Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 23, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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K. Ulsoguohi Is visitor for the,M Meeting ,
day In Medford. ' . Tl fWilw meeting of St. Luke's
!-,..ti.t ..all ha t.l.t ntu kll LI.
Isaac Beat U attending to business
matters today at Medford.
dark Morey went to Medford this
morning to spend the day.
Roy Dfttua returned to Gallce this
morning after a few days here. '
VV. S. King went to Medford this
morning to spend the day visiting.
Airs. Frank taetechaa weM to Med
ford this afternoon for a short visit.
D. J. Manuel spent a short time In
Merlin today attending to business
matters. '
Alex Nibley Is spending the day
In Medford In the Interests of the
sugar company.
O. R. Dorraan. of Jacksonville,
was a visitor In the oity yesterday !
and today.
G. C Grlmmett, of Kerby, spent
Tuesday In the dty attending to bus
iness mattera, ,
O. W. Thrasher and William Vnn
kannon. of Kerby, are stopping; for
a short time at the Grants Pass hotel.
Fancy flowered petticoats In all
the now atTiM. Mm. R RnhVonf tf
Mrs. Cora Smith returned to Bu- j injured man Is a resident of Rose
gene this morning , after several ! burg,
months at this place. , J
George Sorenson went to Ashland StoJea Parse Recovered
this morning to spend the day look-1 The purse stolen from Wm. Lister
tag after business matters.
Mrs, G. E. Zlders, who has been
visiting here with friendB for several had contained when grabbed from
days, returned to Talent this morn- Mr. Ulster's hand by a trio of youth
lng. ful bandits had disappeared. The
Mrs. Ira Disbrow has been visiting ' pnrse was found by a boy where It
friends and relatives, returned to near the old brewery building. No
Jerome Prairie this morning. i trace of the coin or of the tooys who
We have Just received a car of stole It has yet been found.
GREEN cedar shingles Grants Pass J
Lumber Co. 'Jumps Board Bill '
Mrs. C. 8. 'Moore, of Klamath1 Sheriff Lewis received word this
Falls, has been visiting here for a morning to be on the lookout for a
short time with Mrs. W. C. Hale. She man named Hobart. wanted by the
left this morning for Los Angeles. Medford authorities for Jumping a
W. L. Flnley. state biologist, gave board bill at that place. He Imjuedi
a lecture yesterday at the Bljon and 'ntely went to a local boarding house
exhibited his pictures of Oregon bird j nd found the an. When Inform
and animal life. He left today for ed that he was under arrest, Hobart
Medford and other valley points ! started to run, ut -n quickly over
where he will show the pictures. j hauled by the sheriff. Hobart is said
W. J. Brownby, of Whlttier, Oal.,j to have told local real estate dealers
was a visitor in the city for a short .that he was looking for a ranch and
time, inspecting some land south of
town which lie recentlv acaulrad. I
He expresses himself as much pless-
ed with the country.'
Coats at reduced prices; also wool
and silk dresses. Mrs. E. Rehkopf. tf
H. B. Haefner. of the local for
estry office, left (his morning for the
Page creek forest nursery on an in
spection trip. He will return tomor
row. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Lewis
will also come in with him. Mr.
1wis is ranger at that station.
Jan. 33, Tuesday Chorus practice
of the Grants Pass Music club in
the Commercial clwb rooms at
7:45 p. m.
Feb. 5, Monday Parent-Teacher as
sociation meeting in Commercial
dub rooms at 8 p. m.
Whits pepir is allowed to ripen
upon the vines, and after being pluck
ed the berries arc decorticated, or de
prived of tbelr uiiii-r in. Iliurk pep
per Is the product ol ilu- iieirie picked
before full rlis-niins
A classified ad will give resuRs.
words, two Issues, 35c; six issues,
50e; on month, f 1.50, when paid in
advance. When not paid In advance,
6c per line per Issue.)
