Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, December 10, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    UN DAY, DRCKMBin 10, Itlt
pagb ma
a (ii tu htm as art
that gfvca pleasure throughout
the whole year
u sooner oMnrl limn used
and Mill In use lont( after other
trlita are fongoMen.
Irlrw 4 and U.
llniwnhw .1W tu SI -J.
1'iynuM 7.V and up.
Music and Ptato Hesse
Sunday acd Monday
"A Son of the
A Hirst lllue Illrd Play
.Mr. Krrrliian la utitmgljr aup
ported bjr
LOW U'lllfUtN
A. 0. Clarke, Trustee of the estate
ot the Buroh Lumber Co., In Bank
ruptcy offer (or aale (or cash In
band for the beat price obtainable
the following property to wit: One
amall sawmill, being on the prem
ises of 8. R. Stumbo about I uilles
east of Qlendale, Oregon, alao one
lot of new logs meesurlng about
107,417 feet, aald logs being In part
In the wooda on aald Stumbo prem
ises and part on the landing at the
aid aawmtll. .
Blda are to be received by C. L.
Hamilton Referee la Bankruptcy,
Roseburg, Oregon, not later than
December, 16, 11, certified cheek
must aocompany each bid for 10 per
--cent ot the amount hid. Bale will
be subject to conUrmatlon of ssld
Referee. - - ---
21 v A. O. CLARKE,
' ' Trustee.
COMIlfQ KVKim ' 4
Dec. 12, Tuesday Dr, By water on
' "Tonsils and Adenoids" at tht
- Commercial olub rooms at 2:20.
Under ausplclea of hnelth depart-
nient of the Pareut-Tencher as
sociation. ' ,
Deo. 16, Saturday, Bazar by ladles
of the Christian church, Cooked
i food and fanoy articles. ' '
Dec, 16, Saturday Exhibition of
the Sat iety of Arts and Crafts In
the Oulld hall afternoon and ren
in.. Uladtaters at Ola.
A man who had once been a gladiator
was always regarded ss disgraced.. If
combatant were vanquished, but not
killed, the people decided his fats,
turning down their thumbs when they
wished him to be killed. Contestants
were taught the postures to be assumed
In falling and In dying, sml such food
wss esten ss would thicken their
blood lu order to give the siwctstors a
more leisurely view of their death. ;
Combats of gladiators continued un
til the rolgn of Honorlus, first Chris
, Usn emperor, In 404 A. P., when Tele
mschns, a monk, rushed between two
adversaries at Itnme and by bis self
' saorlflce occasioned the decree for their
xsbotttton. 4'..
- -' 5
Rev. W. O. Smith, of Wolf Creek,
spent Saturday In the city.
Community sHverware at Cramer
Bros. v 22
Mazda lamps at Rogue IMver Hsrd
wsre. tHtf
Charlie Hansen Is spending several
days In the city from Takllma.'
We want to reduce our stock of
diamond ear sorews, so we will give
20 per cent discount for the next
10 dsys. Letcher Son. 824
K. J. Khoeery, of Takllma, Is
spending abort time In the city.
Rogers Bros. 1817 silverware at
Cramer Bros, 22
Sterling Oliver novelties, 50c up
at Barnes' Gift Shop. 8J21f
Alex Nlbley spent Saturday in Med
(ord attending to business matters.
The holiday sessoh I upon us. A
new tailored suit or overcoat will en
able you the better to enjoy U. Geo.
8. Calhoun. (22
Young man, your ewevthesrt will j
sppreclste a box of fresh crndy from
the 8ugar Bowl. OStf I
J. T. (irady spent Saturday In'
Rlendale attending to liualneaa mat
Carving sets at Cramer Bros. 922
Nothing lw t tor for a present than
one of those wrlat wstches at Letcher ;
& Son's. 924
Mr. and Mrs, J. Ittoken snd
daughter, Cora spent Saturday In
the city.
Christmas dressing equals a new
suit or overeost (or Christmas. Geo, I
8. Calhoun. 922
Xmas cards and letters, tags and
stickers at Clemens. 922
J. A. Dale spent Friday in Rogue
River transacting business at that
place. '
Nut sets at Cramer Bros. 922
New hand bags Just received st
the Oolden Rule. The kind tbst are
different for tfmas trade. 922
John Fulker returned to his home
at Merlin yesterday alter spending
a few daya In the city.'
