Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, March 14, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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DAILY ItOUlK ltlVhlt COl lilKli
Butter is cheaper. Fresh, full weight,
two pounds, 78c
Fancy Head Rice.
Chick Feed and Chick Starter.
Heinz Mustard, full pint jars 20c.
The White House Grocery
W. C. Long made a brief trip to
Rogue River today.
G. W. Dean, of Hugo, spent a short
Saturday is Chaplin day. S94tf
C. K. Oliver, or Portland, is spend
ing a few days on business in the
city. -
H. V. Wilkins. of Almeda, was in
the city for several days, returning
this morning to the mine.
. J. Mull, of Crescent City, has been
a lue cuy ior a lew aays. tie leu
rlast night for Seattle. .
Mrs. E. C. Neely went to Merlin
last night to spend a tew days vis
iting with her parents.
W. W. Heavener, of Ashland, is
spending a short time in the city, re
gistering at the Grants Pass.
Mrs, E. C. Steiger left yesterday
evening for Taconia, called there by
the serious illness of her mother.
v Irving Kesterson went to Dorris
today where he will spend the
next few days at the Kesterson saw
"Pepsodent" tooth paste. Sabln
has It. 01
Mrs. Fred O'Kelly and two son. of
Williams, are visiting in the city
for a few days with Mrs. O'Kelly's
William Hanner, who recently pur
chased a store at Merlin, was in the
city today getting supplies for the
tore. '
F. E. Ames, assistant district for
ester, who has been in the city sev
eral days visiting the local head
quarters, left last night for Portland:
P. S. Custard, of the Browntown
mining group, left this mornjng for
Portland to spend the next few days.
Mr. Custard will stop at the hotel
Oregon during his stay in Portland.
Fred Calne, who has been in this
eity and Med ford for a few days in
the interests of the Utah-Idaho Sugar
company, left last night for Eugene
and Portland.
M. J. Grogan arrived this morning
from St. James, Minn., and will spend
a short time visiting here with the
A. L. Bocock family. Mr. Grogan has
been visiting in San Diego.
Extra values In ladle' union suits
n tale at 50c. Mrs. Rebkopt. 970tf
Mrs. F. X. Mitchell has been vis
iting In the city and at Medford for
a few days, leaving this morning for
- ... si uauce. Mrs. :uiicneii was
the matron of the first hospital es-jz.
tabllshed in this city.
Francis Steel left' last night for
Hugo after spending several days in
the city. While here he sold a Ave
and' a half months-old boar pig to
E. H. Wise, of Kerby, who will add
the pig to his herd and will show
It at various fairs this fall.
Helen Holmes
The Diamond Runners
In Five Acts
A Thrilling Drama of Love and
Adventure Staged in the
Hawaiian Islands
a. a
Comedy A
Gus Sttmson Is a local visitor tor
a snort time rrom Medrord.
Oswald West, formerly governor
of this state, spent a short time tn
the city, stopping at the Josephine.
Mr. West left on a jitney this morn
ing for the south.
Plant Pathologist Here
H. P. Barss. plant pathologist of
the Oregon Agricultural College, Is
in the city for a short time. Mr.
Barss is connected with the experi
mental station at Corvallis and Is
here Inspecting the orchards with
County Agent Thompson. .
IHd Not Raise Price
Through an error in the Joy thea
tre advertisement on Monday the
price of admission was quoted at 3
and 15 cents. This was a mistake.
The price should have been at 5 and
10 cents. The Joy management ad
vertises that they do not raise the
Will Address Teachers
Benj. Sheldon, the newly-elected
manager of the Chamber or Com
merce, left this afternoon for his
orchard property in Jackson county,
and will close up his business affairs
there and return to this city prepared
to enter upon his duties here with a
vim Monday morning. Mr. Sheldon
has two engagements to speak before
teachers Institute meetings In Jack
son county this week, and will rill
them while absent from this city.
Minstrel Promoter Here
R. Saunders Bagdy is visiting in
the city in the Interest of a proosed
minstrel show to be given here dur
ing next winter's season. Prof. Bag
by's plan is to Join hands with some
local organization, drill the perform
ers, furnish the "words and music."
and divide the net profits on a per
centage basis. The plan has worked
admirably in many other cities, and
Mr. Bagby is seeking to Interest the
Chamber of Commerce and put on
such an entertainment sjext winter.
Five Couples Divorced
In the session of the circuit court
held Tuesday, Judge Calkins granted
divorces to five couples and one
action for divorce was continued.
Decrees were 'ordered In the follow-
In cases: Rnu P Unhan ck.
Mohan; Margaret M. Dunmlre vs. W
Dunmlre; Alice Rexford vs C N
Rexford: fienev. r.i. . r...
Olass; Lulu Ritter vs. John R. Rlt
ter. The suit of Alice Edith
Stickles vs. Edwin Jay Stickles was
continued to give time for the tak
ing a deposition. In all six of the
suits the husband was made the de
fendant. 5c & 10c
Unload (Jievrolet tWs
A carload of Chevrolet utomobllt'
u unloaded this afternoon.
