Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 05, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    r AGE TWO
KltinAV, JANVAKY .1. 10IT
"RoQue 'River Courier
Published Daily Except Saturday
A. E. VOORHIES. Pub. and Propr.
Entered at the Poatofflce, Grsnts Pan,
Ore., u second class mail matter.
Display space, per Inch .... .15c
Local or personal column, per line 10
Readers, per line...... ...... Sc
By mall or carrier, per year 00
By mall or carrier, per month 50
By mail, per year - $1.50
Stat Editorial AssocietioB
Oregon Daily Newspaper Pub. Assn.
Audit Bureau of Circulation
Tonight and Saturday onset-
f tied, probably occasonal rain -f
4 west, rain or anow east portion;
cooler tonight; easterly winds.
r The annual report of the elty
auditor, presented at the meeting of
the council this week, contained some
lost eloquent figures. It showed
that practically every department of
the municipal government had kept
veil under the budget estimate, and
from every fond except one money
would remain u pa pent In the
treasury. It also showed that the
current indebtedness of the city,
which was $8,141.18 on January 1st,
116, has been reduced to $5,415.48,
red notion of $1,725.60 during the
It is. an encouraging feature of
the municipal administration to find
that the tide has finally set in the
right direction. While economy has
been practiced in all departments, it
has not been at the expense of ef
deney. and the affairs of the city
have been maintained at a high
Standard. Attendance at sessions of
the council would convince one that
the members of the body were in
tent upon the giving of the best
possible service. There hss been an
absence of friction among the mem
bers, and their good work is now
sfhown in an Improved financial re
port The report will be published
In foil in the Sunday edition of the
Lobster, Crab, Shrimp
Bananas, Oranges, Grape Fruit
Cocoa 30c lb.
Washington, Jan. i. "! agrue
with Secretary Lansing or anybody
else who says the war oamo. con
tinue without America being 1 vol rod
in it," said Senator Lewis in the sen
ate this afternoon, while urging pas
sage of Senator Hitchcock's note of
Lewis thrust the war idea on the
senate with startling suddenness. Am
erica, he said, cannot proceed fur
ther in accepting "apologies" for in
juries) done by ship commanders, pre
sumably referring to German sub
marine commanders.
"I do not think we will ever again
sllow captains of ships, officers of
armies, or officers of diplomacy to de
liver upon this country an injury and
escape with the excuse that .orders
were misunderstood or that the of
ficers acted in excess of seal," he
"The United States is the agent of
morality in this step and the presi
dent Is to be admired by the world
for It This country cannot accept
apology hereafter and will punish to
the extent of her powers any such
Philadelphia, Jan. 5. IWnerd
Wesley Lewis, Yale graduate, scion
of a wealthy Pittsburg family, reach
the end of the primrose path today.
! Ills body, disfigured by a bullet bole
through the center of his forehead
I aelf-inrilotod -was In an Atlantic
I City morgue today.
I She who trod the same primrose
jpath with Lewis, Marie Colbert, 15,
,of humble birth and beautiful until
some trended murdered crushed her
jdelecate features and body Into gross
flesh and blood was In a simple
'grave In Philadelphia,
j Matte Colbert was murdered. And
Bernard lewia all but confessed the
j murder of his beautiful paramour
when he comttilUed culclde last night
I In an Atlantic tjflty hotel just as de
fectives were about to selte him. The
primrose path led the rich man to century,
'death, as It led the poor girl there.
I In Pittsburg today, a wife and a
'mother were waiting for final word
from Philadelphia's police to render
final verdict whether or not lewis
Our First OsHlsshlp.
Til lirst American tutillesiilp was
i be old Tex mm of :;Hitilli American
war fiuuv Ktie wan muiioritcd by con
gress In ISfMi ami v completed six
.renin Inter. The nrlctuut battleship
was liiilu over Mm feet hum mid had a
displacement of lUIKI Ions, .The pre
ent day 'IVsux In .V. iwt Ionic and has
toimuue of ST.UW Hum t'Ue old Tel
mn ended her days uh h InriiPl fur navy
practice, - aVlMiwe.
