Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 19??-1918, September 26, 1916, DAILY EDITION, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Tl'KHUAV, HKfTKMUKil 1M. 1010.
This picture might have been
drawn from life, for thousand!
of youngster even the Tory
little folks are making pic
tures, GOOD pictures, with ft
Playmates, pets, games, here's
material tor a chronicle of
childhood that this efficient
and simple-working camera
makes possible.
Brownies from $1.55 up.
Kodaks from $6.00 up.
Music and Photo House
Stanton Rowell, Prop.
Seattle, Sept. 26. "The issue at
stake Is yet to come and that in
volves the wages of the employes."
That. In brief, is the view today of
Louis W. Bill, president of the Great
Northern railway, in reference to the
Adamson eight-hour law, recently
passed by congress.
Hill and his family are In Seattle
today, following visits to the Pendle
ton Round-Cp and the Rainier Na
tional park. He leaves here to
morrow for Vancouver. B. C, to at
tend the celebration of the comple
tion of the Vancouver, Victoria k
Eastern branch of the Great North
ern. Hill declared that President Wil
ton showed a lack of real understand
ing of the situation.
"I have never been aware," Hill
said, "that our employes were ambi
tious for an eight-hour day schedule.
As a matter of fact, we shall experi
ence difficulty In getting crews to ac
cept runs of only eight hour?. Pre
sident Wilson woulld have us believe
that society has accepted the eight
hour day. I might call his attention
to the fact that three railway train
crews are usually required to handle
mail trains manned by a single postal
crew, and yet I have not heard any
agitation In behalf of the mall clerks,
who are employes of the govern
ment" Hill also cited the fact that in the
state of Washington, two years ago,
they voted down a universal eight
hour law.
To Hunt on Grayback
Capt. Kenton A. Joyce, who left
yesterday for the caves, has engaged
the came guide, Davy John, used by
Prince Hohenlohe on his hunting
trip. Capt. Joyce is an officer in the
United States army and was attracted
here by the reports of the hunting
on Grayback, which is said to be ex
cellent for bear.
t Dennis Eucalyptus Ointment
Tubes 25c jars soc
words, two Issues, 25c; six Issues,
60c; one month, $1.50, when paid In
advance. When not paid In advance,
oc per une per issue. )
FOR SALE Made platform, 8x18;
single sheathed partition, 10x20;
only slightly used. Price reason
able. Quick sale desired. Mrs. C.
E. Dodge, 627 North Third street.
Phone 230-J. 800
TO TRADK Two lots In Marshfleld
and some cash for second-band
Ford. Address No. 1730, care
Courier. 864
WANTED Apple iilckers.
215 West J street.
splendid line of fruit and orna
mental trees. Good terms. Good
territory. Good prospects. Cash
advanced on orders. Albany Nur
series, First National Bank Bldg.,
Albany, Oregon. 864
120-ACRE RANCH for sale, build
ings, small orchard, 40 acres heavy
timber. Five miles from town.
17.60 per acre. Wtll give time. See
O. J. KnlpB, C16 South Fourth
street. 863
cash for second-hand cook stove
with oven and reservoir. Write
Box 41, R. F. D. 1, Kerby, Ore. 60
H. R. Saltmarsh spent Monday In
the city Prom Crescent City.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Ball, of Cres-
cent City, left this morning for
Kelso, Wash.
Matda lamps at Rogue River Hard-
ware. 380
. . , , ,
M. J. Anderson Is spending a few
days in the city having come down
from his office at Roseburg.
Adolph Guyer, of Corvaltis. is
spending a few days In this city at-
tending to business matters.
Mrs. C. H. Sampson left last night
tor Portland, to spend several weeks
at that place visiting friends and re
latives. Rev. and Mrs. Melville T. Wire loft
last night for Lebanon, to attend the
state conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church.
