Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 18, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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; Saturday la Chaplin day. ' t$4U
Prestos Delano returned Saturday
morning from week's "business trip
to Saa Francisco.
. Everything in (uraltnre and Iloor
coveriagx'ht Helmers. - .v 04
August Engatrom, or Merlin, was
a local visitor the latter part of the
Miaa Sue Cook went to Med ford
yesterday to spend the week end via-
.Iting relative.
'.. Some big" bargains in used Peta
luwa iacubetora at Cramer Broa. 04
O. Berg returned to Gold mi yee
terday after opendiag. aeveral days
ia the ctty on business. ...
Tor spring cleaning, O'Cedar mops
at Helmera. - 04
Irving Keateraon - baa" returned
from Dorris where he spent aeveral
day at, the Kestersoa aawmllL
, -New. ginghams, gatateaa, Renfrew
Devonshire sotting and Junior wasa
fabrics at The Golden Rule. . 04
Miss Elva Beala and 'Mrs. August
Goettache wet to Roseburg yesterday
to spend a few daya visiting. v
Chick starter "for baby cbarka at
Cramer Broa. i;i':.:'f ..
UA. Brown" waa a visitor for sev
eral daya" last week., returning yes
terday to his home at Merlin. . - .
..Beautiful patterns -in print lino
leums at Helmera. v ' ' 04
Mra. B. Terwilllger went to Med
ford Saturday afternoon and will
spend a week visiting friends there.
Lawo seed in bnlRNusd. .mixed to
T"r;4T Broa. "" '"V
H.. Clark, superiMendeot of
, Bronx uuo-roter nd
,, .t-oaa SsmPraoclsco mtfrdajt, v
,Kie? Traa ' t i f ; :
' i.t '-fcrUtu.eirta,"f.Jf b
BeaTDanTtowaf who'will. upend wmt
time here. They hare also visited In
. Texas and California. ' , ,.
A Blssell carpet sweeper will help
with - your spring cleaning;, a fine
line at Helmera. 04
-Mrs. Wilbur Williams, who has
been spending the week visiting, to
Rogue River, returned to her home
here Friday night. ; ; ; '
. Hinds honey and' almond cream.
Sabin baa It 04
Uce-powder and .-lice liquid tor
poultry at Cramer Broa. . 04
Alex Nlbley went to Saa Francisco
Friday night and wlH meet his
father. Bishop Nlbler, there. Ha will
be gone aeveral daya, .-i'
Tour April Delineator la at The
GoMea Rule. ' fi: pi
Mrs. Maggie Witt."lfa of the aets
tlon foreman at Gold HiU. returned
to her home yesterday afternoon af
ter visiting here for a few daya.
Spencer aweet peaa and comet
aster aeed at Cramer Broa." .' 04
. Misa Dolly Beck baa been visiting
qere for the paat week wita Mra.
Harry Hull. Misa Beck returned Fri
day evening to her home at G lend ale.
Beautiful Jiew akirtings.cbatlngs
and all kinds of wdolea goda at The
Golden -Rul. ? fr?r . 4
M. A. Richtar. .. of Portland, , t
spending a few days in t4e vlty on
business. Mr.s Rlrhteir waa a' mem
ber of the former B. at. R. atora firm
here,''..: '"J-rt- 11 v---
Special aale, of lata models-' $1.50
to $3.00 corsets, sires 18 U,25, all,
at $1.00 - Kinney, ft. TruaS, : ' ; 04
Wni. Hammer. '." of - Merlin, was
a local visitor bat or day. ne states
that be Is well pleased with bis lo
cation, tie having oly. recently come
to thia county. ;:?--'.
""Poultry netting sit Cramer Bros.
X. F. Macduff left last night for
Portland and will ipend the next
wMk thfru la .attndnee' t the
meeting of the supervisors of the
national forests, s . - '
Extra values In ladles anjoa mlt
an aale at ScMrs Reakopf. ITOtf
Juat what you want In silk rem
inaWs at the low harftain prii-ea.
