Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 25, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    lAG TWO
Published Dally Except Saturday .
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vre., aa secona cuss man matter.
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. K i,
The question ot a' library building
for Grants Pass is brought to public !
attention again through receipt by
(he mayor ot a letter from the sec
retary of the Carnegie Corporation of
New York, asking as to writ dispo
sition has been made of the promise
made the city tour years ego. At
that time Mayor Smith entered into
the state seems to have been accom
plished In a pretty definite manner
by the bill.' This Is true ot portions
ot the Pacific Highway, in wh'ch the
people ot this district are especially
Interested, but It is not true ot those
portions that are vital to us. From
Multnomah county line to the north
line of Douglas county no doubt Is
left as to the course which the Pacific
Highway shall follow. Neither Is
there doubt as to the course of the
correspondence with ' the Carnegie
corporation, and the definite promise highway through Jackson. But the gap
was made that a building to con $12,- between these two points l. lelt !n
S00 would be erected here upon the the following Indefinite language,
guarantee .that the city would main
tain it through a fund of $1,250 per
annum. No action was taken upon
the proposition, and the Ca-negle
people now state that unless the city
is about to undertake- the construe
tion of the building th-t agreement of
tl ? corporation will be -insldered as
"' At the present time the city is ap
propriating for the maintenance of
the free library $1,200 per year, and
has upon at least one occasion ap
propriated $1,500. Thus the city can
have the' Carnegie building without
more expense to itself than at pres
ent, though a vote ot the people to
guarantee the permanency of the an
nual fund would probably be requir
ed. It is argued by some that a $12,-
quoted from the bill: "The road run
ning from the north line of Douglas
county to the' Jackson county line
over the line of the Pacific Highway
as adopted by the state highway
commission." A later provision in
the bill states that Douglas and Jo
sephine counties may have a paved
highway If they shall make their por
tions of the highway ready for the
paving, but it still leaves a doubt as
to the construction the commission
yet to be named by the governor may
place upon the establishment of the
A. H. Carson and Mr. Jeffers were
t Thru Plnea Ratnrdnv on bua-
rAA i 1 1 j i . i . . - i
bvv uuuuiug wuuiu uui ue adequate neM
for the city. If this Is true, the Car-j Doris Russell was visiting friends
negie corporation could no doubt be for the week end.
Induced to increase the appropria- Mrs. Jas. DarnelUe is slowly ra
tion for this city If the larger main- Terln ,rom a severe ot
tenance were forthcoming. The re-, ' . . . . .
I The basket ball games 'between the
qulrement is an annual maintenance , Apj)leg4te and Murphy teami were
fund of 10 per cent of the co:: of the called off Wednesday night on ac
bulldlng. But even a bulM'ng to, count of stormy weather.
cost $12,500, if used for library pur-
Word has been received front Dr.
... . . . 'Sweeney that they are now visiting
poses alone, would be adequate fori '., .,
lu ruruauu auu win iiiirs uwhw
many years. The city hall cost less
than this amount. The .'immunity Is
much In need, however, ot an assem
bly room for use in holding many of
the public meetings, and this could
next Tuesday,
Never did the writer see as much
snow as has fallen the past, few days.
A number of farmers are hauling
TTnclA .Tfm OilmnrA In rprplvins
I ..tJJ I - . . J I .1 ! . I
ue pro.uCumuunuiuSlu u,.. ratulaUon8 Qn hu guccefg fn
$20,000 to $25,000. finally getting his pension.
lAlready the library quarters at the ! '
I 1 .1 t a wnt
Vliy Mail BIC I uaucijuaic ,a well H
being much out of the way. The
- mS
Birthday Anniversary Party
pleasant evening was spent at
the Bailey home on North 3rd street,
where a number of friends gathered
to help celebrate the 16th birthday
anniversary of Miss Vada Bailey. The
evening passed with games and
a general good time, after which
candy, cake and cocoa were served.
Following were the Invited guests:
Grace Taylor, Dorothy Slid ham. Ruby
and Itrtce Kenyon. Ylda and Zatha
Fltxgerald, Josephine Boesch, Myrtle
Holmes. Joyce Holmes, Irene Ander
son, Ruth Smith, Irene Mercler, Bon-
It a Long, Effle and Yada Bailey.
Young Man Is Hort
The members of the Sunday school
class of the Methodist church, of
which Harvey Isham is a member,
helped him celebrate hla birthday on
Thursday evening at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Isham,
on East A street. As a surprise, an
equal number of young ladles also
Joined in the good time. Lively games
furnished the entertainment of the
evening, after which fruit salad, cake
and punch was served. Those pres
ent were Misses Mary and Pearl
Youngblood. Ruth Pratt, Luclle Gar-
har Ratal) Follimlllpr HeTaitO BearSS.
- " ,' .
