Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 14, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    HVNDAY, JANUARY 14, 4911
K. K. Dunbar'wentto Olandate Prl
day night. He will return today.
Isseo Boat apent Saturday In Mod
ford attending to business matters.
J. E. Turnliull spent Saturday at
Wolf Creek attending to buelnssa
Our remnant counter la again full
of good things. Kinney a Trux. SO
Lew Smith wtnt to Rogue River
yesterday to spend short tlnia vis
iting. J. F. Duffy returned to Merlin thlf
morning, after a short visit to the
Irving Bramwell, of Rogue Itlver,
U apendlng a short time visiting In
thaolty. -
John Hampshire returned yester
day from Portland where ho apent
g few daya. '
Fancy flowered uvttk-oata In all
the new atylea. Mr. E. Rebkopf. tf
J. J. Drown went to Med ford yea
terday and will remain there for av
eral daya ou bualneae.
Itiy Davit, court reporter, who
haa been attending court here, re
turned to Med ford yeaterday.
J. D. Htlkey returned to Medford
Saturday after a day In the city at
tending to business matter.
White pearl and cream and white
daisy cloth outlnx flannela, Kinney
A Truax. 850
Charlea Moomaw returned to Port
land yeaterday after vlaltlng with hla
parenta at Williams for aeveral
Judge V. M. Calklna returned to
Med ford yeaterday afternoon after
prealdlng at the session of court held
Coats at reduced prices; alao wool
and allk dresses. Mra. F. Rebkopf. tf
Mra. J. T. Davla baa been vlaltlng
In the city for the paat three week
with Mra. 8amuel Brooka, return
Ing yeaterday to North Rend.
Mra. Maud Bowman returned to
Oakland yeaterday, afternoon after
apendlng a few weeka vlaltlng In the
city with frlenda and relatlvea.
C. L. Wllllama, who haa heon vla
ltlng In the city since Chrlatmaa, left
Friday night for Knappa, Ore. He
la In charge of a logxlng crew at that
U II. Nlelann left Friday for
Clenriale to Wall for a few daya. He
will leave shortly for Cadillac. Mich.,
to vlalt a few weeka with frlenda and
The new spring atylos In shoes for
all are very attractive, Kinney A
Truax. . 9liO
J, J. Layton, a Wolf Creek mining
man, apent a day In the city bring
ing In the clean-up from a ten days
run from Hie mine. He aaya that
water for Ihe hydraulic la very
Mra. J. P. Ilahnaen, of Helena,
Mont., apent week In the city vis
iting with Mr. and Mra. A. W. Scott,
former Montana frlenda. 8h left
Saturday morning for IO Annulet.
George Hamilton returned the lat
ter part of the week from Vlsslla.
I a A nuclei and other California
points, where ha spent aeveral weeka.
The trip was msdo In order to dis
pose of his crop of avplas. He reports
that California hasn't anything over
Rogue River valley In the way of
J. M. Booth returned to Kujrcne
yesterday after vlaltlng In the city
for soveral daya with his slater. Mr
Booth was formerly a resident of
Oranta Paaa but removed to Eugene
aeveral years ago and now haa a fine
ranch near that place.
County Agent C. O. Thompson re.
turned yesterday morning from Cor-
vsllls where he headed a delegation
of 11 farmers, from Josephine
county, who were In attendance at
the farmers' week. While there Mr.
Thompson helped ' the Josephine
farmers make a "big noise" to let the I
rest know that we wore on the map,
Louise Glaum
The Mwt Powerful
"Vampire" Drama
"A Fool There Wiw"
Bijou Theatre
Fred Frits, a well known business
man of Portland was In the city for
Mlaa Cora York left last night for
Portland to remain for a few days
H. F. McClollaa returned yester
day to the Greenback mine after a
day In th city.
R. II. Miller went to Portland
laat night after a few daya apent
here and at Crescent City.
day etopplng at tbs Oranta Pass
howl. He is at present Inspecting
bis mine on AJthouse creek.
Harry Andrews returned from
Montague last night and will apend
a few days In the city with bis family.
