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No Other Town in the World the Size of Granta iPass Has a Paper With Full leased Wire Telegraph Service.
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Ec;Hch Pdc izi PiressCca
siier Prcposd Frea Ger
es GcrL ts Abid ts
i Bds fsr Ecq War
London, D 11. The Urltlab
people already have answered Ger
many's offer of pttit "no, not on
uoh basis m proposed."
That answer m perfectly ap
parent today. , It wes reflteted not
only la the newtaper comment, but
In expressions from the people on
the atreeta. The nation looks to
Lloyd-George neat Tuesday to frame
thle anawer. It cannot be a direct
reply, alnce M la hardly expected Eng
land's oonaultatlon with her allies
over what form the diplomatic an
awer ahall be, oaa be concluded that
noon. But Tueaday will be Lloyd
Oeorge's first abearance aa premier
before the home of commons and be
fore newa of the German proposal
came he had been announced as
ready, to outline on that date the
alms and purposes of the new cab
inet. Press and public alike look to
Lloyd-George on this occasion to
voice the nation's rejection of any
peace which Is oased on Germany's
Idea of her victory.
' Germany's peers views, as given
out by a Gorman embassy official In
Washington, were generally regard
ed aa preposterous and unworthy of
acrlous consideration here. I.loyd
George's telegram to Premier Hrlsncl
of Trance, together with the former's
recent Interview granted the United
Press, portions of which were liber
ally reproduced In the British press
today, were considered Indicative or
nrltaln's altitude toward von Beth-maun-lHollweg's
The only keynote, of difference ob
servable In editorial comment today
waa whether the allies, In their re
ply to the German note should set
' fortht herein their own terms upon
which peace discussion would be con
sidered. If the practical unanimity
of opinion means anything, the re
ply will oo rejsotsd. Press comment
ranged today til the way. from the
Dally Mall's suggestion that ton
. Bethmana-Hollweg Is "no 'mora en-
, titled to tha courtesy of a reply than
named burglar In a private house,"
' to that made by the - Manchester
Ouardian, .that negotiations should
.. at least "go as far aa to ascertain
Qermaay's exact farms.' .
...v. A number of newspapers point out,
;ht desirability. In view of the man
or la which Osrjnany mads hsr of
fer, (hat tbo allies, la replying, clear
ly enunciate their own alms In the
war, for the benefit of the world's
'pinion; that the, terms on whloh the
. allies are willing to enter peaco ne
gotlatlona bo olearly set forth. Such
comment holds that only In this way
ran responsibility for the continu
ance of the war-- which responsibility
Germany obviously seeks to place up
on the allies be turned upon the
1 central powers. f
Among numerous Intervloss with
labile men gathered by tho London
press there Is only one advocating
acceptance of .Germany's -offers and
Immediate. etHrnnre Into negotiations.
That Is tho opinion voiced by rhlllp
Hnowdim, the cmplro's leading paci
fist and lnbor loader who considers
that tho allien will Inrnr "n nwf'tl
responstblllly If tlioy tlodlne, It Is
at least their duty, ho holds (o see
whether tho Gorman (proposals con
tain the posslblllty-of ending the wnr
' on conditions, reasonable and, aa far
as possible, satisfactory tn everybody,
Paris,- Dec. II. General Joffre
has a new post In councillor to Pre
mier Brland's newly formed "war
council" a smalff compact body of
executives, modelled along the lines
of that Juat formed In England by
Uoyd-Oeorge. Announcement of
this post for the' man now In charge
of all Prance's troops was made to
day formal assumption of their duties
by the members of Bfland'a new of
ficial family was made today, when
the entire oody appeared In the
chamber of deputlea. They had been
la conference with President Poin
ters until midnight
The "small, compact body," which
will manage Prance's part In tV) vr,
Is composed of men whom the French
public regard as Ideally consented
for the work. There are five mem
bers sli. including Joffre as coun
cillor ea follows:
Premier Brland. who retains his
portfolio ss foreign minister; Alex
snder Rlbot." minister of finance;
General Hubert Ieutey, minister of
war; near Admiral Localise, minister
of marine; Albert Thomas, minister
of national manufactures, Includ
ing munitions and transport.