Corsets, prices up to 12,50, on sale
now t 11.00. Mrs. Rehkcpf. SSStf
A. E. Bailey arrived this morning
from San Francisco to spend several
days, and is registered at the Jose
Mrs. L. A. Heberlle left this morn
ing for Farmington, Missouri. Sev
eral weeks will be spent visiting at
points between here and Portland,
after which she will go to St. Louts.
After some time there she will leave
for Farmington and the return will
be made by way of southern Cali
fornia. A year will be taken to the
Bargains in wash waists. Mrs.
Rehkopf. SSStf
"Bob" Moser s Dad
Bob Moser returned today from
Glendale, where he reports he had
been "hunting." But the wireless
from Glendale reports the arrival of
Bob Junior, who made his appear
ance upon the scene Monday. Mrs.
Moser and the baby are at the Glen
dale hospital.
After Siskiyou Shrube
Prof. R. Kent Beattle, formerly
with the United States department of
sgrlculture. Is here from Washing
ton, D. C. He has Just returned from
Cave camp, where he sought plants
of the wild currants and gooseberries
for use in experiments which the de
partment is conducting. Prof. Beattle
found several varieties of the two
bushes, the district around Grayback
creek being especially prolific In wild
Rooms Wanted for Institute-
There will be 350 to 400 teachers
of Jackson and Josephine counties at
tending the institute at Grants Pass
October 11, 12. and 13, and rooms
will have to be engaged for this num
ber. Residents who will be able to
take roomers for this occasion are re
quested to notify the chairman of
the accommodation committee. Daniel
Hull. Teachers desiring rooms are
also requested to notify the chair
man. Iter. Jeffrie 1eave Koseburg
Rev. W. R. Jeffries. Jr.. for the
past two years pastor of the local
Methodist church, left this afternoon
to attend the annual conferene at
Lebanon. Mr. Jeffries will not re
turn here, and his family will leave
later In the week. Rev. Jeffries
preached his last sermons In the lo -
cal church yesterday, when he x -
pressed his regret that he would I
soon oe locaiea eisewnere. L,arge
congregations were present at both 'the Orc?on Agrlllturft, Mr.
the morning and evening services, of tho Oregon Boys' and Girls'
which showed the popularity of the!A)d godety; preBldent AcUerinan of
minister while he was a resident of ;tlie 0rfiRon Bornial choo. Prof. M. g.
this city. Review. Plttman profeHsor of rural schools of
wrvrvrt- the Orc&oa normal school; H. C. Sey-
ESTRAY NOTICE jmour. of the Boys' and Girls' Indus-
' ! trial clubs, and L. P. Harrington,
On September 18, 1916, I took up Ute flp,d Workflr for thft ,noyg. anJ
and impounded one yellow cow, five ndlIHtral club().
years oia, having ono crumpled Horn
and marked with small hole In left
i ear. Owner may have same by pay
ing cbargeB. If not claimed on or
before the 3rd day of October, 1916,
at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m., said
animal will b: sold at public, auction
to pay charges and expenses.
City Marshal of Crants Pass,
Inst opportunity to seo dainty
Marguerite Clark In "Molly
Makc-Ilelleve," Bring tho chil
dren, Wwlnesday and Tliurnduy
nights, Jack Itarrymore, In
"Tho Ited Widow."
Star Theatre
MurrUgo License Issued-
j A marriage liceuae was Issued this
j morning to James Cassett Bridge and
Laura" Myrtle Smith, both of Grants
. . '
,t,ua M
There will be a meeting of St.
, .,,.., .,,. ,.,ft . .
d aftcrnoou at th6 ,,4 nftU Re.
L . bM,MM meet,ug foUowe(, fey
'social afternoon.
Dr. ltywatcr In Civacent City
' Having been called in consultation
with Dr. E. M. Fine, of Ctcscent City,
I wtll be out of the city from Sep
tember 24 to October 1. Dr. Ed By-
water. 863
Change Headquarter-
The crew of men surveying the
O. & C. lands will soon be In Jose
phine county, A part of the men are
already at the head of Jump-Off-Joe
and w ill commence work at that
place. The work In Jackson county
has been completed and the 120 men
at work are to be transferred to this
OA-Pipe Smoker
The Elk lodge of Grants Pass will
hold a cob-pipe smoker at the Guild
hall Friday evening. September 29.