PLENTY of Dutch money to loan on
real estate security. See Isaac
Best. ' Ml
Billie Burke in
"Gloria's Romance":
Grace Darmond in "The Shielding Shadow"
PATH H NEWS and a roaring comedy
"Luke' Speedy Club Life"
5c 15c
" - "
I nesday af ternoon. Business meeting
t 3:30, followed by a social hour. A
Free MethodlMt Meeting
The district quarterly meeting of
Free Methodists will be held at their
church. 350 West J street. January
35 to 38 Inclusive. Services, to
which all are welcome, every evening
at T:30 and Sunday morning at It.
O. D. Dodge, district elder tn charge;
C. S. C-laxier, pastor.
Knglewood Dairy
The teat milk, cream and Ice cream
Phone 333. tf
Itraketnaa Is Injured
B. A. AteGrew, a torakemaa on the
Southern Pacific was injured this
moraine when he fell from a bos car.
The train was entering the yards
went of the depot and while climbing
onto a car from the caboose, McOrew
slipped and struck on his head and
shoulders. He sustained a sprained
back and other minor Injuries. The
; Friday evening was recovered by the
police today, but the coin that It
was taken around the country by
some of these. He Is at present In
the county Jail,
Assault and' Battery Charged
Louise Lucke has made complaint
before the prosecuting attorney
charging Guy Thompson with assault
and battery. The complaint Is the
outcome of a conflict between the
two men near Lucke's place on the
lower river road Monday. It is al
leged by Mr. Lucke that Thompson
accosted him while he was sawing
wood, and asked If he had made al
legations against bis, Thompson's,
veracity. When Lucke asknowledged
the impeachment, Thompson struck
him several times with his flirt,
bruising him considerably about the
face and head. The case will be
heard before Justice Jas. Holman.
Crew Quills Make the Beit Pans.
A quill iieiiuiiikcr uy that no pan
will do as line willing a the crow
quilt. It- rcniili'c Ilu- uAslslance of a
niicroscoiw to mul.c u proper cu out
of sucb a Willi, but when inmle it Is
of wonderful delicacy. The microscopic
writing told or lu luaiU of literary
curiosities was alt douc with h crow
quill. The steel lieu of the present
bare very line isilut. lint sojnebow n
Oner imiIiii win lie islveu to a quill than
has ever been put uii a steel peu, and
for delicacy uotliln inn equul It.
Punishing the Ladies.
I'eujulo i-uiiili'ulor ntiulnxt Barneses
III. of Kk)i, says Itswllusou, were
condemned lu I2.'i0 B. C. "to the servi
tude of keepltiK s beer lioune, which
was thought Hiifflclent puiilsliinent for
Isdlcs of dellciicy anil reltueiuent"
Mr. and Mrs. Jaok Farlelgh of
Nevada, came home tor a few weeks
with Mrs, Farlelgh's parents.
James Fretwell'returued last Tues
day from Walahallow, 8. C, where he
spent the past month visiting his
home folks, 'who he. had not seen
for several years.
Glen Morrison has been aufferlug
with a bad case of rheumatism for
several weens but Is Improving.
Born to Mr and Mrs George Light,
a daughter, January 13
Gene Reed and family moved to
Placer Sunday, where Mr Reed has
0 W. Martin, superintendent of the
California and Oregon power line, Is
In the vicinity, putting the power line
into the Greenback mine.
Harry Benson has lessed the Mack
in placer mine and moved his family
to the mines.
M lanes Jean Williams and Blache' son's aaumptton that neither side de
Epperly, two Grants Pass High school j sires victory by potntluR out section
girls, "hiked" it home last Saturday! of the kaiser's recent proclamations
forenoon, the distance being about
IS miles.
James iMcComber Is busy running a
Jitney out of Leland.
Charley Johnson and wire of Wolf
Creek spent last Sunday In Leland
visiting friends.
Mr. Wallace and Jack Kinney of
Wolf Creek were in Leland last Mon
day on business.
Washington, Jan. 31. Wtaea Pres
ident Wilson goes to the capltol to
morrow, he will be greeted from the
line 6r silent suffrage sentistels. st
the White House gates by a pupil of
his when he was a professor of pol
itical science at Bryn Mawr. The
erstwhile pupil. Miss Ella Rlegel, has
Joined the picket line "to carry out
the precepts" she learned from Pro
fessor Wilson's lectures.
