Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 29, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    M NIV, IMTOIlllll UK. I Dill
Now York, Oct. 2H. Colonel U,hi
arvell will huh wit Hi" pMtililctit Wll
in address In his Npccoli hi llrook
lyn IdiiIhIiI. ho on III ar
rlval here today front III it lloo-mllo
rampitlgit 1rli, during which tin iiiki
fur Hughe In fourli'i'ii western
After fniir speerhea iici week, li
said It" will endeavor In become
"merely k grandfather and u nmn of
(lollll-Klle habit" HUH I II ItOOSI'VOlt
will mii'itk tit 1lii HriMiklyn Academy
of Music tonight at a Hughe' nlll
ni' iiii'i-IIiih, IIm will limn real at
Oyster Hay until Wrdnday nlnlil,
when ho will tttart wmt for apeochn
In I'lovoland unit Toledo. Ohio, I In
will return lo New York Krlilny
morning ii nil w UlKiii'tU Ml n IIk nicet
Inii n( Ciiii"T I'iiIoii Frldcv night.
On Hnliiriluy of net week lit will
flin IiIh flnnl liit of III" campaign at
lliilllinori'. then ri'Urx to thaler liny
to await return.
A Washington!. Takes Up the
Challenge and Enters Lists.
Woman' Suffrage Hat Organiied
Strang Commit!! For Work Thu
Fall Mor Caoporation Ndd
to Oat th Amtndmcnt Put A or.
Mia. Hubert (taker of Waaliluglon
roiur of Ionic Hut' of nrtny and navy
aintHtort. Mie I gulng to llllnula to
organise for the wnmnn'a imrty.
Mr. O. II. I'. Ilelmont. In charge of
raining the Inryv campaign fmiil fur
mm. RoSKKT Statu.
th woman' party, la Ihih.v at work
completing ilic f unit mul Iiiih adopted
aa her motto, "A tUoiinnixl lon a
ilay from now until election iluy."
Ilotli tlio llt'iMilill an mul IH-niocratU.
parties are now fully alive to the Im
IKirlanve of the women's vote In the
weal mul realise Hint It inn hII de
feat or vli'tory at the nll In Novein
tier, according to Mm. Utiker. preaa
rhalrninn of the Congressional llnlou
Kor Woman Suffrage Mini the woman's
party, who rt'turued to Washington re
cently after having been lu New York
conferring with polltlral leaders of the
national partlea.
"The leaders of the national partlea
art now conllug to ua ami consulting
aa to the wrateru women's vote," aalil
Mrs. Ilaker, "Just at a man would go
to a specialist If ho were sick. We art'
'specialist' on tlin wotnan't vote prob
lem and know how to diagnose tho
rate. Kor the pnat three yeart or
more we luive been atmlylng It, We
know, therefore, what lie atrengtb
amount to nml whnt run Mid will be
(tone with It In the coming rlectloii.
We have been working ntuoiig the wo
tiicn voters for tho past throe years,
and I lin Congressional union, of which
Hi" woiiinn' lui'ly I nil outgrowth, N
tin' only iiiitliiiml iii'giiiil..uliou wlili li
Iiiih been lining Hlirli win k."
Pelton Ring.
To speuk of poison I'lngM nt once con
jures up ihnughiN or l.u tckIii llotglu
Mllll IllT gClltlll IIII'IIIWiIh of I'lllllllllltlllg
(huso of hi'i' piilmii'iiiai whom nIii con
sldol'i'il uiuloallillili', lull them' lings
wi'io used liy several fur grenlpr
thi'iiitli less iiiitnrliiUN t riii 'In' 1 1 ii 11
tlllllll killed lllllHi'lf I UlCIIIIH of II pill
mill I'llHJ 1 M'lllll'il ilt'lHS punai H. one
mul II V ir i ni'ifil lr. I ' : i 1 1 i! nl when
frus-nis li'l.l 'li li'.i h r : uii' fr-ou
In' r 1 1 1 1 tin- I i . .. "i ' 11 " ; .i. ii i
l"l I In Ulllir-,1 in n! I 'i' li ' I' "I'l'. lie
tile inn nl' liln I'V i"'ii:lli nil I
ti'l'lhwliti til.' I " Tih i' '.(, Im' c hki
n (ml r,,i , I'l ', i' i.
tl'i' li.t 'I i Hi i '' I-
v IHU' hIiiiI ii"! i. mi la, l.niM u t!li'!u
It Owes Its Very Existence to the
UnitcJ States.
