Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 08, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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A tlehop's Itory f in Inciting Ik.
perltnoo In Africa.
TIi strongest opponent to the ad
vance of clvlllmilwi In west Central
Africa, say Ulsliop UmbulU. tba
Mt'lhiMlUt iiilHuliiiiiiry, are tho wild el,
pliant, They break tluwn femes,
trample garden, ull up tree dud
even telegraph pole, because llioy ob
ject to. anything irariK In their fa
miliar haunt. Olio hrviiiii) inontr
nearly wrecked a small steam launtb
belonging t Ilia liilanlmi oil ilia upier
rvecbc of I tin Kongo,
The boat, with tlirt while men. In
clmlliitf tliu bliliop, and a crew uf flva
negroes, had tied up uii Ilia cdgo of
forest lu q u let iNNid uf tlia river. A
atnut plank we laid aa gangway
from tlia bow to tha bank, and tlia
crew worked tinlll nightall cutting
and piling firewood fur Ilia boat's fur
nace. Then they ramv on dock far
their f veiling iiu-el. Tlia three white
men war already at dluurr when a
fearful yell from tlia native brought
them out of the ralilu to ace a larga
elephant vlcloualy attacking Ilia wood,
pile. , Tlia blui'ka went aalioro Willi
Aniltranda matched out of tlia cook
love to drive tha uioimler away. But
be pit Id uo attelitlnn to them until ha
Intd dcmolliihcd I lie woodpile, when ha
Wblpied una iunii Willi lil mink heela
uver head Into tha river and chased tha
other back Into tha boat
Thundering after, with red gullet
ohii, tusks flashing and trunk flailing
the air. lie planted, hold treinendou
fore feet uu the gimirplank. It lient
until It cracked under hla weight, hut
beld stoutly, although the whole boat
(arretted and seemed ready to capslne.
In another moment the elephant bad
eriMutl the I'lmik and wn amrtde It
with bind feet on the shore and fore
feet un the boat. There he stood,
afraid to artvaie a or retreat, a gigantic
tniiige of baffled rage. In hla fury be
began atauiiliiB with iIiimw great for
feet, ami the tioat reeked ertiilly back
and forth.
What Might Iiav liapieiied If the
monster had route almaroj with all lit
freniled weight i-au only be Imagined.
fr tha captain by I III time bad fetch
ed the only rlflo on board and. rlaklng
II oil one ahoi, had thrust the mtiMle
almost Into the gaping , muiith and
pulled the trigger.
Fortunately the bullet lodged In the
bnio of the brnlii. The elephant tum
bled to bla knee and Into the water
belt the hank. Ida bulk thrusting the
boat axlde no auddenly that It Miapped
the bowline and aeut the men atagger
lug to the gunwale
At the next government trading poat
the eaptalu had two aplendld tuk to
ahow' a the reiilt of bl cool daring:
but. to hi astonishment, he waa ar
retted for hooting the rlephaut with
out license, It waa with great dlhV
riilty that the government official waa
runvlneed that the animal had been
ahot In iielf defene. Even then be
ronflscaled the Ivory. Youth' Com
lnloa. American Inventive Ingenuity.
Of the epoch tunklng luventlnua of
tho world during the pant fifty year,
forty-eight In uuinber, American are
credited with thirty Ave. which Include
the telephone, tyiiewrlier. rh register.
Incandescent lamp, talking machine,
electric furnace reduction, electrolytic
alkali production, transparent photo
graphic ntin, motion picture machine,
buttonhole tewing machine, cnrbotun
dum. chnln atltcb ahoe towing ma
chine, "Initio typo composing machine.
I'ontliiunii process match niiiclilne.
chrome tunning, dink plow (modern
typei. welt mm-lilno. electric lamp, re
cording adding machine, celluloid, au
tomatic knot tying machine, machine
for making hnrbed wire. etc. -Popular
Science Monthly,
Alto 8poka In Devon,
, Though "aouio" I recognised a an
Americanism todny. It ba reully lieen
liorrowed from ti, ono of our v'erbul
emlgranta that have found a w Ider up.
illiiitlon In n new environment and
vbilt u now with a "Made In l. t, A,"
lamp on lliom, Tho word U atlll part
of tho vernacular of lievou (Telgn
valley district), where you may be
greeted by "It did tiilti mm isniuel,"
to Indicate tho extent of n recent down
pour, lievonalilro hns furnished tho
Vnlted Slnles with other veil ml emi
grant, pitch n "gticM. ulkhilc"
and "reckon," all now branded a
American good. London riimtilcia.
