Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 11, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    Hl'NDAY, KKIIltl'AHY II, 1017
Valentine Table Decorations
lriil mhi table covers, napkins, place cards, and cut out fur decor.
tUm of table and room Red card board and crepe paper.
Lincoln .In a
Historic Minute
Id "Reminiscence of Wertlro
Statesuiau ami Diplomat" Frederick
W. Reward, ion of Lincoln' secretary
of state, wrote:
"Tburedsy, Jan. I, wss marked
by an event that will alwsys l mem
orable In bltory. Slave In all tli re
gions remaining In rebellion were lo be
on that day declared entitled to free
dom. The emancipation proclamation
bad been duly prcred at tbe etate d.
partmeut and was ready for rrealdent
Uncoln'a signature. -
"At noon, accompanying ftiy father, 1
carried the broad parchment In a large
portfolio under my arm. We, thread
ing our way through the throng In the
vicinity of tbe White Ilouae, went up
atatre to the president's room, where
Mr. Lincoln speedily Joined ua. Tbe
broad abeet waa spread open before
Dim on tbe cabinet table. Mr. Lincoln
dipped hie pen In the Ink and then,
holding It moment shore the abeet,
- aeemed to hreltate. Looking around,
ba aald:
" 'I never In my life felt more certain
that I wai doing right than 1 do In
signing thla paper. But I hive been
receiving call and abaklng handa etnee
o'clock thla morning till my arm hi
tiff and numb. Now, tbla elpiature li
one that will be closely examined, and
If they find my hand trembled they
will aay, "He bad aotue compunction.'
But anyway It la going to be done.'
"So Baying he etowly and carefully
wrote hla name at the bottom of the
proclamation. ' Tbe alKtiature proved
to be unueually clear, bold and Arm
oven for blm, and laigb followed at
bla apprehension. My father after ap
pending hla own name and caualug the
great aeal to bo alllxed had the Impor
tant dotumeut placed among tbe ar
chive. Oolea were at one give to
tbe pi
,' The Gettysburg Speech. .
Mr. Uucoln was uot the "orator of
the day" npon tbt occasion of (be
dedication of (he anlillrr' cemetery at
Gettysburg. Thst honor lielonged In
Edward Everett, who fulfilled bin do-
Ilea there by delivering one of hi"
elaborate orations that kept htm on
hla feet for more than two hours. It
Is said to have been a splendid ora
tion, and yet M Is clean forgotten,
while Uncoln'a lit tic speech, prepared
on hla knee as be was traveling la the
I ant to Getty "Intra. Is known all over
the world.
Tbe Kongo rltcr and lis irllmiiirlc
provide wore tUau IMHK) miles of
tsrwsy that are navigable for fiat but
tooted steamboats.
Fill In Picture
9) , , ' 1 1
THAT was a funny looking animal you draw th laet time, wasn't It, chil
dren T The giraffe la th tallest of the living anlmala. Probably yeu didn't
think you'd ever "Men drawing hla neck, Why haa he such a long neck,
yea eskr Because he to obliged toat his reed from tiaee. H;cn.ra- the
luik of .aasar M lthiWM '4Afrtmt. By er4lM -oan Nst I
and oa44g lrhmaaare s, ,.,
keapt ,'. , ...
Drug and
Stationery Store
Washington, Feb. 10. Back of the
mathematical Lloyd's reporta on ship
ping destruction In Genniny's U
boat campaign, probably lies a dra
matic story of British cnu'er-mca-iu
res, Inasmuch as the tonnagn re
ported wrecked now seems dwindling
While the falling off In tonnage
sunk the pest two days may be only
temporary, some authorities here see
In It the possibility that Germany's
campaign In the barred area Is to be
According to British circles today,
England prepared for Germany's sub
msrlne drive some time In advance.
She set ont new patrols and took steps
to see that llnera were armed.
Perhaps, It waa suggeeted, England
already has established gusrded lanes
of cruisers within the barred tone,
and, moreover, It la believed (by naval
authorities, Germany has lost sev
eral of her aubmarlnea, though on
this point the British admiralty never
will tell any talcs.