Lats Rantntanee.
"You hu;d i:eer Ink anything
(hut doesn't Nurei wlili you," admon
ished the physician.
The patient glanced around ruefullv
at hU wife.
"If I had always followed that rule,
Llule, where would you beV'-Chlcago
Dow luoarflrtu OlntiMM
' trtu dnu sTosia
Tosis teo Js soo
Portland, Jan, 5. Today's market
quotations were:
Wheat 01 ub, HI; bluesteui, 111.
Oat No. 1 white feed, 15.50.
Barley Feed, 11.00.
Hogs Best live, 10.10 tj 10.10.
Prme steers, 1.50; fancy eowt,
T.15; best oalrea, 7.00,
Spring lambs, 11.00.
Butler City creamery, II; ooun-,
try, 18.
Plenty of Practice.
"Have you auy pvt-lal u,iullnctHu
for this Job yon sre unking fur In unr
establishment as 0Hrwnlkerr
"Oh. yea. sir! My twins have just I Egg Selected local extras, It 0
loen teething, "-lU iliuoro American, jj,
. . Hwili 17 tt ,g. DPOll0rii ti o
I'susma la rising three feet lu eacb . ,u
I Copper, 10. '
i , But it was uewis wno tool a taxi-
cab to the Wilton apartment where
Mails lived, who was the last man
. known to have seen the girl alive
and who ran away seeking to lose
himself when police fastened upon
Waahttitftnn Ian R Vaiiiaa rf
men high In Washington official and I " Tl fiendishly
New York financial circle, were m? K ' T
w.-h. i. w diet admittedly must be based on cir-
i . .. ........... . cumstantlal evidence alone.
resentative wooa or inaiena. i
Basing his charges on "hearsay"
reports and "reliable Information,
Wood, the author of the probe reso
lution, mentioned Presidential Sec
retary Tumulty rMtn Wafcn rf Vshn
Loeb A Company; Paul M. Warburg. hto inil
of the fedoral rMierr. hoard nd 1 nlfht. In AtlanUc City's mor-
Mr. Boiling, a brother of the preal- n tw" drtver no Mrrlwl !
dent's wife i man to tns Wilton the night Maxte
Wood became confused when de- WM orue,"r t"'n t0 dfttn ,,,nt, J
mand was msde for supported facts. ned. M nli tt mn wnow bo,y
He failed to mention one fact he tnen ,n ,he morue' b,,Urt I
would vouch for. -through the fcesd.
Secretary Tumulty shot a state-' n"t nve felt the net tight-.
ment to the capitol post haste de-'enlng about him. His room at the J
mandng an apology from Wood. 1 Atlantio City hotel had been pre-.
At the end of an hour "Wood was ' Prwl dPtn chamber. Iwls had
through and the roles committee '"tnffed towel over the transon ofj
went Into executive session. his room and cut off the bath room In j
A suggestion that Secretary of State ' somewhat similar fashion. Cracks.
Lansing and Presidential Secretary 'around the window had been stuffed'
Tumulty be summoned, was over- ! with paper. Keyholes had been stop-
ruled. The committee decided to'M up as If Lewis cringed before
summon Barney Baruch and A. Cur- the eyes of the law tbat he knew was
"The nations abroad," he said, Itls. New York broker. Informant of constantly seeking him.
It will resume His belongings were In disorder. .
It was also decided to ask
New York 8tock exchange. W.
The cost of the raw material is
the basis for pricing the finished pro
duct That is the reason why shoes
cost more and why flour per sack
fluctuates with the price of wheat,
and then why the loaf of bread Is
either reduced in size or sold at a
Bttle higher price to meet the ad
vance in wheat The labor that goes
"will argue potently that the op- Congressman Wood
ponents of this resolution are in-1 tomorrow morning,
fluenced to continue the war that
this nation of ours can continue to
benefit with the riches of war.