H Oat a Houah.
The iigilciiltiirol eitiicntlim t tint we
hear obuut nhoiild not he conllncil to
tho country. Tho lity need! It loo, A
man went Into a IIohIoii itcpnt'lmciit
aloro one dny and Hl;ed for n hoe.
Tho young womnn at Iho counter iiih:
ed lilm a trowel and, llndlnir tlmt It
waa tint wlmt bo wanted, inked lilm In
pick out n hoc from the pile of garden
tool. , Itoilld en. Then the mi lex worn'
mi inndii out Iho Klip, "Ono hough. 75
enla."-Vontb'a Compiiuhiti.
Putting Out Oatolln Flrtt,
fix perl men tx by tho llrltlNh flro pro
VMillon cnmiiiltteo how that the lict
way lo put out u "inn II miikoIIuc lire I
to Mprend over the liitrulng llipilil a
mlxturu of ten poundM of Hh iirlionute
of noiIii unit twelve pound of common
xntvriuat, free from chip mid hIiiit
I nun, '
Ktp It Dark,
May Of courNO ,on luww I tint nilr
eiicngeniciit'lin nocrct. .Iiino-Oh, ,vo;
o I nm told by everyliodvl-Pearaon'
Weekly '
t Hew Well Pottta Ytu Are. and
figure Out Your Percentage,
tlaymoiid A, Kent, aKllant profea
or of education and principal of the
t'nlverxlty high whool, gave an ex
amination to the Junior and aniilor
ela of the College of Education to
teat their general knowledge.
Fifty ijueatloii were atked, aa follow:
Name the vice pretldent of the I'ult
ed H(ale; governor of MlnueaoU, nil-
er, with title, of Kiiglaiid; ruler, with
title, of Germany; 1'nlteU Htatea avu
ator from Mluneaola.
1N-al 1'etrograd, Vatican, rollaeuu,
I'artbenoii, Uoldon lloru, Uolden Gate.
Who waa the "Little Corporal?"
riayed the barp before Haul? Invent
ed the telegraph? Dlwovered the I'a
cine oceau? Wrote nine aymphonlea?
Recelred the Ten Commandment?
What la the mtto of the United
Stale? la the triple entente? la the
blood forcing organ? ia the renter of
the uervoue ytem? I the normal
temperature of the body? I the max
imum weight tarried by the parcel
Who wrote 'i aptalua Courageoug?"
Trcaure llndr "The Virginian?"
'The Virginian?" "KrankbVe Autobi
ography?" "Paul Itovere'e Hide?"
Complete tho following; "Kmtl rub
In" "It'a a long way" "Ulve me
lllwrly"- "What I o rare"-
Why are the following. famoua: Alex
ander Urabam Hell? Father Da mien?
Daniel Koone? ICdward McDowell?
Fkrence Nightingale? Krlta Krelxler?
Mary I'lrkford?
In what book dn the following char
acter appear: Aladdin? Hhylock?
Utile Eva? Itowena?
Boiiie felt aa tow a 10 per rent on
the examination, and the general aver
age waa not high. Tho aame tent wa
given to high M hool atudenta, and tber
fell alltl lower In pcrcentagea earned.
New York Sun.
Redmlre'e tuetlon Tore the Leather
Gaiter Off a Man't Lega.
Reader of "Lorna Doouc" can never
forget the terrible drowning of Carver
In the bog. That death trap I atlll to
be teen In the Exmoor country, and
not long ago a valuable hunting home
wa engulfed In the mire, and bla rider
barely ecaiel with hi life. M. Bar
tug-doubt, who had narrow escape
from a almllar Rngllih bog, (ell of It
In bl "Hook or J he Wett." The au
thor waa with an official from the ord
nance eurvey. who wa correcting the
map of the country:
In the dunk we lot our way and got
into Red ml re. It waa wlmer, the bog
waa immunity wet, and we could
ecarrely trip from one atone to an
other. - Hla bullock bad been loat In
that very apot durlug tbe year. ' v
"All at once I tank above my walat
and waa rapidly being tucked In far
ther. I called to my companion, but In
tbe dark be could not tee me. Tbe
water reached to my armplta. Hap
pily I bad with me a atout bamboo all
feet long. I placed It athwart the aur
race and held my anna aa far extend
ed a poiulble. Dy quickly Jerking my
body I gradually lifted It, and tben I
threw myacif forward aa far aa I
could. Filially I managed to cant my-
elf full length on iho turfiice. The
auction wa o great that it tore the
leather goiter off my leg.