Katherlne Wayne, Gladys HoBifv Jo
sephine Isham and Messrs. NlcholsN
James Martin, Lyle Hlnderlelter.
Lloyd Johnson. Arnold Meier, Paul
Youngblood. Chester Heston, ' Wm.
Chapman, Lawrence Bailey and Har
vey Isham. The guests departed ex
pressing good wishes' to the honored
Surprise Party
A surprise party was given In honor
or Willis Reynolds last Saturday
evening, the 17th, at the Steele resi
dence at 910 Isham street. The even
ing was occupied by the ydini people
In playing games. Cake, rocoa and
sandwiches' were served to the gttets.
Those present were Mllllcent Klphart,
Thelma Thorson, Alta Gentry, Am
anda and Evelyn Steele and Kdward
Reynolds, Eilll Reynolds, Luther
Ruth, Harold Thorson and Clifford
Mm Drake Entertain
Xlrm t T Drake entertained a
nunfber of ladles at her home Thurs-
Jhs. Hood, Jos. Cutler, Wallace
Peterson,, Ell Bailey, A; Story, C. T.
Ferrtn, Frank ', Bramwell, Johnson,
Shelly, Cornell, Jas. Zimmerman ml
Mlssea Aiulln and Marvel Wtlkln.
LMnny 'bountiful and useful gifts were
received by 'the guest of honor.
The Good lifk tlaw Kntcrtalnn
Miss Esther Ullkey's Sunday school
class of the Methodist Episcopal
church entertained their boy friends
at the H. U GUkey horn on Olive
avenue Thursday evening. A four-
course dinner was served at t o'clock
and the remainder ot the evening
.was moat pleasantly spent with
games and singing. The guests pres
ent were the Messrs. Robert Brock
ley, Eugene Halllday,. Donald Lucas,
Leonard, Kendall anj Paul Wllklna1.
the hostesses, Misses, VeOna Wil
liams, Ragna Anensen, Agnes Letch
er, Evelyn Bradford, Mnrlan Sabln,
Charllla Tetherow, and Esther Oil
key. Mlsa Smith Entertains
Miss Mildred Smith delightfully
entertained at her home on North
Fourth street a group of girls who
cam attired as children. The even
ing waa apent In dancing and sing
ing. Between games, pop-com and
appiea were served. Uter In the
evening those present were served
to ssndwlihes. cake and sherbet.
They were Misses Mary Jenkins.
Alice Anient. Pauline Swarker. Mar
garet Smith. Mary Hackney, Mayme
Johnston, Amelia Metsen, Josephine
Smith, Mildred Smith and Mrs, Nellls
Wade Hyde guest of honor.
Mr. Toffs Entertains Oregon Club
The Oregon club was entertained
by Mrs. J. T. Tuffs at. her home on
E stree Monday afternoon. The
afternoon pased pleasantly with gen
eral toplca of Interest under discus
sion and fancy work. Those present
were Mesdames J. P. Martin. W. E.
Dean. Louesa Dixon. Catherine Gray,
R. A. N. Reymer. W. H. Flanagan,
E. T. McKlnstry and J. T. Tuffa. A
light luncheon of sandwiches, hot
coffee and pie was served by the
Book ItepreaenUthHi Party
A novel party waa given In the
social rooms of the Baptist church
Friday evening. All present were
coxt'tyued to represent the title of
some 1ook. Mrs. lister Heath, rep
resenting "Nicholas Nlckleby." was
awarded a prlie of, a candy log cabin
for the best representation. Miss
Josephine Palmer won a heart shap
ed cake for composing the most
wprds from the word "Valentine."
Various other games made the even
ing pass quickly. About 50 were
served to Waldorf salad In heart
shaped tlmbalos, heart cooklea and
Would-be Coaxtlng Party
iA Fntend
la a checking ncvuunt with thla prngveanlve bank, Ym
can rely upon It when all other aotireea fail.
We Invite your account and awure you of careful at.
tenllim and aervlr with courteoua treatment, whether
, . .
your account In large or umall.
Come lit and talk the matter over.
Josephine County Bank
firanla Paw, Oregn
Nurjilii and I'rtifli......
... 7,fMM).mi
Drying the Clothes
SpimI them to the laundry and we will wash them
lean and dry them in our sanitary drying room, and
deliver them to you at reasonable rates.
Phone and a wagon will call
Grants Pass Steam Laundry
next best thing was In order. The
evening wss spent with cards and
other games. A light lunch of weln
ers, cookies, sandwiches and marsh
mallows waa served. Those of the
Arleta Meyers and Eleanor Cougln.
Stories of Washington read by Mlsa
Albrwht and a variety of lively
games passed the afternoon quickly.
