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VOL VII,, (.It u m.
FRIDAY, MAIM H 2, 1911
it OF
o.MiiraTimiro msT tt,,
MH'miWB'lociixusf CO-nrh'lt-ATIVK
I'Slk i'lNMllHlllWMU,,, (WIimmw I, .
( The ill) 1n., njun, iMt
-. night mlMIU. ,, )lJmvui(lll l0 lh,
plan ror H'WB'in,,,,!, Ilbt m ry building,
unit niili((iiiii(i;o,il.B , conf,.r
with ih cutintr curt ,urk 0llt
ii vmmu ii W ucprttlun or
clly anil nidi)', ,ny, Tht vy nbr,ry
cuiiimlubl lllril hn) if,,rt llh the
loiinnl iiiiiiiitlinmm,,, iireptam of the
CarnegMiniil, III. ,holl,k u
geieu inn ut v fund Ue tuned to
io.uiio limn dull uu l3.ruu II pos
sible. II III 11 .rHu, port lh, re.
port llulllieiiiiii).l,llllf-.. ,M,,rovl,
and ll'HiWic.3ic,,Mll,-(H, cmpoiMid
f CoiiiullnifiNii nt-Milllm, L.iiiniay nd
Allen luwlml It w,h,h colinly couri
regardlmi illi HI It U naicati-U that
Hi Imlllln, b . t tmWil uinn Un
block,,,, urttouM.
piobabl) iiMi U ,ltof tlla u or C
treet riin,iiMll-ibmik aUrwl front
age, Hi irrkIM jw,tt, l9 conform to
th nw Null hoiaiotiouif.
The MlliMH I n thr council wa
, not ltoeiinnaMkMllUllUM foimrl.
man HurkWifr ll r i,,nN t MIcihir
lh ('rnrmr (ill III m ,,,,,
-runiri iwiilluiiilitiun, ,0,fc m ve o
lli k II muniU ai ,. i, , (h,.r
meiiibon iiiuMl-iIni,.,! ihm f utnrt gen
eration uIJ bt-d bfim mr much In
need of llbrni li Ml rH lllllt-K as Hie ,..
lit. anil llul nil .im,oiWni-e of a II-
biary lm biillillnMiilUn( ul Ha ou would
!) no K"iltflhiaiit,ti)iliit of a Itbrury
lioused In ulliri ii y qmrlfrs. Council
men ) Nnlpp
and Nultlu iiIi'ijiI,hm n f,vor of tht
moiloD, IliiikliilU'fiili,., ,H Herman op
posing, with Cmiiiiniii,iii,u . I'mlilock
Mn. f, II, Hlrl-l-iutriok i .trtMtntlnB
Ihe park coninilMiiiil.iHiiai, fcaHird b
for th nnnll m I nwlliag ili pro
poiwd rwll.iHl i l.( n roinjc ut Itlvor
ltl park llrlliM a miint indent ami
lila famll), 8hMr-ii plmi for
a Niiiall rallniif In m n, whluh the fiuiilb
roiild llviMliulf, iVk IbMiiannier, and
wlilrh rnulil iH'i'ir-'ii'.nviPd iy theclly at
a rout ol limn (J, $300.
t would lie Mil In 1 in,, imrm net mul or
thi typo Mtmiinmliiuniliniiwit i Ihr Imth
hniiBf, Thf pblli-illiaiic irU..ny rnm
" mlttco ol Hit roifiOTonnrll w III Inventl
Itate. Mil, Mrlrkilitrker also - roguciitwl
that tho nnmil up ii ,,, P t he inntal
Inllon of MciliDiMioon, ipiv m the
park. A (ammunli fiiatnlcillnti from Hie
telephone imnitmfitlmt mtid (hat
tliln would 111 II Iniuii,! without
chaw If lnt,lhiiiiii uitol tle city.
Tho milr m ihf o city Ion an dla
.!HHne(l. nnd II iimMn mov , ,H.