F. K. Ames, assistant district for
ester, spent a day here at the local
forestry office. He left last night for
Portland. Mr. Ames haa charge of
the timber sale on the reserve.
George H. Cecil, district forester,
and M. I,. Merrill, district improve
ment engineer, left Isst night for
Rotehurg for a abort stay and will
then go to Portland. They were in
the city since Friday going over ap
propriation estimates at the forestry
- aaja
Twin Arrive
Twin girls were born yesterday at
the hospital to Mr. and Mrs. M.
Issue Marriage Ltornnc
A marriage license waa Issued yes-
terdsy to James Rlchsrd Eade and
Barbara Ellen Costaln.
Kngletrood Dairy
The best milk, cream and Ice cream
Phone 223. tf
Court, (iranu Divorce
A divorce was granted yesterday
to Lucy May Roberta from McCati
ley Roberts. The plaintiff waa also
given her maiden name of Lucy
Kcnteme Continued
Sentence of J. F. Overs! reel, who
pleaded guilty 1o perjury In having
made false affidavit as to his age
In order to obtain a shipment of
liquor, hss been continued by Judge
Calkins till February 13th.
It's Plow Time
We carry In atock for your acleo-
Hon liver 80 different slues and makes !
of plows. A -plow for every kind of
soil, plows that are light draft, turn
your soil and leave It In best condi
tion. Prices from 10.50 to $97.50,
chilled and alee). C. A. Wlnetroul,
The Implement Man. 9.10
Applications for Range
The secretary of agriculture has
authorised Forest Supervisor Macduff
to receive applications for grating
permits for the sesson of 1917, up to
March 1, 1817. Under the secre
tary's authorisation 4,100 head of
cattle, 1,000 head of swine and 4.200
head of. sheep and goats may be
grated on the Siskiyou National for
est this yesr.
W. V. T. V. lMd Meeting
The W. C. T. IT. met at the pleas
sflt home of Mrs. Graham on North
Sixth atreet Friday afternoon. Pres
ident June Reynolds' called the meet
ing to order and after the general
'titmlfinaM U' A Anna, lilsns fnt thf,
work In the different departments
were discussed. The union also went
on record aa being willing to sup-
uort the court In trying to hclu nro -
vide amusement for delinquent child -
,nn Tha fintvnp mission simei'in -
tendent reported making five
wreaths, besides providing other
flowers and aa the work haa become
so great, It waa decided to aubdlvlde
It Into four classes.
Calling cards at the Courier.
Chas Ray Howard Hickman
:: Tonight :: A
Music 1ul Tusdajr
There will be chorus practices of
the Grants Pass Music club In tbe
Commercial club room, Tuesday ev-
tnlng at 7:40, if the muslo comes in
time. More definite notice -will ap
pear In Tueaday'a Courier.
Joint Installation Monday-
Monday evening the Woodmen of
the World and the Women of Wood
craft will hold a joint Installation
In the W, O. W. ball on South Sixth
atreet. The Installation will e fol
lowed by a general good time.
Kill Huge Cougar-
While doing some aasessment
work on the Loee Flat mine on Galice
creek recently, Ross Crew and Dow
Otbeon bagged a huge cougar. The
animal waa In fine shape and met
aured seven and, a half feet from tip
to tip. The men had a dog along,
and after mixing In with the cat,
It came out a little the worse for
wear, being severely scratched up.
Return Knxn Crescent City
Messrs. It. B. Miller and J. D. Mc
Vicar, of the Twohy Brothers com
pany, returned Friday evening from
a trip to Crescent City. While In
the coast city the gentlemen were
guests at a banquet and reception
given In honor or the state highway
engineer, who la there directing work
upon the aurvey for the eoaat high
way. tuMcUtril diaritl
A meeting will be held in the Cen
tral school building on Monday, Jan
uary 15, at 7:30 p. m. to discuss
the organisation of a bureau of aa
'oclated charHlea for Granta Pasa.
Each organisation doing general
charity work la urged to send a re
resentatlve to this meeting and all
1 who are Interested are Invited . to
be present.