A good time Is anticipated and all
visiting Elks are Invited. Matters
concerning the welfare of the local
order will be discussed at the meet
ing. Hot urns from California
T. W. Gruetter has returned from
California and is on his way to the
Kerby country. He has ft process
for treating black sand which the
Yuba company, which runs 14
dredges. Is now installing. Mr.
Gruetter also Intends to start a cus
tom plant near Kerby for the extrac
tion of platinum and gold.
Englewood Dairy
The best milk, cream and Ice cream.
Phono 222. tf
ltllt"t Knlhlmcnt Campaign
As a part of the five-year program
of the Baptist denomination, the
Baptist Sunday schools of the United
States are at this time engaged in
an enlistment campaign. The local
Sunday school has divided Its mem
bership Into two sides, the Red and
the Blue, and they are now making
an effort to Interest the many who
are not now affiliated with any Sun
day school to become members. As
an added Interest they are -engaged
In & contest with the school at Al
bany, Ore., which sent them a chal
lenge. R. K. Hackett Is general
chairman; Mlsg Nettle Fitzgerald,!
captain of the Reds, and ray
Murphy, captain of the Blues.
Teacher' Annual Institute
The teachers' annual Institute.
Josephine and Jackson counties, will
be held In Grants Pass on Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday, Qrtober
11, 12, and 13. at which time the
teachers of the schools of both coun
numbering 350 to 400, will be
In attendance. The principal speak
er from abroad will be Miss Fox, of
the department of the Interior, Wash
llnztnn. T). C... whnne nrlnclnal tnlks
wn be on , work 0thnr
.peakers will be State Sunfrlntendont
j A Churcnlll. Dr. DeBgki of tne
University of Orecron: Prof. Reed, of
Bijou Theatre
A Win, Fox 8uKr-Fenture, proeentlng
Theda Bara
Hie MTiH-n'N most jflftod premiere portrayor of tensely emotional
roles, In
"The Serpent
A production you will roineinlwcr
Salem, Ore., Sept. 33. In a supple
mentary application regarding augar
rates the Southern Paolflo railroad
told the public service coiiiiuIhsIou
that It desired to place the Utah
Idaho Sugar company, of Grants Pass,
on a parity with the California refin
eries by establishing the same rates
from Grants Pass to points on the
company's lines In Oregon as are In
effect from San Francisco to the same
points. '
In addition to the 15 rents rate at
a minimum weight of 60.000 pounds.
covered by too original application, It
Is desired to establish, under like con
ditions, a rate of 20 cents per 100
pounds on sugar In packages, car
loads at minimum weight of 36,000
It Is also desired to publish a tariff
Item providing that rates on sugar
from Grants Puss to points on the
company's Oregon lines will be made
by adding 10 cents per hundred
pounds, at minimum weight of 36.
000 pounds, to the rates named In
Tariff 233-C. Oregon No. 662. from
Portland to destination. Such rates,
however, must not exceed the regular
distance tariff rates from Grants Pass
to destination and minimum rate of
23 cents per 100 pounds to lie ob
serrefl .
Berlin. Sept. 26'. Ambassador Ger
ard, who was to leave for Copen
hagen today, to take passage (or the
United States, may change his plana
at the last moment. Several mem
bers of the German ministry called
at the embassy last night. Tlielr
visits followed a call by Foreign Sec
retary von Jagow In the forenoon and
Gerard's conference with Chancellor
von Bethmann-llollweg on Saturday.
The ambassador refused to discuss
these visits, but It was learned at the ;
embassy that, he may even change
his plans after reaching Copenhagen
today and return to Berlin. Mrs.
