Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 09, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Creamery Butter
That it Fresh
Eggs that are brand new
Oranges that are juicy and sweet
AU the latest nobby styles la men's
and ladies' shoes. Kinney Truax 74
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Warren left
this morning for Los Angeles after
a short time Is the city.
Mrs. lola Norton, of Crescent City,
left last night tor Colorado, where
he wUl visit with her sister.
Orrille 'Whipple left - today for
Weed. After visiting there tor a short
time he will leave tor southern Cal
ifornia.. ' '
Come to the Bijou Saturday sight
sad get your pay envelope. ITS
J. B. Cummlngs, superintendent of
the Oriole mine at Gallce, was s Bus
iness visitor in the city Thursday and
The new Georgette crepes, silk pop
lins and messallnes in solids sad sea
sonable stripes. Kinney V Truss. 74
Mrs. C. A. Hoag and two gsdugh-
ters left this morning for Blalock
Ore., and will go from there to
Omaha, Neb.
i . Gztra values in ladles' union salts
ea ssle st SOc. Mrs. Rehkopf. 70tf
Mrs. P. iF. Johnston returned last
n iff tit to her home st Tacoma after
visicing in the city with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Woods.
8ee oar large line of imported
crepes In stripes snd plaids, prices
same ss test season. Kinney ft
Truss. " " ' f.i- ;' 74
. C. B Halllday, superintendent of
the local sugar factory left this morn
ing for Salt Lake. A meeting of the
superintendents of all the factories
Owned by the Utah-Idaho company Is
to he held.
Child's trimmed hats for SOc while
they last. Mrs. Rehkopf. T0tf
' Misses Kstherine Bridges and An
ita Crellan, teachers In the local high
school, went to Medford and Ashland
this morning. Tbey will spend the J
day visiting the high schools at those J
O. M. Lewis snd three children left
this morning for Montague. ' Mr.
Lewis has been spending the past tew
days attending to bnslneas in the city
coming over the first of the week
from Crescent City.
A little ot everything In three dif
ferent grab lots of laces, remnants,
ribbons, collar sets, up to $1.00 each,
at 5c, 10c, and 25c. Real gifts st
those prices. Kinney ft Trnax 974
J. R. Closton went to Ashland yes
terday. He is employed by the Utah
Idaho company to run the caterpillar
tractor used to plow the beet fields.
Pay day at the Bijou Saturday
night. " 973
Adam Scbaffer 'returned to his
home at Camas Prairie, 'Mont., tbls
morning sfter visiting In the city tor
the psst few weeks with his daughter,
Mrs. Anns Pearson.
Mr. W. H. Miller and Mrs. T. B.
Roberts returned to Gold Hill thfr
afternoon after spending a few days
st Murphy.. Tbey were called there
by ths illness of their mother, Mrs.
G. W. Bailey, who wss Injured recent
ly when the horse she wss driving
ran sway snd threw her from the
Xl Star
Ethel Clayton and Tom Moore
In a pirtarlzatJon, In six acts, of Albert Payson Terhune's poignant story,
66 TI1 1U
.1 t-. tJ 'It VII
C. A. 8mlth ot Gallce, was a visitor
in the city Thursday and Friday. ,
Elmo Throckmorton was a business
visitor in ths city yesterday from Ap
plegste. W. SR. B rower, editor of the Cen
tral Point Herald, spent Friday tn
the city attending to business.
W. R. 8oott, a miner or Oakland,
Cal., Is spending a few days in the
city attending to business matters.
Frank MaaNburn returned today
from New York. He has been at that
place and other eastern cities for
the past three months oa a buying
trip for the Golden 'Rule store.
Daughter at Hollo's
A daughter was born on Thursday
to Mr. and Mrs. G. Mollo of this city.
Whlpped cream chocolates, 23c per
pound at Sabin's, Saturday. Not more
than two pounds to a person. 973
Saturday Special
Fine grsde sugar peas, worth 15c
per can, going for 10c Saturday. Jo
sephine Grocery company. 973
Mr. Mom to Sing
W. Lloyd Morse, of Portland, will
repeat by request Stephen Adam's
"Holy City" at the Newman Metho
dist Episcopal church Sunday even
Ing, February 11. 1
Dance at the Spa
Friday night, good music.
New Machine for Joy
W. H. Betts or the Joy theatre has
ordered by wire a new Simplex mov
ing picture machine, the latest thing
in that line, for use in the Joy, and
It will ibe In readiness for the Sundsy
night show.