At a Tim Wlitn W. Had TroubU. of
Our Own W. Said "Hanii OHI" to
th P.)wr of Europ That Triad to
Uii a Monarchy In Amirlca.
If It Imil nut lici'ii for tin. I ti If
Hiiiti-a ilii-ie would now ! no ri'imhili'
of Mi- Im.
I .Ik ll nil tin twenty ripulili' "nlllll
of ii, .Mi'tli'ii him la-en nmler the pro
twllnii of the Moiiroi- ilin trlue. The
diM'trlim IiSk Ihi-ii ofieu qui-il lnn- liy
l:u iu Til n pnweiii, liiil mily nin'e ha H
wrliiux iilteuii'l lieen inmlu to vulni
It. Thin wim Iu'Iwih'ii stl nml lmi,',,
when the I'ultiil Stiilo wn I'ligimeil
III IliliTlifili" ii if it li- I Iml Imperiled
lit wry i-vMeii. e. ,iim mh mioii iih our
war limit" mil the u nrililia of Kng.
hind, li ii ii' " mul Spiilu "it nail fur
Mi-Ilr.i mul l.iok meiiiii of Veni
i'ru. Hecrelnry Sewiird iinlllled the
I In i' nllli'il pnwem of our deep l oiicei u
and iimlely fur Hi" "Uilty nml wel
fan of the .Mevli nu repulill" mul t lint
our fleet ivoulil he alntlnned lu the gulf
of Mexlro to after our Interr-iix.
Knglnud and Hpalu whhi w lilulrew ,
but It Ihi iiiiii. eildeut Hint Niim.(hiii
III. Iliteuiled t" ntei-throw the re.iihllr
f Mertliii aa he had tho lepulilk' of
Krami. A th tllluiu empire nna furred
Uhiii Metlro hy I'liMu li triHim, nml an
Aoalrliin iiri'lnliike, Mnilmlllnii.
m-Ii-i led a the puppet aoverelgu. The
l''reiu h lliraaluil w it dltii teil agnlual
all the repulilli'a of the new world. It
waa piiiphealed In I'nrla Hint In ten
yenra every South Amerlraii repulill"
would In nmvprtial Into a tnonnrehy
and the I'lilted Ntntea Into n dli'tntor
The lunula 01 the Auierh-au govern
nient were lied, hut the voire of the
A hum I. an laaiple could imt la lleiicel.
In Hie inlilM uf our own war. when
war with KukIiiihI wemed Iminlneul.
the lion-" f ri'pi'cM'iitnll'.crf rlkial a
war with France hy pita-lng n vu of
PHI in milking flint "It itoea not in-iurd
Willi III" pulley llf III" I'I. StlllCa
In ni'knuw lediie niiv niiiiinr. lil. l nm
erumciil ctciii'il ijit the iiiIiih of any
n-iuldlcnii government lu AniiTh a un
der the auaplces of miy lliinipcnii
Nothing more could he dmie nt the
time, hut Juai aa aiaiti aa our wnr una
over lieneial lirant piu'ii..i lu orgnti
hte mi hi in v uf emulilueil t'liluii niid
t'oiifedernti aiihllera w ho wuiihl volun
teer In iiinnli to tin flly of Mexico
and cm'I I fie Aitatrlau enipcrur. He
elected ("ii'iicrul Hcholleld to enllat
tnHipa for aervlci on the repilldlcau
aide of Meiliii. The war depnrtiiieiit
gave lieiiernl Schotleld a leave of ah
aeniT for n year, with Hiinlalon to go
Im-vuiiiI the liiulta uf the I'ltllcil Stale
and lo tuke with liliu any of lila alnff
ofltcera Hint he wan led. In the mean,
time Ui'iiut aeut Sherhhiii to the liln
riiinW- with ."U.i tnopa, which were
dlatrlliutnl along the frontier, where
they lliii'ittrncil the Fivii.'Ii line.
