Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 16, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    KltllMV. MARCH 10, 1017
dailt booci mm ooinaxa
im mi so
t hlnn Herb Store
llerli cur fur eawhe, headache,
catarrh, diphtheria, sore throat,
lung trouble, kidney trouble, (tone
ih trouble, heart trouble, chills and
fever, crui)i, coughs, ioor circuit
tinn, csrbunoles, tumors, akd
hresst, cures nil kinds of goiters.
Medford, Oregon, Jin. IK. 1917
This U to certify (hit I, the un
dersigned, had very sever stomsch
trouble and had been bothered for
aevera4 yesrs and laat August waa not
expected to live, and hearing of.Olm
Chung (whoae Herb Store la at 241
South Kront atreel In Med ford) 1 de
cided to get herba for my stomsch
trouble, and I atarted to feeling 'bel
ter as aoon aa I uaed them, and today
am a welt man and can heartily ree
ommend anyone afflicted ai I waa to
aee Olni Chung and try hi Herb.
(Signed) W. K. JOHNSON'.
' Witnesses:
M. A. Anderson, Medford.
H. II. Holme, Ragle Point.
Pri nk l.ewls, Kagle Point.
Wm Lewie, Kagle Point.
W. !. Chlldretb, Eagle Point...
C. K. Moore. Kagle Point.
J. V. Mrlniyre, Kagle Point
Oeo, B. Von de Hollen, Faile Point
Thoa. K. Nichols, Ragle Point.
John S. Orth, Medford
Mla.'S Mary Oakes, Marie Do) ho,
Helen Peterson and Alberta Martin
h Ik t'd to Lelsnd Sunday afternoon
and returned on No. 16.
The 'section men were called to
the wreck near Medford early Man
day morning.
Mra. Walter Penny entertained W.
S. Crockett and family at dinner Sun
day. Mrs. Utbrup spent Sunday with
Mrs. Cshlll.
Mrs. Winnie llsgley hsa taken
charge of the depot since the mar
riage of Mlaa Delle Dingier, the
former caretaker.
Mrs. Mae Henry entertained Mr.
and Mrs. MoKy snd Mr. and Mrs.
Penney, Monday. '
R. S. Crockett Is on the sick Hat,
and haa gone to Oranta Pass to con
sult physician,
Silas Ludwlck has ' leased the
Hrown acres, on Jump-off-Joe and
wilt oon move his family,
Mrs. Seton entertained the Udlea
club on Wednesday, after the dinner,
the afternoon was pleasantly spent
with hooks and thread on tinny lare,
whlrh la the rage at present, -
. ' Our winter still continues. he
ground has not been clt;r of snow
for three weeks or more.
Mra. M. IS. Morgan has returned
home after a abort visit with friends
and relatives In Grants Pass.
The Mutual Benefit club of Jerome
Prairie and Wlldervllle will meet
next Saturday, .larchl7. at the Wlld
ervllle school house.
Mrs. Armstrong Is visiting her son,
Claude Arimrtrong, of Urania Pass.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Dlsbrow spent
the week end with Mrs. J. A. Dish
nd family of Wlldervllle, and at
tended the Everybody's birthday
party given by the Ladles Aid at
Comply with
the law and use
printed Butter Wrappers
According to the ruling of the Oregon lliy and Food
Commission all dairy butter sold or expoeed for sale In
, this state must It wrapiied In butter paper upon which
Is printed the words "Oregon Dairy Butter, 10 (or ttli)
ounces full weight," with the name ami Address of the
To enable pntmns of the Courier to easily comply with
the ruling this office will supply standard aloe and weight
butter pMer printed with special waterproof Ink, nnd
delivered by parcels pout, at the following prices i
100 Nheets, 10 or llil ounces $1.00
itOO Hlieets, 10 or All ounces l.WI
:t(i Kliects, 10 or Hll ounces 1.70
.100 Hheets, 10 or Sll ounces 2.40
Kxtra charge for special designs.
. Hrnd nrders iby mail nccompnnied by the price as above
and pnper will l promptly forwarded to yon by parrel
post, prepaid. ,. , ,
We use the best butter paper obtainable, nnd our work
month I p Is of the best.
