Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 22, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY, JANTAHY Uil, 1017.
Chopioo Girl Farcer
; of Wisconsin
Helen M. Hatch Tells How
She Won the Contest
Helen M. listen of Lake Geneva,
WU., who. woo tli tltto of champion
Ctrl fnnr of Wlsconaln at 1018 Wle
comIb state fair, ha inut itory of
low ahcaiu champion-girl farmer
to Secretary Oliver E. Remey of the
atatt fair. The story follow:
Flv o'clock of th morning of Sept
I aew our Mnn Junior Farmer' club
on Ita way to tha Wlcontn aula fair,
each one with hope, and ambltlona to
return hone at tha end of the next
week with many honor and prise.
Knowing before wa went tho Datura
at tho fair, our Linn Olrla' club made
all preparatlona that would enable oa
moat esally to win tha prise. Wo ob
tained from the atnte department at
Madlsoa the apron and rap pattern
which waa to be uwd by all tlteao
Joining la the coateete, and each girl
made her own airou and rep. Our
club a leo apiMilnted two glrla to go to
one of the dry good atorea In Lake
Genera, and tbey spent one enttro aft
ernooa taking the umpire and Mine
of abent 100 different kloda of cloth.
Then each girl had a chance of study,
lug tbeae before leaving name.
Tho cloth naming cmiUfft comelated
In the naming of twenty klnda f
cloth. Each girt entering thla conteet
went by heraelf Into an lncloeed booth
aunplled with pemal and paper, with
which aba wrote ilawnob name of
tho piece of cloth (tinned on lb aide
of the booth.
There wens raunlug, 'baking and Bow
ing contrail. Rack, girl waa acquired
to wear a while dress, apron sad cap
la both canning and baking voaleat.
In tbeae oaalrata weee uiurked on
our apicaraai and mr method aud
facility In handling our uteuxlla and
nintcrtula. Jt wna each oao'e aim to dc
btf beat and tit aaont In the elmrteni
The baking cuuittU tiimMu(t In umk
Ing a Inn f ol bicml and a au (if buU
Ing (MiwiU r bliKiilia. We? tied the priv-
llriie of umIiik our ncn ihi'Iim or tho u
furnlNlicd by Mls Amery.aiur director
The blwtilt contest was bold one after
noon, ami Hie neU nturiitiiu v. liml
our bread linking rmutiwt. At milt elirlii
of m glrla nt lb snii arat uvt-r in
the amphitheater at 5 odw-k In (lie
luonilng and net our brcii.l, Then, ul
half prist H. we returned iiin! ntu.vcil
until tz! Ilnch urn of iih hail .tie Unt
of bivml which vro linked 'a the line
electric oven that weiv rnriiMir I
for u.
The second mil i"t constated of van-
iilng one cull of iHinm nui wtie (
lieaclira liy tin- ihMi motliml.
The at'Wlng conti'Mli. glveu umlol
tlie dlreclloim of AIIhh lloeliig, con'ttei
vd of a KHinpIo of patching, or ilnrnliiR
of iiinkluu a cornet cover. Thla inn
text waa Mil during two ilnys. The
flint, ilny lliu uniiliM of ncwliig wuic
Dilute, uuil ttiu i'.u.v ww lii.kj'U bli'uil.
while wnlllnu t'nr H to 'fi lliu voriipt
envoi' wim iiiiiiK'inII hciihi l)ilnu Kuwril
liy ImnJ, v i
By titklng flint pilMi lu tlin Imllvlittml
atunt In Ihp pnradp nlitcli took place
nne night on tho , mop track aeveral
IMilntt wore aililod to my credit All
tho cluliH reiiifNutitod at Hie fair took
tbolr iarl lu the pamdo. and a great
deal of Inlprnat waa nmnlfcutpd lu pro
ducing Hie bent ptlillilr. I rpprpaonlcil
Mlaa AgrtPUlttulHt woorlnit a Uivh
of alfalfu, trlniniPil Willi BiiUlctirod. I
at at the foot of Uncle Ham. who
leaned oi) a hayfork, and we were
earrlwl auroM '1m trnck on a curt Hint
waa covorod with a Inrge PnltPil
Htute ling, held np tit the aldim by tlie
tnembem uf our clul) who wore drena'
ed aa fitrmom and hotiapwtvpa, Thp
whole demgu allowed that the power
and 'future of Uncle Warn depended
upon agriculture.
