Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 26, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Daddu's Bedtime
a niw friino ;
ma," Mid Wie sin.
(Adapt tram Han Christian Andirwa.
WHEN atory time came daddy cat down In bis big cbalr, and Iba chil
dren stood beatds blnii "It U vary beautiful to have lha preaent of
uld chariot and a alr of Uttlt boraaa and tola of outrider.
Tula la wbat tha prince and Iba prluc gar Oarda. 80 aba
drove on through tba wood, all dark and atlll, wbara tba chariot lighted up
lb way and blinded tba robbtra by tta golden glara.
H "Gold, goldl cried tba rubber when tbay aaw little girl riding put 80
tbey darted forward, aalaed tba" bona, knocked down all tba outrider and
dragged Utile Oarda off tba peat
" 'She ta fat and pretty, and aba baa been fed on nut,' aald tba old robber
woman, wbo bad a long beard and who eyebrow bung down over ber eye.
'Mb will taata at good aa fat lamb.'
'"Ob,' screamed tha old woman tba next minute, for ber own little daugh
ter bad coma up back of ber and bnd bitten ber ear, you bad child? aald the
old rubber woman, but aba bad been prevented from bnrtlng little Gerda. .
"BU abalt play with me,' aald tba robber girl. 'Hbe aball give ma ber
buff and ber pretty drees, aud ibo aball sleep In my bed.' Then aba lilt ber
mother agalu aud uiatle ber daura till all the robltrr men laughed aud lioutel.
M'I want to gel Into Iba void chariot,' aald the Utile robber girl. 8b at
waya bad ber own way, because the wa epolled aud stubborn. 80 tba aud
Card got luto tba chariot, and off they drove over attibbl and atone, further
and further Into tba big wooda. ; .; .- .
"Tba little robber girl wa a big a Gerda, but much alronger. She bad
broader ahoulder and darker skin, aud ber eyea were black aa coal, and d
Ugbta lay In them. Hbe put her arm around Oerda'a walit aud aald: Tbey
ahan't hurt you utile I get augry with you. Surely you are prince.'
" Oh, nor ald Uerda. And tbeu b told tba little robber girl all about
ber adveulure and bow foud ahe waa of Kay, ber mlailug playmate.
"Tba Uttl robber girl looked at Oarda a loug time, nodded and aald: Tbey
aban't hurt you even If 1 am angry with you, 1 wUI do tt uyeeif.',
Then aba drlrd Oerda'a ayea and atuck bar own banda Into tba muff.
"At laat tba chariot stopped. Tbey were In tba courtyard of a robber'a
castle. Tba walla were cracked from top to bottom. Itavena and crow flew
ta and out through every bole. " Big bulldon wblcb looked all ready to tat
aomtbody Jumped about aa blgb aa tbey could, but tbey did not bark, for It
waa not allowed," finished daddy, with two klssee.
v Fr f the Tree. '
The first experiment at tree plant
tng In London went sternly dlscour
aged. A. D. Webster toll u In Town
Dantlng tbnt wbrn Loudon 5u0t bl
boua In Corcbester lerrace, Payawa-ter-lbl
wa lu tba tblrtle-h plant
ed a aumac by Ibo aklo of toe path op
posite. Tba action waa met by prompt
aud triumphant opixnltloa en tb part
of tba district surveyor, wlxwe cow
plalut waa that It waa "likely to anode
lb pathway and keep It tWiop U
tba and tba Ire bad to o
Job work at tba Courier.
Warn aunay daya,
Ideal for balking . la
tba Paolflo Ooaam.
Flowers la bloom
everywhere. Tree
green and birds elag
lag , remind you of
May daya.
The golden orange
ara ripening now.
An orchard of orange
with . enowoapped
mountain paaka near
by. Imagine tha plo
ture. Tba road ar excellent
tor motoring. . Make
Log Angeles your piv
otal point and aea all
Southern California
thle winter. Oo via
Bhaata Rout. ,
I will send you
'.: ,'", iuumim: uilt u
! you send a postal,
General Pawen gtir Agt.
' Portland, Ore.
Sc:to PacSc
"She thill play with
A geutlrmau divsMnl very plalnly
bidveO, ahat)blly-tupH-d Into a Jewel -er'e
atora In New York mid asked villi
a BritUih acfiit In see fcouie pem I
necklace. "
Tim clerk won't to a . tmk out
several tray aud placed tbcui on th?
