Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 18, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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and Machine Shop
t?alein, Mar. 17. Despite the ef
(oils of her ton to prevent It. Mrs,
Luclnda Briggs, 70, today li I ho
brlil of Ham M. Martin, OT, of Btsy
tou. A fsw minutes after Mr.
B'Ii?r we served with a citation to
appear and show cause why a guar-
dlun should not be appointed (or
hei. Judge Iiushey msrrled her to
Martin. A few hours before the
ceremony, Martin waa arrested on a
chares of carrying concealed weap
ons, bat furnished ISO hsll In time
to attend the ceremony,
Your Grocer
might Just as
well fill your
orders with
Golden West
Mr. Lsffiniy Entertains
.Mrs, W. V. LuftYrty entertained
the ThuraUay Afternoon dub at her
hows on West 1) stret. The time
waa plesnnntly punned , with aewlnit,
muslo and conversation. Fruit sarsa.
coffee and chess cakes were served
to the following: Mesdatnea Clyde
Martin, Urn it Coburn, Eva Coe,
John Dennlaon. Wlllard Wilson, Roy
Hush, Hom and the Misses. Hat-
tie Jewell, Leah Slover. Ada Berry
and Jennie Smith.
Hitritrlhe for Frank (Jolnipi
Tlio friends and near uclxhuora of
Frank Going assembled at the Go
ings home on Wednesday eventns
for a farewell surprise as ho la soon
lesvlng the city. The evening hours
passed quickly lit a variety of old
and new games, at the close of which
all Joined In singing old time son as.
Cocoa and cake were served by
Misses, Blanche Epperly, Alberta and
Elsie Powers to the following: Mr.
and Mrs. Wrsy. Mrs. T. U. Elliott,
and Miss Minnie Elliott, Ralph El
liott, Mrs. Tolln and son, Abrsm,
Audrey Oriffln. Miss Kverton. Mr.
A good time to install an
One a luxury, now a choice.
The ELECTRIC RANGE paeans hours of time
to the housewife.:
Means the absence of work that is drudgery a
kitchen as cool, clean and airy as iny parlor,
Because now meals are cooked .by the snap of a
switch, and they are meals that are perfect.
The ELECTRIC RANGE may save a little, or
may cost a little more to operate, so there is
nothing much to lose -in either case.
The money cost is not the big consideration.
Let us tell you how easily this modern conven
ience can be installed in your home during
housecleaning time.
and Mrs. Jest Rimer, Mr", aad Mrs.
Tobe Rimer, Delpba Rimer, Mr. M.
McCalllster, Erica MoCalllstar, Mrs.
Powers, Mrs. Goings. Jeaneti, Asa
and Virgil Powers, Mrs; : SpUsaog
gerrand Glean MoCalllsUr.
' '
la Honor of Mrs. Terwilllger
Tbs Past Noble Orsads entertained
at dinner Thursday boob At the boms
of Mrs. Cleveland on fifth street Id
honor of Mrs. June Terwllllger, who
leaves soon to reside la North YakI
ma. The rooms were moat tastily
arranged, the decorations being of
pink carnations, font, aad potted
plants. The great tables were ar
ranged In t letter T; the officers of
the club were given honorary seats at
the cross of the T. An excellent din
ner was served at high noon to about
30 ladles; The pleasant affair will
be one to long remind Mrs, Terwil
liner of her lodge sisters and Grants
Pass friends.
Mrs. WlndeJI Entertains Ctab
Mrs. J. A. Winded entertains I the
"Half Century" club at rrr home on
81 x tli street Monday afternoon. Hand
work and social chat pleasantly pas-
sod the time until the hostess served
sandwiches, banana pie and tea. Mes
dnmes Calvert, Crockett, GllflUan
and Wlndell were those present.
Tuesday Afternoon (lab Meets
Mrs. Q. P. Jester entertained the
Tuesday Afternoon club at her home
on C street tills week. A delightful
afternoon was apent with fancy work
and social chat. The club meirfbers
present were: Mesdames W. W. Laf
ferty, Wlllard Wilson, Tom Oalvln,
Arthur Mater and Ernest Lister.
Miss Louise Harvey was a guest of
the afternoon. Mrs. Jester served
tlKht lunch In the early evening.
-4 ''.