"President Wilson Instructed us
that legislation depended upon the
party in power," she said, "so I know
he will be glad to see sue on picket
duty to prod democrat to favorable
action on the suffrage amendment."
Portland, Jan. 23. Portland Jit
neys are going to be regular taxi
cabs after next Saturday, according
to the scale of rates announced to
day toy the drivers' union. They will
charge five cents for t J mtnute. and
65 cents for each flve-inlniiics ad
ditional. Under this snatuement
the buses can operate, disguised aa
taxlcabs and thus dodge the law af-
fectlng Jitneys.
Pspy at a Baaquat, '
People probably est mora JiitA-tonaly
today than they did when Samuel Pe
pys wrote the following aeruunt nt bm
holiday menu:
"We had a frJissee of rabbits and
chickens, a leg of muttou, boiled; three
csris In a dish, a great dish of a, skle
of lamb, a dlnh of roasted pigeons, a
dlstt or four musters, three tarts, a
lamprey pis a most rare pie a dish of
anchovies, goad wine of several sorts
and all things mihty noble, to myJ 1 l(lellly t0 rt'rr"tlmaJ entM.tments.,
rreat contnnt" .On that declaration Wltooa'tt iidilresn
The striking thing
Iwut this feast.
which was probably a typical one of
Its dsy (HWH. Is that It is composed al
most entirely of rural and Bub, reliev
ed only ky pastry and nine. If there
were any vegetables lu It Tepys did
not consider It necessary to mention
them, and It Is possible thst there were
none. Potatoes were hardly known in
England at that time, and many other
vegetables now cooHldered necessaries
were either not known or were rarely
used Saa Krauclsco Bulletin.
Matohnikolf's Drasm,
Dr. Elle Mrtcliulkofr. the great Bus
lan medical scientist, who for many
years made his home lu Purls, was the
on of an officer of the Itiisslan guard.
He bad the figure of a inoujlk, aa
abundant uncultivated beard, long hair
and big, dreamy eyes. This suvsnl
had much of the simplicity of the
visionary. Possessed by the problems
of disease, and sorrow, ho was con
rlnced that all would lie for the best If
man could recover the primitive purity
of bis organs. In this parudUo which
he would restore and that science
might realize he held that man should
never suffer and that at the end of ap
proximately 100 years he would die
with the snme esse that ono falls
asleep In the evening. In the world
thst Dr. Mutchnlkoff bss left bo bad
explained that the body was a very Im
perfect machine and that there were
105 organs or remains of organs that
were superfluous, useless and even
dangerous. Crl de Paris.
Letterheads at the Courier.
Job work at the Courier.
London,, Jan. 33. Mindful of th
error Into which they were drawn on
Presldeut Wilson's peace note by
over-hastiness, Urltlah editors today
were generally cautious In their at
tempts to analyse and Interpret the
president's speech in the senate yes
terdsy. They evidently feared a pos
sible misconstruction of his remarks.
Most of the comment, however.
'hinged on the American executive's
use of the term "peace without vie-
j tory." The papers owned by Lord
Nortcllffe Insisted that there cannot
' be a drawn war between the spirit
with which the allies are animated,
on the one side, and' on the other
the spirit of Prussian nUUtartsm.
The Morning Post answered. Wll-
In which he emphasised Germany's
determination for a complete victory.
As a whole the liberal peeea ap
plauded the lofty principles apparent
In Wllson"s statement, but balked
at some or the applications thereof,
notably the reference to freedom of
The general Impression among orttctal action on the questions In
hot h press and public seems to be ivolved la the president's message un
that the speech was Intended neither til the president has submitted plssa
pro-ally nor pro-German ibut rath-, for entering Into the world's peace
er pro-Americsn designed primarl- tribunal to the senate,
ly for American consumption. j Cummins' resolution asks that the
The Times editorial today Wns- wessace be brought up Monday and
trated the desire ol British rdUors that every member of the senate be
to "go slow" In commenting on the'ttlven. an opportunity to express his
Wilson speech. i views with sn hour limitation on
I "Its language," the editorial said, speeches.
j"baa evidently been weighed with so Senator Stone suggested thst the
! much nicety and care that preraa- resolution be referred to the commit
1 ture comment might overlook ormls- tea oa foreign affairs, but later wlth
, Interpet the precise shade of in win- drew his suggestion, when It was de
ing which particular passages are rlded to delay further discussion un
intended to beer. . til tomorrow.
