Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 20, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Knock at Our Door!
California la February mni Bpringllm. Tb golden orange
ar on th tree, Bird ar returning fruni the outb. Blossom
ar appearing on many of th tree. Just th rightlnd of wthr
(or out door recreation. You cn afford to spend few weeks In
Southern California. Th change of climate, aurroundlng tnd
amuaementa will Improve your health and HEALTH IB
Southern Pacific agent ar wtll equipped to give accurate Infor
matloo regarding trip to California. Ilooklt't describing aH pari a
of the aula. Information regarding tiotel, beach and mountain
resort, acanlo attraction, stopovers, round trip rata. Aak for
booklet "Wayside Nic" and "Bid Trlpa." Call on our agent
Mr. J. M. Ibam, Agent. Ornnta Pass, Oregon.
John M. Beott, General Paeaenger Agtnt.
Southern Pacific Lines
From Frost to Flowers
In a Few Short Hours
Shasta Route.
Three Daily Trains
ll:'J0a. m. 7i4 a. m. 0:40 p. m.1
And lh "Vanishing V teund Dear U
th. Old Time Virginian.
Southerners have (old Hit) that tbey
tan tell from wlml part of lh aoutb
iienxn fount by tils ieecb. Juat aa a
northerner can distinguish by th aanif
aliiuaa New Kutilauder. a New Yorker,
a middle westerner aud a Urooklyulte
I caoiiol prvtviit to hare become an au
Iburlty upon outturn dialect, but It la
obvloua to we that the speech of New
Or lean la uullke that of Char lea ton
and that of Charltlou uullke ibat of
Virginia. Th English of Cbarieatou
rem to tut to be nboiit tb purcil
Enuiish spoken In tbl couutry. It baa
few tracea of what w call tb outb
ern acceut, reai'iulillug. rather, tb pro
nunciation of an Irishman educated
from boyhood In England, yet retain
hug tb Calm trac of a brogue.
Tb chief characteristic of tb fir
gintau dialect la the famoua and fee
dilating localUm which Profeaaor 0
Alpbouao Smith ha called th "vanish
tng y"-a y aound which cause words
Ilk "car" and "garden" to b pro
Bounced Vyar" and "gyarden." I am
told that In year gou by tb "vanish,
lug y" waa common to all Vtrglalana.
but tltougb It la atlll common enough
among member of tb old geuoratlou
and la oaed alao hy ana young )opl
-particularly. I fancy, young ladle,
who realise It fetching quality-there
can b bo doubt that It la, in both
rosea, vanishing, and that not half
the Vlrglnlana of the preaeut day pro
Bounce "cigar" aa "eegyar." "cariiet" a
"cya'pet" and "Carter" aa "Cyabtab."
In Vlrglula and many other porta ol
tb south on bear aucB worda aa
"aunt" correctly pronounced with the
broad a, and ancb woiOa aa "tub" and
"m" proierly give tb full aound
Comply with
the law and use
printed Butter Wrappers
According to the ruling of Uie Oregon Imliy and Pood
Commission all dairy butter aold or cxikhmnI for sal In
this atate must be wrapped In butter papo upon which
la printed the worda "Orcgt Dairy nutter, tfl (or 112)
ounce full weight ," with the naiiie and address of the
maker, i
To enable pntrons of the Courier to easily comply with
the ruling this odlce will supply standard alae and weight
butler MKr printed with special waterproof Ink, nnd
delivered hy parcel post, at the following pilccst
1011 HIieetK, 16 or aa ounce OI.OO
ittltl Hheeta, 16 or rt'4 ounces MM
llWI Hlieels, 10 or Ull ounces 1.70
.1110 Nhcclx, 10 or fill ounce 2.40
Klra chnt'gn for special design.
Hend orders iby mall accompanied hy the price as above
and paper will bo promptly forwarded to you by parcel
post, pretald.
IV use the best butler ixi- ohlnlnable, and our work
manxhlp la of the best.
