Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, February 04, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Fill In Picture
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'VTELU children, the Uat picture you made u that of the unlmal called
y man's moat faithful friend, the hone. It la true that today the automo-
bile la doing much of the work that the horse one did for man. Hut,
children, you do love a fine horse, don't you? Many rich people who own au-
tamoblles also keep their horses to to rtdlnf . Now, it you let your pencil run
acaln from I to 2, S. 4. etc, you'll And that you'U have a picture of one of the
.nearest looklnc animals In the world.
The winter weather Is delaying
farm work In the valley.
Mrs. Barnes Is quite -. ill, feeing
threatened with pneumonia.
Nearly every -home has one or more
sick, mostly cases of grippe.
R. K. Woodson who has been suf
fering for some time with a very
sever cold, had an operation per
formed on his nose Wednesday by
Dr. Clement.
Lester Darnellle has returned from
California after a short stay.
Gene Hayes is planning on grow
ing a number of acres of beets, hav
ing rented the Amos Smith ranch ana
V 1 I 1 . . I
uw iktii uuBjr i'iuwiuk ana getting
the ground in shape.
The services by Rev. Boozer Sun
day were very much enjoyed by those
Murphy population has increased
by the arrival or a brand new baby ;
girl at the Harry Jackson home.
Cattle Require Shelter.
Cattle at all ikm need sheds and
barns and I think should be kept on
the gain all their lives, nays an Iowa
cattle feeder. I ?.- no reason why a
steer or any age should go on grass In
the spring 200 pounds lighter than he
was the fall before. It takes about
half the season to bring him tip to the
weight he was in the fall.
Copyright 191 TtwPirtate Arerttaer,Bxx 1
Picture Tells
The Story
Yard Phone 127-B
Res. Phone 176-Y
Everything of
Merit In
Cement Sewer Pipe
A TUe Co.
New and Used
at Right Prices
Manuel & Heston
304 South 6th
Terms Strictly Cash
But see what cash
will do here
400 South 6ta St
fhe science of
Common Sense,
which la very un
common. Office Hours
10-12 and 8-8
Made In Grants
Fresh Dally
Puzzle No. 4
. 7 ;r"-r, i
Washington, Feb. S. An interest
ing question has arisen as to how Am
bassador Bernstorff will get back to
Germany, or whether he can get bark
at all.
The United States is not under ob
ligations, it Is said, by diplomats, to
see that a diplomatic representative
is landed on his home soil. There
are no German boats sailing from the
I'nited States and If he went aboard
a British liner he would probably be
turned over to a British warship he
fore he was landed.
There Is no means of transporta
tion between the British ports and
Germany" nor from Italy. Bernstorff
might go to Cuba or more likely to
South America.
excellent Feed For Dairy Cows When
Given With 8ilage and Alfalfa.
Ground corn ami col meal Is a very
good feed for dulry cows when fed la
connection with other feeds. As Is true
with nearly every other kind of feed,
It Is possible, of course, to feed too
much of it, says Hoard's Dairyman.
We have always recommended It when
the price la not too high and believe It
occupies a very Important place in the
dairy ration. a
There is some giiestion ss to whether
tbe feed is more valuable when ground
as corn and cob meai than If it were
ground without the cobs. When it is
fed with other light concentrates, such
as ground on In or bran, particularly
with high producing cows, it Is ques
tionable whether the cob part of the
meai were not better left out. How
ever, It Is not Injurious to cows.
We would feed ss much alfalfa bay
as the cows care to consume and, In ad.
dltlon, about twenty-five or tblrty-flvs
pounds of silage icr day, vsrylng with
tbe size of the animals. In addition to
this, we would feed one pound of either
one of tho following two grain mix
tures for every three and one-half
pounds of milk produced per day: (1)
000 pounds corn and cob meal, 200
pounds ground oats or bran, 100
pounds cottonseed meal, or (2) 600
pounds corn and cob meal, 100 pounds
distillers' grains, 100 pounds cotton
seed meal and 100 pounds bran.
Pumpkins For Cows.
Field pumpkins aro a valuable succu
lent feed for dairy cows and may occu
py somewhat the same place In the ra
tion as corn silage or mangels, says
Hoard's Dairyman. They have about
tbe satno comttosltion as mangels, but
contain considerably less nutrients
than corn silage. Tbe Vermont cxerl
ment station in experimental trials
found 2.0 tons of pumpkins about equal
to one ton of corn silage. Fed In ad
dition to the other part of the ration,
especially when corn silage Is not sup
plied, pumpkins usually Increase the
flow of milk. Fed In excess, as Is true
with a number of other very good
feeds, pumpkins may cause disorders
of tbe digestive tract
Keejj 8llage 8urfsce Level,
The surface of silage should always
t kept level as the silage Is fed out
Freezing In winter and molding In
warm weather are greatly Increased
by feeding one side down below tbe
other. The lioxt practice Is to feed off
the entlm surface each day, taking
euoiilih off to prevent molding, at least
two Indie In warm weather.