Some of Germany'a undersea craft
have undoubtedly put back to their
base before now, having used up their
supply of torpedoes. This may ac
count for the apparent decrease In
activity, though there la still another
possibility that some of Germany's
efforts are bejng hidden toy the Brit
ish admiralty.
Tbe Blames have a deep rooted su
perstition about odd numbers, and In
building their bouse they strive to
have aa even number of windows and
Mine of aoao sort are found in
twenty-all of tbe thirty-ou ststea and
territories In Mexico, and mining te
the moat productive Industry of tbe
country. - r
Regulations of tb United States
steamboat Inspection service require
persona to be twenty -one yearn old be
fore being licensed a aiexicr or chief
When (be Bouaparte family bet-aeae
French aubjects by (he union of Cor
sica .10 France (hey changed lb Ital
ian spelling of their name from Buona
parte to Bouapaste.
Ireland baa a breed of csttie that
aeldou grows more than three feet
high and thriven on lb poorest pas
turage, yet (he cows yield tw(y
quart of milk dally.
Puzz'e No. 5
9s 4
aSkA TJ9J A mm
w "ia pig
I 'VyET- iji
' JOB"..
f4 18 U t w 4
yvjur incll will-draw
....,.Ai..ii...ii.-,."'r.' ".
San Francisco, Feb. 10. Thomas
J. Mooney will be sentenced to death
y Judge Griffin next Tuesday, fol
lowing bis conviction of murder, in
connection with the preparedness pa
rade bomb which killed ten persons.
In returning its verdict after six
hours deliberation last night, tbe
Jury declined to Include a recommen
dation of clemency and Judge Orlflln
has no alternative but to send the
convicted man to the gallows. .
In the midst of the excitement
which swept the city following the.
verdict, District Attorney Flckert j
created a new sensation today when
he announced that be has a "con-
fession by a'co-consplrator," reciting
the details of 72 crimes In which, he
asserted, nearly all of the defendants,
In the dynamiting' ease participated,
'The preparedness parade nyna-i
mltlng" Flckert said, "was merely an
Incident In a conspiracy the extent
of which would amase San Francisco,
We are only on the rhresbhold of I
our prosecutions. Tbe sworn con-
fession of the co-consplrator covers In home ports. Germany has slain
crimes ranging from dynamiting to ship travelers In an apparently In
murder committed in Sonoma,' Ala-'discriminate sea war, and shipping
meda, Contra Costa and San Fran- j has been destroyed at tbe rate of
Cisco counties. This man never has about three-quarters of a' million of
hun tiait nff lutfArA In that tlntntl tnfla mnntftl
cases. His confession vindicates tbe,
covictlon of Mooney, but we have
only scratched the surface In achler-
Ing that" !
Moonry reiterated hla Innocence to-
day. I
"This Injustice In my esse hss difficulties and there la talk of an
not upset me," he said. "It Is only army of half a million with some
an episode In the age-long struggle discussion of various forma of mill
of labor for Its rights. I waa pre- tary service.
pared for any eventuality. To an In-
nocent man It beromes a mockery to
repeat the plea of Innocence. If peo
ple ran be procured to perjure them
selves at the Instigation of the 'sys
tem.' I cannot stop them,
diet does not make me
This rer-
guilty. I
am not guilty."
The Jurors declared that, although
they took ten ballots to determine
whether to recommend life Imprison
ment, there-was never any doufbt tn
their minds after they began to de
liberate as to the defendant's guilt.
Bourke Corkrsn, defense counsel,1
said today he would remain her for
a few days and complete the defense's
; 1
New York, Feb. 10. Ambassador
von .Bernatorff, his suite aad the Ger
man consuls from various parts of
the country who will return lo Ger
many with him. will sail Irom New
York at 2 p. m., next Wednesday.
