Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 16, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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1 '.'
They ere H mine,"
eetsT'the rkkw lri
Ueapted free Hum CbrtetUn Audtratn.)
HT we almost bedtime, ao daddy began at oiu-e: "Wlieu Clertia and tbe little
robber girt stopped at robber castle tbe big dogs Jumped about and
(ha ravens flaw over Ihalr tiaada. A big Ore wa burning In Iba middle
of tba atona floor In tba snioky old ball. Tbo aiuolta curled up to Iba top
of tba caalla and found It own wajr out Soup waa boiling over tba Ore In a
huge caldron, and baraa au4rabblta wara roasting on spit.
"Too aball sleep with ma and all eny little pets tonight.' aald tba llttla
robber girt.
"When they bad bad aoma auppar tbey went over to gw corner of tba big
ball, wbere wara spread aoma draw and rug. Overhead In the raftera and
beania a hundred pigeon wara rooatliig. They seemed to be asleep, but tbey
fluttered when tba children went over Into tbe turner.
" Tbey are all mine,' aald tba. llttla robber girl, arlalug the on nearest to
her. Hlie held It by tba lege and abook It till It dapid lu wbiga. 'Klaa It!
aba cried, daubing It Into. Oerda'a face. Those are wood plgeun,' aha aald,
pointing to aoma latba Died acroea a big cage blub up on tba wall. Tbey
would fly away now If tbey were not nailed In. and byw la my old aweeibeatt
Dear aba cried.
"She dragged up a young reindeer by tbe boras. It waa tied up and bfcd a
big copper ring around Ita neck. 'Wa hare to keep him tied or be would run
away, back Into the deep woode,' tba little robber girl eiplaUted to Gerda.
'Every night I tlckls bla net with my bright knife be la eo frlghtenrd of.'
"The little robber girl drew bar blight kulfe fro in a bole ta tbe wall and
drew It acrosa tbe relndeer'e neck. Tba poor auliual laugbed and kicked, and
tba llttla robber girl laughed and draw Uenla down into bed wltb ber.
" 'IK) you also eleep wltb year knlfeT aaked Gerda, not afraid, but because
aba bad alwaya thought dolla muck the beet playmatee to take to bad night.
" 'Ob, yeal' 7inrrd ta dttt robber girl 'One can never tell what la go
ing to happen. 11 ut tell rue again I be etery of llttla Kay and wby yon want
out Into tba great wide world ta And tba.' '
"Bo Uefila told tbe llttla robber girl all a bent her adventure with Kay and
wby aba went out Into tbe great wide world, and tba wood pigeons cooed op
In their blgb rage on tba old wad and tba other pigeon looked down open tba
two gtrla-at leait aH tbo atber pigeon did that wara not already Bleep tba at
solve," ' . v.
Then the children thaeked 4addy and ran off 6 ted.
Wahlngtn' Htnilieer Dreaded Mia
Matrlmenial Vets.
, One of 1Mb reclpleuta of Watblngtoa 'a
unity ws bU old neighbor. Captain
.U.iui Posey. Posey auld Washington
tmi only hU Kerry (arm. but aleo bla
claim to weitern laud lie became
.Ouaiirislly emltarraiaed-l fact ruin
ed; bla family were wattered. and be
made frequent application to Wash
ington for advice and lUiuw.
Washington helped m educate a aon.
8L Lewreuce. who had been wdutwd
to tba ban e(iedient f tending bar In
a tavern, and b alaa kept a daughter.
Mllly, at Mount Vernon a a eort of
'Companion to Mr. Waahlngtea. The
-c)ll once wrote tbe following de
lis lit fill loiter, which la enoied by Tanl
iLvland llawortb In WMag.
ton, Farmer:" '
"J .could (bavei been aite t hv
Mstlsfled all my old Arrears, aouie
Jtimitli AUoe. by ouirjltig wee vld
widow womsu In I 111 Comity. fllie
bail large souis mCi S) by ber and
1'rittny good Kst.-HIie l llilk a
lie la .blicb-Aud lt divuk ai
tlirwiir foil re (tliunti a wenk--which I
lilKiicn-ulilo to me- Iiuk Uilaut Kiier
rit wlmu Orimk lt been iui ureer ila
411110 In inr niliiil wluil in !.-1 bp
leave I uliil'd lluu ull lltka-lf my
l.ul 'Jfo. I1111I lni'ii (Din Kten li'in
(wr'd wiiiimii. tun licr r-irll. hi
ilveu nie u('h '111 Shmk-ilmf I en
trald lo'JIiiu I ho ltck imnln."