I "The president's project Is noth- Immediately after Cummins of
jing less ambitious, leaa splendid, i feresT his resolution, Senator Junes,
thsn the establishment of a perpet- rvfxthitcaa. Washington, asked that
! ual and universal reign ot. peace:"' sections of the democratic platform of
I .Continuing the Times lauds Wll- 113 reiaUag to "extensive usurps
;son as the first Individual lb a big, Hon'' and "rights of the states" be
I nstion who advances aa a practical rea
plan "the dreams of many thinkers , Thst section of the platform relal
for a great number or centuries,'" al- log to executive usurpation follows:
though expressing doubt that such I "We favor the nomination and el
an appeal to the Imagination and rctfon of a prmldent Imbued with
hearts of people will result In their' the principles of the constitution,
unreserved approval. who wilt set his face sternly against
"The allies believe' that a, vlt:tor-. executive usurpation of legislative
tous peace Is essential."' the Times and Judicial functions, whether-thst
concluded. usurpation be veiled under the guise
The Daily News thinks the speech of executive construction of existing
should be welcomed, lh Bngiaud'. si-1 laws or whether It take refuge In the
though asserting the argument con-j tyrant p tea of necessity or superior
tains many conclusions on which
England cannot agree. Speaking or
the "peace without a victory'' pas
sage, the editorial; declared:-
"Extracted from the context thut
phrase might seem to Invito)- comoue-
tsnn with one or two unfortunately
smblguous passages In previous
speeches and notes emanating from
the White lloiihe; but otwervatioa of
the sentences Immediately following
niukes It dear that Wilson Is laying
down a principle t hut goes little, It
at all, heyondl the decoration made
tn lilm by the allies u . OirtnlKh ago,
tlint they never contemplated: the ex
termination 'x -dCHtrurritin of, the tier
,. .. ,hlir ,-
, ' . ... . ',
seek Is Ibased un lllunxy, J'uMlce anil
is a comprehensive flliiiiilnaiclux conii-
A Roar Thst FsjIW.
There-Is a pliiyfWiujoliaas by Wss
dell HoUnei alwut u, great experiment
that was to lx xnuiu- ou a unlvemsi
scale. He ileni'dR' nut.ul.liid aa ar
ranging to combine ou a certain New
Teen's eve to. mine a hImhii In uutsou,
to see If It would, cvu to Mai's. It
didn't, for tho slntplr m-ason Unit when
the crisis arrived tlivrr wu no rvy at
all; everybody was im. lniv lUii-whig.
Job printing ot every description at
the Courier efflce.
"Boiling Htones," Kilgur Hcl
tvyn's greet stnge success, un
uiiiiHul play of tlirills, laugli.
ter and mystery, with Owen
MiMxre nnd Mnrvuerite t'ourtot,
will tw the I'ai-Hinount attrac
tion next Wednesday and
I'leiiHe reinomdier, Uieatr
goers never have seen an act
ress just like Miss Courtot,
STAR Theatre
Cosnblna quality, anlaasassa, darabiUty,
and only weights alt poaaata, an
We also carry typewrit ribaoaa,
writer papers ssmI
Washington, Jan. 33. Senator
Cummins offered a resolution today
asking that the president's address to
the senate yesterday be brought up
for discussion by members of the sen
ate Monday.