Then iiecklacea are very expeu
Ire," he ld. "Of course to large n
number of real varl twt uimiey. But
tbi que." haudliig out n olugle airing
of very email JewcU, "I cheaper. The
price I tl'.IWX),"
Tb mau did not seem shocked at
the euormou price named by the clerk,
but after a clone liHectloii of the ar
tide, holding tliriu wltblu a few
Inrhea of hi eye, on which ba wore
glan (evidently to correct near
sight), bo bauded them bark to the
clerk, saying: "1 can do lietter lu Ion
don. I.ct me see aiiuit earrings,"
The clerk put away the tray and
brought forth other containing ear
rings. The cimlunier. a In tba caou
before, exiiiulucd tlio more expensive
article aud aiked the price of a pair,
each baring a nluRler pendant of a din
moud un Inriro n a good slaed pea.
The price was 34.500.
"You arc uoaror a rcaaonable price
on those," aald tlio customer. 'Tbey
are very pretty." .
The clerk bud uliowu the man jewel
far beyond the price be mippoaed from
bin apiirarauce ho could pay. Indeed,
be faucled the party nluiply dealred'to
feaat hi eye UHin them. Tba diamond
aarrlage wei-e aiimrently nearer hi
caliber. Ferhai a aale could ba effect
ed. After bold'ug them near and far
and catching tba light on tba dlamonda
ba aaked tb clerk If he could aend
tbem to bla hotel. Re would Ilka hie
wlf to aea tbem. Tha clerk agreed.
Tba gentlomaa gave hta name, Oeorga
Throckmorton, and bla hotel, at the
Mm time taking out a cambric hand
kerchief aud wiping bla glaeeea. With
the handkerchief cam a tetter wblcb
dropped on tba floor.
Tba clerk' back waa turned at tbo
time, for ha waa putting away tbo
Jewel tray, and when ba agalu faced
tb counter a fanlilonably droned man
waa there holding out tbe letter the
other had dropped.
"Tha man who Jut left you (Implied
thta," he anld.
The clerk took the letter mul natural
ly lookod at the ihWivm. It wa the
Earl of Roylnuvtonp, hotel, w
York, TJ. 8. A., anil lima a London
"Tbat'a lingular," nUI the clerk to
the man who picked up the letter. -
"Wbafa alngulnrr
"Why, thnt-tha fellow nlimild bo n
niiblomniit Hln oNIipn are wont
blny." .
"Don't you know," replied tlio other,
examining the aririrc"M, "tbnt (hone
Bngllah lord wMt aeedy clothe ? It'a
in affectation, Out you xhottld ace
their lnokeya, all velvet and guM, with
powdered wig and ' allk Mocklnn:,
Bometlute their aline buckles are net
with real Jewel.",
"You don't mean ft I" aald the clerk,
"I've heard It aald that the member
of tha houie of lord are the wont
droed men to b found lu any leglx
latlva auembly, I happeu to knovr
that tba Earl of Boylngatone if) on of
'tha ilcheat men lu England."
Th) ktur laaia mabat,
and wbeo ba tent tb vr! and the
letter to tlio erl' hotel aeut alao a
meMKe that there wa 12 per cent
dlncount on the necklace, wblcb ba
bad not mentioned. Tbe Count of
Baylngatone admired tba earring, and
tba earl aiked the man wbo brought
them If a draft on London for tha
price would be accepted In payment.
Tha bearer teleifaond tb firm, and
luce tb clerk .bad reported that
George Throckmorton waa abto Earl
of Boytngiton tb partner conaultad
aa to whether tbey abould do ao on
naual a thing aa be requested. Tb
clerk waa called In and told that tba
cuatomer bad refrained from buying
tba pearl necklace not becanaa tbey
were expeuilve, but bee us be aald
ha could do better In London. "If
there w anything wrong with htm,"
added tb clerk, "It would aeem that
ba would have chosen tbe Jewl In
volving tb greater amount.''
Tba Junior member of tb firm aald
that If be could bav a look at tba
purchaaer he cold rate him correct
ly; be would know a gentleman by
Invtlnct. It waa agreed among tb
partner that thin man should go to
tbe hotel and give tbe auawer.