And I think wo inn all aay with
neorgo WanliliiRton "thnt the vocation
of ngilciilluro la tho moat ancient,
inont healthful, moat honorable mid
inont tmefiil oceuwttnn of man."
A Supper
At Sanger's
II " i i i i
Jenny Wright waa, between the age
of alxteea and twenty, the belle of Ui
When Jenny waa nineteen then
were area chance between Arthur
rrrV and Herbert AngeU. Among the
laggarda Ed D Forett abow aeemed
tb pooraat "
Now, Jenny bright' bunch waa con
aldcred the llvelleat that bad ever been
known at Huutervllle. Tney were
conatantly playing prank on one an
other, and never wa there a caae
wherein tb craon rirtlmlied failed to
take hla or ber medicine good natured
ly. Then, too, there were driving, Sab
lug and awliuuilng partlea lu aummer
and akntlug awl coaatlng partlea lu
One day when they were together at
their headquarter, which waa Jenny
Wright' borne, on of tho boy com
plained that there waa, aa he expreaa-
ed It, "nothing doing," which meant
that auiuaeiueuta were lacking. On
of the girl propnaed that they get up
a mock eloiement. The Idea caught at
once, and different plana of proceed ure
were auggeatrd. Uf courae Jenny
tnuat be the feminine part of tb elope
ment That went without aaytug. But
who waa to be tb maaculln part
of It?
Naturally at thla point there cam a
ball. Non of the girt eared to noml
net a fellow to elope with Jenny. No
fellow would nominate blmavlf aud cer
tainly wouldn't nominate any on el.
Jenny, of courae, waa not In poaltlou
to cbooae. What made the matter of
uiur Import wa that Arthur Perry
and Herbert Angell were prewdng each
ouivr m a nuta cuan rornor lavor,
which waa aiiiipoavd eventually to
wean her hand.
When It looked aa If tb matter
would have to be dropped for want of
a aelection of an eloping groom Arthur
retry, who Telt more confidence In hla
chancre for being choaeu to be eveolu
ally Jenny1 reul buaband, auggeated
that Jeuuy liurnclf make the choice.
but that It be kept a nee ret between
ber and tb follow ah cboae till tb
eloiement had taken place. Hbe waa
to notify (he puny of Iter choice, and
ho waa 1 uu away with ber exactly
on the etroke of 0 of the town clock.
At 10 the urldal party wa to meet at
Sanger'a, a hotel and roadbouao at Hil
ton, Ave mile dlatant, where they
would aO congratulate tb bridal con
pie and then alt down to n aupper.
The auggmtlon wna at one adopted
by an the party except Jenny, who waa
finally wou over. It waa not conald
red certain that ah would aelect tb
man b -would cbooae for a buabaud,
but tt waa auppoaed that ahe would.
Sanger waa uoUtled to have a aupper
ready at half paat 10 for a party of
twelve am ihe evening appolutrd for
the lopement, The glrla very nearly
wore out Jenny, each ono teaalug ber
to give tier ithe name of the proapec-
tlve groom. Jenny proved to be ad'
nan nt and kept her aeeret. Among tb
boy a pool waa made aa to who would
be choKea, with Arthur Terry favorite,
Herbert Anai'll next, and a fellow
named Jeralftau received odd aa
dark borne. There were a few other
aratterlng 1mte ou varlou fcllowa.
Johnny Htrveua would have nothing to
do with t iMxd'On the ground that It
waa a blind same. "No follow," be
aald, "cau ever lor man Intelligent oplu
ton aa to what a glcl la going to do.'
Tb elopement waa held up for
raex by the weather, which wa
atormy, and thla tended to Increaa tb
bile rest In the prank to the boiling
point. Even the girl got to betting
caudy and flower and glove. Jenny
aid she couldn't eoe wby there waa
o witch excitement about a matter
thnt waa all for fun. Wit ber worda
had no effect to etUl the iubel.
The alght o( the eloiement havbig
arrived, the' wedding gucxte naaemhled
at th bonne of on of the glrla, while
a motorcar Mood at tb door. Bine
It wa dPNlrabl that the groom should
not be known before reaching Suuger'a,
it had been artauged that the girl
should go' together, tb boy aepnrate
ly and each one by hltnielf. At bnlf
pnat 0 the glrla bun tiled ihe car which
wna driven by Mlaa Chwaninii, U
owner, and act out for the remlexvou.
