Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, December 10, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Image 1

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    f'..i, OUif
YOU VII., No. 71.
Ko. Other Town in the yVorld the Sizcof Grants Pass Has -a Pa"pprs With Full Leased Wire Telegraph Service.
Forcaticn Scsibide District
I Underway, ad Cocrt Ap
proves Bocd asd Author
izes Preparation of Order
, The pettlloa signed by property
holders coming under the proposed
eouthalde Irrigation proJi:i pre
sented to the'taunty, court: at, ,10
o'clock Saturday morning, and ih
mnd accompanying , petition was
duly approved and order for an elec
tion Will follow. "A number of prop
erty owini appeared before , the
court, but there were no objectors to
the cnlllnar of the election for the
establishment of tli district. 0. II.
Cordon asked for the exclusion of
certain of hi land from the dis
trict, dome of whtih could out he ;
watered from the proposed ditch and
other landi for which he did not wlxh
Water. Mr. Gordon a I no suggested
(hat tHe election of directory of Ihe
district lie by specified subdivisions
and not from tha district at tame.
Attorney C, M. Thomas, or Talent,
representing the property owners.
wa directed to prepare the older of
the court calling the election at which
tha three directors will be chosen.
Mr. Thomaa waa prevent at the meet
ing and atated that tha formation
Of tha district In the. Rogue, Itlver
country, which waa to be ronnectel
with tha district here and nerved
from tha same ditch and aource of
supply, waa progressing rapidly, and
urged all poaalble apVed In the work
here. A letter waa alao read from
tha aecretary of the dtatrlot being
formed there aaklng that they be no
tified at the earl lout poaalble mo
nent of the action to be taken here at
they wlahed to get at work upon the
dltohea and ao have water for this
muring season.
' The notice calling the election Is
Expected to be ready within a few
days, and the election can follow after
40 daya notice. '
1 If the dtatrlot la the Grants Tass
aectlon Is formed, the ditch td serve
the upper river district will be built
upon a much larger acale so as to
eerve both seotlons. and Its gradVwIll
be lightly leas ao that It Is neces
nary that there be no delay In action.
A preliminary survey has been made
of this end of the ditch, and It was
found that there are ao serious con
struction difficulties. The " survey
brought the ditch In at about the
level of the ditch dug by the Public
Service people laat summer, and It
la poaalble that this ditch can' be
ntiitsed, thus reducing the work
' necessary to bring water to the lower
valley. No definite data can- be ob
tained, however, till the directors are
elected and proper survey made,
Including ths lands that can be Irrl
gated and excluding tracts that either
oaa not be watered or that have
adequate means of Irrigation at the
present time. ,
' The propoaed district will Include
the flut landa lying along the river
m the north side from near (lohl
11111 to the, mouth ot the AppWate
rlvur. The dltoli will probably not
run at quite cnouyli level to cover
the Jerome porlrle country, hut lifts
of from 10 to 30 feet riom t ho d It 'll
will put water on largo trucls or
land. It Inn proposed thai ths (Hull
1)0 iiuulo large enough so tlmt the
district pin sell water for puulnluo:
to thce higher lands.
i .iy.
Move Ijiw OAlccs i
; The law firm of, IManchard and
V lllanchard have moved ' their office
, , from aulte four In the First Natloual
Bank Itulldlng to the three front
Iterlln, via Sayvllle, Iec. I. t'reai
tlon of a provisional state council In
the Polish kingdom, which Is to rep
resent the Polish natloual adminis
tration, In both parts of the king
dom occupied by Teutonic troops, un
til the election of a definite state
council, waa announced today. ,
To this council 25 additional mem
bers will be sppofnted IS from the
district of the' German '' governor's
general, and 10 from the district of
the Auatro-llunxarlaa governor's gen
eral. The council will meet In War
saw; will elect a crown marshal a
presiding officer; give advice on leg
islative matters and generally coop
erate lu' thw. creation Of state Insti
tutions. ' V ,
tXMi 1'IUCK TO illtol'
Portland, Dec. 9. How has the
mighty egg fallen since Mrs. Port
land Housewife started her boycott
a week ago. ' The wholesale price Is
3s cent today, as compared with Li
before the attack started. Portland
dealers notified ranchers throughout
Orcgou that they could not sell mn
