Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 03, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    Tl'KKDAY, OCTOIIKH 8, 1010.
: PER52N1L m LOCAL i
444444444444444 44
Mr, and Mr. L. W. Beach, of Le
land, are spending the day to the olty.
KMtUtrn Htmr
Tha Eastern Star meeting will be
Whether tha day ba dull or
rainy, there are alwayi bright
dayi between (or
And (or variable weather you
will get beit reaulta from
Eaatman Kodaka
Eaatman FUma
The dependanble combination.
Music ad Photo House
MUM RoweiL Prop.
TIm lt Day
Wednesday, October 4, of special
display yardage goods from Browna-
vllle Woolen Mill. Geo. 87 Calhoun,
003 0 street. 866
IrfMlIm' Auxiliary Mooting '
The Ladle' Auxiliary will meet
Saturday, October 7, at 3 p. ni at
the Commercial club roomi. A pro
gram on a aubjeot of Interest to all
will be presented. Full attendance
E. B. Crouch left last night for held In Masonlo hall tomorrow even-
Riddle to spend a day visiting at that log.
place. I
John Souder, of Williams, arrived
this morning from a several days' trip
to Portland.
Bargalna In wash waists. Mrs.
Rehkopf. 43!tf
A. C. Eastman left this morning
(or Myrtle Creek, after apendlng sev
eral days In this olty.
Mrs. Anna Pearson went to Hugo
this morning and will visit relatives
at that place for a week.
O. 8. Brown returned to Merlin last
nlgbt, after attending to legal matters
at this place.
Alex Nlblvy went to Medford tills
morning for a short business trip and
will return tonight.
Isaac Best left last nlgbt for Rose
burg to spend a short time attending
to business matters at that place.
Get prices from the Rogue River
Lumber company before yon buy
shingles, lath, doors, windows, glass.
roofing and lumber. 66
C. C. Presley retttrned last nlgbt
from a trip to Portland. Mr. Presley
spent a day with his son at CorvelUs.
B. C. Melghton andwon, C. Hotgh
ton, spent a week In this city at
tending to business matters, leaving
this morning for Salem.
Walter Hnckmsn returned last
night from his lookout station on
Onion mountain, where he has been
all summer.
B. V. Rlggs returned to Roseburg
last nlicht, after spending ton days
New Vork, Oct. S. Despite all
sort of rumors regarding slip-ups,
the property man In charge of the
IK'nr Will ami Dear Theodore drama
to be staged tonight at the Union
league club Insisted today he would
be able to produce some 48 pounds !,, nP,r hfre tnd he reporU a
ItegiktraUoii for General Election
Closes Saturday, October 7, 1916,
at G o'clock p. in. 861
Mueio Club Meriting Postponed
On account1 of the muslcsle at the
Methodist church, the Music club
meeting which was to have been held
this evening has been postponed un
til next Tuesday evening, at 7:30,
at the Commercial club rooms.
of ex- and about 106 pounds hope'
to-be presldulit at the club's reception
to Governor Hughes tonight.
scarcity of game In the Oregon moun
tain district.
Edward Parenteau left this morn-
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Former President Tafl confessed )ng f(Jr , California . aftei via
to 366 pound upon arriving here to- julnK nrrl for tMcril ,By. e will
day from New Haven, He leads ' (, wh h)t utflr , California for
former President Roosevelt by eome'Bom(, t)m,
66 pounds. Corsets, prices up to 13. B0, on sale
The evening's meeting between now on Mri, Rehkopf. 838tf
Taft and Roosevelt will be the first
time they have reached speaking die-,
tance since 1914. when they were j
roldly formal at a funeral In New j
Haven of a mutual friend. j
Referring to the love feast as a;
"crow-eat ng contest," Chairman ...... . .. , ...