On reaching Hnnger'a tlwy found nil
the boji thero, and while the glrla
wcr being bunded out, of tb cur by
t hem up cnnie the runawiiya, Th
nmaculliiu intt of the eoule wna not
Perry or Angell or Jcriilgnii, . but u
borne, darker tlmn tho hint iiiinieil and
one who Imd nut been auaiieeted of
having uny ehnneo whtttever, He wna
Kdward He Konf.
Ho handed Jenny out of the car with
the U'arlng of pne who bud not lieen
elected to enrry out a bit of fun, but
with nu air of pmprlvtomblp. Wheu
all hud alighted and gone Into th bo
lei drawing room the boy nnd glrla
advttneed to cnngratulafo the couplo.
Do Koreat ralacd a band, and there
wna a pntiae.
"(llrl nnd followa," ho mild. "1 hove
a aurprlw for yon; Tlier baa beeu
uo eloppiuptit ' Jenny and I have been
ctiRitgod for aotuo tlino, and with hoi'
nnd my pnrenta' coiment we wcr nmi'
lied at ber houia at 0 o'clock thla
evening. Wo are ready to accept your
congratulation at a real bride and
.gaooia." ,, , 'i
Tb other with great gusto began the
pomp handle act Terry and Angell
dually falling Into Una.
Then came the memeet aupper tut
over occurred at Banger.
. tuffrag In Nerway.
Among tb moat Important law
acted by Norway tine women bar bad
th vote r tha two maternity incur
no law of 1U00 tnd IBIS and th 41-
voro law of 1910.
"nine tb women In Norway bar got
tb vote," aay Ella Anker In Jua But
fragll, "they have turned tnelr chief
attention to their right and duties a
wive and mother. Education and eo
oomlc Independeuc are the baale of wo.
man' freedom, but ber great! won
and napplneaa will be wlfoand moth
er. It I an aetoulahlug fact that la au
thea centurlra, while men bar taught
ua that womnu' place I In th bom,
they bar neglected to prepare o for
th chief dutle of our bom life.'
Norwegian women bar alao given
particular etrength to tb work for "ra
tional botieckecplug" by tb eaUblUh
ment of a nut high Khool for tb ed
ucation of teacbere for tb elementary
bourn-keeping achoola, to a campaign
agalnat conaumiitlon and to tb rapport
of the peace movement
' eiflel' Tower.
The moat famon tower alnc that
of Babel U tho Eiffel tower In Parte,
a monument to the engineering genlu
of Ouatav EiffeL Th tower of Babot
waa reared la the bop that It might
afford a paaaag to heaven, but th
builder, w re told bt Oeneala, wer
foiled by their language bung Con
founded. Ouitav Eiffel had no uch amMUoo
la rearing th blghMt dUlc tb world
baa ever eeea. It I a tower dedicated
to acleoca. Ma rearing wa on of tha
greatest engineering feat of modern
time and waa a reault of experiment
undertake toYrov tb greateet limit
to which metallic plera lu viaducts
could be safely puabed. It la now tb
world' nmat celebrated wlreleaa tele-
grai ttlou.
Eiffel tower Is 1,000 feet In height
and U-ooualructod of Iron lultlce work.
IJ&it taut of Irou belug uwd In Ita cob
atruetlon. A ayolmu of elevator rar-
rle rial tors to the lop.
Unsle 8em'e Uniforms.
An act of congrcea. approved March
L Itni. entitled "An act to protect tlie
dlKUlty aud honor uf the uniform of
the United Btutea," providi-a "taut
hereafter no proprietor, uuinugcr or
employee of a ttivutvr or other pnVllc
place of eutertatument or amuaonietit
la the District of Columblu or lu auy
territory, Ibe dlHtrlct of Alaska or In-
atllar poatnnnloiia of the fulled States
shall make or cau no to be made any
llHcrimlnatlon aualnut any person tew
fully wearing the uniform of the army,
aavyf revenue entter aorvlce or luaelu
oarps of tlie United State because of
rtint uniform, end sny person making
or causing to be made such dlacrtmlns
don shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
unlahabl by . a fine not exceeding
RO0." ' '
A Curiosity ef Sound,
df when rid lug lu ballmia at a
height ssy, of 2,000 feet a cnerge of
gancotton be fired electrically 109 feet
below the car, the report though anally
a loud an a caunou, sounds no snore
than a pistol allot, poxHlbly partly owing
to .the greater rarity of the air, tout
cklofly because tlie sound, bar lug mo
background to reflect It simp!)' simuls
itself lu the air. Then, alwaya and an
deriall condition! of atmosphere, there
cnxuea absolute alleuce until tbe time
for 4ho echo back from earth bss tally
etonsed, whn deafening outburst of
taander rises from below, rolling n
oftsBifor more than half a minute.