Evlilnutly llit cnplaln Old uot tlud a
way ilt f liU tnnllili-1 by tbe niatrl
- aonulal route, for mmim lint UiIit be
waeln jnll al Qikmminiowii, iieuinubly
for tb'lit, and wo II ml In oun of Waih
lugton'a vaik uiKUKirniiiliiiu lumka 1111
derdate of Ot 13. 17;), "Ity Charlty
(lrea Capiu. INmcy, four inuiihIk." tine
of the aunt buor nettled In tudlauu.
and Pmtff county I named after blm
Comply with
the law and use '
printed Buttel Wrappers
,coiidln lo the ruling of the Oregon IKilry and Kood
t'lniimbwlon all dairy butter aald or expumMl for nale In
thin mmi miiHt be wrainxsl In butter paper upon which
la printed the word "Oregon Italry flutter, Id (or iUt
ounce full weight," with the name and addrrxn of the
maker. 1
To enable atmn of the (Hurler to eaally comply with
lh rulliiK thla oft) re will aupply atandard alse and weight
butter W)er printed with aperlal wateriirnof Ink, jmd
delivered by parrel pout, at the following- prfreKi
na, " ' ItMl HheetN, 16 or 82 (Minor SI.OA
W:' ,, '-,,( Hh(Ht, 10 or :ii ounre 1.35
f l, ' , IMHI NheetM, 10 or 811 ounce 1.70 1
.Ull) Hlieel, 10 or 811 ounce 8.40
Ktra cliiMge for apeclal delgn. '
rteml order iby mall nccontpanletl by the price a above
and paer will be promptly forwarded to yon by parcel
poat, prcimld.
Wo tine the bent butter
manihlp I of the beat.
Rogue River
(irant I'aax, Oregon
Daddu's Bedtime
A man may be tbe architect of bla
own fortune, but be can't Indue tba
uo lo abln lu every room.-Philadelphia
The ertlcbok-le a variety of ta
thUtle and grow apontaneonaly al
along tbo African abor of the lladl
.terranean aea.
Blebep of Nemur, Belgium,
eteta Aaalnet Depertatiena.
, ' S
paper obtainable, and our work
Tba baaket ball game between tba
achool team and the town team on
last Saturday night In tba W. O. W.
hall waa a grand auoce. Tba play
era of tba achool team wara: Captain
Ida -Mauer, Vera Turner, Hilda Stub,
Maria Powell and Anna Adaina. Of
tba town team: Captain Mra. Helen
Tuft, Ml Oenevg Roblnaoo, Zepb
Hqgue, Minnie Hogue and Mate!
Payne. . The game waa watched by
an Intereated audience and wa ex
citing from atart lo flnUb. Although
eomewhat uneven In the final acore
It waa contended for through the en
tire game. The acore tood, town
team-; achool tam-ll. A porta of
$25.20 wa cleared In behalf of the
achool, wltb which tbe achool will
purt'hate a pbonoghaph.
I The fourth of tbe aerie of the
game of 100, given by the Rebemn
lodge wa played on Wedneiday night
at the L O. O. P. hall and waa well
attended. A number of vlaltora from
the upper end of tba valley were In
Mr and Mra. Und. Mra. Bob Orlm
mett, Mr. and Mr. John Griffin. Mr.
Joe Skeetera, Ml Leonora 8owell
were among tbe vlaltora in town iat
Wednesday night
Mr. Coate vlalted wMh her pr
enU, Mr. and Mra. Orlffln from Sun
day ontll Wednesday taking ber two
boy with ber.
Th hour for tbo convening of
Sunday achool baa been changed from
10 a. m. to 2:90 p. m. and wa hope
to have a better attendance ber line
or tba change. Everybody la cordl
ally Invited to attend.
Tbe large attendance of visitor
from Takllina at tbe basket ball gm
vaa quite nattering. Tbl snows a
good aplrlt and we hope tbey will
come again. Our people promise to
reciprocate. '
Tbomaa Xhern. Daniel Peterson
id Paul CabiU shiptied a carload ot
i-apples to San Francisco thla week.
Goo. McCormlck shipped a num-
iaer of turkeya to Grant P Wed-
Nat Hart who has been visiting
Ilia Belle Dingier the past week ha
returned to Washington.
j Sir. Winnie Beley waa called to
'Granta Pasa Wedneiday on account
',of the Illness of her sister, Mra. War-
nle McCormlck.
Dan Peterson mado a buslnesa trip
X Glemlule this week. ' -
A Valentine box social will be given
ut the ;!liuol bo usB February 17. All
nre cordially Intflted to attend and
enjoy a social evening.
