Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 25, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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It's a
eta for
a coffee
-that it's
Just Right
(Continued from page S.) '
Dinner Ouw-ts at Sturteviuilx
Mr. and Mr. M. C. Anient and
eons. Bert and Billy, were dinner
guests at the M. Glen Stnrtevant
home on Meade street Thursday even
' lverty Itaiice
The dancing club met Saturday
Vveninft, February IS. ut the Guild
I hall In poverty stricken dress. The
'ludicrous costumes afforded a great
deal of merriment and the hours aped
swiftly In (tay dance.
Ited lMrt4 Celebrate
At the home of their captain, Mrs.
jTom Fry, the Girl Scouts of Rod
! Rose Patrol held a supper and party
I February 17th in honor of their
! newly elected officers and also of Miss
IveOna Williams' birthday,
i I'pon arriving, each of the Klrls
drew for numbers, designating the
part they were to take in preparing
the meal or clearing away. The cooks
.were soon busy and tantalising odors
floated from the kitchen. Promptly
, at 6 o'clock all were seated around a
well laden table. Miss VeOna en
j Joyed a course which none were al
lowed to share gifts from the girls.
Stories and practical Jokes made
much merriment during the meal,
I which consisted at breaded veal,
brown gravy, baked potatoes, muc-
1 aronl and cheese, corn souffle, hot
j rolls, fruit salad, Jelly, pickles, jello
fruit dessert with whipped cream and
cook lea.
The new officers were elected after
basketball practice and athletic game
In which the girls are being coached
by heir lieutenant, Miss Louise Har
vey. The officers are: Patrol leader.
Charllla Tetherow; corporal, Ragna
Anensen; secretary. Remoh Tryer:
treasurer, VeOne Williams; patrol
nurse. Marian Snbln. ,
Other members of the patrol are
Carmellta Poole, Vemetta and l.yn
etta Qulnlnn.
a '
fc-.-You-l'loe t1ub
On Monday, February 1 9. ut the
home of Mrs. Geo. Calhoun, the "Do-As-Yon-Please"
club enjoyed a very
pleasant birthday party. In honor of
one of their members. Mrs. O, II.
Potted house plants. ami hyacinths
lent their beauty and fragrance to the
Fancy work, the reading of a con
tinued story, and visiting afforded
pleasant entertainment.
Summoned by the hostess, to the
dining room where a cheerful fire
biased la the fire pint, IH I 1 , imi
found their planes at Ik" INllmy jec
orated table, by meant of ltltl (,jm
white and blue hatrhtli. I'1,r'lnll,. In
front of the honored imnrber, tv ,,'
white birthday cake uriinll inillr
candled cherries aantl gleanilnit iin ,)t ,an-i
dies. The cherries, hul(liml llu j,,..:
orated napkins were il"lltl'""t,. uuiir.
national hero who choH w mmll1
cherry tree. I
A luncheon ronsinllni of 'Tf irini
salad, wafers, apple pie wllli h VxA-hliU'ctl
cream, rake, inarmaM l ' 1 rnlfw,
waa aerved.
: Those enjoying IhUwiM " shn wtJ
Mrs. O. II. Bomard. Hn II ("3 c, oi
fins, Mrs. J. P. Fry. Mrs. R PoaTi 0)i(.kt ;
Mrs. E. I. Moon. Mti .Tom f'V.iVry mid
Mrs. Geo. Calhoun.
Dunce at tlif ;
The Spa Ice-cream lflo tjr ,rt
thrown open to a Jilly ctd orl
dunce Wednesday evmliil A. Ahunt I
ten couples were prvsral lid dti tlerltr-'
ed a most excellent lime.
Reduce the Cost
of Living
lljr trading at tle More of pure artx-erieo and small profits. We
offer you Ue beat the market auppllon the only kind we lMJf
gnirerlea that laat longed, ami furnlah the moat nutriment.
Our iiKtial clie iuni-kIii of price prevallM, K'vcrytlilng marked In
plain figure.
