Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 15, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Daily Bogus River Courier
Aa Independent RspaMlcaav Naws
Hfw. Called Preas Leaaed
Wlra Telegraph tWrioe.
A. r VOORHDE8, Fab. as4 Prop.
. Eatered t tha QrasU Paaa. Ors
. goa. Poets 111 ce aa aacoad-daaa aill
tan attar.
tea Taar
Kx Moatat..
Tbrea Mcataa.
lne Moat
Payable la A4raea
Fair today; westerly wind.
t'rgiag women voters to cast their
ballots against Wood row Wllsoa and
la favor of Cbarlea Evas Hughe
for president of tha United Stales.
Mrs. Wm. Kent, of California, wife
of CongrressiuaB Kent, spoke at the
Clark republic meeting Fridy
evening. Congressman Kent It rhalr-
maa of tha national Wilson league.
an ardent Wilson supporter, but Mr.
Kent take a different view from that
of her distinguished husband. She
believes tha beat Interests of the wo
men demand the election of Hughes,
and the doea not fail to make her
belief clear. 'This la a high-minded
effort oa the part of voting women to
ba good citlxens," said Mrs. Kent.
"We are not militant. she said.
"In fact, we are Just tha opposite
we are not gathering dabs and brick
bats, we are gathering rotes." Mrs.
Kent made a most telling address, snd
won mneb applause when she nn
oaneed ber Intention of giving Mr.
Hagbea bar vote. She spoke at a
member of the women's national
party, and said that the party had
decided upwo support of Hugbea a
beat representing tbelr Ideals and
best able to "get them somewhere."
The meeting Friday evening was
well attended, there being fully as
many as were present to hear Cham
berlain Wednesday evening. The
Chamberlain meeting was augment
ed by a couple of hundred of the vls
Hlng school teachers, who bad left
town Friday night, so that the re
publicans had many more local voters
than did the democrats at their meet
lag. More than half the audience
was composed of women. Previous
to tbe meeting the Moose band dis
coursed music npoa the streets, snd
during tbe progress of the meeting
a quartette, of J. S. MacMurray, Paul
Blancbard. J. M. lsham and H. I..
Btonaker, sung some lively campaign
songs that brought down the plaudits
of the house upon them.
a a a
Hon. A. K. Clark, of Portland, who
delivered the principal address of the
evening, had about lost his voIcp
through the strenuous campaigning
In which he had been engaged, nnd
for the first few minute of bis sd
dreas had difficulty In making himself
heard. He gradually recovered, how
ever, and was soon In the swliig of a
rnagnlfli eut speech tha' xjxil I-c t n-
effect of the fl'ino' ratlc doctrine ,
liHti'led out In HMili cojiioiM iiant'l)'
ly the nenlor senator from Oregon. !
AtiNwerliitf the dulm Unit the tariff'
was not an Iriue, Mr. Clark calli'd
attention lo the pro-'perlty of the
country for ihe deiaile before 1012,
snd the stagnation that IoIIoaimI tin-,
advent of the democratic party into
power. The present. Industrial pros-j
perlty, he said, was hawed holly nj-
on the trade tiiinle poHMllile by thni
Kuropi iin war, and he predicted over
whelming rilximter iifiletm llic i-o'ititry
returns to a protective lurlff before
the war closes,
Hughes friendly altltii'le to labor
was showed by llu Hpeaker, who told
of the nmny measures for the amellor- j
at Ion of the condition of th lnburlnK
man and wotnun paasei) rlnring ibel
time llimhca wnn govet'ti'ii' of N''
York. He also quoted tha opinion
expressed by the labor press at U
time when Hughe ws lauded a the
friend 0 labor. A a deadly parallrl.
Wilson' statements before he bad be
come a candidate (or president were
Wilson at that time, when
Hughe wax making ls for labor,
a a writing scurrilous attacks upon
the same labor.