I Kinney eVTruaxJ -y' 0
i The Rev, Robert McLean left Frl
iday night for Port land, where he -will
apeak today. In tba Central Preahy
Jterlan church. ' Rev. McLean aui-
ertntendent for Mexico of th Preaby
terlan church. He waa formerly
pastor of the "Presbyterian ehitrvh
In tblaelty.' - - ; 1
Men'a and ladlM" latest In sport
Shirts and boys' blouses. Kinney
,' Mrs. A. J. Klocker went to Med
ford yesterday afternoon to spend the
summer there with her tiusband, who
runs Tbe Prlntery at that Placa. The
Klocker ranch on Eaat A street has
been rented to Samuel Cary and
family,-who will make their home
her.'';'' '';'" v;;',f 'X ' :'-
" Pruning shears at' Cramer Bros.
Honor for tirants Paaa Boy :, "'.
; Tod Cramer has been honored at
the O, A. C. by election to the uKor
an honor jtiren to students
who have' attained recognition in
acholarshlp and student-. activities,
Mr. Cramer lead In the Junior class.
Married Yesterday
Miss Nora Woody and. Thomas
Frank Knox were married" yeaterday
forenoon by Judge Gillette' at the
cour" house.. The newlyweda will
make their home on the . uroom's
ranch a few milea below lorn..
Kxpert Piano Tuning
- William C. Debley. Perfect tuning,
actfon and tone regulailnR guaran
teed. . ; 04
John Hamiixhire Sick-. , : ' ;
, Word has been received hure of
the Illness of John Hampshire,., ' He
went to Salt Franruuo recently, while
there waa attacked with ptomaine
poisoning, i He was removed to ma
hospital and although he waa very
sick, his qnit-k recovery is expected.
Wild Hugxerth HurpriNedW -
. Ardath gweetland, Bertha Calhoun,
Pauline Braeger, ' Florence , Morse,
Corlyss Courtney, Vernon , Trimble
and JoRephlne Isham gathered Sat
urday afternoon as a surprise ' for
Wllda Hitgerth. .After a Jolly af
ternoon of games, refreshments were
oed , A
aaaleatSOcw Mr Reakopf.u !T0tr t r J k 7"
"-g lieri tot-the past' two . wwkkf vAi'd .baaTtH Ltl iresh dally at
The Gifted
sctrciaa, and brantlful and al
Inrina; girt. - ; ...
-lienore tlrirb.
star of "The Bird of Pnradiae,n.
-Kilteeny" and The Heart ot
Psula," in another Paranioaat
woaerfeatoire, . ' r '
The IntriguA" tonight. "
STAR Theatre
A her yarents. M iA l-s C'Uv Kerf, 4 "
. tef home at 'f osabnrg,' ? W rlfotrW
. 4 t Jr 'fcala Vatn-r'fcroi t'unlBruKiTirs had one
f nDi-er 'm.4fibt'Jl fhttlo4tit Qmr -rfecrrirAlly heated
prlritort ofYthe Central "Point Herald, tlncubatora. the tkka making their
came to Grams PaVs SalMrday to
spend the 'day wltliuslijieaa mat
ters and tolfieet hla wie, wlo ar
rived from Portland hi the afternoon.
They will spend Sunday "with Mrs.
Dyer's mother, Mrs. IV t Meade,
New tub aHks, striped crepe de
chines. Georgette crepes and taffetas
at The Golden Rule. ;;' ..'..' 04
The Rev H. J. "Van FoasenU aupr
erintendent of the Oregon conference
for the Klamath district,- arrived yes
terday from Ashland and will apeak
today at the Methodist . JEplsropal
Church at Wild erv ilia.- 'V '. 1
Guaranteed Sealy mattresses, Hel
mera B. M. O. E and, Helmera Bleep
well mattresses, tU ' found at Hel-
mers. : , . t,v. ",, V . u
Hand garden tools and flower pots
at Cramer Bros. ju.. , 04
Mrs. H. A. Wetterborg arrived yes
terday for a visit n the city with
friends. Mrs. Wetterborg lived here
until a few months 'ago, Mr. Wetter
borg being In charge ot tba local
telephone exchange," Thar are now-
located at Woodlnrrn, but are pre
paring to move to Bend. .' -
appearance Thursday and Friday and
are now at home in the "Cramer Bros,
display window". There were J52
eggs and the result was a 90 per rent
hatch.." ' , 'V jrj, .
lreent Hooka to Mmm4
Mr, and Mra. R. G. Smith present
ed io tho Rast abhool Elbert H u fa-
bat d 'a 'iMttle Journeys",. In SO Vol
umea.'":-.' ',-.''.-' . , .