For a quarter of an hour I lay
atretehed out, gaxplng, iH'foro I got
breath enough to worm myxelf along
to dry noil."
Feed and Strength.
Remember that tho food you take
one day tuppllcx (he Mrenglh pu put
forth the next. It lx then a mistake I
to take a heavy meat on the day of
heavy work. The time to dike It I
the day before,.
Wise Ntnlileiuen know this, and
when a Imrxo tin a long day's drive
before him they give lilm only wlmt U
called a "chiH'k- feed." a very light
meal, lo be followed at night with a
heavy one.
So there are two good reason for a
man' not eating much on the day of
trcx. It add nothing to hlx strength
on that dny. and (he prtx-ex of diges
tion call tho blood In work ut the
xtomnch when every ounce of It I
needed at tho brain,
Survvying Land.
The art of land surveying owe It
oi'luln to the fact thnt the ICcyptliinx
were nimble to Keep pci'imineiit monu
ment on land which wax overttowed
every yeai' by the Nile. I'mter audi
I'lroumxtnnco It liceume ncccKxiiry to
hnvo some nieiins of rcldentllylng the
various piece of land. The lintru
ineiitx nnd mntliiMuiitlciil methods of I
Astronomy, with xitltulile modifications,
were used by the Fgyplliinx for bind
"You ought to forgive your enemies.."
"I may I'veulunlly." replied Senator
Snrgliutn, "Hut t should like lo glvo
them n lexsnn beforehnnd, so thut they
will know my forclvenex It gnnerou
nnd strictly vo!iiiitiii'y,"-Wiidiliig1oii
Stan ,
Whnft tlte (Jit?
lie -Do yon think I ought to are your
!uilnnd n'lotit niv marrying your
dalirliter? S'ie-lienr tm, no n will
rend all n limit It In l he ii'C"x.-rurli,
.' Alwtyi Waiting.
Dnsliawny-Voit luivp'xilei(dld look
liur clotlicN, old man. -. Who Is your
tailor? Cleviifton He'a the first man
you see na yon go out. Life, -
It Owes Its Very Existence to the
Ai ' Tlm Wh,B Wt H,d Troublee of
uur uwn we eaia "rianca Ottl" to
the Pewtrt el Ejrope That Tried te
Ralte a Monarchy In Ameriee.
If It hud not Ih'cii ror the I.'nlted
HIiiliK tliere would now be uo republic
of Mexico.
Like all the twenty republic imitli
uf iix, .Mexl, o hex Ix-en under the pro
tix.'llou of the Monroe iloctrine. Tire
dix'tiine ha been often uuexlloued by
Kiiroiieiin pur.eia, but only once ha a
nerlotlK uitcmpt Ix-cn mmln to violate
It. Till wux bet w ecu ISilt and 11.",
when the I nltcil Kt:..- waa engnncd
In Inleruei'liie tvurfiire tlmt Imperiled
It very exlxleine. Juxt nx kiii a our
war broke oui the warxhlp ut Fug
luml, Kinii'e and Hpalu xet aall for
Me loo Mini took ikm-kMou of Vert
Crux. Hecieiiiiy )cn'iird nntined the
three allied ponei of our ihxp concern
mid nnticty for the xii'iirlty mid wel
fare of the Mexleim reptililic ud that
our fleet would be tntloned In the gulf
of Mexh'o lo look after our liitervxtx.
Fiigloud uud Kpulu wioti withdrew,
hut It tie-nine evident thut Nnpoleou
III. Intended I i uverttiruw' the republic
of Mexico m ho luiil the republic of
Fram. A l)i tilhcn empire wn forved
Umiu Mcxlcii by I'leueh troop, nnd an
Aimtriiti arch.lnke. Muxluillluu. wat
I (.elected ai the puppet xoveielgn. The
I French PivukIoii noa dlre-icd aKiiiust
all the republic of the new world. It
wa iroplieled In 1'nrlx Hint In ten
I year every Houth American republic
would lie converted Into a inouiirchy
I and Iho t'nltcd State Into a dictntor-
i hl. .1
I TIlO band ol lllu Atiiorlfun irfit'An..