Rogue River
Grants Pass, Oregon
the Wlldervlll parsonage, - Friday
ovenlng, March , ,
Mr. and Mr. C. C. Mamerly made
X business trip to Oranta Pane Tues
day of tlila week.
The B! It fh and Chatter club waa
entertained at tholr regular meeting
on Wednesday afternoon 'by Mra.
diss. Smith, A good number of
membera were present and a pleasant
afternoon waa spent. Cake, cookies,
apples and postum waa served to the
following members: Mrs, flux, Mrs.
Hsmerly, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Prultt,
Mrs. Dlsbrow, Mrs. Hlven, Mrs. Mor
gan, Mrs. Mlddlaton, Misses , Mary
Gelwlts and Bornlce Tucker and the
hostess, Mrs. Smith.
I The match game of basketball
, which was set to take place between
Kerby and Murphy last week was not
! played because of so much storm. It
was given up and a game made be
tween the town team and the school
tram. Two gamea were had. One
between the gtrla and one between
the boys. The girls town team was
composed of the following players:
Captain, Mra. Helen Tuffs; center,
Zcpha Hogue; forwards, Mrs. Tuffs
snd Rllda Stith; guards, Geneva Rob
inson and Minnie Hogue. School
I team: Captain, Ida Manrer; renter,
Vera Turner; forwards Ida Maurer
land Rdna Wlmer; guards Anna Ad
ams and Marie Powell. At the close
the score stood 1-H In fscor of
the school team. The boys of the
town tesm were: Captsln, Charles
Hampton; renter, Glenn Howard; for
wards, Chas. Hampton and Dick
Jonea; guards, Jim Hogue and Elden
McCalllster. The school team were:
Captain, Ray Turner; center, Qutncy
Woodcock; forwards, Martin Maurer
and Lelond Wllllts; gusrds, Tom
Young and Ray Turner The final
score stood 11 to IS In favor of the
nwn tovm. The unevenet of the
game Is attributed' to the disparity
of ages between the two teams, the
town team having an advantage of
rfbout 7 yeara average age above the
school tesm. Both gamea were hot
ly contested and the 'onlookers were
ss enthusiastic as the players them
selves. The game waa followed by a
dance and was enjoyable to all.
Miss Gertrude Hague was referee
for the game between the girls and
Mr. Royston was referee for the game
between the boya.
Among those from the outbid t who
came from the upper Ill'nn.r f.nd
8ucker creek valleys were: Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Bunch, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
8owell, Mr. and Mrs. Rov Hrlggs,
Mr. and Mrs. Roy FeMev, Misses
Lois White, Jessie Gllmore, Ttatusol
Burnett, Helen Methena, Bill Gran,
Carl and George Krause, Harrison
Mssters, Charley Sowetl, Charley Me
thena, Bill Harvey, Elmer Berbey,
George Caldwell, Earl Cald, Charley
Ilia la Mra u,a !Ma at7ilKV
bout, MMc4 M llli S.K. V
'mkm mm mtmw. Owv mf vms
lAHtlNft HIMNl PILL ft I
I Daddus Bedtime
I He Found Neei -
(Adapted from OiimiD'e fairy Tale). J
RI4HT after supper Jsck and Evelyn scrambled on to daddy's lap for
the bedtime story: "Once upon a time there were two brothers. One
wss rich aud the other poor, The rich man was a goldsmith, and at
heart be was wicked. The poor one wss a broorn maker, and at heart
be was iiourst and klud. -
"The poor brother bad twin boys as near alike as two peas. These children
ran back and forth between their home and tbelr rich uncle's. Often they
were fed on the scraps from bis table.
"Now, It happened that one day their father went Into the woods to cut
some brush for tils brooms. In front of bla be ssw a bird, all of pure gold
and more beautiful than any bird be bad ever seen before.
"He threw a small atone at It and hit It, but only on gout feather fall to
the ground, aud the bird flew away. So be picked op the feather and at once)
carried It to bla brother, tbe goldsmith. He examined It well and said. It Is
pure gold.' -
"So be gave bis brother a Urge sum of money for the feather.