,A nunrbor -of farmers are sowlug
I strain this wettk
Marry Thomas 'baa gone protpect-
. rux for a couple of week,
i Mra. Crockett or -Grants Pss, Is.
j spondlng the week with the family or
j hor aon, Robert.
Paul Call 1 11 I spending a few days
in lOntntH Pass .tin business.
Home or the Hugo people a, re mak
ing garden, others are planting flow
er send, we feel (hat spring Is. almost
hena. . . "
Portland, Feb. J.t, Today's mar
ket quutatlon wara:
Wheal Club, 152; blueatBUi, 167.
Oats .No. 1 white feed, 36J6.
Barley Feed, 3ift,
Hog iBest live, 13.25 (tf 12.35.
Prime Ateers, 9.00 4l" 9.25; fancy
cows, 7.75; bestcalvea, 8.00 8.10;
, Spring lambs, 12.50 13.00.
Butter City creamery, 39; coun
try, 80.
Egga 8rtcted local extras, 21
Hena, 18 184; broUewa, It
20; geese, 11 3 18.
Copper, 30. "
Th ailora' Psalm.
How many people landsmen, at all
eveuta-ar aware that one ef the
Psalms la often called tbe aaltora'
asalinT " '
It is, of oure. Psalm evil, wherein
oMur tba beautiful and familiar words.
"Tbey that go down to the sea In ship,
that do business In great waters
these aea tbe works of tbe Lord and
brs wonders In tbe deep."
The psalm la usually read aa wrt of
the simple services which take place on
Sundays on shlis at ses. For that rea
son It la kuowb u the sailers' psalm,
London Chronicle.
Driving Sorewe Inta Plaster,
1 When screws are driven Into a piss
ter wall tbey may be hiad Arm enough
to hold considerable welgbt If tbey b
. withdrawn, wrapped with vottou strlni
and dipped Into plaster of parts until
sufficient adheres lo Oil tbe bole In III
wall and to .permit some of It to be
feied.eeJn4 tint lOaate. "EWa laUai
I forms a plug that holds tb screw nrm
'Mra. York of Mliioiini riu BM
been visiting her ilfii,lef jm, John
A basket toclil ! Nl ren by
P. U Plndlcy attjitVociti,,!,,,,,! ncme
school Saturday MlBeoD( febarusry
17. The second Um " It vm it vwueJ
and good music will bN x lumf sited.
All are Invited.
Miss Ethel Morua wltli vb0 teeo
staying In OrantiPwl"i(, tiIdk- vlth
ber mother this ! v -
The Mlsaea Jlrtu rr tnd
Mary Celwltz atlnWth dl ti last Slin
dance. They wr 'I'llooitwi of the J,
R. Tucker family while at there,
Raymond Meswier al xiop(
spent several dayi wltb V 1 jr, ui
John Scber.
The Stitch M awe,er tlub held
their regular (Mini j , Wednvadsy
February Htb at im nit y,mor- Mrs.
Armstrong. Mmk " lu furnlshs ed by
Mr. Plux which hi inloD0(i ty
Those present were gisauiM Ethel Mor
gan. Air. J. H. IWIWQitasM, Mr. Lu-
thur Koblnson, xih u utry 0lwltt,
Mr. Psrker, Mn. 't!Vran, )lr. Del
linger, Mr. Hlmn, UnKjjjn Dlasbrow,
Mr. Pruitt, Mn, Hinenn-erij. MIm Mil
dred Armstrong, JIImU:H Myrtle T uker,
Mra. Flux and tie nMieaslteu Urs- -Arm
Mr. Elbert Tucker aw v f,0 bajej been
on tbe slok list liuld tlly tobeimproT
in There wa noecNIHln r,idir of lart
wtk and Mondir mil h,,, Tietdlaiy at
eVr week on accounl od tg. o the lUnefr
of tbe teacher, Int.DiKl dmw
"he Farmers' club 0! lo 0f JrotA 'rl
rle and Wlldenllle wllUllwm me,t .t the
Jerome Prairie school lni home- next
Saturday. Mist Turtay V Corralll
will apeak on meitlQliijtit KifQc, aD(
many other Interesting jtj- ubectai will
be dlKusseif. A phono ooko0rraph -will be
furnished by Kit Nell llsu (or u,e mnl.
cal part of the promajrjj.
There will be wloolicd it Jerome
Prairie Sunday noralog stng If the weath
er permlta.
Mies Mliarea MinnoNinHKiiij peBt
Monday of this week n ol Onttei Pat
Yesterday I lie llsnm JM . BDould
have began oa9(lte ihtrnt thlnrs
yoa sre going toooluwn,.
