladders at the Golden Drift dam. Mr.
Shoemaker stated that a number or
improvements would be made In the
ladders, and an effort would be put
forth to remove any cause for com
plaint that the people of the upper
river had In that regard. During the
visit of the chief warden, hundreds
of steelheads were going through the
ladder on the south side of the liver,
not being held back 'by ythe dam.
One party who watched the ladder
counted 100 steelheads going
through In seven minutes.
March 20, Tuesday Music club re
cital in Chamber of Commerce
rooms at 8 p. m.
March 30, 31. Friday and Saturday
Senior class play. "Bluffing It."
at opera house.
April 12. 13, H. Meeting of the 1st
Southern Oregon District Federa
tion of Women's clubs at Grant
April 26. Thursday Meeting of
Souther Oregon Association of
Odd Fellow lodges at Grants Pas
and celebration of 9Xth anniver
sary of Odd fellowship.
May 16. 17Trl- State Good Roads
association convention at Medford.
May 31, June 1. 8. 3. 4. 5, Annual
Chautauqua, Grants Pass.
Musis and art uplift human
nature. Music and art as neces
title In the lives ef the people
should be accentuated by all who
have the welfare of humanity at
heart, llnloss beauty is brought
into the rem lifs our race sim
ply cannot progress, for the
scheme of universal progression
takes its root in unity that Is
love love that is order, law, har
monyend all these qualities
synchronized rofloct beauty.
Howard Edio.
words, two issues, 33c; six issues.
50c; one month, 11.50. when paid In
advance. When not paid in advance,
5c per line per Issue.)
FOR RENT Eight acres young
pears, four acrea apple orchard
and three acres river loam land,
with or without six-room house
with bath. Tenth and M streets.
Phone 533. J. R. Harvey. 06
$5.00. See it at Raymond's Second
Hand store. 319 G street. 06
SPECIAL OFFER If taken before
April 1st. 40 acres Deer creek bot
tom and tow bench land, for $725.
No waste, title perfect, one-half
mite from Selma. P. E. Gerould,
Selma, Ore. 05
$7,000 WIUL BUY two brick build
ings on North Sixth street. Mrs.
W. A. Paddock. 219 O street.
Phone 240-R. 05
gilts Rock wood Belle, 14th, sired
by Rival's Champion Host : and
Winona Lee Laurel 3rd, a daughter
of Laurel Champion out of Miss L
2nd, for sale. Both are bred to
Artful leader, a show son of Grand
Leader 2nd, grand champion hoar,
P. P. I. E. Winona Ranch. Route
1, A-Box 10, Grants Pass, Oregon.
F. R. Steel. o.'.tf
We Are Showing
From a New
York factory
This method of Helling drestes
enable us to work on a small
margin, or commission, give
the purchaser giwatr cliolre of
color and design.
Them good will be shown for
ahoul two days.
E. firth & Co.
To look Into the beet-sugar situa
tion In southern Oregon, Henry VY
Campbell, of Lincoln. Neb., aud San
Francisco, eminent soil culturlat and
farm adviser of the Southern Paciflr
company, who has been visiting In
P.TitlaiHl. will go to Grunts Pass to
day, says the Journal. II. A. Illn-
shaWj general freight agent of th
Southern Pacific, will accompany
Mr. Campbell is known as "the
father of dry farming." although he
says dry farming is a misnomer.
What It really Is, he declares, la till
age farming.
Through his exiierlmeuts and teach
ings, great sections of western Ne
braska and eastern Colorado, oner
thought incapable of producing any
thing, are now yielding record crops.
Before he showed the farmers ol
Colorado the "Campbell way," but
eight or nine tons to an acre , of
sugar beets waa the beat they could
do. By use of his better fsrmlng
methods the average nowadays Is SO
tons, and a record acre has yielded
41 tons. And so the Southern Pacific
has asked him to look luto the beet
sugar country of Oregon, that Jie may
give the farmers of that section help
and advice.
Mr. Campbell began studying the
scientific, tilling of the soil in ISXS
In Itakota territory, after the 'allure
of the wheat crop In that section.
