Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 04, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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No Other Town in the World the Size of Grants Pass Has a Paper With Full Leased Wire Telegraph Service. ', '.,
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School Hesse Is Wrecked By
Twisitr, :d Eight CkiWrea
Are Reported Killed b
TulM, Ok),, Jan. 4. A country
rhool house mm diIIm from Block
er, Pittsburg county, Oklahoma, and
bout 15 tuilM from McAlostsr, was
completely wrecked and eight pr
' aon killed by a eyolono today, ac
cording to report thlt afternoon from
MeAlester. Telephone wire are
down and communication with partlM
sent from MrAleater to glv aid li
tmpossrbl. All of thoaa reported
killed are children, five girls and
three boys.
London, Jan. 4. Indication that
tb Oreek altuatlon I by no moan
settled wer given In deapatchM
from Athana today. King Constan
Una' government. It was aald. had
demurred M granting oompleta ac
julcnc In all allien' demand be
cause of "certain current of pu
Ho opinion." ,, , ,
The allied blockade of Greece 4a
allll In fore and will remain to un
til the Greek govern men t compile
with all demand.
Ban Franotico, Jan. 4. Women
lav Invaded the science of naviga
tion. For ths Brat time la It his
tory, th fro public navigation whool
1 to hav atudent of th gentle sex.
Ranged In the olaaa alongside tnM
41a aged aeamen and ambttlou
youths, will be Ml Barbara Clay
and Vivian Anastasta Footer, who
nave matriculated for the year and
half ooura to qualify aa compe
tent mariner.'
Washington, Jan.. 4. Th houa
today took up th Wndesworth bill,
authorising the aecratary of war to
lea to the companies already using
Niagara Fall power to th entire
' twenty thousand cubic feet of water.
All grant expire automatically Maroh
4 and la the meantime are revocable
at will. An amendment toy Congress-
' man Mann providing an annual
charge of 1100 per year per cubic
' feet diverted by, foreign companies
wu adopted.
Amsterdam, Jan, 4. Rebuttal of
certain statements a to the war'
cause and It development in an ex
planatory note to neutral nation li
reported to foe under consideration by
. the German government according to
Berlin advice today.
Berlin to itrongly adverse to per
mitting a number of claim and state
mrats mad by th allle to go un
challenged, in official document,
Pari, Jan. 4. A calm night along
' th vhol western front -was report-
' d In. today' official statement,
report ore
London, Jan. I. Persistent re
port from Italy and Switzerland to
day that Osrmany is to stake a re
ply to th alUed refusal of peace
term and In that reply will list its
demand and concessions, aroused
th great Interest her today.
Lugano, Switzerland, had report
of thl nature. From Rom cam
nw that th newspaper Corrlerr
Del Tlclno asserted It reoelpt of In
formation that On-many was pre
parlng a counter-reply which "would
be lea ambiguous as to term."
Both of th report hav strength
ened tb 4eUef recorded In despatch
es of yesterday, that Germany I now
on th brink of a social and economic
breakdown and that her peace prof
fer com through absolute neces
sity. Ons theory which found sup
port In certain quarter today we
that UnKod State Ambassador Ger
ard' conference with Chancellor von
Bethmann-Hollweg, reported yester
day, bad to do with a further Ger
man note.
Reply of the allies to President
Wilson's not Is receiving Ha final
"polishing off." Probably it will to
forwarded to America within th
next 48 hour. Apparently the gov
ernments concerned are anxious to
avoid any of the erUlclam as to I
phraaelogy which waa framed In the!
allies' reply to th Germany prof-1
Petrograd, Jan. 4. Capture of 400
prisoners, three cannon and mine I
thrower and 'bombing mortar from I
Teutonic force on th height near1
Botocsv, Rou mania, was announced
by th war office today.