Very, Very Special
Twenty-three cent chocolates at
Sabin's Saturday. 973
Patriotic Service Sunday Evening
At patriotic service with an ad
dress upon Abraham Lincoln by the
astor will be held at the Baptist
church Sunday evening, commencing
at 7:30 o'clock. At 2:30 In the
afternoon He v. Douglas will conduct
a service st Merlin.
Dairy Rated High
The Peter Olson dairy was Inspect
ed January 27 by the dairy and food
commissioner and given a rating of
83.2, the dairy being found In ex
cellent condition. The cows were
tested for tuberculosis and found in
excellent condition.' 973
Kweeten Up
Twenty-three chocolates at Sabin's
Drug store,-Saturday. 973
Knglewood Dairy
The best milk, cream and Irs cream
Phone 222. tf
Job work st the Courier.
and SAT.
and WJ
MiM $ the Vv OMielll!
. Ml" - - ' 1
through the Vltagraph Company of
Leave oa Lecture Touiw
N. Q. Jaoobaon left today tor Ker
by to gtvs an Illustrated lecture on
ths national forests. Ho will spend
a mouth traveling through the na
tional forests living lectures la all
Ms shows the theae.Mrr cN P....
the towns that are altuatd near
these. He ahowi the activities olng
on In the forests.
Uranta Pass Meat Co.
All kind ot fresh and aalt meat,
poultry, fish. Phone Ut for quick
( links. K. Williams PaMe Away
CharWs K. WUllaiua, president and
; treasurer ot Morris Brothers, Inc.,
and president ot the Rogue River
Water company, owner of the Grants
Pass water system, died at his home
in Portland late Wednesday after
noon from complications following
an operation for appendicitis. The
funeral services will Ns held Satur
day, Out of respect fV the memory
of the deceased, the local office of
the Rogue River Water company will
be closed Saturday.
Huston Hrmva Bread
And baked beans at the Bake Shop
Saturday. , 97 J
Install Bookkeeping .Machine
A Burroughs adding snd subtract
tng machine has been lately Installed
In the First National (bank. The ma
chine a large part ot the work
which has previously required s grest
amount ot arduous labor on the
part ot the bookkeeper. Overdrafts
are quickly discovered by the ma
chine although It has escaped the no
tice of the operator. It Is now pos
sible, also, to give the customer a
statement of his account whenever
wanted. Instead of waiting until all
the books are gone over to find the
balance as the accounts of all the
customers are always up to date.
.Ths PatlsnVe View.
"I'm afraid." said lbs doctor calmly,
that I shall have to operate."
"Afraldr growled the patleut
"Afraid you'll bare to operate! Tou
know darn well you're hoping you'll
have to"-IetroU I'ree Pre
words, two Issues, 25c; six Issues,
50c; one month, 1 1.50, when paid la
advsnce. When not paid la advance,
do per line per issue.)
CHICKEN DI.VNBR. Sunday, 25c.
Six years under same management
snd we hsve not raised prices. No
tipping, no smoking, no dogs
American Restaurant. 974
we,ll improved,' close In; also 40
acre farm 3 miles from Giants
Pass. Address No. 209 care
Courier. . 974
FOR SALE Household furniture. In
cluding piano, lounge, beds, dres
ser, rugs, dining table and chairs,
rockers, stands, lawn mower, gard
en hose and other articles. Ad
dress No. 214. care Courier 974
FOR RENT To responsible party,
about 50 acres beet land, close In.
O. S. Blanchard. 973
WANTED Two men who understand
falling timber to cut logs, at Site
per thousand; good timber. Phone
521-R or see E. W. Brltton in town
Saturday, Brltton Bros. Lumber
Co. 974
FOR .RENT Seven-room modern
boilse, good location, good garden
lot. Rent $10.( Inquire SO North
6th street. ' 7 1
FOR SALE Well lnvproved 20-acre
tract st a bargain. Terms. Address
box 81. Hugo, Oregon. 974
FOUND Purse. Owner Inquire No.
222, care Courier. . 97.4
FOR-9 A LE CH BA Pfieven-room
house on pavement, one half block
from court house. ' No 4 Incum
brances. Bargain If taken at once.
Inquire 719 D street or phone
375-J. 97(1
Next Attraction
Dunlin Farnum, In
"The Parson of Pana.
mint," by Peter II.
