Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, November 28, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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i' m oAitr 'ftooui 'dm loorom
The 4' Mill ,MfllUMHI of
1 our rtilna and urle-a-liraa ature
amid At no . Ilia . be better
ilemonairntetl than now. Hwn
UmV) of ugtpllona greet iu
here. H41 If you am In quan
dary what to give fur ChrUtmae,
a definite conclusion can lie
rtNuliml In abort order, Yon
will alao Hut It a pleauiure to
eonie here, a price,' nre on a
niiwt conaervnllve haul.
Hall' Art Store
Telstoy's Witt.
" Dr. Holme mice iimihI a atrlkltic fla
ura f H'ei li. In which lie compared a
great nmu to a lunlwitli' elilp moving
luipreaalvely up l lie liiirlmr, hut guld
ed and rucl!:d by the iihhIihI little
tug muter It" iiiui'ter, Smmt remliiU
cenro by ToMi,v' mii hIihwh Hint the
mother of bin family n the tug that
kepi the urenl author on IiIm timrae
"Leaning ever the iiiiiiiitrrlt jind
trying to decipher tliu ecrawl with her
RlmrtatKhted eye, my mother mil up
Into at night after every one ele bad
gniin to lied Hhe iirien dlacovered
grtiM graiiimntlinl error and iiolnted
Iheui out to my father add eorrtcted
Hiem "
Chy " Anuria" Is an
Against Sudden Death.
Be lore an Inauranot Company wlQ
lake a riak on your lile the examining
physleiaa will tart Uit nrint and report
whether you art a good riak. When
yoor kldntya get sluggish and clog,
yon lufler (ram backache, aick-bead
ache, dly tpella, or the twinge and
paint of lumbago, rheumatism and
goal. Tht urine hi often okmdr, fall
of sediment; channels often get tort
and sleep la dlaturbtd two or three
timet a night. This la tht tima yon
should eonenlt torn phyelolan of wldt
eiperleuoe eoch M Dr. Pierce of an
Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Inetllute,
Buffalo, V. Y. 8end him 10 oeota for
tamplt package of hit ntw diaoovery,
"Anuria.'' Write bltn your tymptoma
and tend aamplt of urine for teat,
KipeHenoo baa eanght Dr. Pierce that
Anuria" la Uit moat powerful agent
la dissolving nrie acid, aa hot water
melta sugar beaidea being abtotutely
barmieat it it endowed with other
f imperii, fur It pretervea the kidneys
n a healthy condition by thoroughly
deeming Uiem. Being to many timet
more active than lithla, it clears the
heart valvee of any sandy aubttanoea
which may oloa Uiem and oliecka Uie
degeneration of Uie blood -veeli, at
well aa regulating blond p nature.
"Anurio ia a regular luauranoe and
lluwaver for all big meat eatera and tbota
who depoait lime-aalt In their Joint.
Aak the dmggiat for "Anorlo" put op
by Dr. Pierce, in 60-cent package.
Come with Ir. Plerco'i Oolden Medical
t)lcovery. Thl la a blood cloannor and
alterative that etarta the liver and atom
a'b Into vlguroua action. It thui anlita
the braly to manufacture rich rod blood
which fomli Uie heart, mrrea, brain and
organ of the body. The organ work
monthly Ilk machinery running In oiU
You feel clean, itrung and ttrenuout In
lead of tired, weak and faint.
Panama-California Exposition
Hemaln tipen at Stn Dingo until
Doc. 3 Int. It U well worth the time
that It take to ee, The coat of
your trip will b low.
Winter Excursion Fare
Los Angeles
' On tale dally. 'Return limit April 8(1
Three Dally Trains Shasta Route
Aak local agent for Information
John M. Soott, General Passenger Agent
: . " '
Southern Pacific Lines
Tf Ail to tht chief:- That par-
tlculnr Hut of tht patriotic
j L A hxu' certainly appllea it
' thl eon to tht national
blrd-tbe turkey, and pot tht eagle
Prom tbt tun khwd taoda of tht fulf
to tht tnow clad mountain eresta of
Alaska, from tht burning 'desert of
ArUona to tbt blenk. ttorm waabtd
rockt of Wilne. the turkey la king.
MIIIIaiii of Amrlcu will, pay biro
tribute. On Iht ptnln dinner table of
the farmhouse, on tbt tllvtr laden
board qf tht elty banker. In tht cabin,
In Iht pillion and cunt whirling along
their track of etetl. beneath Uie flow
of electric llghta and tht aouiida of
muilc . floating from behind palma or
wtyb tht gleam of tht billow dip, tbt
sovereign t tht aame. proudly ratting
- T,
waira Muima
In hi bed of drown Kimy. Ill portly
Idee rracklng with dtllcloiKuena.