"Or they will conclude that race
prejudioe has grown so strong In this
nation, made np of nationalities, that
these able senators are unable to
divorce themselves from race Influ- dent'" not w wh
ence in order to support Wilson in Tumulty said he would appear be
his efforts to end the war, to stop , ,on he committee "gladly and with
this profaning women and children, j ut eubpoena.
The small caliber rifle with which (
he later sought death wss newly pur- .
B. chased. Newspapers shrieking the :
to halt this destruction of oivtUta-
tlon, this ending of the Christian era.
Hlbbs k Company of Washington, t ghastly details of the beautiful
and all other Washington houses, to 1 model's murder and the relentless
produce their books from December polke pursuit of the then unknown
10, before the German note came, ' murderer, littered the floor. But
until December 21, after the prest- 1ewls did not add the final touch
of the tragedy of the primrose path
until he heard the long feared knock
of detectives at bis door. Then he
I put the muiile' of the rifle to bis j
! forehead and tired.
Detectives who burst the door
Tumulty's statement follows:
'I am glad to say publloly that I
.. ... . ... 1M : " " ' ' : open, found his limp oony in uie
vvw w a,a not Know oi me luo bath tub. found suspicious scratches ,
would he construed abroad as an ex- president's note on peace until the I .. f. f had ow,n 1
hrbltion ot partWIty toward on. aide, .papers were Informed Very "e onM , f bpfct
that the senators will be willing to . frequently the president, who knowi, be.ntlful nosh of Maxle
one side bert down and the other j am .bombarded by newspaper fo(in(, handkerchIer Gained
raised op to exultant victory. Lewis m0n and other, for Information, what looked ke blo0), , h,J
cuuuuucti, 'saves me emoarrasemeni dt , .
... . onreau urawrr. .
This resolution may offend against ; such matters absolutely secret from
into the manufacture of the article precedent," he held, "but regardless 1 me,
that may be In question just at the of this, the senate ought to uphold
time also influences the price, and, the president's hands.
Lewis declared too, that tnere was
If a war prosperity makes materials
and labor unduly high, the public
nava the Drice. for the consumer
"In fact, I hsve often suggested
that this be done. I have not been
no attempt in the president's note
to favor Germany or to play the peace
game. Lewis is ons of the demo-
always squares the account In the cratlo leaders closest to the White
emd. It Is necesssry that he should,
for if a pair of shoes or a loaf of
oread should be sold at less than the
cost of production, there is disaster j
ahead for someone.
That newspapers are affected by the
same condHons that affect other bus
iness enterprises Is demonstrated by
the fact that several hundred publica
tions have ceased publication became
of the Increase in the cost of the
materials used in their production.
Others have had to seek a new bal-
Belli and Carbuncles. 4
J The aiiearaucF of hulls - In
crops Is mainly sn Imlicution ot
Impaired health. Hliitfte liolls ars
generally due to local irritation.
The locution of the boll or can-
buncle determines the "mount of
danger If may be to tbe patient.
If s bui! or nirlituicle occurs in
1 s locslltr where there are rich
' blood sud lymphatic sres It st
once becomes s source of dnnger
becaUHe the fennel" spread the
8earch of Lewis' effects lodsy dls-.
closed two Important items first,
that Iewis wore a women's pink j
Hllk undershirt: second, that the ,
at the Blltmore In a year; never ... ... . ,.,, Mi
talked about peace with Mr. Baruoh CoM)rt.. roomt aftcr the nMird.r afe
of the same size as that worn by
Lewis and are of the same make.
Kffoils will be made to Identify the
lilnk underskirt as one belnniring to
the dead girl.
before or after the peace note was
sent, and never lunched with him in
my life. I have met him, as I have
a great many good men from time
to time in hotels, at the theater and
elsewhere. A president's secretary
meets a great many people every
day. and It is very easy for some one
to circulate rumors, as -.r. wouu ( yQU Artljur . grft, ,nJult,,t
nays, 'as wholly on hearsay. i when you ,ay tbflt ,e t ppnnrlous.