' nipnt were IIikI, but the voice of the
1 Amerlnii people could not be llenced,
In tbe mldxt of our own war,- when
war with F.uglaud acenicd Imminent,
the hoiixe of representative rlxked a
wr with France by luxxlug a votn of
UK) to nothing that "It doe not accord
with the policy of the Fulled State
to acknowledge any monarchical gov
ernment erected uxin the ruin of any
republican government in America un
der the aitxplce of any Kuropoon
Nothing more could be done at the
time, but Juxt a iwxui a our war wa
over General tirant propoxed to orpin
Ixo au army of combined I'nlon ami
Confederate aoldlcm who would volun
teer to march to the City of Mexico
and expel the Auxtrlau euiieror. He
elected General (icbofleid to enllsl
troop for ncrvlce on the republican
aklo of Mexico,. The war department
gave General Hchofleld a leave of ah
eence for a year, with ieriulloii to go
beymiil the limit of the Fnlted State
and to take with lilm any of III staff
officer that he wanted. In the mean
time Grant ent Kherlilnn to the ttln
Grande with OO.OUO troop, w hich wip
distributed along the frontier, where
they threatened tho French line.
But fortunately force was not neeex.
aary. The hIiow of force wa aunicleut
and RchohVId wa aent to Fnrl to nc
gotlate for the rellremcut of the
French troop Inxtend of Into Mexico
to drive them out. The secretary of
atato nilltlcd NnMileon In November.
ISlK, that the fulled Stale "Mill re
garded the effort to etnhllh im-i'u:ii
nenlly a foreign and lniierlal rrovern
mem In Mexico ax dlsiillowulile ami
Impracticable," Aa the enieror of the
r renin illil not teem dlspovcd to jmy
' SIIV llftl.lltlnil tit tlilu l k'n- I
n dellulto duto for the wltlidi-awal of
tho French troops.
Tho Mexican l'cu!illcnn innler .t.iii
res had been keeping up n luive lljiil
for freedom, iiltliouH Miixlmlllan ha I
orderid all of tlicin xho) w!iei'eer
caught, without tilul or the pox- ilillli.
of pardon. Ax coon nx the I'nltcl
State bad coiii tiled the wltliilrnwa'
of tho Freiicli tin- rcpulilii mix vc;v
nhlo to overcome the ImiM-rinllxi with
no oitlelal assistance rrom the I'uHcl
State. Their vlctoty wax marred by
tho unnecessary execution of the would
ho eluHror In spite of tho Interposition
of Secretary KewaiM.
But the I'nlted Stntet had to st..v
"Manila off!" to Auxtrlu nx well as to
France, Hiulier than have an Auxtrla.i
archduke Ignomlulouxly dlxmouuled
from llio Ihront) It wax fhinue,l to hIiiii
Ili.tKH) Aiist'lnn troop from Trieste to
Vein Crux, ltut our nihilxter m Vlcn
un. Mr. Motley, wns told by Secretin
Scwnrd Hint If Austria allowed n sin
gle soldier to emlmrk for Melco the
t'nlled St ill ex
would 1 1 leak off nla.
llotx in onif, 'Iho AilHti'lnu no em
inent xnw the point ami prolillilted the
ililpineiit of the troop enlisled ror
Mcxlco.-New YoiU luilcpeinlent.
What It I Th.t Win.
A couiilrywonuiii t'eimii'ke.l to her
neighbor during n i oiiverxiitlon on
their return from innrkel, "Mow Is II,
Mnry. that you have been married four
times and I've never been married nl
nil and I'm much hnmlHomcr than
"Aye, to be Nitre," returned Mitvy,
"but It .nln't huuitsomeui'x Hint doe
It. Sni'tih. It'a tho 'come hither' In
your eye
Worthy ef Admiration,
Her Dnd-So you writ to mnrry my
danmhter? , I like your nerve, Rnltor
Well. sir. you ought trt. I xpent
whole lot uf lime working It Up.-Ro.
nm Transcript, ,
3 - :
. I .
11 ;
AD shades of purple loom large In
autumn tints. So this beautiful suit
la made of a dark purple velvet set off
with silk braid and a bit of fur around
tbe short coat's bottom. Tbe stand
up collar I also fur. but tbe dashing,
soldierly bat Is what make tbe Cos
tume. if '
Her soldier boy's font hns servisl a
l unity model hero. Tiiii bromlelolh la
ellt With n roll skirt, ilimlilc eiiUH HllU
wide tvvers. This severity Is relieved
ii lilt by lour row of tlUhlmi done lu
poluls uroiiiul the skirt ut the kneo
Hue, the eiilTs, Iho rullur nnd tho shonl
iler lino of the enpet. I'lense observe
Iho (Inshlnu little lint that good Hues,
wide ribbon nnd a buckle achieve.