' Thankiglvlug la a great day at the
White liouae. The turkey Intended
for the preeldeut each year la a mag
uluYent une. weighing alwut twenty
eight, HMimU. It reai'lien the White
liouae a few day before the greut
dinner by expra. already killed
When roamed It la tmly a Night In
nmke l.nculln"' mouth water with
tnvy. .
The turkey I cooked lu a klk-ben
which la a model for rleaullueaa ami
comfort On one aide of the room l
an Immenae ratige. at lenat twelve
feet In length, and above hang a large
Iron hood, which carrlea off any odor
The tnltlea are tw in number and
covered with line. Above them I n
bunging rod full of hooka, from which
depend row of ahlnlim aaucepaua of
all alaea. The floor I covered with
linoleum In a pretty doalgn. mid the
whole place la lighted by electricity.
1 There are three cook, but the nnm
her of "help" Mt the White lloime la
litevn. which lucludua ' the malda.
laundreaaea and wnltera.
The dlahea nre waalied lu a patent
affiilr Ity iiieiiua of n iliunli wnlter the
men la nre tiiken rhrht up to the hut
from Grants Pass
San Diego
lefa pantry, which adjolna tba dining
room and contain the preaaea full of
ehlna of all admlnlatratlon and of tr
try variety of beautiful dealgn. There
are hlatortc acta which bavt come
down from tht earlleet day, for near
ly every prealdent'a wife baa added to
the collection Or ehlna need by Lin
coln there are alxiut 100 piece left,
the figuring and coloring being qoalnt
and the dlab bordered by a rippling de
algn luelde of which la a broad band
of color. ' .
There are about the aame number
of piece left of a act n which wae
bought and uaed by the Graote.
Rooaevelt paid the aura of 122,000 for
a t of white and gold china, which
numbered 8.000 piece. One of the
prettleat aeta la tbat purcbaaed by
aire. Benjamin llarrlaon. The edge le
a wide band of blue, and In tbe white
center of the plate appeare an ei
qulaltely dainty picture of tbe Ameri
can eagle reeling on a ahleld.
The Bah acta are all decorated with
painted picture of all kind of aped
men of the finny tribe, arid the china
uaed for gitnie tin pretty picture of
wild fowl In tbe air or alniiillnu among
the reed. There I even a plate
which once belniiKcil In the Confed
erate AVhlte lloiie und otie given to
WaahlnKtoii by the Kta lety of the Clu
clnnaU. All of the ailver nt the White
Huuae I marked "The I'rexldenf
Other t U it it linvliiit a mounter turkey
to grace hi tnhle. the irealdeut din
ner will be about the in me a that of
any other well to do Atnerlcwp - Waah
Ington 8tar.
When the Aneunt Jew Gave Thank.
Three thoumind yenr ago wltneaaed
the Jewlab feaat of tnbernnclua, with
It magnlftctmt ritual, nielodlou
Vbolr and plctureiue featlvlUee. Por
eight dayt the people ceaaed tholr
work to "eat drink and be merry."
During the time great tbroaga gather
ed In and around Jeruaalcm for aev
eml day, living In booth formed of
the branche of the olive, pine, myrtle
and palm and decorated with fruit
and flower. Grand public pageanta
were held. nnd. In addition to tbeae.
every household had It worthlp. Ha
aacrlBcee aud Ita banquet
A Oarten In the Air.
Tbe btgbeat gaiileu lu. the world I
aid to be the Alpine reulon of bota
ny, which wa laid out by the late
Canon Cbauoux. formerly rector of
tbe tloeplce of Utile Ht. I tern a rd. It
la iltualed at an elevation ur 2.20t
meter, or T.I.Vi feel. Here are to be
i found aliuoat all e. '.e of mountain
flower, uot only Hume euiiiuioii In tbe
Al. I'yreneee, l'arillilna. tbe Can
caiua aud the Italkniia. but even from
faroff Himalaya. The canon nuirelv
ed the Idea In IHKJ. but It waa not un
til- IU02 that hi project lieeame effee
live. In the latter year the inuiwune
of .Thulle gave htm the land. Ijuulon
B f V, . , nil Ill . rvMI
' Photo by Am.rloan fraa AmooIbIIo.
Mlsa Cecilia Wrlgb: mike a ucceafo light to teat the Brat government
machine to be constructed a provided for In the 113.000.000 appropriation for
aerial armament.
Chairman 41 PemeeraUe Na
leeal CeMmlttee et Telephene.
t'hottf by A'.uvrU'un Pre AastMrlutlcn
Wit Not Appreciated.