Iii Honor of Mlaa Halrgaarde
Mrs. John Dnnlson entertained
Tuesiiay evening la honor of the
presence of Miss Hulegaarde from
Euatne at tier home on C street. The
evening hours passed gaily with Vlc-
trola music, singing and dancing.
me guests or the evening were:
Mesdames Rodney Calvert, Eva Coe,
Wlllard Wilson and Misses Jessie
Smith, Ollie Patterson. Ada Berry,
lah 8lover, Ethel Wilkerson. Hat-
tie Jewell and the guest of honor,
Miss Hulegaarde. A light luncheon
of sandwiches, pickles, cake and eof
fee was served by the hostess.
Mr. A. II. Coraell Katerulas
Mrs. A. D. Cornell entertained the
Udlea Aid society of the Methodist
church at a Kensington afternoon at
her home on B street Tuesday. ' A
delightful program .waa rendered con
slating of piano duets by Masters
Leonard and Norm an Kendall, "Cap-
rlcant" and "The Mill Song," and
group of two songs by Mrs. A. 0.
Knapp, "Slumber Sea" and "Sweet
Miss Mary," At the conclusion of
most delightful afternoon, refresh
meats were served. About 60 ladles
wero present.
' .
Mrs. Mooa Entertains '
The Do-tAs-Yoa-dteese club waa en
tertalaed at the A. W. Moon home on
Seventh aad Lea streets Monday af
ternoon ana a deiightmi time was
spent In Mrs. Moon's cosy home with
sewing and general topics of Interest
under dlseusslori. A lunch of salad
warers, nnt rocks and coffee was
served to the foMowlng: Mesdames
Tom Pry, J. D. Pry, Eel us Pollock
B. C. Offins, Oeo. 8. Calhoun, O. H.
Bernard, E. L, Moon, A. W Moon
and Will Fry.
. :'' ....
Mrs. Flanagan Entertains
Mrs. W. H. Flanagan entertained
the Oregon cltfb Monday afternoon at
the Flanagan home on Sixth street.
Besides the club members the guests
of the afternoon were: Mesdames
Arthur Denlaon, T, M. Htott and
Thomas Ferguson. Refreshment
ware served at the close of a pleas
ant afternoon of sewing and talk
KlrUuUy Party
Miss Minnie Trait entertained Sat
urday evening, at the Truit home on
R street. In honor of ter birthday
anniversary. The evening was sient
with games, cards and dancing. Cakes
aad Ice cream refreshed the merry
party. Those present were Minnie
and Lola Truit. Opal Hitler, Ted
Birchard, Oaylord Smith and Hal
B. Patrick's bortar at Baptbt (Tiurrh
The Baptist church was a scene In
Old Ireland Friday evening with Its
draperies of green but the stars and
stripes everywhere visible pronounced
It truly American. 8L Patrick's games
of all klnda ware indulged In by all
and later aa excellent program waa
rendered. A reading by Mlsa Irene
Anderson, trombone solo by Stanley
Summers', vocal solo by Mrs. A
Drunken, reading by Miss Vlda Fits-
gerald, a piano selection tj Eugene
Halliday, recitation by Paul E. Klrk-
sr, solo by D. B. Reynolds, selections
by the ladles' Quartet and remerka by
Rev. 8. A. Douglas on the origin of
St. Patrick's Day In conclusion. Sand
wiches, pickles, tea and coffee were
- . .
Foreigners' FriesxUy Club Meets
Mrs. M. R. Britten entertained the
foreigners' Friendly elub at her home
on North Second street Saturday af
ternoon. The time was spent with
fancy work and social talk. Mrs. Brit
ten served n lunch of marshmallow
salad on a geranium leaf, carrot
cheese and wafers, green and white
brick Ice cream, cake aad coffee to
the following: Mesdames A. O.
Knapp, A. M. Messal, A. A. Wltham,
C. P. Ferrln, T. M. Stott and M.. T.
Farewell for Mlsa Amentront
i The Keller home on F street wss a
scene of gay merriment Friday even
ing when the friends of Juanita Ar-.
tiantrout gathered for a farewell sur
prise, as Miss Juantla will leave next
Week with her parents to reside In
Roseburg The hostesses of the even
ing were Misses Florence Williams.
Dolly Telling, Vera Robinson and
ttora Keller. The evening was spent
with lively games at the close of
which ths young people partook of a
lunch of cookies, sandwiches, dough
nuts and cocoa. The guests were
Juanita Armentrout, Eva Jenkins,
Thelma Sheehan, Mae Puckett, Isa-
belle Keller. Rose Fallln, Dyke
Luckett, Norman Kendall, Honts
Johnson, Adoiph- Keller, Owen
Holmes, Don Megargle, Ted Randle.
