Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, January 03, 1917, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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fhel No, I bf Mutual Ulio Curpr(lon:
3V'.rv -'o7 -" "W v" r-
Pictorial Phases of Year's Events at Home
1( imm Whitoomb Rllty, pol, oitdi 2, tubua linr Oaunchlandi S-8, Pr.
dtnl Wilion and Chrl Evan HughH) 4, CongrMtmin William C. Adam
on, ipontor for aight hour bill i 5, Franoltco Villa, bandtt laadari 6, Gtnaral
Parahlng, laadar pi punltiva aapaditloni 7) aeldlara laavlng for bordar.
THE. chief evoiiM In vl cuunlry
during ilia nu'lvo uiuuiba Jut
cluavd Iiovu lent Cut imlloiml
eliH'tlitu mi'l w uliuuilmi ou
the border of Xtixli. Ttio tiwmi1
at wuil'll1 tl"lia lili Tict-iiuuiy urpr
auuiuitrliio wtilitrv nnmiiiitl mtIiu
ajwt curly In dm yvnt. Tim whole
romitrjf ban liu.l mi iiiiiiHim ly iroa
paroua yeur. The p.-l i t of all klmU
of trwliic ill of mtiiy iKumvlioM
uucrtHMiimi hnro ailvmici'tl, In untno
cae, beyond all rtv c.lnit. with I lie
mult that tuo roHt i'f llvliijt him In
rrcaavd ou mi iiutiiko of ill til rr
rnt or nirt.
Villa' Columbui Raid.
Tbo altuallon mi Urn Mexl. mi bonlrr
became aculo t al ly In tlio nir!nK, whru
a hotly of Mpxh iiiia v by iliMii'rnl
Fraurlax'O Vllln 'ropil Into Vnltod
HlatM ltrrllory ou tho 01 li of March
and raided Coluiubua, N. M. I'.IuIiIihii
T.'nltrd Htmca m.lillcrH were klllpil In
rrpulaltm the atlm k. Tlilic-fuuiy halt
ed li'uiioi nilly pro I'rilliiKN looklnu lo
a favoriiblu uu-U-i fUtiulhin iH twrcn tlio
l.'nltisl Hlnlc.i mid t ho di fnclo K'uvcru
luunt of It'ln hrtit-'d liy Cnrrtiiifn
It waa iilmiit'tliU I lino Dint ilvnl fno
tloim In Mvxli'o wrin nlmlng t,i ilcfoiit
Cnrrniir.a'a I'ffnru ii ri"tr nrdt-r.
Kollowliia Vllla'a riild, irooim of thu
I'nlivtl Sinte urniy wpw ruvhrd fnnn
tholr hIiiIIiiim Inliiinl l i riM-nfiTip tlic
plunder rinrlnoim wbh li I lip I'nlicl
lilnU-a hud l::ttl;il:ilnp I ut llliioi'Ulit
IKiliita on Hid Moxlcnn border liu
tlio outbroiik itiinliiKt llio irrvpinnii'iit
of Torflrlo Tina fire jrnra ngn. '
Th Affair at. Cardial,
. A "pitnltlvp esprdltlon" wim ordrwl
to rroaa tlic 1 1 to Ornmto ond I'llnilimlp
Villa and bin' band, On Man It in Col
md Dodd and (IpiiphiI IVrahlni! vectv
on Mrxlcan poll, nnvcrdluii koiiIIi lit
two coliininn, Iodd'a In tho lend, On
March 3U Iiodd'a roluuiii UfonUd (M
Vlllbitna. kllllnn thirty. Othrr lu'llmm
btwin UiillPd Hlntps troopa of 1'prnh.
Iiik'h I'l'lninii nnd the Mrxlniiia fo).
lowod., Cnrrnnxn tmmcOlotclr In run to
uhjw t to Ihn nvnruro of t'nllcd Slnloa
trooi on McxIrHii Poll and ihUimI for'
thplr wlthdrawnl. At f tin cud of April
(lonpral' Olnvffon mot (ionoral IT, I.
Boot t oud (Ipiipi'uI rilimlou nt Jump
to (IInciim the allunllou oil tho Imidpr.
Notliltm cnino of It. A tnontli lalpr
Carrnnr.a anked for Imniodlntu with
drawn). nllpirliiK I tul fiijlh on tin pint
of tho I'liltod Ptnlpa.