Hut fortunately furce wna not uecea
anry. The how of fori-e wa aiinVlent
and Si'holli'ld waa aeut to I'nria to ne
gollnte for the retirement of the
French troo hmtend of Into Mexico
tn drive them out. The mcrelnry of
atnle niilfli'il NniNileon In Noveiiiher.
IHik'i, Hint tin I'lilted State "nl III re
ganled the effort to eatnlillah IM-rina-nently
a foreign ami IiiimmIhI govern,
nient In Mexico a dlaiillownhle and
linprnctlcuhlo." Aa the emperor of the
French did not aetun dlapoMed to pay
any intention to thin Mr. Seward net
a definite dnte for the wlthdrawiil of
the French timipa,
The Mexican repuhlh'Hiia under Jna
rei Imil lieeu kia'plug up n Innve light
for fifedoin, nllliiiugh Mnxlmllliin had
ordcml nil of them chut whenever
caught, without trial or the iHiasllillltv
of .union A noon an the I'nlted
Rtinea hnd i'iuiialk'd the wllhilrawal
of the French the repuhllcnna were
nble o overcome the ImiierliillNta with
no otllclnl atudatnnce from the I'lilted
Sliitea. Tlielr victory waa marred by
tho unuaceaaary execution of the would
tn emperor In nplte of thu Interpinltlon
of Secretnry Sewartl.
Hut I lie t tilted Stntea had tu a(..v
"lliiuda off!" to Aimtrln na well na tu
Fnimv. Itaiher (hitn hnveau Auntrliin
aivhduke Igiiomluloualy dlsniountcd
from the throne It waa planned lo alnp
III.ikki Atmlrhiii troupa fiiim Trloate to
Vera t.'rux. Hut our mlnlNicr nt Vien
na, Mr. Motley, wna told hy Hem-laiy
Sewnrd Hint If Aunti'lit I lowed it aln
gln noldler to tunliark for Mexico the
Fulled Stntea would lirenk off rein
Hon nt once, 'I he AiinIiIiiii govern
mi'iit niiw Hie point nml priiliKillcil the
il)linii'iil of the ti'oopa elillKted for
Mexico. - New York ludcpendenl.
What It I That Win..
A couiilrvwiinuiu icumi'ki'.l lo her
nelghlior during n inivciiitloii uu
l heir let in n t'liiiii lunrkci 'l.uw Im II,
Mary, ih it you luivo liccn niinrlcil fuui
limes nit I I'm never l.ct'ii iiniri'lcl nl
nil mid I'm -inii' li li i ;1 . . it tluiu
"A,", lu he Hiiro." r.'t iiictl Xliuy,
"I'lll I) lllll'l lllltl ' ll'('M" III ( il"l'
It. Sin nil. !t' T'C i' I ;i' Ii tlici'' In
olir o'l'."
tin tit cline ratnhnw nnleaa yon
linvt n nc vKtii',' I'l'i'tind lu that tllrec
ilon,.- Ymitli'a t'iiiiiniiiiin.
f The Strike of '94 1
v-.- .i. - -
Wall I rininUr hi "M
How gun turn clittlnrlii uvr Hi rob-
liiliaia IiiiIiIi.k in ll. iriiliiliig huriM,
Willie guiiriia iml, ntuia liililuil utid rlald.
Ilaal'l Hi (rim llilililvie.
I Imil iitver am lut'l .ifl tufui.
Tlll'K) a iiii Hiililil In riilriillil.
itiu ul.ur li. ahiuiiua eimw on Hi U'l
f i out,
Willi Ua w iilu. inU im. I midway,
I la l.i. a i. n."ii nl ti,;lty and oun-
ll Iiiiiiiuii mill hi uily hulla
Aii'l, now, th- auna!