"Tbe next morning the same bird flew past the broommaker as be was
cutting some uptwr branches off a birch
a nest wlthlu which toy a gold egg.
"He esrrled it home and abowed It to his brother. Ha exsmlned It and said
again. 'It is pure gold.' Aud be gave bis poor brother the egg's worth In money.
"Tbe next day the goldsmith aald, '1 should very much like to bare tbe bird
Itself.' .
"So when tbe poor brother went to work be watched the tree tops, aud pres
ently be saw the gold bird sitting In the top of one. He threw a stone at It.
and the bird fell to the earth. He picked it up and took It to bis brother, who
again paid a heap or money for It. 'Now I shall get on better,' thought the
poor broouiuisker.
"Tbe goldsmith was a crafty chap. He well knew what kind of a bird be
had got hold of. He called bis wife and aaid to her: 'Roast this bird for me
and see tbnt no part of It la lost Wben It Is ready I want to eat It quite
"For the bird was such a wonderful kind that any one who ate Its heart
and liver found a gold piece under bla pillow each morning wben be awoke."
daddy finished.
"Wss be selfish T" ssked Jsck.
Skeeters, John Callen, Clarence Hunt
and Oeo. Esterly.
Tbe Isst of the series of "500" par
tlea given by the Rebekaha waa play-,
ed laat Friday night. The winners
of the two prises, those holding the
two highest scores during the series
were: First prise, J. F. Stith, a gold
fountain pen. The second prise was
won by Tom Floyd, a thermos bottle.
From the series the lodge will have
for the donation to the !. O. 0. F.
Orpban'a Home a purse of about ISO.
Chester Marline, a resident near
Holland, a miner, was found dead In
hla cabin on Wednesday morning.
The particulars ss to his death have
not been learned by the correspon
dent. Mr. Martin is supposed to be
aibout 50 yeara of age. He la a mem
ber of the I. a O. F. of this place
and will be hurled under the ausplcies
of the order. The time of the burial
haa not yet been announced.
J. H. Smock and daughter, Luclle,
and George Porter who have been
gone some three months In Arliona
returned last week to Holland.
Mrs. Josephine HoiiBton and Mni.
John Bingham, of Thompson creek,
wore Applegate vlaltora the first of
the week. ''
There will be a play entitled the
"Threads of Destiny" at Ruch Sat
urday evening by local talent.
Chester Kubll Is driving a new
Ford having traded his old Ford In
on a new one while In Medford lest
wk. i
F. E. Merrick and son, of Medford,
who are Interested In the dredge,
were business visitors here last Sat
urday. . .
: Harley Mansfield and family ac
companied by Miss Ella Rawllngs
were Medford and Ashland visitors
8aturdsy and Sunday.'
! Chester Kublt drove some beef
cattle to the Grants Pass market on
Thursday. .
' Miss Edith Kubll was trading with
Medford merchants Tuesday.
The socialists will give a dance at
their hall March 24.
Zeb Hyde 1 ependlng a few days
In Medford.
The basketball teams gave up the
trip to Kerby on account of the bud
Great preparations forjhe St. Pat
rick's dance are being made by the
local young folks.
Little Miss Gladys Beagle cele
brated her 9th birthday Saturday, 'by
Inviting th small girls to spend the
afternoon with her.' '
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Carson and
son drove up to Williams Saturday to
help a large number of Mra. David
Johns' old friends celebrated her 80th
birthday, Mr. Carson making some
very happy remarks when the large
cake with It 80 lighted candles was
brought In. ' ,
An even dosen ladles of the F. M.
D. C. club met With Mrs. Alnsworth
Wednesday ftonwou, the time wo
A 0OLD tiftD
tree. Be mad a search and found
devoted to music reading and fancy
work, later refreshments were serv
ed. The next meeting will be the
2nd Wednesday In April, with Miss
Winnie Osborn. '
The population of Murphy has
been Increased by the arrival of a
new baby girl at the Harold Vedder
home. .
Miss Bertha Hyde, who has been
at the Darnellle home taking care of
her aunt, spent Sunday at home.
The Evensons, of Granta Pass, who
have rented the bungalow formally
owned iby Frank Court, will move out
at soon as the weather Is settled.