'L "
One ot the beet programs this houss has had nnd w scarcely reitUtetrd Tl . All r II. 'i
Last night of Sir Herbert IWcrbohn Tre In 106 U1Q f OIKS Bl 110136
' Aa old Southern play
And, last but not least, FKKD MACK In "HIS LAST SCENT
Mrs. Jack Husleton of Qrsnts Pass
spent the week end with her daught
er, Mrs. Robert Nellsen.
Jack Baylor spent 'several days
with D. C. Hetley this week. Mr.
Saylor was st one time employed by
Mr. Hetley In Alsska, but Is now at
the Greenback mine.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carpenter and
Worth Hamilton were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Mclntyre, of Grants
Pass. Tuesdsy evening.
Mr. Carlson Is taking an enforced
vacation to recuperate from a too vio
lent contact with a plow handle.
which struck him. Injuring him quite
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Underwood
were guests at a six o'clock dinner
Monday evening at the Rlanrhard
home. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Blanchard
honoring their house guesta, Mr, and
Mrs. Will Terrlll.
- Once more the garbage haulers
are making a dump of the Pacific
highway, jnany unsightly plies or
rubbish being dumped almost In the
right ot way. Our new road super
visor Is keeping his eyes open for
the culprits and If caught they may
wish they had used a more private
spot for unloading the city's refuse.
Mr. and Mrs. Underwood hsd as
dinner guests 8unday, Mr. and Mrs.
C. D. Thompson and Miss Horning
or the city. Francis Steel or Winona,
and Mr. and Mrs. Florenx Brelt
mayer and children, of Frultdale.
County Surveyor Hall and men are
busy with the survey of the Pacific
highway from the 6th street hill to
point some distance beyond the sugar
factory, which will be macadamised
this spring. This stretch of road has
been anathematised by all who have
had to travel It and the macadam
roadway will be appreciated by the
traveling public.
' The grange meeting was called off
Saturday night on account of so much
sickness among the members.
Miss Winnie Osborne visited In
town the week end.
The school is keeping up Us rec
ord its a standard school iby flying
a fine new flag.
Mrs. Jas." Durnellle Is very ill with
pneumonia. Mr. Durnellle is threat
ened with it nd the entire fumlly
Is down with crlppe.
K. E. Blanchuiit unci Will Terrlll
families visited ut Kali view a iluy
with Mr. and Mrs, White a number,
of the Murphy friends called during
the afternoon to tld the Terllls good j
bye as they left Tuesday for their
future home In Iowa.
MIssTurley, of the O. A. C, will
give her three day farm home deiuoi.
stratlon work next week beginning
Tuesday the 13th at I'ulrvlew. Miss
Turley takes entire ciarge ot the
house and the ladles ae,. expecting
to !cnrn new ways in savi.ig time and
ii.oncy making the most nt thing
si.v.iyi at nana, eacn ii'y nnngs ne'
luncb, thus Insuring a three days
picnic and good time.
'Mrs. Ceo. Herrlot of Applegate,
Is at the Darnellle home helping lake
care of the sick.
.Mr. A. H. Carson made a business
trip to Hugo one day this week.
. The North Sldo Applegule Ditch
company held their annual ditch
meeting In the Murphy grange hall
Hiiturday evening,
Mrs. Bailey who was so badly In
jured In a runaway Sunday Is re
ported slightly improved.
'Mrs. J. A, Blsh and daughter, Eu
nice, of Wlldervllle spent Wednesday
with Mrs. Ira Dlsbrow.
Mrs. Chas Smith who has been ser
iously III with pneumonia Is report
ed Improving. ' ' -v
All art' Invited to attend ths meet
ing ot the Farmers club st ths Jer-
Check Your Grip
by using Demaray's Gold Tablets, a valuable
preparation for the treatment of colds, la grippe
and headache.
ome Prairie school house Saturday,
February 17. One feature of the
program will be a lecture on domes-
lice science, and sU ladles Interested
-e requested to be present.
Mr. and Mrs. Irs Dlsbrow sprnt
f.unday with relatives In Grants Pass.
The Stitch and Chatter club was
entertained at their regular meeting
on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Ira
EHsbrow. A good number of lbs
members were present snd a pleasant
afternoon was spent Those pres
ent were vilrs. Morgan, Mrs. Hlrven.
Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Prultt, Mrs.
llanierly, Mrs. Flux. Miss Myrtle
Tucker, Mrs. Blsh and daughter.
