Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, November 29, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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daily nootn mu cocrubr
The Superb
to Your Family
A musical Instrument that pro
duces iral mu4c not Imita
tion music music that is so
perfect that you can not tU it
from real playing or singing.
Such an, instrument is
Come' In and hear It. We will
place one in your home tor a
small cash payment, and you
may pay the balance in easy
Kasic and Photo House
(Page 100, Picture Players
"Darcy of The
, (Page 20 Photoplay Magazine)
and Lee Mum a, with Betty
Oompnon and Neal Barns
-v:-.: r. -.'tm ; ,"
Lea's College Career
Peculiar Aibway Wreck Naval
Boat Races When a Zeppelin
is Bagged Speed Kings Dare
Death." . '
' Price Always 8c and 10c
Athens, Nor. 29. With King
Oonstantlne presiding, the crown
council has determined that it can
not oppose the Greek government in
Its decision to refuse demands of the
allies for disarmament. It was said
today the council's resolution bad
been forwarded to the allies through
Vlce-Admiral Fournet, who made the
original demands.
words, two Issues, 25c; six Issues,
50c; one month, $1.50, when paid in
advance. When not paid In advance,
5c per line per issue.)
12,200 BUYS 100 acres of Deer creek
bottom land, within half mile of
Selma depot; part under cultiva
tion; water right; probably 5,000
cedar posts. Terms. P. E. Ger
ould, Selma, Ore. 914
OLD PAPERSVV'e buy ciean fold
ed newspapers and old magazines.
Union Junk Co., phone 21-J, 503
South Sixth street. 919
WANTEr Man's second-hand bi
cycle. State cash price. Address
No. 2134, care Courier. 914
for all kinds of furs. Inquire at
City Market. 919
WANTED Woman for general
housework. Call 618 K street. 915
HAVE CLIENT with money to loan
on first class security. O. S. Blanch
ard. 91 4tf
NO. 1 FIR WOOD will advance 60c
a cord on December 1 , other grades
In proportion. Utah-Idaho Sugar
company. 914
WANTED Set light double harness
or lines for double narneiis. Phone
805-J. , 915
Indoor Carnival
Masonic Temple
Thursday Friday Saturday
Nov .10
Dec. I
Dec. 3
: PER52ML iHB LO.CdL :
E. Blanchard spent the day in
Medford on business.
A nice assortment of ladies' wool
underwear. Mrs. E. Rehkopf. 90 1 tf
Postmaster Guild, of Merlin, spent
Tuesday afternoon In the city.
I Sole leather at Rogue River Hard
ware. , 894tf
i Mrs. F, E. Hall lert last night for
! Irving, Ore., to visit her parents.
I Miss Sue Cook went to Medford
this morning to spend several days.
The Sugar Bowl, 603 0 st. 903tf
H. L. Andrews arrived today from
' Montague to spend Thanksgiving
with his family.
You will enjoy the picture show
; much belter if you take some candy
, with you from the Sugar Bowl. 903tf
Miss Margaret Hair went to Eu
gene today to visit her sister, Miss
Helen Hair, at the University.
$1.00 buys a Durham Domino rasor
and six blades at Cramer Bros. 914
I Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Voorhels.of Ash
land, are visiting the E. P. Hughes
family on North 7th street.
Lester Boling and bride left this (
morning tor their home on Foots
creek, where Mr. Boling Is mining.
Young man, your sweetheart will
; appreciate a box of fresh candy from
j the Sugar Bowl. 03tf
! Ben Von Paepeghem, wife and two
children arrived this morning from i
Los Angeles, ' seeking government ,
! Flannelette gowns, 75c, 11.00 and
11.25. Quality can not be beat. Mrs.
:E. Rehkopf. 901tf
Mrs. B. Chrlstensen, of Long
Beach, Wash., arrived here this morn
ing and will visit at the home of
W, N. Carl, near Murphy.
Mrs. R. H. Gllflllan went to Al
bany to visit relatives. Her son,
Hobart, a student at the O. A. C. will
spend Thanksgiving with her at Al
bany. Delicious, substantial Thanksgiving
dinner in courses.' with turkey as the
head-liner, 5:30 until 8 o'clock, 35
cents. Grants Pass Hotel. 914
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Woody and
daughter went to Murphy today to
make an extended visit with Mrs.
Soranson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
' Woody.
i Free, until Thanksgiving, new
model aluminum handle paring
knife with each Ltsk roaster at
Cramer Bros. 914
I Ed. Fanerbaugb, Lee Dennis and
Fred Loveland left last night for
Idaho, expecting to secure work In
the mines. Their families will Join
them later.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Clark, of Kent,
eastern Oregon, spent Tuesday night
in the city, stopping off here on their
way to Los Angeles to spend the
Watch the Sugar Bowl for Xmas
randy. 903tf
Mrs. L. A. Abbott returned this
morning from Ashland and Medford
where she visited. She was accom
panied by Mrs. H. M. Marsh, of Hert
ford, who will visit for a few days.