A luncheon of sandwiches, cookies.
party were "Eleanor Bocock, Florence cake, bananas and oranges was
Riddle, Esther Ollkey. Florence Bo
cock, Ruth Glesler, Helen Sobslen,
Earl Plttenger, Juel Bestul, Allen
Underwood. Ralph Oobalen, Stanley
Summers, George Riddle and M. E.
Miller. .
Hill-prise for Miss Allirerht
The Fifth A class of the East
school surprised their teacher. Miss
Albrecht, Thursdsy, following the
. A Jolly crowd of young people met I close of the the sfternoon session
at the George Riddle home on North in honor of the day of the birth of
6th street Tuesday evening for ajdeorge Washington. The little ladles
taffy pull. The snow having melted acting as hostesses and waitresses
and coasting being Impossible, the were Dorothy Fallln, tnet Jenkins,
In HiHiitr of MIm (lardy
The Psst Noble Grand's club met
at the home of Mrs. Ixrncsa Dixon
on North Sixth street Saturday even-
jinx for a party In honor of Miss Leo
"lrdy. .Miss Clarity nas intentions
of changing her residence to Wyom
ing the latter part of this month.
A large number were present and
reported a most enjoyable evening.
A repast of sandwiches, pickles,
cookies, Ice cream and cake waa
( Additional BocM'Tatto." 6 T
Courier believes, therefore, that ef
fort should now be made to obtain
a Carnegie building upon a larger
basis than the one originally prom
ised, If possible, and If not then ac
cept one to cost the $12,500. Our
free public library Is well established
and has become a civic necessity. A
number of years ago the city voted
gainst acceptance of the Carnegie
fund,' but with the library ready to
be housed In the new building there
Is little doubt about the result of an
election If now held.
Feb. 27, Tuesday Music club con
cert In Commercial club rooms at
8 p. m.
A classified ad will give results.
Calling cards at the Courier.
Surgeons state men are slightly
more subject to appendicitis than
women. Grants Pass, people should
know that a few doses of simple buck
thorn bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed
In Adler-l-ka, often relieve or pre
vent appendicitis. This mixture re
moves such surprising foul matter
that ONE SPOON relieves almost
ANY CASE constipation, sour stom
ach or gas. The INSTANT, easy ac
tion of Adler-l-ka Is surprising. The
.1 '
The text of the road bonding hill
as finally adopted by the state leg
islature has been received by .'National Drug Company,
Courier, and while there has not
been time for a complete study of;
the measure, a cursory examination1
Indicates that the bill should receive"
the Immediate attention of the Jo
sephine county authorities and of the
recently named committee from the
Commercial club membership. A
special election la to be held on Mon
day, June 4th, and a measure so far
reaching as the $6,000,000 bonding
bill, establishing as It does the high
ways of the state upon a permanent
basis, should be fully understood be
fore the time for the casting of the
ballots arrives, The establishment
of most of (he through highways of
day afternoon in honor of her sister,
Mrs. Isaac Jewell, of Byron, Illinole,
who Is visiting her here. Ice cream,
macaroons, ladyflngers and cocoa
were served.
. Birthday Party for Mrs. Ileal
I Mrs. Oscar Wllklns entertained at
I her home on North Second street,
j Saturday afternoon, In honor ot the
0th 'birthday of her mother, Mrs.
John Deal. The rooms were beau
tifully arranged with decorations of
banks of myrtle and clusters of white
carnations. Quotations on "mother"
were given by each guest and various
pleasant games passed the afternoon
In short order, Mrs. Ferrln currying
off the honors In a guessing game.
Mrs. lllone Myers assisted In serving
luncheon. Those present were MeS'
dnmes John Deal, II. II. Halllday,
Diggers Will Soon
Be Out
Demaray s sJIsL
v - . :hi... (.V-r ;
Have been built anil actually delivered to ielitU buyV-rs slnre August I, 1914,
Theso figure UliO,H17 represent the actunl number of car manufactured
by na since August 1st, 1010, and delivered by our agent to retail buyers.
Tliin unusual fall and winter demand for Kurd cars makes It neccNary for
na to confine the distribution of cars only to tlnme agents wlio have order
for Immediate delivery to retail cuatomers, rather than to permit any agent
to Htm'k car lu anticipation of Inter spring sales.
We are IsNuIng this notice U Intending buyers that they may protect them
KelvcfTaguliiHl delay or dlNapituinlmciit In aeruHng Ford cars. If, therefore,
you are planning to purchne a Ford car, we advise you to pliuw your order
and lake delivery now. i
Immediate orders will have prompt attention.
IMay In ilmylng at Oils time may cause you to wait, several months.
Enter your order today for Immediate delivery with our authorised Kurd
agent llftted Mow and don't lie tllNHpMliiled Inter on, ,
Runabout $3tli, Touring Cur, $3A0r
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$045, f. o. It. Detroit,
Ford Motor Company
C. L. Hobart Company
.Ml' I.