New York, Feb. J. The American
liner St. Louis will not aatl for Liver
pool at noon today as scheduled.
The officials of the liner announced
the liner would not leave port until
word waa received from the state de
partment contrary to the suggestion
made last night that sailings of Am
erican ships be postponed.
The St. Ivoula has no contraband
ct.rgo, the nearest approaoh being
boxes or applea and other fruit for
No orders haveHieen received by
British passenger lines. The White
Star liner Adriatic and the Cunard
liner Cameronla were scheduled to
sail today for Liverpool. The White
Star liner Cretlo la scheduled to sail
tomorrow. The French ship Rocham
beau also Is scheduled to sail to
morrow. The French line has receiv
ed no new orders.
New London. Feb. 3. The cargo
interned for tbe German. merchant
rubmarlne Deutschland, expected at
this port momentarily, waa In flames
t 11 o'clock today.
Fire broke out In the combustible
material at the north end of the state
pier, where the cargo waa stored
soon after word was received that
diplomatic relations were to be sev
ered with Germany.
The cargo Is stored about, 200 feet
from the German steamship Wlllehad
which has acted as "mother ship" to
the sufbmarlne.
The entire fire department of the
city was called out to flght'the Ore.
At 11.30 the blaze was extinguish
ed. It had been confined to a small
portion of the cargo.
Creston, Iowa, Feb. 3. Four per
sons are dead today' and 50 injured
are in the local hospitals and hotels.
as a result of the Burlington train
No. 12, eastbound, which struck 'a
broken rail at Cromwell station six
miles east of Creston at 10:30 o'clock
last night.
The dead are: .Mrs. John Sash of
Creston. F. L. Scroeder or Omaha
A. B. Davidson or Neenah, Wis. Un
Identified woman.
Three steel Pullmans and a wooden
chair car rolled over several times
going down a 40 foot embankment
into the ditch, landing on their sides,
Tbe uninjured passengers lifted dead
and injured, out of the windows. All
suffered from the flve-below-zero
weather for an hour before the first
or two reler trains arrived from Cres
The dead were taken from the
wooden car. None or the Injured Is
believed fatally hurt.
Calling cards at the Courier.
Refused to Lower U. 8. Flag en
Contraband 8hip Sunk by U Boat
"itb-Yb-Yis! C:l
Tve Joined the Ntver-Agaln Club,
Never again will I use anything for
corns but Gets-It? Put I drops
of "Gets-It' on, and from that sec.
ond the corn begins to shrivel.
ft i
Ok, mat TMch Itl It's M Sere!"
l ee "Wets!!1 sad It Will Never
Instead of swelling up like a little
white sponge. Than It loosens from
your toe and, glory hallelujah! the
corn cornea off as though you d take
a alova off your hand!'
UUP hKllll"
les. --tiets-n
ery or the age.
Is the corn dteoov
More "Uats-ll" la
old by many tlmas than any other
eern remedy In exletenee. Try It
and you'll know the reason why. ft
takes two seconds to apply It and
It dries at once. That's all. Don't
experiment follow the experience
f millions and use "OMe-lt."
"neW-ll" is sold everywhere. M
bottle, or sent on receipt of Brio by
a. Lawrence A Co Chicago, III,
Sold In Grants Pass and reoom
mended as tlfe world's best corn rem
edy by George C. Sabln.
Washington, Feb. 3. The state
and Justice departments are co-operating
to guard against possible
German bomb plots In litis couutry.
This was the Interpretation placed
today on a brief conference between
Assistant Attorney General Warren
and Counsellor Polk of the state de
partment. Afterwgrd, however, the
parties refused to discuss the nature
of their conference. It was assumed,
however, that the departments were
either on the trail or plots, or were
taking unusual precautions against
Points to Observe When Choosing the
Hesd of the Herd. ,
In selecting the I cvf hull look first for
the ttiulltiiK of Hie linlivlilmil himself,
ad vim- l li. Miiiui, fellow lu animal
husbandry In the Kiiiiki State Agri
cultural ruin .-. TIicm- itinlltlgs In
clude w-mIc. li m:iic, Hlivli;:lli, niitacu
Unity. cliur;u l.r, (.ciicnil iiimlil.v, li'rul
hlocky Invf e liifu.-iiiiitliiii n lid t e re
rcxciiliitivc ii ' tli- lint-d.