Mrs. Ben Watts and Miss Edna
Watts visited In Murphy Wednesday.
Dr. Sweeney made a call In Med
ford Wedneaday, on Theo. Payne,
formerly central at Provolt... ,Mr.
Payne has had a very serious sick
spell with measles and pneumonia,
but la beginning to alowly Improve.
Chsrles Belknap, Jr, Assigned
to Duty During Preaent Crisis.
The navy department has aKalgued
Lletitonsnt Commander Charles Bel
knap, Jr., a oflUiitl censor for the navy
during the Uermaii erllM. A desk lias
been given to him In Admiral Hcusoii'h
olflces, and he him been present with
Secretary Umilcls whenever the latin
Is Interviewed by nevsmier men;
which Is twli-e dully, ,
' Job printing of every description at
th Courier office.
STRACT company makes reliable
"abstracts at reasonable rates, In-,
jveatlgst our work snd prices, It
imsy save vou money. Twelve years
I jtnvbutlMft. Masonic Building, 26
Pi- !
J !
': :
n )
yfa ig j
Classified Advertising
rose sau,
Red Clover, Timothq, Scarified
Sweet Clover, Rye Oraas, etc
Ralph Waldo Eldea, Central Point,
Oregon. I47U
1800 FOR COTTAGE and well; f 300
for shack, barn, chicken houses
and wood abed, 1 acre ground
thrown in free; 121 Rogue River
At. Key across the street. . 04
FOR BALK 6-room house plastered,
with bath and toilet, 711 I street,
two lota 60x100 each, barn and
outbuildings; or' will exchange for
small bouse. Address No. 2(1, care
Courier. Illtf
FOR BALE t-h. p. motor, 1-inch
pump, thro transformers, SIS feet
(-Inch galvanised pipe. It feet 4
lncn pipe, one switch, on belt
Inquire G. P. Jester, at Grants
Pas Banking Co. !S2tf
BARGAINS In Petal u ma Incubators
that have been used snd thro
oughly tested, 121 egg, . f 11.00;
211 egg, 18.00; 124 egg, $22.00.
Every machine guaranteed. Cramer
Bros. 01
A TWO CYLINDER Maxwell run
about In good condition for aale
cheap at 1125.00. Just the cor
to use in canvassing. Inquire at
Cramer Bros. 01
IF YOU WANT Whit Leghorn tahy
chicks, place, your order early.
March and April hatches all soldi
Still have to sell; May 1. 150;
May 10. 250; May 14, 100; May
24, 150; June 1, 250. Hatching
eggs. 11.00 per 15, by the nun
dred, 15.00. K. Hammernacher.
Route 2, phone 606-F-28. 03
FOR SALE Baby chlcka 10 cents
each; also eggs for hatching,
brown and white leghorn and ban
ties. . Mrs. F. O. Wilcox. 407
Rogue River avenue or telephone
323-R. 38
ANGEL CAKES aupplied In any
quantity on abort notice, 50c each.
Phone 190-J. 992tf
A BARGAIN SALE Modern, six
room house with two lots, fine lo
' cation, at 220 West B street. Only
' fl.500. See N. E. Townsend. 821
.A street. , 03
FOR SALE O RRENT cheap, five
room house, close in. For par
' tlculars, call at 220 E street.
Grants Pass. 03
FOR SALE White Rock and Black
Minorca eggs, $1.00 per setting of
15. 1015 Orchard Ave., or Mrs.
A. T. Lewis. 1038 North 5th street.
week's offering, one February 12,
1916 grandson of Laurel Cham
pion out of the grand champion
sow 1916 Nevada state fair. -Young
boar was first prize under year
boar at Nevada state fair. Win
ona Ranch, Route 1, A-Box 10.
Grants Pass, Oregon. F. R. Steel.