His studies convinced him that the
failure was not due to lack of rain
fall, as was commonly supposed, hut
to lack of proper tillage. Mr. Camp
bell kept on studying and studying
until In 1N93 he raised 14 bushels
of potatoes to the acre when neigh
bors raised almost nothing.
"Call it Ullage, if you will," said
Mr. Campbell, Saturday, "but I call
It better farming, for that it what It
Is. It applies whether you have In
sufficient rainfall or Irrigation. 1
have made It a fad perhaps you
would call me a 'bug' but I am
learning something every day."
.Mi. Campbell ha been traveling
agriculturist for the Chicago, Bur
lington k Qulncy railway until re
cently. He is the author of a num
ber of hotik on soil culture.
London. Mur. 19. Premier Lloyd-
George Indicated In un announcement
In the house of commons today that
on Thursday he would move that
the British government extend con
gratulations to the Russian duma for
its establishment of a new govern
ment. He characterized the Russian revo
lution as "one of the landmarks 1n
the history of the world."
The prime minister, however, said
that Information does not Indicate
C:at all dangers In Russia are panned,
"There lias been deep dlsconten in
Russia," Lloyd-iicoiite said, "due to
inefficiency in condu.'tlng the war. I
am confident I hut Russian events,
which lire first a triumph of the prin
ciples for v.lil it we entered llie war,
will not result In confusion or in a
slackening of the conduct of the 'war,
lint on the other hand will in a In-
closer and more effective the co-op
eration of the Russians with the al
lies In the cause of human freedom."
Momliers cheered when the premier
declared that the Russian soldiers had
refused to obey orders of the im
perial official to shoot down food
rioters. Cheers from the Irish na
tionalists greeted his statement thnt
the Russian people "would find lib
erty compatible with order, even In
revolutionary times, and that a free
people were the best defenders of
their own honor."
Ban Francisco, Mar. 19. All
freight embargoes announced by the
Southern Pacific railroad when a
general railroad strike seemed Immi
nent, were lifted today.
(I. W. Luce, freight traffic, mana
ger, sent the following telegram to
the rosd's representative:
"Effective at once, cancel all In
structions account of strike and re
sume acceptances of dead freight,
perishables, livestock and explosives
without restriction."
Job printing at the Courier.
A classified sd will give results,
iooks Dstwr.
f.i' waut, Dotooss
i W rnr
. I VrH Pfo
I BBS A ta.
i .
Feerless Clothing Co.
Cssh Clothiers
"Cah Bun CUapv Than Credit"
"If Men Wtat It. Wt v It"
thk act. scons
Captains of the local (II rl Scouts
Patrols are receiving lni!lrtca evety,
day spoilt their work from girls who (
wish to form patrols and an occasion-
nl Inquiry from those who are be Inn
Inclined to become captains. The
girls find it difficult to obtain lead
ers. To help the girls and the move
ment generally, we quote the follow
ing from a letter received recently J
from headquarters, the week of.
March 1 Nth having been set aside for,
a special campaign along these lines. '
Sir Robert Randen Powell writes
to Mrs. Low, the national president: I
"The training of the fllrl Scouts 1"
framed to educate them through
their own Initiative to develop theo
essential points: Character, skill, ser -
vice ror otners, ami pnystrai heaitn. M,rt,.,
Their training therefore is exactly on l),jr,1. ,,. )ilM ,hl,.,. ((V, ,,,.,,
the same principles as that of the;,roilw ,1Vv i,,,,,,,.,, Mn,r,,, v.