That the present course of the i
I'nlted States in Mexico will certain-'
ly lead to military occapallon of that
,eountry by European artnle as toon i
as the war in Europe closes, was as-
serted by Mr. Clark. He referred to,
the vacillating policy of tbe present i
administration In reard to Mexico.
and declared that unless this coun-!
try 1. prepared to abandon the
roe Doctrine and concede the rtjjbt f
of European powers to protect the J
lives and property of their citixen in
Mexico, it must discharge that duty!
Itself. Mr. Clark saw a great peril '
for tbe United States unless the af-
fairs of government were placed In j
the bands of men with strength j
enough to bring about a satisfactory j
solution of the menacing conditions '
In Mexico.
"The Full Rental Value Land Tax
and Homemakers' Ioan Fund Amend
ment" la tbe ballot title for measure '
No. 30 and 207
dlt Amendment"
"The Rural Cre
ls tbe ballot title
for amendment No. J1H and lit.)
There Is danger that these titles msy j
be confusing. Tbe word "loan" In
No. 206 and 307 may lead some '
voters to believe that it is "The Rural j
Credits Amendment.1" Voters should
be very careful in distinguishing be- j
tween these two measure on elec
tion day.
There Is the widest possible differ-;
en re in the effect which tbe adoption I
of these two measure would have. !
Amendment .No. 306 and 397 Is a
single tax measure, snd has for Its
purpose the confiscation of private
ownership In land. Amendment No.
318 and 319 is Jtiat shattlts namci
implies: an amendment giving rural 1
credit or cheap money to the farm-jL.
ers. The first amendment, No. 300
and 307, would simply rufn the state
of Oregon If It were adopted The
last amendment. No. 31H snd 319.
will build up Oregon by giving the
g his farm up to a big
improvement and cultivation.
To defeat sitiKle tax vote :;ti7 X no.
To get rural credits vole fjlH X yes.
' I'rinuii in r.-ry new ripuun
at the Courier office.
T U J 1 1 . - . . J . I . . I
Do the right thing and
do it right NOW
We urge you to Mm 1-1 mi account
with (Ills liniik VOW, We know yon
will siiy we are right. Inter on. Votl
neel the service we can reniler Hint
we do render lo all our iiMoiiicim,
Josephine County Bank
T, B. Cornell, President
Ham II, Baker, Cashier
ords. two Issues, :5c; atz Issues,
tee; om month. 31 SI. wbaa paid ta
advance. Was not paid ta advancs.
ie per Una par lssae.)
FOR SALE -Heavy team dappled
grey horse. 5 and years, true
pullers, wagon and haraee. all
$Joo. One rhiroc boar. 2 months
old: one Duror sow, two rears old,
subject to registry, all good In
dividuals 150 for quick sale W.
H. Pollock. R. D. No. 1. Box to.
Grants Pass. Ore.
FOR 8AIJC One hoie and buggy.
4-year-oM Jersey-Durham cow. one
heifer yearling, chickens, rabbits,
pig. farm implements, hay and com.
furniture. Will rent or lease place.
40 acres, snd give splendid oppor- j
Unity to reliable party. H. M.
Ratemaa. Merlin. Oregon. S7
Mon-lpoR EXCHANGE -1 5 acres" river
bottom near Eugene oa Pacific
highway, highly developed. S-room
dwelling, hot and cold water, etc..
at IS. 000. Loan tl.SOO for five
years. Want J to $ acre Just out
of Grants Pasa limit
What have
Four 4-room flats building, San
Diego. Hose In. rlear rent It per
month now, at I12.S00. Want
good ranch. U A. I.auner. 175
' FOR SAI.E Bedroom furniture." Call
i 71 North Sixth Phone J20. U
B. Breexe. 17
WANTED Second-hand cutting box
j for cutting corn fodder. J. H.
' Harris, route 4. 87
mon brick. Make us an offer. In
quire of the Dyer company at sugar
factory. S7
gpgyr OPPORTUNITY tobuy !
lots. For ten day I will sell mv:"T "' nd "",or MlM 'r"
lots in Macola park at extremely
low price. Have a few at $115, 1
more at IllO. Lots on Sixth '
atreet. It S4; on Lawn ridge avenue,
I2S0. Must raise some monev I m-
mediately, reason for selling.