pone of thMcMinii ifmorrr of 20o
- for tho trim mil tad hirnpnM wi ob
lulned. A (M.Mlin from uhliiKton
lloulovnril in ireaaiiroBent it th mect
ng lo urir diy iwti rhIiiU'h In nialn-
talnliiR Hif iiirkitti ship in the renter
of tho atmt, Cni-nCoiiiiolliim llprman
made mi Iniiniiliiimoiiftiiril i,,(. , dpmnml
Ing fair Irwiiiinl Int far iho Wimhlng
lon llunlovmil imUn-avk, wliU- It he until
wh nK nmrh i-ll: Hi cltjr wrl n River
aide. Ho Ami 1 1 H tlntthlM wnii the
Mriit night llul ttrmikjtrfctri people who
iRino over IkflVlllwlllelliK-la way rrom
the north tho Int Jmm ihlnw tliiwe de
pnrllng had of tlitt trie eltjr, at-kd he mild
that civic iirhlfilriunlBniMitfd Itn proper
npkei'P. Sir, llrniaarm rniun e greetod
I wllh vocllfniiii iin tiiw - from the
Kttllery 'lm lb trie MKntlon from
Ihe houlMiril hi iwa iinllcd, Tho
.,, (rciilhidMH on Pup 2) ,
No Other Town in the World
I'oIhKmh Are 11i)er In dilraii"
W lirrr Womni liMlituted Altai k
W'rrk Ago
I'hliago. Mar. 2.Ten mure cara
of potatoea were addod to the thirty
five that yetterday went begging 011
the local market today. Aa a result
the price of the arlatrocialli- pud
dropped to lower level than it hai
been for week. Fancy weiterai
were quoted at $-'.60 per buhel
whulunalu today. Thla la a drop of
more than 75 tenia ilnce the be
ginning of the week. Minnesota and
WUronilua were priced at $!.0 and
the demand waa very weak.
Coiiimlaiilon men frankly attribu
ted the unprecedented condition to
Ihe hoimewivea' boycott inaugurated
a week ago tomorrow.
"if therein no demand today and
tomorrow, pri'ea will be where they
belong by Monday," Gottfried Koeh
ler. health officer, aaid.
The a I limp in Ihe market la coat
lug potato men thotmandii of dollar.
Kmitern order are being cancelled In
large number. Hyiterla among the
Jobber, rained by the boycott, If
blamed by romiiilaiion men for the
diNappearanre of the market.
New York, Mar. J. Ten ton of
Pacific roaat illicit were dumped on
the market here today in a continued
attempt to foi co down the high price
of food. They were aent Into More
In Manhattan and the Bronx where
they are selling at aix rent a puond
and the .Atlantic offprlng are trying
to bring ID cent for the Mine lx
teen ounce.
When the tnielta are Rone, the
mayor' food rouimlHelon I going to
offer a ton or 10 of hominy. Also
,"011,000 pound or llraiillan bean
are going to take a whack at the
food price.
Herbert Hoover, of the Belgian re
lief connnlenlon, outlined a plan of
feeding New York's poor. He de
clared atore should be eatbllhed
through which food, purchaaed at low
price In huge quftntitie, may be di
irlbuted to pernon holding ticket.
The ticket, he aaid. should be Is
sued by a body of Investigator. He
expressed the opinion Hint there I
plenty of food in the country with a
great deal left over.
"Organisation," he declared, "I
the solution for the pruihlem."
Madison, Wis., .Mar. 2. A Joint
resolution asking Senator 1-aKollelte
to change hi course In the senate re
garding tho European situation was
offered In the upper house of the Wis
consin legislature by Senator Den
nett. Opposition to the resolution by
laKulltte members was indicated
with the action of Senator Skogmo,
In raising a point of order as to re
ceiving the resolution without con
sent of two-thirds of the state sen
ate, Senator Dray, however, ruled
that tho resolution could be received
a It was Introduced, It will come
up for action next Wednesday.
UPollotte's friends say that the
move Is purely political and that the
fact thnt the resolution will not be
considered until after the death of
the present congress, shows that Its
Introduction was the result of pol
itical conditions In Wisconsin,
Drive ( lievrolet
K. W, Urew has prchaaed a new
Chevrolet automobile from the W. 9,
M unwell ftgenoy.,,,
the Size of 0 runts Pass Has
Chairraan Stone, Out of Sympathy With Measure, Declines
to Act As Pilot For Present's Bill Through
the Upper Branch of Congress
Government learns millions 4
4 have been loaned to Carrania
by German sources In this conn- 4
Congress expected to act 4
quickly on armed neutrality
Government working on Cu- 4
4 ban and Coita Rlran angle to 4
4 German plot. 4
4 Secretary Ijinsing in reply to 4
4 senate request and on Wilion's 4
4 orders, sent the senate state- 4
4 men! that Zimmerman's Mexl- 4
4 can-Japanese plot letter was an- 4
4 thentlc
4 House passed armed neutral- 4
4 ity bill with only 13 opposed. 4
4 Congress plans to substitute 4
4 stronger senate measure for It. 4
4 President ready to sign It a 4
4 soon aa It passes and then to act 4
4 promptly In arming American 4l
4 vessel. 4
4 Filibuster apparently vanish- 4
4 ed, Senate proceeds with passage 4
S of naval appropriation bill. . , 4
4 Government learns Ambassa- 4
4 dor Bernstorff gave Instructions 4
4 Teuton consuls In America 4
4' at the time Zimmerman letters 4
4 covering dismantling of (ler- 4
4 man Interned vessels and other 4
4 business. 4
Washington, Mar. 2. Declaring
himself "out of sympathy with the
measure," Senator Stone, chairman
of Ihe foreign relations committee,
startled the upper chamber late this
afternoon by refusing to pilot the au
thority bill asked by the president
through the senate.
