Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 21, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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TRoque Vivct Courier
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A. B. VOORHIE3, Pttb,
at the Poatoffloe. Granta Fhl
Or., aa second chant nail matter.
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editorial aaeofltotioe
DaUy Nwiw Pttb. Ana.
aaon Bareaa ol Ctreslatloa
Sunday pertly cloudy; winds
.T mostly northwesterly.
4 4 44.4
Through the formation of the Mock
waspaay to be kaowa at the Grants
,Paai Beet Growiag association; op
ortunKy to offered every citisea of
tbe community to become a grower
f sugar beets la reality. A great
iad-sstry fcaa bcea badt here, aad R
1a the patriotic doty of all to put
forth every effort to make it the auc
ocm which It caa be made. The only
thine that ataada betweea success aad
faflnre of a sugar factory to beets.
Qivea enough beeta, the Graata Pass
i i t," i I
Word from Salem seems to indl
cate disaster tor the ambitions of
Josephine county In seeking state
assistance In building some of the
difficult portions of the Pacific high'
way la the northern portion of the
county. Senator Smith Introduced a
bill enactment of which would gift
state assistance to the amount of
$15,000 In building the new road
from Orate creek to Mackla gulch
oa the highway. The estimated cost
of this piece of road building to $35,
S8, but the county agreed to bear
the balance. This piece of road to
of greatest use aad benefit to trav
elers, over the highway, being more
tat than a county road. It to
only the part of Justice that the state
bear its part of the expense of build
lag. But word comes that counties
that hare not bonded for road (mild
factory wilt sUad out aa the treat-jing will stand a mighty poor chance
est success of any yet constructed
Other conditions that are present
Jkere do aot obtain In most localities.
Our beeta hare a high sugar content,
aad are la every way desirable from
the point of view of the owners of
the factory, Lime of the best qual
ity la aear at hand. There to plenty
when the state funds are being dish
ed out. "
It Is true that Josephine county
did not Issue bonds for road build
ing. She had other ways of reach
ing the same end. aad warrants were
Issued for the road work. The money
was spent aad the roads baHt, and
of good land and water for irriga-jttow the state should eome through
tton, and the only thing lacking is i wth the assistance asked.
the planting of the land aad rbe dis
tribution of the water tor irrigation.
Here to where our people must
eome into the game. The" factory
was built at Grants Pass because it
was reasonable to expect that the
beets would be grown. ' And they will
'be grown. But to operate the fac
tory at anything like capacity it will
require that every available acre in
this vicinity be planted. Through
the Incorporation of the beet trowing
company lands that belong to non
residents, or that for other reasons
might not be planted, caa be made to
produce beets at $7 per ton, and
thus add to the prosperity of the
community and the success of the
factory. The man who has no acre
of his own to plant can buy a share
of stock in the new company and
grow beets without having to give
his personal attention to the opera
tion. He can collect bis dividend
just the same.
Washington. Jan. 20. The next
leak investigation hearing will be
held at the New Tork Customs house
Tuesday morning, the house rules
committee decided today.
The hearings may be transferred
back to Washington later. The com
mittee formally retained Sherman L.
Whipple of Boston, as attorney.
Whipple will leave probably for New
Tork to make plans for the hearing.
What witnesses will be heard first
will be left to Whipple. All witnesses
under subpoena, Henry said, will be
expected to hold themselves ready to
attend any bearings on instant notice
and must always tie in reach of the
Whipple left the salary question
up to the committee. It was stated.
He is quoted as saying that any ar-
sp.,Dg oi amaenas onngs j wouM MtllrfKtory t0
up the vital question of beet gro- Tne of commIttee
Ing. Will It pay? we told our peo-; lowed a two-hone m !-,. with ..- .
pie that It would pay at $4.50 per
ton. Other districts had made It
pay at that Then the price was
boosted, and boosted again. A ton
of beets will now bring the grower
7. Irrigated lands, such as this
company will' farm, win produce an
average, certainly, of 15 tons per
acre. Last season's experience dem
onstrate that. ' So it to a safe bet that
stock In the beet growing company
will be pretty good stuff to own. The
' sugar company has at;reed lu supply
kn expert foreman to oversee the
work, it will also Hike care uf the
labor problem.