.. .7 . ,i . .1 ...... death of the son. and the temptation
Vance McCorm ck. o( the democratic i . '
n,Hnn,l MAIiimlt f A IftflsV tlMlk S fllnK
.V "Zi,a... n..!hen
Bl riliaiim n uin tnuiui" i ,m" i
...... ... a,.- v,w "iioyed up
and the enl re country wll pay par- '
. . .. ., ., tv. but each month found t harder to
. . . " , ,k. ..T l'llf'n of reports was followed by
t.tor. will be C. E. Hughes, Pout I
he will say something about his,
friend, J A. Olo.ry of Am - .
can Truth society. There I no que,- " offlce
t on thnt O'Uary I. UmCUWm
that Hughe, has .ccepted.the c.ndl-1 Poiltmtlll,r ponuoll. and
aucy or ine uypumi. nm i
. . . ... .. I. i . ! .i
o ieary s maiming ienrr ui i-rrsiiit-.u
Wilson prove that."
Hr. Wire Arrive
Dr. M. C. Wire arrived this morn
ing from Newberg for a two weeks'
visit here with his son, Rev. Melville
T. Wire. Dr. Wire was presiding
elder of the Methodist church at this
place about ten years sgo. At vari
ous times he baa been presiding elder
over the Oregon' conference. He Is
also a lover of fishing and .hopes
while he Is here to tie up to a large
Applegale Couple Wed
Marcus Kryer and Nina Esther
WrlKlit. both or Applegate, were mar
ried Monday evening. October 2, at
7:30 o'clock, at the home of the
bride's mother. Mrs. Utile Wright,
713 Eighth street. Tbo ceromony
was performed by Rev. I,. Myron
noozer, members of the Immediate
families only being present. Mr. and
Mr. Wright will make their home at
Viewing a a near outsider the op
portunity which has come offering
good fortune to Grants Pass, with
fortunes for her people in the beet
sugar factory now about to commence!
Its first campaign with only one
quarter of the tonnage of beet It
should have to do Itself and Grants
IPsss Its full measure of 'good, per
mit me through your Journal to make
helpful suggestion toward making
the best of tbat opportunity next year
and afterward.
Within the Incorporated limits of
Grants pass there are about six hun
dred acres of vacant lot and blocks.
Why not plant them In beets and
make the profit of the planting-every
year so Urge that It will be both an
example and an Incentive to the own
ers of farms adjoining the city?
The vacant city lots and blocks
have the water In pipes In the streets
In front of tbem. If there are no
pipes, or too small pipes, or If the
water company's price for water Is
too high, and the water company
make difficulties about providing the
water or making the price right, there
is no need of (usslng with the water
company. Talk business to the writer
Instead, and I think I may say right
now tbat you will get the water at
the right price.
The land of these lots and blocks
lies right for Irrigation. Fifteen tons
to take money from the 'post office
all attempts to rslse It else-
failed. He was always
with the hope that he
Englewood Dairy
Tbe best milk, cream and Ice cream.
Phone 222.. tt
Manicure Sets
Etc., Etc.
Dreg id
New Codfish
New Comb Honey
, Flour and Feed
At Right Prices
202 South 6th St.
Phone 281
Grand Rapids, Mich., Oct. J. The
promise of marriage Is believed to
of beets to sn sere can be expected Mrt Ann ; 8t-John' ?
from It as It Is, but tt can do more.
Feed the soil with the proper fer
tilisers and It will produce more than
twenty tone to the acre with care In
planting, cultivation and Irrigating,
more than twenty-nve tons to me
acre, and do It one year after another
without rotation of crops.
It will pay and pay big, not only
In cash but in prosperity, city pride
and city credit. The credit it will
bring the city will be several times
the raah it will bring the growers of
the beet, but the cash is a big thing
Itself. The cost of fectlllxlng, plant
ing, cultivating, irrigating and har
vesting twenty tona of beets from an
acre will not exceed S50. Feeding
fertilizers, the increase of sugar con
tent of tbe beets will make tbem sell
for 6 a ton, 8120 for the product of
an acre, of which 870 will be the cash
profit. Ia not that cash money worth
while for iteelf!