Tho flrnt clnsli bptwppn Cnrvnni'lNtna
and ITnllpd Hlntrs Iroopn occurred In
Juno. On the Mjh (Ipnpral Trpvlnn
Informed Qpuoral lVinlilim Hint
mnvpniPlit of I'nltcd HIiiIph Irmipa
punt, went or ami Hi from tlio pnniilonH
then ect'tiqlpd by Ihoiu would bo con
aldorcd a hoatllo net. About Hint IIiiic
1'rpRldPiit M'IIhcii cr'.U'J out Iho mllliln
of the whole pouniry for aorvlce on tlio
Mexican bonier' and nodded Mexico
that Aniprlenn troop would rcmnlii
nlely to pj'glect tho United Htntet bor
dpr. Tlio next day two troop of I lie
Vnlted Blate cavalry wore attacked
outaldo ot Cnrrlzal, ulnety iiiIIpr iouIIi
" of Jimrea, Mexican Ceneial I'ollx flo.
mo w killed, oIho C'aplnln C, T.
Iloyd and Moutennnt Adnlr of tho
Tenth cavalry. Tbo affair resulted
from au attempt by tho cavalry to
march weatwnrd In deflanco of General
Trevlno'i notice of tho 101 b. Twenty,
three trooiier wero made priionori by
the Mexican, tblrtoen killed and ilx
teen mtaitnf. .
Prealdeat WBaon dBMhdMl bo Ua
: -I j. "tik ;V 1 I I "
i .
othr by Anirlin I'rMi AHirlatlun
mediate rcleate of the prlaoner and
orilcrot the milltlit rti-tnl to the bor
jder. Tho iiiUouer weii' ilellvered at
Kl I'iiho three nfler Hip preHldeitt'ii
dcannd. liirly In f.; leiiiVer an Ainer-Icuii-Mexlcuii
joint ruiiiiiilwlnn met to
ItHinrer iiimiii the m:iili In dl!'iile be
tween the (toverumeiit of Hip United
Kl.ileH nod Mexico. I'llU joint vow-
IuIkbIoii aljtued a proimtil Nov.
Meunwhlle, one day before the protocol
wan alirticd, Vlllihlna attucl.ed ChlhiM
him City and wens defeated by far
ranxlittn. Two duva biter they aealn
attnrked nnd decupled part of the city,
but wera eellei on Uec. 1 by Carra il
ia forcea.
Elpetlon and Polltiea.
Following hi nmnlitntloii for the
proaldency by the licpiilillinn t'onen
lion In June, JiiMtlec Churlin I:, lluului
rcnltiiicd from I lie Hiiprtiiietoiirt bpnch
tud liumedlulely enleiivl tlio cuuvuna
ajaliiHt rnnideiit Woolrow VIIkoii,
who waa renoinliinted by Hip l'eino
eratlc convention, Theodore IIiKwevelt
deelluml the PwrrcBMlve itoiiiliiatlon
and aupiHirted llulnn. 'I'lie ennipalcn
waa noted forrxit'l'oiiiil vi'or, mid the
auteomo wax uncertain even tut Nome
iliiy nfler the elect Ion. Victory for
YVilHon wn not coiui1ed until the
count In California pare lilm a ajife
niajorily In the electoral college.
Second only In Interest to the prcnl
deiitlal cmivux went the parllilpntloti
of women In cHinpuluu wink and the
result of tho nntlnalixni vol In I. With
CaliiH Hindi'. It la iwttnmtcd that nearly
aeven elk'lillis of tho territory I now
under "no ilcvime" rule.
Anionic tho polltlcul eveulM of the year
wa the pntKii' e of the Adauiwoi ellit
hour law for railroad employee, to
take effect Jim, 1, I01T. The net wn
punned when the nation coiifrontpd a
KPiiernl Ntrlke of railroad men which
would have pnrvlycpd trntllp. A coin.
mlvnlon wn flppoluled to In vent I Kate
tho working; of the law.
In July n rural credit act wn paw
ed to facilitate loan for the cxripclnl
benellt of fnrmei'H,
Ntutral Right.
Tim prexldont nt tho end of February
nxUed coiiKren to take action ou the
qiiPHtlon of the armlnit o' merchant
men traveMliiK the war none nnd other
poluU nt home reitardhiR piibninrlne
warfare. Oerniuny had "reronl:ort re
MponHlblllty" for tho Ion of neutral
live on tho I.mdtniilH In Fehriinry, but
die general Hiect of the RUhinnrliie Ix.
alio wn una lo ciiiiko uncertainty n
to nfcty of neutral live on the lilnh
nen. Until house acted upon emrnte
reaolutloti. practically leaving; the mut
ter In the bund of the executive. Ken
Rio vote wn (18 to 14: honxo, 270 to
Marohant Submarine.