Tliv wrr uullnilHrril In Hi city' hrt,
Aroumt a ixiuiy alirim I. till, ling
Willi tii.nritial rtilHi"!. 11 t inult.
111 l..l ii.iiiI II. IllOn ill Kli'uu.
Ili'tv. .n., ii,n. ,i, iiiwii nnd th walla
uf al' hr
I'ultip wna plli'l.cil:
I'lintita i'-n, a hi.iI tirlKltt,
i.f niiua
Hlfra vrli a'j''li"l llin.
All wna inn iu i.'.uly f,
. I. . t T ,
denilly muiKlea t Ion In
: l" loll of
lirti-iiiii. nriilrlra iuri( Hi alit,wnlka.
Tliny ul. I i..'l ri-ein like other man theme
i'i milar .
t'llUena wi re oiili-ri-'l nrrtmm the etraet-
Tlure ll. ry Muoil, I- .i..n j uu
A hit fnalit. i.r.1, rhuia. hut hlillng It
I uver Hi i lly roan auiuKo ur inia liurnlng.
I Itilu the anil nl the i hy. hetween th tub
hire, M..,..all,l,.tf :m.iA uml k.......t l,.llv
Hil iiiml furnivit hi tin, i-turka o( the pav
flrniiin prnlra firiiiei on Hie atnnee. giixr.l ut the aiiuie till lri-ipra
tir'leiMt llietn unit)',
That waa i' t.
Yenr of l he ralhoad airtke.
I waa a huv I hen, Jul a boy:
Ami boy furact itntiy a li-aerm.
But autre thing are not foigiitlen.
-Charll.ui Lawreur KOhulm In Nw
Tnrk Time-
I'ortland, OK. 2H. --Today' mar
ket quututlona were:
Wheat Club, !..'.; liluoMtem,
Data- No. I white feed. 31.
Ilarley Feed. 37.
HogH - Heat live, 9.40,
I'rleui Htcem, B.T.I; fancy cow,
3.50; heat calve. 7.."i0(l K.
Siirlng lamba, N.T3.
nutter t ity creamery, 3X; coun
try. 29.
Kkhs- Selected l.ical extras, 43.
Ilcna, 14l(i 1 5, broiler, 144(10;
geewt. 1 I 114.
- t'opper, 2.
Notice la hereby given that the
i County Court will consider bids for
the construction of a court houae for
Joaephlne County, Oregon, to be
erected at Granti Pas, Oregon, ac
cording to plana and specification
on file In the office of the county clerk
at Grants Psss, Oregon, and at the
office of E. E. McClaren, architect,
525 Lumber Exchange building, Port
land, Oregon.
Plans and specifications wilt be
furnished on deposit of f5, which
will be refunded on or before three
days after date ot receipt It the same
ar returned In good condition.
j All bids must be filed on or be
.fore 10 o'clock a. m. of the 2nd day
of November, 11, In the oflce of
,the County Clerk of Jvaephlne
County, Oregon, and .be accompanied
with a certified check, of 5 per cent
of the amount bid, made payable to
R. I.. Coburn, County Clerk, as per
clause In specifications, as guarantee
that a bond will be given and a con
struction contract signed.
The Court reserves the right to re
ject any and alt bids, or award the
contract according to the best Inter
eats of the County.
By order of the County Court of
Josephine County, Oregon,
County Clerk.
Notice Is hereby given that the
County Court will consider bids for
the moving of the present court
house ot Josephine county, Oregon,
according to specifications on file tn
the office of the County Clerk, at
Grants Pass, Oregon, and at the office
of E, E. McClaren, architect, 525
Lumber Exchange building, Portland,
- All blilu must be filed on or before
10 o'clock a. m. ot the 2nd day of
November, 1916, In the office of the
County Clerk, of Josephine County,
Ort'Kon, and bo nccompanled with a
certified chock of 5 per cent of Iho
sin on nt bid, ifiadp payablo to E. L,
Coburn, County Clork. '
Tho Court reserves the right to
relent nny nrnt all bids, or award tho
contract according to tho best in
terests of the County.