Gardinler Knapp and John William.
C. K. IteooKnlaes St, Patrick
The Christian .Endeavor Society of
the Presbyterian church held a St.
Patrick's party In the parlors of that
church Friday evening. The histori
cal pig had a place In the parlor and
i great'deal of merriment was of-
forded In pinning tails, blindfolded,
on his round body, winch was or
cardboard. George Riddle and Robert
rngalln In their cooking caps and
aprons proved a great credit to the
domestic science teacher at the high
school when they baked and served
dainty Irish apple cske to the entire
, Nurprise far Ilellews
; A surprise party waa given Friday
night by Blanche Lowe and Lulu Gar
rett tor ths Daniel Bellew family who
leave on Monday. After a pleasant
evening, Ice cream, cake, cookies and
oocoa were served to the rotiowing
guests: Vera Johnson. Winifred
Abel, ArleU Myers,. Irene Mercler,
Forest (Lowe, Merle Rimer and the
Bellews. 1 ' ; ;.
TertrlUlger Entertained
A company of friends gathered at
the U. A. Griffin home, on North
Second street, on Wednesday even
ing tor an evening with Mr. and
Mrs, B, Terwllllger, who leave soon.
The evening waa made enjoyable
with games and conversation prior to
the serving of ice eresm and cake.
' ' ' ..'
ftereytlon for Rev. and Mrs. Wire
The parlors and auditorium of the
Newman Methodist Episcopal church
were thrown open to the member
ship of that church in a reception for
Reverend and Mrs. Melville T. Wire
on Frldsy evening. The rooms were
decorated with banks of Ivy and fern,
pots 'of hot bouse plants and great
bouquets carnations and sweet pess.
As Mr. snd Mrs. Wire and District
Superintendent Dr. H. J. VanFossen
wera escorted up tfce renter aisle to
honorary chairs by Mrs. M. C. Van
Leuven, Mrs. 8. Loughrldge and Sam
H. Baker, Newell's orchestra played
"L Manola" and the large eompsn;
broke Into cheers. A most excellent
program was rendered, the nu in tiers
of which were: "The Seven Tears"
presented by seven girls and received
with enthusiasm; Mrs. A. G. Knspp
sang "The Valley of Laughter" and
'Firelight Faces,'' with 4ier usual
charming ability; Remoh Tryer, Csr-
maltta Pool, Ragna Anensonr VeOna
Williams and Marian Sabln sang sev
eral catchy selections accompanied
with their, ukeleles; Harley Stonaker
read an original masterpiece In Dutch
dialect concerning the hunting and
fishing abilities of bis pastor; J. H.
Williams played 'Face to Fsce" and
"I Fear No Foe," as cornet solos;
Miss Genevieve Pattillo and Jim Mum
sang two beautiful duets, "O That We
Two Were Maying," and "Just a
Wearln' for You," accompanied by
Mrs. George C. 8shln; Sam H. Baker
concluded the program with an ad'
dress to Mr. and Mrs. Wire In behalf
of the members declaring that the
affair was "not a formal reception,
but an outpouring of oifr, slncerest
feelings to you." The guests of hon
or were presented with a magnificent
cut glass vase flashing with the col
ore of the rainbow, in which was a
beautiful bouquet of sweet peas and
fern. Responses were made by Rev.
Wire aad Dr. VanFossen. Follow
ing these talks, the party Informally
adjourned to the parlors decorated
In pink and white and were served to
punch and cakes. " '
Thursday afternoon Mrs. V. A
Griffin entertained Mesdames ' Mary
Hlldretb, A. L. .Edgerton, Pad
dock, C. S. More?, E. G. Holman and
L. O. Clement In honor of Mrs. June
Terwllllger. " Vjt-crj
. . - .-v A..
Mr. and Mrs. H 8. DosnelL ot
Los Angeles, stopped -off to spend
the week end with Mr. and Mrs.. IT.
A. Griffin while on their way to their
summer home In Cow creek canyon.
Portland. Mar. 17. Railroads of
the northwest today published adver
tisements asklpg for trainmen, yard
men and englneiiien to work in case
the strike Is called. Strict embar
goes sgainst perishable freight were
maintained, and every department
manager on the roads was actively
engaged in preparing to handle as
much business as possible it the walk
out comes.
lilAtnMln MgtAwnn,
ltWlral A.kymr nrvmmUl Ur
Chi thmivt stsuasjs4Rr4L
1111 la U4 M ttoM mtZiSt
ln, taiM.wifc Sim RiMm.