Rogue River
(Iranta rasa, Oregon
(luatead of "tool" aud "noo." aa In
aom parta of th nortbi; but, on tb
other band, while tb aoutb glvea the
abort o aound In audi worda a "log"
and "fog" It Invariably call a dog a
"dawg." "Your" I commonly pro
nounced yor,' "ur" ak "sbor and
"to" aa "toe."
Tho aoiith alao use lh word "carry'
In a way rhat atrlke northerner a
atrnnite. If a aoulhcruer offer to "car
ry you" to the station or over bla plan
tatloii, he does not meau that he lu
tenda to transport you on bla back, but
Uiat be will take you. If he "carrlc
you to tho run" you will find ttint the
"ruu" la what northerner call a creek.
If to the "braucb" that la what w call
a brook -Julian Street In Collier1.
The State Acquired a Nagr Her and
Treated Him Generously.
The atnte of Ucorglu waa at one time
th owner of a aluve. Whether or not
any other atute ever owned a alav or
alavca li uot knowu. but ccrtaluly It la
highly probuhle that no other atute
var owned a aluve uuil a railroad at
the aame time and worked them to
gether, n tho cm lili lh elave
yuiied by (ieorgla.
Tho ncgro'a iinuitt tva Itaiimim, Inter
called Iliiiimnn Moutgomcry tiy reawm
of thu fart that before be wn acquired
by the atate he waa owned by a man
mimed II. II. Y. Montgomery. 11 waa
purchased outright by tho aim tbroUKli
au act of the IcglHhiture of 1840 for
bavlug aaved tho Weateru and Atluu
tic railroad bride over Hie Cuatta
hoochco rlvor froiu'destructluu by Or
and later waa (daced upon a aalury
under Uie suervlnlou of the "principal
engineer" of th Weatoru aud Atlautlc
8uliMjucutly, hui tb war waa
over. Uniisotn, now a free uian.iaaa
agnlu reuiouibered by the atate. At
lliuugti the stat wai practically bank
runt an art of tb vtnoral assembly,
I ..........ia.iI Aiim tt IfiilM mntUnrlwdtA IliA
superintendent of Iht atata road to pay
to Itanaoin from Ilia traaaury of tut
road th eutn of $602.00 and alao to
provide blm Witt) bom during tb
rent of bla llfe.-Atlaula Couatltutlou.
Had t Do It
; "Th defendant admit," aald l bo
traffic aquad cop, "thai b went arouml
I US . Ul II LI Ull , TtV ... .
"Plfty dollara' flu or thirty daye."
itald the Judge.
"But doea your honor know," Inter
PommI th defaudaut'a couuael. "that
tba defeudaut waa rMliig bicycle''
-Buffalo Ciprea.
Hew, Whan a Yeung Officer. H tub
dued an Ugly Mutineer.
In Admlrul Iuey e autobiography,
written for flearat a iiagatln, I tb
following alory. which abowa that
a young lieutenant commander the
hero of Manila bay already poaaeaaed
the Iron nerre that characterUed bla
later life:
"Commodore II. K. Thatcher, In com
mand of lb Colorado, welcomed me on
board heartily, notwithstanding my
youth. II aald the ablp waa In a baa
net aud gar me full authority In tb
gorernmtnt of tb crew of 700 men.
"Gradually I waa able to Identify tbe
wont character. Tbey wer tb one
I bad to tame. The ringleader waa a
giant red beaded Engllabman named
Whter. Many of bla mite war In
bodily fear of tbl great brute. Tb
prison being full, I bad blm put dowo
IB tb bold In Iron
"On day I beard a breaking of
glaaa, and tbe orderly told me that
Webster bad brokeu free of bla Irona,
bad driven tb sentry out of tb bold
! and, In a blind rage, waa breaking up
atone bottle of aoda and ale that were
atored there..
"I sent the rnomer at aruia to arrrat
blm, and In matcratrm came
back to report that Wcluttcr had aworn
b would kill the Unit man that tried
to como down the ladder Into the bold.