Hy order of tho County Court of
Josephine County, Oregon.
County Clerk,
"OoodnisM Corns I
7eU$e m-lt!"'
8 Drop In 3 geoondt. Thaf AH
, , "0218-ir SoettlitSMt
' Sererralk
"Really, t nvr could how
om fw po.l ua th moat dlltl
cull and painful way thy can And to
rtl rid ol corn. They'll wrap their
oca up with bandaa Into a uackaa
that till thlr ahoa full of feci and
make corn ao painful they've got
to walk ldewy and wrinkle tip
their faces. Or they ua aalve that
eat rlaht Into the toe and make It
raw and ore. or they'll uaa plaater
that make the corn bulge, or pick
and (tuuae at their rorna and mnk
thetoit.1ed. Funny, lan't It? "OETH.
IT" Is the almple. modern wonder for
com, .luat nut I drop on. It drle
Inatantly. No pain, fua or trouble.
The eorn, eallu or wart Ionium and
oomeaofr. trillion uae nothlnir ilw."
";BTt.IT, I cold nd recommend
ed hy druarlnt everywhere. He a
bottle, or lent on recefpt of price, by
B Iwrenc ft Co., Chicago. III.
Sold In Grants Pass and recom
mended aa the world's best corn rem
edy by Oeorge C. Babin.
Brocade For Autumn.
Sartorial Malory recnt Itself con
atntiilv. Sntlii and hrncnilc. which
luive their recurrent crlod of Kpu
liirliy. are mi.e more u la mode. Kor
Hit ti 1 1 1 ti tn ii tx-Hiitiful lirocadea In aelf
lone and lu uictnl rtTii ta tire to he ex
tremely aipular. the entire leaulni; lu
the w,.e-thn of a'll-a le'n-; fur tlmso
of hiKh lualer. the ant in mirface wenvea
tnkini! prtK-pdrin-e uvea cunled vllka.
The fnliilc allowing auine "Ualy" will
Benenilly lie pii-fetre.l to the aofter
one for full mul winter wenr. eupe
clnlly hen. so'.cctc.l fur I'nytliii" or
nctuiil kcrvlce liarmenta.
Sci-c. itiilierilliic. Iu'iiiiiIi li.tli and til
cut nre fulirli a Hint will be uivntly fit
vuii'.l In tin devcliipinciit uf the Mipu
In I' coHt drexaca. nml iti t" t'.ic nuurt
et fna k will employ one f the wend
fahrbf meiitloniMl. comMneil with
natlii. In their iiiiikeiiu. A touch of
brleht illk or U-iul cntlirulilcry la a
favorite trltiinilni; nddltlon.
Lsparto bno.
Eaparto ahma. or allocs made of the
toujdictt atrouiteat of the coarse
fiber, are still woru lu Uteris ami lu
some part of Spain and I'ortuKal. ac
cordlnc to the Popular Science
Organuar of Two Traction
Strike In New York.
Photo by American frea Aaaoclmlon,
TIMK C.ltl
The Oalifornia and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
Effective October 23, 1910.
Sugnr Spoclul Iv. tirnnta l rt : 4 ." tun.
Train 1 Iv. Grants Puss "imiti.m,
Siiunr Spt'clul lv. Kni'lory.. 7:1 It a.m.
Trull) 2 lv. Waters I'roek ...1u:uo
Siiunr Hieclnl lv. lirnnts I'. tl;4S p.m.
Sugar Spcc'.nl Iv. Knt'tory.. 7: 1 ." j..n.
Dally t'Xi'Cpl Sumlny
Alt tt'itlun leave Crtints Pass from
Hit rumor of is uml Klghtlt s!i'ii.
upposlto Iho Southern l'aclll:' dt'pot.