! M IK mm mtjnmr
PnaM. A lorl 111 n-TTB-S
Ton In. H IM, MM AlwM hriMtl
OnpjrrlgU IMS TWPktan Ad.tiu,Bo f
The Story
Yard Phone JJT-R
Res. Phone ITI-Y
, Everything of
Merit la
Cement Sewer Pipe
TUe Co.
New and Used
at lUght Prices
Manuel A Beaton
S04 South 6th
Terms Strictly Cash
But see what cash
will do her
400 South 6th St
- Chiropractor
whida Is vary na
niiM atrstius
Offlce Hours
tO-lt and 1-6
VOU tkLk
Red Clover, TUaoLfcq, Scarified
Sweet Clover. Bye Oman, a
. Ralph Waldo Elds. Central Point,
Oregon, . . :' r -, ' l7tf
80 FOB COTTAOB and wall; $300
for shack, barn, ehkkan boassa
and wood shed, 1 acre . ground
thrown in free; III Rogue River
Ave.. Key across ths street. 04
FOR SALE fr-room bonne plastered,
with bath and toilet.. Ill I street.
two lots 60x100 each, ham a
outbuildings; or will exchange for
scall bouse. Address No. 101, ears
Courier. i ' i, Igltf
FOR SALE t-h, . p. motor, 1-Inch
pump, three transformers. StS feet
l-lnch galvanised pipe, (I feet t
iaca pipe, on witch, one belt
Inquire O. P. Jester, at Grants
Pass Banking Co. 082tf
BARGAINS In PsUluma incubators
that have been used aad thro
oighly tested, i: agj, f 15.00;
K egg, fll.00; 111 egg, $21.00.
Every machine guaranteed. Cramer
Bros. r. . of
A TWO CYLINDER Maxwell ran.
cbout in good condition for sale
cheap at $126.00.' Just the car
to use in canvassing. Inquire st
Cramer Bros. ; ; 09
, 2. V a
FOR SALE Babr chicks 10 cenU
each; also eggs for ' hatching,
brown and white leghorn and ban
ties. Mrs. F. O. Wilcox, 407
Rogue River avenue or telephone
I2J-B, v - $8
a.-vuel, cakes supplied In any
quantity on short notice, 60e each.
Phone 1J0-J. f ' 002tf
REGISTERED roan Durham bulllor
sale. R. F. Gorham, Rd. No. 2,
Grants Pass. , 14
FOR SALE About 60 head of stock
cattle. Address W. J. Savage, Rd.
No. 1, box 54 04
1013 FORD Just overhauled , and
painted, t215 terms if desired.
Mclntyre's Garage. . 04
week's offering, one February II
11 grandson of Laurel Cham
; ploa out -of the grand champion
sow lmfteridnjUtAtalr, Tonnx
iZamwjhm-Owat' ... t;r.a
FOR -lldl vQHfLf?. r .tctad
nauaarss i.wj.-aasnger ; and
t'oro4dVt$.'i: Each car la a bar
gaJjputHlhe tprh. kaxwell Osr-
! 04
FOR SALE Pure bred Duroc Jersey
gilts and pigs. Also S h. p. gas
oline engine; 3 Inch centrifugal
pump. Phone 125-J. 07
FOR SALE Best bargain in real es
tate In valley. . 42 acres valley
land, aoil river silt, partly clear
ed, improvements, under Irrigation
system. For price - and terms.
Phone 1SS-J. ! 07
FOR SALE CHEAP Good bay horse.
sound, weight; 1800 rbs., 7 years
old. Inquire Ell Meals, R. F. D.
2, Grants Pass. . : 07
FOR RENT Furnished, seven-room
house at 205 West B street In
quire at 602 Clark street. ..' 06
' sleenln Imt for rnt TaUnhnna
2S5-R. .06
E STRAY There came to my place oa
Savage creek In 1915 two three-year-old
heifers branded K on each
hip. Crop off each ear, two slits In
each ear, one roan and one red.
Feed bill tor two winters. J. C.
Savage, R. F. D, 2, Grants Pass. 05
DR. R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarian
Offlce In WInetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 11S-J Hesldenc
Phone 306-R. .
SHOE REPAIRING 516 R street.
near Josephins hotel, good work
snd prices right. Dad Richards.