"Bucb a situation waa uot to be en
dured. I took my revolver and start
edfor the hold. When I came to the
Udder Welmtcr yelled up tbe threat
which bad made tbe other bcxliate
In view of Ida kuown ferocity. Of
course, any one going dowu tbe ladder
would expose bis whole body to an at'
tack before bla bead waa below tbe
deck level aud bo could see Ills adver
aary. But any teuiporarlxlug with the
fellow meant a bad effect on tbe whole
ablp'a company.
" 'Webster, thla la the executive offl
cer, Mr. Dewey,' I called to blm. 'I
am coming down aud. Webster, you
may be sure of thln-lf you raise a On
ger ajtaiust me 1 shall kill you.'
"I stepped down the ladder quickly
to see Webster standing with a atone
ale bottle lu bla baud ready to throw
But he did uot throw It aud aubmitted.
to arrest iieacoably.
Beauty In Business.
Look are a moana of Judging a
girl's possibilities of early marriage,
which la a uckiiiIv element of ber
value wltb some Dims, aa tbey do not
wish to waate money on tralulug irla
who wtll leave them aoon, I have
known oue superintendent to choose
the plainest glrla possible to work at a
machine wltb a man ao aa to discour
age lovemaklng.-W, F. Kemble. In In
dustrlal Management. '
May Join Forces With
Villa Against Csrrsnis.
V. J
Past 9 American Pre a.aa 'la tie.
Cackacha Just
Uka a Tocthachal
Ltar Mr. Editor Sometime aco 1
bad backache very bad it would acb
hist lis a toothache. I tried new
dlsoovery of Doctor Pleroe'i, called
Anuria." This to for kidney and
backacb. I aoon felt relieved of ail
backacb and bad no mor pain, and I
bop other troubled la tb aam way
trill try this wonderful new rmdy.
X oar sincerely,
Mb. Limoolb Brawl.
Korit It I now asserted with eon
Ideoc that the painful effects due to
aria acid In the avsiem ar entirelv radl
eated. A new romedf, eallxd "Anurlc.
aaa oaen aisooverea ny ur. riene, sua is
tbe cause of a drains outward of tb
nrle acid with which It comes In contact
within th body. It will ward off back
ache, headache, and th darting pain and
acbaa of articular or muscular rheuma
tism ol those disease wblcb are eaunea
b too much uric acid, such aa tout.
asthma, sciatica, renal calculoa. 'An-
one - protonas lire ores use oia pnopw nso
silv suffer from harOnnlnc and thlckenlna
of the walls of tbe artorlea, due to the a-
a ot ono acid in uie mooa ana usiuea.
Dr. Pleroa. who la director and chief
physician at th Invalids' Houd and
Burg leal Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., aa
been testing thla wonderful medlcin for
th relief of over-worked and weakened
kidneys. Tbe relief obtained by (ufferer
baa been ao aatlifactory that be deter
mined to place 'Anuria wltb tbe prin
cipal druggtat In town where people
could rut thla redv-to-ns medicine.
Anuria Is not harmful or Dolsonona.
out aiaa vuuur in m rowing on uose
poisons within tb body which causa so
much suffering, pain and misery. Scien
tists assert this remedy to 17 times mora
potent tnan ninia.
For Diabetes and Bright Disease thla
remedy la building up a reputatloa a
good aa Dr. Pleroa' other wail-known
medicines wnicn nave men proven rau-
idle aurtng neanvBny years, nca aa
OoBtor Pi woe's Favorite Preacrlntion
for th III of wornan, Doctor Pierce'
Pleasant Pellet, th Uyw regulator, and
Doctor Pleroal UOMCB lUCUcal uucoren
tor red blood.
Rupert, Oermsn Lesdsr en
West Front, Is Hsrd Worker.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective December 5, 1916
Tuesdaya, Thursdays, Saturdays
Train 1 lv. Grant Pass.. 10.00 a. m.