Stone asked that Senator Hitch
rock be put In charge of the bill
which would empower the president
to arm merchant ships and employ
"other Instrumentalities" to handle
the International situation.
"I am not In accord with the bill
Washington, Mar. J. Millions of
dollars have been sent to the Car
rania government of Mexico recently
by Germans In the United 8tates, It
was learned on high government au
thority today. Some of these mil
lions were In the form of "personal
loan" to Mexico. Other millions
went Into the purchase of smelter
plunts wherever available to Car
rnnxa'a republic. The "money wus
sent In spite of warning by the United
Statea that such loans would not have
the support of this government unless
all details of the arrangements be
tween the loaning parties and Car
rania met with the approval o
This was one of the countless de
velopments which began coming to
light today following discovery by
President Wilson and Secretary Lan
sing of a carefully planned plot to
unite Mexico and Japan with the Im
perial government In a war on the
United States.
It was definitely established today
that all Instructions to German con
suls In the United States were sent
to von Dernstorft at the same time
as the Zimmerman letter. .
Tun Instructions covered the hand
a Newspaper With Full Leuscd Wire Telegraph Service
a It has been framed," Senator
Stone said, "and shall offer what I
consider an Important amendment to
the 1.111."
Stone then gave a brief history of
the bill.
"I reported the bill on Instructions
of the foreign relation committee
and fought to place it before the
senate at the earliest possible mo
ment on Instruction," said Stone.
8tone then demanded that the bill
be amended to prevent the president
from arming munitions ships and
from supplying naval gunners to op
erate guns on merchant ships.
Senator Cummins, republican, then
offered a somewhat similar amend
ment that would permit the arming
with defensive arms fore and aft con
voying with ships of the navy If
necessary of merchant ships bearing
the registry of the United States,
provided that the vessel carries no
arm or munitions of wsr, consigned
to s belligerent country.
'After Stone's amendment had been
read, Hitchcock assumed charge of
the bill.
"This Is an emergency bill," said
Hitchcock. "The president asks for
certain powers to maintain armed
neutrality. Re asks for authority to
use 'other instrumentalities' he
asks for 'necessary credits' he asks
for 'a war Insurance fund' all of
these were agreed to by the senate
foreign relations committee.
"Power was also given In the bill
for merchant vessels to defend them
selves from attack. I regret that the
chairman of the committee has de
clined to manage this 'bill. The bill
does not exactly represent my senti
ments, but I accept It because It was
apparently the wishes of the .id minis
tration." Hitchcock demanded the United
States at once assume a position of
armed neutrality as Its safest course.
Hitchcock declared that bill v.'as
aimed to protect none other than
American vessels.
Vote upon the bill is expected
sometime before adjournment to
night. ling of pending business and desired
further dismantling of German ships
in American harbors In event of a
'break In relations. They covered
also the matter of Instructions to be
left by consuls with special agents
when the consuls left this country.
The scope of the orders to the
consuls Is understood to be broad and
In many respects startling. All go
to show, It Is officially declared that
while at peace with this government,
Germany was constantly plotting hos
tile nets In hundreds of forms.
The United States Is ready to make
other equally startling disclosures In
"proper time." It Is known that evi
dence of the established German
propaganda had been found In Ihe
revolutions both In Cuba and Costa
Within the Inst few weeks Presi
dent Gomales of Costa Rica has con
ferred with Secretary tanslng re
garding the situation In his country,
now ruled by a de facto head nnd
with Gonsalea temporarily In exile.
Bhortly after Gomales' meeting
with officials here, It was pointed out
the department announced the . de
facto government of Costa Rica would
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iluKi Ithler Expert tiennaajr to Try
1st' Future riots That May
Fall Xow
Hartford, Conn.. Mar. 2. "If we
go to war with Germany we must
strike hard with the largest expedi
tionary force that can be raised," de
clared Colonel Rooaevelt, In an In
terview published here today, en
dorsing the Connecticut plan of tak
ing a military census. "No fight was
ever won by parrying along.
"A fight must be won by hitting.
It would be ruinous to go to war a
little, and not much. It would' be
ruinous to prepare a little, but only
a little."