Did you see that big stick of candy
at the Sugar Bowl? It will be given
on December 22 to the person who
guesses nearest 'Ha correct weight.
J. E. Turnbull went to Olendsle
yesterday to spend the day looking
after business matters.
Watch the Sugar Bowl for Xmas
candy. , 90Stf
Rodney Britten went to Medford
yesterday morning to spend the day
at that place.
Christmas worries cured by a
specialist. Barnes the Jeweler. 922tf
George Calhoun went to Cold Hill
Saturday to apend the day looking
after business matters.
The newest styles In bsnd bags at
Clemens. ' "- ' 922
fl. W. Morrow left Friday night
for Portlsnd and will spend a week
there attending to business matters.
There Is still time to have that suit
tailored for Christmas. Geo. S. Cal
houn. 922
Dr. and Mrs. J. F. Roddy returned
yesterday morning from Spokane
where they spent some time visiting.
Nut bowl irlth anvil, hammer and
picks, something new for 15.00 at
Cramer Bros. 922
M. C. Page has spent the last week
In the city, having come In from his
mine on Whiskey creek last Monday.
Wrist watohes at Letcher ft Son's
from $5 to 146. 924
Mrs. lAttle Ruth returned from
Loa Angeles Saturday after spend
ing the last , week visiting at that
place. . ,
Pocket knives at Cramer Bros. 922
Mlu Kate Swlnden arrived Friday
night from Redding, Cal called here
by the' Illness of her mother, Mrs.
John Swlnden.
The 8ugar Bowl started Saturday
to maks one ton of pure mixed candy
to sell at 12Ho per pound, starting
December 15. i 922
Blanche Sweet
Thomas Meighan
Veda McEveri
Ernest Joy '
Ik Dupe"
Powerful Paramount feature
Admiaaion ' five and lOtwnts,
Coats at reduced prices; also wool
and silk dresses. Mrs. E. Rhekopf. tf
Mlsa Edna Cornell is spending the
week end in the city.
Fancy flowered petticoats In all the
new styles. Mrs. K. Rhekopf. 922tf
Rev. J. H. Harmon went to Med
ford last night to spend Sunday.
New shipments of toques and scarf
sets also bestitlful line of hsnd bsgs
on display at tha Oolden Rule. 922
F. F, Chllders, of the Greenback
mine; is In the city for a short time.
Do your Xmss shopping early st
the Oolden Rule. Many new lines of
goods on display. , 922
C. E. Brisee, of Smith River, Is
registered at the Grants Pass hotel.
You will enjoy the picture show
much better If you tske some candy
with you from the Sugar Bowl. 902tf
E. H. Brevle srrlved" from Port
land yasterdsy for a short visit In ths
Fine mixed Christmas csndles st
Raid's. 927,
C. M. Cry snd fsmlly, or Brook
ings, are spending a short time In
the city.
Liggett ft Feonay's csndy at Clem
ens. 922
IT. D. Mlbllls left last night for
Fresno to attend to business mstters
at that place.
Tool chests at Cramer Bros. 922
, R. B. Miller left last night for
Portland to spend a few days look
ing after business Interests.
If you are not sure of what you
are going to give her for Christmas
look at those wrist watches made by
the Elgin, Waltbam and Hamilton
watch companies. Letcher ft Son
have a full supply on hand at prices
thst will suit sll pockets. Call and
see tbem. 924
A. A. Hsnseth, of Dryden, wss a
Grants Psss visitor Saturday.
Flash lights at Cramer Bros. 922
This Is a Jewlery Christmas. Don't
miss Barnes' Gift Shop. 922tf
Mrs. E. Ellsworth loft Saturday
morning for Marshfleld after visit
ing here for a month with her
brother, Herman Horning.