Gerard, who lias rtlrely recovered
from the shock she suffered In n
automobile accident yesterday, will
accompany her husband. Gerard told
reporters that he certainly expects to
return to Berlin, even though ho.
should decide to go to the I'lilled
A UK OX TIIK MOVE "which patrons of the Sells-Floto clr
- 'eus may visit the menagerie, with Its
El Paso, Sept. 26.- Francisco great herds of elephants, Its playful.
Villa's bandit forces have broken mischievous monkeys, Its cdmels,
camp and have started on a move- horned horses, yaks, itebras, lions
ment toward the lines of the Amerl- and tigers and all the other won
can punitive expedition, according to drous anlmols that have been gather
reports reaching Juarez today from ed from the ends of the earth. Kspe
Mexican sources, and reaching Col- dally for the children Is attention
umbus, N. M., from the American called to Toyland, where, surrounded
forces. Since his attack on Chlhua-, by the beloved figures' of Mother
hua City ten days ago, the bandit Goose rhyme, the babies of tho circus
leader has been In camp about 30 'await the acquaintance of the babies
miles outside that city.
As this Is his first movement since .kingdom In Its every branen are
the attack, it is feared Villa Intends there, from baby kid glove goats,
to cut railroad communication with ,from far off France, to the baby lions
the north, or plans an attack upon, from Africa and the baby elephants
other towns at once. 'from India all ns glad to seo the
Military officials hero refuso to be -
lleve Villa will hazard an attack on
Pershing's American expedition.
Others point out that as a last des
perate effort to upset the delicate
Mexican situation and discredit Car
ranza, the bandit leader may send
part of his forces against General
Pershing's outposts to force a fur
ther invasion of Mexico by Amorlcan
Location notices, Courier office.
Where everybody goes
Thai everybody knows
after other aro forgotten
ihtSianJarJ OlliorMoiorCars
The Sells-Kioto circus champion
show of the world are to be at Med
ford on September 3$. thus affording
everyone an opportunity of seeing
what has been admitted to be the
greatest amusement aggregation ever
organised. There Is no show in this
country that has won for Itself a re
putation tor merit and tare of Its
patrons as has the Sells-Floto circus,
It ranks In magnitude with the very
largest and tours the country on Its
own four trains of double length cars.
Nearly 1,000 men and women and
400 horses are required to give the
performances that are given twice
dally In the big top."
Considerable Interest has already
been aroused by the announcement
that Jess Wlllard and Frank Gotcb
are to be with the SeiU-Floto circus
when It exhibits here. Unquestion
ably there are no two men more
prominently In the eyes of the sport
ing world than Wlllard and Ootch
at the present time, and their asso
ciation with the Sells-Fioto circus
champion shows of the world has at
tracted wide attention.
Among others there wilt be Lucia
7.ora, the champion woman elephant
trainer; Rosa Rosaland, champion
somersault equestrienne; Rhoda
Royal and his champion high school
horses; Snyder, the elephant that
walks like a man. and Jumping Jupi
ter, the champion auto hurdling horse
of the world.
On the morning of circus day. at
10:30 oVloi-k, a gala free street par
ade will he given, and even If you do
not luicnd witnessing the perform
ance yon should not miss this mUhty
street laiatit. for it will In- the
greatest street demonstration ever
seen In Medford.
Two performances will be given.
The afternoon performance at 2:15
and the evening performance at 8:15,
Hefore the regular performance takes
'place an hour's time will be given In
of humanity, names or tne animal
'children as the children will bo to
.see them.
Special low rate excursions will be
rnn on all lines of travel. Ht9
Dawson, Y. T Sept. 20. Counter
petitions for recounts In tho rocent
prohibition election in Yukon terri
tory are on fllo today and will bo
heard by Judge Macaulny. The elec
tion resulted In a victory for the wets
by three majority. Tho drys then
asked for a ro-count In tho White
Hnrso district, whero they claim they
will gain enough to convert tho elec
tion. Into a dry victory. Tho wets
iiave aHked for a recount In South
Dawson and llotiunza districts,
Out or In,
"Wlmt's that ikiIhc?" united tlio vis
Itor In tlio apartment boiwu.