New York, Jan. 4. Report of a
Gorman commerce raider In the At
lantic were given added color today
by etorle of officer and passengers
who arrived on the French liner B
pagne. They told of the ship' chang
ing It course suddenly when en
tering the hay of Biscay, after hav
ing sighted an unidentified vessel at
All lights aboard were extinguish
ed when the unknown ship began
asking the liner' nam and destina
tion. Full tpeed was ordered. Th
Hner pursued a ilg-sag course for
some tint, finally losing her pursu
er astern.
In addition to th cuttomary no
tice regarding lifeboat on th Ks-
pagn. additional notice give dia
gram of ths boats. Each pas
senger' teat In lifeboats waa Identi
fied In th chart.
Washington, Jan, 4. Investigation
by the house rule committee of th
not leak charges will start tomor
row with Representative Wood, In
d la n a, a th first witness, th rule
committee announced today, follow.
Ing a two-hour's tosslon. '
Wood Introduced th original re'
olutlon demanding the probe of re
port that "high administration of
Octal or v relative of high official
profited In Wall street through ad
vane Information of th president'
not to 'belligerent."
Thorns W. Lawson, who charged
there wat a 160,000,000 clean-up in
Wall street, wilt be summoned by
nun li
Rcsga Ri&j Ccbel Still
(ht 0s3 Presided
izi Will Ftzfct A2t
Wiba Ecdsrs&est
New Tork, Jan. 4. -Republican
senator will hav th support of
Colonel Roosevelt la their . fight
against President Wilson' note to
belligerent. Two month of silence
have not resulted la any loss of
Roosevelt' power of Invective, nor
baa th result of November 7 chanc
ed hi unyielding antagonism to Wil
son, aa shown by a vigorous state
ment toy th colonel today attacking
Wllson'a note and its handling.
"Fog of obscurity," "profoundly
mischievous," "profoundly immoral,"
"wickedly false," "cation and im
moral falsehood." "preposterous ab
surdity," and "nervously backing
away," wer some of th phraseo
logical bombshells with which th
former president embellished his at
tack on WUaon.
He aanouned hi support of Sen
ator Lodge's fight against endorse
ment by the senate of the president's
peace ote.T The iolonrt's sarcastic
floodgates wer unloosened at the
Idea of Secretary Lansing Interpret
ing the Wilson not in two different
way within six hours, representing,
hs aald, a rather longer interval than
uaual between the "changes of mind
of th administration."
Roosevelt held the phrase 'circular
not" was correct la application to
the Wilton peace message. The ad
jective "otrcular" can be- accepted
with both IU explicit and Implicit Im
plied significance, Roosevelt declar
ed. He savagely assailed the state
ment that both aide were fighting
for th same thing as "palpably
false," "wickedly false," "not only
a falsehood, but a wicked and callous
falsehood," and Cited again Ger
many's Belgium oppressions.
"But perhaps th most preposter
ous absurdity," h continued, "to th
statement that the United State I
ready and eager to guarantee th
peace of th world. Th spectacle of
the president tiring, toy the aid of
Messrs. Daniel and Baker to guar
antee th peace of any alngl nation
under th ua against a slngl power
ful aad resolute foe, I as comic as
anything that was ever written by
Artemua Ward.
"Let th president keep th prom
ises he mad In Th Hague con
vention and let him bend all his
energies to secure th Ideal of uni
versal obligatory mtUtary training
. ... for our young men before,
In th Interest of th nation that has
wronged Belgium and murdered our
clttsen -. . . a make prora-
laes whloh he 'could not fulfill and
fulminate threat which, when hi
own aecrotary of state take them
seriously ao frighten Wall street
that th same secretary to forced Im
mediately to announce that hi In
terpretation was mistaken . . "
Washington, Jan. 4. In spite of
Increasing demand upon British mu
nttton plant, a British company ha
underbid American companlea by
wide margin tor th manufacture or
armor piercing, 16 and 14 Inohrpro
jeotlle for bi American navy. ,
The lowest bidder to th navy la
afternoon Ik Hadfleld. Limited,
which agreed to fnrnlsh 1,000 16
Inch proJeotilM In 16 Vontfli at
ISIS and 4,500 14-Inch projectile
In 11 month forisn eachr
Presided Now ta Cdbd
lleiicza D!;z:cy Wd
SecTecy, Fcllowcg Bred
Up cf Peace Cczica
Washington, Jan. 4. The admin
istration today addad Mexican mat
ters to It list of diplomatic move
shrouded la secrecy.