Hut bigKer than the question of
waking the stock pay a dividend l
the moral support which ownemhlp
of this stock will represent. It Is
every citizen's duty to get behind
the enterprise, and there Is no way
he can do it better than by encour
aging the growing or beets. Here Is
a substantial way of offering that
encouragement. When every citizen
has an Interest In the beet crop, there
will be no room for donMing the
loyalty of our people toward this
great industry that came asking only
for beet.
tically every committeeman attend
No hearing will be held Monday
Whether Mrs. Ruth Viscount: wHl be
the first witness. Chairman Henry
said has not been determined. '
Amsterdam, Jan. 20. The British
steamer Ysrrowdale, officially an
nounced to have "been brought In
harbor" with survivors from other
prizes taken try the German raider,
is at Swlnemiinde, according, to s
Cologne Oazctte dispatch here today.
Rio ds Janeiro, Jan. JO. First re
ports Indicating the general location
of the German south Atlantic raider
was received here today. The BraaU
ian packet steamer Bahla report ed
she had sighted a vessel, believed to
be the raid sr. off the coast of Rio
Grand e dl Norte oa Thursday. . The
stranger was traveling north at a
speed estimated at about 30 knots. No
consort was sighted wfth her.
(Rao Grande di Norte to one of the
north easts ra states of Braall. forming
the Bortheasteramoat point of the
South American continent)
Practically ail South American na
tions are taking steps to guard the
neutrality of their territorial waters.
The Uruguayan government sent the
steamer Coraario from Montevideo to
day to patrol its coast line. The Bra
xlMaa government already has dis
patched several of its war vessels to
back op enforcement of neutrality.
(Meanwhile, dispatches up and down
the 8outh American coast Indicated a
concentration of allied warships In
these waters. -
Wireless advices from the Falkland
Islands said that six British warships
had sped north from there, searching
for the sea terror. Pernambuco re
ported arrival of two British auxiliary
Evidence of the German's punctjl-
tfttta ArMAfHrariasl Af awasw smU n ear-
and International law, in all Ms cap
tures, was accumulating here today.
American Consul Oottsrhslk de
clared today his official advices Indi
cated a "pre-determined plan to avoid
attacks on passenger ships to avoid
possibility of the loss of life of such
travelers and any International complications."
Only cargo boats have so far been
captured or sunk. The German ses
rover Is likewise scrupulously care
ful to hoist his true colors as soon
as within gun range of vessels he
overhaules, Judging from survivors'
stories received here from Pernam
buco although la most cases the
raider adopted the strategeni of fly
ing British colors In the pursuit.
AH those who have seen the raider
unite in declaring she Is capable of
great speed aad some of the survi
vors added that she was jammed to
the batches with ammunition.
Allied ship owners here have an
nounced Indefinite suspension of sail
ings and are still anxiously awaiting
news of several vessels which are now
overdue. Among these Is the British
steamer Ortega. Her agents, how
ever, profess optimism as to her
, Shipping on the Pacific coast of
South America Is likewise worried
over the German raider or raiders
since It to generally accepted here
now that the original commerce des
troyer has outfitted as auxiliary raid
ers, one or more of her prises. ' A
number of messages have been dis
patched from Santiago, Chile, to the
United States discussing some means
of preventing the European (bellig
erents from hampering trade between
the Americas.
Washington Jaa. SO. The Army
and Navy Journal, official organ for
the service news, bitterly attacked
the promotion of Lieutenant-Commander
Cary T. Grayson, President
Wilson's personal friend aad physl
dan, to be a rear-admiral la today's
iue. The Journal says that appoint
ment to a direct result of the subatl
tutlon of the so-called merit system
for the seniority svsteni of aoimlat.
menu under the Wilson-Daniels' re
"la discussing the problem of se
lection," says the Journal, "the sec
retary of the navy made some re
marks aaeat the fear that personal
or political Influence might become
raotora la the selection. The com
ment oa the gratifying assurances
glvea tqr Secretary Daniels Is found in
the announcement of the Grayson
"Passed Assistant Surgeon Oraysoa
has passed over the heads of tea of
his owa rank and of all the 8& sur
geons and all the 17 medical direct
"His promotion will be received
with unanimous disfavor, aot oalv be
causa of what It accomplished, but
still more because of what It threat
"To select aa officer tor promotion.
not because of his personal ouallfi-
cations, bat because good fortune hss
Placed him in a position to win favor
from the appointing power, Is to rea
lise the worst fears concerning pos
sible dangers of selection.