"i'rolmbly Hotun outs In tho dentist's
apartment on tliu Hour below gelling n
tooth out."
"But (Ills Hceini'd to como from tho
floor above."
"Ah, then, It's prolmbly the Popleys'
baby getting n tooth lul" . ,
Location notices, Courier office,
Saves the Bearings
Zcrolcnc is matte from
Asphalt-base crude. Its
lubricating value it not
art'eded by the heat of
the motor.
SolJ by JcAti every whrre snJ
at ill Service .:i..n of tha
Standard Oil Company
Grsats Pm
0eo. N. V.. Sept. StJ. In a bat
tered lifeboat, half-filled with water,
three sailors, exhausted after an
eight hour fight with wind and waves,
arrived at the coast guard station at
J o'clock this morning with the story
of the sinking of the Roberval.
The steamer, which was loaded
with lumber, tank atx miles off thta
port at o'clock last night. Six
members of the crew went down. The
lost are: Captain Peter Ell. Ottawa,
owner; Mate Joe Perridien. Alfred.
Ont.; Cook Jennie Parent. Ottawa;
Firemen Marcelle Messlner. Henry
Usguitt. Hull, Quebec; Deckhand
Tbeo. LeRoy. Hull. Quebec,
The survivors of the wreck are:
Engineers Phillip Trottler, Hull. Que
bec; Oliver Osagee, Ottawa: Wheels
man Ed !goe, Iletlerue, Quebec.
In a heavy sea the Roberval'a deck
load of lumber listed. Waves dashed
Into the craft, sinking her. The crew
was washed overboard, l-eroy was
struck by a board and sank Imme
diately. The survivors' escape was
miraculous. Trottler, was thrown In
to the lifeboat and he picked Osagee
and l-agoe from the lake. The sea
ther. dashed the lifeboat away from
the wreck. Other members of the
crew fought safety on the lumber,
but a march today failed to bring
recite i nd thisr are given up as lost.
Tlio Roberval was a steel boat.
Princeton, N. J,, Sept. 2(1. -President
Wibton cast his 'ballot In the
democratic primaries here today, un
recognised by the crowds gathered
about the polls and greeted by scarce
ly a dosen acquaintance. The presi
dent was one of the first to reach tho
polls, only 13 having preceded him
in the fire house voting booth. Im
mediately after voting he left for
Shadow Lawn in his automobile.
On the way to Princeton tho pre
sident's party traveled over hlstorlo
roads lending through scenes of the
revolutionary war. particularly the
battlefields which became famous be
fore and after the British defeat at
Along tho roadsides placards have
been posted, telling of the battles,
nnd the president had tho chauffeur
drive slowly as he read them to Mrs.
Oct. 11, 12, 13, Wednesday. Thurs
day, Friday Josephine-Jackson
county teachers' Institute at Grants
DUcIc Hllk Hinvm Pnll.h
idttltmt. Itrinnn n
rrontican tMUMtltotlitl
an'PI liquid Mi,i p,
wmtai nuiliMt onllrt, You I
t jrwf ouuvy'a wurUi,
Black Silk t
Stove Polish
tl IMit imlf mm rammlm), hut tl tint t Mill-
pih off 11 lull limr llm. m k'ii u onllnu
DoJUh It Mvvairvii Iliiw. wurk uid niu,,..
i Omt't lnrt-whn rim
Wnt ilnn Hllah, Iw nurn la
J3!l !yorlil..-Uni.nmi,n'i
liHiufiacuivipnllnpotl vftf
uonl-irniirikaKr wlllrtfund
fuiir Bum,
ni.k Silk 8to. PelUh
Workt, SUrllag.imnoU.
I'M nik Hllk Air Orylm
Iron Knum.lnn BrnlM, ri
Ulf m, Hm-niimi, mml iiikh
iml lUrtrlnii. InvtnU
rolling. Try It,
i Vf "J." " MMI fnl.
r Of brnu. II ,.
MIIIiiiii Hurra., ( hM no
quul fortiMiiD (ulamuUlMh