Btuiiba w feeling bU way to the
kitchen atovc In the dark when be fell
over tbe coal ejMittle.
"Oh, John." called Sir. Stubb
aweetly, "I know what you need. Yon
ahould get wbnt tlwy bave on battle
hlp." "What that V growled Stubb aa be
rubbed hi ablli.
"Why, a range finder."
Aud wbut Utubb aald about wo
man wit waa plenty. ,
Old Trinity.
Old Trinity, a It 1 familiarly known,
at Wall street and Broadway, In New
York, la not to old aa churches go. Tht
Drat Trinity waa erected on the alto In
1007 and burned In 1770. And the tee
oud became tinaafe In 1840, when It
wa demolished aud the prevent church
built New York World.
. Like Father, Like Sen.
"Willie, do you llit your teacherr
"Kaw Hbe'a an old crab.''
"Willie, bow dare yon apeak about
tour teacher that wayV Don't yon
know that l disrespect fuir '
"Wbat'a wrong with It? Isn't that
what gon tell wa your boat 17" De-
Irott Fret Preea. r- -. -
Fame Is easily acquired. All yon
have to do la to be In tbe right pUco
at the right time and do theVgbt thing
in the right way-and then advertise It
properly. Puck.
Early Handicap Overcome.
"You uever can tell how a boy I go
ing to turn out "
-Nor t
"I uaed to know Urabcoln. tbe emi
nent capltallm, when lie aa a little
lad Hitli abiding rlugleta going to take
hla vlulln leaaoiiK. ow lie' the presl
dent of 4 niilroiid and hard as nntl"
Biiuilniiliiim ,V:e llein d
f fl) 1
-eipwB mi, i ea, lj3b
WO RAlat
lANOBb CAKIt Pboae ordtra to No.
v ' 7ITU
grata aeeda art cheaper now than
later. Write for aamplea and
price. Strictly fancy atoek. Ralph
Waldo Elden, Central Point, Ore
gon. MOtf
POR SALE Bungalow, atrlctly mod
ern in every way, convenient and
' well built, tlx room, fine location,
eaay term. Very reaaonable. Alio
aome furniture. Telephone llt-Y
or call at 80S Weat C atreet 923
FOR SALE Hay and grain; alao two
carload mining machinery. Phone
31-J. Union Junk Co., 503 South
Sixth ttreet. 111
FOR SALE 17,000 building brick.
Inquire at ugar factory or phone
640. 911
FOR SALE One gentle 1200-pound
work mare, In excellent condition.
Cheap at $60. A. N. Paraon. 911
SEVEN milk cow, Jersey and Dur
ham, one work horee, two hog,
three pig for sale. Inquire L. L.
Sharp, two miles from city on Mer
lin road. 918
2nd, 1916, show daughter of
Laurel Champion out of Berryton
Belle 31st, a 'blue ribbon sister of
- Improver B. Winona Ranch, R. 1.
A-Box, Grants Pass, Ore. 912tf
POR SALE Good driving nag that
- does not fear trains or automobiles.
H. Mlnthorn, R. P. D. 1, Box 72.
Rogue River, Ore. 923
FOR SALE Good Jersey milk cow.
Inquire at 811 Orchard avenue. 17
FOR RENT Six-room home, 305 C
atreet, opposite Central school; $10
per month. Inquire on premises, tf
FOR RENT Nicely turnlahed house
at 115 E street. Inquire of Mrs.
L. B. Coif man, 655 North Fifth
atreet . "911
FOR .RENT New and used piano
and ' organ. One year' rent to
apply on purchase price. The Music
and Photo House. Stanton Rowell,
proprietor. 937
WANTED A capable and reliable
man to. canvass Josephine county
f6r us. Permanent If satisfactory.
Write us today for particulars. Ore
gon Nursery Company, Orenco,
Oregon. Largett fruit and orna
mental nuraery In tht weL 940
ANTT Hides and pelts, sacks,
rags, rubbers, metals and every
thing In Junk. Prices the best.
Prompt attention to calls. Call
503 South Sixth street or phone
21 -J. Union Junk Company. 915
DRK8S.M AKNG Will go out by the
day or will take sewing at home.
Indies' suits, top coats and gowns.
.417 E street. Phone 212-J. Mrs.
Catherine M. La Trell. 916
ABSTRACTS made by the Josephine
County Abslrait Co. on mining,
farm and 'city property meet the
requirements of the best attorneys
In Oregon and elsewhere.' Nine
years' experience in abstract work
In Josephine county at your ser
vice. Special low price? on cer
tain classes of abstracts. See us at
1 Masonic Temple, Grants Pass. 916
DR. R. J. BESTUW Veterinarian.