For all Information regarding
freight and imssengcr service call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building;, or phone 131 for
Feet L
( ):kA
If V
I fV at ' &
ANOEL CAKES Phone orders to No.
10-J. 77tf
want the most pork per lb. of feed,
get a Winona Berkshire for your
nest herd boar. Spring plga aver
aged 100 lbs. each at four months.
V. R. Steel, Winona Ranch, Rural
Route No. 1. 8 JOtf
SLIGHTLY USED Chevrolet car,
( model 490, flve-passenger touring
car. In first-class condition, with
extra equipage, tor sale at a sacri
fice. W. 3. Maxwell. 87tf
gilts eligible to registry Four
months old pigs for sale at reason
able prices. Phone or address
Frank Hill, Murphy, Ore. Phone
Provolt central. 869tf
I WILL BE PLEASED to take your
order for fruit and ornamental
trees and shrubs. Eleven years In
the business. George II. Parker.
403 West D street. 903
ONE ACRE on Rogue River avenue.
close In, neat cottage, electric lights
at small cost, pump on porch, line
berries, fruit trees, gasoline en
gine pumps water for entire place
at only the cost of gasoline. Price
fl,600. Terms to responsible
party. Phone Courier, Inquiring
for No. 1890. 880tf
HUDSON 30 auto, In excellent me
chanical condition, good tires. Bar
gain for quick cash sale. Address
No. 1908, care Courier. 886
FOR SALE 23 head Angora goats.
13 head shoats or stock hogs.
Phone 612-F-23. Ed L. Schmidt. 87
FOR SALE 830 will buy horse, top
biiKKy altd harness; 233 will buy
4-year-old Jersey-Durham cow. H.
.M. Bateman. Merlin, Oregon. 888
THEATER KOR SALE, paying $90 to
"8100 a month clear. Expense
small. Small investment. Run
ning three days a week, dance and
all attractions. Population TOO.
Be quick. Present owner has an
other proposition. Glendale Thea
ter, Box 83, Glendale, Ore. S91
KOR SALE BIr work horse, about
eight years old, 4n good condition.
Bargain If taken at once. B. S.
Mihills, Route 2. 892
WANTED TO BUY Second-hand
furniture. Raymond's second-hand
store, 319 G street. 881
WANTED A capable and reliable
man to canvass Josephine county
for us. Permanent It satisfactory.
Write us today for particulars. Ore
gon Nursery Company, Orenco
Oregon. Largest fruit and orna
mental nursery In the west 940
EXPERIENCED dressmaker wants
work by the day, or will take work
nt home. All work guaranteed.
Mrs. Catherine M. lot Trell, 417 E
street. Phone 212-J. 891
WANTED Good auto in trade for
residence property. For particu
lars Inquire at Ron Ton Bakery and
Grocery, 413 H G street. 888
KOR RENT Klve-room house at 610
I) street, partly furnished. Phone
212-R. 881tf
KOR RENT Three nicely furnished
light housekeeping rooms. 656
North Sixth street. , 888
:-AlisTTtATTr5 ""
ABSTRACTS by Grants Pass Abstract
company to Josephine county prop
erty are prepared by owner, W. E.
Hanson. Hare some printed stock
with low price. Old abstracts con
tinued. 894
CRYSTAL SPRINGS water .put up In
6-gallon glass Jars and delivered
at your door, fresh, pure, sanitary.
Telephone 29S-R and water wagon
will call
TAXI STAND at-the Mocha Cafe. Any
where In town 10c. Phone 181-R.
Residence Dhone 24.1-L. tt
KREK FIREWOOD, live miles west of
town, J. M. Watklns, Route 2. 88S
I im ror bad,
Mr. Dmnley wax niuklug an evening
cull, nml Itolihy, who wna allowed to
sit tip a Utile liilci' t lit) tt iihiiuI, put tu
him the follonluu iiieailon:
"Mr. luiinlcy, do you wnnt lo make
." In leu ii'limu a':''
"Ho I vt'tml to iiiiiKi' T ililllltiUH lu
ten minute';" lim.licil Uu youua man
"t'l'i'l'ilnl.v IM.i I'.ul lew uiii I iiinke
uHlilllim:s In ten niliniica. Itohb.vJ"
"Miintiiiii will ulvi It In you. She
told pupil Unit xln vv.mid tlvp S shll
lln;;a to ' ,v"'i liold your tun',ue for
ten nilittiti'a " l.iitiilon Telegraph.