There are ala other ministers not
members of the war council and
three under-aerretarles. who are of
ficially constituted as members of
the ministry Itself.
General Nlevelle. defender of Ver
dun, was officially announced as com
mander of the French armies In the
north and northeast.
Ottawa, Out., Dec. 13. The chief
censor Issued the following report:
"The minister of naval aervlce re
grets to report that It is feared that
11. M. Canadian torpedo boat Orllse,
Lieut. Wlngate, R. N. C. V., has been
lost at sea, with all hands."
The vessel left Halifax at 3 p. m..
December 11,. for Bermuda. At I
p. m., December It, a wireless mes-
sage was received stating that owing
to weather, aha waa returning for
shelter to Bhelburne, N. 8, At 7:18
p. m..she wirelessed ."8. O. 8." stat
ing that her position waa latitude
41.40 North, longitude 44.50 Went
At 7:10 p. as. a final mesaage was
received "now sinking." No word
ha boon received from her siooe.
Vessels are now searching for any
signs of 'wreckage, -., . t .
With Qerraaajp's bid for pears; est
routs to hsr suites, thero was bo
let-ap la tho world war noeunaMe
today la official steetmcnts from bl
ltgerent capitals.
Tho moat bitter fighting was tak'
Ing place In five llalkaiM. Petrograd
admitted retirement of llountanlans
at two points, but claimed a checking
of the Teutonic offensive elsewhere.
llciiln claimed "full retreat" of
enemy forces lined on the flooded
,! em con
Ynlomlttt liver anil a gnln toward
IIummi. .
The Hiiiwlnn offensive In the Car
piithliuiN mm Mill on, npimivntly.
Ilerllu reported henvy enemy Iommo
In repulse of attacks there, with the
IlKlitlng rontlmilnu.
,1'hi'I contributed ili'liiiU "of spirit
ed fllitlnn" north of Monnstlr, and
tbo check tug by ertOlciy nnd machine
gun fire of ' ItblHAiiiin rounter-Ht
tHi-kM. . ii I .
In the west Veiila told of temp
orary livening1 of artillery fire and
night patrol claidies, bnC "no large
fighting actUmis" :
' ,.. ,1' 'i, i -r
Jzt Rdb Are Ilin
Juarea, Met., Dec. IS. Important
movsmsnt of revolutionist nndsr Joss
Robles, south of Mexico City, are la
progress todsy, sccordlng to reports
brought to the border by foreigners,
who declare that the city of Puebla,
an Important eity about one hundred
miles south of Mexico City, 1s In os
session of the revolutloatsts.
Anticipating another attack upon
Chihuahua City, nearly all the re
maining Americans and foreigners
are planning to leave the city and
corns to tbo American border. ,
A party of foreigners about to take
the train hers for Chihuahua City
early today rocelvsd telegraphic ad
vice from Gallego, which said that a
body of troops, oellsvsd to be bandits
were discovered in the vicinity of Gal
lego and the trip was abandoned. ;
Chinese from every part of the
stats of Chihuahua City are stream
ing to ths border on every train.
terrorised .over the fate of their
countrymen. This town Is swarming
with Mongols as they are not allowed
to cross to the Amerian side.
Unconfirmed reports resched here
thst the Mexican government sol
diers of Osuna's and Murgla'a com
mand rioted over the possession of
two carload of foodstuffs in the
railway yards at Chihuahua City, re
sulting In the killing of 48.
Washington, Dec. 13. Thst ths
entente allies will "conditionally" re
fuse, tmt Dot flatly torn down Ger
many's peace terms, was ths belief
expressed la British diplomatic circles
These offlclala declared a flat refus
al would be directly "playing into
Germany's hands," and irould be fol
lowed by a mors aggrssslvs and un
restricted submarlno warfare.
Furthermore, a high British official
said, ho believes a Sat refusal would
bs'follbwod by sterner and mora un
relenting measures against ths Bel
gians and be used as aa "excuse for
carrying out military policies which
neutral opinion hitherto has discoun
tenanced." ' ' . .