The S'andlnavtan-Amerlran line
today announced this sailing date and
hour for the liner Frederick VIII. on
which Germany's diplomatic repre
sentatives in this country, will take
. V II II V UVI II. .wi .. . , . j
tor hla departure from Washington
over the Pennsylvania railroad. He
111 V. aiMrtmninl Kv KO IMtninniL
c v r-
Tho train will be switched to the
Jersey Central tracks at Newark and
will be taken to Weehawken, where
ft will be switched to the Brie and
taken to Hoboken.
Count von Bernstorff will leave the
train at Hoboken and will go rrom
there (o the Scandinavian-American
line pier, where he and his retinue
will board the Frederick VIII. He
ill be escorted by Hoboken police
and merribers of the United States
secret service.
. . lekreem ilea ef Old Cleek.
A Journal devoted to therapeutic
makes the following suggestion about
the ime of old clocks: If a clock Is be
youd repair do uot throw It away. An
excellent Idea Is to set It aside to lie
used In case of llluess. It will be found
Just the thing to place In the sickroom
to Indicate the bext time for tsklnii
uedlclu. Aa each done la given to the
patient turn the bands to the hour
when th following dose Is to be given.
In thla War dsnger of error Is
eliminated. !
A British Treasure,
la th Jewel house of th lower of
London, th place where th crown
and other royal Insignia are kept, there
Is a book bound throughout In gold,
ven to th wires of (h binges. Its
claap la two rubles set at opposite euda
of four golden links, On on side there
Is a cross of diamonds; on the other
the English coat of arms est lu dla
monds. pearls aud rubles.
Calling .oatds- at -th .Courier.
a u'r aim iii '
I ami mr umm i in .x
j'Ci "riir '' 'v
(WrllMWI M fUU, ftolsMl, AWy ftfilftt.sV
Washington, Feb. 10. The admin
litratlon, fearing that ultimately war
or a "state of war" with Germany
must come, la anxious to keep alive
the martial spirit In America. It
wishes to guard against the sapping
Influences of an undue sense of se-
curlty. On tbe other band, there Is
no manifest move to raise an army
for actual warfare, though there has
been some progress ' made . toward
naval and economic preparedness.
in is epito mixes the government's
position at the close-of one week
after tbe Ibreak of relations with Ger-
It found much of the neutral shlp
ping ordinarily plying in the Atlantic
With terrific possibilities ahead,
the government is anxious lest peace
propaganda and the absence of war
shall lull tbe nation into an un-
Justifiable calm.
It has prepared Itself for Internal
Thus far. however, these ideas have
not crystallized Into actual action
insofar aa an actual declaration of
war Is concerned, aa It waa expressed
officially after yesterday's cabinet
meeting, that will be npon Germany's
The president himself has deter
mined (o follow the literal wording
of hla recent speech to congress to
ask only for the meana of protect
ing American seamen's and people's
lives.' He will keep upon Germany
the burden of any declaration of war.
'Meantime the work of neutrals to
stave off war between the United
States and Germany continues; while
in another ten days Ambassador von
.Bernstorff is expected to be aiding
I in um uuiiig tinu to Keep iaf peace
i between the two nations.
' Tbe neutrals themselves appear to
fear Germany, hence are acting cau
tiously.' But, Insofar as their power
goes, they will make every effort to
prevent the conflict that authorities
regard as destined to come sooner or
Convoys and perhaps Issuance of
guns 'for defense of merchant ships,
are the two most likely "necessary
precautions" that have been suggest
ed and considered by the president.
However, his eloaeat friends say he
has not spoken his mind on this point.
-In addition, should he Ibe forced
to go to congress, he will probably
ask that the navy be placed at hla dls-
. .... . T , ,
am lor vunvuj utnna. la auumuu, i
real war were at hand, 'he might ask
a conscription law, or call for a big
lo. .mv in 4ia whlniuul Into
shape for actual foreign service.
Portland, Feb. 10. Today's mar
ket quotations were: "
W,heat 31ub, 150; bluestem, 1S5
Oats No. 1 white feed. S6.00.
Barley Feed, S9.26.
Hogs (Beat live, 12.00.