FOR SALE CHEAP Four second
hand cars; two 5-passenger and
two roadsters. Each car Is a bar
gain at the price. Maxwell Gar
' age. 04
FOR SALE Pure bred Duroc Jersey
gilts and pigs. Also 5 h. p. gas
oline engine; 3 Inch centrifugal
pump. iPhone 135-J. ' 07
FOR SALE Best bargain in real es
tate In volley; 43 acres valley
land, soil river silt, partly clear
ed, improvements, under Irrigation
system. For price and terms,
. Phone 135-J. 07
FOR SALE A young horse broHen
. to. ride or drive single or double.
A nice animal, 165. Inquire nt
Brownle'a Livery Stable. 03
FOR SALE CHEAP-Good bay horse,
sound, weight 1800 Ins., 7 years
old. Inquire Ell Meals, R. F. D.
2, Grants Paso. 07
FOR RENT Furnished, seven-room
house at 805 West B street. In
quire at 602 Clark street. 05
sleeping tent for .rent. Telephone
8S5-R. .04
E STRAY Ther earn to my place on
" Savage creek In 1115 two three-year-old
heifers branded K on each
hip. Crop oft each ear, two slits In
'each ear, on roan and on red.
Feed bill for two winter.. J. C.
' Savage, R. F. D. 8, Grants Pasa. 05
DR. R. J. BB8TUL, Veterinarian.
Offlo - In , WInetrout Implement
Bldg. Phoa 113-J Kesldeae
Phon IIMt. ; : v
A REFINED lady with 2-year-old son
wants position as ' housekeeper;
: prefer bachelor or widower's home.
232 West I street. II
PIANO WANTED Will rent good In- .
strnment Address E. F. Larton,
Williams, Or. ft
WANTED To borrow 250 on res-
dence property. Address No. 417,
care Courier. ; ; It
L. O. CLEMBNT, K. D. Praott
limited to diseases of the y. ear,
nose and throat Glosses fttai.
Office hoars 1-12, 2-i, or n ap
pointment. Office phone, 12; real
dene pbon 1 51-J.
8. LOUGHRHXn, M. D., Phyatolaa
. rut-. . ...
attended day or night R ldenc
pbon III; ofdes phone , 112.
Sixth and. H. Tuff Building.
J. P. TRUAX, M. D.. Physician and
surgeon. Phones: Office 121; resi
dence 224. Call answered at all
hours. Country call attended to,
Lnndbnrg Balldlng.
DR. ED. BYWATER -Specialist n
disease of th eye, ear, no aaC
, throat; glioses fitted. Offic hours:
I to 12 a. m., 2 to 5 p. m. Phone
Residence 224-J; oBo UU.
Schmidt Bldg. Oranta Pas. Or. ,
A. A. WITHAM, M. D.. Physician and
surgeon. Offic: Hall Bldg., corner
Sixth and I streets. Phone: Offic
111; residence 2 8 8-J. Honrs: I a.
m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. First-class
dentistry. Ill South Sixth
street, Oranta Paso, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON, Attorney-aWaw
Practice in all Stat and Federal
Court. ' First National Bank Bids.
COLYIO 4k WILLIAMS Attorney-at-Law
Oranta Pass Bonking Co.
Bldg. Grants Pass, Or.
E. a VAN DYKR. Attorney. Practlo
In all oourta. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
- Offle Masonic . Temple
Grants Paas, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-t-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-La
Grants Pas Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grouts Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorneynit-Lnw
Practice in state and federal
courts. Rooms 2. and 8, over
Golden Rule store.
PAPERHANOINO, groining, paint
ing. For the beet work at lowest
prices, phone 295-J. C. O. Plant
South Park street
E. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemist
metallurgist . Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building, Grants Pas.
J. S. MACMCRRAY, teacher of role
culture and singing. Lessons give
at home of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 711 Lee street llltf
kinds of drayag and transfer
work carefully and promptly don.
Phone 132-R. .Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop.
F. O. "SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furnltur moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phon
Clark ft Holman, No. 60. Resi
dence pbon 124-R.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phoa
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company :
Effective December 6, 1111
Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays
Train 1 It. Grants Pass.. 10.00 a. m.
Train 1 1 v. Waters Creek 1.00 p. as.
All trains leave Granta Pass front
th corner of O and Eighth streets,.'
opposite th Southern Pacific depot.
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
th office of the company, Public Ber
ttc building, or phon 181 for
Mas. - -