' It was said that Premier.: Lloyd
George may get around a flat refusal
by declaring England can do nothing
toward peace oeeauss Germany has
not defined her terms,
Saskatoon, Sask,, Dec. 13. "It Is
the determination of this land of
tho peoples of the Urltlsh empire
that there ahall be no truce,"
tho stntcmiont of Sir Hubert Ilordon,
premier of. Canada, at a meeting
here, was generally hailed toduy as
Canada's ortlclal and popular response
to the German peacejtroposala,
"There shall be peace," he said,
"which means peace tor many years
to come. That is ths spirit of the
people of Canada and It Is ths sp:r;t
of her men at ths front, tn the hos
pitals and In training.!'
ilkpd AEid WO
Ddi4 Pexe a Terzj
Washington, Dec. 13. What part
ths United 8tatea will play In further-j
Ing Germany 'a peace terms to ths
allies, Is undetermined today.
But these three big ideas toward
It are la official minds: ,
That tCngland and her allies should
at least discuss the offers; that any
iettliiient esiieclally in Germany's
present frame of mind, would' have
to be backed by a world guaranty of
peace; that the United States will
not be stsmpeded In ths peace move
ment. - On the whole the sentiment herej
Is that at present the United States
ought to set as a messenger for Ger
many and pass on her proposal.
' President Wilson la undecided; he
has not even told hia cabinet what
he thinks. But his closest followers
believe that thia nation ought to
know what the allies think of
terms before making any move.
Offer May be Scorned .
Furthermore, they aay frankly they
believe England will scorn ths offer,
especially If based upon the terms
announced by a German embassy of
In the circumstances
course must be cautious.
The United Press obtained Its in
formation today from four of the
best Informed men in closest touch
with the administration, its main
Informant waa one of the foremost
iien In the councils and confidences
of President Wilson.
From him came the statement that
anything purporting to be President
Wilson's idea now is a fiction. The
president, he said, has not even con
fided to his cabinet, and,, Indeed, haa
not yet decided. But the official
view as reflected by Wilson's closest
advisers, can s stated thus:
Nhoald Coaarider Proposal ,
On ths first point, the adminis
tration regards tho question uf .teace
as so Ug that It must bs gl- n ser
ious consideration. , -
, On ths other, hand.. It i?iU con
vinced, already that ths allies will
scorn ths offers. But. bo Germany's
motive political, altruistic or greedy,
ths Idea of a step, to end the war is
too momentous to os castaalds with
out fullest discussion.
. In ' these circumstances, ths gov
ernment may lend Ita Influence, sec
retly perhaps, Jo getting such dis
cussion. But It will go cautiously
before putting , Itself . on public rec
ord behind Germany's proffer, until
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Petrograd, Dec, 13. Repulse with
great enemy losses of Teutonic at
tacks In the wooded Carpathians,
v announced In today's ofliolul
statement. Eastward of Ohlbena a
strong enemy attack was repulsed
nnd southward and soulhwcstward or
Valeputna, fighting continues, the
enemy stubbornly resisting.
"8outh of Trotlesh," the state
ment satd, "we gained a line of ene
my trenches along the heights south
of Agusulla. Enemy counter-attacks
made to regain this position were
repulsed with great tosses and a
number of prisoners were taken."
London, Dec. 13, Premier Lloyd
George is preparing to' answer ths
peace propoeala made by Chancellor
von Betbmann-Hollweg when he ad
dresses ths bouse of commons next
Tuesday. . , ' . . ' - -
The United Press was reliably la
formed todsy that the premier Is
preparing aa answer to tho German
chancellor to bo delivered la con
nection with bis general statement
oa the goveramaat's policy.
Portland, Dec. 13. Frank
j to is relieved of all criminal blame
I today for the death of hia brother.
Balvatore, ' whom he shot. A cor
oner's Jury ruled that Frank killed
Balvatore in defense of his home and
family. It waa testified that Salve
tors flourished a knife and threaten
ed to slay his brother' wife.
London, Dec 13. Terms which
are believed to constitute the only
basis upon which the entente powers
are willing to enter upon peace nego-
j tlaUoaa, wore. ascertained this after-
noon from various sources by the
United Press. Ons of the provisions
would be for full Indemnity by Get
many for devaatlon to the nations
which she has fnvaded.