at any price, and that no more would
be purchased. . . , ,
Chicken raisers who are feeding
their iioultry said, IS wheat was the
cause otthe high prices,
Petrograd, Pec. . Hustlsu troops
have dislodged Ihe enemy from two
heights west and south of Valepulna,
taking 500 prisoners, today's official
statement said., Six machine." g una,
one cannon and two ' bomb mortars
were captured. .' " """ ,
On both banks of the Teheben-
lach, the statement said, the Russian
advanoe progressed. Southwest of
8ulta repeated enemy attacka forced
abandonment of the height occupied
yesterday, it was admitted, In the
wooded Carpathians, the statement
aald, the struggle for a height south
of Jakornlka died down and tha Rut-
elans ' retreated to their own en
trenchmentt In good order. South of
Pomorwln. In the region of Konlmlkl
scouts broke through the enemy's en
tanglements and captured an enemy
ambuscade, , .. . ... ,
la IkNimanla, llerlu annunacea
continued advance, and, as nlilence
of Vim4et demorallaatlon "of the
enemy force, cites t0,000 prlKoaera
taken atnee llerember 1, with pro
north mate number of killed and
wounded.; ; -v-n
The Itusaiaa offensive In, Ue Car-
pnthtans la apimrently ' continuing,
llerlln adintla liwa of "ground dearly
paid for by the agjuesHora," an
"siiimII I(k1 siirccMHea.' Ihiwtlaa vein
sloiiv dlhliwlglim ot enemy from two
hebj(htN and capture o iUMI prlwincra,
although ndmhuilon whh imule by the
Hluvs (if Hliimdohnifi,tof one of (lie
heights. ' "
(hi the wcMtcrn front llei-Un cIhIihk
repulse of enemy pptrols nimr ' Ix
TrahNloy iiml artillery filing. (Jenerul
1 1 it I tt bnn Holding to report fr'iu the
tirtttsh frrtnt-ln' r'nitiro, while" the
I'lfticlt statement merely detnlleil sr.
ttiWljf?atltfOWWI IIIKWH,; wl
by ell vi Hiring natlono, lNMpiilhea
Were Ull greatly delayed, hut. Indl.
oated ' possible hostile action by the
Greeks under King Conetaatlne.
against be 1D1 kH WlIM r)t;illan's
.arc, Icnvlng Athens.
an ea a saaa ara an ; i
UlUHA bMOhvtl
Crafty Meiicaa Rebel Caugfct
the Enemy Near Chihsabaa
City, and Battle Was Rag
ing Between the Forces
1 Kl Paao, Dec. t. Fighting between
VllllHtaa'and Mexican government
troops was In progress early today
near Fresno only 10 miles from Chi
huahua City. During the night Gen
eral Margin, Carransista commander,
hurried reinforcements to the relief
of General Oxuna's column of cav
alry which hud started in pursuit of
the bandits after the evacuation of
Chihuahua City and had fallen into
a VlUista trap, according to Informa
tion received here by mining men
and United States department of
ficials. -
Oiuna was enticed Into a trap early
yesterday near Santa Ysahel by the
VUllstaa. His forces were attacked
and driven back toward the capital.
Near Fresno, Osune halted to make
a atand against the bandits, mean
time asking Murgla to hurry relief.
Onlydhe. rear .guard o( VI Jl 1st as en
gaged in the attempt to nait me pur
suit of Oxuna's column.. Refugees
from the Cueihuirlachla aay Villa's
men were scattered In heavy bodies
all along the Mexican Northwestern
railway from Santa Vsabet Westward.
Villa himself Is making hie head
quarters at Bustlllo. ; they aay. , t
The present engagement is not tak
en by military men; to mean that
Villa intends to make another as
sault upon the northern capital, but
merely to hamper eerloua pursuit by
government troops. In military
quarters here there Is much specula
tion over Villa's next move.
Another report reached United
States agents here early today that
the column of Carranxlstas, sent in
pursuit of the bandit 'has returned
o Chihuahua City, after marching
out eight miles. (i, , . ..
New lines of trenches and wire
entanglements are being added to the
defensive works around Chihuahua
City by General Murgla In prepara
tion for another attack. Villa Is
said, to have announced We. would re
turn for the remainder of the 200,-
000 pesos ransom he had demanded
of tha city's merchants. He obtain
ed about 40,000 pesos, it was re
ported. ; . -I.-.'
Since the deposition of General
Trerlno from the de facto forces.
many -rumors are afloat that he Is
to he eourtmaxtlkled. '
'''i " ' , - v
: r.i.j v.-i r..i iw
inuiv loiniiu nnij taiui vni, fwv
l ,... . u ' . . A
destroyer was launched and the keel
of gnothcrlald here today. Mrs, Vir
ginia Millard, of Norfolk, Vtt., Rroat
granddaughter of Capnln John
Shaw, acted as spnnsor when the des-
troycr'show was launched nt noon.
Mi liouv inter the keui or tno dos
trtyorroldwolt whs laid with Mafje
Island foreman and quartermasters
atting ai the christening gang.