, f . -J.. .
U O. CLEM2NT, M. D. Praetlce
limited to dlieaaea of the eye, ear,
nose and throat. Glaaaes fitted.
Office hours -12. 1-6, or on ap
pointment. Office phone, 62; retnV
dence phone J6I-J.
S. LOUGHRIDGE, it. D., PhyateUa
and surgeon. City or country calls
attended day or night. Residence
phone 189; office phone 112.
Sixth and H. TnSs Bldg.
J. P. Tmax, M. D Physlctaa ax4
surgeon. Phones: Office 226; resi
dence 224. Calls answered at all
hours. Country calls attended to. .
Lundburg Bldg.
DR. ED. BY W'ATrR Specialist oa
diseases of eye ear, nose aa4
throat; glasses flttd. Office boon:
I to 12 a. m., 2 to 6 p. m. Pkomee:
Residence 224-J; office 267-J,
Schmidt Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
A. A. WITH AX. M. D.. Physician and
Surgeon. Office: Hall Bldg., earn
er Sixth and 1 streets. Phones:
Office 116; residence 282-J. Honrs
9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
E. C. MACY, D. M. D. First-lass
dentistry. 109 , - South Sixth
street. Grants Pass Ore. '
ern dental work. Maud B. Brad
ford, dental assistant Rooms 4
and 5, Golden Rule Bldg. G rants
Paas, Ore. Phone 265-J.
H. D. NORTON. Attorney-t-Lav
Practice in all Bute and Federal
Courts. First National Bank Bldg.
at Law, Grants Pass Banking Co.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE. Attorney. Practice
in all courts. First National Bank
EDWARD H. RICHARD. Attorney-at-Law.
Office Masonic Temple,
Grants Pass, Ore.
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Lcw.
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Schallhorn Bldg.
O. S. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-Lcw.
Grants Pus Banking Co. Bldg.
Phone 270. Grants Pass, Ore
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Lcw,
Practice In, state and federal
courts. Rooms 2 end S, over
Golden Rule store. 1
J. S. MACMURRAY. teacher of voice
culture and singing. Lessons given
at home ot pupil if requested. Ad
dress 716 Lee street. 851tf.
JESSIE C. KNAPP Piano and voice
Chorus and choir directing. Studio
residence, 614 North Second street
Phone 523-R. 880tf
kinds of drayage end transfer
work carefully end promptly doae.
Pione 122-R. Stand at freight
depot. A. Shade, Propr.
. G. ISHAM, drayage and transfer.
Safes, pianos and furniture morved,
packed, shipped end stored. Phone
Clark ft Holmen, No. 50. Resi
dence phom 124-R.
THU WORLD MOVES; so do we.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
GRANTS PASS Lodge No. 84 A. F.
A. M. Stated Communica
tions 1st and 2d Tuesdays.
Visiting brethren cordially
Invited. A. K. Cass, W. M.
Ed. G. Harris, secretary.
OO. F., meets every Wed-
nesday evening In I. O. O.
F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting Odd Fellows cordially
Invited to be present. Emll Gebers,
N. Q.; Clyde Martin, Secretary.
PAPERHANGING, graining, palnt
ing. For the best work at lowest
prices phone 293-. C. 0. Plant,
South Park street.
DK. R. J. PRSTL'L, Veterinarian.
Ofllcp In WluPtrout Implement
Bldg. Phone 113-J. Residence
Phone S05-R.
E R C 86" UC 1 1 i- As a ay eT, h em IsT
metallurgist. Roms 201-203 Pad
dock Building. Grants Pass.
Location notices, Courier office.