Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 04, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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llm Yea Heard
the Latest
Hawaiian Seng?
If not, you are missing something-
The prettiest HiliM
wcmg sine "9h Sang Aloha to
: Owne early, m they are going
fast. , -See
window display.
Kdc ad Photo House
RowelL Proa.
Mixes In"
Another of those dating Fair,
basks plays, featuring the Klac
of Fflaslaad, DoeujUs Fairbaaka
Chicago, Oct 4. Chicago was the
Mecca for women interested in poll-!
at, tmlir rnnit ererr train bronchi
some who plan to Join the Hughes
women's special, dne here tomorrow.
Mrs. H. L. Ballard, of Louisville; Mrs.
Raymond Robins, of Chicago; Mrs.
Noble Prentice, of Topeka, Dr. Haxel-
tine Stephens Walker and Miss Har-jCanndlan points before going to Iowa,
rlet Vittum, of Chicago,' will Join the
campaign special here. The train Mr. Morpfay la Happy
will leave Chicago' Friday morning. W. I. Murphy, of Crescent City. Is
Rock Island, 111., will be visited ,ln town and is In flne spirits. When
during the forenoon, snd la the after-sked the reason, he stated that he
Boon Cedar Rapid and Waterloo, j was father of the finest boy on earth.
Iowa, and Minneapolis and St Paul He also stated that he had named
will bo TisKed Saturday. From there 'him "Bill."
the women will go to the coast !
through Montana and the Dakotas. Pcrtlwid Friends Entertained
. j Mr. and Mrs. Sam Williams enter-
Notice is hereby given that the or
dinances of this city provide that
k(MrtlA naai r Yia atAfta nf finfv.
VILViva UOll VU U ssaman sbww jriaw j
Uc places of the city shall be equip-.
ped with a gong or a bell and riders
and operators shall carry and dis
play a light when riding a bicycle In
the aight time. The ordinance pro
vides a penalty of from 11 to $25 for
the violation of Rs provisions,
ter C. E. McLANB, City Marshal.
Oct 5, . Thursday-Parent-Teacher
meeting at tne central scnooi, si ,
P. Ul,
Oct 7. Saturday-Ladles' Auxiliary
Oct 10, Tuesday Music club meet-
lag at
7:30. Commercial club I
Oct 11, 12, 13, Wednesday, Tours- from tne factory last month totaled
day. Friday Joeephlne-Jacksoa '45, The iargest amount at present
county teachers' institute at Oranta !g g0ng to the prune shippers to the
i north. Mr. Roble estimates that there
Oct 13, Thursday Supper from 5 ' will be 45,000 boxes of apples ship
to 7, by ladles ot the Baptist ped from this end of the valley this
church. : fall.
Job printing of every description
t the Courier eOoe.
words, two Issues, 25c; ate Issue,
10c; one month, $1.60, when paid In
advance. When not paid In advance,
60 per line per Issue.)
STRAYED Jersey cow, three years
old, wearing yoke when lost about
September 1. Finder notify No.
1782, care Courier. 871
seconds. Newtowns, Spltzenbergs,
and Ortley. Leave orders at Wine
trout's Implement house. 871
100 ACRES of Deer creek bottom and
low bench land for sale at fore
closure price, entire, or In part, as
desired. Located within one mile
of Sol ma, fenced, part cultivated,
some Improvements. Inquire P. K.
Gerould, Solma, Ore. 866
Temple. Office phrne, 174-J; resi
dence, 341-R. Miss Harris. tf
! Mrs. K. Lawless loft this morning
tor HarrUburg to visit at that place
(or some luie.
J J. A. Martin arrived last night
from Stockton, Cat., to visit with hit
daughter, Mrs. H. J. Savtdg.
j Bargains In wash waists. Mrs.
Rehkopf. 83Stt
j A. M. Calvin left today for Seattle
to reside at that place. He will be
Joined later by Mrs. Calvin.
! H. F. McClellan went to Hugo this
'morning, after spending several
weeks in the city on business.
j C Stein returned to Portland last
night, after spending a tew days In
the city attending to business matters.
E. J. Brown, of Applesate, left last
night tor Leon, Iowa, where he was
called by the sickness of his father.
Get prices from the Rogue Rtver
Lumber company before you buy
shingles, lath, doors, windows, glass,
roofing and lumber. 86
i Mrs. Clifford Jenkins and children
arrived last night from Ashland and
'will visit here with Mrs. C. A. Wine
trout Mrs. C. S. Hobbs left tor Portland
Monday evening to make her home.