Eunice, and the hostess Mrs. IMs
brow. ' Mrs. Morgan has returned home
after spending a few days with
affrl"nd' r!,,,h'M 0rMl .PM'
Elbert Tucker has completed the
work on his house having built an
addition of two rooms.'
Mrs. Geo. Harriott was called to
Murphy Monday to help rare for hnr
mother, Mrs. Darnellle, who is 111
with pneumonia. Mr. Durnellle Is
also suffering' from an attack of In
Harold Hyde visited relatives here
the first of the week. -
John Pernoll was a Grants Pass
visitor Tuesday,
Miss Gladys Rose and Wm. Wright
were Jacksonville visitors Tuesday..
Fred flurran Utt last week for
Alaska where he has employment In
Ed. Hanley's salmon cannery.
Mrs. Adelald Louden and sdn, Don
ald, left for Portland Monday.
There will be a masquerade hall at
the Socialist hall Saturday evening.
Koliruary 10. Several prises will be
given for the best costumes..''
Mi', and Mrs. Tom Merrlott. Mrs.
Henry KnuUen, .Miss Itessls' Cooper
and Miss Elln Itawllngs were trading
with Giants Pass merchants Satur
day. t- ',, !
Clinton Cook and daughter, Vivian,
were Grants Pass visitors Saturday.
The community boys and girls bas
ket ball team played the community
teams of Rucli ut Applegule Frldny
J evening.
The Applegate teams were
tho winners, fV v
Mrs. 'Mary Aden, aged 70 years,
died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Taylor Ilowden, Sunday Febru
ary 4, 1917. She was born in South
Carolina November i, 1846. She' Is
survived by one son and three daught
ers: Walter Aden of Arkansas, Mrs.
Hopkins of Missouri, Mrs. Atflnld of
Mr. and 'Mrs. Vernon Bailey, Miss
Mamie Turner and Fred Broi kley
were visiting st the horns of, J.
Turner on Sunday. They met will)
a misfortune' Iri the breaking down
of tho cor In which they rods as they
came over Hayes hill. The ladies came
In on the stage and the men sfter re
pairing the damages came In soon
after.; V " . ! ;'
Dr, Lotighridg msds a hasty trip
through Ky to Waldo ths first part
of ths ut "
Dr. Dtxos ttket with a
break down
Matinee every Saturday
25 cents
Drag ad
Stationery Store
In his car this week. One of the
wheels came off snd his little son.
Lister, was thrown from ths csr over
the windshield and was somewhat
, bruised.
Ilm Ua.ii. ..J . . ... t
' j iwrh. iuu wiiv ipr(il Dummy
. Timing m neima wun rnenas.
Wesley Woodrork has returned
, from a few weeks visit In ths Wll.
lamette valley. Among other cities
he took In Corvallls where he wss
formerly a student st the O. A. C.
Mrs. Anna Coleman who has been
on ths sick list for some time Is re
ported Improving.
On Saturday night there wss a bas
ket ball contest between the school
girls and the town girls st the W. O.
W. hall. An admission of 15 rents
will be charged to secure funds for
Improving conditions In the upper
grades or the school. It Is desired
to raise enough money to purchsse
a tihntinsratin rnm tha inhnni
After the basket ball game a dance
will follow until about midnight when
a supper Is to bs spread by the He.
bekah lodge In the banquet room ot
the I. O. O. T.
These sunny days are Inspiring but
the nights are still pretty cool. Some
freeslng but not so as to Interfere
vmrv miih wilt, ulnwln.
J ...MV.I ..,(, yiV.
Miss Thelma 1-ewls was out of
school one dsy last week on account
of a bad cold.
Uland Wllllts was laid up two
days last week from la. grippe.
Washington, Fob. . Troop move
ments from the 'border, which have
been held up during ths past week,
have been resumed, General Funston
advised ths war department today.
Secretsry Baker said the department
had asked Funston why the move
ment ss originally begun, hsd been
interrupted. The department ex
plained there may have been a con
fusion of orders on the border.
Calling cards at ths Courier,
A classified ad will give results.
A Hpertaculnr lot Il'im f- iiuiie
A HTlpi photo drama with a
i , surprUIng climax
Slurring Mary Fuller
" ' A cartoon Uproar
; , "THK HKKKKHH" f '
An uitiMual story wllh unusual
t '' " ritafttiMu v .(
- "THK WIRA Wii,tW"