President Wilson himself to now
In full charge of the Mexican prob
lem, 'the American peace commis
sioners having Informed aim that Ms
work for a troop withdrawal and
border protection protocol was fruR-; son's not. Lodge was hitter in
loss. j counselling against senate action "in
; Whys th American plan a meet- 'the dark." He expressed extreme dto
ing with their Mexican colleagues ' approval of the fact that th senate
this waa understood to b merely a is not In the president' confidence,
formal tarewelL Thereafter, accord- H aald h feH th United mates
Ing to official indlcatlona, th prest- ought not to try to put a hand in
dent will move to send Ambassador j peace affairs, la view of th entente'
Fletcher to Mexico City, take step J expressed temper toward peace sug
for withdrawal of Pershing's force . geationa, and he suggested that a
from Mexico, and then handle the; world peace enforcement league, as
situation minus any peace commto-
El Paso, Jan. 4. Adherents of
Francisco Villa are already arrang
ing details of a Mexican provisional I
government to toe set up by the band-1
K chief. Official hav been appoint
ed to writ raw and a tentative seat
of government ha been chooeen, ac
cording to Information in the hands
of United States agents here today.
Copies of a new proclamation Issued
by Villa have been secured toy federal
agents her and are now being trans
lated. Heavy lighting I still In pro cress
at Horoasttaa, about SO miles south
of Chihuahua City, according to re
ports obtained today by federal de
partment agents.
Villa I fighting hi way north
ward, th reports Indicate. Both
aide are nslng artlllsry aad losses
have been large. United States agent
are investigating recruiting in this
city for revolutionary hand of Max-
loans, following reoelpt of a letter
by a Mexican from Quevedo, leader
of band now hovering below Juarea.
In th letter it was admitted that 18
men recruited In thl vicinity elud
ed government agents, crossed the
border below El Paso and are now
awaiting orders from Villa to cut th
Mexican Central railway lln between
Juarea and the northern capital
when Villa starts his attack upon
Chlhnahoa CMy,
London, Jan. 4. Th transport
Invemla waa submarined In th Med
iterranean and 150 of those on hoard
her are missing, the admiralty an
nounced today.
Th Invemla I listed as a vessel
of 14,278 tons, built tn 100 and was
th property of the Cunard line, tg-
ifotered at Liverpool.
. i-J -
New York, Jan. 4.lThoma W
Lawson it sailing tor'Europ Satur
day" and will not be able to tell the
house rules committee what d
know about th leak to Wall street,
he advised Speaker Clark today.
Washington, ... Jan. 4. Senator
Lodge, republican, thl afternoon In
terpreted President Wilson's not to
oelligerent as inroirlng dangerous
interference in European potttiea. .
Lodge granted th senate not to
endorse the message unless Presi
dent Wilson openly ask it, aad es
pecially not until h take th sen
ate into his confidence. ailing
th administration for th second
time to an many day, he again
pointed especially to the secrecy sur
rounding all steps that have been
taksa. ..
Senator Lewis, . democrat, I held
Lodge' Interpretation to be unwar
ranted. Lewis viewed th not mora
as a Justlfible mediation step.
Thess opposite views were aired ia
harp debate ia the senate over the
Hitchcock resolution to andoras Wll-
.hinted at by ths admiaatration. would
mean throwing the Monroe doctrine
overboard. ....... ......
"The United States may find itself
without a friend ia the world if It
neddlea farther, Lode held. - In
cidentally he tempered fete yester
day's attack on German Ambassador
von Bernstorff.
Wilson was tnersly "offering the
offices of this government," Lwl8
said, In defense of the 'president.