A new phiuo of tho HiilmnU'lne qiip
tlou Involvlnit tho Vnlted HI ale cumo
up wIipii (he (iprnian merchant Huh-marine-
DeutHchlnnd arrived at Haiti
moro with a cargo of German Rood.
Althouiih tho DpiitachhiiHl wn not
armed, tho entente power asked the
I'ultPd State to treat her t in a war
ahlp, which the aluto department do
cllnod to do. Tho vcihoI Railed for
(Jerniany In Auirut and arrived at
New London on a roturn trip Nov, 1.
Meanwhile on Oct. I tho armed Gor
man lubmarltio U-M eutored Newport
harbor, coming; direct from Wllhclui
haven. She received the usual prlvb
Iprpi of a warihlp In a neutral port
Next day, off Nantucket iboale, Unit
ed Stale cotat, air rtorpadoed 'and
aak three irttrh a 'twe.-Tjfnfrwl
-"r- m J i
ev. . V -i
hlM, slvlna-the warning a previous
ly pledRed by Cieruiauy for unarmed
hlp. All on hoard excaped. The
l ulled State ticutcl the matter a
simply mi I'Mrnslou o.' tho uuvul war
miio nod untitled I'.ie ni;i d power on
fXt. 10 that tht country would con
tlnuo to apply rxl-tliiR rule of war
fare to Kubinui lnix.
Britiah Trad Bckllt.
luvolvpti with th rrcat problem of
neutral i-lcht and llle.'al uieasure af
fectum them wa the uunonni einent by
Crent ItrliNlii In July of the bluckMst
of American (lruw will h c.irrled o:i
trade 'with Cermniiy. Trade wl'Ji
Arm o listed, by nieii hunt of tho al
lied power, wn prohibit.. Thr call
ed forth a protest by the I'ulted 8:ate.
which elicited the reply Hint tho pro
hibition I a Krai reKnlatloii and not
within the purview of International
YaRarle of weather began In the
winter ami continued up to autumn.,
On Jan. ST the temperature was i!0 i:'.i,
a rc-ord, In New York. The came day
there nun a hlhuard on the rnrlftV
coast and In the liocky mountain.
Ahr. H wa thp'ci'ltlost for that day
known In the cest In forty-nix years,
the theniiet'ieter tonchhc f"l. The lat
est real snowstorm know n In Now Fur
land lu llfty yeur canip on April 2K.
In .i:irust tlio I'ulted Plntcs conclud
ed a tit :i!y wl'.h IVmnflrk lo pnrhas;
tlii Pmttsh West India Islands for
i".(nXMio The raiinnin canal wus
tc'ipeiie I to tvallic In April after belns
closed fcr Bi'veinl iiionlh by ob- true
linns In the (killlnrd cut. lu Juno tlu
epltletnle niiionu cliiUlren known a In
liin:l;e paialysis binUe out lu New
Vick Ity and spvead to nelrhlwrlni;
(l!"rlcts, Pi'rll'jt AOfnt the ficnth
ro'l'V l '.VVcl. n:i I the p'4-lonib'
U-tan to piiiislde.
Ci;:or Army and Navyi
Purlin the y.-nr con'jres nppi-oprl-a
led licifr'y SviHi.O'JO.triO for national
defense. On July I the army renrsraul.
;iiiiinncf of Juno 3 wpnl Into pfTect,
It Increased lhi utrcnt;!1! of tho rcKii
Ur army nnd rederu!lr.:;d Hid national
Mi.ui1., i!nci. s I: under Hie pay and
. .,:!.-. 1 if tl:e iiatlonnl i;oyei-iimeiit,
'."..c ii.'w law uutliiiiiis u'U'iiinili
tpproxlmalliiff tinW(i renlnra nnd a
'I'.'Inn.'il cnai'd maximum of -tr.O.KVi
Tlio defensp lenislnllon authorise car
(otistroi'tlon t fotirMiue battle
hlin nod four bin batt'e ernh'erx.
.Iiirj' CiH). In Vln.lrhi, NVetb faro.