The California and Oregon
uoast Kauroaa company
Effective December 5, 1116
Tuesdays, Thursdays. Satdrdays
Train 1 Iv. Grsnta Pass.. 16.00 a. m
Train 2 Iv. Waters Creek 1.00 p. as.
All trains leave Grant Pass fro si
the corner of 0 and Eighth streets
opposite the Southern Pacific depot
For all information regarding
freight and passenger service call ai
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or - phone 181. tor
sama. . . i .
V. V" . :
(LOST--BuBch of keys on ring. Name
iag. with owner's name inside, oa
rif. ' Finder please return to Duiv
ham k Richard. ' 04
L. a CLEMEMT, M. D. PrnoUos
, limited to diseases of the aye, ear,
oso aad throat Olasaen Sited
-Oflcn hoars 0-lt, t-6, or en sp
potatsaeat Offlce phone, 42; restv
denes phoae 160-j. , .
S. LOUOHRIDOK. u n . PhiM.r.
and surgeon. CUy or coudtry call
aUeadsd day or night v Residence
phono 160; offlce phoae is:.
Sixth and H. Tats BaUdlag. ,
J. P. TRUAX. M. D. Phrateian ui4
surgeon. Phones: Oflso ttt; resi
dence 124. Calls anawsred at all
hours. Country aalto attended to.
Landbnrg Balldlng.
Oil. ID. BYWATER Specialist oa
diseases or the eye, ear, nose an
throat; glasses fitted. Office hours:
to 12 a. 2 to t p. m. Phones
Residence 2S4-J; offlco 261-J.
Schmidt Bldg. Grants Pass. Ors.
A. A. WITHAM. M. D., Physlclsa and
surgeon. Offlee: Hall Bldg, cornC
Sixth aad I streets. Phones: Office
116; residence 188-J. Hours: t a.
m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. MACY. li. M. D. rtratw-lau
dentistry. 100 , South Sixth
street. Greats Pans. Oregon.
H. D. NORTON. AttarnT-f-l
Practice la all titata and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bids
COLVIG A WILLIAMS Attoraays-at-Law
Grants Pass Basking Co.
Bldg. Grants Pass. Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
la all courts. First National Bank
Building. . ' '. -
at-Lnw. - Qfflee Masonic Temple
Oranta Paaa. Ore.
unijiD . . nr i -
County attorney for- ; Jotsphlne ' '. "
V. OfflceachaJlAoisj . prT-.
a . BAAJICHARDw AttorneviJ- ' - i:
vrnnw rasa taarg Ce, Bldg, v , ...
V.?A. CLEMEN, Lk tUtzUAi. s v
vracticet-ln sttt;ay' ! lWtMf "
. : oosru. icooma i, and J. vt i
i ;' Golden Rule atore.
PAPERHANGING, graining, "-paint-,
lag. For the best work at lowest
prices, phona 286-J. C O. Plant
,South Park atreet
E. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemist.
metallurgist Rooms 201-203 Pad
i dock Building. OranU Pass. '
J.. 3. MACMURRAY, teacher of voice.
. culture and singing. Lessons given.
at home of pupil It requested. Ad-j
dress 716 Leo street.
kinds of drayago and transfer,
work carefully and promptly done.?
Phone 1S2-R. .Stand at freight'
depot A. 8bade, Prop. t
F. O. 'SHAM, draraxe and trutafur
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,'
packed, shipped aad stored. Phono
Clark ft Holman, No. 50. Resi
dence phone 124-li. . " ,
THE WORLD MOVES;, so do ws.1
Durith Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
8TRACT company makes reliable
abstracts st1 reasonable ratea. In-:
vestlgate our work and prices, It'
may save you money. Twelve years
In business. Masonic Building. 25i
Portland, Mar. 17. Today's mar-I
ket quotations were:
Wheat Club, 168; bluestem, 170..
Oats No. 1 white feed, 86.60.
Barley Feed, 89.00. . ;
Hogs 'Best live, 14.60. 1
Prime steers, 9.60 0.76; fancy i
cows, 8.00,0 8.50; bent calves, 10. t
Spring lambs, 18.26. ' ,
Butter City creamery, 28; conn-,
try, 29. : v,
Eggs Selected local extras, 86 TjD r
S7. 'r"-.'.'-"(,.,
Hens, IS (9 19; broilers, 80; geese
12 .li.'.:- .,;
Copper, 80, ' : : J t l
', A ciasslBejad wilt' give results. v -