Useful holldsy girts In percolators,
roasters, alumipum ware and nlckle
plated ware at Cramer Bros. 922
Urge assortment of Children's
painting books at Clemens. 922
A. Risdon returned Friday even
ing front Oold Hill where he spent
several days attending to business
You will enjoy shopping at Barnes'
Gift Shop. . 922U
Manicure sets at Clemens. 922
Exceptional valuea In box choco
lates for Christmas at Raid's. 927
A. D. Cord ley arrived yesterday
from Corvallls to spend the day with
County Agent C. D. Thompson. Mr.
Cord Icy Is director of the station or
agriculture at the agricultural col
lege. "
Garland ranges at Cramer Bros.
The Bugar Bowl, 603 O st. 03tf
Past Matron. Uuntt
Mrs. Anna Ltnd, past-Worthy
Matron of Martha chapter, No. 60,
was a guest at the O.' E. 8. banquet
Wednesday evening.
Music Club Will Meet
The mtisto club wilt meet Monday
evening, at 7:30 o'clock at the home
of Miss Alma Wolke at 706 North
Mb street. .. ..
More Gloves .
Since a recent notice In the
Courier to the effeot that there was
a supply of gloves unclaimed In this
offloe, a number ot people have
brought in stray gloves and found a
mate for them. However, during the
past week there have been several
more brought In. If you have ever
lost a glove, bring In the mate to It
and we will try to match It.
Hasaar in Couklln Building
The ladles of the Baptist church
will hold tbetr basaar and cooked
food aale In the Conklln building on
the afternoon of Tuesday, December
12. If you have articles for this,
leave them with Mrs. Drake opposite
Baptist church, before Tuesday. 922
Methodist Choir at Work
The choir of the Newman Method
ist Episcopal church, under tht
leadership of Prof. J, 8, MacMurray,
la at work on Christmas musical
program which will be of a very
high order indeed. It will consist ot
choruses,' carols, duets and solos.
Professor MacMurray carefully select
ed the music long in advance. This
program will be a treat to lovers of
good music; It will be presented on
Christmas eve, Sunday night, De
cember 14.
Envelopes' at the 'CotrNar.
So at lUndoiph's
A non wss horn to Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Rsndolph at Ardencralg on
November 30.
Dr. Itywate to Talk
Dr. Bywater's talk at the commer
cial club Tuesday afternoon is sure to
be of unusual interest, and the health
committee of the Parent-Teacher as
sociation hopes the meeting will be
well attended. Later on, with the
assistance of the local "physicians,
other talks on the care of the child
every day in the year, etc., will be
given. A better babies contest Is be
ing plsnned for spring.
Englewood Dairy
Tha beet milk, cream and ice cream.
Phona 322. . tf
Wallace R. Struble, former sec
retary of the Albany and Astoria
Commercial clubs, and all-round pub
licity man, was in the city for a few
boors yesterday, en route to Med
ford and Ashland. Mr. Struble Is
doing advance work for the Grahllng
Players, who held the boerdi t the
BIJou theatre last night and wi'l sp
pesr again tonight in high claw tab
loid dramaa and vaudeville acts. The
members of the company are Graham
and Norton, harmony singers, and
Fruhling and Vlckroy, violin and sax
ophone srtlsts.
Mr. Stuble's daughter, '.'Nina
Norton," (Mrs. Ray A. Graham) is
a member of the troupe. Both the
Grahams are remarkable singers and
vaudeville specialists. "Donna Vlck
roy" (Mrs. Elmer Fruhling) and her
husband are saxophone and violin
experts of wide fame. The entire
company take part In the tabloid
dramatic sketches which are the sen;
sational features of their stsge work.
Mr. Struble has been engaged In
publicity work in the northwest for
many years, and the first of the cur
rent year conducted the widespread
campaign for a naval base at the
mouth of the Columbia rler an ef
fort which will undoubtedly be
crowned with success at the present
or following session of congress. Last
year Mr. Struble promoted the series
of celebrations in commemoration ot
the opening of The Dalles-Celllo
canal. He Is still secretary of the
Columbia and Snake River Water
ways association, which has tor its
object the full improvement of the
Columbia river and its tributaries
both for navigation and power devel
Seetsh Hunter.
A tourist evidently of self Importsace
arrived at Aberdeen station last week.