I think Mr. Wood owes me -a pub-, precocious Brother - What's pennrl
lie apology for mentioning my name out. fsthert
at all on 'hearsay and rumor.'
ance through Increased subscription
nd advertising rates, and the Cal-
Ifornla state press association Is at-
tempting unKed action In the matter. infection by tbe streptococcic ml-
a Mrial eommlttea recently eDOoInt- crobe. Tills nicuus there are In-
' " 1V J
ea irom we association oh mw we
Bolls snd carbuncles sre due to
following recommendation:
"We recommend that as a proper
and Immediate relief from present
conditions over which punllnhers
have no control, their advertising
and subscription rates be advanced
to cover the Increased cost, believing
that In most cases the existing rates
are not commensurate with existing
prices of production and Hint the
public willingly will grant a just In
crease of price for both, subscriptions
and advertising."
Magnsts In Ntsdle Fsctortss.
In fuctorles where needles sre msde
the grindstones throw off great quan
tities of minute steel particle, al
thouKh the dimt lx too fine to be per
ccptllile to the, eye. Breathing t lie climi
"hows no Immediate effect, but Kind
unlly sets up Irritation, usually ending
lu pulmonary coimumitloii, and for
merly nJiuoHt all the workmen died be
fore the age of forty. Ineffective at-
flsmmatinn sud pus present in tempt were mitde to screen the air flp wm,, Kv(,
uiuw aucviiuun, uuium auuvv r - uy gauze ur him ii Kiiurun lor umv nuu
treatment is Instituted st the , mouth, At lenirtb the line of the iuiik-
very beginning of Inflammation . net was Hitrcxtcd, snd now iniiNks of
there will be grave constitution- mnKiietir.ed Vcel wire are woru by
al Involvement which cannot be workmen ami cffcctunlly remove the
checked. ' metnl iIumI before the air Is brenthed
To avoid serious results It 1 -l.onilcn TeleKrnph.
should be IraiireMcd unon everv '
A ciassinea aa win give results.
Father-Why. iiennrlons means close.
Precocious Brother - Then you're
right. young mini Is swful peuu
rlotis when be conies to ee Pis. El-change.
one suffering from boils or car
buncles the Imperative need of
having a physician at the first
upiiearnncs of the affection. De
lay will rnune ilcNtructloo of tis
sue or bone, deformity of s part
or systematic Infection which re
suits In loss of lire
MMI All MFMBglal lot k
tfU'V I'llUlu Nra 'l U4 .i.ll,AV
4l 1 HAM, I WHll llliM Snrt.,n. V
Tafea tlWf. nnw mf imp v ,
Or.wl.l.A.fc (", ! ir..Tll
viaai'raii iiHAniv t-lLIA un Urn
Vllllng te Btir It.
"Well, dennst, I hnve Jut sskrd
your father for your tin ml.
"Whnt did he say?"
"He asked me If I felt ciipahle of as
suming n heavy burden."
"And what did ,vu tell lilroT"
"I told lilni I wiiiiM lake enre of all
It-wton Transi'rliit.
No Matsrisl Handy.
"Mrs. ('omeui. enn't you give us Jnt
s little resume of yi ur travels?"
"I'm awful sorry, hut nil our box.'
of sooveiiecrs aln'l come home yet" -llnltJmnre
, A Psverlts Motto.
DltiblM "Put Yourself In Ills plsee"
Is n pood motto, Hlobbs-Ves. It Is the
favorite motto of the nolo- seeker.
f'lillndelphln lleiiird
Hlinrp wits, like sharp knives, do of
ten cut their ownetV fliiBcrs.-Arrow
smith. . '-'
Let us make you acquainted
with the new. luscious
a aswen i ' sssr 11 1111 ea
It's all that
the .'name
Wrigley quality
made where
chewing gum
making is a
Now three flavoret
Don't forget
after every meal
Haw a pmckagt of oacm
alwmym In roach
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