These terms, although unofBcUl,
! re believed to represent the c .nces
isions which Germany must make to
obtain peace. They are as foros
The evacuation and rcs'.oictlun of
all occupied territory, inc'ubinx, Bel
glum, France, Poland, SerMu, l.lthu
anla, Courland, Serbia and Roumanla
with full indemnity for the devasta
tlon caused.
Restoration of Alsace-Lorraine to
France. (
Cession . of the Constantinople
straits to Russia. ' ,
Indemnity, ship tor ship, and tbn
for ton, for all destroyed shipping.
Adequate punishment for those re
sponsible for atrocities committed y
German forces. . , " .
It was emphasised in aH quarters
that ths only questions of a possible
negotiable character in tho peace pro
ceedings nilgbt be as to tho disposi
tion of certain captured German col
onies and ths character of limitation
of Germany's future armament
The abovs despatch, passed by .ths
British censor, la In marked contrast
to ths terms nndsr which a high
German embassy official told ths
United. Press., yesterday Germany
would bs willing to make peace. Ths
German terms mads no mention of
Indemnities, and provided merely for
tie restoration of all boundaries as
they, existed .before the war, except
or. .the establishment of the new
kingdoms of Poland and Lithuania
and providing for discussion of the
Balkans In the peace conference. The
German terma aa stated In Washing
ton yesterday were cabled to England
and the British terms of today might
be taken as a direct reply. ' ,
London, Dec. 13. Germany's total
losses In the war up to the and of
November, were 3,921,859 men, ac
cording to figures based upon the
official casualty list. Of this number
946,027 ars listed as dead. .
Tho casualties for November, as
reported hers today, were 166,171,
not Including 30,454 dead.
. AsHMHIgHsf , , tf.
Fra Cez27 b
Berlin, via SajvUle. Doe, 13. "Ths
Germsa government thinks ths
United States haa been incorrectly in
formed about tho cause and explana
tions of the measures and therefore
considers it appropriate to explain
the facts la detail."
The Nord Deutsche Ailgeimene de
clares today, quoting that it Is Ger
many's answer to the Americas pro
test against the deportation of BK
The text of Germany 'a note fol
lows: ' , t
"Belgian unemployment lor consid
erable time has been- extsadiag in
perplexing fashion among industrial
workingmsa. This prevailing unem
ployment has been caused by ths
English policy of isolation, watch cat
off Belgian ladustry from tho impor
tation of raw material and the ex
portation of manufactured goods and
thus brought a majority of Belgian
work to h standstill. ' By this 'men-'
sure almost half of tho Belgian fac
tories' workingmen, that numbered
in round figures, 1,200,000. view
that these measures are In contra
vention of humane principles of inter
national practices to' ths treatment
of the population of tho occupied
territory. , . (.-,'-
, "The German government thinks
that the government pf the United
States has been incorrectly Informed
about the cause and explanation of
ths measures and, therefore,.' con
siders it apt to explain ths facta in
, Washington, Dec. IS. The sensts
today defeated ths Polndsxter am
endment to ths : immigration hill,
which would have excluded from ths
United States all Japanese, includ
ing those now permitted to some sn
der existing understandings la ths
"gentlemsn's agreement" ',.
chjrge ffiic.'.:i ..
Houston, Texas, Dee. 13. H. ISor.
young Mexlcaa, whoso father. Gen
eral Mler, waa a minister of war un
der Porttrlo Dlaa, today waa shargad
with conspiring to violate Amsrtcaa
neutrality, following sslsuro or 10t.-
000 rounds of rifts ammunition la
Galveston lats yesterday.
Ths ammunition waa ahlpped from
New York to Galveston on a Mallory
liner and was to os reshlppsd to Mex
ico, the authorities charge. Mler
waa first arrested tn Galveston on a
minor charge,, but after furnishing
bond waa rearrested. The conspiracy
charge was filed here. Me will bo
given a hearing Saturday.
San Francisco, Dec. IS. President
Wilson m iist "be cautious before ho
makes advances as the result of Ger
many's peace terms, according to Dr.
David Starr Jordan, famous peace
advocate. 1
Jordan Is jubilant over "the glor
ious news," but said today:
"President Wilson must mors
slowly In all his dealings. It would
bs a terrible calamity If, owing ts
a mis-step, Germany's peace terms
should not materialise."
. , , t ...... .. ,