Envelopes at th Courier.
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quick action , Americans how
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China-American Motorship Co., Inc.
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or w N w n m m n
W Knew Vetir Condition. '
Careful Inveaggatlon have
J ahowa that tb physically per-
tg feet man 1 almoat Impoaalbl to
tg dud. Almoat every one who ha
reached the age of thirty ha
Of some Impairment or defect of bis
H It may be only a defectiv
Ml tooth or a slngl dlgeetiv dls
J turbance, or It may be trouble
with th kidney that will do
at Tlop Into Blight' dlieas If tt
1 not attended to promptly.
HI Out of 2,000 men and women
examined 79 per cent wer found
to have Impairments of a mora
or les serious nature, while all
tb remaining so per cent bad
fi some defect of minor cbsrsc-
Are you sure yon sre pbysical-
ly perfect? If you are not you
bad better arrango for a careful
medical examination. Llttlo de-
fecta or Impairment If neglect
J ed may cauae untold suffering
and loss. Discover them In Urn
by having your body Inspected.
n m n m
' A Laaoon In Economy.
Aa English commercial traveler re
marked that be regretted not having
left hi heavy overcoat at a railway
cloakroom, a tb day wa warm and
b did not think that b would need to
wear It
"1 wudna do that" aald a canny
"Why notr ssld the Englishman.
"Because," said the friend. "It wud
coat y a tuppence at th railway na
tion an' tb bother o' gotn' there and
then comln' back Were y to put It
in th pawnshop for a ablllln' th tick
et would cost j a bawbee and the
Interest a itawnee, that would be a
penny. That wud be a great aavin'
these bard time." ' :
Australian Heavyweight In
America Looking For Fight
t v "v-i. 'it v t
Photo by Amorlcan Prraa Aaaoclatlon.
of shrewd,
7 'ti .?"i ?.f. .v. 'jft..v;' '
v. '
-. 4 .J4
Classified Advertising
Vst KAJLav
ANOBL CAKES Phon orders to No.
110-J. i 7S7tf
Rd Clover, Timothy, aart04
wt atorar, Sy Or, at.
Ralph Waldo Eldca, Cmtral Point,
Omm. SITtf
1J6-EOO HENS for sal. I dosn
Whit Leghorn puliet and hen
for sal. Average record, HI to
196 egg par ben per year. Price
I1J.00 Geo. P. Cramer. ISOtf
sired to Boguelsnd's Longfellow,
1st Aged Boar ltlC Oregon Bute
Fair, in pig to a winning son of
Laurel Champion. Price 10.00.
Winona Ranch Konte 1, A-Boz 10,
Grants Pass, Or. F. R. Steel.
FOR SALE Two four-year brood
sows, Duroc, farrow February
Each has bad two previous litters,
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lost in four litters. Address No.
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gy and harness for sal. B. 8. Mi
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SNAP Five acre in city limits.
good buildings, all cultivated, bear
ing orchard, ono acre strs wherries,
pumping plant, aeeded to grain.
Price 11,600. One half cash. U.
A. Launer. 57
FOR SALE Leather davenport.
lady's bicycle, mahogany table and
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small plsce centrally located " or
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FOR RENT Cottage and barn T5.50
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month and earn 11 '). Vm
Boag, for Anton Hellhorgci, S08
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make me an offer. 961
all kinds of Junk, bear hides, furs,
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ers, magaxtnes. Call 40S South
6th Street, or phone 199. 943
by contract Address 111 a
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WANTED For ox factory, steady
work on planerman, three cut
off men, three band sawyerj, on
circular resswyer. Fruit Growers
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CASH FOR FURS Before shipping.
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selling at $350 f. o. h. Chicago.
Address E. C. Schults, 620 So.