Another Train On C. A O. C
The railroad officials announce
that a return wilt be made to the
old schedule of three train weekly
instead of two aa had been the pro
gram for the paat few daya. The
limited service did not prove suffi
cient to take proper care of the bus
iness, hence the return to the three
day time card. Hours will be as of
old." - .
Portland Kata U. P. Hugor
The first carload of beet sugar
from the new factory of the Utah-
Waho Sugar company at Grants Pass
reached Portland yesterday. The
sugar Is -pronounced by experts to be
equal to any beet sugar produced on
the coast. From now on the com
pany will ship a carload of sugar
dally to Portland. Next year the
output of the plant will be increased
to 250.000 tags, all of which will
be marketed here. Local dealers
are giving the new sugar the pref-
! erence and, being an Oregon product,
it will no doubt be loyaly supported
by Oregon consumers. The price Is
this same as that of other beet sug
ars. Oregonlan.
Turns In Fire Alarms
Two Are alarms were turned In
yesterday to the fire station, but
neither call proved serious. In the
morning at about 8:30 a call was
sent In from Foundry street, sev
eral blocks above the iron worka.
When the firemen arrived they found
that a flue waa burning out In the
home of E. B. McKee. In the after
noon' at 4:30 a aecond alarm was
! sent In, this time It being at h and
Pine streets. In the house owned by
Arthur Dunn but occupied by J. O.
1 Bridge. A hot bed had been made
! on the south side of the house and
' a small atove had been placed In It.
I A pile of rags caught from the atove
and In turn set nre to me siae 01
. the house.
By the time the nre
truck arrived thevflre had been put
out by a bucket brigade formed by
several neighbors. The damage to
the house waa slight.
. Also a 111k
Keystone ISiigh
"Amhrose'H Rapid
With Muck Swalii
Tip -Don't miss this show
Pauline Frederick
rc woman mm
Plgney Property 84o
The J. K. Plgney property at the
corner of Sixth and E streets hss
been purchased by A. L. Edgerton.
Mr. Edgerton statea that for the
present no changea -will toe made in
the property, but there are rumors
flying fast. and thick that before the
summer suns are far advanced, a
four-story office building la to tower
skyward somewhere In the vicinity
of the Plgney bouse.
Defendants (jet Verdict
' The jury in the case before the
circuit court in 'which Mra. Llnnie
McVay was plaintiff and R. K. Hack
ett, guardian for Frank Kelly, de
fendant, brought In a verdict for the
defendant. Mrs. McVay sought to
recover judgment for the board and
care of Frank Kelly, a spendthrift.
It ti cMit-ftcu uiai lue unu uuiiucvj
him from a period In 1909 to a period
In 1914 and a claim for 13 per
month was made. It waa maintained
for Kelly that be had done much
work while1 at McVay'a aa an offset
tor h's board bill, and had been out
at work at other places during some
of the time, for which no deduction
had been made... The costs of the
esse were placed upon the plaintiff.
Medford, Jsn. 13. In a decision
entered at Roseburg, Clr'tilt Judge
J. H. Hamilton has ovcrrullvd tlx
dci iurrer filed bv this elf and oth r
defendants la the Injur.?. ion pro-c-t'tngs
tiled b- Chs Us H. OUy
and other taxpayers of Medford
agalnat the city council, the
em Oregon Traction company and
S. S, Bullis, to prevent the city from
entering Into the promised, contract
for the sale of 1300.000 of Blue
Ledge railroad bonds.
The decision sustains and pendul
ates the injunction, ia sweeping in
Its scope, rendering It practically
useless for the city to undertake to
proceed further In the matter as the
court holds that the contract entered
Into between the city and the South
ern Oregon Traction company Is not
the contract authorised by the voters,
but one entirely different, and not
binding the company to build any
stated amount' of road, or In any
manner following out the Intention
of the voters.