Prim steers, 9.00 9.10; fancy
cows, 7.76; best calves, 8.00 ft 8.10.
Spring lambs, 12.60.
Butter City creamery, 48; coun
try. 84.
Eggs Selected local extras, SO 4$
Hens. 18U 19; broilers, 20
21; geese, 12 '19.
Copper, 80.
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
. Effective December 6. 1916
Tuesdays, Thursdaya, Saturdays
Train 1 I v. Grant Pass.. 10.00 a. m.
Train 9 W, Waters Crek 1.00 p. m.
All trains leave Grants Past from
th corner of O and Eighth streets,
opnoslt th Southern Paciflo depet.
For all Infsraatlon raatrdtag
frelgal al.pssngtt,rlo MI at
tM-Aftcawf ls.pW. PuWn
Tc tmUtlBe, r '.Thh "-. t tw
Kaam . . i
Classified AtSveri&ri;
ANOEL CAKES Phone orders to No.
190-J. 787tf
Red Clover, TImothq, Scarified
Sweet Clover, Rye Grass, etc.
(Ralph Waldo Elden, Central Point,
Oregon. 947tf
fine spring, summer, and fall
daughters and sons of Winona
Champion 6th oat of daughter of
Roguelands Longfellow. Quality
breeding; alia, reasonable price.
Write us. Winona Ranch, Route
1, A-Box 10, Grants Pass, Ore. F.
R. Steal. , - . 957
BUILDING 25x100, , concrete, on
Sixth street, for ami. Inquire
S08 South Sixth street 989
FOR SALE 8. C. Rhode Island Red
cockerels, pullets and eggs foe,
batching. Ernest Webb, Central
Point, Oregon. Pbone 247. 990
.old chicks, 12.60 per hundred;
eggs for setting f 1.00 for 16, or
15.00 per hundred from guaranteed
egg-laying strains. Lear order
now with Cramer Bros. 191
FOR SALE Forty boxes elder ap
ples, no rot, 10c a Jox; also buggy
and harness, 116. Call phone 609-F-U-
FOR SALE Household furniture. In
cluding piano, lonnge, beds, .dres
ser, rugs, dining table and chairs,
rockers, standa, lawn mower, gard
en bos and other articles. Ad
dress No. 214, car Courier 974
FOR SALES Well Improved 10-aer
tract at a bargain. Terms. Addn
box 81. Hugo, Oregon. 974
house on pavement, one half block
from court house. No Incum
brances. Bargain If taken at once.
Inquire 719 D street or phone
175-J. 978
FOR RENT Cottage and barn T5.60
per month, or cottage 25.00 per
- month and barn 81-00, good well,
Bleeping porch. No. 821 Rogue
Hiver avenue. ' Key at bouae
across the street. 989
well Improved, close In; also 0
acre farm 8 mile from Grants
Pass. ' Address No. 109 care
Courier. .974
FOR RENT Seven-room modern
bouse, good location, good garden
lot Rent 810. Inquire S01 North
6ta street. ?
by contract. Phone 1S1-R, Grants
pasa, Oregon. 966
WANTED For box factory, steady
work on planerman, tare cut
off men, three hand saw? era. oa
circular reaawyer. Fruit G'owers
Supply Co., Hilt, Ca, ,941tl
FOR RENT (-room modern house,
and small barn, 207 Foundry St.,
'210 per month. Inquire at 208
Foundry. 986
furs, beet and . horse hides, sheep
snd goat pelts, and deer hides klU
ed In season and tagged. Highest
market prices also for copper,
(trass, lead, rubber, sack, raga and
old magaxinea. Get my pricea first
v Roy Allen. Phone 624-J, -with
Frank Bailey, corner 6th aad L
. atreeta, Grants Pasa. 886
91,000 wanted on residence property
worth 88,600. 8 to 6 years. Al
dress No. 150. Car Coupler. Vf
WANTED Anything you have la
Junk, hides, wool, rags, sacks, rub
bers, metals, and Iron. Prompt
i attention to calls. Phone Jl-J.