Commenting on the disclosure of
the attempt to align Japan and Mex
ico against the United States. Roose
velt said:
"What Germany attempts to do
now, even should it fall, it will try
to do some time In the future."
eh ma
El Paso, Mar. 2. United Statea
agents are directing their attention
toward German activity In the Tam
pico oil districts in Mexico where the
oil snpply of the British navy is ob
tained. It is feared the Germans will
attempt to Influence the Mexicans 10
eiit ff this supply. - '
The recent uprising of Felix Diaz'
followers in the Tampico district and
In the states of Nuevo Leon and Tarn-;
aulipaa is attributed to German in-i
fluence. '
At least ten German army officers j
are in the service of General Fran-i
Cisco Murguia. Carranza commander!
of the division of the norm, accord
ing to information dbtained here.
One of the officers is qnurlarmaster
general at Juarec. In other Car-!
ranxa divisions many Germans are
In Mexican service, among them the
chief of staff to Governor General
Cavira of the state of Durango.
In Torreon a colony of 40 Ger
mans are charged with responsibility
for the riot which resulted In des
truction of the American consulate
last summer. Sixty Germans sre
said to remain In Chihuahua and the
only mining and smelting plant now
operating In northern Mexico Is be
ing conducted by a German company
at Mapiml, state of Durango.
Two German doctors are said to
be with Villa near Parral, attending
his wounds and, directing his opera
Albany, X. Y., Mar. 2. Branding
Les Da icy. Australian boxer, as a
"slacker," Governor Whitman today
directed the state athletic commis
sion to prohibit him from entering
the ring at Madison Square garden
In New York City Monday evening
for a bout with Jack Dillon.
The members of the athletic com-!
governor and Immediately notified
Grant Drown, manager of the Garden,
under whose ausplcles the fight was
scheduled, that Darcy will not be al
lowed to appear In the ring Monday
and will be prohibited from taking
part In any boxing contests in, the
state of New York.
"Darcy Is a runaway from his own
country," said the governor. "In
disguise and under an alias, he left
his native land 'because he was afraid
to light In the reuse for which his
countrymen are sacrificing their
lives. He prefers to give a brutal
exhibition, at some personal risk, for
a purso of 130,000."
$1,000,000 FOB Kf'Zll
Preftarednesa Program Is Beiag Hat
ened by the Threatening Attitade
of Germany .
Washington, Mar. 2. A bond Is
aac to cover the $150,000,000 ap
propriation for submarines and the
speed-np snip building program was
granted by the senate today, as aa
amendment to the naval 1)111. The
bonds are to bear interest at a rate
not to exceed three per cent.
The naval bill carryipg total ap
propriations of $535,000,000 carried
The vote was taken nnder an unan
imous agreement reported late last
night, when democrats and republi
cans welded by the sensational de
velopments of the psst few days,
agreed to a "safe conduct" for the
The anticipated filtbustet by Sen
ator LaFollette failed to materialise.
The bill a passed by the sonate car
ries an increased appropriation of
I18C, 016,000 over the house provi
sions. To meet this increase the sen
ate authorized a $150,000,000 bond
Virtually every member of the sen
ate was present. LaFollette was tn
the chamber when the motion was
put and offered no opposition.
The bill will go back to the house
where It Is expected to tie rushed
through without delay and put to the
president to sign probably late to
morrow, v
All moneys in the measure are'
made immediately available. They
are to be used for preparation, and
not for any back deficiencies. The
bill provides for the following new
war vessels: .
Three battleships at $15,500,000
One battle cruiser at $19,000,000.
Three scout cruisers at $0,000,000.
Fifteen destroyers at $1,300,000
One destroyer tender at $2,300,
000. One submarine tender at $1,00,-
Fifty-eight roast submarines at
$1,300,000 each.
Ten fleet submarines at $1,900,
000 each.
Five million dollars Is provided for
the aviation department and an ad
ditional million for the purchase of
aerial patents.
Important Increases In the bill are
pay for civilian officers and members
of the navy, $1,000,000; arming and
equipping the naval militia, $1,500,
000; projectile plants, $1,250,000;
batteries and ammunition tor mer
chant auxiliary, $15,000,000; antl-
aircraft guns, and ammunition,
$3,800,000 and $3,500,000 tor am
munition for the navy.
London, Mar, i. The Turkish re
treat from Kut-el-Amara has become
a great rout, according to dispatches
from the Mesopotamlan front today.
Pursuit la being continued 'by the
British forces out of Kut. The state
ment said the Turks, In great con-"
fusion, had passed through Aslslyah
on Tuesday and that since February
SI, 4,300 Turks had been taken pris
oners by the British.