Hun nnd f-' mi til C.iro'.lna caused a loss
of llfo puilnialpd at n."ty and property
Icrs of ?1.",000.(HX). In AuRiist a cloud
Inu-st nnd llood In West Virginia de
stroyed alxty-Nlx live and property
mined at ?r.(XXi,000. An explosion of
Kuropeau war munition In New York
harbor caused da nntc;o nmountluR to
Ct3.fioo.roo. !
Air.oiiR the deiitlm ot nolnlile people
during the year were Ccneral Vb torl
ano Iluerta, J. T. Trowbridge, Itobert
tlurna Wilson, Clara I nils Kellogg,
Rev, Dr. Timothy Dwlght, Jame J,
II1II, Hetty Green, Jame VVbltcomb
lilloy, John I. Rt. John, Horace White,
Both Low, Frank Dempster Sherman,
Charles Tate ltuasell, John D. Arch
Ixild nnd rcrclval Lowell,
Tho nomination of I.oula D, Brandel
to the Hupretne court bench caused crit
icism, but he waa confirmed June 8.
tarthnldl'a atatue of Liberty Bnllght
ulng tho World waa flrat Illumined by
mi -electrical flood of .llglrt; which .1
& t fnuniit,oi the Kd ot Decern
vat r
A good friend itand by you wben
In" need. Grant Pa people tell bow
Doan'f Kidney Pill bave Jtood tbe
teat. Mr. Trefren endoried Doan'
over three year ago and again con
firm tho itory. Could you ak for
more convincing tettlmonyT
W. A. Trefren, 731 Highland Ave.,
Grant Pai, lay: "I luffered for a
long time from my back and kidney
and never found anything that would
go me much relief until I began
using Doan' Kidney Pill. They
trengthened my back and caned the
dull pain that bad tottled In It
acroas my kidney." (Statcmtnt
given March 24. 1913.)
On March 20, 1916, Mr. Trefren
said: "1 am still a ctrong boomer for
Doan' Kidney Pills, for 1 don't know
of anything their equal for lame back
and kidney trouble. They always do
mo a wonderful lot of good whenever
I have to take them."
Price 50c, at all dealer.' Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan' Kidney Pills the same tbat
Mr. Tri-fnin ha twice publicly rec
ommended. FoBter-Milhurn Co,,
Props., Buffalo, N. Y.
lire: im nniiu
A Nation cf, With Curi-
t '
ou'j CusUms anJ Ceiiefs.
Many Suptratition Entar Into tht
Everyday Life of Tin People, Who
Are Littl Civan to Mtrhay Thrift
Tl Way Lad Goes A -courting.
"The Kreut bulk of Rouuiaulu'a pop
ulation lnltiiiKs to the peasant lias,
for there an comparatively few cities,
and most of them are kiiiuII." say a
bulletin of the National Geographic
oclety on Roumanian folklore and cus
tom, which give mi intimate Insight
into the home life of that nation. Tho
bulleiin. whli !i is bused ou a commu
nication to the Hi.'Hcty finiu John Oil
ver Iji'iori-c. sujs:
"Muu.v of the.v eio-aiiU live on tbe
great estate, where their forbear for
generation li:ive furme.l for the ul
kentec l.imllords. And an lulerestlng
clan these pcaxuulM form, with their
peculiar nisioua. their prliulltve ways
of Im l.lni; ut things in ciiernL
"The evil of raw suicide ha never
mvuili-l isfnil ;:nuiiiiinla It I re
Kuril il as wni'thy r tiouor fo be the
tioii.l of lurce i'nuilly. As In all bind
w here imiuv .if i lie (K-ople me more or
lea ll!il:'iulc, there is u (.lull deulh
rate, thouii the l.nt thai the brittle
fed ha In- In ntieint unhiiowu in pe.isaLt
Roumaulu icihU to oviiro:ue the lil'i'
Infant luoilaiiiy Unit womd otherwise
nult. -
"Toe uvcinui' Co.iuiaooiii jieasaut h
not given to the kind of l!iri:'t that
lead hlui often lu a s.ivi.ipt Juuik
The patiiiiiony o.' ids h u und duiich
ter Is moro ol'te-i ;:;od will, good
health aud mi ho,:e-t laiud than It I
luml or mouey or Koii-si So oarrovv
hi the miir.;lu upon iihh a young
collide starts out In life licit It bus
come lo l-e a prowrb ninoiig them.
'Married tisluy and out at the cIIk.w
tomorrow," for ciuhliou Voiue lipac-p.
tud 'lie prices of tli..- thlutu the l'us
ut ha lo sell are even lower (bun the
prices of those he Im to buy, uml not
until hi own labor arc supplemented
by those of hi sons add daughter lias
be much cbunce to prepare for even
the shortest of rulny day.