Mazda lamps at Rogue River Hard
ware. 894tf
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Dunbar return
ed this morning from Portland and
Salem, where they went on aroctint
of the Illness of Miss Ailene Dunbar,
who Is now much improved and Is
at Salem. She Is a student at Wil
lamette university.
Odd Fellows Meet
Golden Rule Lodge, No. 78, will
meet in regular session tonight.
There will be election of officers.
Tag Day for the Honpltal j
The net Income on Tag Day for the
Good Samaritan hospital was $43. "8.
The ladles of the committee wish to
thank the people of the community
for their help. They ask that you
continue the good work by donations,
which can be left at Helmer's furni
ture store or the Public Market for
the rest of the week.
"Susie Snowflake"
1'iii'iinioiint feature, with the
delightful lU'ti'esN, Ami Pen.
nlngtoii, tonight unci Tliurwliiy
When mary Plckfiird left Hie
Paramount force recently to
form the new Artrrnft I'riMliic
lug cmiipHiiy, the Paramount
director M-lected llttln Pen
nington km Miiry'N NiircfHHor.
" oo
AdiiilMtlon live mid 10 rent.
Performances TtSMI and HiAO
Star Theatre
Xo Courier Tomorrow
There will be no Courier publish
ed on Thanksgiving day.
I.thrnry Clotted Thaukairivlug
The public library will he closed
all day tomorrow, Thanksgiving day.
Thanksgiving Kv itance
At Waldorf ha!! November 89.
Dancing from 9 to 1. Ticket 11. 914
Thanksgiving Wedding IW-ltw
A license to wed was Issued today
by the county clerk's office to Ben
jamin S. Watts ami Miss Mary
Prances Atnsworth, both of Murphy
Herbert Anient Join Navy
Herbert A men t left last night for
Portland for Finn! examination, hav
ing made application for entry Into
the r. ;S, navy as apprentice penman.
Will Clone Toiuorron
The bauka and county and city
offices will be closed tomorrow be-
cause of the legal holiday. Barber
shops announce that they also will
close, but wtll remain open tonight
till nine o'clock.
Murphy Is Prepared
To entertain you Thursday night
with splendid music, a "skrumptlous"
turkey supper and gobs of ro1 cheeri
Come and dance with us.
Car Shortage lllt Factory
The box factory shut down on Fri
day on account of the shortage of
cars in which to ship their product.
This shut down, gave opportunity to
make some necessary repairs, a ml
during the time a new boiler is be
ing Installed. It Is expected to re
sume operations Monday morning.
The Oxford Cafe
Will serve an old fashioned Thanks
giving turkey dinner from 5:30 to
8 o'clock. ' Fifty, cents. 914
lly Auto to FriNro
Perry Gunning with a traveling
man left on Sunday for San Fran
cisco, traveling by automobile and
stopping at various points. A letter
to hit parents written at Redding
states that they found the road over
the Slsklyous much better than they
expected and that they bad no trouble
of any kind.
Turkey Dinner Thanksgiving, 8.V
Palace Hotel, 12 to 1:30 913
Seeking a Brother
Greevle Hodge, of Granite Falls.
N. C, has written to the Courier
seeking Information as to the where
abouts of her brother, Everett O.
Hodge, who left Kelso, Wash., three
years ago to come to southern Ore
gon, and she has heard nothing of
htm since. Information can be ad
dressed to the Courier or to the sis
ter. Thanksgiving Luncheon
Fine, substantial turkey luncheon,
11:30 a. m. until 2 p. m. Grants
Pass Hotel. Thirty-five cents. 914
KattNfnctot-y Mill Hun
Mr. and Mrs. H. (I. Kesterson and
son, Ivan, have returned from Dorrls,
Cat., where they spent the summer at
their mill. They came by automobile
over a slippery road, but they made
the 120 miles on Monday. Mr. Kes-
terson says they had a very satis
factory run, cutting five million feet
of pine lumber, which was handled
by the Dorrls box factory.
Ilnglewood Dairy
The beat milk, cream and Ice cream.
Phone 222. tf
Addresses on Vocations
As the first of a series of addresses
upon the choosing of a vocation be
fore the students of the high school,
Judge Basler this afternoon spoke
from the topic, "Choice of a Voca
tion, or. How to Win in Life," The
Judge told the students that success
was too often measured by the ac
cumulation of wealth, and that young
people In choosing a vocation might
make their choice because some one
else had succeeded In a dollar and
cents way with the same vocation,
He advised that the choice be deter
mined by one's own capabilities and
Inclinations rather than by the way
another has succeeded, Following
up tn'the series, business and profes
sional men of the' city will give
weekly addresses etch from his own
vocational point of view.
loti printing of every description
st the Courier office.
j.nrsNnn notices, Courier efllci,
Enrol C. Ollkey, a son of H. U Gil
key, has been awarded the Jay Gould
fellowship In education In the School
of Pedagogy of New York university.
Mr. Ollkey graduated la 1914 from
Willamette university and the fol
lowing vr was assistant librarian of
the supreme court In Salem, Ore. He
Is specialising In psychology and edu
cation. In which subjects New York
university holds high rank. This In-.
stltutlon haa an enrollment of ap-j
proximately 8,000 students, and Its ,
school of commerce It the largest In '
the country. !