The breed to cIiimwc Ix lint II lllcit'iil
that i nn lt inTliiunl for the
hvci'ut.v Mln 'kmiiii. li i!i-icniU primar
ily mi Ibe iv i.'iiil iMihliiiuii-4 under
which the Cr. ;ci lx wmkliiis, mid sec
ondly mi Hi.' Ii.teil uiiixl .iim!.ir in hl
liHitlily. limixiiitf llic nlieitOy eslnb
llxlied hived III a liHiility cniillB of
the exchuiiw uf bulls mi l n-wUls in co
nK'nilioii in in irl.i-tiiiu.'. advcrtlxliig
and l iipriiviiu condition. The breed
er' iK-ixiiiiiii tle limy l.c n mnnll fac
tor lu the cIiiimv.
The special purMix. fur which the
bull i intended, whether for I he rang
or IcHiHtd n iiurelircil herd, Is nil Im
portant consideration.
Handling Dairy Cattls.
Tbe "Uniting luirn" with separate
milking room Is stronuly favored by
dairymen who have adopted this plan.
These are advantages claimed: Haves
labor, Improves cleanliness and gives
increased comfort to cattle. Objections
are: More bedding required and larger
feed room for cattle, making tbe build
ing expenses, as rule, somewhat
greater than the stanchion method.
The plan is to have a small sanitary
milking stahlo and a large "loafing
shed" attached whero the cowe retire
after milking to eat roughage and rest
,!.. r.jt aa
ettn known Bnl. Hifnl. Alwivt Rcli,
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective Decern bor R, 1916
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
Train 1 lv. Grants Pass.. 10.00. a, m.
Train 2 lv. Waters Creek 1.00 p. m.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner of O and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all InformstUm regarding
freight and passengef'servlee oall at
the of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or ' phone 111 for
-aTJl U)ie, mkfl ith 111 mi HiMsm. X
I r Piaannn iihmi l-il
Classified Advertising
UANOtUt CAKES Phone order to No.
190-J. TITU
Red Clow, Timothy. eoartOed
weet eierer, By Ornet, ou,
Ralph Waldo Bides, OealreJ PoUt,
Oregon, TU
(lne spring, summer, , and (all
daughters and sons of Winona
Champion ita out of daughter or
Roguelands Longfellow. Quality
breeding, else, reasonable price.
Write us. Winona Ranch, Route
1, A-Box 10, Grants Pass, Ore. F.
R. Steel. 67tf
BUILDING .6x100. concrete, on
Sixth street, for eale. Inquire
SOI South Sixth street. 189
FOdt 8AUCS. C. Jthode Island Red
cockerel, outlet and egs tor
batoning. Ernest Webb, Central
Point, Oregon. Phone 147. I0
FOR BALtt Lumber wagon, light
single buggy, gas engine, 7 h. p.,
two sets work hern ess. O. W.
Anient, 064 North ftth street.
Phone I6I-R. 70
FOR 8ALB House and lot oheap,
or will trade lor auto. Bee H. U
Carlson, 400 West 0 street. 070
old chicks. 111.60 per hundred;
eggs for eettlng $1.00 for 15, or
$6.00 per hundred from guaranteed
egg-laying strains. Leave orders
now with Cramer Bros. 1
FOR SALE One car load of first
class clover straw, 80 cent per
100, or $15 per ton. B. C. Neety
at Kerley'e barn. 118
STUMP Pfbl.BR. Hercules triple
power with 7S feet !s-lnch cable;
also 60 rods 18-Inch wire fence and
barbed wire, almost new. Call or
write J. M. Branscoiube, R. F. D.
2, Granta Pass or Gustav Poyer,
Rogue River, Oregon. 14 8
l-VIt SALK 43-ecre ranch, all
. fenced, good water, good buildings,
land fine for sugar beets or hay,
two miles from Granta Pas on
Pacific Highway. L. L. Sharp, R.
F. D. No. 1. Phone 500-J-l. 071
FOR RENT Six-room home, 10ft C
. 'street, opposite Central school; f 10
per month. Inquire on premises, tt
FOR RENT Cottage and ham T5.50
per month, or cottage ft. 00 per
month and barn $1.00, good well,
sleeping porch. No. 821 Rogue
Itlver avenue. Key at house
cross the street. 089
modern, for ret., 'nnulre at ITie
North 6th Street
RENT FREE Five-room house,
close In, for two month. For par
ticulars call or address 220 E
street, Grants Pass. .. 971
all kinds of Junk, bear hides, furs,
rsgs, brass, copper, sine, old pap
ers, magaxlnes. Call 401 South
6th Street, or phone 199. 941
by contract. Phone 321-R, Grants
pasa, Oregon. 966
WANTED For boi factory, steady
work one plansrman, three out
off men, three band sawyer, one
circular resswysr. Fruit Growers
Supply Co., Hilt, Ca. . I41tt
FOR RENT 6-room modern house,
and small barn, 207 Foundry St.,
$10 per month. Inquire at 208
Foundry.. 988
IliaHEST CASH PRIOES pald" for
furs, beet and horse hide, sheep
and goat polls, and deer hide kilt
ed In season and tagged. Highest
market prices also lor copper,
brass, lead, rubber, sacks, rsgs and
old magazines. Get my prices first.