I Cummins stated It would be Int-
possible for the senate to take any
That section referring to the rights
of states, reads:
"We tielieve In the preservation
and sintenance In their full strength
and Integrity of the three co-ordlnnt
branches of the federal government
the executive, the legislative and the
Judicial each to keep within Its own
bounds and not encroaching upon
the Just powers of either of the
Following resdlng by the clerk of
the platform sections, the senate.
without further discussion of th
presldent's message, resumed tile reg
ular morning business: '
Toe German poundi Is exaatly see-
bait a kilogram or about one-tenth
bsuvter than tlie American or Bxithih
Ml bough most o&jbe cities Imiapaa
have good sidewalk, modera street
paving Is practically unkiiuwa ta the
Il Is somewhat curious that tho
places of the highest andt lowest hu
midity In the United Butts are both
bi Texas.
Metallic tltunlum, It has keen found,
will cut end mark gliiss. kvavlng in or
namentnl sMrery streuk wbero It has
been useik
A good, pviulci In iri. limn of the
highest type. Ilu uiieudH tu bis own
case nud iniikes It a nils never to be
out ol sorts.
According lu ICngllsb scientists, elec
tricity paascd through iliubbr when
rrpntily cut n m ken It mure resistant
against decay uud fungous growth,
The daughter of today whose mother
bus to wash all the dishes will have a
duuuutor of ber own soma day to raise
In similar Idloness.-Florldn Tlmes-TJn-Inn.
"Dearest, I ordered to be sent boms
todny most beautiful hat for only
its perroct lover
"My darling, your lovs will be re-tuined."-Puck,
"Xnymnca," a enmblnaUoa.of two
words ilgnlfyluu water and wood,
from which the noma Jamaica It de
rived, describes exactly the character
istic of the Island.
Calling cards at ths' Courier.
torn ay ta a
earboa paper,
Drag and
Static:cry Store
financier Claimed He Had
f Psaoa Nste Leak.
Peliahlng CesaU
Altaasigh VcsIit In a center fur Uiur-
1st. trade lu nmil ami shell cameoa.
ouriuV llwlf Is neither guthuml nor
wmLml there, The iimnufiiitiird UtHili
fiue4 to Torn del tirtin, I'ollnlilug
ittr't) lu itiniitlllc an lutrretttliig.
fiuonire or the wink. Il Is placed, ai a
siiiilII luig of Mtrmiit. raw linen tugetlwr
wiLU rni.theil inuulci1 tloue. Mini t Jin ling,
Is- tlinkcu In ii hi-ii,I lube with, a hole
for drainage under , kiiiuII column, of
wuter. When lint uuml lit well, pliml-
ouied 11 Is waslnili slid imsaeili Into- a
shun beg, lustenil nf tho iiumJce the-
rallel 'pulliueiiliT Inxl or willtc) la
umiI, nuil the fmiucr opcmllnn la re
pented, first witluHil walor, then wltU
a llttlo and llnnity with much water,
when the rural bus bwoiiw brilliant.
What the 'pulliiwnin" Is Ut Inhabit
ants of Term ill- lirnco, whlln so pcouil
and Jealous of their Industry, have
never In ken tin trouble to. Unit out, as,
ludeed, whub the "nqus, osalgeaata''
(liyiliDumi imtoxldei u, which U axed,
to cliHiige tllw color of liie ciu'al, U k
when extiiu-teil frinu tUu sea, t red.
As for the "piilli.ielilo," U Is uot ttlRer
cut from that which Ifce- Jewelers um
tn polish ifreeioils sloiise.-ICxvlkanTe.
What Is it Wart seuats la the
carsttlsl city f Only thst goed
vwsioli la dona tor (I Uwe el do
wg It, Only ose Un in which
lb wslfsre ! ethers is Ins mas
tsr thought Only Hum labors In
whloh tha ssoritlte it grsstsr
thsn ths nisuss. Only that gilts
In which the givr largots him
If. Hsnry van Dyks.
after tiinlglit, to Mnrtrucrite
t'lsrk nnd "Little ldy Kl
leen." This Is one tf the fin
est plsys tn which the 00
lu iinil, riue-reet-ten-lncli act
ress Iuih yet npiM-sred,
U you iH'lleve In fables nnd
have heniil of leprechauns or
even If you don't and haven't
be sure tn see Ibis charming
lly tonight.
Star Theatre
; 'I I