" Lewis declared President Wilson's
secrecy in diplomacy was preferable
to President Roosevelt' "diplomacy'
as shown in th aetinre of Panama
with "a bludgeon." J '
San Francisco, Jan. 4. Northern
California hosts and hostesses are
beginning today to .prepare for $27,
000,000 tourist money which is ex
pected to pour into th state soon.
iHere'a the way th railroads figure
the amount: .
Average number of first class pas
sengers coming into th state each
day, 800.
, Average amount spent by each
tourist during his stay, $20 a day.
Average length of sojourn at $20
a day, 30 days.
During th tourist season, 45,000
will visit northern California, hence,
th $17,000,000.
These are the figures of railway
trafflo managers. Hotel men who
are doing th nam sort of figuring
place th amount at $80,000,000. -Indlcatlona
are that th 117
tourist business In California will ex
ceed all previous years except the
exposition year. The heaviest travel
will com during th next atx weeks.
- V,
Berlin, la SayjrhW Jan.' 4.
About 1,000 prisoners were toroufeht
In when Maoln and Ylyla wer cap
tured yesterday, the Berlin official
atstement announced today. '
"Dohrudja Is, thus cleared of th
enemy except aTnarrow atrip tpwa
Oalati, where there are still sot
Russian rear guard hodies.V th state
ment said, addlns that Gorman and
Bulgarian . soldiers " "ihoulder-lo-
ahoulder," captured Aha town whkhJ
tssaclously defended.
Scnte Debys Actica ca Ea-
dcrtszc efWibcaPcce
DcHrer Vndcdicfcry'
Washington, Jan. 4. When th
senate recessed about 4: SO this after
noon. Instead of adjourning on th
motion of Senator Hitchcock, It ,
meant that Senator Works wquld con
tinue his valedltory address and that
th note . endorsement resolattoa
would not be brought sp aatU
Works finishes. He has about two
hoars more to apeak.
Immediately upon Works' caacla
don. Senator Hitchcock' motion to
discuss his endorsement resolution
will be In order. . i
Washington, Jan. 4. Memories of
TiUmaa's dMIIddIcs anainat Presi
dent Roosevelt .wer recalled today
when Senator John Downey Works,
who will to succeeded toy Hiram
Johnson, delivered his valedictory to
day. Works declared President Wilson
"ha descended to the level of a lob
byist,"' as "flagrantly and nawar-
raatadly assutned positions that do
not belong to the chUf exeentlv,"
render of Ha : conscientious convlo-
(tons. . - ,. -5, y. ..
"Never tn the entire history of th
country," said Works, "has th pres
ident so completely and . defiantly
usurped the law-making powers of
the government and dictated and
forced the course of congress and
never has congress been so submis
sive or subservient to a power out
side itself.
"Never in all our history have wa
com so aear a despotic government
by a dictator aa during the last fonr
years. His descent to th level of
a common lobbyist has been made In
finitely .worse toy the tact that as
such Ms office gave him a power tar
K all M,mm InKtkvtata
"If this kind of executive I per
sisted In and submitted to toy con
gress then our government to no long
er a government toy th people, It la
monarchy." '
Work also took a shot at th aea
ate. . He aald member were care
less regarding attendance.
"Th expert enc of a sanator who
addrssed that body when tout fonr
members and th vtoa-nrealdoat, aB
reading newspapers, were present,"
said Works, "show Just how much
attention soma tnember of congress
pay to toualn
to nrTiinu
Lansing, Kas., Jan. 4. Tax Sohap-
per, honor man, editor of th prison,
newspaper and exponent of th honor
system here, had not "com soma"
yet, today.
Schappner, with sixteen other
honor men, was given a holiday par
ole which was up at midnight Jan
uary 2. 8lxtsen returned a few hours
ah'ead of time, Schappner, whoa
horn to Galveston, Texas, l( still
missing, and prison official wer con
sidering today advertising tor Mat
a an "escaped convict."
Ft 8. Brand, of Medford,
waa a
Grants Pass visitor today.
' S. K. Ducununun, of Kerby, aad
Pete Payne, of Waldo, were Oraala
Fan visitors today.