Roy Allen. Phone 624-J, with
Frank Ilnlley. corner 8th and L
streets, Grant Pass, 986
$1,000 wanted on residence property
worth $2,500. 3 to 6 years. Al
dress No. ISO. Caro Con -lor. 6'itf
Hens Nsed Green Feeds.
You must provide green feed for
your winter layers. Root crops of va
rious kinds, such as turnips, stock
beefs or sugar lieets, see good substi
tutes for tho green feed of the sntnmor
soasos. Bomo of those crops should be
stored for tho lions,
Wintering Live Stoek.
In wintering live stock there should
be maintained the steady growth that
stock makes when on summer grass
In tbe second, place, mature animals
should maintain their weight and re
torn a profit In butter fat
FOR BXCIIANOB I will exchange
my valuable farm aud orchard
property near Portland, olose to
electrlo line, at saorlfloe for some
land In Illinois valley where there
is a good range for beef cattle
Reason, must change climate, Ad
dress J. C. B. King, 117 Bast 10th
street, Portland, Oregon. 16
L. O. CLBMBNT, M. D. Practice
limited to disease of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Olaseee fitted,
Office hour 9-11, 1-6, or oa ap
pointment. Office phone, II; resi
dence phone 161-J.
8. LOUOHRIDQB, M. D., Pbraifltaa
and surgeon. City or country oalUm
attended day or night tteeldeaoer
phone 119; offloe phone 111.
Blxth and H. Tuffs Building.
J. P. TRUAX, M. D PbyatoUa and
surgeon. Phones: 08oe lit; reel
donee 114. Call auwered at all
hour. Country calls attended to.
Lundburg Building.
DR. BD. BYWATER Specialist a
aiseasee of the eye, ear, nose and
throat; glasses fitted. Ofioe hours:
I to It a. m., 1 to 8 p. m. Pboaea
Residence 114-J; offloe 167x1,
tehmldt Bldg, Grant Pas, Ore.
A. A. W1THAM, M. O.. Physic la and
surgeon. Offloe: Hall Bldg., oeraer
Slith and I street. Phone: OBee
111; residence 111-J. Hours: I a.
m. to 4 p. m.
B. C, MACY, V. U. D. Flrst-clase
dentistry. 10m South Sixth
street, Qrsnt Pass, Oregon.
H. U NORTON, Attorney-at-iaw
Practice In all Stat and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIO It WILLIAMS Attorney-at-Law
Orant Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Orant Pass, Or.
B. 8. VAN DYKB, Attorney. Practice
In all eourte. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Office Masonic Temple
Grant Paaa, Ore,
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. & BLANCHARD, Altorney-at-Uw
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 170. Grant Pass, Or.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice In state and federal
courts. Rooms 2, and I, over
Golden Rule store.
J. S. MACMURRAY, teacher of vol
culture and singing. Lesson given
at' home of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 716 Lee street. 85'ltf
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and volo.
Chorus and choir directing. Studio
residence, 614 North Second street.
Phone 521-R. iistf
kinds of dravaae and inn,f..
work carefully and promptly don. '
Phone 112-R. .Stand, at freight
depot. A. Shade, Prop.
K. O. ISHAM, drayage and transfer.
8afes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark A Holman, No. 50. Real
donee phone 124-K.
THE WORLD MOVES; so do we?
". iransrer uo. Phone
li 1 1 n H naAa m - I
E' R. CRCWlI-Alisa
metallurgist. Rooms 201-201 Pad-
nc Building, Grants Pass.
PAPMJIvHANGINO, graining, palnT-
ng. ror the best work at low!
prices, phone 195-J.
C. O. riant
Bouth Park street,
Office In Wlnotrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 111-J Residence
Phone 805-R.
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe?
Any wnere in town 10c. Phone
181-R. Residence phone 142-L If
IT IS NOT SAFE to buy property
or ivsD money without a reliable
abatraot. We make them. Orant
Pans Abstract Co. Opposite post
office. W. B. Hanson, manager