'i TfH 0", h A w - w y 1 k com missioned
rari next lycar j Sho will bo 315 feet
lontf. ' ne Caldwell a 'ship or thV
sajne, le. will , be , launched . noxi
"AMiSitj' J;. y . '. t
Two other destroyers must be rih
lehed at the ntvy yard within twenty
months. 1
.'''. .',. SAv ?,":.') i. 'it
English Prefer Expected to
JAozsce Recctrcctisa
f ftf Ait nnvw"i al
Tuesday Heefcg
London. Dec. . England's cab-'
Inn lusker. David Lloyd-George, ws J explained,, that In bis characteriza-
belleved today to have completed his he Intended to inault the entire
,, , , ., , ' 1 douma. Rodzlanko attempted to re
task of "recount runion of govern- ... , , , , .
sign bis official position, so that he
,,,ell, i privately could challenge his enemy.
r- Ltofd-George was still at work, - . ,
nowever, harnionmlng anor conclllat
inx. lining nn every faction in Brit-'
lei. K f 1 1 1 I ... I ... I . 1. . . .1.1. f
.... poiun . -u ,,.,u..B ,u.,n -
toe aetermmation that a united Ens-
land would force a victorious conclu- i
sion of the war.:-:.-...v-' -rw ft?oC.i
JThera probably , will be, no..2,anrfl
nouncement of those whom Lloyd-1
George will associate with himself in1
the "wln-the-war" movement, until
luesaay s meeting, it was ooncea
ed that this new cabinet would con
tain eome of the leaders against
whom there was considerable -objection
1a the old coalition cabinet an
objection based oh : the charge of
vacillation. : It was believed, how
ver,. that Lloyd-George with hia In
domitable energy would imbue these
members, with some of his own de
termination. '
Formation of i war council ot not
more thaf six members to lake actual
charge of all' of Bnglaad'a warring
waa certain. Lloyd-George himself
will head this body , and nearly all
experts agreed, associated with . him
would be Andrew Bonar-Law, A. f.
Balfour, former first ord.of tte ad
miralty in the old cabinet;. Sir Ed
ward Carson, the Earl of Derby and
Arthur Henderson. ,
" . . .. ?.i
New York. Dec U-Replying: to
his request for an explanation of Ger
many's order affecting Jews In Po
land, German ' Foreign Secretary
Zimmerman today transmitted the
following to Dr. B. 8. Meladdenr edi
tor of the American Jewish Chron
icler ' ' '- ''" !''
"It give the Jews farreachlng self
government, the opportunity of con
ducting their own schools, and for
the development 'of their education
system. The rational autonomy
question can only be settled by the
Polish constitution and ought not be
anticipated by the present order. For
this question a previous understand
ing is necessary between Poles and
Jews. The order makes possible an
unhampered progress and:: develop
ment of Jewish life. . It creates
boards under self-government tor or
ganising and superintending schools
,ant plans of instruction, wiwi au-
t ,
thorlty to levy taxes and create rop-
reaentatlve bodies of Jewish Interests,
I .rho ii,h . ,,min eounell
makes it possible for Polish Jews to
participate in full In the future gov
emmont of Poland. " v ".'-
Compulsory concrlptlon fori Pol
j n Jews docs not exist. Only ivnl
nnteerlng of Poles and Jews Into the
Polish legions Is contemplated.., The
extent of eueh Volunteering. , how
ever, can not yet be foreseen."
The statement was trsnsmltted
through German ,1 Ambassador von
fiernstorff at Washington.
John Hampshire. returned Friday
night' from San .Francisco where the
spent several days attending to bus
$f Petrograd, Dec. . Secends called
by President Michaej ftodzlanko of"
the douma, to demand a duel with
J M. Markoff, leader of the . extreme
right, today decided that such a meet
ing was Impossible. As teasura
of retaliation to the insult which
Markoff gove the president and their
bod,r th donm 'e4 f u .tn
parties decided to oetradxe Markoff
Jr prtr' thr 0ctobrf,,t-
Markoff called the president ot the
douma "a babbling blackguard." and
Arm a a sit initiT
ni niilUll.l I, .
j -t , ,j
f ' Berlin, via Sayvllle, Dee. "S.-VsIn
,ttackg' br kuwlan1 forces ' against
German positions north of v Narors
lake , and 8kory narrow, preceded by
fire prepai-atfon, were unsuccessful,
today's war office statement asserted.
A majority of other strong Russian
attacka. aimed, at German, positions,
on the- front -between Ky-llbaba aad
the Blstrltxa valley were llkewjee re
pulsed. 1' ?i,;',r.if't
. "North ot Dorbavatra . we,- lost
ground, dearly, paid for by the Slavs,"
the statement continued. . "Also In
attacks on the south Trotusul val
ley, which practically failed.' the Rua-
alana only obtained small local suc
cesses, while wasting a considerable
force." . . , ,, . .