The court alao holds that the as
sumption of the $37,000 mortgage!
upon , the Rogde River Valley rail
road 'by the city was not authorised"
by the charter amendment. Suffic
ient evidence of conspiracy and fraud
Is declared existing to invalidate pro-
CMdlngt through the agreement de
clare4,tn the, complaint existing be
tween the city and Mr. Bullis, where
by the transaction Is merely a loan
"nkw t6v
words, . two Issues, 2 So; six Issues,
(Oo; one month, $1.50, when paid In
advance. When not paid In advance,
6e per line per laane.)
FOR SALE Good farm team, wagan
and harness. Apply to Durham &
Richard. 91
Fltigerald, In Beat-Fuller Realty
compaivy oftoe, SOt North 6th
atreet '
surance, plate glass, accident and
liability Insurance. Mrs. Joseph
Moss, Mgr., 204 V( N. 6th St. S-tt
195-EQO HEX 8 for sale. I ddxen
' White Leghorn pullets and hens
for sale. Average record, 191 to
195 eggs per hen per yesr. Price
112.00 Geo. P. Cramer. 950tf
. ' Vest Attraction
i ' Vivian Martin
"The Htroager Love"
and MON.
Time to flwv
If your ground is ready,
The time is now,
And do your work
With an Oliver Plow.
We have all the sizes in stock in both chilled and
steel plows,
No. 20-12 a chilled, 2 shares . . $1450 ,
Crescent 7-Steel team, steel plow, 12 ia.ccl21.C0,
There is solid. satisfaction in
the Oliver Plow.
Odd Fellows Block
of credit by the city to the traction
The demurrer waa argued before
Judge Hamilton at Roseburg by At
torney F. J. Newman, on behalf of
plaintiff, the city being represented
on the demurrer by City Attorney
McCabe, Judge Crewes, C. M. Thomas
and Qua Newbury also appearing on
the demurrer.
South-i,.., 4..4,4.4.4.
January 15, Monday Meeting for
organising a bureau of associated
charities. Central school, 7:30.
All Josephine county general
warrants protested prior to, and in
cluding December 5, 1911, are here
by called In, and are payable. at the
County Treasurer's office. . Interest
ceasea January 15, 1917.
952 County treasurer, 603 O St.
Small One Way.
Wife James, do yon know you are
a very small maul Husband How
ridiculous! I am nearly six feet In
height Wlfe-Tbst uiukes no differ
ence. Whenever I ssk you for money
to go shopping you nre always short
-Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Harsh Words Indead.
"Nothing Is so unclean as a used ten
cup, nothing Is o cold aa toast which
has once been lint, and the conarere ex
prcsslou of dejection la cmuibe."-"Se
lecteil Tales," by Barry Pnlu.-
A Very Little.
' Bob Before mnrrlage sue told me
she loved me a little. Rob-Well t Bob
-But, my stars, If 1 had only known
how llttlel-l-oudon'AirtworS.
The Right Ksy.
Me Have you beard my new song.
The rrovwsait"' Sue-No. What key
Is It In? tie-Be' tntiie-er.-Bostoft
it is well to moor your bark with
two ancbors.-Pnttllus Syrns.
Gcrtlo (before the InuKhlug hyena's
cagc)-How provoking! ' Here were
been twenty minutes and the rldlcu
loua hyenn hasn't laughed once! Phyl
Us-Strnnge, sud he's been eying your
new hat too!tvtdon Telegraph.
Notice ia liereby given that the
undersigned haa beea appolntej as
signee of & Leon Reld under her
voluntary assignment for the bene
fit of her creditors. All persona taw
ing claims against the said S. Leon
Reld wiU present them to the said
assignee iby the 15th of January,
950 Aaalgnesj.
' Job printing of every description at
the Courier office.
Regshr Maz&ts
10 to 40-niMt ..J87C
OO-watt . . ...3c-'
tOO-watt 7o
Nitrogen Filled Mazdas .
7.Vwatt 0.1c.,
75-watt fronted...... "5c
and' up to 7IW-Wa
For your living room, we rec
oniriterwl' a) 7(V.watt' ; Nitrogen
filled InniiV with? frosted bowl.
Whitest; best light for reading.
Throw tMvay youf' ohl earlxm
lamps and save light bills.
Bush Electric Store
Buy Klectrtc Uooris nt the
Electric Store ',
if lis