, Union Junk Co., 408 South 6th
street. 998
WANTED For April and May de
livery alx carloada of chrome, min
imum 40 per cent chrome oxide
and maximum eight per cent silica.
George S. Barton, box (46, phone
829. 974
WANTED Pigs and shoats. M. B.
Signs, phone 606-F-S. . 967
WANTED Two men who understand
falling timber to cut loga, at 55c
per thousand; good timber. Phone
621-R or se B. W. Brltton In town
Saturday, Brltton Bros. Lumber
Co. 974
IT IS NOT 8AFE to buy propert
or loan money without a reiktbl
abstract W make them. Or at
-fA Hhtaot Co. Dnposlr f Oat
l5V". "fJ,, "Wnkda, -TWffetr
L. O. CLEMENT, M. D. Practice
limited to diseases of the ere, ear,
nose and throat. Glaasea fitted.
Office houra 1-1 J, 1-1, or oa ap
pointment Office phone, ft; net
dene phone 969-J.
S. LOUOHRIDGB, M. D., Physlctaa
and surgeon. City or country call
attended day or night. , Residence
phone 869; office phone 111.
Sixth and H. Tuffs Building.
J. P. TBUAX, M. D., Physician aad
surgeon. Phones: Oils 111; resi
dence 124. Calls answered at all
.boars. Country calls attended to,
: Lundburg Building. ;
DR. ED. BY WATER Specialist oa
disease of the aye, ear, aoao and
throat; glasses fitted. Offlo houra:
; 9 to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. m. Phone
Residence 214-J,' office 26T-J.
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Or.
A. A. WITHAM, M. D., Physician aad
surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg., corner
Sixth and I streets. Phones: O4co
11; residence 2 8 2-J. Hoars: 9 a.
m. to 4 p. so. . :-' . -.
B. C. MACY, D. M. O First-class
dentistry. 109 H South SJxt
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON, Attcrney-ot-law
Practice In all 8tat aad Federal
Courts. First National Baak Bldg.
COLVIO ft WILLIAMS Axtorasws-at-Law
Grant Pasa Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Practice
la all eourts. First National Baak
at-Law. Office Masonic Tempi
Grants Pass, Ore. '. "
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney tor Josephine
County. Office: Schallhora Bldg.
O. 8. BLANCHARD, Attoraoy-atrLaw
Grant Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grant Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attoraey-t-Laar
Practice la state aad federal
courts. Rooms 8, aad S, ova
Golden Rnl store.
J. 8. MACMURRAY. teacher of vole
culture aad alnglng. Lessons give
at bom of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 716 Lee stfeet . 851tf
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and voice.
Chorus aad choir directing. Studio
residence, 614 North Second street.
Phone 688-R. 880tf
kinds of dray age aad traaafer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 121-R. .Stand at freight
depot' A. Shade, Prop. '
F. Q. "SHAM, drayag aad transfer.
Sates, pianos and furniture moved.
' packed, shipped and stored. Paeaat
Clark 4k Holmaa. No. SOl Resi
dence phone 124-R.
TUB -WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
PAPERH ANQING, graining, palat
Ing. For the best work at lowest
prices, pbone 295-J. C. G. Plant,
South Park street
DRESSMAKING Gowns, suits and
dresses. Prices reasonable. Also
fine line of made-to-meaaur cor
eeta, SO different models to select
from. 417 B street phone 218-J.
(Mrs. Catherine M. LaTrelL 974
DR.- R. J
BE3TUL, Veterinarlaa.
Office la . Wlnetrqut Implemexd
Bldg. Phone 113-J Kealdeae
Pbon 305-R.
I. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemist,
metallurgist Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building. Grants Pass.
Treublee are things the aver
age mart la muoh Inclined te
magnify. Treublee are a great
deal Ilk that little thing yeu get
In yeur eye the ether day. It
hurt se If It were es big as a pea
nut, but when yen got It eut yeu
found It wae almtit Invisible.
Neve Vark4im. '