Vsieolty ot Ralndropa.
Of coarse we all know that It would
be an utter Impossibility for atorm
clouds to form nnd ruin to fall were It
not for tbe mile of atmosphere that
rlaet above our heml. Hut, KuppiistiiK
It "ore possible for liiinniii hclnp lo
exist In mi nttuosphcro Moil only rose
to u level with their mouths nml t tin i
storm clouds could torm lu tho rcplou
oulshlu audi a low griule atmosphere,
then every riilndrop would prove a
fntnl to earthly erenlnres a If It were
a steel bullet llird from a dynnmlte
gtui.-lndon Nntnre
Wl I;'; A
4 ;i "; $
I 1
JT i
Classified Advertising
ANOKL CAKES Phone orders to No.
Jl0- . TITtf
want the moat pork per lb. of feed.
get a Winona Berkshire for your
next berd boar. Spring pigs aver
aged 100 lbs. each ai four months.
F. R. Steel, Winona Ranch, Roral
RouUNo. 1. SiOtf
H-ROOK bouse, tartly farnUbed, lot
75x100, on Sixth street, for sale
real cheap, or will trade. For par
ticulars Inquire B. A. Williams, SZS
Ostroet I7S
FOR SALE Good six-room bouse
near Riverside school, two lots,
fruit. Price reasonable Or would
lease unfurnished or partly tarn
ished to responsible party. Ad
dress No. 1771, care Courier. 863
seconds. Newtowns, Spitzenbergs,
and Ortley. Leave orders at Wine
trout's implement house. 871
SLIGHTLY USED Chevrolet car,
model 490, five-passenger touring
car, In first-class condition, with
extra equipage, for sale at a sacri
fice. W. S. Maxwell. 867tf
I NEED MONEY $1,000 will buy
1(0 acrea of land within five miles
of this city. No agents. Owner
only. Box 764, Grants Pass. 872
FOR SALE E. M. F. car. la good
condition, good tires. Address No.
1791, care Courier. ' 8(9
FOR SALE Five aires in Grsnts
Pass, home-like place, good build
ings, will stand inspection, title
clear, taxes paid, can give Imme
diate . possession. Cash down
$1,000; balance of $1,500 to suit
purchaser. No agents. Apply to
owner, H. E. Gethlng. Oakland,
Oregon. ,879
FOR RENT Cheap 80-acre fruit
ranch. Perfect water right Ad-:
dress No. 1792, care Courier. 889
WANTED AT ONCE Flrat class,
strictly modern, furnished, flve
or six-room bungalow. All Im
provements, Including gas, north
. side. Will leaae ror six months,
. with option of longer period if sat
isfactory. U yon have something
meeting these requirements, tele
phone at once. Will pay well for
right place. Phone 280-J. 871
IWILL CONTRACT for. your beet pulp
at Grants Pass sugar mill. Address
Clinton Cook, Murphy, Ore. 869
: WANTED TO BUY Youna milk
cows, fresh or about to be fresh;
must be , good slxe. Phone
61J-F-2S. t870
COWS WAXTED-I will pay cash for
four good Jersey cows that will
come fresh between now and first
of year. WrlteO. W. Meeker,
Kerby, Oregon. 878
FOUND Pair of glasses. Owner In
quire No. 1798, Courier. 868
.STRAYED Jersey cow, three years
' nil! vaartno1 vlra a'hen Inatf sKaiiv
wtt neaftuB, J v fj nuou wsii avvut
September, 1. Finder notify No.
1782, care Courier. 871
iCHYSTAL SPRINGS water .put up In
r-gallon glata Jart and delivered
st your door, fresh, pure, sanitary.
, Telephone 9S:R and water wsgon
will call.
TAXI STAND at the Mocha Cafe. Any
where In town 10c. Phone 181-R.
I neuaence pnone sis-i u
The California and Oregon
Coast Railroad Company
(The Oregon Caves Rente)
Effective Monday, May 1, 1916.
Train 1 Iv. Granta Pass 7:00 a.m.
Arrives Waters Creek 8:00 a.m.
Train 4 lr. Waters Creek....8:00 p.m.
Arrives Grants Pass ..6:00 p.m.
Dally exeept Sunday.
All trains leave Grants Psss from
the corner of O and Eighth streets,
opposite the Southern Paclfio depot
For all Information regarding
frelg' t and pustenger service call at
the office of the company, Public Ser
vice building, or pbone 181 for
Train will stop on flag at any
point between Gran's Pass and
V O.ark Pa8-C"' .r,H''
every da Id tbe week.