Berlin, via Sxvyvllle, Dec. S.--Ar
tillery dueu, approaching great vio
lence during aome hours, ware re
ported from tha western front, in
today's official statement. . ,,(.,,,. -
'Enemy patrols advancing against
German positions near Letransloy
were repulsed Is hand-tb-hatid fight
ing, and artillery and' a number of
French prisoners Were taken.
. Berlin v)a Sayvllle, Dec. . Easy
repulse ot enemy attacks in the Cerna
bend, following a rrolent shelling of
height positions: north ot Mod astir
and : northeast of Parlovo, ,oa the
atacedpniaa front, waa announced, by
the war office today. . In the east
upper Tahlno lake the Bulgarian van
guards repulsed a British company's
attack. - " '' .'. .-
el .
K.U" ' 51'.)
French mm
Paris, Dec. . Apparently ; 5 en
couNtged by the successful ehake-np
of the ministry In England and the
certainty that ; under LhiyB-Qeorge
that nation- will be roused- to new
energy in the war, the Brlnnd min
istry Is making plans for ro-dou til
ing France's efforts. Just what con
centration ot forces and changes in
administrative control are being plan
ned has not yet been revealed, but
Paris' newspapers .voiced the general
belief that a war committee, or else
a supreme executive head, charged
with entire direction of France's
1 art In the war would emerge as suc
cessor to the system of divided con
trol uow In force.
Otic group of the public was today
Miggestlng that President Point-are
be vested with practical dictatorship
given powers somewhat resembl
ing those granted the president of
the United States inWaf time as
a solution ot the problem.r v
V--.'.-f.i 'i- v ' - , -.,"'T-v-. - ;
- Lm ' a
fb H Cri fct cf
ijziPcdijy .
John Auetia Hooper in running
tree to form he baa escaped from
the Missouri state penitentiary and
is now at larger He made his es
cape oA November 52nd. though the
authorities kept It quiet -and made
still hunt for him until Friday nig&t.
when word, waa sent to Pacific uoast
officers to keep watch for him. Hoop- .
er being believed to have started for
the west coast The details of the
escape have not been received, v
Hooper waa sentenced to tha Mla-
sourl prlaoB Iat; July?. for having;
killed a policeman, his sentence being
for 10 years. " Hooper's defenae was :
that he believed the policeman was
about to hold hrm np, and he shot
as he supposed (A self protection., At
the, tlma ot his arreat ia-Mlssour1
Hooper was being sought for bavins;
escaped from' the county jail la fhia
city In Aajruirt', 115. fte waa being
held in the Jail here upon the charge
af robbery of the Bo'uthera Pocifld
depot nd of a bank at Rogue River,
and waa also a parole breaker front
Folsom prison California, ' where he
was under a sentence to fhe penitentiary-
for life. .'His escape from the
Jail here waa spectacaUuv,and be has
been. Implicated In a number ot spec
tacular, stunts, since . leaving Grants
Pass, always finding some way to es
cape when taken, by, -the " olncaral
Hooper is considered one of the moat
daring desperadoes ta tka country, .
Waahington, Dae. -Rauora that
Waiter Hlnea Pace, Uatted 8taW
ambassador to England. U- coqsldorr
lng resigningls poejt were recelrea
today. ,. :"" ;?"". ( '....
White House cOnuMat .was re- ,
fusedv Secretary Lanalng said; ,
, "I never heard of It I never had
any Indication of It" " '
v It has been known for soma monthn
that Page bee felt he should retnm
to private busineae. but that he, also
baa, teK,.up to this time at least, tt (
might be embarrassing to the ad
ministration to bv forced to send a
new representative to the court of
St, James. r i, ' - .1 .
Berlin, via Sayvllle, Dec .-t-On
thousand persons are battqved y to
have peri abed whoa an explosion took '
place in an ammunition factory, at
Lasataanaya,' the Russian paper
Ryetsh reporte, according V to tha
semi-official news agency oday.
Berlin, via SayvIlK Dec. I. Fol
lowing an artillery duel In the Cerna
district, hostile attacks' developed,
which are still gotng'on, the war of
fice reported tonight. .
Berlin, via 8ayvllle, Dec- . Pur
suit of the Rpumaplana who are flee
ing before advancing German forces
continues, the second war office state
ment' announced ' tonight.' ' ' "
' "The Roumanian pursuit progres
ses as planned,'! the statement! said.
." ri . , -j
Berlin, via Sayvllle, , Dec,- Em
peror. Carl of Austro-Hungary waa
a visitor ' at ' German grand head
quarters recently, having an Inter
view with the kaiser In the presenne
of , Field Marshals Hlndenburg , aad
Conrad, ,,','"..
Roy Clark returned to Takllm'a
yesterday after spending a tew days
In the olty., ': t ) -v -i,v
y. '
iness matters, . v..',. v
"' .:'.!' .V i, ...I, '..'1
i I