Msana Loa. Intolliw,,,,, BwUn)U,
13JW feet blgb, k (I be ilrbese tnotm
tain wblcb rtoeiillrwl; lf (raa ttle
Tbe voice ef tbe leei tmtKer
aoanoa aweeter iui k ik.
' sms'
voice o coeaHaioe.R. fiu,
The California u and Oi-ewn
M a. aa . . . O
. uoasi naiiroaa Dd company
' :
Tuesday, nuirediywdyi, Bitii rdsys
t rain 1 it. annie PiiuiOm;. u.qo a. m.
rrain z iv. waimweOeiik l.OQ p. m
aii train we Qrwii3rant, fn8a from
tne comix r t, m a w Eiihtb mtreets.
OjU'oslte the Soiitlicra mm Pififl dpnnt
For all WertatMlsBtia rcatrlag
treignt ana paiiiDier ir ttrvlco call si
the ofllce of th corsnaaait pnr, pulio Ser
vice ouiiaiBf, or pai trbone 31 for
CoffeoaFet .
You may kno'oaow much or
little about coMfee; but you
know what you 'hi like.
Voti likeacloljcIearcMp of
coffee with a ric oHch, srriooth
flavor; , and no oo suspicion
of bitterish chaftkaff,
To give you ti a this, Schil
ling's Best isi isevsnly
ground, the obj idbjectionablc
chal'f is tab-oio-outaiid the
coffee is packedba ej into air
tight tins. , '
It Is read) In um uk where
you buy It, Monem'oneybick,
o( count,
. Schilling rig's .
: ..Best 1st , '
Classified Advcrtisinsr
rot fALe
ANOUL CAKIS Pbon orders to Mo.
Red Clover, Tlmotbq, Scarified
Sweet Clover, Rya Grass, etc.
iRalpb Waldo Blden, Central Point,
Oregon. 47tf
fin aprtng, ouinmer, and fall
daughter and sons of Winona
Champion 6th out of daughter of
Rognalanda Longfellow. Quality
breeding, size, reasonable price.
Write as. Winona Ranch, Route
1, A-Box 10, Grants Paaa, Ore. T.
R. Steel. Wtf
BUILDING 25x100, concrete, on
Sixth street, for aalo. Inquire
108 South Sixth street 8
FOR SALE 8. C. Rhode Island Red
'cockerels, pallets and eggs fo
hatching. Ernest Webb, Central
Point, Oregon. Phone 247 0
old chicks, 112.(0 per hundred;
eggs for setting 1.00 tor IS, or
15.00 per hundred from guaranteed
egg-laying strains. Leave orders
now with Cramer Bros. - til
HOMESTEAD Good land, foothill.
eight acres under plow, small
bouse and barn, plenty good out
range, four miles from town. Gus
ts r Poyer, Rogue River, Oregon.
FOR 8A1LB Waldorf dance hall. For
particulars, see John Melssner. 79
FOR SALE 14 stock bogs, weight
about 90 pound. Make a bid per
pound or each'. State where want
ed delivered. Address No. 230
care Courier. 980
FOR SALE a-rooio bungalow, one
and one-half block from postofflce,
small payment down, balance like
rent Address No. 233, Courier.
fresh, for sale cheap If taken at
once; also fine brood sow. Phone
609-F-14. Grants Pass. 981
1914 FORD in, good condition, f250.
New Maxwell, run about three
months, $560.
Bulek, been, run but 8,000 miles,
Overland, $150. C. L. Hobart Co.
8. C. WHITE "LEGHORN hatching
.eggs and baby chicks, from vigor
ous stock. Egg $1.00 for 15 or
$5.00 per 100; bafby chicks $10.00
per 100. K. Hammerbacber, Route
No. 2. Phone (06-F-23. 03
AUTOMOBILE $350.00, for team
work and plowing, close In, or
trade anto for team and wagon;
also want Planet Jr. drill and tools.
Address No. 252, care Courier. 79
FOR RENT Cottage ari harn f 5.50
per month, or cottago $5.00 per' aad barn $1.00, good well,
sleeping porch. No. 321 Rogue
River avenue. Key at house
across the street. 989
FOR RENT 80 acre, 10 acres or
chard, 20 acre alfalfa, rest tor
grain. Old Savage ranch, Matt
Kulesch, Route No. 3, Grants Pass,
-6-room .moderahouse,
and email barn, 207 Foundry St.,
$10 per month. Inquire at 208
Foundry. ' 986
RANCH FOR 'RENT Mostly wood,
aome fruit tree, 'buildings, five
. miles from town, 120 acres, spring
for some Irrigation. Will rent for
keep of place. Address O. J.