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In Mourning Fo Tigara,
Tus Mosu-Aml. otherwise known In
Durraug aa Itagb-l-itrol. tbe tiger folk,
a aitbtrlb of the lUira race. aUII regard
It the correct tblug to go Into mourn
ing for tweuty-four bout wheuever
tiger die uear their villas. Solid food
I tauooeJ. Theu at the end of th
fiiat there must be a gcueral cleanup,
lb Soon ami wtill being ameared
lth a mud. clothes and bruxeu uteu-,
nI being thoroughly cleaused lu run
uiug water aud eurtheiiwar vessels
that have been uaed at all being ac
tually brokeu und throw u away. Ust
i.v. aaml-Jal, "the water uf pc ." Is
druuk and th Scab of sturluVvd
fowl or pig oaten by all tha clanamen
i commuuvii, .
i A olanalOed sd will glv 'results '
It. 0. CLEMENT, M. D. PraeUa
HmiUd to diseases of tb ye, me.
no and throat Ola Sttai.
Offlc boor MS, t-, or on ap
pointment Offleo phon, SI; ratj
dene phono S59-J.
8. LOCOHRnxue. M. D., PnyaUlaa
and snrgeon. City or country call
attended day or night B said ono
pbon Itt; oO phono 1SS.
Sixth and H. Tuff Building. 1 '
J. P. TRUAX, U. D., Physidaa and
orgoon. Pkones: Oslo SSS; naV
denco 114. Call nwerd at an
hour. Country calls attended to.
Lnndburg Building.
DR. ED. BT WATER Specialist OB
dlseasea of th y. oar, no and
throat; glasses fitted. Offleo hoar:
I to 11 a. m., 1 to S p. m. Phonos
Reoldrac 21-J; office SST-I,
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Or.
A. A. WITHill, M. 0.. Physician and
surgeoa. Office: Hall Bldg., eornsr
Sixth and I streets. Phon: Offle
residence 282-J. Honrs: a.
m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. MACT, D. M. D. First-etas
danUctry. 109 8onth Sixta
street. Grants Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON, Attoraey-at-law
Practice in ail Stat and Federal
Court. First National Bank Bldg.
COLVIG ft WILLIAMS Attorn sys-
st-Law Grants Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Or.
E. 8. VAN DYKE, Attorney. PracUe
In all court. First National Baarit
t-Lsw. Offlc Masonic Tempi
Grants Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law.
County attorney for Joeephla
County. Offlc: 8hallhorn Bids.
O. & BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-Law
Grants Pas Banking Co. .Bldg.
Pbon 270. Grant Pass, Or.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice in state and federal
court. . Rooms I, and S, ever
Golden Rnle store.
J. S. MACMCRRAY, teacher of vole
culture and singing. Lessons gtvea
at horn of pupil If requested. Ad-
dress 716 Lee street 851tC
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and voice.
Chorus and choir directing. Studio
residence, 614 North Second street.
Phone 52S-R. 880tf
kind of drayage and transfer
. work carefully and promptly done.
Phon 1S2-R. .Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Prop. .
F. O. 1SHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phoaa
Clark ft Holman,, No. 50. Resi
dence phone 124-k.
THE WOR1J) MOVES; so do we.
Bunch . Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
E. R. CROUCH Assayer, chemist
metallurgist. Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building, Grants Pass.
PAPERH ANQING, graining, paint
ing. For the best work at lowest
prices,-phone 295-J. - C O. Plant,
South Park street ' ' "
DR. R. J. BESTUL; Veterinarian.
Office ' in Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 11 3-J Residence
Phone S05-R. , i
TAXTSTAND at the Mocha Cael
Any where In town 10c Phone
181-R. Residence phone 24 2-L tf
The California and Oregon
uoast ttaiiroad company
Effective December 5, 1916
Tuesday and Friday.
Train 1 ir. Grant Pass.. 10.00 s. m.
Train 3 W. Water Creek 1.00'p. m.
' All trains leave Grants Pass trm
th corner of C and Eighth streets.
opposite the 8onthern,.Pnciflo depot.
For all Information regarding
freight and nassenaer'servlce call at
sh office of the company, Pnbllo Ser
vice building, or k phone 131 tor'
A' olirtWe 4 will Hv reiulti.
4 Th to favQiilei la th rav wIMed.
Job pristtng it th Courier.