Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, October 01, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    Daily Rogue River Courier
An Independent Republlcaa Newt
paper. United Pnm Leased
Wire Telegraph Harriet.
Armour's Star Hams
Com Fed
Sugar Cured
Guaranteed to Please
A. ti. VOORHIES, Pub. and Prop.
Entered at the Granta Paw, Ore
con. Postofflce a second-class mall
' v,
Armour's Veribest
Pork and Beans
' " .
of 'Quality
One Tear W OO
8U Monthi.., . 1.00
Three Montha. HO
One M on th -
Payable la Advance
; '
4 Sunday fair; northwesterly
Quality First
meeting delegates ran obtain one and J
one-third rates upon all railroads.'
tickets to be on sale from October 4
to 6, good returning till October 10.
FROM FRANCE TO OREGON. Baseball smoke will obliterate all
. The appeal of the peace and the traces of the European war on this
prosperity of life in southern Oregon ge 0t the Atlantic during the next
reaches even across the sea and makes i (ew days when the world series Is
Itself felt ahore tbe roar of battle In being fought off.' Who cares about
sunny France. Yesterday the mall
-brought to the secretary of tbe Com
mercial club a letter with a distinc
tive foreign appearance, the poet
mark indicating a French city as its
place of originstion.' It bore a mes
sage from George Huber, of 27
Avenue de la Gare, Bondy, Seine,
France. In his first sentence Mr.
Bnber told the story. "I Intend to
make my home in Oregon as soon as
the war is over." said he. And then
he asked a number of questions.
What were farm lands and orchards
worth? What interest could be ob
tained here upon first mortgages on
farm lands? Then, after asking for
a copy of the Granta Pass paper, Mr.
Huber inquires about the opportuni
ties for hunting and fishing in the
Grants Pass district.
No doubt there are many like Mr.
- Huber in France, in England, in Ger
many, and other of the nations that
are now so torn and troubled who
are looking forward to the time when
they can come to peaceful Oregon,
"when the war Is over." Those na
tions have sent many most excellent
men and women to America to make
. loyal and enterprising citizens, and
more will be welcomed and will find
a plsce In the development of the
great west, "where the swords have
- been fashioned Into plow shares.
' Next Tuesday will open the local
football jeason, when the team com
posed of alumni players clashes with
the high school team. The game will
the progress of affair, along the J Pre on the high school gridiron.
in. prv,n. , other games are scheduled for tbe
Somme or what has happened to King . . . .
them the local boys should make
name for themselves.
Many of the former stars of the
high school elevens are slated to ap
pear, but the high schoolers show no
tear in the outcome of the game
Training has been rigidly enforced
and practice In all the angles of the
game has been carried on for the past
three weeks. More real enthusiasm
has been evinced this year In athletics
than tor several years past. Much of
this is due to Coach Miller, who ha
lent all nosslble aid in this direction.
Ther is noV only about one-tenth
of the high school students who do
not belong to the athletic association.
The girls have taken1 an active part
in getting out candidates for football.
The schedule for the season Is as
October 3 Alumni
October 7 Medford
Pass, at Grants Pass.
October 14 Ashland vs. Grants
Pass, at Grants Pass.
October 21 Grants Pass vs. Klam
ath Falls, at Klamath Falls.
October 30 Klamath Falls vs
Grants Pass, at Grants Pass.
November A Grants Pass vs. Med
ford, at Medford.
Nnvemher 11 Orants Pass vs.
Ashland, at Ashland.
November 18 and 25 Open.
Constantine while the diamond battle
rages? The Coilrler will receive the
result of the games, play by play, and
the bulletins will be displayed in the
windows as they arrive.
There has been such a demand for
Hughes campaign buttons thst the
supply has never approached the
needs. A new supply has now been
received, .however, and the Courier
can meet the demands for a few days.
The chairman of the central commit
tee has also received a supply, and
each precinct committeeman will be
able to pin one upon the lapel of
your coat Show your colors ana
wear a Hughes button.