Arthur Conklin, 111 C street
Phone 2 IVY
2350 RL' YS a Model 30 Bulck road
ster. Electric lights, Temeo shock
absorbers, side light and other ac-
Mechanical condition
fine. Inquire at Koom 2, Masonic
building, or phone 171-J.
A, LAI'.VER, Fire Insurance and Riddle, Esther Gllkey. Genevieve
j Surety Bonds. tl , Helm, and hostess. Ruth (leister.
JcTskTmI MOSS AGKNCY Fire In I 'rilnllt r,''' n(l ln" kertnanlu
' ' .' ' .'" ,, "created a great deal of merriment.
Moss, Mgr., 204 H N. 6th St.
Temple. Office phone, 174-J; real-1
dence. 341-R. Miss Harris. tf j
FOR gALE-Uw wheel wagon. !-
most new. 2LTi. Inquire M. T.
Htui tevant, X0!l Mead street.
iterheads at tbe Courier.
J. L, Calvert, Vice President
Geo. It. DlckltiMiinAss't Cashier
Stag Parjy
The Pawnee boys of tha Methodist
Sunday school met with liorara Hair.
one of their number, at tha J. K.
Hair home, oa Washington boule
vard. Wednesday evening of last
After the business meeting, which
claimed an early hour, those prevent
were taken to a nearby flat. where
Jolly time was spent around a
crackling bonfire Welnert. dough
ants and cider were tha refreshments.
Those present were Wsllsre Nile,
Paul Day. tester Day, Rob 11 rock ley.
Dan Ieror, Prank Price. IC. H, Rae
ler. teacher of the class, and host of
the party, Horace Hair.
a a a
Txeate Weettt' Meet
The teenle weenies met Thursday
evening or last seek at the rauin
home, on D street, where the time
rtaswed quickly with afternoon games
At the close of the good time re
freshments were served to the fol
lowing members present: Gladys
Shlnn. VrJa lsham. Eleanor Cougle.
Mahonne Heath, and their
hostess. Dorothy Fallln.
Mr Fry H
Mrs J. D Fry entertained uieni
ber of (he ' to As You Please" club
at afternoon coffee at her home on"",,,n KM. Hda Ussier. Edna
A street Monday.
Mr C.ertle Davis, from Greeley.
Colo., was guest of honor.
The regular club members and
their visitors. Mrs. Gllfillan and Mis
! Minnie U Tuffs, were present.
Guess salad, nut sandwiches, cof
fee, snd orange cake were served
Wstion. were of lavend.r aster.
,nd ,t,rxr.Bi. Kancy work filled
lne o. boar
a a j Informal Italic
Surprise- Hupper 1 On Invitation to an Informs!
The Misses Stella Feldmsler. Dor dance on the evening of October 7
Herman, snd Genevieve Helm were a group of high school students gat It -guest
or honor at the birthday sur-jered at the Guild hall and spent sn
prise supper given by the Campfire 'enjoyable social evening
girls at the H I Gllkey home Thurs- Punch wss served during the
day evening of last week.
When the psrty met in the Camp
fire rooms It did not take the honor
ed gtieats losg to And the three bas
ket of "eats" which they were, told
were hidden somewhere stout the
room, and very soon all sst down to
a spread of potato chips, salad, sand
wiches, ham. cookies, snd plcklea
served picnic style on the Itwn,
Those present were the Misses
Luclle Garber, Grace Presley, Vivian
lsham. Esther Gllkey. Helen Fl field.
Stella Feldmsler. Dors Herman.
f'nf v''v' "'In'- Guardian Mr.
7' Hodgson, who It visiting the
J M- ,,hm 'm"r- of ,hu rt,v- n'1
tlnlln '
a a a
Farewell Party
Friday, October 6, a Jolly party
of ten gathered at the home of Miss
j nuin weisier tor ine eveiiiu; mnj
poll given ss a farewell to Miss
Luclle Hsrter, who left for the east
j Those present were the Misses
iOllie Moore, Gertrude llerry, Luclle
Hartpri Mllrw 1awk,nll, Klomnce
Dawk Ins,
Helen Holulen, Florence
At the close of the party hours tlie
.n.uulu .... mrtfVaA a I i tl .lilltllv 'Hilt.