Hiai-t'em Huiband. '
"Wttnt to mi to t lie l iiea, er t mlclitV
"I luive nothing to wear," snld t lie
wire polutiHlly.-
"Then we'll iiit to one of tlhise mov
ing picture mIiown whero It's durk."
Louisville I'mtrlei'-Jourmil.
L. O. CLE Mi." NT, H. D. Praetlce
limited to diseases of tho eye, tar,
not and throat Glasses fitted.
Office hours 9-1 8,' 8-8, or m
polntment Office phono, (8;
deres phone 1 5 9-J.
8. LOUOHRIDGK. If. D-, Pbyaielas
aad surgeon. City or country ealls
attended day or nlgbt Bea44aMS)
phone 8(9; office phono 181.
Sixth and H. Tuffs Bids.
J. P. Traax. If. D.. Pbralciaa aaal
surgeon. Phones: Office 111; resi
dence 824. Calls answered at all
hours. Country calls attended to.
Londburg Bid.
DR. ED. BYWATTA Soecialiat aa
diseases of eye ear, bom aad
throat; glasses fitted. Office hewn:
I to 11 a. m., 1 to I p. m. Phosvas:
Realdence 214-J; office 857-J,
Schmidt Bldg, GranU Past, Or.
A. A. WITHAil, M. a, Pbysldaa aad
Surgeon. Office: Hall BUg cora
er Sixth and I streeic. Phoaea:
Office 111; residence 282-J. Hoars
9 a. m. to 4 j. m.
E. C. MACY. D. If. D. Pirst-clasa
dtntlatry. 109 K Sooth Sixth
street, Graata Pass Ore.
BERT R. ELLIOTT, D. X. D-lfod-
era denUl work. Maud B. Brad
lord, dental assistant. Rooms 4
and S. Golden Rule Bldg. Graata
Pass, Ore. Phono 265-J.
H. D. NORTON. Attorney-el-Law
Practice In all Bute - and Federal
CourU. First National Bank Bids.
at Law, Grants Pass Bsaklng CO.
Bldg, Grants Pass, Ore.
E. S. VAN DYKE. Attorney. Praotiea -
in all courts. First National Bank
at-Law. Office Masonic Teanla, .
Grants Pass, Ore. ;
W. T. MILLER, Attorney-at-Law. 1
County attorney for Josephine
County. Office: Scballbora Bids.
O. 8. BLANCHARD, Attorney-at-Law.
Grants Pass Banking Co. Bids.
Phono 270. Grants Pass, Ore. -f
V. A. CLEMENTS Attorney-at-Law. t
rracuce in state ana tederal
courta. Rooma 2 aad I. ; over
Golden Rale store. '
Belgian school of violin playlas
E. R. Lawrence 21S I street
J. S. MACMDRRAY. teacher of vnlM
culture and singing. .Lessons given
at home of pupil if requested. Ad
dress 711 Lee street " 8B1U
' kinds of drayago and 'transfer
work carefully and promptly done. -Phone
1S1-R. Stand at freight
depot A. Shade, Propr.
F. G. I SHAM, dray age and transfer.
' Sctes, pianos and furniture moved,
packed, shipped and stored. Phone
Clark A Holman, No. .50. .Real
denca phom 124-R.
THB WORLD MOVES; so do wa.
Bunch Bros. Transfer Co. Phone
15-R. ,
GRANTS PASS Lodge No. 14 A. F.
A. M. Stated Communica
tions 1st snd 3d Tuesdays.
Visiting brethren cordially
invited. A. K. Cass, W. at
Ed.' Q. Harris, secretary, v
O. F meets every Wed
nesday evening In I, O. O.
F. hall, corner 6th and H.
Sts. Visiting Odd Fellows cordially
Invited to be present. Emll Gebers,
N. G.; Clyde Martin. Secretary.-
PAPERUANGINO, graining, palnt
Ing. For the best work at lowest
prices phone 293'. C. Q, Plant,
South Park street.
DR. K. J. BKSTl'I., Veterinarian.
(Office in Wtnetrout Implement
..Bldg, Pbone 113-J. Residence
Phone SOS-R.
!. R. CROUCH, Aaaayer, chemlat,
metallurgttt. Roma 201-208 Psd
dock Building. Grants Pass. ' .
Mining blanks at the Courier offica.