"When a young Roumanian peasant
lad' thought turn to love and bis
mind begin to Incline toward mar
rlHge be gue to hi mother rather than
to hi awevi heart with his tale. -The
ino'lier acts a au ambassador to the
father, nod If he can t Induced to
look w ith fa'or upon the lover' choice
ho culls In two of his best friends in
the vIllHgp, tell them of hi sou'
dream and nsns them to aconuiiiiy
tho Raid son to the bouse of tbe oh
Jpct of love'p youn-4 dreams.
"Mayhap the girl herscif ha not re
celved from the youth a single hint
of hi love: but, even eo, lis he and
hi spokesmen approach the bouse she
usai-t the object of hi visit ami
poop through any crack or ernnn.v
that Is convenient. - ,
"If It happen to lie whiter the fa
ther of the girl Invite the comimuy
lu and, surmising their mission, gives
some hint a, ttv hi attitude by the
way ho looks after the tire. If he
keepa It burning brightly they know
that ho I favorable, if he let It die
down a little they understand that be
la only of au open mind ou the aub
Ject But If ho let It go out entire!)
there I no uso arguing tho question.
"The Roumanian peasant I much
given to superstition, and be ha a sign
for everything, if -shingles a re not
nailed ou roof In the proper algn
tboy will turn up at the ends; If pota
toe are not planted In the proper
sign they will grow ou top of the Roll
and be a failure; If you have monev
In your aM-ket when you oe the new
moon yon will not "go broke." t le
not until another new nio -n hn eov.e
On the other hand, It I held to be dan
rerou to announce to thoiu In Hie
house that the now moon ha appear
ed, for lu that vase all Hie Hit and
nana In tbo kltcheu will lie broken be
fore the waning moon pusses,
"When a peasant ehlld I elnistei H
.ill of those present assume tV role
ttoit of reilnarenH and It la i. super
tltloD4har,HierejaUM brim tbtfmar '
I'd t HaajMs
ANGfL CAKES Ihoue orders to No.L.
giasa seed aio tUtatr now t4u
laier. Write (or umpl ui
price. Btrlctly fancy stock. Ka!;'1!
Waldo Eldcn, Ccmral Point, Cr.
goa. 83',. i
FOIl BALE Household goods, bore,
harness, buggy and light wagon.
Address No. 232S, care Courier. 44 1
-Dairy herd ot 14 cows
and milking machine. P, B H.r-i
man. k . 344 '
modern bouse, garage, barn and
farden in Rosehura-. Orea-nn: also
6 acres fine bottom land with
200 five-year-old DeAnJou pear
trees, 1 miles from town. Want
hotel in live town. No commls
alon. M. F. Chamberlain, Rose
burg, Oregon. ' 944
young hearing pears, Bartletts and'
DeAnjous. Will sell five or 10:
acres cheap or exchange for south
ern California. W. C. Rice, 683;
South Park, Pomona, Calif. 951
tlful May 2, 1916, daughter j)f
Laurel Champion, out of 8Iblrfa'
Ducbess l! (ST An outstanding show 1
prospect. Write for particulars to
day. Winona Ranch, route 1, A
box 10, Grants Pass, Ore. F. R.
Steel. 944
FOR RENT Six-room home, 305 C
street, opposite Central school; $10
per month. Inquire on premises, tf .
all kinds of junk, bear bides, furs,
rags, brass, copper, zinc, old pap
ers, magazines. Call 403 South
6th Street, or phone 199. 943
WANTED Old papers, magazines,
hides, pelts, rags, sacks, rubbers,
metal and junk of all kinds. High
est prices, best service. Phone 21
J. Union Junk Co., 503 South
6tb. 947
WANTED 5,000 tons chrome ore.
Will buy on dump or f. o. b, car.
See George S. Barton, 307 South
8th street. Grants Pass, address P.
O. box 646, or phone 229. 944
CASH FOR FURS Want mink, coon,
skunk, coyote, etc. It will pay
you to see me before selling else
where. Roy (Slim) Allen, with
Frank Bailey, corner 6th and L
streets. 145
WANT ACRE ! AGEuTto $M 00700 as
. first payment on first class bunga
low at the head of Sixth street.
Term, S. J. Taylor. 941
by contract. Address 311 H
street. Grants Pass, Ore. 945
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective December 6, 1916
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Train 1 lv. Grants Pass.. 10.00 a. m.