, Miss Talitha preceded her by two
' weeks.
Mrs. E. F. Kllti will leave this
evening for Aberdeen, South Dakota,
after visiting here tor two weeks with
her son, E. 3. Klits.
Mrs. A. S. Chrlstlieb left this morn
ing for Ashland to attend a state dis
trict meeting of the Brethren church.
She will be gone about three weeks.
E. P. Moore left last night for
Portland, after attending to business
matters at this place. Mr. Moore
states that Grants Pass Is the best
!town he has seen for some time.
Corsets, prices np to 13.10. on sale
now at 11.00. Mrs. Rehkopf. 8S8tf
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mason left this
morning on the return to their home
in Iowa, after visiting here for three
months with Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Myers. They will visit la Oregon and
Italned at their home at 84 North
Eighth street last evening Mr. and
Mrs. Snider, of Portland, and Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Harvey, of this city. Ice
cream and cake were served.
Fresh Today-
Fresh salmon.
Fresh salmon eggs.
Fresh oysters.
Fresh green cut bone.
City Market
Phone 52 for quick delivery.
Five per cent discount for cash. 65
Large Demand for Boxes
I. A. Roble, of the Pine Box com-
Pr. says that the demand for fruit
.r ...
euAa1 waist va itasw ffcaa finrArv tiaa I
WW" a yaovi u iovwi w
b"runn,n LCP?"r and last
monm over a minion ieei oi lumoer
I was made Into boxes. The demand
Is so great that difficulty Is being ex
perienced In filling all the orders.
i The number of cars of boxes shipped
Bijou Tonight
Last chance to see
Wm. Farnum
and an all-Mar cant, Including
LyftU-r dMmbers, Nicholas Dun
new, Mary Martin, and Christine
Mayo, In
a Win. Fox Kuer-FoaUire
"The Broken bw"
MniiAgorN' Note. We rocom
niciiil Oils photoplay to our a
tronit im one of the numt artlHtlr,
both In runittructlon and plot,
Hint we have xhown this seanon.
5U5 LOCrIL :
t an IteglHier Ttwight
The registration books at the office
of the county clerk will be open to
night, from 7: SO to o'clock, tor the
accommodation of those who find It
difficult to register during the regular
hours. Registration closes Saturday
night, at 5 o'clock.
Englewood Hairy
The best milk, cream and Ice cream.
Phone HI. tt
Klk KH'tl to Medfotxl
A special train will be run to Med
tord tomorrow night for Oraota Pass
day at the Elk carnival. The train
will leave here about 6 o'clock and
will return utter the show. About
j 60 people have signified their Inten-
j0n 0f g0ng. Elaborate plans are be-
Ing made by the Med ford Elks and
three days of carnival will be hold.
llriutp. Suit for W
The Rogue River Public Service
corporation Is defendant In an action
brought in the circuit court by F V.
Dodge, who has boen In the employ
of the corporation for some months
as an engineer. Mr. Dodge asks for
Judgment against the defendant com
pany In the sum of $1,608.55, which
Is rlsimed due in salary.'
Registration tor General Election
Closes Saturday, October 7. 1116,
at 5 o'clock p. m. 668
MacMurrny-llk-ttey Nuptials
Prof. J. S. MacMurray and Mrs.
Rose Richey were married Tuesday
evening, October 3, at 7:15, at the
Newman M. E. parsonage, by Rev.
Melville T. Wire, In presence of the
bride's mother and sister, Mrs. J. O.
Booth and Mrs. Amy Holmes, the let
ter's two sons, John and Booth
Holmes, and Mrs. Wire. Mr. Mac
Murray has been a resident of Grants
Pass for a number of years and has
been closely Identified with all its
musical activities. Mrs. MacMurray
has also been a resident of this city
tor years, but has recently been visit
ing her daughter at Mills college and
her son In Ssn Frsnclsco. They will
continue to make Grants Pass their
Alumni Defeated
The high school team defeated the
alumni In a one-sided game of toot
ball yesterday. The final score was
45-0. The high school showed up
In fine shape and the few weak spots
will be remedied tor the big game
Saturday with Medtord. The high
school team Is made up this year of
huskies. A large number of new
men have been recruited from differ
ent places and the line Is heavier
this year than for many years past.
The back field Is composed entirely
of old men. The boys show the re
sult of training and have never been
in better shape at the beginning of
the season. Two teams have been In
the field since practice started.