Hoy Scouts, which lias already luid , i,,, hl nul,v 1(,..,n,p h, T,..
success In developing efficient Ct- j vloJ , ,;,., ,,..,, v,,,v ,,.
zenship among the hoys. Hut I be- j WJMUull,t nml in,m!," t:- nutennil
lleve that of the two movements thai J Mld. Thousundi. of Inhabitants
for the girls Is, If anything, more whom ,,. ,jrlmil Wll lHtM ,
Important, since It deals with the ,nk1 wh ,,,, , hp ,,,,,,
mothers of the future who will In-1 ,,,, ,,, Kr,rh rimi ,,,.
fluence the future generations." 'arrival
The scout motto Is "tie Prepared.". ..KnM r . ,,. ,.,., .,,
He prepared for peace as well as for ,, ,,, w,.rf lirtM T(, ,
war. He prepared to live a whole-. .,, f Kri,n.h hnv
some helpful, happy, complete life. , rlu.n,.(, N, , ra,lro,.
The greatest net Is the art of living. ..Nm.,h of X(mm , Kr,m),h ,1)ivt)
Kfflclent living like every other sort,. led (iulscnr.l Cavalry has
of success must be based upon :w., , s, . y,,,,,,,,,, n,n:l
plan. Scouting puts n plan In the roa,i
life of each girl. This plan eWs' .-Around Vclun on Snn.lav even-
1.111- BS.II I litis 1 in- U" II "I'll t" ll"' l'
lias ulel Inlit I hit itnun n Mil ti I list LkVu .
of nature, but It does not take hvr
iinuj i nun iiwiNi. wii liitT :vu lilt ) .
home-life nnd home-making are
l.'umht afethe supreme function ef
wemen thioush which they control
the destiny of mankind.
Speaking of the work which Is be
In.: done locally, there are now two
organised pairuis. nn.i io prospec-
five patrols. The greatest dlmcnlty
Is In securing captains. Many more
girls are Interested and desire to take
up scout life but can find nn one
to aid them. To you who read we
make Hits appeal - Lend a hand to
the 01 rl Scouts.
Overcoming evil with goed Is
the only wjy to overcome it at
all. In our own hearts and lives
nd in th world thi only way to
rut eld of what i (mlty n tu
ipplant it w tli somsthinq bit'
, J. J
WE wish to c.11 th. ineclsj attention
of our Farmer friend to thil
plendldwork ault-tha moat com
fortable, convenient and beat garment of It king
aver manufactured It's all In on piece, a great
improvement over the) old fashioned overalls and
lumper leas) sxpenslvs toot besides. It
nu oetur, wears Better.
No bind-
ing suspender straps, do doubt thickness at th
catch In things.
Wear Lee Union-Alls
Reduce the nifTh
CPs! ol Llvlnfll
They ar mad In Children's
sites, too. Such perfect pla
suiut Every motr will ap
precis U the saving mad pos
sible by U UsUAUsi
tot "kiddles."
Let us fit Father and Boa
ta the fin new garment
you'll thank us for calling your
attention to Ls lhiloi Visa.
Lime and Sulphur Spray
IT cents per calliui In kuicN
41,'IU M'I inn
Rogue Uiver How.
Paris M;tr
One ll ..rded
' tuw nn i.ii.l illin ;i
i;H' 'cm tl I, li
' i.,,j i,v i.-ri. ni.i. ir,.,n,r.
lt! :!i" !.ti
' ti,r,. j,, l:f K,liir, ,. 0,
t it; rn
,,, ,..,,,, , , i:,Uy Mll.
, Inn h violent (iei man Htluck whm
toiptd Hhfn with iMpthtn nun flro
i iictiinit
"Met ween Avocourt and Dcud
..inn's hill, (lei in a it losses were heavy.
In their attacks they reached only
advanced positions between Hill 1103
and In the Avocourt wood, from
Which thev were exnclleri aft or hun.l.
,.,, Pni,olint(.ril
ix .uto Acniwvr
C'orvullls. .Mar. ID. Miss Irene
Medlnnls, 2.1, Is dead, and Mis. M,
L, Grnnnlng, wife or Professor flran
nlng of the Oregon Agricultural col
lege, seriously Injured today, becsitse
their automobile turned turtle near
here yesterday, The two women were
the only occupants of the car.
Miss Medlnnls was employed 1y
a Portland bank. Six months ago
she came west from St. Paul, Minn.,
where her relatives live,
Job printing of every description at
the Courier office,