Chas. M. Morrison's
Cash Grocery
Opposite Oxford Hold
erupted some parta of an advanced
euwlllun which were filled with mud
euul abandoned by us," declared lo
ilay's oRlelnl statement.
OKSKItTKII Tlini(:rf3(l
Berlin, via Sayvlllt, FA II, - ..J
the Somme sector the KhII u,,,
San Franolaco-To save her hits
and from the curse of drink, Mrs.
Ifcira Ross got a divorce from lilm.
athe testified that he promised to
slop drinking If she divorced him
and then to win her back again.
An Appeal to Reason-LisOrten to Logic
A better motor car1 for less money
Overland success ljieans just that to you.
For five veal's we have out-sold all cars in our
Last year our sales were millions of dollars ahead
of any make selling over $400.
Economies were greater values greater than
This year, through an achievement new to the
American Automobile Industry, we apply
the economies of vast production to a Com
plete line of care.
We have lecn working toward this end for eight
yea re.
All the general exjwnse heretofore charged to a
single class of cars we now distribute over
several groups including not only low priced
cars hut care in the high priced class as well.
Our dealers this vear have contracted alreadv
for .$180.0(M),(K)0 worth of these cars.
On this volume we will save millions of dollars
in manufacturing and sales economies.
We offer you a most attractive line of automo
biles in the high triced class at moderate
We offc r vol i the dominant value in U'c 4i7,vcr H'it ed
care guMer vabjes that ever,
There are Light Fours. Hifj Finns xi ,
Sixes and the Wileys-Kniglit rihii jii u!, wlifech
includes the new Wi leys-K nielli HiiHtyht,
Body styles, all new, include
roadstere, two and three passenger,
Country Club, four passenger skh1 iiiiu
touring cars, five and seven paswiiRil', ;?t
coupes, three and four passenger,
sedan, five and seven passenger,
and the limousine.
You will find the Wileys-Overlaml liim i: m m
mobile of high iialit', .x :itly aihi ' nl hiptcd -to
your any need or pleasure.
In every class these cars represent mi uni'li
niarkable value that every t'liiidiilt'i'ni'M'iitiiiii f
ride, economy, safety and enjnyiiM inn innt
urge you to consider the Wihs-OOOvci'lai Jtl
line first.
Tell us what kind and class of cai'Viiinviiiii.viint, t
us help you solve your mi-koiui1 aiiti-tf itoniril'ii 1e
problem as thousands of other arc 5 n solvit pg
theire permanently.
OrorUnd Light Six ModaU
Roadster, 11 0-in. whIUie (Illustrated) . 1970
Touring, 110-in, wlieelbuss ...... U85
(ScssUs Cluad Cars)
Wtllya-Knlght 7 Pasnenger Model
Phone 163
Fashion Carsira
Overland Light Four Modala
1 our CylindurTouriiiK, 121 in. whcelbuws . $128.1
Eight Cylinder, 12.Vln. wheelbuse ( lllustrutetl) HUM
Hm tin CIumU Csi)
Overland and Willya-Knight
Closed Cara
Overland Big Four Model
Roaatter, 104-tn. wheelbase ...... MM
Touring, 106-in. wheelbase IfiflJ
Sport Model Country Club (Illustrated) $730
Roadster, 112-ln. wheclbasa ...... MJ
Touring, 112-in, wheelbase (IUusUated) . t!0
(Set ln Clowd Cvi)
The Willys-Overland Company, Toledo. Ohio
"Mad. In U.S. A.1'
Overland Big Pour Coupe, 112-ln. wheelbase $12150
Overland Big Four Sedan, 113-ln. wheelbasa I14M
Overland Llnht Six Coupe, 118-ln. wheel base 11389
Overland Light Six Sedan, 110-in. wheslbaaeU.
,,. .. - (Illustrated)11585
Wntyt-Knluht Pour Coupe, 114-ln. wheelbase I16M
Wj lvt-Kninht Four Sedan, 121-ln. wheelbiiso $10W
Willys-Knight Four Uraouslne,121-ln. " $1900
All prices I. e. b. Toledo
r , " ' " 'ill