From all over the state of Ore
gon the Hughes spirit and sentiment
is fast growing. The supporters of
the leader of the republican party
are becoming enthusiastic as the elec
tion nears.. They are determined that
thentate that really forced the nom
ination of the Jurist-statesman shall
roll up a record vote for him on No- j
Tember 7. There are none who fear
the outcome in Oregon, but there is
interest In making the .vote for
Hughes one that will do credit to the
original Hughes state.
Next Friday 'there will gather in
Portland delegates from all the
Hughes alliances formed In Oregon,
and the day will be a republican Bala
day. Charles W. Fairbanks, nominee
for vice-president, will be in the Rose
City.' and ' will address a republican
rally, 'lo be held in the armory. The
state-wide conference of' Hughes alli
ances will hold two sessions upon the
same day, each In Library hall of
the Central library. The first will bo
at 10 o'clock In the morning, when
permanent officers will be elected utid
committees named. In the afternoon
(he conference will be addressed by
all three of Oregon's con pressmen
In the evening the delegates will at
tend the Fairbanks meeting.
Each of the 8" branches of the
Hughes alliance In Oregon Is entitled
to , be represented by delegates at
these meetings. The Grants I'hhs
. brniich, through its executive com
mittee, has named a list of delegates
from this county, a.ul the llt.t will b
. completed at the meeting to be held
Monday night. For attendance at the
Committees for the revival services
to be held In Grants Pass by Rev.
Frank Mathls. October 22 to Novem
ber 26, under the auspices of the
Baptist, Methodist and Christian
churches, are as follows:
Finance R. K. Hackett, Mrs. E. C.
Dixon, Sam H. Baker.,
Secretarial Mrs. Paul juraer,
Eclus Pollock, James Martin, Mrs. D.
J. Manuel, Miss Florence Smltn.
Entertainment Mrs. Sam Baker,
Mrs. E. C. Macy, Mrs. E. L. Churchill.
Ushers W. J. Stovall. Claud
Trimble, James Manuel, H. L. Gilkey,
A. B. Cornell, A. J. Green, V. A. nts-
gerald, Arthur Conklin, John Sum
Advertising Geo. E. Lundburg,
W. R. MacCracken, D. J. Manuel.
Music Mrs. D. J. Manuel, Mrs. J.
L. Calvert. Paul Klrker, Miss Drake,
Mrs. H. H. Basler, J. M. Isham.
It Is proposed to construct a taber
Brownsville Woolen IV.ii
Showing of over one hundred woolen lo i iwo
hundred swatch samples
October tod, 3rd, 4th
Get Measured Now
for a guaranteed, font dyed . wleotcd Oregon wool suit or
overcoat, hand tailored in Oregon, made to tit and hoM
shape at
$18.00 up
and i.av no higher price than for ready-niades Select the
particular kind of goods you desire-any weight or color
delivery to suit your convenience.
made mi any style vou wish, of same material, with every
suit 01 1 oveivoat onfer placed on the above dates, or houM
you prefer, .(H) will be credited to the price of extia
trousers, ordered with your suit.
l adies are especially invited to inspect 'this d is .lay of
woolens and assist their men folks In making selection.
Goods sold hy the yard.
JU Geo. S. Calhoun pR
II. F. Young agisting and In charge I
jS1 'WEr during my Ihmiko V
Berlin, Sept. 30. Teutonic forces
have Inflicted a severe defeat on the
Roumanian troops that occupied Her-
monnatailt. former ranltal of Tran-
natle In which to hold the services, Igyjvanla, It was officially announced
the location of the building having jtj,jS afternoon.
not yet been decided upon. j By an encircling attack tbe Teutons
' drove the Roumanians southward.
Her Dliaht. 'part 0f the First Roumanian army
She was walkinsf around ine corn- i u1ii, iha remnant, (1p.