An Advertising Faki
asim waalrs srr sin Sri VsirHfllnff
hlmMl( KtMf wu
endeavoring to secure ad
v a
vertlsemeats for a classified tele
phone directory which he claimed he
would publish, mentioning that the
Courier would do the printing. It
was thought by some that the Courier
was publishing the directory, and
through thia Inference Keane was
able to secure some advertising and
to collect a tew dollars In advance.
In at least one case a prospective ad
vertiser called up the Courier office
by phone and was put right, and by
this means avoided being victimized.
The man had no connection with the
Courier. Me simply called and ln
quired the price of printing his Job
He left without having the Job
Huaband Seeks Divorce
George L. Allen has commenced
action for divorce from his wife,
Louise Allen, the complaint having
been filed In the circuit court of this
county. The couple was married on
April 25, 1916, and the complaint
alleges that the marriage was brought
about because of a charge of seduc
tion which was made against him.
This charge, he alleges, was false, but
because of his being a stranger In the
community he was unable to defend
himself against the charge, The com
plaint Also sets forth that five days
after the wedding the wife told her
husband that he was not responsible
for her condition, but named another
who was the author of her trouble.
Because' of those alleged facts, Mr.
Alien asks that the matrimonial bond
bn severed.
Mining blanks at the Courier office.
Women of Woodcraft-
The Women of Woodcraft will meet
In regular session tomorrow night, In
the Woodmen halt.
A. A. riyna went to Med ford this
stternoon on a brief business (rip,
Eureka. Cal.. Oct. 4. The question
or admitting Astatic to American
unions will be put squarely before
the California Federation of Labor,
In session here. It was learned today.
Tlve proposed resolution will ask
the convention to go oa recora ia
favor of organising the Chlaese and
Japanese workers In this country, un
der the protection of the American
Federatloa of Labor.
This Is the first time that this
question has ever been given serious
consideration in a convention of
American labor. Some delegates ex
press the belief that the only way
Asiatic competition can be removed Is
by taking the Asiatics Into the union
Action In this mutter was Inspired
largely by the address delivered be
fore the convention by B. Sutukl, fra
ternal delegate of the Japanese Labor
ers' Friendly society, The conven
tion hns accepted Suiukl's Invitation
to send delegates to the fifth anni
versary of the founding of the society,
to be held In Tokto next spring.
London, Oct. 4.
army that crossed
-The Itoumaulan
the Danube Into
Bulitarls Is under attack from three
Small Bulgarian forces,' detached
from the garrisons at Rustchuk and
Slllstra, advanced against ' the In
vaders from west snd east, while Ger
man, Bulgarian and Turkish troops
moved up the Varnu railway, began
an assault. The battle has been rag
ing since Mondsy. with the result still
In doubt.
At the same time the fighting In
Dobrudja and Transylvania, where
the Roumanians are on the offensive,
is growing more violent With their
Russian allies, the Roumanians are
attacking with the utmost vigor,
seemingly to prevent the enemy from
shifting reinforcements to meet the
Roumanian Invaders.
In Transylvania Roumanian at
tacks In the Oorgeny valley were
fruitless but the 'Roumanians obtain
ed successes west of Parajd.
In Macedonia the Germans and
Bulgarians withdrew to new positions
oa their right wing, between Lake
Presba and Nlie Planena. The Brit
ish have occupied KrasakoJ.
Tacoma, October 4. Sunday, Octo
ber I, has been set by Colonel W. M.
Ingla for the ceremony of mustering
out the Second Washington Infantry.
which has been In camp at American
lake, near here, since returning from
Calexlco some time ago. Preparations
are being made by the various cities
that have units In the regiment to
welcome the troops when they return
to their homes. Tacoma and Seattle
each have battalions In the regiment
and these will return to their bom
cities as units. The other cities are
represented by one or two companies.
Hew te Mend the
Hailing a Carpenter.
The broken door or window screen Is
an eyesore all summer If It Is left un
mended or the repairing Is done clum
sily. Tlin iieniiMt way to mend the
screen la to cut n piece of wire netting
nliont three Ini liei Inrger thnn the halo.
Remove the wires around the edge of
the pnti'li for half nil ln'h or more,
like (Irnwlnir imvhv l!i threads from a
piece o( Hi, .mi. Ili'inl 1 lie resulting
prongs nt rlulit n n t! "ml lit the patch
in ilin'i with i!n uli'e hiiU sticking
through Ihe siw.'ii. I'ri'ia the patch
Hut Htritln-t 1 lie 1;iitt Miirfaup, then on
Ihe !l her slit.' iren the etuis linck to
lllclr iii'l;;lnal nHll'in This secures
the pJitch.