Xnlps. 616 6oata 4th street 98$
vliy contract. Phone 331-R, Grants
pass, Oregon. . 166
fin, beet and horee hides, sheep
and goat pelts, and deer hides kill
ed In season and tagged. Highest
market prices also for copper,
brass, lead, rubber, eacka, rags and
old masailnes. Qet my prlcea Drat.
Roy Allen. Phone 524-J, with
Frank Bailey, corner 6th and L
streets, Grants Pass. 986
WANTED Anything you have In
- Junk, hides, wool, rags, sacks, rub
ber, metals, and Iron. Prompt
attention to calls; Phone 21-J.
I'nlon Junk Co., 403 South 6th
atreet. 992
make you a price on your furs be
fore shipping or selling elsewhere.
Here until first ot month. Eastern
" prices. ; Pbotte &24.-J.H Whh Frank
Balle.v. corner' 6th A L treat
I Grafts Pass. ' " ' '
h. O, CLEMENT, M. D. Practise
limited to dlsesaea of the eye, ear,
nose and throat Glasses fitted.
Office honrs 1-12, 2-1, or on ap
polntmeat Office phone, 12; reat
dence phone t&v-J. "
S. LOUGH RIDGE. M. D-, Pltsesaaj
and ssrgeon. . City or eonatry eaUs
, attended day or night Raeideaee
phono t(9; oCSos phone 111.
Sixth and H. Tails Balldlng.
J.' P. TRUAX. M. V., Pfcystetaa
aorgaon. Phones: OOos til; 1
dence 124. Calls answered at aH
hoars. Country calls attended to.
Loadbnr'g Building.
DR. ED. BYWATER Specialist OS
diseases of tbe eye, ear, nose aad
throat; (lasses fitted. Offlee bonis:
I to 12 a. m., 2 to I p. m. Phones
Residence 214-J; offlee 2IT-J.
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore. -
A. a. WITHAM, M. a, Pbyaidaa aad
surgeon. Offlee: Ball Bldg., corner
Sixth aad I streets. Phones: Office
111; residence 282-J. Honrs: sv
m. to 4 p. m.
B. C. MACT. D. If. D. Flrst-claa
dentistry. 109 South Sixth
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
H. a NORTON. Attorney s saw
Practice in v all State and Federal
Court. First National Bank Bldg.
at-Law Grants Paas Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
3. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
In all courts. First National Beak
Building. .
at-Law. Office Masonic Temple
Grants Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER.' Attorney-ai-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Scballhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-Law
- Grants Pass Banking- Co. Bids
Phone 270. Granta Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice In state and federal
court. Room's 2, and S, over
Golden Rale store. ; "r-' - ' 1
J. 8. MACMTJRRAY, teacher of role
culture aad singing. Lessons glva
at home ot pupil if requested. Ai
dress 716 Lee street 851tf
kind ot drayage and transfer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 132-R. .Stand at freight
. depot ' A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. "8HAM, drayage and transfer.
Satea, planoa and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark & Holman, No. 60. Real
dence phone 124-K.
THE WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. ' Transfer Co. Phone
PAPERHANGING, graining, paint
ing. For tbe best work at lowest
prices, phons 295-J. C. G. Plant,
South Park street . .
E. R. CROU CH Assay er, chemist,
metallurgist Rooms 201-20$ Pad
dock Building, Grants Pass.
LOST Traveling bag lost between
Kerby and Waldo Saturday after
noon. Suitable reward for Its re
turn to A. E. Reames, Medford,
Oregon.. 960
IT IS NOT SAFE to buy property
or loan money without a reliable
abstract. We make them. Grants
Pass Abstract CO. Opposite poet
office. W. E. Hanson, manager
DR. R. J. BESTUL, Veterinarian.
Office ' (n Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 113-J Residence
Phone 80S-R,
' Pottery ef the Amasen.
An Interesting tribe of the npper
Amason bss been discovered which In
its division of work hi remindful of the
guilds or tbe (Addle agea. One portion
makea clothing and nothing else; an- ,
other one is purely agricultural; an
other devotes Ita time snd labor to the ;
construction of weapons,' ud so on. '
Their pottery, however. Is tbs meat
notable of tbelr productions. Some ef ,
these Jars are extremely large, bat
very thin, although strong and durable. -Some
ef tbe entailer vessels are almost .
8M tbto M P,"r"
I, ,. .)!. . , l.f