.Then I anggest, add a sporting
Mr. McIuiIn Arrives I chance to tbe growing. Make a pot
W. P. Nichols, who was arrested In of say 81.000 and split it Into prizes
Kansas last week, charged with the for the heaviest tonnage of beets
desertion of his family In Grants grown to an acre and for the largest
Phss, arrived here from Kinsley, I amounts of augar produced to the
Kansas, this morning to answer the acre.
charge. Mr. Nichols came unattend- It is all worth while from the pros
ed from Kansas, and reported to the pcrlty standpoint. The profits of
sheriff upon his arrival. He was ar-'cane sugar growing have made mll
ralgned before County Judge Gillette llonaires and bankers ot the Hawaiian
To Whom It May Concern:
Whereas, the Chinese (torqnatos)
pheasants of and In the State of Ore- ,
gon are being threatened with ex
tlnctlon from excessive shooting and
otherwise, and
Whereas, the State Board of Fish
Alerton, who says bis home ia in and Game Commissioners of Oregon
Ashtabula, Ohio, is beld In Jail Is desirous of protecting the Chines
charged with the crime. Letter j (torqnatns) pheasants of and In the
found at the Commerce hotel, where'Staie of Oregon;
the pair is said to have stayed. the I Now, therefore, notice i hereb
nlgbt previous to the murder, Indt-J given by said State Board of Fish
cate tbat Mrs. St. John came here to 'and Game Commissioner of Oregon
years old, of My0eld, to her death
In lonely forest at the edge of thia
cltr. according to Sheriff Berry- John
meet Alerton. after a correspondence
between the two bad been establish
ed by a matrimonial bureau. Aler
ton is believed to have slain her to
get her money. i
A revolver, said to have been pur
chased by Alerton at a local store.
was found in a package which he left
that the open season for the shooting
of Chinese (torqnatus) pheasants la .
hereby closed to shooting of any kind
in the said State of Oregon on and
after sundown October 15, A. D.
And it Is and shall be unlawful to
hunt or shoot Chinese (torqnatns) '
at a grocery. In the same package 'pheasant anywhere in the said State
was a woman's handbag. This has
been identified as the property of Mrs.
St. John. Alerton had been employed
on a farm a short distance from
where the body was found by. two
boys Sunday morning. ,
and whs reletised upon his own recog
nizance to await action before the cir
cuit court.
was during the last years of the
iDonncll administration that the de-
Kn Hat or t'ai-
With every suit or overcoat order
and Cuban planters. Beet sugar can
be produced cheaper than cane sugar,
Nearer the consuming markef than
cane sugar, and sells at the same
price. Such comparisons, which I
know of my own knowledge to be
HnqtieriVIe upon the part of Newell Wed tomorrow. October 4; or true as I state them! tell their own
commenced. In March, when Mr. ihould you prefer. 13 will be credited story of the opportunity for gaining
Qulnlan succeeded to the office, he on Price of trousers ordered with your great wealth, which knocks once only
Washington, Oct, 3. The high
cost of living Is giving an added Im
petus to the lure of the land. Mem
bers of the now farm loan board drew
thl conclusion today after ascertain
ing that a majority of their 100,000
Inquiries have come from city dwell
ers who want to get back to the land
through farm loan aid.
The board plan to help the city
folk get there as well as to help the
man on the non-paying farm.
.mi r..iAlnn.l as Heimtv. the of- suit. Brownsville Woolen Mills. Geo
flco being under civil service. Mr. 3. Calhoun, agent, 603 Q St. 865
Newell had the business of the office '
at his finger end, and was considered Reception for Ixxlge tlilefs
one of the most competent post office I J. M. Martin, of Seattle, and Mrs.
men In the district. There are none M. E. Houghton, of Roseburg, state
now hut sympathize with him In the manager and state organizer ot the
at the doors of Grants Pass, and
which will knock It down If it Is not
seized, embraced and held. fast when
It knock. RUSSELL U DUNN. . .
Tbe first Inhahitnnts of Ireland are
said to have been Phoenician, an Ast
atlc ople. fl
A whale struck ly n harpoon has
been known to dive at the rate of 300
ynnls In a mluute.
One Exception at Lat
"You seem to think I'm never right
aliout uu.vtlilug." "At all events,
you're rlclit a I unit Unit."
First Wind Gaug.