Train 2 lv. Waters Creek 1.00 p. m.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner ot U and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
Tor all Information regarding
freight nnd passenger service call at
tho office of the company. Public Ser
vice building, or phone 131 for
tame. ,
You may know much or
little about coffee; but you
know what you Ike.
You like a clear cup of
coffee with a rich, smooth
flavor; and no suspicion
of bitterish chaff.
To give you this, Schil
ling's Best is evenly
ground, the objectionable
chaff is taken-out and the
coffee is packed into air
tight tins.
It li ready for use when
you buy It. Moneyback,
ol course.
- J
A'-'.?J .vvVifr-XaW','V.t I
sr I I t,.AW, k
Classified Advertising
iANOBL CAJCE8 Phono ordr to No.
1-J. 7I7U
Red Clover, Tlmotbq, Scarified
SiTeet Clover, Ry Graaa, tc.
Ralph Waldo Elden, Central Point,
Oregon. t47tf
fin spring, ummer, aad fall
daughters and on of Winona
Champion (tb out of daughter of
Roguelaad Longfellow. Quality
breeding, !) reanabt prlee.
Writ u. Winona Raacb, Rout
1, A-Boi 10. Grant Pass, Ore. T.
R. Steel. 67tf
BUILDING 25H00, concrete, on
Sixth street, for aal. Inquire
108 South Sixth atret m
FOR SALE 8. C. Rhode Island Red
cockerels, pullets and egga to
hatching. Ernest Webb, Central
Point, Oregon. Phon 247. 990
old chicks, 112.60 per hundred;
eggs for setting $1.00 for 16, or
$5.00 per hundred from guaranteed
egg-laying stralna. Leave orders
now with Cramer Bros. 91
S. C. WHITE LEGHORN hatching
eggs and baby chicks, from vigor
ous stock. Egg $1.00 for 16 or
$5.00 per 100; baby chicks $10.00
per 100. K. Hammerbacher, Route
No. 2. Phone 606-F-23. . 02
FOR SALE 43-acre ranch, aU
fenced, good water, good 'buildings,
land fine for augar beets or hay,
two miles from Grants Pass on
Pacific highway. L. L. Sharp, R
F. D. No. 1, pbone 500-J-l. 984
FOR SALE 120 acres, one-half mile
from Selma, bottom and low bench
land, 2 houses, barn, about 12 acres
in cultivation, 5 acres Spits and
Newton ns, 7-year-old orchard.
watered, probably 5,000 cedar
posta. Price, $2,800. Term. In
quire, P. E. Gerould, Selma, Ore
gon. 984
$800 FOR COTTAGE and well; $300
for shack, barn, chicken house
and wood shed, 1 acre ground
thrown In free; 321 Rogue River
Ave. - Key across the street. 04
H. X. PARKER has dry wood, in
shed all winter, and hay for sale.
Apply 609 South 5th street, or
phone 533-J. 984
FOR SALE Early seed potatoes.
several varieties, $2.50 per 100
W. E. Beckwith, phone 602-F-3. S6
FOR SALE 5-rooni house plastered
with bath and toilet. 711 I street.
two lots 60x100 each, barn and
outbuildings; or will exchange for
email house. Address No. 291, care
Courier. 98 ltf
FOR RENT Cottage and ham T5.50
per month, or cottage $5.00 per
month and barn $1.00, good well,
sleeping porch. No. 321 Rogue
River avenue. Key at house
across the street. 989
fIobTREST 6-room modern house",
and small barn, 207 Foundry St.,
$10 per month. Inquire at 208
Foundry. 986
RANCH FOR RENT Mostly wood,
some fruit trees, buildings, five
miles from town, 120 acres, spring
for tome irrigation. Will rent for
keep of place. Address O. J.