Chatiiw of Telephone St'mnbeiw,,
Dr. Ed Bywater, eya, ear, nose and
throat specialist.. Residence 140-1.;
omc soo-J. , . . ;' .; ;: o
Chorus rraeUoa Mondajr
. ' A apeclal rehearsal of tba Music
club haa been called tor tomorrow
evening, at 7: 45, in'the Chanrber ot
Commerce rooma. t , -
dumge In Management'
.Tba death of H. A. Baron, preal'
dent of the Wonder Stores Co., haa
cauaed a change In the Grants Pass
Wonder store, Sam Bolomon, man
ager since the store waa purchased
last summer, being transferred to
Portland, and J. Swarti, who arrived
here Friday, will be the local man
ager. David N Moseasohn, attorney,
of Portland,, la also here In tho In
terest of the Baron estate. Mr. Solo
mon, who leaves for Portland Mon
day, ha mad many friends her aad
haa often erpresaed hi sincere re
tard for the people of Granta Pass,
aad ha has words of praise for the
new manager.- ' '
Preacher In "Hiking" rimtnme-
Rev. Melville T. Wire, pastor of the
Granta Paaa Methodist church, spent
Monday 'out In - th Agate district
bunting agates. ': 11 stopped In town
a short time on bli return trip. Here
he met an old friend, Rev. Tucker.
who la conducting th revival meet
lags at the Christian ehurrfl. The
latter remarked that In his "hiking'
cost n nie Mr.' Wire look more Ilka a
government ranger or prospector
or any thing else but a preacher, and
the writer "quite agrees with htm.
With a nose for new wa endeavored
to get the iupposed-to-b prospector
to dish out news Item, instead we
received a cordial Invitation to visit
his church, which Is considered one
of the most popular and prosperous
churches of southern OregonCen
tral Point Herald, -...v , '. 'V
Muktc Hub Recital
An Irish program will be given by
the Granta Pass Music club. In the
Chamber of Commerce rooms,' Tues
day evening. ' Among those who, will
appear on the program are Misa Co.
Mrs. Parsons, Mr, Ferguson and Mr.
Stonaker In solo numbers; Mrs, Dyer
In 'a reading, and 'Miss Hortense
Hough in a piano solo. There will
also. be selections by the Ohaniber
of Commerce orchestra and th Music
club chorus under the directorship of
Mr. Hood. An admission of ten centa
will be charged, those who or not
member of the club.
,t ,j " i. ""if. ... i . , . . . ;., -.J'
V7e Encourage
A great many neople heMltnte almut opening n Hank
Account lMaa they rerard their knowledge of bank
lug $m limited or. probably they consider the amount of ,
money they havo W deposit too small. It Is a very eay
matter to open an account her. ' . ,-'
iuat deposit yonr money sign your name jtnd receive
yonr bank bonk. " " i '" ''
Wo cordially iavttA yon to open an nornunt With us,
subject to check, and will be pleased at all time to
explain any details In reused to flnancinl mailers,,
' l apltal
Hurptna and Profits
Joccphine County Bcn!i
i'XudM Past,' Ore. n.j;
Southern ," Orcgoii's flrealet
Placr of Ainnsement , i
Eyg. March
Cohan and Harris, who ..pre
sented "Bit th Trail Holllday"
a few weeks ago. , Another
' S , crea ' ' .' ''.,' "
Ollles claim better than
"Within Hie Uw," liiigaret
lllingtort'a great triumph. A
play that stands out aa nov
elty and full of "kirk," Mall
orders now. , , ' .
iricea ,lmer floor, llrwt four
rows, l.fM)i balance, ' 91.00.
llalcony, first four rms, $l,0O
nest four rows, ftc Imlani'e,
rarmts' Week av 8arrwe '" v.
Every afternoon during 'the past
week, the patrons aad friend ot the
Bast school have responded to the
Invitations sent out by pupil ot the
school by visiting on or mora room.