Au Instrument for measuring the
force of the wind via first cuutriveJ
In 10U7.
Ousty Sho.s.
Dusty shoes are always hotter than
blight ones' because polished shoes
throw off tbe beat
of Oregon on and after said date.
Anyone found violating the provi
sions of this order will be prosecuted
aa by statute provided.
Dated at Portland, Oregon, thia
30th day of September, A. D. 1118.
By James Withycombe.
By C. F. Stone.
By I. N. Fleischner.
By Marion Jack. -ByF.
M. Warren. '
Location notices. Courier office.
Washington, Oct 3. The follow
ing national guard organizations on
the border have been ordered to state
mobilization camps to be mastered '
First Kansas Infantry; troop If,
Rhode Island cavalry; troop A, Massa
chusetts cavalry; company A, Penn
sylvania engineers; New Jersey
Signal corps; Connecticut First Am
bulance company and First Field hos
London, Oct. 8. British aeroplanes
raided a German airship shed near
Brussels yesterday, the admiralty an
nounced today. One of the raiders
failed to return.
words, two Issues, 36c; six Issues,
e0o; one month, 11.60, when paid In
advanoe. When not paid In advance,
to per line per lwuej
WANTED Woman to do light house
keeping six or eight hours a day
and sleep at home, Inquire J.
Pardee. "67
WANTED TO I)U Y Young inTl k
cows, fresh or about to be fresh;
must be good "Ixe. Phone
012-F-23. 870
FOUND Auto crank, Owner inquire
Courier office. R06
i6oACRES ol1 DeeT oreok bottom and
low bench land (or sale at fore
closure price, entire, or In part, as
desired. Located within one mil
of Selmn, (enced, part cultivated,
some Improvement. Inquire P. H.
GerouM, golma, Ore. 866
trouble brought about by the pinch
o( misfortune rather than by an In
herent dishonesty.
Further action will be taken
through the federal court, which has
jurisdiction In offenses of this nature.
Fraternal Brotherhood, of Los An
geles, paid a short visit to the local
chapter of the order here Sunday.
An Informal reception was tendered
tho couple at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. A. Shepard, on South Eighth
street, and refreshments were served.
State Manager Martin proceeded to
Ashland and Mrs. Houghton will re-
'main in Grant Pass (or a few days
and will then return to 'Roseburg to
pursue the work at that place.
Oct. 6, Thursday Parent-Teacher
meeting at the Central school, at
3:30 p. m.
! . sw. t
Oct. 7, Saturday Ladles' Auxiliary raj-onvi wwner jwuih
Oct. 10, Tuesday Music club meet
ing at 7:30, Commercial club
Oct 11, 12. 13, Wednesday, Thurs
day, Friday Josephine-Jackson
county teachers' institute at Grants
Oct. 12, ThursdaySupper Irom 6
to 7, by ladles ot the Baptist
In "lnvil (farilck," Wedne
dny and Thurmlar night.
Tonight, last lime-, Murle
IHirxt, In the "Heart of Nora,
The Parent-Teacher Association of
Grants Pass will meet at the Central
school on Thursday, October 6, at
3:30 p. m. There will be short talks
given relative to school matter by
the city superintendent of schools and
by the principals of the different
schools. An urgent invitation Is ex
tended to the publtu to attend. Work
in many lines has been planned for
the year, of which the monthly pro
grama are only a part. The co
operation of all parents Is asked, so
that the association may be able to
carry out its plans.
The Clear Infinity.
That which we foolishly call vast
nrai Is. rlirlitlv considered, not more
I wonderful, not more impressive, thnu
thnt which we Insolently call little
' hobs, mid the Infinity of God Is not
I mysterious. It I only uufnthomnble;
! not couccnletl. lint lii'iiniirelienstlile;
lit b a clear Infinity, the darkness of
the pure, uiiseiircliulile Keu.-IUiuMn'
"Meduru Paluiors," ... ,
Hupported by a distinguished cast of
starn, including
A Wm. Fox. super-feature
Broken Law"
No advance In price
I 1
a o.Rfc'TsyarwTtei'A'w-Vox q