Knipa, 616 South 4th street 983
FOR RENT (After March 1, room
now occupied by the Wardrobe
Cleaner. Mr. J. U Myers. 986
LOST Saturday afternoon, near M
atreet, suitcase containing articles
or clothing. Finder please return
to W. R. Rannle, 512 H street. 82
E. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemlat,
metallurgist, Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building, Grants Pass.
IT IS NOT SAFE to buy property
or loan money without a reliable
abstract. We make them. Grant
Pas Abstract Co. Opposite post
office. W. E. Hanson, manager
Office In Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 113-J Residence
Phon 806-R.
' Vinegar.
Th ancleul accredited great anti
septic power to vinegar sud uaed It to
a larg extent for this purpose not
withstanding It high coat ' Tbl qual
ity was greatly overrated.
J orkit th OouVKf.
by contract Phone Ill-R, Grant
pa, Oregon. Mt
fur, beef aad nor hide, sheep
and goat pelts, and deer bides kill
ed In so sob and tagged. Highest
market prices also for eoppr,
trass, lead, robber, sacks, raas aad
old magazine. Get my price first.
Roy Allen. Phone SU-J, wtt
Frank Bailey, comer (th aad L
streets, Grants Pass. Hi
WANTED Anything; yon bav la
Junk, hides, wool, rags, sacka, rub
bers, metal, and Iron. Prompt
attention to call. Pbone 21-J.
Union Junk Co., 403 South Cth
treat. ' MJ
make you a price on your furs be
fore shipping or selling elsewhere.
Here until first of month. Eastern
price. Pbone 624-J. With Frank
Bailey, corner Cth A L streets.
Grant Pass. 983
WANTED Second hand bath room
fixtures, tub, lavatory, flush box,
toilet and hot water tank. Address
No. 272, Courier. 985
L. O. CLEMENT, sf. D. Praede
limited to dlssases of th ya, ear,
boss aad throat Glasses fltUd.
Office hoars 9-12, 2-6, or on ap
pointment Offlca phone, (2; red-
dene phon 2 5 9-J.
8. LOUGHRIDGE, li. D., Physldaa
ana surgeon. aij or country eaus
attended day or Bight Residence
phone 1(9; office phoas IS!.
Sixth aadH. TnSs Building.
J. P. TRDAX, U. D Physician aad
surgeon. Phones: OSoe 126; resi
dence 124. Calls answered at all
hours. Country calls attended to.
Lundbnrg Building.
DR. ED. BYWATER Specialist oa
diseases of th eye. ear, nose and '
i&roat; glasses nuea. umee boots:
9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. m.. Phoae
Residence 2S4-J; offlca 267-J.
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Or.
a. a. wi tttAJi, m. u., rnysMiaa aaa
surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg., corner
' Sixth and I streets. Phones: OOc
116; residence 282-J. Hours: 9 a.
m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. Id ACT. D. M. D. First-class
dentistry. 108 H 8onth Sixth
street Granta Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON. Attorney-st-law
Practice in all State aad Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIG ft WILLI A1IS Attomeys-at-Law
Granta Pass Banking Co,
Bldg, Grants Pass, Or.
E. 8. VAN E7KE, Attorney. Practica
in all courts. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Office llasonlo Tempi
i2ts Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-t-Lw.
County attorney for Josephina
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-Law
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Phon 170. Grants Pass, Or.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice In stats aad federal
courts. Rooms 2, and 8, ovsr
Golden Rule store.
J. S. MACMURRAT. teacher ot Vole
culture and singing. Lessons given
at home of pupil It requested. Ad
dress 7 1( Lea street 851tt
kinds of drayage and transfer
Work carefully and promptly done.
Pbone 132-R. .Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop.
F. O. "SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phoaa
Clark at Holman, No. 50. Resi
dence phon 124-h.
B.unch Bros. Transfer Co. Phon
PAPERHANGINQ, graining, paint
ing. For th best work at lowest
prices, phone 895-J. C. G. Plsnt,
South Park trt
PRUNING Orchard . and vlnyard
pruning correctly done, Geo. A.
Bradford, 8(0, N. 7th street. 984