Accosting a railway porter who bsd
that day got notice to leave and whose
temper was anything tint sweet, he
ssld: ., !
"I say, portah, la this AberdeeuT
Porter (sarvastk-allyi-Ay. Wis e
thlnkln' o' buyln' It?-Loudon Mall.
... i '
Wendsrful Kindness.
Hatterss Is thst msn ('.hirers good
psy 7 Hsiiohott-Gond pay 7 Why, once
when his ascts were actually twite a
much as bis llsbllltii-a he weut luto
bankruptcy an hi m-rilturs would get
200 cents on the d l':r.- I'll k.
Job printing ot every description at
the Courier office. .u .
Again Tonight
The Frnhllng Players
.V-People ' V
In an entire change of program,
both niUNiral and vaudeville
An extraordinary Triangle pro
. gram i
The International star II.
. II, Warner and beautiful
. ,n
A story of romance and adven
ture bamd on the international
relations of Uie Huropesa na.
tlona now at war.
Bottle scenes rivaling "Civilisa
tion" are shown
9 Act Comedy ' ,
' "Puppets ot Kate"
A big two and one-half hour
, allow
v 0 and 18 cents
The Gift
fO.OW and up. Free dn
i hi k ration and Term
Urge aeaortmeat of ELECTRIC HOT PLATES, TOASTERS, etc
Fancy shades and something extra One in WESTINGHOtSH MAZDA
ELECTRIC WARMING PADS, flexible for these' cold nights. Erea
temperature, three heats. Splendid for the sick room.
Roth VnlrerwU and Weatinghouse ELECTRIC COFFEE PERCO
LATORS. Aim a bnuitiful aJlver-pUted coaTee am.
Electric Vibrator. Aid to health aad beauty.
Call and see these articles aad many others.
' Buy Electric Goods at the Electric Store.
Tobe Martin has gone to Portland
where he will spend the winter with
his two daughters.
Ed. Van Dora and son, Delbert, re
turned last week from Washington
where they have been employed dur
ing the past six months.
Henry Booth at former resident of
this place, Is spending a few days
here from his home In Yamhill
Word has been received here that
Miss Vivian Mason is ill with small
pox at her home in Myrtle Greek. The
Masons are old residents ot Merlin
leaving here two, years ago..
Asa Tyler has gone to Hornbrook,
California to look after mining In
terests there, .
Mrs. W. F. McCabe and Miss Ethel
Gibson were visitors to Grants Pass
Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Chas. Crow was in Grants
Pass shopping Wednesday afternoon.
A son was horn in Grants Pass
Thanksgiving day to Mr. and Mrs. D.
W. Mitchell Jr., ot this place.
Letterheads at the Courier.
Job printing at the Courier.
New '
Oriental Vase
Theae vnaea are noted for their
rich colorings and graceful and
beautiful aliapes.
AIno a now
Call and Inspect
A Practical
Makes bouse) work a real oleaw
It has a low, dast-paa shaped
SMHcxe that cleans a strip thir
teen inches wide! Get AUt
the dirt! It don't stir up any '
dust absorbs It! -
Ask for free demon strstioa :
Old Ivory Reed Rockers
with beautiful Tapestry
Cushions,", . ,
: ' Safety Plrst, '
"I waited fifteen minutes on tha cor
ner for a car this morning," said the
hash house lady, "snd when one dually
did come along the motortnau declined
to stop for me."
"Had the motnnuan ever boarded
here?" asked the mau st the pedal ex
tremity of the mahogany. ; , t
"Not that I know of," replied the
landlady, "Why do you ask T" . .- ,
"Oh," rejoined the other, "I thought
nixed you that he didn't want you to
board his car."-Kxcbange.
Carrier Plgesna.
The csrrler pigeon has wauderfnlly
developed the "homing" Instinct pos
sessed by many domestic animals. The
young birds are set free at short dis
tances from horns and of their own ac
cord fly directly U k. The distances
are gradually Increased, and a well
trained bird will "home" swiftly and
accurately oter (WODtOOO miles, carry.
Ing meessges on the lightest of paper
(attached to tbe bird's leg) at a rat
Utne speed'ef Ibirry to forty miles an
boar. -