Hoy at Virtue's-
On Sunday morning a son was bom
to Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Virture of this
city, and the lad will 'be known as
Robert Henry Virtue.
The I7lh of Ireland
Big masque dauce at Murphy
Change your face and fool you
friends. All night dame with tunc
Auxiliary Meeting Tonight
A special meeting of the Ladle
Auxiliary has been called for this
evening, at ? o'clock, to convene In
the ChamHier of Commerce rooms.
Mining lYuperty Wanted
Inquiry has been made to
Chamber of Commerce for a
veloped copper property." Owners,
or brokers having for sale any sue
property will be furnished name and
address of Inquirer by the Chamber
of Commerce on request.
Change of Telephone iuml
Dr. Ed Bywater, eye, ear, nose and
throat specialist. Itesldence 260-1.!
office S60-J. 06
Mr. Sheldon a II ui Ice-
Hen C. Sheldon of tills city left
.Monday for Grants Pass where he
will assume the secretaryship of III
lommerclul club of that city. Mr
Sheldon has been identified with
many -civic movements in this city
and valley and Is a hustler. Med
ford Sun.
TtTt tTtfTVVTt
Mar. 14, Wednesday Dr. Sheldon
dean of School of Education, t
of O., at Commercial dull rooms
S p. m. )
.Mar. 16, Friday. -St. Patrick's Day
social at the Baptist church.
April 13. 13. 14. Meeting of the 1st
Southern Oregon District Fed era
tion of Women's clubs at Grants
May 31, June 1. 2, 3. 4, 5. Annual
Chautauqua, Grants Pass.
A graphic story of Intolerance,
said to rival In Interest that of D.
W. Griffith's picture, has been com
pleted by Philip Unergan, the
scenario writer and produced as a
Pathe Gold Rooster play by the Than
houser Film corporation, under the
title of "The Pillory."
In the picture a mother is fight
ing ror ralr play at the hands of
society for her child. Hawthorne's
"The Scarlet Letter" Is probably the
most widely read American novel.
It is a powerful story of old New
England. "The Pillory" Is said to
be an equally powerful photoplay of
me star is Florence LaBadie. In
the supporting cast are Nellie Par
ker Spauldlng, Marie Haynes, Marie
Sliotwell. George Mario, Ethyle
Cooke and Yale Benner. 01
A classified ad will give results.
! words, two Issues, 26c; six Issues.
!0c; one month, $1.60, when paid in
advance. When not paid In advance,
uc per line per issue.)
FOR KENT nr for sale 40 acres, 20
level under cultivation, 300 fruit
trees, peach, flvc-year-old, five
acres in grHln, house, barn, and
road, 10 miles from Grants Pass.
For particulars, sco Edmund
Wall, K2I C street. - Grants Pass.
SPECIAL OFFER If taken liefore
April 1st, 40 acres Doer creek bot
tom and low bench land, for $726,
No waste, title perfect, one-liulf1
mile from Selma. P. K. Gerould,
Bwlma, Ore. or
Fitzgerald, In Best-Fuller Realty
company office, 208 North Olh
street. tf
FOR RENT Six-room house, good
location, north slde.garage, chick
en house, garden spot. Address
No, 464, Courier, 02
WANTED A mnn with fmiilly'Jn
fruit ranch near town, Phone
5 OR 8 ROOMS, furnished or un
furnished, for rent. 616 North
Fourth si reet, phone 4-Y. 02
Sleeping tent for rent. Telephone
Toklo, Mar. 14, The body of Geo.
W. Guthrie, late United States am
bassador to Japan, will he' taken back
to the United States In a Japanese
Private advices reaching San Fran
cisco last Saturday stated that the
Japanese government had offered the
warship Ikonia for use tn taking
Guthrie's 'body across the Pacific,
Copenhagen, Mar. 14. Returning
envoys and consuls from America will
try honorably to avert war between
Germany and the United States. They
will advise Foreign Secretary Zim
merman 'that the Mexican negotia
tions, revealed In the Zimmerman let
ter, were a mistake.
These statements were made by
members of the Count von BernstorS
party Just before leaving tor Berlin.
The former ambassador to the United
Stales himself would make no com
ment whatever, Members of his party
privately voiced their regret over the
Bernstorff appeared old and care
worn when he left.
St. Paul. Mar. 14. One man 1s
dead, nine are hurt, and 10 inches
of snow was added to the five feet
that have fallen through the winter,
In a storm through Minnesota, whirl)
seemed to have spent Itself today
The dead and Injured resulted from
wreck on the I ji Crosse-Preston
branch of the C. M, A St. P. at 'Pres
ton, Minn.
Snow on the track caused three
roaches to tumble over the 'bridge In
to a rreek. Mart It. Cluss. flowens-
vllle. Minn., was killed.