Taln 2 lv. Waters Creek , 1.00 p. m.
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the corner ot t: and Eighth streets,
'opposite the Southern Pacific depot.
For all information regarding
freight and passeuger service call at
the office of the company. Public Ser
vice building, or phono 131 for
Job printing ot every description at
the Courier office.
Envelopes at the Courier.
napes between godfather and god
mother. The result 1 that christen
lues are not widely attended, aud those
With matrimonial ambition eschew
them entirely.
"Tbo utmost care Is taken by Rome
to prevent a child from Replug It Im
ago lu a mirror itefure It I th' re years
old. for If It doe It will become a vie.
tlra of tho 'falling b knes,' which will
Rend It stumbling through life. "
"'There are many customs which will
proclaim the olden time rule and in
fluence of ancient Rome that have per
stated through the reutur'e since the
departure of her glory For Instance,
there Is the old Pyrrhic dance, the
robe with bells on sleeve and girdle
The Roumanian still shout In unison
to prevent Saturn from bearing the
mice of the Infant Jupiter, and even
their oxen proclaim the 'glory that wa
Rome' In their name, for bere you
may see Caesar and Brutus as yoke
fellow and thiV-l-atuasind Aattus
lo1 ,
O. CLEMENT, M.' D. Practice
limited to diseases of the eye, ear,
nose and throat Glasses Otted.
Office hours 9-12, 2-5, or on ap
pointment.' Office phone, 82; resi
dence phone 359-J. .
. LOIG4! RIDGE. M. D., Physician
and surgeon. City or country call
attended day or night. Residence
phono 369; office phone- 182.
Sixth and II. Tuffa Building.
v- J"-ax, M. v.. 1'hysician and
"wrgcon. Phones: Office 325? resl-
dence 324
Calls answered at a0
bours. Country call attended to.
Lnndburg Building.
DR- Et,
BYWATER Specialist on
. defeases of the eye, ear, nose and
throat; glasses fitted. Office hours:
8 to 12 a. in., 2 to o p. m. Phones
Residence 234-J; office 257-J,
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.'
A. A. WITHAM, M. I)., Physician and
surgeon. G.iCe: IU',1 XUiig., corner
Sixth and I streets. Phones: Office
1 lit; residence 2S2-J. Hours: 9 a.
m. tr) i p. m.
!B. C. MACY, D. M. D. First-class
dentistry. 109 South
street, Grants Pass, Oregon.
H. D. NORTON, Attortiey-at-law
Practice In all State and Federal
Courts. First National Bank BIdg.
COLVIG & WILLIAMS Attorneys-at-Law
Grants Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE. Attorney. Practice
In all courts.
First National Bank
at-Law. . Office Masonic
Grants Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER. AttorneT-at-Law.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD. Attorney-at-Law
Grants Pasa Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grants Pass, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law
Practice In state and federal
courts. Rooms 2, and 3, over
Golden Rule store.
J. S. MACMURRAY, teacher of vole
culture and singing. Lessons given
at home ot pupil If requested. Ad
dress '716 Lee street. 851tt
JES3E C. KNAPP Piano and voice.
Chorus and choir directing. Studio
residence, 614 North Second street
Phone 523-R. 880tf
kinds ot drayage and tranafer
work carefully and promptly done.
Phone 132-R. .Stand at freight
"depot. A. Shade, Prop.
F. G. I3HAM. drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark & Holman, No. 50. Resi
dence phone 124-R.
THE WORLD MOVES; so do we..
BuiJih Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe.
Any where in town 10c. Phono
181-R. Residence phone 242-L tf
E. R. CROLCH Assayer, chemist,
metallurgist. Rooms 201-203 Pad
dock Building, Granta Pass., -
DR. R. J. BESTUL. Veterinarian.
Office In AVInetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 113-J "Residence
Phono 805-R. . ' '
PAPERHANGING. graining, pain?
tng. For the best work at lowest
prices, phone 295-J. C. O. Plant,
South Park street. ' '
A classified ad will give results.
LOST Thanksgiving day silver and
onyx watch fob, unique design.
Finder please notify No." 1309
Courier office. , 041'
Young and Inexperienoed. o- 'i
. "Mother, buw did you bopiien to mar
ry father!" ;
- "1 can't say. my dear, except that I
waa a foolish-little Klip or uli'l when
be proposed, uod I ue. cpled tilui."
Detroit F'-ce, t ie , . , ,
Lettarbead at the Courier.