. a . 1 . . ... . , t I ' ,
aors Ot ine I e.ll.s.vivHnm Araucuiy ui
the Fine Arts with her pluce nez held
at elbow length, evidently admiring
some of tbe work. Although the gown
that she wore wus very expensive. It
did nt show good taste, oml h single
glunce would convince one tlmt she
wus of the ( litis known ns the "newly
An ar(iniiiitiiii'e aeeostud her with
tl.e r'iiii;r!:. "I .1: .n't know ilint .vou
were sm h im nilrnlivr of curios.
"Oh, yes, Indeed." she replied: "1 J"t
delimit l liil-jiilMed." - Philadelphia
Job printing of every description
at the Courier office.
lng In disorder
Before the battle benan Cernian de-
tachnients sulzed the famous Red
rower pass, through which the Rou
manians had entered Transylvar ia to
attack Hermannstadt. With this
avenue of retreat cut off, the defeat
ed Roumanians fled in disorder to
the. mountainous country on both
sides of the pnss.
In the Ooerzeny mountains the en
emy was repulsed southward. South
of Penndorf a Cerinan attack was
On the western front the Germans
yesterdny repulsed strong KiiKllnh at
tacks between the Ancre brook und
Delaware. Ohio, Sept. 30. Gov
ernor Frank II. Willis, his wife and
daughter were Injured here early
this morning in n automobile acci
dent. All three were removed to the
city hospital. While none of their
Injuries will prove fatal, physicians
said, Mrs. Willis and Helen Willis,
IS years old, are quite seriously hurt.
The Kovernor. his wife and daugh
ter were thrown out of a taxlenb rrashed Into a city street car
and a motor truck. Willis suffered
a cut In the side and a sprained wrist,
which doctors said may be a fracture.
Mrs. Willis has a severe scalp
wound, Is badly bruised and Is suffer
ing from shock. Miss Willis was
severely bruised.
The governor and his family were
en route to the. Hoi king Valley sta
knows the peculiar use to which his
managers have devoted my Hughes
article, but when tbe Tacts are laid
before him he will know that it Is
unjust to me and Imposition upon
American people to put forth my
article under democratic headlines,
which suggest that, as between the
candidacy of Mr. Hughes 'und the
candidacy of Mr. Wilson, I favor that
of Mr. Wilson.
"As a mntter of fact, I have since
written an artlcin abouj Mr. Wilson's
Wall street connections that Is fully
as Interesting as my article about
Mr. Hughes. If the president cares
to circulate both of these articles, I
should be glad to have him do so."
Portland, Sept. 30.- Kockerteller'a
proverbial thrift was tbrowa In the
shade today when Principal Hersch-
nur, of Lents school, announced that
his 276 pupils hid earned f S.697 do
ing odd Jobs during the three months
vacation. A girl In the first grade
crew wealthy by washing dishes at
three cents per meal.
Parisian Ivory Novelties
Manicure Sets
Etc., Etc.
Drug and
Stationery Store
Job printing of every description
at the Courier office.
Location notices, Courier office.
Golden West Coffee
Is rJost Right"
New York, Sent. 30. Charges that
President Wilson's campaign man
agers are making dishonest use of an
article attacking Candidate Himhes,
written by Allan L. Ilenson, were
niinle by the socialist presidential
nominee before he left on u tour of
the Pacific, coast today. ,
Ilenson wrote un nrtlcle called
"Charles. 10. IIiikIich, Wall Street's
Handy Mini." Ho declared that It
wiih rem) Into the Congressional He
cord of September 7 and then sent
through the malls under congres
sional frank, to Indicate that lie
(Benson) preferred Wilson to
"I call on President Wilson to stop
his managers from making dishonest
use of my work," snld Herison. "I
don't suppose for n moment, that lie
Quail Season Opens Today
Continues for one month
Now Is the llnio to stuck up m It 1
Peters Ammunition
All liiinlcm know uliat, Hint iiichiim
Jewell Hardware Co.
B2? Coffee
Our J. P. and Red Star Brands. There are none better
'jici Souili OtliSt. l'hono 281 ;