Tbe Junior member of tbe Jewelry
firm, In order to excuse the vlult, aald
that be bad come to aay that If Mr.
Throckmorton fancied any of tbeu
necklace It could be bad for lose
mouey thau the clerk bad named. But
tbe earl aabl that bi wife would not
need Jewel lu America, aud b would
not purchase anything more than tbe
earrings at present. This statement
removed all doubt aa to tbe genuine
nes of tba transaction, tbo earl'a draft
on bla Loudon banker waa accepted,
and tb earring passed Into bla poa
aeeslon. -
A coupl of week later tb draft
came back marked "No fund.
Then It apiieared to tb jewelry Arm
tbat tbey bad been neatly tricked. The
earl Vaa a confidence man, and the
person who had picked up tba letter
waa his confederate. It 1 a well
known fact tbat many lord affect
shabby clothes. The. swindler took
advantage of the fact' to Inspire confi
dence and by It made a auctemful
haul. J
8tllmnt Day.
"Ill our town v'e Hie elelirstllii; the
one buudreilUi iiiiulvcrMtr.v uf our set
tlement." 'Thai uiui-t l. 11 yrem ptaca to live
In-1 here you luiv 10 aetil only one
In a buudred years.'-Life. "
Rent Picture of th New '
War Minister el Fransa.
Photo br American Praas Aasoelatlo.
The Fallacy of Paraf fine
Base: Eastern oil manufac
tuVers have long extolled
the superior virtues of paraffine
base motor oils. But Pacific Coast
motorists have proved that Zero
lene, made from selected Califor
nia crude, asphalt-bass, gave best
results. Their experience is now
supported by the testimony of in
ternational experts. Lieut. Bryan
stated before the Am.Soc. of Naval
Engineers: "Oils made from the
asphalt-base crudes have shown themselves better
adapted to motor cylinders, ts far as their carbon
forming proclivities are concerned, than are paraf
fine -base Pennsylvania oils." Zerolene received
highest competitive awards, San Francisco and San
Diego Expositions. Dealers everywhere and at service
stations and agencies of the Standard Oil Company,
' H Wa Misinformed.
A polltlclau of generous avolrdupola
entered tb editor' oltJc wearing a
dark frown.
I understand," aald be In a sten-
toriaa voice, "dat youse bid a piece la
your paper calllu" m a Hart"
"You bava been misinformed, sir,"
returned tbe editor calmly. Tula pa
per publlabea only news." '
1 He Waa Just Thinking.
"Mary," aald a man to bis apouee,
who waa gifted wltb a rapidly moving
too go, "did you ever bear tb etory
of the precious gemsT .
"No," (he replied. "What 1 It r
"If a a fairy legend tbat my grand
mother told me when I waa a boy,"
tbe husband continued, "it waa about
a woman from wboae llpa fell a dia
mond or a ruby at every word sb
"WeUr aald bla wife aa be paused.
'Tbat'a aU there is of It, my dear,"
be replied. "But I was just thinking
If such things happened nowadays I
could make my fortune aa a Jeweler."
An Englishman waa once traveling
In tbe south of Ireland when be came
to a villa g called Sklbbereen. Tbe
name atruck blm as very peculiar and
odd, aud be aaked a villager wby tbe
town waa ao called. "Sure," tbe vil
lager replied, "I thought even an Eng
lishman could have seen tbe reason
for that It'a caUed Bkibbereeu to dis
tinguish K from other places of tb
earn nam." Christian Register.
Mare end Its Meena.
One of Its moons circles Mars every
seven boor. In consequence of this
rapid revolution it appear to the in
habitants of Mara (If there be any) to
rise In the west and act In tbe east
Wall Guarded.
Electric burglar alarms surround Un
ci Bam'a treasury at Washington and
ara tested every fifteen minutes, day
and night ,
Morning Hsadssh.
Early n.omlU beadiu lies may
be due' to many causes eye
strain, kldnoy trouble, dissipa
tion, too nitH'h siuokintt over
eating of pruteluK, rxceiwivo men
tal labor or loo bigb liloud re
sure. Tbe Medical Iteeord ipiotos
one olmenntlonx tiy the Kreneh
doctor, Iteiion, wblcb extended
over flfteeu .venni and lu which
be found in many cane exeee
lively blub blood IcuhIou. , ,
Wheu the liernlxtent headHche
! are ao severe that tbey unfit the
eufferer for work It ta generally
found that bla heart la enlarged
and bis kidneys are affected.