New York, Nov. 29. The high cost
of living baa not kept Young America
from It.
Love, It would appear, laughs at
the price of eggs. Figures gathered
from all corners of the country by
the United Press today show that
more people have fallen for the two-can-llve-cheaper-thon-one
theory since
eggs and other foodstuffs began to
skyrocket than ever before. It's true
on Manhattan Island, It's true In
Minnesota, In Boston, Chicago, and
San Francisco, They Just will marry,
Take Boston: One thousand and
seven trustful pairs signed contracts
In October to fight the cost of living
together. In the October of a year
ago only 927 had the courage. Thus
far this month the number has been
900, while In the whole month last
year only 866 would take the chance.
Or Chicago: All records are being
broken In Chicago, In October,
1915, the number was 2,883; 6cto
her, 1918, It was 3,203 In Novem
ber, 1916, It was 2,936; already
3,052 have been Issued this Novem
ber. Salt.
Knit production Is about the oldest
tuiliiNtry li, i lie world, lu'ltuly, tlu
cradle of thu salt Industry, It has neon
nniuulucturetl cutiiiiiuri.'lally for tf.GOU
years, Halt Is so necessary to ex
istence that In somo parts of tbe world
tribes wtll sell Hie members of their
families in exchange for stilt. Halt uii
been tbe viiuhu of wars, and to Im
port s nt liu It always been considered
that In some places the passing nl
salt Is established as a token of friend
ship. Hid wi mien throw salt on vis
llor us u fr'i'iid'.y greeting;. In wm
ci i lint lien Hit lit mi sire 111 lit II I
obtained llil'nm ll ilie unite of uih-m'
i'ihI a ! lex ' r t';r mil hiIm imi
for a day in contemplation
of the rich bounties of nature ;
in thankfulness of all the good
things bestowed upon us as a
people! A day of feasting, of
healthful pleasure, yet none the
less a day of reverent thanks
giving, withal!
Wilt be closed all day
2i Clothing
1 CCL 1CC3! Company
Union Thanskgivlng services will
be held In the Newman Methodist
Episcopal church, at 7:30 o'clock,!
Thanksgiving evening, November 30. 1
Tbe program will be as follows:
Prayer by Rev. I.. Myron Hooier.
Solo by Prof. J. 8. MacMurrsy.
Reading of proclamation by Kev.
8. A. Douglas.
Scripture lessod.
Thanksgiving offering.
Solo by Mrs. Guy Knapp,
Sermon by Rev, J. H. Harmon;
topic, "God In Our Midst."
At St. take's tliurrh
Holy Eucharist at 8 a. ni.
Morning service at 19.
The offerings at these servlres are
for the Good Samaritan hospitals.
The public Is cordially Invited to
these services.
Nov. 27-Dec. 2, Monday to Saturday
Douutlon week for the Good
Samaritan hospital.
Dee. 4, Monday City election,
Nov. 30, Thursday Thanksgiving
Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and 2, Thursday, Fri
day and SaturdayIndoor Carni
val, Masonic Temple, by the ladies
of the Eastern Bar. Change of
program every night.
Dec. 6, Wednesday Cooked food sale
and bazaar In St. Lnke's Guild hall.
Dec. 12, Tuesday -Basaar by ladles
of Baptist ii"h
They're Qrateful te Amtrlea.
An English writer on foods has aald:
"Tbe modern table owes more to Co
lumbus than to any other than can be
named. Tbe discovery of America tins
enriched onr tallica with the turkey,
the convnubuck duck, the potato, the
tomato,' cocoa, vanilla and a host of
good things."
See onr window and prices
Stationery Store
The (loud Samaritan hospital of
Grants Pass Is a public necessity.
While It Is run by private parties, It
has never yet paid anything on the
Investment. Were It not that the
nurses wish to live together, they
could make far more In private work.
They have never asked a cent from
anyone. They had absolutely nothing
to do with this Thanksgiving offering.
As a community we owe It to the hos
pital to make them Just as good a
Thanksgiving offering as It Is pos
sible to make. The more we can do
for tliem, the better will be the facili
ties for their caring for our friends
when they need hospital care, When
we are doing things to help the sick
we are doing the best kind of char
ity. Let us do all we ran to make
this offering the best one we ever
made for the rare of the sick. Give
what you can and It will lie appre
ciated, Very truly yours,
(Continued from Page I)
expected to sliimp'stlll further. Re
tall prices dropped from 38 to 27 and
30 cents and housewives nre grimly
determined In many cases to force
the price still, lower or cook some
thing besides turkey for Thanks
giving dinner,
Portland. Nov. 2.Those that de
layed their Thanksgiving marketing
until today will have both fat purses
and full stomachs tomorrow, The
turkey markot Is glutted and prices
Chickens, geese and ducks are also
Flour dropped 20 cents a barrel to
day. Potatoes became cheaper. And
the freight car shortage has flooded
Portland with robust apples at easy
Job printing of every description
at the Courier offloe.