Th Vlctrola concerts given jy the
pupil were of more than ordinary
Interest, each number being preceded
by the story of the opera of which
It waa a part or by a description f
some unusual musical Instrument
reproduced by the grafonola. . Folk
gamea were played, gymnastic and
writing exercise were don to music
Patrona suggested that Parent' week
be Installed In alKtb eohoola and
be mad an , annual .. event. . - The
teachers wish to thank th patron
for their co-operation In helping to
procure th Vlctrola and for their do
nation of record. " ,?. ,
The following mlulutum charge
will b uiad by th Grant Pas
bank atUr Aprir lt 11T:
, Drafts purchased Fe of 5c up
to 115,00; loo tot amounts from
$11.00 to JN 00.00; 10c par hundred
for amounta in excess ot 1100.00,
(Th charge for draft, ucapt on
very small auiouata, ar much lower
than either poetofflo or express ord-
Escrows Filing fe 1.00 to b
paid at the tint escrow t deposited.
Collection fe of 15c on each payment
ot principal or interest, np to $100,00
and 10c per 1100.00 tor amount In
excess of 1100.00. Collection charge
appltea to escrow now' on til. ,
8an Francisco, Mars It. The
thread of prepared na agalnit a
railroad' atrlke, dropped last August,
were being picked tip by railroad ot
Bclali her today.' They ar center
ing effort on making "possible th
continuation of service In th event
of a" railroad atrlk. Although th
strike la scheduled to atartln the
east tonight,, It Is vot Mpected to
reach San Francisco befor Wednes
day night. In view 'of t hla fact the
embargo ordera on perishable freight
have been extended allowing th ac
ceptance of shipments west ot Port
land, Ogdea, Darning and CI Paao If
they can reach their destinations tiy
Tueaday night. ".": :'
. No strike ordera have been de
ceived at the brotherhood headquar
ters here aa yet, It la understood.
March 10. Tuesday Mualc club re
cital in. Chamber of Commerce
room at I p. m.-Cv'; ':
March 10, SI, Friday and Saturday
Senior claaa pmy, "Bluffing It."
at opera house. - . ' k -
April 11, 11, 14. Meeting ot the 1st
Southern Oregon District Federa-
tloo ' of Women's clubs at Grants
Pasa. ' i, :.S " , ;
April 20. Thurwtay Meeting 'of
Southern Oregon Association of
Odd Follow lodge at Grant 'Pas
- nd celebration, ot 10th annlver-
sary of Oddfellowahlp. V
1 , II II!,
TvfeV30 crJ 31...
i- n - 1
;..., ;;, " ,,: ,' r ,4; ... v,:r, ..-.'
Tho Senior Chzz . '
, of the
: Grants Paco Hih School
. . .Wilt present tho great Amorioan conietlj' .
word, two issues, tic: six Issues.
600; on month,, when paid In
advance. When not paid in advance,
ac per line per issue.)
; torneya. Albert block, phone 116-J.
2 Practice In all courta; land board
attorney.,',,.' ' .'.-;';.:.' ";,. -
XKWTOWN APPLES for sale. Phone
1 o-F-i4, of
SPECIAL, OFFER If takes before
April 1st, 40 acre Deer creek bot
tom and low bench land, for 1725.
No waste, title perfect, One-half
, mil from Selma. P. B. Oerould,
j Selma, Or. V, I. .- 4 T 00
lo your npriiig house rleanlng
nilh an electric vnciium clean-''
er. Tlie-APKX and FltAXTZ- ,
I'ltKMIKH at $m, with term)..
AIno a rhexr model at 927.1)0.
Free ilriminNlratlim In 'your
home. Try all three and make
ymr aeliM-tinn, Carpet cleaned
fin the floor, iiiattrenaea and .
coiiclies thoroughly cleaned In -n
few mltmteA ' ' . , "," '
Duon sic?i
Huy ICIeclrlc OtKMls at the
''.!"' Klectrle Store
Fllxgerald,- In Best-Fuller Realty
i company olBce, 208 North Ith
', trt. 'v." ' ' -, tf
: suranee, plat glass, accident and
- liability Insurance, Mr. Joseph
Mom, Mgr., 104 H N. 6th fit. S-tf
FOR BALK Good variety business,
' together with a long leas on new
; concrete building. Poor tealth the
only reason for elllng. Inquire,
' A. Wlmer, HO South 6th street. Or.
DRESSMAKING Suit "and' "gown.