Miss Rose HoHibs. of Hlrdseye
reek, waa a visitor on Foots creek
ast week.
Grandma" Whitney of this place
has been ill this winter but is now
recovering. She is 100 yeare old and
lives with her daughter, Mis. J. 11.
Floyd Ijince spent some lime in
Gold Hill.
Will Cotton was a Foots creek vis
itor this week.
George Woodcock was a caller in
Rogue River Tuesday.
Krtbert Cook was a caller on Foots
reek a few daysTast week.
Mrs. Anderson and son, Ed, were
cullers In Rogue River Tuesday.
Don Wilson of Rogue River pur
chased a shipment of two wagon
ouds of beans Tuesday.
C. W. Htruinbo hauled several loads
of wood to Rogue River last week.
Calling cards at thj Courier.
The Management of (he
JOY Theatre
guarantees this photoplay
Tonight Only
How a little gill, reasoning
and acting under childish Im
pulse, waa aide to completely
transform a proud and haughty
woman Into a kindly and un
derstanding foster-mother, will
be Illustrated In (he llluehlrd
plmto4y with little Zoe Hoe,
playing the principal role.
There) are 2.1 other little rhll
tlren In the piece and while
this fart will lie of esxxHal In
terest In ladles and children
who And their beat entertain
ment In moving pictures, there ,
need ! no assumption that the
plot In not brilliant In theme
and well told by skilful artistry
of good acting and photogra
phy. The piece will be enter
talnlng; to every class of the,
tregoer, berause It 1 a human
story, tensely and bravely told,
Popular prices Or and lOr
Three Great Players
In One Great Play
Blanche Sweet
Theo. Roberts
Also a Paramount Comedy
I fS tfjafl Tonight I
I "SBS OlCttl & Thnrs. I
Lime acd Sulphur Spray
17 centa per gallon In barrels
11.40 per raa
Rogue River Hdw.
Washington, Mai, 14.,-Thnt Pres
idem Wilson will take a hand to
check fulfillment of the railroad
strike orders, was the belief here to
day. Some believed he would wait
until after tomorrow's session In New
York between brotherhood chiefs and
railroad managers, but others
thought he might before then make
some kind of announcement aimed at
stalling off the great Industrial strife.
His advisers early today did not
know certainly, though, what he may
have In mind.
The president's condition appeared
to be better today, but everything Is
being done to relieve him from men
tal and physical strain. He Is still
very weak from his grippe attack.
The brotherhoods professed before
leaving for 'New York last night to
be grimly set upon carrying out their
strike plans should th manager fall
to grant their demands. The union
men say that their "progressive
strike" Is so as to give as little Incon
venience and suffering to the public
its possible, compatible with winning
their own cause.
They point out that they have open
ly notified the president that the
strife would not be carried to a finish
If war came.
Amsterdam, Mar. 14, With 150
members of his party, Count von
Dernstorff has "arrived home" In
Berlin. Dispatches from the German
capital today said, he was met and
welcomed back by representatives of
me roreign omce and numerous
friends, Including Captain Hoy-ed,
formal naval attache In Washington,
nd Dr. flernhard Dernherg,
Paris, Mar. 14. Another French
victory was announced In today's of
ficial statement.
"On Tuesday, south of St. Mlhlel.
the French captured Romalnvltle
farm asd penetrated at four different
points up to the second lines of the
uneiny between the Meuse and Aprs-1
mont, Imprisoning many," ths war of-1
flea asserted.
Call "Glrlit" and tbos of sixty look
op just as quickly as those of sixteen.
-Ntw York n,(VV,. ..
Will Sow
Drug and
Stationery Store
For Sale
One 7-fout jne Chilian
Mill. SMI Ion rapacity
One At 10 Amalgamating
I'lnie Ilo
One Challenge llelt Driven
Frelrr 70
One ttMi. p. Allls it Clial.
me Motor and Htarllng
n aoo
One' It-iurlt Martin llork
Crusher 100
One Main Line Kliaft and
Pullers llvot llotcn
Large Cast I'ullc) for
Rock Crusher Feeder
and Mill ;.. aoo
One HI. lair Air Hammer
Hock Drill with 73 Hec
es of Hollow Hterl I Mil
has Air Fred and Colin
Mar no
One Fairbanks Mora Air
Compressor with Air Re
ceiver t run I Mil I. 10
Address T
Care Rogue River Courier
Will aril separately.
Oe net watts evtn th most
fltsting Instant si time. Bind
together your spsrs hours by
ths eord of some definite pur
pose and you know not how
muoh you may ascompllsh, A
man I commonly either made or
marred for life by the use ha
mskss of his leisure time. Tay
Have lieen aide to get few 40
watt Nitrogen Filled lamp.
This Is something new a,
lie,retrits theae lamp have
not been nuule In small sizes.
r .1
Bay Meotrk) Goods at the
KUrlrlo Htore ' .