How te 8tt Hooks In Hardwood With.
out Splitting It,
To put hiniliii In lianlucMiil flril'inako
a Imlc with 11 Htiuill ulmlct; then slip
the homlln uf n lipid' or nny small aleel
iii'tlele through Hie linuk and turn It
until II Is secure In the wend
Job printing ot every description
af the Courier office.
Letterheads at the Courier.
The Mory holds on bmathlea with Inter In Ita niaaierly euutMu
tin if humor, pathos, tenderiiesa anil pawlim.
Sofia, Oct. 4. Bulgarian forcse
have occupied (he Roumanian town
of Malakkalafat, near the Danube,
It was officially announced today.
The war office admitted at the same
time that "considerable units" ot
Roumanians crossed the Danube and
Invaded Bulgaria before Bulgarian
monitors destroyed a pontoon bridge.
The river was bridged by the en
emy near Rlahovo.
Bulgarian artillery has slopped the
enemy's offensive on the Besavl-Amtacea-Pervell
A previous official statement from
the Bulgarian war office said that
Roumanian troops were transported
across the Danube In boats. Appar
ently after the first force was trans
ported In this manner pontoons were
thrown across the river and reinforce
ments passed Into Bulgaria.
Salem, Oct 4. Resources and de
posits of the Oregon banks and trust
companies broke all records tor quick
Increases between June 30 and Sep
tember 13, according to a statement
made public today by State Bank
Superintendent Sargent Resources
Increased 111.087,711.31, and de
posits, Including the amount due to
banks and bankers, Increased $10,-
Buddhism's Hades.
Tbe Infernsl regions of Buddhism
are horrible. They comprise a great
bell and 1.1)1 iser Delia In these
bells, according to the sculptures of
the Buddhist temples, men are ground
to powder and their dust turned Into
ants snd fleas snd spiders They are
pestled In a mnrtsr The hungry est
redhot Iron (wile The thirsty drink
molten Iron.
IslsmUm says f the Infernal re
gions t "They who believe no) sbsll
have garments of fire fitted for them.
Boiling waier "hall he poured on tbelr
beads snd on their skins, and they
shsll be beaten with msces of Iron "
tandon Clinmlcle 1
The Winter Gardens' Most Daaaling, Gorgeous, Girl lost and Tuneful
'A World of Pleasure
Traveling In their own sperlal Pullman and baggage oars
Challenge Cast includes
Wm. Norrln, (Vmroy A LnMalro, Courtney HlMoin, Margaret Kdwards
Collins A Hart, Ro-le Qulnn, Waml Ly,m, MeMahun, III,,.. 1 ft
Clmplow, Franklin Hates.
Iowcr Floor f 2.00
Ilalmmy fi.HO, $1.00, 75o, Aoc
New York, Oct. 4. While the
pangs of milk hunger began to hurl
on Ihe east side today, Msyor Mltchet.
as mediator, tried to atop the up
state milk strike, He bad a proposal
from the Dairymen's league the pro
ducersto dal with the Big Three
distributors without lesgue recogni
tion, but with the demanded Increases
In prices under a six-months' coo
tract From statements of distributors,
however. It seemed there must be re
jection or modification of this plaa
If the strike Is to ead.
They have contended thst they can
not deal with the league that they
must do business as In the past, with
the farmers themselves. The string
tied to the farmers' proposals, how
ever, appears also to be a stumbling
Meantime, Ihe milk supply dwindled
rspldly, though some additional came
la from new sad distant sources.
Over oa the east side, where Increased
prices or shortage are first felt, It was
a common scene today to sea little
ohlldren, with palls grasped tight In
emaciated hands, begging at milk de
pots for Just a little milk so that baby
Able or Rebecca would not suffer.
The dealers hsd nothing to give.
Farther up town, lb the quick
lunches, they too were short pf milk.
That wu tha situation all over towo.
The distributors still looked after
hospitals and families with children,
but the portion at each home, was
either seriously diminished or entirely
"Night-rider" bands of enraged
farmers are busy up-state attacking
dairies and milk wagons and dump
ing out milk of other producers who
have refused to Join the farmers'
Chicago. Oct. 4. The White S01
of the American league defeated the
Cubs of the National league this
afternoon In the first game ot the
annual city series championship be
tween the two clubs. The score was
8 to 3, Russell for the Box opposed
Vaughn and Hendrlx on the mound.
A HP-Get 'em early
Thursday Night
October 5
: : : : Telephone 418
l)i;i,i (JK OF
iHHirn 7.110
Curuiln Hsno gharp