( Will sew by th . day, : or take
1 home, 'Also have aaencv for loan-
, cer corsots and supporters, 417 E
street. -Phona Ill-J, Mrs. Cath-
' erlne M, UTrell. - , 01
FOR SAH-'KOn IV Peter Shuttler
, wagon, nearly new, with good
wagon bed for $100.00; one 1
i horse wagon,'' In excellent condi
tion, with heavy alngle harness
' for $75.00 Grant Pasa Hdw, Co,
of the houaehidd dntle la the family
walilng. Nu amnr la It do) ami
the Ironliuj completed than. It la time
lo commence all over again the fol-
v . .' '' . .-. ' . . '
lowing week. . Itellrvo that 1 1 re ad nf
W' ',i;i'. ,.--' .-.-
drudgery by phoning lo Ha ami W
ling n do yonr work, ? W do It Wrll.
... ' . . '
Grants Pass Sleam Lntzrdry
Freoh Apple Ciiler !
. Mndo fmai sound Newtown aad Wlneaap npplea, . Alfbweal to settle )
" and then filtered through oharronl, ".' i- ' '.?"'' r', ; .
.... .. y, ... , . .
.. - Ono galhm in gtaag aotl..;...f .40 vi " fj ' ' TJ .
V, . Five gallons In atNillard keg... ItOO'J,,,, " ..
. Ten gnllmw In aterlllaeil $ig'gJll''T ' ' t?
; Above price Include containers. A refund covering full ainonnt
of dcpoHit will tw allowed If the containers are returned In good
condition, : -.:' .v.;,,.'-"!-. .,V- ' .. .:. '..''
IWojslll make free delivery on itrjlrra f nve galhma or nnajv.
" :,,KIHMAWW PIUM)l(t-0MIMXv v fl
ftwith Granta Pass , .:, phtaao 18T-R
$7,000 WIIX BUT two brick bulld'-
IBg pn North Sixth street. , Mrs.
W, A- Paddock. ,21$ 0 'Itreat.
Phon 140-R. . r 05
FOR SAIJ1 Pair Belgian hares
cheap. Call at 1210 D street or
phon 10S-L. , v , ,1 ' , 05
Calling card at thj Courlr. ,
1 headquarter tt Gold Nugget con-
f fectlonery; two machines; calls
: answered until 11 p. hi. - Phone
'. 10; 'night phon 3 2 7-J.
HOW ABOUT that tltleT An abstract
from Grant Pas Abstract Co. will
j answer the question, -Better be
i sure before Investing;.: Offices .Al
' bert Btdg, Opposlt Postofflc. 01
FOR SALE On thoroughbred Jer-
mr cow, fresh, with heifer calf;
I on Holsteln cow (resh April I.
Mr. 1. Meier, 1101 East A street,
WANTED Two men,,' on to drlv
team In country Monday morning.
C. W. Ament, $54 N. 8th Bt, " 04
FOR SALE Finest team of 7-yer-
' aid marea lit Josephine county,
part tint If dlrd, Phon 151-R
!a SB; d b DIJOU
". ' V. . .Nnrtay m Monday ijighta .".,.,... ;'.;, t ,
, ',! U', ','' Tn Th"" Thrill
I!yTrHa-o b 'Its D;ra tf Lct:"
A Metro womler-play In Hve mHa of aMpretne ajipcpl,' , Mlrriag
story of rnrnanc and adventur , ....
Ve Olde Time Minstrel Men, Archer and Weaver, In iclliiml vaude
ville, Mack and white.' Foraaeriy wlUi llaverly mliiMrcN, diaries
: Archer, musical entertainer. Harry . Weaver,' the olilcxt Iminno aololat
and black face comedian oa the Amerloan stage tmlay. An old sol.
dlcr who wear one of tli famous Gettysburg medHls presented by
'Abraham Incoln, ' ,''.';',.. ."' :. '. '"'
f "'''' : . , MISICAI piukjham '.;;'",. X"'-. .
llljim Orchestra . ; ,y " .'; Ross KiiiiiwiiU, Director
"America, I Love on,w two etep, H, lslle, , ' , -
"Sunllgln and Love,? wajta, H.J, Lincoln. v ' ;w
lyl,' .Tho Hrti OM's Dream,'' A, libltsky." - f 1 ,
,"Lov Mo All the Time,"' M.'Nordl. . V; . 1"'. :.. V"
Doors tipen 7 sliarji, concert TiUxl, plctiwes TUrt. , ; 7 ,.
' Adiiilselon IOc aot BtHs