I Wichita,
cocoa, with marnlimsllows
and marguerites.
a a .
Farewell Luncheon
Member of the Women's Christian
Temperance Union were hostesses) at.
the luncheon given as a farewell to
Mr. 0, M. Caldwell, one of thidr
number, Tuesday afternoon of last
week, at the homo of .Mrs. M. P.
Graham on North Sixth atreet,
Mrs. Caldwell, who has Just left
her work ss county president, linn
been an earliest and faithful worker
la the union for tha past fourteen
years, during which tlms lie ba
served twlca as local president and
filled several minor offices. As
token of remembrance ttis union pre
sented Mrs. Caldwell with a very fine
portrsit of Mlsa Francis K. Wlllsrd.
Tha ladles present were Mrs, Csld
wtll. Mrs. Howard. Mrs. M. F. tira
ham, Mrs. A. 11. I'rstt, Mrs. C (1
Gillette. Mrs. Amos Myers, Mr. Al
bert M. Evenson. Mist Edna llouck.
Mrs. Houck. Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. E
D, Shook. Mrs. Harry Cougle. Mr
H. L. Damellle, Mrs. John Hummers,
and Mlaa Gladys Colvlg.
Following a sumptuous picnic
lunch, which ass served cafeteria
style those of tha party were taken
In autoa to tha depot to bid the
honored guest good by.
lllaetrirda Knterfaia
Members of the Bluebird' class of
the Methodist Sunday school were
hostesses on tha evening of October
11 at the party given In the Method
ist church parlors.
Autumn leaves were used In decor
ation of tha rooms, whlrh were ar
ranged with cushion and home
'-rnlehlag to give an
i A primary program me leading
jfeatnre of the evening entertainment.
I Refreshment were re cream and
; wafers.
Those present were the Misses
Vivian lsham, Edytli Kolilnson.
ttublnson. Irene Col a ell. Esther (ill
key, Inga Krnsell, Arllne Hunch.
Frelda (leber. Stella Feldtiialer.
Irete rTtckcl. Clara Knlps, Goodrun
Anderson, Marie Christie, Helen
Ellis. I.orenne Courtney, Mr. M. C.
Van l-euven, and Messrs. M. T. Wire.
Hubert Wilkin, Dan Devor. lister
Day. Paul Day. Wallace Nile. Dick
Mathews. IKm I.ikbs. Horace Hair,
s a
a a ,e
Party fiir llridw
On tbe evening of October 7 a
number of friend of Casslus Hen
dricks gathered at the Spa parlor,
on North fllith atreet, aa guests of
the welcome party given the new
bride. Mrs. Casslus Hendricks. When
tbe gueets were assembled an Im
promptu wedding march was played
jand the newly wedded were usher
ed In and Introduced to their party
The evening was spent with music
and cards. Bride's cake, with whlp
psd cresm, nil nee pie, and chocolate
potato cake were served.
The following were present: Mr.
and Mr. A. C. Holcomb. Mrs. Jack
Allison., Mrs. A. II. llerry. Mrs.
Hendricks. Mrs E. R. Crouch. Mrs.
Albert M. Evenson, Mr. and Mrs.
John Summers, Mr, and Mr. Esrl
Crouch and daughter, Florenre, Mr.
Gregg, Evert and Dorl Gregg, Mrs.
Charles Gray, Mrs. Mtrve Jordan,
Mr. and Mrs. Gilklson, Mr. and Mrs.
C, Orel, Mr. snd Mrs. Cssslns HVii
drlcks, the Misses Irene Mercer,
lArenne Courtney, Mary ' Hackney,
snd Messrs. Harold Terwilllger, Clin
ton Miller, Luther Wystt and I'nrk
a a a
Wi'dnewlNy Evening Farewell
The A. A. Hyde 1iome at Murphy
was the scene of a Jolly party Wed-
'nesdny evening of lust week, which
was given In the nature of n lawn
function as a farewell to Mr. and Mrs.