Sucb case often 8edily terml-
W uale fatally, but Intensive treat.
liieut will alleviate the syniiv-
at Ionia. The Medlcul Record aaya
eiHil tar derivative and tobacco
must bo Hliut off. Tlio patleut
must have mental rest. Ue muxt
no ou a purely milk diet for at
least n week, after which he may .
ent frulta and vegetable on cer- tt
Sflalu day for two weeka more.,
A light, low proteiu reiclmen fol-
Iowa for several weeka.
Vfv . TH lUNe aiis7 A
nilill Mr IM4 wewltK
boin, Mted wtU SIm SiMmb.
1 iiMnKs-Trsrs
n Bnt. 8a (ent A lam y
Classified jAriverfeinig
aVNOEL C AXES Phone ordera to No.
1I0J. TITtf
Bed Clover, Timothy, eearlftad
await afcrvar. By Oraaa, ate.
Ralph Waldo Ddea, Ceatrel Patat,
Oregoa. 47tf
195-EGG HENS for aale. I doxen
White Leghorn pullets and hens
for aale. Average record. 111 to
196 egga per hen per year. Price
12.00 Oeo. P. Cramer. ffOtf
FOB SALE: Beardless aead barley.
Box 11 J, No. S Rosa Lane, Med
ford, Oregon. 3
any where. Weight about, 2,400
lbs. Phone 1I5-J. Durham and
Richard. 2
fine apring, aummer, and fall
daughter and aon of Winona
Champion Sth out of daughter of
Rognelanda Longfellow. Quality
breeding, alze, reasonable price.
Write ua. Winona Ranch, Route
1. A-Box 10, Grants Pass, Ore. F.
R. Steel. 57tf
to trade for good land, part bot
tom, part red aoll? Olre price
and full particular. Address No.
98, care Courier. 1
FOR RENT Six-room home, 105 C
street, opposite Central school; f 10
per month. Inquire on premise, tf
FOR RENT Cottage and harn 1 5.50
per montb, or cottage 5.00 per
month and barn f 1.00. No. Ill
Rogue River avenue. Key at house
acroaa (he street
and 90 In Tokay Height addition
to Grant a Pasa, for 1 or 3 yeara,
Write to W. R. Harr, 7S3 S. Ala
bama St.. Butte. Montana, and
make me an offer. 961
all kinds of junk, bear hides, fura,
. rags, brass, copper, tine, old pap-
ers, magaxlnea. Call 403 South
8th Btreet, or phone 199. 943
by contract. Phone S31-R, Grant
pasa, Oregon. ' 915
WANTED For box factory, ataady
work one plaaermaa, three cut
off men, three band aawyera, oae
circular reaawyer. Fruit Qrowera
Supply Co.. Hilt. Ca. ; 41tt
WOMAN WOULD LIKE posttlon as
housekeeper for gentleman or
small family. Address P. O. Box
343, Granta Pass. . 901
WANTED Reliable party with ref-
erences to take county agency tor
sixteen horse power farm tractor,
selling at 1350 f. 0. h. Chicago.
Address E. C. Schults, 030 So.
Oakdale, Medford, Ore. 9(1
ed ' Raymond' Second - Hand
Store, 319 G Street 962
WANTED To. exchange milking
cowa and heifers for poultry or
hogs. M. B. Signs, R. F. D. Xo.
3, Granta Pass.
City and country. Outside rates
reasonable. Within city ten cents.
Headquarters, American 'Restau
rant, Phone 307. E. W. Inman. 65
A Famu Dreaeer,
Joachim Murat waa in bla day the
beat dressed man hi the world. Born
In 1707 In a village near Cahora tbe
son of a day laborer, he waa sent to a
Jesuit school to be educated foe the
priesthood. He ran away, joined tha
army, and aixteen years after ba had
become a lieutenant he was a Held mar
aba, duke of Clevea and Berg, with Na
poleon sister, Caroline, aa bla wife,
and finally, by the grace of hla brother-In-law,
waa created king of Naples.