"The promotion of Dr. Orayson Is
equal to a promotion of about 400
numbers la the line so far as rank
and pay Is concerned."
Senator Harding, republican of
Ohio, said today:
"I do not know Dr. Grayson. I
understand he Is a very, very good
physician. It must be very dtscour
aging to those in the service who sre
striving for nromotlon on the merit
lystem, to have a presidential fav
orite, especially In a case of this
kind. Jumped over their heads from
lieutenant-commander to rear-admiral."
Senator Smoot, republican or I'tan,
'Dr. Grayson may be aa excellent
physician. I do not befleve bis ap
pointment will be confirmed. He baa
rendered no conspicuous service that
would Justify Jumping him over the
heads of so many others."
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sasawssta-ssnaaa i .
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four oranges and four small sand
wich as.
Then their water ran out. .That was
Sunday. The same day Colonel Bish
op begaa to break under the strsln.
Robertson, too, was weak, but strong
er tbaa his superior officer.
That dsy the men fared squarely
the problem of life or detth. They
seemed trapped la a place where
there was no way out. In a last
desperate endeavor to get aid. Bishop
proposed that he stay behind on the
sands, and that Robertson struggle
on alone and try to find aid.
This was done. From that time
forward neither man had a drop to
drink and practically nothing. to eat.
Robertson continued his northward
Journey. He conserved hit strength
as best he could and moved slowly.
Wednesday morning hs was Imbued
with new vigor when he struck the
trail of humaa beings. Esgerly he
followed K until he came upon a party
from Wellton, Arli , that wu sesreh-
lag for him. They had an automobile
and Robertson was able to lead them
to the spot where Bishop lay exhaust
ed. Word was then tent to Yuma
and the commanding officer of the
United States troops there sent a
party Into the desert and Joined with
the searchers from Wellton and Ajo.
At last reports, received by Colonel
Glasaford. aviation department com
mander here, Robertson expected to
arrive here this morning and Bishop
later in the day.
Robertson is quoted as saying that
he can lead a party to the spot where
the aeroplane In which the aviator
took their eventful Journey lies.
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make ourselves aa comfortable aa
possible," the Radnorshire's captala
continued. "It was only when a near
victim was sighted that we vara
locked up."
(This quotation from the raplaia
of the Radnorshire clears up state
ments hkh be msde yesterday,
compUlnlng of 111 treatment. 11, ap
pears from today's dlspaUhes that
the captain's roiuplaiuta referred t
treatment aboard the Hudson Mar
the "prison ship," which was seat
Into Pernambuco. Evidently tha
Germana packed the Japanese prise
as full of prisoners aa they could.
Judging from today's version, iaa
prisoners were granted freedom of
tha raider's decks.) u , . . .
"When the crew of the Radnor
shire and other prisoners were traaev
f erred to the Hudson Msru, I noticed
thst a number of Hindoos who had
ben with os wers being retained
aboard the raider," tha captain said.
"The Oerinan officer explained ba
was keeping them to work (a the en
gine room, but that they would ba
released soon."
The fire on last Monday left as al
j most destitute but with tha family of
eight all safe. The people of areata
Pass have been very kind and Rasv
erous In furnishing clothing, bedding
and some cash for present needt, far
which we are very, very thankfaL
And we take this means of sxpreav
slng our thanks to all those who la
any way assisted us.
L A. ABBOT and family.
It I to know that yoar valuables are
Absolutely Merarett relieves yoa of
sll worry.
Put them la our Plrw and llurgtar
Proof Vault.
Hafe Deposit Bote for rent, 'J and
W per year.
Gntsts Pass Bukhg Ccrpr?
Oraitt Pass, Ore.
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