Offlce In Wlnetrout Implement
Bldg. Phone lll-J. Residence
. Phono 305-R.
.PAPBRHANGINO, graining, paint
ing. For tht best work at lowest
prices phone 195-J. C. G. Plant,
South Park atreet
The. California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effeotlve November 22, 1916.
Train 1 Iv. Granta Pass 7:00 a.m.
Train 5 lv. Waters Creek....l0:00 a.m.
Dally except Sunday '
All trains leave Grants Pass from
the crfVner of U and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Pacltlo depot.
For all Information regarding
freight and passenger service call at
the office of the company, Pnhlto Ser
vice building, or phone 1SI for
same. , .
J. Pill la w V14 miikV
Jf Vi&iie Haaft7riuZtZ
Jear 5tJsMtJggjJ(ie aWMi SstaeAlTaajBfA e)lvlMtt
U O. OUBllBIT, fL D-PtOe
Hailted to dieeaeea of tka eye, oar,
note nod throat. Olaaaaa tttad.
Oaiee honra f-ll. M, or es a-
polntmeat Offloa paoae, IS;
dence phoaa llfM.
& LOVOHRIDQB. M. D.. Pkyaltlaa
aad tnrgeoa. City or country eaUe
aUended day or aigai. rnHritn
phone Sir; offloa phono . Ml.
Sixth and H. Tata Bldg.
T, Trmax, M. V., Phyatdw aad
urgeon. Pboaaa: Ofleo III; raV
denco 124. Ceil aaawered at aU
hour. Country ealla attended to.
Lundbnrg Bldg.
DR. ED. BYWATTR-pexaaUat oi
dlaeaeea of eye oar, none aad
throat; glaaaea fitted. Offloa hoare:
I to 13 a. m., 1 to i p. m. Pkoaoa:
Realdeueo . 214-J; office HT-J,
Schmidt Bldg, Grant Paaa. On.
A. A. WITHAH, if. D.. rbyaldaa aad
Surgeon. Offloa: Hall Bldg corn
er Sixth and I atretic. Phone.
Oflce 1)1; reildenca 282-J. Honra
9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. MACY. D. M. D. Flret-claa
dentUtry. 109 ft South Sixth
atreet, Qrahta Paaa Ore.
ern dental work. Maud B. Brad
ford, dental aaalatant. Sooma 4
and 6. Golden Rule Bldg. Granta
Past, Ore. Phono 266-J.
H. D. NORTON. Attorner-at-Law
Practice in aU Sute aad Federal
Court. First National Sank Bldg.
at Law, GranU Paaa Banking Co,
Bldg", Grants Paaa, Or.
IE. S. VAN DYKE, Attorney. Praetlee
In all eonrta. Pint NaOoaal Bank
at-Law. Offlce Masonic Temple, .
Granta Paaa, Or.
W. T. MILLER, Attoraey-at-Uw.
county attorney for Josephine
County. ; Offlce: Bchallhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD. AltnrnT-at.t
uranu raas Banking Co. Bldg.
raone 7o. uruta Fast, Ore.
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law.
Fractlco In state and federal
courts. Rooms X and t. over
Golden Rule store.
J. 8. MACMCRRAY. teacher of voice
culture aad singing. Lessons given
at homo of pupil If requested. Ad
dress 711 Lee street i ... 861tf
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and voice.
Coroa and choir directing. Studio
residence. 614 North Second street
Phone 52J-R. S80tf
kinds of drayaga and transfer
work .arefully and promptly done.
Phone I3z-R. Stand at freight
depot A. Chads, Propr.
F. O. 1SHAM, drayagfand transfer.
"Safes, planoa and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phono
Clark ft Holman. No. 60. Resi
dence phon i 124-R.
THB WORLD MOVES; so do wa.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
QUANTS PASS Lodge No, 84 A. F.
A M. Stated Communica
tions 1st and 3d Tueadaya.
Ov vu,tlD nwtawa cordially
loruea. a. k. case, W. M.
Ed. G. Harris, secretary.
OO. F., meets every Wed
nesday evening in I. O. O.
F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting Odd Fellows cordially
Invited to be present Emll Cabers,
N. Q.i Clyde Martin, Secretary.
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe. Any
where in town 10c. Phone 181-R.
Residence phon 24S-L. tf
South Sixth street. Offlce hours,
8 a. m. to 5 v. in. A. T. Lewis,
proprietor. 930
SCIT8 dry cleaned, $1; sponged and
pressed, 50c. All work guaranteed.
We do dyeing. Mason's Dye Works,
313 North Sixth street. Telephone
530-R. , . sl4
, retail iwiat Rome rt-itng Pad
Hniiula tlrtnt I'aa