In all stations be paid the cloeeat at
tention to hla attire and wore In bat
tle gold embroidered end Jeweled uni
forms which would have made him
conspicuous at a court fuuctlon, and
dressed himself as for a review when
he was led forth to be shot New York
Tribune. f
A Student t Human Nature.
"Did you ace tbe boss)"
"No," replied the messenger, "but I
aaw a feller tbat'a tendln' office fur
"How do you kuow be waau't the
boesr ' ,
"No real boa would take a I'banc
ou belu' as freab aa tbat guy waa"
Weshlugtori star.
CiROl cavil at U Catriar?
L. O. CLEMXNT, M. D. Praetiee
limited to diseases of th eye, ear,
bos and throat Olaaaea flttV
Office hoara 1-1 J, 1-1 or oa a
(ointment OSes phoae, tt;
deaee phoae IS I-J.
8. LOlHiHRIDOE, If. D.. PhyaUeaa
and sargeon. City or coantry ealla
attended day or Bight naaldaajr
phoae Sit; oflJe phoae . 111.
Sixth and H. Taffa Building.
. P. TRUAX, 1L O., Physkiaa aaV
surgeon. Phone: OfleeSII; reaV
denea 324. Call answered at aJi
houn. Country call attended ta.
Lttadburg Building.
DR. ED. BTW ATE R Specialist aa
diseases of the eye, ear, aoee aa4
throat; glaaaea fitted. Office hoara:
9 to 11 a. m., 1 to t p. m. Phoae
Residence J14-J; . office tlf-J.
Schmidt Bldg, Granta Pasa, Ore.
A. A. WTTHAM . M. D., Physician aad
surgeoa. Office: Hall Bldg., eornar
Sixth and I streets. Phones: OAe
11; residency lit-J. Honrs: 9 a.
m. t 4 . U.
B. C. MACT, D. M. D. Flratreiaaa
dentiatry. 109 South Btxtk
atreet, Graata Paaa, Oregoa. r "
H. D. NORTON. Attoraey-at-lav
Practice in an State and Federal
Courts. Ftrat National Bank BMg,
COLVIO ft WILUAM8 Attomeya-
at-Law Grant Pass -Banking Ca.
Bldg. Grants Pasa, Ore.
E. & VAN DYKE, Attorney. Praattaa
In all courts. First NeUoaal Baa
Building. - - -
EDWARD H. RICHARD, Attorner-at-Law.
Office Masonic Temple
Grants Pass, Ore.
W, T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. & BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-Law
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bids.
Phone 370. Graata Pass, Ore. '
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
.' Practice la state and federal
courts. Rooms 3, and 3, aver
Golden Rule store.
, MrmcAiTijrsTEucTioji
J. S, MACMURRAT, teacher of volaa
. culture and staging. Lessons give
at home of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 71C Lee street . 3511
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and voice.
Chorus and choir directing. Studio
residence. 114 North Second street.
Phone 533-R. SIMf
klnda of drayage and transfer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 133-R. .Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. I8HAM. drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos snd furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phoa
Clark A Holman, No. 50. Real
dence phone 134-K.
Tan) WORLD MOVES; so do we..
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Plea
E. R. CROUCH Aaaayer, chel
metalluaglat Rooms 301-303 Pad.
dock Building, Grants Pass. ,.
PAPERHANGING, graining, palat
ing. For the best work at lovtat
prices, phone 395-J. C. O. Plaal;
South Park atreet
DR. R. J. BESTtJt; Veterinarian
Office la Winetrout Implenteat
Bldg. Phone 111-J Residence
Phone 305-R.
TAXI STAND at the Moeha Can.
Aay where la town lOe. ' Phewe
181-R. Residence phone 34 3-L at
The California and Oresca
uoasx luturoaa compsay
Effective Deeembae K. Itll
Tueadaya and Fridays.
Trsla 1 1 Dranta Paaa 11 ill m.
Train 3 lv. Waters Creek 1.00 p. a.
All trains leave Grants Pasa froas
the corner of O and Eighth atreeU.
opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all laformatlpa regarding
freight and passengef'servlos call at
aha office of the company, Public Ber
vtce building, or phone 131 far
3t rihllBf at aha Conrlsr.