1 Arthur Dixon, who will leave soon
for Canada.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur DIxou, Mrs. Hamtii'l Kills,
Helen Kills, Mrs. Albert Anderson,
Nora, Ella, Goodrun anil Evelyn An
derson, Kinma llabcrinnn, Kay llnber
tiinn, Robert, N'etta, Lloyd nnd Noln
Lindsay, Ike Derrick, Mr, anil Mrs.
A. A. Hyde, Hairy Hyde, Edwin Top-
I icrank Turvev. (Theater Kim
ball. Gertrude Alnwurth. Cora ltl.
ken. Willis Hyde, Wards Hyde.
Maude, Bertha, and Fred Hyde.
Tha party came In auto and bay
rack During the evening the crowd
gathered around a huge bonfire and
roasted weiner and loasled tusrsb
mallow Coffee, rsk and sand
wiches completed the spread. ' Out
door games lead the amusements,
Mlaa White EaterUtlaa
Mis Marian I. Whit was hostess)
oa the evening of October 14 at ber
borne st 614 II atreet. when she
pleasantly and Informally entertain
ed at dinner la honor of ber visiting
friend. Mis Grace Peare. from Med
ford. Covers et Isld for six. Of tha
dinner, which as three course,
chicken was servrd as the feature
a a
Dinner for Trm tiers
Teacher and pstrotis of the illy
school entcrtsiunl the visiting
teacher of the Institute on the even
ing of October II. Following a de
lightful auto ride around tha valley
the guest were taken to the Meth
odist church parlors, where salad. Ih
first course of a sumptuous dinner,
ass served. Here Mis Winifred
Flauagan was at the piano The sec
ond course was served In the I'resby
lerlsn church, where the school Vle
trola provided music Cover wera
Isld for about one hundred, twenty
bring served at each table, with a
locsl les' lter lo serve st each.
The menu ass rosst beef, broan
grsvy, esrallopcl potaliws. baked
squash, pickles and Jelly Baskets
of apple were used In table decora
tion For the last course tbe rroad as
sembled at the Guild hall, where pie
a la mode and coffee closed the even
ing meal. During the last course In
strumental music wss supplied by
the committee
Folio Ing the dinner seversl
gathered st (he opers house sudl
torlum to hear Senstur Chamberlain,
a a a
Welded Thursday Evening
At tha home of her mother, Mrs.
Sarah Newell, on West 0 atreet. Mlaa
Katharine Newell bee sine the bride of
William VV, Ufferty st :JU o'clock
Thursday evening, the ceremony be
ing performed by the Rev. S. A. Doug
las, stor of the locsl llapllsl church.
The wedding ass s quiet home affair,
only relative and the close person l
friend of the principal being pre
sent, tha witnesses to the happy event
being Mr. snd Mr. II. 1- Newell. Mr
and Mrs. Wlllsrd Wilson, Mis lida
Flfleld. Mr. Evs Coes K. E. Blancb
ard, and Ivan Howell. Following tha
ceremony refreshments were served.
when Mr. and Mr. Ufferty left for
the home that hsd been srrsnged fur
them at 223 C street.
Mr. Ufferty will long remember
the trials of s would-be benedict, for
the fstes came near robbing hi in of
hla bride upon the day and dale, set
for the wedding. He neglected to
keep In mind the fact that America
was discovered by one Christopher
Columbus, and that now ono dsy of
the yesr Is set aside a Columbus
day, n lenal holiday. When It came
time to get n license Uiffvrty could
find no ofllclal who had authority to
Issue one. For hours the country was
scoured and the discovery of happl
nes and peace of mind for Lnfferty
waa not niinle till the wedding bells
were about due to JltiKle, The troubles
of Ufferty In his quest ot happlnc
were appropriately set forth In vere
by Mr. Illanchard.
Job printing of every description
t the Courier office.
Golden West Coffee I
let Im Dtl. I
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nam: tarwtpaa.-sti i
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